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Found 16 results

  1. The year is 2174. The late 2000s and early 2100s were a time of tumultuous international conflict; only after almost fifty consecutive years of war, dotted with the barest of tentative peaces, did the governments of Earth come together to form the Council of Earth Nations - CEN. With a permanent core formed of one representative from each of Earth's twelve most powerful governments - frequently referred to as the Illustrious Twelve for their leading roles in unifying the Earth - to lead the organization, CEN has guided humanity towards prosperity since its founding in 2134. Humanity has prospered in this era of newfound peace. Resource conflicts on Earth are a distant memory; human ills - biological ills, at least - are fading away with advances in medical and cybernetic technology, with only the inexorable passage of time left to claim most lives; a firm overseeing hand balances the power of the world's individual governments. CEN has made it clear to its people. There are whispers of future achievements - dreams of genetic manipulation, nanomolecular implants to one day lift every life of its shackles - only whispers, in the minds of most. Were they to exist, they would be accessible only to the most privileged; those whose hands control corporate conglomerates whose names are indivisible from daily life, or the highest echelons of government. Most if not all on Earth live comfortable lives; and those who do live unaware of those who do not. Resource extraction from asteroid mining stations at L4 and L5, as well as planetary extraction on Mars, have enabled those on Earth to live each day believing their society has surpassed the notion of scarcity. However, for those whose lives are spent on Earth's colonies, life is often more scant. To find oneself afoul of the whims of local authorities - whether planetary government or a space station's corporate hierarchy - can quickly mean ostracization, especially in an environment where people are vastly interdependent. Unless one knows the... right people, of course. Discontent is far from a forgotten feeling for humanity, even if so-called homeworlders on Earth see fit to believe otherwise. The 40th anniversary of the founding of CEN rapidly approaches. Only a few months remain until Unification Day, and all seems in order; celebration preparations on a newfound scale are underway. However, with just those few months to go, a dingy transport vessel arrives late from its origin of the terraformed moon, Callisto. The ship's passengers look rather harrowed, and not from the month-long journey; no, it is the news they bear that worries them. They fled to Earth in fear of growing civil unrest; word begins to spread of the moon's government overstepping its authority one too many a time, and too harshly at that. Those with the funds to leave did so, along with a small detachment of Callistan politicians, who are conversely petitioning CEN for aid in stopping what they state is an anti-Earth movement. Eager to prove itself once more as humanity's peacekeeper but lacking in the full details of the situation, a task force comprised both of civilian diplomats and a small protective force is dispatched to restore peace, having been issued authority superseding that of the Callistan government. The 40th Unification Day will be one of success for humanity... The ship Imminent Dawn sets off for its one-month journey towards Jupiter, and its moon; Callisto. Its orders: dock at the capital; contact Governor Arielle Avyndor, assess the situation, and resolve it as necessary, with peaceful means preferred. The crew - a diverse lot, homeworlders, colonists, officers trained on Luna's vaunted Hubble Naval Academy, test pilots and veteran pilots both - will find their abilities and beliefs tested...
  2. 10:15 Monday, January 31st, 2405 A.D. Providence, Eupraxia Grand Station, Jovian Sphere. Hitomi turned off her communicator and let her arms fall to her sides. After a long moment of silence, she shook her head and straightened up. "This is just a joke, right?! Linus is thinking about joining a different team?! I'm going to be the only one left at this rate! We'll be disbanded! I can't let the Odyssey end like this!" Team Odyssey really was in serious trouble, here. They were down to just two members, one of whom had all sorts of worrisome ideas about their future. Neither the fact that Hitomi was the daughter of one of the Battle Network's executives, nor the fact that she was a student of the Legendary Silver Bullet, Felix Lis, would save them from this one. There was so much more Hitomi had to tell Linus to reassure him before she got off the line ... mostly incoherent pleading, but she had a lot of it saved up for the man. She'd gotten a message from Felix in the middle of their talk, though. Battlenet's big convention was already underway. It wouldn't be long until Hitomi's father and even Felix were up on stage addressing some insanely large crowds. Linus and Hitomi opted to continue the conversation at the convention after meeting up. Hitomi was already dressed, so she only had to put away her breakfast and then head out. Not all the players wore these uniforms at Battlenet gatherings, especially when they weren't going to be posing for photos or doing interviews, but Hitomi's uniform was comfortable enough. It also served as an ID, which was always handy. Before heading for the door, Hitomi approached the main window of Felix's apartment. They were near the top floor of the building, in one of the small but well off suites. As a result, the view of Providence and New Victoria was still stunning to this day. Below her was a metropolitan area that rivaled any terrestrial city, and above her was a similar but unique city, inverted and too far away to reach on foot. In truth, Providence was a city on the underside of Evergreen Province. New Victoria, for all intents and purposes, was right side up. Unfortunately, this sort of view had a way of intimidating Hitomi a little. She knew that the pressure difference would leave her floored and unconscious if the window happened to break. She also knew that this wasn't just ordinary glass sitting between her and an extremely thin atmosphere. If it ever broke, the smart glass making up the interior layer would repair itself before there were any fatalities. Reaching out with her right hand, Hitomi gently placed her palm flat against the window. Pale blue lines of light raced out from her hand and converged in front of her, forming a smart screen display. The image said 'Ready.' "I need a Swift," Hitomi said, letting the device interpret her meaning and place the call. "Right away," came back a friendly but clearly synthetic male voice. It was still a subtle tell, but not every company went out of its way to make their AIs sound exactly like their human representatives. The sound itself came from the apartment's speaker systems, which had some directionality to them when needed. "Is there anything else we can do for you today, Ms. Moto?" "Yeah, put at least twenty extra boosters on it so I can get to the convention faster," Hitomi joked. The voice seemed to realize as much. "Of course. Thank you for choosing Swift, Ms. Moto. Your compak is being assembled and will be waiting for you in the lobby." The call ended and Hitomi pulled her hand away from the window. "Maybe I can get there first for a change ..." Doubtful, unless she ignored her breakfast ... In the end, Hitomi consoled herself with the thought that 'Swift' had efficiency down pat. That and breakfast was important. Her compak was ready and waiting for her when she reached the lobby, and it wasn't difficult to spot among the others The one man shuttle had a paint scheme that perfectly matched Hitomi's Battlenet uniform. It wasn't the first time she'd ordered a compak from Swift just to skip the metro, so she wasn't surprised the preferences she'd fiddled with in Felix's account before had actually came through on this order. Once she was aboard, the cockpit closed and the system gently reminded Hitomi to put her harness on. Once she did, the system opened up to her ... not fully, though. She only had a learner's permit at the moment. About all she could do without annoying the system was tell it her destination and then sit back and relax. "Let's see ... it was at Battlenet Plaza, right? Hey, Swift, Battlenet's convention's at the plaza, right? Is that big enough?" "It looks like they're holding the event at the shopping center," a different voice from the last one, this one female, answered, "Yes, it looks like the plaza's in use, too. The whole area. This must be major~ Would you like us to bring you anywhere in particular?" Hitomi felt she was too short for crowds, so maybe starting near the plaza would be best. As long as it wasn't crowded, too. "Plaza. I can find my way from there." "Very good, Ms. Moto. Just relax and enjoy the ride." With that, the compak's engines flared to life and they were airborne a couple of seconds later. As they lifted off, Hitomi placed her palm on the inside of the canopy, and just like with the window in Felix's apartment, a display made from the converging lights appeared and formed a display. This time she was just going to let everyone--Matsuo, Felix, and Linus, that she was on her way. The Convention The view of Battlenet Plaza from overhead was both beautiful and grim at the same time. It didn't matter how tall her people were, she was too short to be spotted over anyone else. It Even if she was still a growing girl, for the moment Hitomi only reached a measly five feet and two inches. There were plenty of people pushing six and a half feet due to the lower gravity and their good genes. Speaking of gravity, the closer the compak came to the ground, the more Hitomi could feel it, again. She was under about half a G by the time they touched down. "I'mmm," Hitomi glanced around once she was out of the compak, "yeah, I'm probably going to head back with someone else, so I'm done. You can recycle this one, now. Thanks." "Very well, Ms. Moto. The charge to Mr. Lis' account should go through within the next five minutes. You can also review the order on your account." They were linked, so that made sense. Hitomi shrugged. "Alright, thanks." "Enjoy the event, Ms. Moto." With that, the compak lifted off into the sky and disappeared into the perpetual sky traffic. Hitomi started toward the plaza and the stage they had built near the center, even as the crowds began to increase in size and the through traffic grew more intense. As much as she wanted to track down her father and Felix first, Hitomi had an almost overwhelming urge to head straight north to the shopping center's main building. It would be just as crowded, but with pockets and out of the way shops she could use to take a break from everyone, not to mention cleaner seating. Hitomi realized she could also head underground if this place just became too much for her. The only options down there were the parking areas and the underground mall. Probably better to stay on the surface; the mall would be even more crowded than the plaza, and the parking lot traded headcount for eardrum rupturing amounts of noise. Before she'd even entered the plaza proper, Hitomi spotted a smartglass pane flanked by two benches. She raced over, being careful not to scare the couples resting on the benches, and placed her hand on it. A fresh display appeared and Hitomi brushed the window aside with her free hand. It was instantly replaced by a series of menus, and she quickly hit one of the options, which connected her to Battlenet. Information about the convention came up, along with a map that had more information associated with it than it normally would. The gaming center was on the opposite side of the plaza from the food court, and the Frame Ops players, both professional and casual would probably be playing there throughout the event. There were plenty of places around here people could play of course, but the cockpits they had installed were really popular, and for good reason. The shopping centers were apparently working closely with Battlenet for the next few days. Quite a few of them were going to be selling items and apparel related to the event, in addition to their normal wares. The underground mall had the same arrangement in place. The food court was also getting in on the action, with Battlenet and team themed meals and the like. Hitomi supposed that wouldn't be a bad place to meet up with Linus to discuss their options ... "It's coming right for us." Hitomi glanced at the couple on the bench to her left. The boyfriend was looking through a pair of enhanced specs, so she couldn't tell what he was trying to point out, exactly. Neither could his girlfriend, apparently. He handed the specs off to her and she flinched when she saw ... whatever she saw. Whatever 'it' was. "Is that why the traffic cleared up over there?" the woman asked. "Bet so," her boyfriend nodded, sure as anything. Hitomi huffed. She didn't have enhanced specs, but she still had options. Carefully lining herself up with the display between her and this mystery object, Hitomi tried to use the display to resolve the object and isolate it. With the woman constantly pointing right toward it, it didn't take long to get a the object marked. Only the running lights were on, so it really didn't stand out very well. After she had it marked, Hitomi made the display zoom in on it. Her face went pale when she saw the warship drifting silently toward them. "That's an Independence II!" "Yeah!" The man didn't notice how weirded out Hitomi was. "Why's it ...?" Dad. Dad. Dad! "Dad!" "Yes, Hitomi?" Matsuo answered quickly, thankfully. The display was sound only, and let Hitomi know as much. "What's Scipio doing?! There's a ship headed right for us!" "It's all part of the show," Matsuo assured her. He clearly understood just how unlikely that was, and went onto add, "The Battle Network is finally adding warships into our professional games, so we needed something really big to help get everyone excited. It took a lot of convincing--a lot of credits, but Scipio is letting us have this one for the event. As soon as she reaches her target point, we're starting. It should only be another couple of minutes, actually. Try to find a spot near the front, Hitomi." "Erm ... o-okay ... as long as we're not about to get rammed into counterspace by a battlecruiser." "Hardly," Matsuo chuckled. The two couples had been listening in and seemed satisfied with Matsuo's explanation. Hitomi was just a tad confused. Did they really find Scipio's price for flying a battlecruier over Providence? She wasn't a military type, but she could thing of a lot of reasons not to do it. Still, if it was for the event, and it would help get players and Frame Ops fans alike excited for the upcoming season, then get over here, you giant Independence II class behemoth. "Just ... please slow down once you get here ..."
  3. I figured I'd start one of these. RULES: 1. Please choose your character before joining! If you're choosing a character that doesn't have a specific father in Genealogy, specify the father before joining. Sibling pairs will share fathers, so if you want to join a sibling pair with someone who chose the other sibling, take note of the father. And try using the officially translated names, as listed below! 2. Only one character per person. That way, everyone has a chance to choose a character. Also, substitutes won't be allowed unless the person they substitute is already taken by someone else. 3. Each reply has to be one paragraph long. I don't want anything more. 4. Make it specific when you're speaking out of roleplay. 5. No godmodding or anything, obviously. 6. Now, we can mix with FE5 if you want, such as adding in FE5 exclusives. Though this is mainly an FE4 thread, if you want to portray an FE5 character, well, I'll be the one to decide if that character joins the roleplay, mostly so that FE5 doesn't run over FE4. 7. No drama, please. If you find yourself starting to hate one of the other roleplayers, just kindly block and leave! 8. If you have to leave the roleplay for any reason, please say so! That way, I can open up the character for someone else. This list of rules is flexible, but please try to follow them as best you can! If I need to add more rules, then I will. Now, for the list of characters. Seliph Lester, Lana (Father: Undecided) Ulster, Larcei (Father: Undecided) Oifey Diarmuid, Nanna (Father: Undecided) Julia Ced, Fee (Father: Undecided) Arthur, Tine (Father: Undecided) Iuchar, Iucharba Shannan Febail, Patty (Father: Dew) Febail: not elite Altena, Leif Finn: Dayni Ares Lene, Coirpre (Father: Undecided) Hannibal
  4. Basically a place for those doing the World of Light roleplay. So, to everyone else here, do you mind if I make stories based on this universe for the Write Your Butt Off stuff?
  5. . July 30th, 0800 Hours, Galactic Year 0251 ??? Heion Riese, ANF Leviathan-Class Battleship The day of relief had passed uneventfully, with a walk and ceremony for the casualties of the colony attack ending the afternoon on a somber note. Most of the crew was either busy with their own recreations, or anxiously waiting for new orders from HQ. Radio silence was all they received that day. In fact, radio silence did not only refer to ANF's orders --no commercial signal was getting through to Colony 1, which forced itself to operate autonomously. If one were to open the TV, they'd find no channels available other than local OrbiTV's free channels, and even those seemed to operate with hindered coverage. Perhaps the rebel's plan involved cutting off the colony's communication with its neighbors and earth? "Mrrr..." In her bedroom, very clearly not a morning person --not after enough wine is on her system, at least--, Roxanna grumbled and slowly sat herself up on the edge of her bed. The reason she woke up was clear, forgetting to set her tablet's alarm for later. Ugh, of all thing to forget. Oh well, at least the headache wasn't mind-numbing, only a stinging feeling as if some nail was pressing on the side of her head... okay, it was still annoying. "And I had such a good day yesterday, too..." Lamenting her carelessness in not having enough Dihydrogen monoxide before sleeping, Roxanna stood up. Wrapping her arms around the long white dress she called a pajama to shake off some of the cold from her AC, Roxanna grumpily reached for her TV, lazily turning it on. Let's see the news--oh right, static. Damn, is it still down. Unfortunate, she'd like to know how the ANF was describing their mission for a while now. Oh well, surely another time... Disappointed, Roxanna turned back, disinterested at the loud buzzing... at least it stopped. Wait, it stopped? She didn't turn off the TV-- Looking back quickly, Roxanna noticed a symbol taking the full screen, a gray hydra with a sword held in the mouth of its middle held, designed much like as if drawn on Greek pottery. What the-- There wasn't much time to process, just a minute, in face, and then a new image entirely graced the screen. Oh. My. God. At this point, Roxanna was fully alert, eyes wide open, biting her lower lip. Shit, if they incite full fledged war-- Roxanna scrambled to her tablet, opening a voice channel synced to the Heion Riese's communication system. "Hello? Hello? This is your XO, Roxanna Martinson." Her voice was definitely unnerved, now resounding throughout the ship. "I am calling an immediate reunion. All who are awake, meet me in the bridge in 30 minutes." She didn't have the power to schedule a sudden meeting and hold people accountable for not showing up, not at a time like this. Still... she had to take measures to prepare for what was sure to become a hell of a day. The entire party is free to post! Feel free to choose where your character is, but remember it is pretty early in the day!
  6. I am going to start an rp for a fates au I had in mind. I want it to be a bit more like FE4 in tone and nature (because let's face it Corrin is a watered down Altena.) I'm looking for a combination between OC's and cannon characters. Please Fill Out the Character Sheet Below Name: Gender: Allegiance: (Hoshidan, Nohrian, Vallite) Job:(knight, maid, prince ect.) Appearance: Personality: Bio: Other: (anything that doesn't fit above) Feel free to apply for cannon characters to. _________________________________________ No more Nohrians OC'S for the time being please
  7. Hello! I am Nils of the Shepherds! A RP member on the website Quoyev. It takes a bit of explaining to do to explain why we are on that site RPing instead of here but here's the main thing.. We need new recruits seeing that our chat is dead. The other group members do shitpost a lot on out threads but I've been making a strong effort to enforce more RPing along with the Shep's leader, Henry. It would be really appreciated if you at least check us out in the link below and do beware since the Shepherds have been up for two years, obviously characters have been claimed, Henry knows more about that than me so you can always go to him for help, or me if by chance is isn't there. Thanks a lot and we hope to see you there! Group: https://www.quotev.com/groups/799138 Me: https://www.quotev.com/awesomemanlady Henry: https://www.quotev.com/28887666
  8. Hello! For as much as I like simple text-only roleplay, I really, really enjoy games that use a battle system of some sort. It adds a level of competition to the game and removes power play replacing it with min-maxing. Anyway, I made this system and I'm searching for someone to try it with. First of all, let's explain it! Mechanics: We can talk about stats and character sheets later, let's look at the important stuff first. The problem with roleplays by forum is the impossibility to roll dices (unless you create some intricate scripts or something), but I think I got this. Hitting and evading: By defauls, each attack with more than 0% chance to hit, hits. The chance of hitting is calculated with skill, weapon accuracy and all that stuff, more on that later. In order to avoid an attack, a player must spend a number of "evade points" equal to his opponent's hit chance, provided that this is lower than 100%. What are these evade points? Each character has a gauge for basically every thing that, in the games, involved randomness. The evade gauge starts at 30 + unit SPD*2 points and goes up by the same amount each turn, for a max of 150 (so that you can't have someone making almost-impossible evades one after another). Critical hits: Each character has a critical gauge and an anticritical gauge. The critical gauge starts at 20 + unit SKL*2 points and goes up by the same amount each turn, for a max of 150. The anticritical gauge starts at 10 + unit LCK points and goes up by the same amount each turn, for a max of 150. In order to make a critical hit, a player must spend 75 critical points. In order to negate a critical, a player must spend a number of anticritical points equal to twice his opponent's crit chance. A critical hit can still be normally avoided, but the hitrate is boosted by 20% (if the hitrate goes over 100% this way, it's still possible to avoid). Fighting skills: Each character has a skill gauge for every fighting skill he has. Every skill has a main stat and a secondary stat. Every skill gauge starts at 0 and goes up by main stat + secondary stat/2 (rounded up) each turn. In order to activate a skill, a player must spend 75 skill points. An offensive skill can still be normally avoided, but the hitrate is boosted by 20% (if the hitrate goes over 100% this way, it's still possible to avoid). Base sheet: Now that we covered the essential parts, let's see the stat-related part. Class and Skills: First of all, the player chooses a class for his unit. These are the classes currently aviable: [spoiler=Classes]Unpromoted: Sword Cavalier: C Swords, Canto. Promotes to Paladin, Great Knight, Dark Knight Lance Cavalier: C Lances, Canto. Promotes to Paladin, Great Knight, Mage Knight Lance Knight: C Lances, Armor. Promotes to General, Great Knight, Wyvern Master Axe Knight: C Axes, Armor. Promotes to General, Great Knight, Wyvern Lord Archer: B Bows, Marksman. Promotes to Sniper, Bow Knight, Assassin Myrmidon: B Swords, Way of the Warrior. Promotes to Swordmaster, Weapon Master, Hero Soldier: B Lances. Promotes to Spearmaster, Weapon Master, Paladin Mercenary: B Swords, Tough Body. Promotes to Hero, Bow Knight, General Cleric: C Staves, Enchanted Robe. Promotes to Bishop, Valkyrie, War Cleric Priest: C Staves, Enchanted Robe. Promotes to Bishop, Sage, War Priest Monk: C Light, Enchanted Robe. Promotes to Bishop, Sage, War Monk Bandit: B Axes, Unrestrainable. Promotes to Berserker, Warrior, Weapon Master Fighter: C Axes, Tough Body. Promotes to Warrior, Hero, War Monk Thief: Knives, Steal. Promotes to Rogue, Assassin, Trickster Mage: B Anima, Scholar. Promotes to Sage, Mage Knight, Mage Fighter Dark Mage: C Dark. Promotes to Druid, Dark Knight, Dark Flier Troubadour: C Staves. Promotes to Valkyrie, Mage Knight, Seraph Knight Pegasus Rider: C Lances, Fly. Promotes to Falcon Knight, Seraph Knight, Dark Flier Wyvern Rider: C Axes, Fly. Promotes to Wyvern Lord, Wyvern Master, Sky King/Queen Dancer: Knives, Dance, Civilian. Promotes to Blade Dancer, Entertainer, Trickster Bard: D Light, Rally, Civilian. Promotes to Entertainer, Charlatan, Sage Promoted: Paladin: B Swords, B Lances, +2. Canto, Sacrifice, Aegis. Low MAG. Great Knight: A Swords, A Lances, A Axes. Armor, Canto. High STR, Low MAG, DEF, RES. General: A Swords, A Lances, A Axes. Armor, Tough Body, Pavise. High STR, SKL, Low MAG, SPD, RES. Dark Knight: A Swords, A Dark, +1. Canto, Essence Stealer. Mage Knight: A Lances, A Anima, +1. Canto, Ignis. Bow Knight: A Bows, A Swords. Canto, Never Off-guard. High SKL, Low MAG, RES. Sniper: S Bows. Marksman, Crit+10. High SKL, SPD, Low MAG, RES. Wyvern Master: A Lances, A Axes, +1. Fly, Armor. High STR, Low MAG, RES. Wyvern Lord: A Axes, A Swords, +1. Fly, Armor, Luna. High STR, Low MAG, DEF, RES. Sky King/Queen: A Axes, A Bows, +1. Fly, Armor. High SPD Low MAG, DEF. Valkyrie: A Light, A Staves. Canto, Enchanted Robe, Miracle. Low STR. Seraph Knight: S Lances, A Staves. Fly, Enchanted Robe. High SKL, SPD, Low DEF. Falcon Knight: A Swords, A Lances. Fly, Enchanted Robe, Sacrifice. High SKL, SPD, Low MAG. Dark Flier: A Lances, A Dark +1 Fly, Enchanted Robe. High SKL, SPD. Sorcerer: S Dark, A Staves. Essence Stealer, Dark Arts. High MAG, RES, Low SPD. Assassin: A Bows, Knives. Shadow, Crit+10. High SKL, SPD, Low STR, MAG, RES. Swordmaster: S Swords. Way of the Warrior, Crit+15. High SKL, SPD, Low DEF. Hero: A Swords, A Axes, +1. Tough Body, Sol. High SKL, Low MAG, RES. Weapon Master: A Swords, A Lances, A Axes. Way of the Warrior, Focus. Low MAG. Spearmaster: S Lances. Way of the Warrior, Crit+15. High SKL, Low MAG, RES. Bishop: S Light, A Staves. Enchanted Robe, Exorcist. High RES, SKL, Low STR, DEF. War Cleric/Priest: A Axes, A Staves. Enchanted Robe, Renewal. War Monk: B Axes, B Light, +1. Enchanted Robe, Renewal. Berserker: S Axes. Unrestrainable, Crit+10, Wrath. High STR, Low RES. Warrior: A Axes, A Bows +1. Tough Body, Colossus. High STR, DEF, Low SPD, RES Rogue: A Swords, Knives. Steal, Shadow. High SPD, Low STR, MAG, RES. Trickster: A Staves, Knives. Steal, Miracle. High SPD, Low STR. Sage: A Anima, B Light, B Staves, +2. Scholar, Enchanted Robe. High MAG, Low STR. Mage Fighter: A Anima, Knives. Flare. High SPD. Blade Dancer: B Swords, Knives. Dance, Way of the Warrior. High SPD, Low STR, DEF. Entertainer: C Light, C Staves, Knives. Dance, Rally, Civilian. High SPD. Low DEF, RES. Charlatan: B Light. Rally, Steal. High SKL, Low MAG, RES. Unpromoted classes have fixed weapon ranks, some promoted classes have a base weapon rank, plus 1 or 2 ranks. High and Low stats refer to promoted caps: Low stats cap at 22, High stats cap at 28, other stats cap at 25. Promoted caps are affected by skills, while unpromoted caps are always 20, regardless of unit's skills. HP and LCK are exceptions, always capping at 60 and 30, respectively, regardles of unit's class. At this point, the player chooses one skill as the unit's personal skill. These are the skills currently aviable. [spoiler=Skills]Special skills (can't be selected as personal): Way of the Warrior: +1 SKL, +1 SPD, can use exotic weapons Marksman: +2 SKL, can use longbows and ballistas Tough Body: +5 HP, +2 CON Steal: +2 SPD, can steal items if faster than the enemy, can open locks Unrestrainable: +3 HP, +1 SPD, can cross mountains and water Armor: -2 SPD, +5 DEF, lower movement (weakness) Enchanted Robe: +2 RES (weakness) Canto: can change location and attack in the same turn, in any order, higher movement. (weakness) Fly: +1 SPD, gain Canto, ignore weaknesses caused by other skills (weakness) Shadow: +2 SPD, -1 DEF, -1 RES, can't be attacked until next turn Scholar: +2 MAG, -1 DEF Crit+15: enhances critical rate by 15% Crit+10: enhances critical rate by 10% Knives: can use knives Dark Arts: can't use healing staves, can use staves on enemies Essence Stealer: when defeating an enemy, heals equal to enemy's level/2 (rounded down) Dance: refresh up to 2 allies in your area. You can change area before refreshing. Rally: lowers damage received and boosts damage dealt for allies in your area by 2 until next turn Civilian: -2 Damage dealt Exorcist: effective damage against enemies with a Dark rank. Fighting skills: Luna - halves enemy DEF, ignores enemy RES. Main: STR, Secondary: SKL Flare - halves enemy RES, ignores enemy DEF. Main: MAG, Secondary: SKL Adept - attack twice, both attacks can miss or be critical. Main: SPD, Secondary: SKL Astra - attack 5 times for halved damage (rounded up), each attack can miss or be critical. Main: SKL, Secondary: SPD Sol - heals fol half the damage done (rounded up). Main: SKL, Secondary: HP/2 (rounded up) Ether - attack twice, the first attack heals for half the damage done (rounded down) and the second halves enemy DEF/RES. Both attacks can miss, but they can't be critical. Main: SKL, Secondary: LCK Ignis - adds half your MAG to your physical attack and half your STR to your magical attack. Main: SKL, Secondary: lower between STR and MAG Vengeance - adds half your damage to your attack. Main: HP/2 (rounded up), Secondary: SKL Aegis - halves magical damage received (rounded up). Main: RES, Secondary: LEVEL/2 (rounded down) Pavise - halves physical damage received (rounded up). Main: DEF, Secondary: LEVEL/2 (rounded down) Miracle - if the attack would kill you and you have more than 1 HP, it brings you to 1 HP. Main: LCK, Secondary: LEVEL/2 (rounded down) Other skills: Focus: unit gauges go up to 175, gain 5 more skill points for every skill gauge each turn Colossus: when your CON is higher than the enemy's, +1 damage, +15% hit rate Never off-guard: When attacked, switch to the first weapon in the inventory you can counterattack with Sacrifice: heal ally by sacrificing your HP by half the amount (rounded up), or heals poison for 5 HP Renewal: heals for HP/5 each turn Wrath: enhances critical rate by 10% when low on HP Awareness: negates the effect of enemy's active combat skills (the enemy can still use them for the 20% bonus hit) Parity: negates the effect of both yours and your enemy's active combat skills (they can still be used for the 20% bonus hit) and terrain bonus Elite: gains double exp, all growths over 10% are decreased by 5% Blossom: gains 2/3 exp (rounded down), all growths are increased by 10% Shadow gift: can use dark magic. Dark rank is equal to the higher rank between Anima and Light Vantage: always attacks first when low on HP Gamble: lowers hit rate by 20%, enhance critical rate by 10% Charisma: enhance hit and avoid rate for allies in your area by 10% Proximity Shot: can attack enemies at 1 range with a Bow (except longbows), but the attack can't be critical and fighting skills can't be activated. Stats: The player distributes 30* points in the various stats (HP, STR, MAG, SKL, SPD, LCK, DEF, RES, CON). You can't put more than 10 points in a stat. Note that classes have no bases of their own, but some classes have class skills that affect stats. After this, the unit has 1 bonus point for every 3 points spent in HP, LCK or CON. These points are to be distributed in those same stats. Then, 15 more points are added to HP and 5 more points are added to CON. *This assumes unit starts at level 1 unpromoted. Growths: The player distributer 300* points in the unit's growths, in multiples of 5. HP growth gets doubled and, if both STR and MAG growth are 25% or more, they get 5% bonus growths. *This assumes unit starts at level 1 unpromoted. Equipment: Each unit starts with an equippable weapon/staff and either a vulnerary or an usable E rank weapon. This is the list of current items and weapons: [spoiler=Items and weapons]Items: Delphi Shield: Negates enemy's effective bonus towards flying units. Iron Rune: Negates enemy critical attacks. 1x Universal key: Opens a door or chest. 5x Vulnerary: Restores 10 HP. 3x Potion: Restores 20 HP. 2x Elixir: Restores all HP. 3x Pure Water: Raises Resistance by 7. Effect decreases by 1 each turn. 1x Angelic Robe: Permanently increases HP by 7. 1x Energy Ring: Permanently increases STR by 2. 1x Spirit Dust: Permanently increases MAG by 2. 1x Secret Book: Permanently increases SKL by 2 1x Speedwing: Permanently increases SPD by 2. 1x Goddess Icon: Permanently increases LCK by 2. 1x Dracoshield: Permanently increases DEF by 2. 1x Talisman: Permanently increases RES by 2. 1x Body Ring: Permanently increases CON by 2. Swords: Name - Rank - Range - Weight - Might - Accuracy - Crit. Bonus - Uses - Worth - Special Iron sword D 1 5 5 90 0 46 460 Slim sword D 1 2 3 100 10 30 480 Poison sword D 1 6 4 75 0 40 480 Applies 5 turns of poison Steel sword D 1 10 8 75 0 30 600 Iron blade D 1 12 9 70 0 35 980 Armorslayer C 1 11 8 80 0 18 1260 Effective against classes with the "Armor" skill Longsword C 1 11 6 85 0 18 1260 Effective against classes with the "Canto" skill Wo dao C 1 5 8 75 40 20 1320 Only usable by classes with the "Way of the Warrior" skill Steel blade C 1 14 11 65 0 25 1250 Killing edge C 1 7 9 75 30 20 1300 Wing clipper sword C 1 5 7 75 0 20 1400 Effective against classes with the "Fly" skill Light brand C 1~2 9 9 70 5 30 1500 Casts Light magic "Divine"ù Lancereaver C 1 9 9 75 5 15 1800 Reverses the weapon triangleù Brave sword B 1 12 9 75 0 30 3000 Allows 2 consecutive hitsù Wind sword B 1~2 ]9 9 ]70 5 30 3000 Casts Anima magic "Wind" Silver sword A 1 8 13 80 0 20 1500 Silver blade A 1 13 14 60 0 15 1800 Rune sword A 1~2 9 9 70 5 30 4500 Casts Dark magic "Nosferatu" Regal Blade S 1 9 20 85 5 25 7500 I'm going to edit later, adding other weapons and talking about reclassing and status ailments. Anyway, what do you think? I'm honestly not sure about the critical hit system, maybe it should be exactly like normal hits instead?
  9. She awoke to the smell of sweet mint and lemon. Cakes and tea were being prepared by the innkeeper. Pleiada rose from her bed, and walked to towards the window. She bunched the orange curtain together and tied it with a piece of rope that lay on the windowsill. She looked outside to see that the citizens had already begun their day. She stared down at a man that was rushing frantically. He was carrying various fruits, practically juggling them as he ran down through the plaza full of people. It was a busy day, and she had to get ready for her visitors who would be arriving soon. Pleiada sat at her vanity and began to brush her hair. Her curly locks shined a roseate blonde, and cascaded over her slender and pale shoulders. Staring at her reflection, and into her amber eyes. She entertained the thought of hands caressing her shoulders, and braiding her hair. With a sigh she stood from her seat and put on her white bustier. She pulled a white cotton dress over her torso, with the skirt landing just below her knees. She wore a honey coloured cloak, but left the hood down. She lifted her white stockings over her thighs, and started to put on her boots before she heard a knock at the door. "Miss, I believe you have some guests waiting for you downstairs. Shall I tell them that you will be arriving soon?" the innkeeper called through the door. "Yes, tell them as such." Pleiada responded. "Very good. I have tea and cakes if you would like to come down and break your fast as well." the innkeeper lady insisted. "Thank you." She replied. Pleiada retrieved the letter from her drawer and read it one last time before she put it back in the envelope and into her cloak pocket. She wondered who would turn up to escort her to such an obscure location in the middle of the forest. She had been receiving letters from what she believed to be a secret admirer. They were poems, and rather cryptic, but she loved a good mystery. She yearned for adventure, but did not have the skills or courage to set out on her own. Her friends and acquaintances back home would have laughed at the suggestion. She opened the door and descended the staircase, not knowing who would be there to greet her. She had never done business with mercenaries before. She walked into the reception hall. "Hello, my name is Pleiada. I am here to pay for you to escort me to the Spectral Woodlands. Pleased to meet you." She curtsied.
  10. Hello, This topic is for people to gather and confirm their participation in my first forum RP. I will be acting as the DM. I will be controlling all NPC characters, and enemies. I will also be granting roleplayers their levels, and giving out loot and items. The setting will take place in the Fire Emblem universe. Rules: 1. You start between level 1-5 as a first tier class. 2. You cannot RP as existing FE characters, or their relatives. 3. You cannot use any known legendary or signature weapons/tomes/staves/etc. 4. Your character cannot have amnesia, or anything that impedes their ability to communicate or 'fight'. 5. You cannot take control of other people's characters or NPCs. Guidelines: - Be descriptive, but stay focused on the given situation. - Try to work with other participants. - Do not try to steal 'the spotlight'. RP is not about having the 'best' character. It is about being creative, and improvising well. - Do not forget that there is a surrounding environment to play with, and not just your character. - Those who follow the guidelines well, will be rewarded well (Levels, loot and promotions.). - Try to work within the confines of your character. - If you are unsure, send me a PM. Template: Name: Age: (Minimum age of 16 years) Class: (Mercenary, Myrmidon, Thief, Cavalier, Knight, Fighter, Pirate, Archer, Wyvern Knight, Pegasus Knight, Cleric, Troubadour, Monk, Mage, Shaman.) Weapon Levels: (E or D) Inventory: (Nothing too fancy.) Appearance: (1-2 paragraphs or 8-12 sentences) Biography: (1-2 paragraphs or 8-12 sentences) Setting: The RP will take place on the continent of Ylisse about 60 years after the events of Awakening. The party members have been hired as escorts for someone who is travelling from Ylisse to Plegia. The reasons are unknown. The truth will be revealed as the RP goes on, and the party members will find out why they have been hired as escorts. Spots: 1. Edward the Mercenary (Haon) 2. Blodwyn the Pegasus Knight (Snowy_One) 3. Fivel the Taguel (Dragoncat) 4. Shadow the Myrmidon (Empoleon77) 5. Dougal the Shaman (Rapier) 6. Emil the Troubadour (Winter) People interested in participating will reply with a filled template. If you are interested in roleplaying with me, then you have to submit a minimum of two posts a week. If you do not respond in a week, then your character will be written out and your spot will be open for someone else. This thread will be used for questions, discussion, and also where people can collect their levels and loot once a week. This RP will end in 4 weeks or less. If you have any questions, post them here or PM me. Special note: If a participant is especially active, I might do a full custom mug of your character.
  11. Hello! I was wondering where should I post about this so I asked moderator Integrity. He recommended me to post in the Far from the Forest section, so here I go! It's been a month since I started my Cynthia fan page in Facebook and I already have a lot of enjoyable content for any Cynthia-lover. For those who doesn't know, Cynthia a character from Fire Emblem Awakening. Here is the link to it, please check it out~ https://www.facebook.com/CynthiaJusticeCabal/ The page posts mainly FE Related content, focusing on Cynthia. The page does Role-play at the same time! So if you have your own character page and you would like to play then you're more than welcome! If you like its contents please Like the page so you can keep receiving them in your News feed! Remember that the purpose of this page is to have fun only~ A page from fans to fans. So that's it! Any doubt or suggestion feel free to post here or in my page! I'll do my best replying to them! If you think the posts are somewhat confusing please check the Note for a mini guide about the post styles in the page. Here is the link to it; https://www.facebook.com/notes/cynthia/rp-guide-post-styles/1467373580170079 Have a nice day!
  12. So, I've been thinking recently... Superheroes are awesome. At least I think that. Then I thought of something else! Nachos. And after I ate some of those, another thought hit me! 'Hm, I intended to one day start an RP thread, I like superheroes, and we don't have a super hero thing here on Serenes Forest, maybe that could be what I start!' And after many hours of thought, mostly about toast, I decided to open up this thread, and see who'd want to be a super hero! [spoiler=Rules which would be in place] 1. Roleplay moderators (I.e me) will be in place to manage/approve super characters, wether they be heroes or villains for the sake of balance. So no Arm fall off boy vs. Superman. 2. No published heroes or villains or characters of any kind. This would be in it's own little super-verse separated from things like Marvel or DC. 3. No destroying the city. 4. No killing someone's character unless thy agree to it. 5. No stupid revivals or unapproved major plot points. Please, let's keep this from getting out of hand.
  13. DISCLAIMER: Even though this roleplay has started, feel free to sign up and join late! Welcome to the Magic Valley High School You have been recognized for having an exceptional aptitude for magic and are now given the opportunity to attend the most prestigious magic school of your generation. Please fill out the student application card below: [spoiler=student application card] Name: Gender: Age: Race: Element: Dream for the future: Greatest fear: Personality: Back story: Please attach a picture of yourself: Thank You, Headmaster Barron About the world; [spoiler=Races] Elves - highly intelligent, but weak physical stature. - excels in ranged and elemental magic, but does poorly in close combat situations - are born pure of heart and take on a more human appearance, if corrupted they take on a more demonic appearance - are considered to be the nobles of the magic world Humans - highly varied intelligence and strength - neither excels or fails in any school of magic - the most wide emotional range of all the races - often seen as weak by the other races because of their attachment to each other Fairies - small and speedy with average intelligence - excels magic involving trickery, stealth and healing - they share a strong bond with animals and nature - close allies of the elves, look higher upon than humans but less than of the elves Giants - below average intelligence and extremely strong physically - excels in magic that enhances physical strength - wanders and often travels alone, a less populace race - regarded as outcasts, more allied with the humans than the fairies or the elves [spoiler=Elements] Fire - weak to water, strong against air Water - weak to earth, strong against fire Earth - weakt to air, strong against water Air - weak to fire, strong against earth Light - weak defensively to shadow, but strong offensively to shadow Shadow - weak defensively to light, but strong offensively to light [spoiler=Rules] NO MARY/GARY SUES/STUS No controlling the actions of any character but your own Keep a primary focus and give slower posters the time to catch up and reply If you want to drop-out of the RP write a death scene Please post all OOC comments in this thread and leave only rp posts in the rp thread Use common sense *If rules are broken multiple times the RP Master will kill your character off*
  14. Have you ever wondered where your favorite characters from video games, TV shows, books, and movies originated from? They all come from a place called Genesis Isle, a secluded isle that lingers within dimensions protected by an aura of light. Until now, the island was a place of everlasting peace. A virus of malicious intent was placed inside the island's core by an enigmatic entity, which would damn it to absolute ruin within due time, and thus destroy everyone's homelands. Now, everyone's favorite characters must unite to halt the virus and save Genesis Isle. There will be struggles... ...deaths... ...and newfound love. But all these things aside, everyone knows one thing. Only together can they save the dimensions from which they hail. [spoiler=Sign-up Form]Full Name: Nickname/Fake Name/Title/Alias: Gender: Age: Appearance: Universe(The game/TV show/movie/book that they're from): Personality: Back story: Other: [spoiler=Characters]None yet.
  15. A group of mercenaries, the best in the whole of Nashen... The dead walking amongst the living... A quest dared upon by many, but one that no-one has ever survived... Welcome, to the Soldiers of Fortune, a group of mercenaries famed for their skill and wealth amongst the common folk. It is your very first mission, and most recruits do not survive their first... You must investigate the evils of the Tower, where there are rumors of a dread necromancer is manipulating the minds and bodies of the recently dead... You have been contracted, along with a small group of fellow recruits, to kill this dread necromancer. Setting: Nashen, a fantasy continent inhabited by elves, orcs, goblins and many other races. How many players?: 6-8 players. * * * Hello! It's time to finally get this started! Before we begin, I'd like you to copy your character sheet onto either your About Me page or your signature in a spoiler. That way we can easily keep track of your characters. I'd prefer for you to have them in your sig, but your About Me page is fine too if your sig is already pretty damn full. (Note: You can leave out the Backstory of your character out of your character if you wish to save space.) List of players: TheWarpedWizard- As the gamemaster and Silas, the priest. And your gracious host. Majestic Paladin- As the paladin Armstrong. He left. Dandragon- As the swordsman Klaine. Currently playing. Toogee- As Lucretia Dara, the archer. Currently playing. Harkas- As Arton, the thief. Currently playing. I Like Pi- As Flin, the Necromancer. Currently playing. David the SecondWorld- As Gaile, the paladin. Currently playing. Rules 1. When writing your actual RP segments, please do so in itallics. 2. If someone dies, the game still carries on. You can create a new character for the next part or when the group next visit the SoF's base, or help the gamemaster. (That's me, by the way. Your gracious host.) 3. The battle system is mainly RP based, but you will need a certain amount of a certain stat to perform most actions... [spoiler=Example Scenario!]The orc barbarian is approaching, axe swinging wildly. Do you: A) Attack with your weapon? (Requires strength equal to or greater than weapon weight and a weapon) B) Cast an attack spell? (Requires magic equal to the spells prerequisites.) C) Raise your shield? (Requires strength equal to the shield's weight, and defense equal to or higher than the orc's strength) D) Run like hell? (Requires speed greater than the orc) That was the example used on the Sign-up thread. 4. Remain in character. This is kind of an obvious one. 5. Don't hog the spotlight! Give everyone a chance to be a hero. 6. Although the party has free will, I will guide you. Remember, your goal is to slay the Dread Necromancer- not waste gold on chocolate. 7. Occasionally, there will be full-on RP sessions where you might have to question a captive or persuade someone to give you information. These won't usually give you gold or magic items, but they will often give you valuable pieces of information. 8. There will be riddles. When I do use a riddle, don't look up the answer! I'll will be very sad. 9. No one-line posts! Have around five sentences per post. Alright, here we go!~ You have been assigned your first mission as part of The Soldiers of Fortune, a infamous group of mercenaries that are spread across every corner of Nashen. You, and a group of four others, (six if Dandragon and Majestic Paladin are still involved) are going to be paid a large some of gold to kill the malevolent Dread Necromancer, Lexington Zakath. The path will be long and difficult, of that there is no doubt. But with the cooperation of your companions, you will succeed. You're standing in the courtyard of the Soldier's base, with your companions. What do you think of them? This is usually one of the first things that a gamemaster does. Pick two of the characters from the party, and roleplay as your character to describe them. (The main reason I'm doing this is because I haven't heard back from Dandragon and Majestic yet.) GO, YOUNG WARRIORS! GOGOGOGOGOGO- *cough cough* G-go....
  16. The actual thread: http://serenesforest.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=42068 The original sign-up thread. This will be dug up in between parts to possibly bring in new players and/or replacements if people leave. http://serenesforest.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=41457 Feel free to provide feedback, criticism and tips, non-members of the Soldiers. This is where we'll talk to each other about character relationships, events, and possibly character deaths. Thanks! ~YourGraciousHost, TheWarpedWizard.
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