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Found 3 results

  1. I'm doing a royal lunatic run of revelations where I use only the royals starting chapter 19. But i want to use the royal's children so who are the best mothers for the royal children, and who wants Camilla/Hinoka/Azura/Sakura/Elise's genes? The only people I have married are Niles and +magic -luck (F)avatar. Right now I am thinking of pairing.. Xander x Beruka/Charrotte Leo x Nyx/Felicia/Sakura Azura x Keaton/Kaden Ryoma x ???? Takumi x ???? Camilla x Kaze/Keaton/Laslow Elise x Odin Hinoka x Azama/Kaden/Subaki/Silas Sakura x Leo/Hayato/Sukabi/Saizo The only one I am really dead set on is Azura marrying one of the beast units since I want Shigure to be a beast unit. Also who should I give my DLC seals too? I have all the path bonuses, Witch from Anna, and the ones from the free DLC. Last thing, what the heck should I do with Nina once I get her, I was thinking of going Nohr noble but i'm not sure.
  2. Specifically the royals. I would say: Xander/Ryoma - Mid (possibly late) 20's Camilla/Hinoka - Early 20's Kamui/Corrin - Late teens (nearing 20) Leo/Takumi - 16-17 Elise/Sakura - 14-15 I'm guesstimating from the ages of Awakening since the artist is the same. So then I would put the majority of the cast's age between 17-22, which makes me feel relieved. Having too many child soldiers squicks me out.
  3. So as we know the siblings are among the most popular characters and they are also after kamui/corrin the most featured in the story along with azura(not really counting her as a royal sibling since the story doesnt necessarily present her that way). So i was wondering what was everyone order of liking for the 8 royals For me 1.Camilla-From the moment i liked camilla, and after reading about her personality i stanned even more. I really enjoy her at times nonchalant expressions mixed with her abrasive and protective attitude. Not only that but i also enjoy how she is a bit opposite of her appearance we know her appearance is all sexualized but her personality isnt really like that and i tend to have an interest in characters whose personality doesnt match how they look 2.Xander-Originally i liked takumi more than xander but the more i read about xander personality i couldnt help but stan, he really to me seems like the best king out of the two older royals. Also his support with charlotte won me over so much, how he was kinda being mean to her but in reality was caring for her and the s support made me a fan 3.Takumi-I love takumi's design its really amazing, and then when i heard that he hated all nohrians and corrin for that fact it gave his character some depth which i really enjoyed 4.Sakura- I originally didnt like sakura, i thought she looked basic,bland and meh. However, finding out a bit about her personality and her classy and calm demure really made me a fan, unlike elise she isnt all cutesy but is more calm,collected and mature which reminds me a lot of mist from PoR so i like her 5.Elise- elise is pretty cute and really fits that baby sis thing like she seems like a lovable sister. However, there is one thing i dont like about elise and that is that she looks 12 and which is worst there isnt any males that look 12 for me to pair her up easily, in awakening i would usually pair up nowi and ricken since they both looked 12 but for elise i have no match 6.Ryouma-he seems cool but his design seems a bit over the top for me with all that hair for and his personality i usually find it boring and 1-dimensional but i still like him plus im excited to pair him up with mozu and make mozu a queen 7.Leo and Hinoka- I feel the same way about leo and hinoka i really dont care for either of them, i have read a bit on their personality but there really isnt much for me to like and even more there isnt really any other character who i think matches them well like for ryouma one of the reasons i like him is because for me mozu and him are canon in my playthroughs but for leo and hinoka nothing. Maybe the english version will make me have interest in them but so far i have none
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