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Found 30 results

  1. I'm completely new to ROM hacking. What advice do you have to offer up to a newbie like me?
  2. Heya. I had an idea for a rom hack. I'm no programmer though, it just came to me and I was wondering what people thought of the idea. Base game: No clue. I suppose this concept may work in some and not in others. Concept: Story: A wicked disease is scourging the land, and no one knows how it is contracted. Whole armies have fallen victim to it. One brave expedition group take it upon themselves to find the root cause... Gameplay: Original: Be prepared to lose units. At the start of each map, a random unit from the roster is permanently "berserked", (cannot be cured of it), and will most likely have to be killed to proceed. I say most likely because if a chokepoint and sturdy unit successfully keep them at bay, the unit will be cured at the end of the map. Of course, that unit still has the chance of contracting the disease again, this malady seemingly cannot be defeated by resistant strains. The random element could lead to your best or worst units being killed, which is horrifying in its own way. EDIT 1: Suggested by Topaz Light: (Makes more sense from an engaging gameplay perspective than relying on random luck) Isn't actually random, but appears to be at first due to its method of spreading being unknown to the player until later on. A very perceptive (or lucky-guessing) player should be able to sort of pick up on it early, but probably not completely figure it out all on their own without extensive experimentation. Is sort of a "normal" ailment or thing that can happen to your characters during gameplay instead of something that's just randomly inflicted at the start of each map. Is gradually explained/learned about over the course of the game, in terms of both its story explanation and how it works in gameplay. Make it so that the player and the expedition team each learn to combat it in unison with each other. Is manually-curable, but not in an immediately-obvious way. It should make sense, of course, but it shouldn't just be a plain ol' "use a Restore staff and presto!" dealio. EDIT 2: Suggested by Eclipse: The disease evolves over time - more status affects can surface other than berserk. Units: Initial thoughts I had was either the Expedition Force is the main and only army thematically, or as another option there are two playable armies: The Expedition Force trying to find a cure, while the Main Army is at war with the antagonists, losing men/women by the day and clinging to the hope that the Expedition Force is successful. Anyways, I was just wondering whether the concept can be implemented, as well as what people think of that kind of story. Cheers :)
  3. Darrman

    FE3 in GBA

    So I've been mulling it over for a bit, and I think my next project will be a rough port of FE3 to FE8. I'll be basing this on the original Book 2, so there's no avatar present. Names will be to my preference, leaning towards pre-Shadow Dragon fan names and the FE3 translation. Stuff like rescue will still be present, so don't worry about that. And since talk is cheap, have this.
  4. Now that we're finally through my excursion into Android FE clones, let's tread into slightly more familiar territory... FE4 Binary, or just FEBinary, is a Japanese ROMhack of Genealogy of the Holy War, created by a hacker credited as "Habana‚ô¶887.bsRoNI". The story and maps have largely been left alone in favor of major modifications the game's mechanics, adding new weapons and classes, making enemies more diverse and challenging, and generally making the game less wildly unbalanced while expanding the player's options. The changes are fairly under the hood at first, but become more and more pronounced as things wear on. Inheritance has also been changed to make pairings like Dew X Lachesis and Lex X Ira more viable and unique than before, and generally greatly reduces the need for passing down Pursuit to as many children as possible in favor of more interesting skills and weapons. Since the story has largely been left alone, I won't be touching upon the story events beyond how they affect gameplay (the hack's in Japanese anyway, so it's not like there's much to see for most of us). I'm also assuming people reading this have at least a passing familiarity with some of FE4's mechanics, as I'll largely be explaining the changes in terms of how they're different from the base game. I won't be listing growth rates, either, as no one's growths have been changed in the slightest. Also, I'm not playing for ranks or LTC here, so I'm gonna be taking a fairly leisurely pace through things and taking whatever sort of advantages I can get. Sorry if that's not what you're into, I'm just not good enough for that kind of stuff! With all that yammering out of the way, let's start the LP! Prologue Part 1: Mechanically explaining mechanics Nobody told me there was a typo in the first fucking sentence of the first fucking post and I'm ashamed for life.
  5. I decided to make a romhack for FE6 that replaces certain units with ones from FE7. I got my inspiration from FE7 crossover, a romhack of FE8 that replaces several units with FE7 ones. It did poorly in execution, but the concept was cool, and I thought it'd be really cool to have some FE7 units in FE6. I've gone and replaced Ellen with Serra, Chad with Matthew, Zeiss with Nino, Astore with Jaffar, Tate with Florina, and Ogier, Barth, and Wendy with Eliwood, Hector, and Lyn, respectively. I've changed their classes, stats, growths, and affinities to match those of their FE7 counterparts. I've done some other editing too, but nothing too major, with the most major change being upping the level cap to 30 so classes that can't promote don't end up as screwed over. Other than that, I've made a few edits to the base stats and max stats of classes(Thieves caps are now the same as Assassins), edited the stats of a few items(the biggest changes here being making the S rank weapons and Fae's dragonstone unbreakable), buffed a few characters base stats, and buffed everyone's growths. I also made Short Bow and Murgleis 1-2 range, the former so its name can be less misleading and the latter because Wynaut. Also note that since Jaffar, Eliwood, Hector, and Lyn's classes aren't in FE6, Jaffar is a thief with crit+30(to make up for lack of lethality), Eliwood is a Paladin, Ly is a swordmaster that can use bows, and Hector is a general that can use swords. Here's the patch I have so far. Be sure to patch it to an FE6 ROM that's been hardpatched with gringe's translation. EDIT: I have now inserted the portraits. I also edited the names. Go ahead and download the beta https://www.dropbox.com/s/s4ge3qq4gqzxksj/FE6%20-%20FE7%20Crossover%20beta.xdelta?dl=0 EDIT2: Here's a new patch I just made that adds even more characters. Canas replaces his mom, Dart replaces Garret, Geitz replaces Wade, Oswin replaces Douglas, Pent replaces Yoder, Rath replaces Shin, Raven replaces Deke, Rebecca replaces Dorothy, and Sain replaces Lance. https://www.dropbox.com/s/i6pk2pdxorqxcq4/FE6%20-%20FE7%20Crossover%20beta%20v2.xdelta?dl=0 Here's another patch I made that adds Sacred Stones characters in addition to FE7 ones. Amelia replaces Bors, Eirikia replaces Noah, Ephraim replaces Treck, Innes replaces Klain, Joshua replaces Rutger, Lute replaces Hugh, L'Arachel replaces Clarine, Marisa replaces Fir, Moulder replaces Saul, Myrrh replaces Fae, Seth replaces Jerrot, Gerik replaces Deke, and Tethys replaces Lalum: https://www.dropbox.com/s/a9ggqauw1wrgkdo/FE6%20-%207%208%20crossover.xdelta?dl=0
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