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Found 4 results

  1. So, as I’m sure everyone is aware by now, there are two different routes to take on the Black Eagles path - the Edelgard path or the Church path. Just so everyone is aware, gameplay-wise, the Church route is a complete, watered-down copy of the Golden Deer route. It has the same maps, with the same bosses, in the same order with three notable exceptions: namely, you skip the big post-skip battle between the three nations, some gimmicks that are present in battles on the Golden Deer Route are removed in the Church Route, and the final map and final boss are completely different. But, other than that, they are completely identical in terms of gameplay (well, other than the fact that you mainly have the Eagles students and not the Deer). Story-wise, there is also a significant amount of overlap, but both routes reveal different information at the end. I put this out there because this game is massive enough as it is, and since I know a lot of people have lives to get to, there isn’t much need to play both of these routes if you don’t have the time or energy. As someone who played the Golden Deer Route first, I highly recommend playing that route (as it felt more complete to me than the Church Route) and then watching the cutscenes from the Church Route on YouTube or something. But, I’ll leave that decision to everyone to make themselves.
  2. https://www.eurogamer.es/articles/fire-emblem-three-houses-julio-avance In the Spanish Eurogamer article: Translated to Google
  3. With reviewers saying it took them over 40 hours to complete just one route alone. No less than 4 possible routes with alternative endings to each one, I was wondering how will people continue to play the game without being tried over the 100 hour mark. For some one of the issues of Fates was that it was exhausting starting the game over again three times, but 3 houses takes that idea to another level. Still there is no word if there will be recycled ideas (maps, plotlines, major events) from route to route. Having mostly different characters will help keep things interesting For me at I least, after completed a route I will probably play another game in the meanwhile to refresh my mind before starting again. Or later playthroughs y on new game + for recruit new students.
  4. So, something that I'm personally planning to do is play both routes back to back; that is, I'll alternate between routes every chapter post-split. So I'd go Chapter 7 Nohr->Chapter 7 Hoshido->Chapter 8 Nohr->Chapter 8 Hoshido-> etc, etc. I then decided "Why not make a poll and see what other people plan to do?" And here it is.
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