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  1. The Sacred Trilogy Reskin and Rebalance Final Version Released Get the patches here. Apply to clean US FE8 ROM What is it? It is a reskin and rebalance of Sacred Stones using classes and music from all 3 GBA games, a lot of new custom classes with new animations, new spells, new weapons, a skill system and many quality of life improvements made by the hacking community. Vanilla campaign was not altered, but difficulty has been slightly raised. This hack features a complete separation from the Strenght and Magic stats, meaning some classes are able to use magic and physical weapons. All of these changes are aimed at making Sacred Stones feel fresh and more challenging, while not altering the story (with the sole exception of Hayden joining on chapter 20). This project was heavily inspired by Sir Serenes' Reskin and Seal's Sacred War hack. There are 8 versions to choose from. They are combinations of 2 choices across 3 categories so that the player can choose whichever version has the configurations they would prefer to play. The categories and choices are as follows: Full or Lite - The full version contains the community-made skill system. The lite version only contains vanilla skills. The lite version was made for people who complained about skill bloating of the full version. Random or fixed growths - The random growths is the vanilla system for leveling up. Stats are raised randomly according to character growths. The fixed growths are similar to the system found in FE9. Stats will be raised in predetermined levels. With or without AI tweak - The versions with the AI tweak will prevent enemies from attacking player units to which they deal 0 damage. The versions without the AI tweak is the vanilla behavior of enemies dumbly attacking anyone in range. What was changed? * Many characters have exclusive custom classes * Hayden joins automatically on chapter 20 and has an exclusive class (Bow Knight) * Amelia has access to the soldier class and can be promoted to halberdier (using knight's crest) * Knights, generals, great knights and monarchs move 1 additional tile * Magic system revamped with new spells. With the exception of siege tomes, wind spells have low mt and 2-3 range. Fire spells have average stats and 1-2 range. Thunder spells have high crit and are locked to melee range. There is also an anima magic triangle. Fire spells are strong against wind. Wind is strong against thunder. Thunder is strong against fire. The traditional magic triangle (anima>light>dark>anima) is still present. * Every class has a third promotion option. * Poison damage has been reworked. Poison will deal low damage in early game, but it will gradually increase as the player progresses through the game. In the final chapters, it can deal as much as 20 points of damage. Don't underestimate enemies with poison weapons! * Some classes have had their HP caps expanded (up to a maximum of 80) * Added generic female enemy units for more diversity. It always bugged me how 99% of the women of this franchise only fight for the player. * I manually edited every enemy in the game to improve them by increasing base stats, growths, level or giving them better equipment (in a similar fashion to Seal's hack). Bosses have been buffed and are no longer a joke. * Armory and shop inventories have been improved so you will have access to better weapons earlier in the game. On top of that, the preparation shop is dynamic and will offer better weapons as you progress through the game. * Allies join you at appropriate levels so they won't require grinding to become usable. (except trainees) * Some of the promoted monsters have custom animations too. * All units can achieve multiple S ranks. * Ephraim and Eirika have alternative promotions. You must decline the automatic promotion at the end of chapter 16 and use the Solar/Lunar brace for the options to appear. * Units gain support points by being up to 3 tiles away from each other * The player can unlock Selena and Lyon by clearing the Tower and the Ruins only once * Myrrh's dragonstone is unbreakable, but is no longer effective against monsters. It has also been nerfed so Myrrh wouldn't be too broken with unlimited dragonstone. To balance it out, her dragonstone has 1-2 range. There is also a second and a third type of dragonstone that can be aquired in the game. * Lagdou Ruins is a high-level challenge area for post-game activity. Enemies over there have better stats and powerful, exclusive weapons. * Starting on chapter 9 there will be mini bosses carrying good loot for the player. * There is a leadership mechanic which gives units additional avoid and hit rates. (usable by the player and enemies) * There are two new secret shops in Lagdou Ruins. One on floor 5 and another on floor 9. Both require the warp staff in order to be reached. You can try to find them yourself or check their exact locations here: **Quality of life changes** * Detailed HP bars (by Circles and Zane) * Skill system -"Full" version only- (by Circleseverywhere, Monkeybard, Black Mage, Blaze,Tequila, Rossendale, StanH, Leonarth, Teraspark, sd9k, Kao, blademaster, Snakey1) * Show Heal Amount (by Tequila) * Map Danger Zone (by Circles) - Press the select button to display enemy range * Colored stats, growth and talk display (by Tequila) - Press SELECT while in the status screen to toggle between growths and stats * Gain support points up to 3 tiles away (by Venno) * Units can act after talking or having support conversations * Metis' tome can be sold (useful for people playing fixed growths mode) * The preparation screen shop is dynamic and will offer better weapons as you progress through the game. * You can access the support screen by pressing the "L" button while in the "status" screen * The preparation shop items have the same pricing as regular shops * Detailed minimug (by Runa) Skill list https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1oeXwIH2tn0Y30FXr0Stx6cbXOHC0IaHVe_ZI9WC03tY/edit?usp=sharing Promotion Chart https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1wXaWtr1oJjKHx4dJ-0xy9FrgwhPYzBA4aYm2V-n9IGs/edit?usp=sharing Some screenshots To be updated Credits To be updated * Our lord and savior 7743 for FEBuilder * Sir Serenes for the idea and palettes for Riev * TBA, Arch, Skitty and Temp for phantom animations * IS, Hairyblob and Maiser6 for quicker Zephiel animations * IS and Blademaster for Athos animations * TR143 for fixed growth mode * Temp and sniper_zero for Eliwood repalette and ranged Durandal animation * Alusk for alternative soldier hover and moving animations * Spud for soldier Amelia animations * Spud, TBA, Black Mage, Temp and Wan for halberdier Amelia animations * Brady Shinners for the animation database * St jack, Seal and Sacred War for ballista animations * Iscaneus and Nuramon for knight animations * TBA for brigand animations * Glenwing and MK404 for fighter animations * SALVAGED team and flasuban for cavalier animations * IS, Circles, Kao and Marlon0025 for Tethys animations * Alusq and Maiser6 for mercenary animations * TBA, DerTheVaporeon and Nuramon for general animations * TBA and Maiser6 for berserker animations * Nuramon, Swain and Temp for sniper animations * Nuramon for wyvern lord animations * Keks_Krebs, Peerless and SD9K for assassin animations * Swain for hero animations * IS and Glenwing for swordmaster animations * Kenpuhu, Aruka and Nuramon for grand paladin custom class and animations * Alusq for better soldier animations * CamTech075, LisandraBrave, Zane, Zelix and Lord Glenn for custom icons * Arkth for Deathgoyle custom animations * Yangfly for kawaii blader animations * Nuramon for infantry great lord Ephraim animations * Teraspark, Pikmin1211 and DerTheVaporeon for dark knight animations * Seal for legion, elder tarvos and gazer animations * BwdYeti for elthunder animation * SHYUTER for forblaze animation * Blazer and Jubby for meteor animation * Arch for static, wind and tornado animations * Seal for tons of stuff like custom icon, map sprites, class cards and battle backgrounds. I cannot stress how awesome he is for making all of this available * Klokinator for putting many custom animations and map sprites in a single, easy to find place * dondon151, Sephie, Teraspark, Arch, RobertFPY and HyperGammaSpaces for many card classes and map sprites * Waleed and flasuban for the male fighter animations and map sprites Known issues * Using any of the four new staves with animations turned off will cause a visual glitch Get the patches here. Apply to clean US FE8 ROM
  2. Hello people, after some weeks of playtesting we finished to work on all the main things we needed for the release of our hack, so here it is "Fire Emblem: Inheritance", a original hack made by me and Vivider. The project is completed in the sense that everything essential to the experience has been done, but this does not mean we are done with working on the hack. We’d like to receive a lot of feedback, since we are going to add new stuff in the future (mainly some more dialogues between the characters and some sidequests), so your feedback could be very helful. The same applies to the gameplay: this game was designed with the idea in mind of creating something quite different from a regular GBA FE, for this reason we are open to work even on big changes on the balance of the chapters, if many of you were to tell us about the problems they encountered. The biggest shortcoming in the hack might be the lack of polishing in the dialogues. That is mainly due to the fact none of us is an English native. I am the one who wrote most of them, and, although I know English pretty well, it does not come natural to me. For this reason we would really appreciate some help form natives who could report and help us to polish the dialogues where needed. We have added a feature to the game which is the Minimug, some people might not like it so we put two versions in the link, one with and one without Minimug (named accordingly), choose the one you prefere. Minimug screenshot: You can download the hack here: https://drive.google.com/drive/u/1/folders/1vacH7nBlfIHWMiX6LQpB4JK0iDlF5mO- And here is the link to the discord: https://discord.gg/dNxJMVayXt We created a form where you can give us your feedback anonymously: https://forms.gle/sh1aMqrwimLrQVJN6 You can write anything you want, if you want to insult me for the map design or for certain plot choices, feel free to do it there. The only thing is, please motivate your thoughts Thanks. Also, new trailer for the romhack: The hack consists of 26 chapters, with 46 playable characters and it, as I already said, it was designed with in mind the idea of creating something different from most other fe games, both regarding the gameplay and the story. For this reason we’d like you to read the following information, otherwise you could find yourself really confused and have trouble going through the chapters. Difficulty: Gameplay notes: Story notes: Screenshots: Credits: Possible bugs: We hope you'll enjoy the game, and we look forward to the feedback you'll give us.div widgeiv widget
  3. ITA ENG Link to Patch: Version 0.1060 Link to ENG Patch (machine translation): Version 0.1074 ENG Some Screenshots Special Thanks and Credits:
  4. hello ive been trying some modifications for practice on a rom hack FE Sacred Trilogy and when i try to open the inventory it shows a black screen (on mgba) or restart the game(on visual boy advance) and when i open it on febuilder it doesn't show any errors so im confused. can someone help me fix it ? Edit: When i tried to go in combat, it crashed and said "jumped to invalid address : 01F6B998", dont know what it means
  5. V3.08 is here. The hack now goes up to Chp 19 and weapon range should now display properly. Legendary weapons made the late game too easy, so I gave them a nerf. Tell me if it is enough. FE8 Chaos Mode V3.08 Screenshots: As of this moment, Erika's Route is being worked on. Chp 16 done Nothing is done to Ephraim's route as of right now. This hack includes: This hack is not complete yet, I just want to get it out to see what people's opinion of it is so far and I will to listen to suggestions. Let me know if the weapons should be more expensive and if there are any game breaking glitches. Credit to the battle animation are the following:
  6. I'm working on making a FE4 hack with custom maps, and I cannot seem to find where/how to change the initial positions of Sigurd, Alec, Noaise, and the starting position of Arden (although he eventually shuffles his way to where I put him in the fe4map unit placer). Which tool would I go to change those and how? And I suppose, by extension, how would I do the same for the other spawns on later turns (Lex/Azelle, Quan/Ethlyn/Fin)
  7. Hey everyone! I used VincentASM's Character Editor as well as various discoveries made by me and many folks over on GBA Temp to hack lots of new supports into Awakening! Gay, straight, and platonic alike. Here's the download link. If you have the US version, simply drag the romfs folder into the same location on your pc as Awakening's romfs folder and allow it to overwrite the files. People with different region versions have different names for the folder contained within "M", so in that situation just copy/paste the files themselves into the appropriate location. [spoiler=Previous Releases] Version 0.1.1 Version 0.1.0 You can find out more info about it here on the GBATemp thread. Have fun!
  8. Hello everyone, I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask this, but I'm also unsure where else to put my question. A few months ago I came across a fire emblem rom hack for one of the gba games, I think it was fire emblem 7 but I'm not entirely sure. In this rom hack they updated the sprites to match what the characters looked like in their portraits. To my knowledge there were no new characters or classes etc., just updated sprites to match the playable characters more accurately. I have been searching on google and through the forums for multiple hours, but I cannot for the life of me find it again. Can anyone help me? Has anyone else seen this hack before? and could you link me to it? Much appreciated.
  9. Hello all! I just finished my first large-scale hack of FE7. A hack of Fire Emblem The Blazing Blade that follows House Cornwell and its scions. It involves a slight twist in the plot of Lycia, wherein Cornwell was standing up against Ostia's rampant corruption and was destroyed because of it. Follow Raven and Priscilla on their quest for justice and their opposition to emerging forces of darkness that threaten Elibe. For fans of the original game who want to revisit the nostalgia of The Blazing Blade with new and updated chapters plus expanded recruitment options. I've made a webpage with more information and the download itself, please check it out! www.cornwellsascension.com Please post if you find any glaring issues as you play it, and enjoy!
  10. Hi everyone, My name is Slimjim8345, and I have been working on a rom hack of FE8. It is called Fire Emblem - War of Retribution. The full hack isn't complete yet, but I have made a five chapter demo of the hack. The full hack will most likely have 18 chapters and 3 gaiden chapters. Please see my github page for the patch. https://github.com/Slimjim8345/FE_War_of_Retribution_DEMO There are still some things that I need to do that haven't been done yet in this hack. Such as support converstaions. Supports are setup, but the conversations are still from the base game. Enemy sprites still need to be made, as well as new names for them. There is a google form in the readme of the github page. If you beat this demo, I would appriciate it if you could leave feedback in there. Thank you! Screenshots:
  11. Hello everyone! I'm currently making an Let's Play for The Sacred Stones. Specifically, I'm doing an Ironman run on Hard using a Changes-Lite patch I made. Here's a link to the first episode. And here's a link to the full playlist (you don't need to watch the intro). I'll be uploading daily, so if your interested, be sure to check it out. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to let me know. I hope to see you there!
  12. Welcome to my Changes-Lite Patch for The Sacred Stones! The Goal of this Patch was to make the least amount of changes to the base game for the greatest positive result. I’d recommend it to anyone who enjoys the base game, but is looking for a tighter experience with a handful of quality-of-life patches sprinkled in. If you’d like to learn more about the patch, I’ve created a video detailing what I believe to be some of the more important changes found within the patch. If you want to try the patch out yourself, or just learn more about it, feel free to click the links below: Changelog UPS Patch How to apply a UPS Patch (Thanks Arch!) If your interested, I’m also making a Let’s Play using the patch, so be sure to check it out. To those of you who made it this far, thank you for your interest! If you have any questions or comments, feel free to let me know. Enjoy!
  13. This is a ROM hack inspired by watching Mekkah's Troll FE so I decided to try and see if I could make my own, and have it be different. I have until Chapter 8 done but wanted to at least release it so that I could get some thoughts about it and some ideas for some chapters. I plan on doing the full game with story and whatnot (even though the story is meant to be a joke) but yet again, want some thoughts on this first. Another_troll_emblem.Patch_version_0.1.ups
  14. Who am I? Hello there I am DotDotDot, I'm a poor college student that has been trying to make my own fan game(Originally a Pokemon one) since middle school. I've worked on this to big chunks. I first started working on this during my Senior year of high school before burnout hit me hard and I stopped. The second chunk was recently were while watching Mangs LP a hack gave me a second wind to finally finish my hack and here we are! I hope you enjoy and do run into too many bugs or glitches I forgot about from the first chunk. What is this? This is a short 8 chapter(counted prologue and Final) Hack of Fire Emblem 8 I made to gain experience with FEBuilderGBA and with hacking in general. Originally I was gonna make my dream hack I've always wanted to make and I even made a full chapter and some portraits(some of which I repurposed for this hack) but, I decided not to continue because I didn't want to get burnout making a long hack by myself (Which in the end didn't help because I started this hack about a year ago and then stop for like 5 months or so because I still got burnout, whops). I decided to go with an idea I had for a while of playing as the bandits of a fire emblem game were the bandits somehow manage to win! The Pitch! Have you ever wanted to be a bandit? Going around pillaging villages for all their goods, killing helpless villagers that are just trying to save their family, using almost exclusively axes! Well, now you can in Fire Emblem Barry's Bandits! Features: Screenshots Download Fire Emblem Barry's Bandits Bugs/Spelling Errors/Notes/etc Credits
  15. Hi, I'm one of the two creator of the completed and original ROM hack - Fire Emblem: Inheritance. Link to the post: Now that I have more time, I'll get on the things we want to add in the game, and in particular, the dialogues that are needed. The hack's dialogues lack a bit of polishing, because neither of us is a native English speaker. I, who wrote most of the dialogues, know English quite well, but it still doesn't come natural to write dialogues of this kind in English. I was wondering if there's anyone here up to do a bit of revisioning for the dialogues that I write, or even, if you want, help to write some of them. Some of the character, for example, are pretty anonymous. If some of you wanted, with a bit of creativity, you could help us charcaterize them through mid chapter convos that you could write and propose to us, if you want. If you wanted you could even write the supports between the characters, which I don't think we'd have time to write ourselves. I'm not sure if this post belongs here, if you mods think it's out of place feel free to move it.
  16. I have been working on a rom hack and have run into an issue. After chapter 1 once you enter the world map, the Eirika character does not show up when selecting manage items. She also does not show up in the battle preps. Does anyone know what might be causing this? In the image the first unit should be a female mage named Lydia.
  17. In Fe builder, every single time I try to change the opening of the game, the same error occurs: I open up/create a save file, start the game, at which point the opening blurb about the sacred stones defeating the deamon king happens as usual. Instead of loading my events lined up for the opening cutscene, it just loads my lord unit on the world map with nowhere to go. Since this happens every time, I'm assuming it's a simple problem. The only time this didn't happen is when it loaded both the world map and chapter map onto each other, but I think it's because I put the chapter start event in the world map events by accident. Any help/suggestions? I've been working to fix this problem a LOT of times.
  18. Hello! I hope I am posting this in the right place, if not I apologize! So for anyone who is a pro in the rom hacking scene, I have a question as I have an ambitious idea for a rom hack but before I get my hopes up and begin learning the ins and outs, I want to know the limitations of what I can and can't do. Here is the run down of what I'm thinking: - Something I want to do in a FE8 Rom hack is make a extremely story heavy game. Maps will be there but think "Graphic Novel"-esque. Lots of dialogue and scene changing. - Use FE8's map roam feature where you can walk around the map. Maybe add towns if possible. (Think FE Gaiden and Echoes) - Some characters are based off of typical FE stuff (Got a dude who is a pegasus knight, got my archer, got my Lord, ect) but some don't use conventional weapons in FE with one character using Tonfas. Could I make a new weapon type? -Less of a limitation and more of a question of how the leveling formula should go or if I could inflate the numbers if need be. The story would be long which ma require high levels and stats so I am curious of how that would work. I'm sure there is more but these are the main questions off the top of my head. As a disclaimer, I realize this would be a lot of work, especially for one person and I have looked up a few reddit threads on the topic so I know what I'm thinking about isn't something that can be done in a week. But I am just curious of what is and is not possible. I'm not sure if these questions have been answered, I assume not since what I'm asking is very specific but I'd like to know the limits and what's doable before I start looking up tutorials and the like. I really want to make my story into a game and I've tried RPG maker with no success so I'm hoping a rom hack can help.
  19. I started this hack around the start of december, since I don't have much time on PC, the progress is kinda slow. About my last hack, the Dark Emblem, I accidentally courrupted the files and since the hack was kinda lmae and messed, I decided to start a new one.(No random-generated maps this time, I swear) Story: In the Melgen continent, there are two very powerfull countries, they're Arcadia and Petos, Arcadia suddenlly started to invade other countries, even though king Arcadio and King Petos are on good terms with each other, so wat's the reason that made king Arcadio suddenlly attack it's neighbors? Follow the story of Izarck, as he makes his path from a simple squire to a famous Hero. Features: No bandit chapters! New items. New icons for new items. Some new classes. 7 chapters as of now(counting the prologue and chapter 4x) Some new music. New mugs. New events. New maps. Deep plot(Not much at the start I admit, but what FE game starts with a good reason to fight?) New custom battle animations. All chapters have hidden items and secrets.(Except for the prologue, don't bother searching) Some screenshots: Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/ba417u1z9azcuza/Izarck%27s+Quest.rar Update notes: Known issues and gliches: Lamp sword use effect works properly but it crashes the game if used right after resuming a chapter. Make sure to always savestate before using it's use effect. By grammar isn't the best, if someone could help with it would be of great help. The same can be said about my mugs. Credits:
  20. Hi everybody, I don't know if i'm in a good section to ask this, but I stay in the theme of fan project. Is there anybody that can advise me about a good fire emblem fan project(rom hack in fact) ? I have some criteria: - gba / nds format - playable beast or shifting characther(like manakete or laguz) (or playable monster directly, for example handle a wolf(Gwyllgi) or Bonewalker, cyclops...). But I don't want an entire army of monsters or shifter just some character - weapon triangle for magic weapon (white magic, anima magic, black magic) - Some chapter in the game with monster as opponents - New weapons(not a lot but a minimum) - New character / new story, but if it's a remake or a prequel/sequel or a possible timeline if an event happen(for example if leila wasn't dead in FE7) it's cool too I hope I found this rare gem, thanks in advance !
  21. Hello, hope your day is going okay. I don't know how to start this other than to explain who I am before proposing this idea, so I don't look like a complete idiot. So hi! I'm KingNecro, a veteran fire emblem player. I've been on these forums since about 2015, but I don't exactly post much. I just read other peoples comments and go off of that. But I've been recording videos, playing rom hacks, and trying to make some of my own ever since then. Recently I had my old computer fixed, and I went through my storage and found some old fire emblem files that used to play. From this, I went to my new computer and started diving back deep into the fan-made games, and even playing through Fe6, 7, and 8. I recently finished playing through The Last Promise, and after suffering through the cringy edgelord that is Kelik, I realized that I wanted to make another fully fleshed out game. I don't know about the rest of the community, but I love playing through other people's rom hacks, because it shows off their own ideas, how they can create their own world and gives you a story to just dive deep into. Then I realized that I am literally shit at art and music. Not to mention, I have no idea how to code complex things into the game like voice acting. MarkyJoe's video of FeBuilderGBA taught me a lot about event editing, but that's about it. Then I also realized that there are a lot of really talented people in the community that could really contribute, and if we all worked together, we could make one cool motherf*cking hack. I know what you're thinking. I seem like I'm new because I haven't posted on these forums in god knows how long, and it seems stupid to just pop up out of no where and suggest that random people come together and make a hack. I've realized that. But hell I want it, and I'm sure a lot of other people do too. So why not? So if you're still reading this and haven't clicked off/wrote a comment telling me how much of an idiot I am, hear me out. For a fully fleshed out hack we need: 3 event editors 3 composers for music 2 Map designers 2 portrait designers 2 animation designers 1 Weapon and class designer 2 storyboard writers 1 Support convo writer 1 Title screen artist 1 Skill designer/coordinator Voice actors (The Last promise did it, we can do it better) As many test players as possible I think that if this all comes together, we should make this an Fe8 hack with skills and new animations and things of the sort. I have some ideas for a story that haven't been built up yet, but I don't want it to be just my ideas. That's the fun of making a hack like this, we can put everyone's ideas in it Also, if the hack goes well enough, I'm willing to compensate for the people who really put a lot of work into it. Let me know what you think, give me your feedback, let me know if I forgot anything. Thanks!
  22. RFV DLC v1.1 So this was suppose to be my RFV submission but I got carried away with my ideas and ended up missing all the deadlines. If I stopped at chapter 1, I would have made it. Same with chapter 2, would have made echoes but chapter 3 sunk all those plans. But man it was worth it. Too lazy for pictures so here is what to expect: - 3 chapters - Each one has a theme with mechanics unique to it. - A gripping story I never finished. It's about Raisen leaving Markyjoe1990 - Puns, tons of puns. Some would say being forced to listen to them could be a trap - Custom Animation I actually finished. Only the (crazy) worthy will see it's glory. - Might be a little hard. Only releasing this because I am actually really proud of this hack and think it's my best one yet. There is some weird dialogue stuff in there but I am not changing it because it captures my thoughts at the time. So eh enjoy.
  23. Hey guys! I'm here to finally announce the first public release of my ROM Hack, Under Grey Skies! For those of you who haven't seen my ramblings on the FEU Discord, Under Grey Skies is a project I've been working on since early January. It follows the story of a young villager named Bruce, who sets out with some of his fellow villagers in order to fight in a civil war that, if lost, threatens to destroy their home and country. The gameplay of UGS is heavily inspired by the idea of hard hitting enemies with lower durability, while also utilizing the Circles Skill Patch (though unfortunately there have been some complications with skills due to classes not being able to learn multiple skills immediately upon promotion). This first version contain 7 Chapters, with 14 playable units as well as a completed arc of the overall story and supports (though at the moment many of the supports only go up to C in terms of writing). Attached to this are some basic screenshots from the game as well as links to the patch for you to download as well as the public discord server I have for the project if you have any questions or feedback. Keep in mind we are aware of a few non major but noticeable bugs, so I'll just list them here. -The units Ray and Leanne are currently unable to be Shoved -There is a minor spot in the battle screen that covers up that weapon name That's all, I hope you enjoy! http://www.mediafire.com/file/8vxqyq7csce8yy4/Under_Grey_Skies_v.1.0_Patch.ups https://discord.gg/DmjnMHy
  24. Should I pick FE Requiem or FE Heavens Bloom?
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