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Found 3 results

  1. We can all agree the FEH pass blows right? But I think we should at the very least acknowledge why it is bad, and form complaints to IS/Nintendo Mobile about why it’s bad So I got two questions for everyone 1: What things should have been in the pass that would make it worth getting, but at the same time not implement a P2W scenario like with Early Life SW Battlefield 2 2: What exactly is bad about the pass, and what changes would you make to it in any way?
  2. I cannot be the only one wishing for her defeat in the first round I wasn’t a fan of her in three houses but this along with the CYL event is making me think this is asinine Im rooting for Sothis or Alphonse tbh, who is everyone rooting for?
  3. Before Corrin and Bayo came out, I had around $10.60 on my Wii U eShop account. Since I knew Bayo came with a stage, she should cost about $5.99. Corrin, since he does not, should cost $3.99. Should be enough to get both of them. They come out, I was hyped. Bayo costs $5.99 like I anticipated, so I get her. I like the stage and how it comes with 11 songs (better than Midgar), but Corrin costed a dollar more than I anticipated. Whoch means I'm about 40 cents short from getting them both. Why does Corrin cost this much? I'm not sure. I'm pretty salty though. I'm a teenager without a credit card of my own so I have to rely on my mom for funds on the eShop, but she recently lost her wallet and credit card. Lame. Actually, the only way I'm getting these guys is by buying gift cards for the eShop at Wal-Mart with my allowance. Also, Bayo isn't very fun, but Corrin looks alright. I probably would've grabbed him instead if I had known. More importantly: why does all the DLC cost so much? Wii U version of Smash is $60, but the whole package includes all the modes, stages, and characters that are already in the game. A DLC character (without a stage) costs $3.99, which is kind of outrageous, since there's ~50 characters in this game already?????? I get that Nintendo is bad about stuff like DLC but that doesn't make this any less outrageous. Your thoughts?
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