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Found 7 results

  1. Hello Serene's Forest, My name is Lexos, and today I present to you my first rom hack beta. This is my first Rom hack that I've ever made, and I am quite proud of it even though it is still very early on. It is only complete through the first chapter boss and I still plan on working on it. I would appreciate anyone who might play this hack's feedback on what you thought, both good and bad. I hope to get better at rom hacking and I would appreciate any criticism I can get on my first chapter. Also I've only worked on this for 2 days so enjoy. Thank you! NEW VERSION DROPS TODAY BOYS, LOOK OUT FOR DAY 3 BETA UPS Its here be warned it crashes entering the second chapterFire Emblem - day 3 beta.ups
  2. The Concept of the hack is that the main character is kidnapped and enslaved by a group reminicent of the roman empire and has to raise a rebelion to free the people of this nation as well as regain connections with his culture, I intend to create two new classes: Slave Driver and Hunter (One uses a whip the other uses a rifle, trying to figure out how to add new weapons and classes in FE editor) one character is a religios figure, and a christ allegory (I'm sorry if this offends anybody, I just like the idea of a character who explores the concept of redemption and empathy in the face of adversity) The villain is a King class (I intended to import and modify Zepheils model) and his primary guard are Paladins and Heros and soldiers as I feel they represent the Roman Legion best, the main characters are mostly archers monks and barbarians as they represent the gaelic and celtic people subjigated by the romans (I'd like to make it clear that this is not historical fiction it merely uses historical peoples and cultures as a basis for it's setting, as many Fire Emblems do) I'm stronger as a writer than as a game designer or coder so i'm mainly here looking for help, hit me up if you're interested, what i have as far as stories and characters is down below, I'll continue to update, i'm currently experimenting with FEeditor, if anybody has any other suggestions I'm up for it
  3. So I'm 8 chapters in and I still haven't been able to access support convos, I know this hack has them, just try as I might i can't view them threw regular means
  4. Eh? EH? WWIII? Okay, what is going on here... Ah ha! Project Z! So we're playing a ROM Hack now? Okay, I'm game. Hello all you lovely people of Serenes Forest and welcome to my screenshot let's play of the ROM hack Project Z. This is one of the only ROM Hacks that I can think of off the top of my head that is set in a modern setting which is really cool. Anyways, I really enjoy this Hack and you guys voted for it over on Healer Emblem, so I guess we'll be doing it. Yes, this ROM hack is not completed as far as I know, but I do think that it's tons of fun and so I added it to the options to vote for. This hack has a lot of really cool little events scattered across it and I'll hopefully be able to show them all off. [spoiler=Story] "The 4th Wall might break at times." Well at least they're being honest. Now what we've created our tactician we can start! ​ This is some deep stuff to start off with. It has? "After the nuclear disaster of World War 3..." "regressed." Modern setting? Did I say modern setting? I meant kind of modern setting. "The world's human population has dropped precipitously..." I honestly had to go and look up precipitously meant, no shame. "I mean..." Hmmmm, continue. "into the western shores of France." Crap, that had to have killed everyone, right? "stubbornly cling to the 'modern' remnants of their former nations..." People survived that! Wow, they must all have had an ocean seal handy (comedy drum noise in the background) That actually sounds really realistic tbh Notice that red text? Yeah, that'll be important later. "Present day. September 1, 2939..." "on all nations apposed to it's sudden and unexpected rise to power." Poor Germany, the target of all writers... "the war horse of infamy has set it's sights on France..." WTF, why hurt Poland? What did it do to you! "A story that shall forever be remembered by the present as the fourth war that rewrote...time." Someone call the Doctor! This is getting out of hand! "So Germany is within our walls..." "They aren't the only intruders." "Mercenaries?" "Limping human corpses jacked with unfathomable amount of noming power!" We're doomed! "It sounds ridiculous, but my eyes don't lie." "......" This is a valid response, Dath. "Undead monsters?" Um... yeah, that's kind of what the intro just told me. "sitting on the throne next to you." Yeah, what's up with that? I already know who it is, but why is he here? It looks like a bird... ​"Sir, it's a bird." I'm liking Dath more and more. That's a bird. "Dath... surely, you jest." Meanwhile "And we're French! No one will listen!" Indeed. Back with Dath... "Those generic soldiers just got eaten!" What kind of fucked up tag are you into, King Fado? At least the bird agrees. "Is that so?" "The bird talks!?" This would probably be my reaction as well. Not like we have zombies invading or anything... Didn't he just say "Paulie want a cracker?" "Gah, this is insane!" I agree, Dath. Can we just like, let him die? Would that be such a bad thing? "Someone help us!" "YOU!" I'm getting called out. ​​"Stop reading this and save me!" *dies* "You see now?" "I'm rather sleepy." Like actually, can we just let him die? "But milor--" "Zzzz...." "Milord there are zombies inside our walls! Please, you must believe me!" Man the music in the background is so good! Have I mentioned how much I love FE7? "You? Uhhh..." "Maybe I did go to the bar yesterday..." "I'm talking to a bird." Maybe we should like get on that or something? "...Good point." Ooooo an escape chapter, my favorite thing about Path of Radiance (literally, I freaking loved those chapters). "If we can reach it, we'll be able to open up an escape door." "Can you fight?" "Not at the moment. You'll have to tear down the wall." Liar... ​​ "I'll fix that right now." UM? I was more worried about the fact that Budgie just killed the King of France! "I was bluffing. Now let's get out of here." "You just murdered the king!" Yeah, yeah, he did and sadly that's not the weirdest thing in this hack. "And?" "IT'S TREASON!" And? "Look. More Zombies. Strong, too." I agree. ​​"We'll say the zombies got him." "...You know, I never really did like serving the king. Very well, allow me to aid you." Glad we're all on the same page. "No time to chat. We need to get to that hatch." Well, that was certainly colorful. Join me later today where I will release the battle portion and the actual first chapter. Hopefully everyone will enjoy my witty commentary to go along with it.
  5. wut wut! As promised, here begins my new journey. Death or Glory! I must play everything before school begins! Hope you enjoy! Death or Glory is a ROM Hack created by NYZgamer3 check out the thread here! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h7MIELekXAc&list=UUsd1MCV1hcPsFPbj9NBwCyw
  6. http://markyjoe1990.elementfx.com/fehack/ The Fire Emblem Hacking Community is disorganized as all hell, and I'm getting sick of it. So I decided to make a website dedicated to helping aspiring hackers obtain the best and latest tools, as well as the best tutorials. As you can see (at least on the current date: 11/19/2013), I've already done a lot of work, but there still needs to be things done. My current goals are as follows: - Add more tools and tutorials - Graphics and Palette editor programs and tutorials - Link to all documentation - Link to all animations - Extract the tileset configs, tileset graphics, and tileset palettes from each fire emblem game and provide it in the tilesets section. That way, people don't need to extract them from the games themselves - Get rid of other graphics unless someone made some for public use. If so, link to it and show screenshots. - Link all the fix patches, then link to the more optional stuff. - Get a BIN for the generic MIDI instrument set that's insertable into the game. - Link to all of Agro's GBA compatible remakes of other Fire Emblem songs. Future Goals: - Host/link to ROM hacks (or link to their blogs/websites), complete with a rating system. - Allow people to register on the website, log in, and submit hacks, reviews, LPs, ratings, hacking content (Like custom tilesets and music), etc. Ultimately, I guess the goal of this website is to eliminate the need to surf several forums and websites to get everything to need to hack, as well as just unify the hacking community so that they don't have to post their stuff on several forums in the first place. What I would like from the community is suggestions, as well as links to tools, tutorials, and other content that I may have missed. Here's to hoping my plan actually works.
  7. It's less than a month before the scheduled Nintendo Community Fangame Convention 2013 event. I decided to try to rev up some hype I'd make a SerenesForest thread a month in advance. http://www.nintendocfc.com Last year as a good year for Fire Emblem game representation, with Elibian Nights being one of the most notable ROM hack projects in the event, and Immortal Sword having a certain infamous memetic incident. :) There doesn't seem to be much updates on the site yet, but as the date inches closer I'm getting whatever fanbases I can rallied up. This means I'll probably make a thread at http://smwcentral.net some time later, as well. I'll probably try to set up the Livestream again as per last year, although whether I can stream myself will be entirely dependant on whether I can get a new computer before the start date... keeping my fingers crossed! In the meantime I am considering video projects for the stream and of course will accept trailers for any submissions. Any comments or questions will be eagerly accepted. I'll be following this topic.
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