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Found 212 results

  1. Since my internet issues are solved for now I can still LP this game... at least I try it for now. Anyways don't expect for fast updates. (it might happen once per week) I tend to cut the next parts. Otherwise I might take 200+ parts... and I have no clue how long this game is. Also you will have to deal with the magenta text color. I won't change it! ;) [spoiler=part 1] Welcome to Mother 3, a round based RPG which was released only in Japan unfortunately. Thankfully a translation patch exists, so I can play and show it for you. I chosed this game because it was very beloved. Furthermore I finally want to finish a round based RPG which isn't Fire Emblem or a Shin Megami Tensei spin-off. I tried my luck with Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy but I got bored very fast and quitted them. I really hope same won't happen here. I know Mother 3 is a very dark game, so it has definitely my interest. Also since I only played like 2h of this game for myself before, I know pretty much nothing about it. If I miss any (hidden) items or important conversation, then tell me please! Same goes for special attacks. Three names were submitted. Wirdo and Dewey were chosed by myself. (I notied that I misspelt Dewey's name in the game actually - damn!) Let's start the game: Nowhere Islands -> Tazmily Village -> Behind the Sunshine Forest Home of Alec, Hinawa's father Gunner: I've a weakness for cuteness. So Gunner get up and goes to his mom. Gunner wants to leave the house just with the pyjama. It'd look a bit... strange. Of course Hinawa asks him for to change his clothes. I know this guy! I expect lots of talking in this game. These frogs are savepoints. After a bit Gunner finds Silva along with the Dragos. Sure! This is a mini tutorial. Some controls like dashing are explained. (it took me like five attempts to do it right) You just to have to dash the drago once. Then you can talk to Alec again to get more instructions. a bug appears The first fight! 2 vs. 1, so it should be a cakewalk The icons from left to right: bash (standard attack) items (don't have any yet) guard escape Of course I bash because there's nothing else I could do. baby damage to me Here we go! My first victory! (tbf everything else would be just embarrassing) This was the mini tutorial. Hinawa comes to catch her kids. She made pizza. what a coincidence They're going to leave. Hinawa leaves the door... ... and sends a message to Wirdo. Suddenly a dark shadow appears. What was it? Well, the game doesn't give an answer yet. Here the game really begins. Bombs are thrown into the forest. What did the forest just do to you, you motherfuckers!? The game doesn't only look depressing, but it also sounds like it. Thomas is in panic. It took several attemps to knock on the door till this guy moves: It's Wirdo! Thomas begs Wirdo vehemently to come with Thomas. Of course Wirdo agrees his offer. And has a helper now. Wirdo goes to the dog house (I think it's Dewey)... ... and gets a weapon. Now I can walk through the map a little bit and discover stuff: healing item There are a few people on the way. They give a few hints about the next target. There's a town where you can't do much yet. You can't enter the buildings yet. You only have to talk to this guy to get the map. Without it you can't go further. Outside of this town: This guy is huugggeeee. Wirdo is so wird that even thinks he could to talk this robot or whatever it is. The two have reached a second town: You can enter your real name here. Otherwise there's nothing to do here (yet). Also more discovering on the field: more healing items Ok, then to the west! These two block the way. Just talk to Ed and they'll step aside and you can go further. This guy begs you for help. As reward he'll give you a little healing item. (you can multiple times (even inifite times?) They're coming closer to the forest burn. You can see the smoke already. The first real battle! np This has to be a random encounter. (enemy advantage) sounds good... ... but isn't apparently. Wirdo is paralyzed for like three turns and takes lots of damage. It took me >50% of my HP. This was cruel! I'm not very delighted for the upcoming battles. At least it gives me another healing item. a bracelet This guy also needs help. This hot spring recovers your entire HP. The only requirement is to stay in the water for some seconds. (I was too inpatient and left the water too soon. I needed like five attempts till they were recovered) They go further towards sunshine forest: He's the forest burn. If you hit the fire, you'll lose HP. one of these monsters He lets some bugs appear. a new monster They are stationary. You have to fight them, if you want to avoid the fire. They give slightly more experience than the bats. first level up! IQ sounds interesting... but I guess it's just another term for skill here. To get this present you have to touch the fire. Mean! There's a guy, a stick and a bug. There are quite some people we have to rescue. Wirdo touches the bug... ... but nothing happens... hmm... Wirdo picks up the stick: A new weapon. I equip it. It increases the offense but lowers the speed. If you hit the bug: Three bugs appear - I guess a miniboss or sth. He can use a skill or whatever this is now. (probably requires the Lighter's Number) There are four different attacks, and I have no idea what each one of will do. I use the first option: swing This is probably the best attack because it attacks mulitple enemies. Beaten after two turns. This went well.
  2. Hi everyone, It's been a long time since I posted something here, so please excuse the roughness of this post. I'm starting a playthrough of Birthright, but with a little twist. All units must be in a Heart Seal class as soon as possible. A unit must use a Heart Seal as soon as they enter My Castle. I feel like Birthright is a little on the easier side, so I want to add a little extra challenge. This run will be on Normal Casual (I set up this file for RNG abuse, and I really wanted to use this file for other stuff). However, I need a little help. I need a LOT of Heart Seals to make this run work (at least 20), so if anyone has level 3 rod/staff shops and wants to be a (small) part of this run, let me know by posting your castle address. I'll try to post something about everyone I visit. Also, to make things a little more interesting, I'm only going to use "popular" units and royals. I'm setting up a poll to decide my endgame team. You decide what units I will use. The following units are mandatory and will not show up on the poll: [spoiler=Units] Avatar (Suzu, Fighter -> Berserker) Azura (Sky Knight -> Kinshi Knight) Jacob (Butler for Ch. 7, ??? after) Sakura (Sky Knight -> Falcoknight) Hana (Shrine Maiden -> Priestess) Hinoka (Spear Fighter -> ???) Takumi (Spear Fighter -> ???) Kagero (Diviner -> Onmyoji) I believe 16 units are allowed at endgame? So I will use the top 8 units in the poll, UNLESS there's too many units in the same class. Please, pick anyone you like. I have already setup my file(currently going into chapter 7): I will track my progress here (probably move this when it actually starts, in about 2-3 days? I can definitely do ch. 7 as I can deploy all units?). This will be a screenshot playthrough as I do not have access to a capture card.
  3. Eh? EH? WWIII? Okay, what is going on here... Ah ha! Project Z! So we're playing a ROM Hack now? Okay, I'm game. Hello all you lovely people of Serenes Forest and welcome to my screenshot let's play of the ROM hack Project Z. This is one of the only ROM Hacks that I can think of off the top of my head that is set in a modern setting which is really cool. Anyways, I really enjoy this Hack and you guys voted for it over on Healer Emblem, so I guess we'll be doing it. Yes, this ROM hack is not completed as far as I know, but I do think that it's tons of fun and so I added it to the options to vote for. This hack has a lot of really cool little events scattered across it and I'll hopefully be able to show them all off. [spoiler=Story] "The 4th Wall might break at times." Well at least they're being honest. Now what we've created our tactician we can start! ​ This is some deep stuff to start off with. It has? "After the nuclear disaster of World War 3..." "regressed." Modern setting? Did I say modern setting? I meant kind of modern setting. "The world's human population has dropped precipitously..." I honestly had to go and look up precipitously meant, no shame. "I mean..." Hmmmm, continue. "into the western shores of France." Crap, that had to have killed everyone, right? "stubbornly cling to the 'modern' remnants of their former nations..." People survived that! Wow, they must all have had an ocean seal handy (comedy drum noise in the background) That actually sounds really realistic tbh Notice that red text? Yeah, that'll be important later. "Present day. September 1, 2939..." "on all nations apposed to it's sudden and unexpected rise to power." Poor Germany, the target of all writers... "the war horse of infamy has set it's sights on France..." WTF, why hurt Poland? What did it do to you! "A story that shall forever be remembered by the present as the fourth war that rewrote...time." Someone call the Doctor! This is getting out of hand! "So Germany is within our walls..." "They aren't the only intruders." "Mercenaries?" "Limping human corpses jacked with unfathomable amount of noming power!" We're doomed! "It sounds ridiculous, but my eyes don't lie." "......" This is a valid response, Dath. "Undead monsters?" Um... yeah, that's kind of what the intro just told me. "sitting on the throne next to you." Yeah, what's up with that? I already know who it is, but why is he here? It looks like a bird... ​"Sir, it's a bird." I'm liking Dath more and more. That's a bird. "Dath... surely, you jest." Meanwhile "And we're French! No one will listen!" Indeed. Back with Dath... "Those generic soldiers just got eaten!" What kind of fucked up tag are you into, King Fado? At least the bird agrees. "Is that so?" "The bird talks!?" This would probably be my reaction as well. Not like we have zombies invading or anything... Didn't he just say "Paulie want a cracker?" "Gah, this is insane!" I agree, Dath. Can we just like, let him die? Would that be such a bad thing? "Someone help us!" "YOU!" I'm getting called out. ​​"Stop reading this and save me!" *dies* "You see now?" "I'm rather sleepy." Like actually, can we just let him die? "But milor--" "Zzzz...." "Milord there are zombies inside our walls! Please, you must believe me!" Man the music in the background is so good! Have I mentioned how much I love FE7? "You? Uhhh..." "Maybe I did go to the bar yesterday..." "I'm talking to a bird." Maybe we should like get on that or something? "...Good point." Ooooo an escape chapter, my favorite thing about Path of Radiance (literally, I freaking loved those chapters). "If we can reach it, we'll be able to open up an escape door." "Can you fight?" "Not at the moment. You'll have to tear down the wall." Liar... ​​ "I'll fix that right now." UM? I was more worried about the fact that Budgie just killed the King of France! "I was bluffing. Now let's get out of here." "You just murdered the king!" Yeah, yeah, he did and sadly that's not the weirdest thing in this hack. "And?" "IT'S TREASON!" And? "Look. More Zombies. Strong, too." I agree. ​​"We'll say the zombies got him." "...You know, I never really did like serving the king. Very well, allow me to aid you." Glad we're all on the same page. "No time to chat. We need to get to that hatch." Well, that was certainly colorful. Join me later today where I will release the battle portion and the actual first chapter. Hopefully everyone will enjoy my witty commentary to go along with it.
  4. Hello one and all to my randomized playthrough of Fire Emblem 6. I'll be going through the whole game on normal mode with 10% growths on enemies to make it more challenging. I will not be including the story in this run, mainly because I don't really care for it and the other reason being it's a randomized run and the dialogue wouldn't make much sense anyways. I have also randomized Recruitment and Classes which means our Roy could be anyone or even himself! Every character and boss will have randomized classes which could make the last boss a little interesting (unless the randomizer doesn't change the final boss). Anyways, let's get straight into this amazing game! [spoiler=The Characters!] Hp:85% S/M:45% Skl:40% Spd:45% Lck:40% Def:25% Res:10% Oh for crud sakes. Allen, the Troubadour who will be our Lord for this playthrough. Hp:90% S/M:40% Skl:40% Spd:30% Lck:35% Def:20% Res:15% Deke, the Manakete, I'm surprisingly okay with this. Hp:75% S/M:30% Skl:45% Spd:30% Lck:40% Def:30% Res:10% Noah, the Priest. I can see him being useful for a little while, but with our main lord being a healer I don't see the need for two. Hp:85% S/M:50% Skl:45% Spd:45% Lck:35% Def:15% Res:15% Speaking of unnecessary characters, Dorothy, the Soldier. Hp:60% S/M:40% Skl:45% Spd:45% Lck:15% Def:15% Res:50% Saul, the Wyvern Rider. Look at that speed! He'll most certainly be useful for now. Hp:60% S/M:55% Skl:40% Spd:30% Lck:20% Def:20% Res:55% For now also really applies to this character. Sophia, the Knight. [spoiler=The Battle] Turn 1: -Everyone huddles around Deke because none of my other troops can take down these axe wielders -Saul gets attacked for 5 damage, but Saul then crits and kills the bandit - Deke the Manakete everybody Turn 2: -Deke then kills another bandit -On Enemy Phase Deke kills another Bandit a Deke level tbh Turn 3: -Saul kills the Archer -Saul then kills the Brigand on Enemy Phase (I may have slightly underestimated Saul) Turn 4: -Dorothy gets the 5000 gold that was obviously never going to be needed by that village -Saul and Deke proceed to kill 3 Bandits Saul getting a pretty good level up Turn 5: -Allen and Company continue towards the boss Turn 6: -Saul kills another Bandit Defense! Turn 7: ​​-Deke kills the Boss Okay, this doesn't mean anything. He can still turn out good. -Allen Seizes Well then. I must say that I didn't expect some of those units to be there and I am quite pleased actually. Allen may just be the best Lord I could've gotten considering my horrible track record of killing healers. Hope enjoyed reading this first chapter and feel free to comment below telling me what I did wrong and what I should try to do next! (I'm not looking at this, but here is the changelog FE6 Changelog.html ) Death Counter: 2
  5. Let's Play: Master of Magic Do majestic 1994-fireball-animation attract any attention? I sure hope so, because as a newcomer in this forum in general and the LP subsection in particular, LPing a 22 years old strategy game might not be a good marketing decision. Still - I'd like to enter the fray with this oldtimer, hoping that some of you will enjoy its phenomenal graphics and polished gameplay awkward animations and questionable game balance. So what is this game? In short, it's basically Civilization I, but MAGIC! Its mechanics for science, infrastructure and (especially) combat are different enough to make MoM a unique game, but an experienced Civ player should be able to get into this game rather quickly. Like probably every Civ spin-off in history, MoM is all about expanding and developing an empire before you eventually murder your opponents. Is it still any good? Well, yes - I wouldn't do this otherwise. The graphics haven't aged well and the first thing I did was muting the sound, but the gameplay itself is very enjoyable, even by today's standards. 4X games like this usually have a good replay value in general, and compared to (at least the first) civ games, Master of Magic has even more parameters to make every playthrough unique. Unfortunately, it shares another trait: the AI in this game is hilariously weak, so the higher difficulty setting put the player at an equally hilarious disadvantage to make up for it. Is there more of this awesome intro? Yeah, I only sewed together two small parts of it. Here's the whole thing (not my vid). Do you want to get started already? Yes. [spoiler=Getting Started] Just going over the settings real quick: Hard is only the second-highest difficultiy because 1) I am a filthy casual, 2) I haven't played this in a while and 3) I don't enjoy if my opponents summon the Armageddon on me while I teach my guys how to use a halberd. 'Powerful magic' means that the main sources of magic power yield more mana, but are also guarded by more powerful monsters. There are 14 prebuilt wizards to choose from (Here's a list)... ...but being a filthy casual, I prefer to go with a more optimized build. The game includes five magic realms (afaik directly ripped off Magic: The Gathering) and quite a few special abilities of varying power. I'd like to go though those as well: [spoiler=Magic Realms] Somewhat surprising, very few of the Life magic spells are healing spells. Instead, this realm focuses on supporting spells, making the common troops of a Life wizard quite terrifying. Other than that, it has a few spells to improve your empire's economy and some direct counterspells against the Death and Chaos realms. Death magic is the polar opposite and one wizard cannot learn spells out of both of these realms. Death spells do what you'd expect: Weakening the enemy, both in combat and on the world map. The more advanced spells can get really devestating, so a Death mage can be a really annoying opponent. Not by power, but by efficiency, Death also features the best summoning magic in the game. Chaos is the reason why I don't like to play this game on impossible. Most of its spells are combat related: Quite a few Summons (including the powerful but expensive Great Drake), a lot of directly damaging spells and very little else. At the very end of the spell list, however, you'll find a few global spells that can be summed up as 'fucks up the whole world, except the caster's cities'. On impossible, an enemy Chaos mage will grab one of these fast and that's just no fun. Nature is the Jack-of-all-trades of the realms, unfortunately including the Master-of-none part. It has spells of every kind (supporting and damaging, both for combat and for infrastructure), but they tend to be nice instead of powerful, making this (in my opinion) the weakest realm in the game. Sorcery has a few vaguely wind-related spells, but the strengths of this realm are illusion (like invisibility) and meta-magic (starting with powerful antimagic and ending with acutally stealing global enchantments). In my experience, Sorcery gives you a rather slow start, but later not only are some of the advanced spells really powerful, but the AI gets boned hard by invisible and/or flying units. Every realm includes 40 spells, divided into four tiers. The number of books picked determines how many of them you'll find (and be able to study) in your library: ten books give you every spell of the realm, fewer books randomly remove some, starting at the most powerful tier. Even though some of the special traits are really powerful, they're less impactful for the overall game. So I'll just link a short summary instead of going into detail here. I'll just explain my final build: With this combination, I'll get a lot of value out of my non-magical units, hopefully to the point where they're as strong as the most powerful summons (and way less pricey). Alchemy allows me to convert gold and mana without losses in either direction, giving me a lot of flexibility throughout the game. Warlord boosts the experience level of all non-magical units, even giving them an additional combat rank above the usual maximum. The downside of taking both these traits: I can only hope that I will have all of the more important spells in my library. Fortunately, the three spells I'm really looking forward to are only in the second-highest tier, of which I'll only be missing three... Picking 8 books of only one realm also gives me seven of the basic spells at the start of the game. I'll go over them when I actually start playing. And finally I get to choose which race populates my capital. This decision mostly affects the earlygame since you'll be able to capture neutral cities (although occupying a dwarven city as a elven ruler will result in angry dwarves), but the difference can be quite significant. I'm picking Halflings because they have the strongest combat units in the game while also being able to build up a decent infrastructure. I'm not kidding, by the way. Hobbit units are pretty insane. But again, I'll go into detail when I actually play this game - in the next update. This one's long enough, but I hope that I managed to keep a few readers going up to this point. As an addendum: This is only my second LP and the first one was in a smaller forum and in my native language. So I'd really appreciate feedback, especially if some passages are phrased weird or just plain wrong. As long as it's not "EVERYTHING SUCKS!", feel free to be critical. ;)
  6. FIRE EMBLEM GAIDEN By: SirSword Hello all. I welcome you to my first LP, and I'll be doing the second game in the series, because I got a little bored of FE1. Released in 1991 came the, erm, side story, of Fire Emblem - Dark Dragon and the Sword of Light (They're not related at ALL... okay I lied but there aren't many similarities :/). This was a different game than the original, mebbe. It featured unlimited weapon uses, Villagers (I capitalize class names for whatever reason (also weapons)), a "support" system (between ONLY two units), and enemy-specific classes. Hooray! :D There's probably more, but I can't remember. We are going to play through the hard mode, which is Normal mode. There is an Easy mode, which doubles experience or something, but I'm pretty sure it won't be that hard. I also don't know how to access Easy mode, soooooooooooooooooooo yeah. Well, why don't we get to the game already, huh? I mean, nothing's stopping us, so let's get right to FIRE EMBLEM GAIDENNNNNN (pronounced GUY-denn)!!!!11!1 Remember, it's my first so it might be bad in some parts. Might be inspired by: http://lparchive.org/Fire-Emblem-Gaiden-(by-DKII)/
  7. Here for the first time to start off a play-through of Fire Emblem: Sacred Stones, randomized using the GBA FE Randomizer found elsewhere on these forums. Game mode will be on Hard. Main team will be decided with fan favorites from your comments down below, or any ridiculously strong / weak pairings with random class and recruitment. [spoiler=Randomizer Settings] Down here are the Table of Contents and the Unit Profiles. Table of Contents is pretty self explanatory - it'll link you to the Chapter posts. The Unit Profiles is a list of all units acquired throughout the play through, with their classes, base stats and growths. To see a unit's current stats, refer to the recaps that follow each chapter. Table of Contents: Prologue: Fall of Renais Chapter 1: Escape! [spoiler=Unit Profiles] MARISA ( Originally EIRIKA ) NAME HP STR SKL SPD LCK DEF RES Marisa 75 30 55 60 50 15 25 GARCIA ( Originally SETH ) NAME HP STR SKL SPD LCK DEF RES Garcia 80 65 40 20 40 25 15 GILLIAM ( Originally GILLIAM ) NAME HP STR SKL SPD LCK DEF RES Gilliam 90 45 35 30 30 55 20 DUESSEL ( Originally FRANZ ) NAME HP STR SKL SPD LCK DEF RES Duessel 85 55 40 30 20 45 30 Without further ado: [spoiler=Prologue: Fall of Renais] Here's the starting point of our grand adventure - seems like we've got a Knight and a Wyvern Lord to start things off. Introducing our Lord character - Knight Marisa. NAME HP STR SKL SPD LCK DEF RES Marisa 75 30 55 60 50 15 25 She's got some pretty bad growths in STR and DEF, which is quite unfortunate as a Knight... But I suppose she'll end up doubling other units, so we've got that going for us! And here's our Wyvern Lord, Garcia. NAME HP STR SKL SPD LCK DEF RES Garcia 80 65 40 20 40 25 15 And last, and surely the least, the randomized boss for the Prologue. O'Neill is rocking that Armorslayer, however, so it looks like using Marisa is going to prove to be a challenge. Just to start things off, we'll have Garcia hand over his Iron Lance to Marisa. Since we're pretty much required to use her since she's our Lord, she needs all the weapon experience she can get anyway. Ah, how I love the generic palettes We've got that beautiful rosy pink Knight complemented with the mint green Wyvern. Lesgo, lesgo. Never hurts to be safe against potential crits! When it comes to O'Neill, though, we'll have Marisa throw a javelin to chip off some health. Then we'll come in with Garcia and finish him off. Easy win, easy life. And with that, the Prologue is over. Onto the actual story line! [spoiler=Prologue Recap] NAME LV XP HP STR SKL SPD LCK DEF RES CLASS WPN Marisa 01 64 21 08 05 02 08 09 02 Knight D (Lance) Garcia 01 48 38 16 16 13 06 16 03 Wyvern Lord C (Sword), C (Lance)
  8. Hello, fellow SF users and welcome to my blind play through of Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together. During this thread, I will be sharing my thoughts and impressions of the game, along with some screenshots (because everyone loves looking at pictures while reading). So, the first time I heard of this game series was actually through this website. On several occasions, during which Serenes' Law was being followed like clockwork, I saw a few people drop this game as an example of what they wanted out of Fates' story and its main protagonist, Kamui/Corrin. What people wanted—and I as well—was a game where our choices actually had an impact on the characters and the consequences of those choices were reacted to logically. Or in more vulgar terms, we wanted a game that didn't dickride our main character. And this is where Tactics Ogre: LUCT comes in. From what little I've heard and read of it, the choices our main character makes sends him on branching paths and the people in the game responds to these acts accordingly and in an understandable manner. I wanted to experience this for myself—and I wanted people who didn't have access to the game to experience it as well. So, before I start: - No story spoilers. I don't mind vague, ambiguous comments about story elements, but I ask that you don't completely spoil it. If you have something you just can't hold, I ask you put it in spoiler tags and label what chapter/portion/character of the game it has to do with. - I don't mind suggestions. I know the battle system is similar to Final Fantasy Tactics so feel free to leave suggestions for things like that. - I have no particular update schedule. Updates are probably gonna be really sporadic because I am a serious procrastinator. And now...
  9. Four years ago... ... mistakes were made by me and by my dashing companion Eclipse. It is the dark days of spring 2016. I stride back into my Other Games folder only to find it isn't actually called that anymore and there's an LP subsection and anyway Dandra wanted me to do this and I'm kind of bored and sleep-deprived and it's break right now and who cares, let's just do this because IT'S TIME FOR A FUCKING SEQUEL, BITCHES STARRING... HUMAN LIZARD GARBAGE FURRY MARKETING PLOY and introducing... THE DEMON CHILD OF WARIO AND ROADHOG TAYLOR SWIFT IT IS TIME TO TACTIC! And I am your host, Parrhesia. I am not fucking around, as you can tell because I picked the Red setting and not the Blue setting for this cartoon game made for babies. Final Fantasy Tactics A2 - that's the full name, yes - is better than FFTA1 in Literally All Metrics. I liked FFTA1! A lot! Somehow. FFTA2, however, is objectively good. It's certainly better-written, however easy that may be, and like FFTA1 it details a golden Saturday-morning cartoon land where all is not remotely as idyllic as it seems. Like 1, it has 300 missions - this time, though, they're all playable in some capacity. It has a couple more races, like 10-15 more classes (and stripped back only one, the insanely stupid Morpher) and it also just plays better. It's also on DS so, you know, graphical improvements. And a much better artist, um... intermittently. But let's get to it. We're introduced to a monologue, fade to black. [spoiler=Update 1]Summer holidays are so close I can taste it. I'm out that door as soon as the teacher stops talking. Summer homework: keep a journal. That's not too bad. Better write my name on my notebook before I forget. The default name is Luso. I like this name. Which is why I will ditch it, and name our protagonist in tribute of the greatest character not only in Final Fantasy Tactics, but in all of fiction. Don't get me wrong, I'm not crazy about homework. Just, it could be worse. And I can already guess what my first entry's going to be: 'Summer holidays, day 1: Aunt chewed me out. Grounded for a week.' Maybe this journal thing's not such a great idea after all. Unlike weak, beta Marche, Josmer Maradona Guinness is a cool alpha who not only is dumb and bad at school (and is possibly illiterate?) but gets shouted at a lot. Also his parents are dead. Oh, we got another assignment, due today: "My Summer Holidays." We're supposed to write our goals for the holidays. Well, here goes... And we get a data entry segment. s multiple choice and kind of cute so I'm actually gonna play along with it. ... Maybe I can find a cat. Heh, all that sounds pretty convincing. Summer holidays, here I come! Not that I have any idea what I'm doing this summer. But, I guess not having any expectations isn't all bad. I mean, whatever ends up happening, it'll be a surprise! Guinness is likable enough. And then, class is dismissed. Except for us. "Sorry, but your vacation doesn't start quite yet. Your friends are going home, but you're going straight to the library, young man." The man asks us to think about why this might be. Guinness... has nothing. Guinness, it turns out, is late. A lot. I can relate. Either way, he's getting shoved into the library to clean up. This... is a good point. Guinness' Boys back him up, nodding a lot. Guinness, incidentally, is at the top of the flying wedge, mess of brunet hair. It's irrelevant. "Mr. Randell's waiting." Wait. Mr.. Randell... Guinness thinks back to the stories of his childhood. Of what his father told him, about that time he woke up and couldn't work out if he was a DJ dreaming he was a zombie, or a zombie dreaming he was a DJ. "Josmer," he said, leaning close... And Guinness Understood. There was no backing out. He had to get revenge. For his father. For... for his father, mostly, yeah. No matter how passive-aggressive he had to be. He Had To Do This. Only to be let down by the fact he's not even in this fucking dump. He looks around. Canny players note that Babus is watching guard, leaning on the counter. And he opens the music-box, which plays music I can't-. So he checks out the book. But it's blank. Wonder what it's about? The pictures are pretty cool. Swords... wizards... Huh? That's funny. The book just stops halfway through. The pages are all blank! Let's see what the last page with writing on it says... "One is fated to fill these barren pages. Know you his name?" "Know you his name"...? What's with all the backwards words? Well, I never pass up a chance to write in a library book! "... Josmer Maradona Guinness!" Tune in next time to find out... what the fuck happened?
  10. Hey guys!! I'm thinking of doing one more PMU run!! The last pmu of mine was pretty successful! Here's a link to my previous run! http://serenesforest.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=62491&hl= Although...... i thought it was pretty easy!! This time I'll do something different!! So.... here's what I'll do: What I'm asking you to:: -Male or Female Corrin! -Just fuck me up -Literally make any unit any class you want! (Provided you tell me how to get them Ex: Xander is a sorcerer by A+ with Leo) -I have all DLC -If you want me to have kids, I'll recruit them as soon as I recruit both parents! (which means I'll just support grind as soon as I can) -so in other words, if you don't tell my units to get married, then I won't! -I'll post screenies so you can see me suffer <3 -I'll take up around 16 units to endgame with me! -Choose my gender and class too! Team: 1. Corrin (Class:Hero) (Gender: Female) {Husband: Arthur} {secondary: priestess} [+Luck -Skill] Pretty Cool Guy 2. Ophelia (Class: General) [Mother: Effie] TrueEm 3. Nyx (Class: Berserker) [bestie: Charlotte] HylianAirForce 4. Elise (Class: Wyvern Lord) BANRYU 5. Effie (Class: Witch) Lord_Grima 6. Midori (Class: Kinshi Knight) [Mother: Kaze] SylphTempest 7. Charlotte (Class: Strategist) twistedxgrace 8. Leo (Class: Hero) [Wife: Selena] VeryAngryBisharp 9. Velouria (Class: Merchant) [Mother: Mozu] Brady 10. Beruka (Class: Maid) [Husband: Jakob] Galeblade 11. Arthur (Class: Great Master) [Husband: Corrin] Pretty Cool Guy 12. Flora (Class: Maid) Ether 13. Felicia (Class: General) [Husband: Benny] SaiSymbolic 14. Peri (Class: Sorcerer) Benishigure 15. Azura (Class: Mechanist) [Husband: Kaze] Ercdouken 16. Odin (Class: Adventurer} [bestie: Niles] Dklein89 Thoughts on this team: Wow.... I'm really going to suffer! I'm definitely going to have trouble with going through this mission... but I'm going to try still!! Wish me good luck! All these units..... I need faith. I'm only pretty upset that there aren't many guys.... I only ever used the guys before (except for my previous pmu) i'll just assume all ya'll just chose your wifes you males. I'm planning on going Conquest! I'll start with Lunatic Mode and see how far I can go! I'll only switch to Hard Mode if it gets TOO tough! I hope I have enough seals to do this! I hope you guys really screw me over! I will make this work!! +_+ Chapter 7-10: Oh, I appreciate you showing support by also visiting my castle and giving me crazy hats! <33 The reason for me doing this is to get my Castle Card up to 9999!! Help me reach my goal!
  11. I finally want to overcome my laziness and complete a round based RPG, which isn't Fire Emblem of a Shin Megami Tensei spin-off. I try my luck with Mother 3. I've heared and read only good things about this game. I played a bit of chapter 1 yet to understand basics of the gameplay, but I'm going to play it from the very beginning all over again. It'll be 99% blind. Since I don't know anything about this series, I will welcome each hint from you (which I will need anyways). I know absolutely nothing about any special attacks or casts in this game. If there's a way to beat a boss or sth. else in an easier way, I'd like it to know. I'd like to wait for a few days to get a feedback . In the weekend I'd like to start any show you my skills. PS: You can submit names for the characters.
  12. OK, as a preamble, let me tell you a little about my history with this game. Back in the N64 days, I rented this game for one weekend. I remember being extremely frustrated playing it since I spent almost the whole weekend playing as a Deku Scrub. By the time I finally managed to finish the first quest line in Clock Town and turn back to Human Link, it was time to return the game to Blockbuster, so I never really managed to do much with it. Cue 14 years later, I purchase the 3DS remake of the game on launch day, however, due to real life and other video games getting in the way, I never managed to start playing it...until today. So in this thread, I will be playing The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D in an experience that is going to be 88% new to me. I'll be sharing my thoughts and impressions along with some screenshots (all taken through Miiverse, so due to the process it takes to make them I won't be posting too many). Some ground rules: - NO STORY SPOILERS. Seriously, guys. Don't do this. I'm cool with you guys posting stuff like "Oh, wait until you finish this sidequest, it's so cool!", but major plot spoilers are NOT appreciated and will be reported. - No telling me where to go unless I ask. If I get stuck (very likely since this is a Zelda game), I will ask you guys for help. I want to figure this out as much as I can on my own, but I have no intention of wandering aimlessly for hours. - I can't say how often I will update this thread. I have a rather busy life and making a schedule for my hobbies is difficult. I'll definitely try to keep it from dying, though, as I intend to finish the game. - This isn't a 100% run. I'll just beat the game, getting anything I can along the way. Oh, and I'm naming the file "Link". I always do that first time on a Zelda game.
  13. Next week I hope to start something I've been looking forward to doing for a while. I recently finished creating a web page that can be used to generate a random "skill tree" (set of skills each class learns) for Fire Emblem Fates (see details here) and am planning to to use it for a run through the Revelation path on Lunatic-Classic difficulty. The way this works is that each time one of my units earns a skill by reaching a level milestone in their class, I consult the table generated using that webpage to find the shuffler-chosen skill corresponding to that milestone. Then at the end of the chapter, I use a save editor to overwrite the skill that the game awarded, replacing it with the one chosen by the shuffler. The shuffler will never give a class a completely useless skill, so e.g. Swordfaire will always go to a Sword-using class. The reason I call this a "double-blind" run is that, first of all, it's my first time through Revelation, and second of all, I'll be using the "Surprise Mode" on the shuffler, so each skill is hidden until one of my units reaches the class/level milestone to earn it. Since it is a blind run, I'll be commenting on the story as well as the gameplay, and there will be spoilers for all 3 routes (as I have played the other ones already). Please do not give story spoilers for Revelation chapters I haven't played! The run will start at Chapter 7 using a +Mag -Str female Avatar. The run will not use DLC or Path Bonuses. However, it will use Challenges/Scouting to train underleveled characters (as Revelation is infamous for units joining at a way-too-low level, that much I know). ----------- Anyway, one feature of the shuffler is that it allows the user to optionally include some or all of the enemy skills in the shuffle, in case the player wanted to see what it's like being able to earn them by leveling up and turn some of the game's nastiest tricks against itself. I can see why doing that would be appealing to some and unappealing to others, so... BRANCH OF FATE: CHOOSE YOUR PATH! Option 1 *LOSER (1 vote)* I will use only the standard skills from the classes in the base game. They'll be shuffled around, so who knows which'll get what, but they'll all be there. -or- Option 2 *WINNER (5 votes)* I will set the shuffler to exclude some of the less exciting standard skills, and replace them with the lowest-power tier of enemy skills. These enemy skills will have to be earned by reaching the class/level milestones chosen by the shuffler, just like any other skill. The following changes would occur if option 2 is chosen: Excluded: Golembane, Future Sight, Shove, Swap, Skill +2, Luck +4 Included: Point Blank, Winged Shield, Bold Stance, Hit/Avo +10, Resist Status, and the one...the only...the dreaded...Inevitable End. I'll leave it up to you, the eventual readers, to decide. I won't start the run until sometime on or after Monday, September 19, so you have until then to vote in the topic poll. The topic poll is now closed. Until we meet again, have a nice weekend everyone!
  14. Hey guys! As some of you may know, Vestaria Saga Part 1 was released recently. Since I've done (okay, started) LPs for both Tear Ring Saga and Berwick Saga, I thought it was only right for me to also try an LP of this game. My LP completion rate is 0%, but hopefully this will be the one that I finish. Besides, it can only help that I'm starting my fourth year of university tomorrow and will most likely be very busy for the next 8 months. Some links: The general Vestaria Saga thread: this includes the download link for the game as well as more frequent and up-to-date playlogs of the game. SF's Vestaria Saga info page: a lot of info on game mechanics and links to the official website The official Vestaria Saga website I'm not going to go into exhaustive details about the game mechanics in this LP- I'm trying to keep the time I spend as much to the playthrough itself and less on rehashing stuff you can read in the links above for yourself. I'll go into it only as much as is necessary to talk about my opinions/impressions about things such as characters or maps. It's mostly going to be just screenshots- after trying a video-style for my TRS 0% LP, I realized that it's not that interesting to listen to someone (even if that person is me) talk to themselves for 10 minutes, and plus I wasn't showing any fancy way to play the game or anything. And now, onwards! I've already completed Chapter 1. It should hopefully be up later this evening.
  15. When people ask me about my favourite music, movie, book, tv show, etc, I have a hard time deciding. When asked about games, the answer is unashamedly Diablo II with total conviction. This is basically me just doing a somewhat informative playthrough or log, even for people who haven't played the game, it is 16 years old after all. Diablo II came out in 2000 and an expansion, Lord of Destruction, quickly followed in 2001. It's hard in some respects to say why I like the game so much, because I'm going to be outlining its flaws here just as much as its strengths, but this game was pretty much the definition of crack cocaine throughout my adolescence and I still go back to play it to this day. I understand that there may not be the same interests especially on a site like this but really I'm just trying to have some fun myself and if anyone is interested in the game, I will try to do my best to explain some core mechanics without going too far into it, but the beginning may be a little slow for those familar with it. If you want to play along in a log-style as well, I would absolutely encourage that too. If you would like to buy it, then it should be relatively inexpensive, and playable without the discs, if you create a Blizzard Battle.net account and then buy it from the store: https://eu.battle.net/shop/en-us/product/game/legacy-games Plus, I was looking through some old character logs of challenge runs in Diablo II, and I was pretty inspired from them. Check out this page, last updated 2001. Jeez, long time ago. http://sirian.warpcore.org/diablo2/diablo2.html http://sirian.warpcore.org/diablo2/ember.html Or, probably more accurately, I just want to play some fucking Diablo II. If you want to hear someone who isn't even really that good at a game they played for 16 years and clocked well over 10,000 hours at an estimation embarrassingly gush about it, then I hope that you do enjoy. Here's my overview on the classes, in order of how much experience I personally have with them. [spoiler=Classes] Paladin Defensive Auras Offensive Auras Combat Skills The paladin is the man, man. I'm pretty sure I will never get tired of playing this class, and he's my favourite by a good margin. He is primarily a melee character, having the secondary focus of being able to give his party members 'auras' as support. I would definitely call him the most versatile character. The paladin generally will use a certain attack from the Combat Skills tree, and there's quite a few attacks that entire builds are based around. Since the idea of auras is pretty integral to the paladin, they have two tree devoted to them, Offensive and Defensive Auras. They generally can help party members in some ways, such as greatly increasing mana regeneration rates for everyone in the party, or increases melee damage and attack rating. While most do benefit the entire party as long as they remain in range, some of them will only affect the paladin. Regardless, he is always greatly appreciated in any group. I definitely have played paladin the most. In fact, I'm playing one on the side of this currently. Sorceress Cold Spells Lightning Spells Fire Spells The sorceress is considered one of the stronger characters in Diablo II, and for pretty good reason. Her ability to use three elements of spells sufficiently without having to rely too much on gear makes her a prime candidate for searching for gear (known as 'magic finding' in the community) for other characters. The reason for this is that she has two of the most ridiculous skills in the game, teleport, which can allow for very fast runs and avoidance of tough enemies, and static field, which is used to immediately take off 25% of a remaining enemies health in range - including bosses. And it used to be even stronger. With exceptions, Cold tends to be the most useful defensively for freezing enemies on higher difficulties, Fire is the most consistent but quite often has enemies that are immune to it, and Lightning is the biggest range of damage but not necessarily consistent or the most accesible. However, she is rather fragile and will require some decent cast rate and hit recovery gear in order not to be instagibbed in some cases. Sorceress is very effective past early mana problems and so I've played quite a bit of her. Her massively useful teleport spell means that she is usually the fastest to run specific areas of the game without high-end items. Barbarian Warcries Combat Masteries Combat Skills The most prevalent melee class, the Barbarian is one that can definitely be strong, but does struggle on higher difficulties if his gear isn't particularly good. Warcries are his buffs to allies and himself, and his debuffs to his enemies respectively. His Battle Orders shout is one of the most useful in the game as it gives huge bonuses to life, mana and stamina to himself and his party. They generally focus on a few combat abilities from the Combat Skills tree and almost exclusively deal physical damage for most of them. Combat Masteries is a tree that allows specialisation into a particular weapon, including the ability to critical hit with that weapon. The masteries can also include physical selfbuffs, such as higher natural resistances, or increased running speed. I like the Barbarian, but he is rather standard. I think of his skills as mostly basic or just statistical improvements even if they are very helpful. Despite that, I've played a decent amount of him and like I said unless I'm doing something terribly wrong I would say he was one of the most gear-dependent classes. Amazon Javelin and Spear Skills Passive and Magic Skills Bow and Crossbow Skills The amazon is a character mostly focusing on javelins, spears, bows and crossbows. They are a character that is a hybrid between melee and ranged combat, and can be effective at both. Bow and Crossbow Skills is exactly how it sounds, and enhances their bow or crossbow ranged attacks to include different elements of damage, such as cold, fire, magic and physical. Javelin and Spear skills are the same for the latter, except in this case some javelin skills are ranged as thrown weapons, and others are close range. While some of the attacks remain as physical damage, they also use lightning and poison. Passive and Magic skills is a tree that has some very useful effects in regards to having a critical hit chance, avoiding enemies attacks, hitting or piercing the enemy, or gaining utility abilities such as a follower Valkyrie. Also known for having huge tits and barely wearing thigh armor until heavy armor sets. I've played a bit of Amazon, but that was mostly a long time ago, and was usually using bows. I've never really seriously tried a javelin using amazon, which I've heard is very effective without the greatest gear, but I don't have experience of it. Assassin Martial Arts Shadow Disciplines Traps The assassin is a character that I've always found to be rather unique and cool looking, but never really played them very much. They typically use claws, which is their class-specific weapon, and some abilities do encourage them to use them (Claw Mastery, Weapon Block, some attack skills). They primarily focus on two aspects, though one is generally more common. The cooler one (in my opinion) is the Martial Arts tree, which allows for close combat skills, some of which generate up to three 'charges' which can then be spent on a finishing move, or a normal attack if you wish, for greater benefits. The other more common type of assassin is one that uses traps, which can be placed on the ground and fire at nearby enemies, but are stationary. These are either lightning or fire damage, and most players tend towards the lightning traps as they are capable of higher amounts of damage, so a trap assassin works quite well as being able to stay at a safe range and just place traps to kill enemies. The Shadow Disciplines tree is a tree that has some great supporting skills, and the assassin gets two great buffs from this tree, Burst of Speed, which increases running and attack speed, and Fade, which increases resistances heavily, physical damage reduction, and lowers curse duration. They also get access to two 'shadow' clone skills which inherit quite a few assassin skills themselves. Like I said, I've not played that much of the Assassin. I have played a trap assassin before, but haven't really dedicated the time to a martial arts assassin. I don't know why, because that seems pretty awesome. Necromancer Summoning Spells Poison and Bone Spells Curses The necromancer is a caster class like the sorceress. Their Summoning tree can be a major part of their class, allowing them to hide behind a wave of minions, which can be very effective. Their other offensive tree, Poison and Bone skills, is direct damaging abilities when compared to minions which, as expected, usually deal poison or magical damage, though there is an exception. A necromancer specialising in direct damage spells can do well into higher levels. The third tree, Curses, is a spell that is placed over a certain range, and will debuff any enemies within it. These usually work well in combination with the other two trees to either boost damage from other sources, severely cripple the enemy, or for utility purposes. I surprisingly have played very little of the necromancer. Ashamedly, I have not really played a summonmancer seriously, ever. Usually they tend to be more passive, so I generally liked more active characters, but the necromancer is very powerful in his own right. Druid Elemental Shapeshifting Summoning The druid is a strange sort of hybrid class that has summoning abilities, elemental abilities (though primarily fire and cold, some are counted as physical damage) and the ability to shapeshift. It's definitely the class that I am least familar with. I saw a lot of the time that people said that the druid sucked, and I'm almost inclined to agree because I have no idea how to build them. That said, I have seen some very effective builds that utilize either Elemental abilities like Hurricane and Tornado, and physical-oriented builds that use either the werebear or werewolf forms in their Shafeshifting tree. Their Summoning tree tends to be more of a support tree that benefits both, but does have a lot of useful summons that give various buffs. i don't know how to play the druid okay. And I rarely have. You may have noticed something about these descriptions, and that is that a lot of the classes contain one 'support' skill tab that isn't generally used as a primary build source. Even for the classes that don't, like the sorceress, they generally want to focus on two skill tabs heavily at most because while going into all three is possible, it isn't going to make any of your skills very effective at higher levels. That's a problem that I think a lot of older Diablo II veterans overlook - I've heard quite often about how the build variety and versatility was great in Diablo II, but I have to disagree. Generally classes are locked into 3-4 builds each at most if they want to be effective in Hell, and even then a lot of them can struggle. Sure, most builds will be able to clear Normal and perhaps Nightmare even if they are completely stupid, but I would consider beating Hell as 'beating the game'. Alas, I will expand on this later, probably. Now, I think there is a thing worth noting: there is a character type called 'hardcore', and I feel that playing it will make this a tad more interesting. What this means is that once that character dies, they are dead permanently. One chance, one life, you die, nada. The game warns you of this before you start a hardcore character. So why should we (I) play hardcore over softcore? People who play hardcore statistically have big dongs. It's a little more interesting for a playlog. If I die in softcore, it's kind of anti-climatic by saying "oh, i died to these enemies but I came back so it's good". At least there would be tension in every update as I could potentially die permanently at any time. It's not really something I'm well adjusted to and I tend to play normally quite reckless, as all that's on the line is gold and an experience loss potentially. Hardcore is more about the journey than the destination - a lot of softcore involves getting to the endgame where you can gear up for successive runs. And the endgame is pretty poor in Diablo II. Hardcore is about seeing how you get through hell, literally with shit gear. It gives me a chance to play a character that I'm less experienced with and learn as I'm going along myself. Though I will be referring to tips on what I should be doing to survive in hardcore. It is considered an ultimate challenge for a reason, not dying once over the course of a playthrough is something that I'm not sure I've ever done... I've always made mistakes. There is much less focus on the trading and economy. Far less, in fact, because once again it is more about the journey. Thus I could play singleplayer if I choose to with no worry about trading with other players. I have a big dong. I swear. Hopefully I survive long enough for me to make a decent amount of observations or rants at least. If not, you can laugh at me dying very early. I've played very little of hardcore, but the last time I did I played an assassin who made up the final boss of Act V, and eventually died due to running out of resources. Now, on that occasion I was following additional 'Ironman' rules which included not being able to speak or buy from NPCs except to hand and receive quests. I'm not going to go that far this time. Since I have barely played hardcore through the 16 or so years I've been playing this game, I was going to lean towards one of the so-called "easier" classes to play with, so I'm not exactly gimping myself. So who can we eliminate? I would say that three easier options for a relatively inexperienced hardcore player would be the necromancer, the amazon and the assassin. Here's why. The necromancer, when specialising in summons, can be very passive in their playstyle and allow for their minions to clear most enemies. Actually, sometimes I can just afk and be writing this and taking screenshots they are so passive. They are also pretty gear independent and that's why they are considered the "easiest" choice. The amazon is a little trickier, but using javelins I've heard that she's also good at literally throwing bolts of lightning and clearing rooms. The assassin is pretty similar, as she would use lightning traps and try to stay at a relatively safe distance. So of these three, I was pondering which one to use. If there's no preference, then I might just decide myself. The other things I'm deciding on is whether to play single-player or on multiplayer Battle.net ladder. Okay, so for those don't know, Battle.net hosts different "realms" for Diablo II to this day, generally for different regions (USWest, USEast, Europe, etc). These characters on each realm are separate. On each realm, you can create a "ladder character" which is a character created in a specific time period (as ladders are reset periodically) that will gain access to exclusive items and content only available on ladder. I always thought that was pretty lame for anyone not wanting to play on ladder, so one of the mods created for singleplayer, PlugY, allows ladder content to be accessed there, with some other game changes. I'm wondering if I should play singleplayer with PlugY instead of the realms because I would hate to lose a character to lag or something, which does happen. Another thing is that singleplayer allows the use of a certain function, the /players function, in order to spoof the amount of players in the game. When someone joins the game in Diablo II, the enemies become stronger, but give more experience and I believe an increased chance for better quality items. You can't set the number of players manually in a Battle.net game but you can in single player, allowing for up to /players 8 (as the maximum number of players in a single game). If you've got any opinions on that or what I should do, let me know, but I'm currently leaning towards playing (with a summon necromancer) on singleplayer with PlugY (potentially disabling the other features added outside of the ladder exclusives) without the use of manipulating how many players in the game i.e using /players command. And if you have anything else to say or yell at me about, then I'll be glad to hear it. Hopefully you aren't completely confused if you don't know what the hell Diablo II is, and if so then maybe I will be able to explain why in future updates. Lastly, it may be a little strange to be doing a screenshot or narrative let's play or whatever you would call this of a game like Diablo, and I agree it will be a challenge, which is why I am recording my playthrough externally to upload some animated parts as well when necessary.
  16. So, yeah. This is my first LP. What do I say? I've been playing FE for around a year now, though I've only played FE6-8 and FE13. I'm also new to the forums, though I've been lurking for a while. And... that's it, really. Best get to the LP. Rules: -Can't reset unless Roy dies -If I fail to reach a gaiden, I may not reset to achieve it [spoiler=Ch 1: Dawn of Travesty - Part 1] The only way to play. Defeated and humbled, the Dragons disappeared from the realm. Mankind then began to rebuild and repopulate their newly won land. A millennium has passed since then... ...culture and civilization to the farthest reaches of the continent. In the west lies the Kingdom of Etruria, which is widely considered to possess the most refined culture in all of Elibe. The Kingdom of Bern, with its powerful military and logical, pragmatic people, is located on the other side of the continent in the east. These are the two most powerful nations in Elibe with the weaker nations situated between them. These smaller lands are... the Lycian League, whose numerous territories are independently ruled by a number of marquesses that are bound by a vow of allegiance; Ilia, where the people arduously till the frozen soil and many become mercenaries to earn money to survive; and Sacae, where various clans ride through the plains on horseback. Although there were occasional clashes between these nations, the majority of the people of Elibe lived in peace. That peace, however, was not to last... That moment when you're told that this whole game is because you beat BBD. Now, Bern is mounting a merciless invasion into Lycia. Pherae is a territory of Lycia known for its beauty and honorable lords. Pherae's Lord Roy was in Ostia, Lycia's largest territory, when the invasion began. He had been sent to study to become the next marquess of the Pherae territory. Eliwood defies the laws of FE and goes on to survive for the whole game. ...has sent for Roy to return to lead Pherae's soldiers in defending against Bern. He gets a beard, she gets a beard, we all get beards! At the same time Eliwood sent for Roy, Marquess Ostia's daughter Lilina was in Pherae visiting Eliwood, who is Marquess Ostia's long-time friend and confidant. Upon receiving his father's message, Roy hurries home, taking with him his vassals and Bors, a knight from Ostia who is responsible for Lilina's safety. The story begins when Roy reaches the outskirts of Pherae... Bandit: They've all hidden themselves inside the castle! Bandit: Hee hee hee... You were right when you said there wouldn't be many soldiers. They're all getting ready to defend against Bern! The damn ass is always right! Damas: But reinforcements could be here any minute. All right, you curs, listen up! Kill everyone in the castle while we still got time! Then we can waltz outta here with all the loot! Bandit: Let's go ransack the villages and take everything they got! OH GOD I NEVER KNEW --- Merlinus: We're under attack by bandits from Mount Bolm! Eliwood: I understand. Thank you, Merlinus... Eliwood: Lilina, you must hide yourself. This castle is going to become a war zone. She joins at level 1 unpromoted, by the way. In Chapter 8. Eliwood: Don't be absurd. I couldn't face Hector if something happened to you in my own castle. Lilina: My father? But... Eliwood: It's going to be all right. Roy should be here any moment, so we just need to hold our own until then. He'll drive off these dastards. Merlinus! Send a messenger to Roy to let him know the current situation! We need his help! Merlinus: Y-yes, milord! --- Roy: Why are you in such a hurry? Lance: Lord Roy! Bandits have appeared and are attacking the castle as we speak! Lance: He's inside, defending against the bandits' attack. But I don't know how long he can last with his illness...! Lance: She should be all right. She's with Lord Eliwood after all, but he can't last forever. Assuming the best paladin in the game will become a victim to level one unpromoted bandits. Roy: No... I shouldn't have let Lilina go to the castle before me. Roy: Yes, you're right. This is no time to despair. Very well. To arms then! Our target is the castle! We must rescue everyone! --- GROWTHS: HP 80, Str 40, Skl 50, Spd 40, Lck 60, Def 25, Res 30, Total 320 Yes Roy, please do invest all your good growths in Skl and Lck. It's not like you need more Str/Spd/Def or anything. You don't get to use his promoted version until The Neverending Dream, which just sucks. He's lagging behind for at least ten chapters, and gets insulting promotion gains for it. His 20/1 stats would be fine for literally anyone else at the same level, but he has those at what could potentially be the final chapter. I haven't played FE5 so I don't know how bad Leif is, but Roy is definitely one of the worst lords in the series. GROWTHS: HP 60, Str 25, Skl 20, Spd 25, Lck 20, Def 15, Res 20, Total 185 Your typical Jeigan. I swear that 14 Skl is a "fuck you" message from IntSys, because it just makes him better at stealing kills. For what it's worth, though, Marcus is otherwise pretty much what a Pure Jeigan should be. His Silver Lance is there to weaken stronger enemies like knights or wyvern riders. Use until chapter 7, bench for Jerrot, who is better in every way that matters. Also, Paladins have complete weapon triangle control, 8 move, and canto. Generals have lances, axes and 5 move. Balance, people. GROWTHS: HP 85, Str 45, Skl 40, Spd 45, Lck 40, Def 25, Res 10, Total 290 His higher Str puts him above Lance in Hard mode before Lance starts doubling. He regains his lead later on, and also has a bit more luck, if that matters to you. GROWTHS: HP 80, Str 40, Skl 45, Spd 50, Lck 35, Def 20, Res 15, Total 285 Lance is a faster, weaker Allen who is slightly more frail. He also has a 5% weaker growth total. Absolutely unacceptable game design. He's better earlier on, but becomes inferior later on because Allen will eventually reach him in the speed department if you train him enough. He doesn't quite double at base on Hard, but once he does, he'll get his earlygame lead, and things will become slightly easier. Also, nearly every potential paladin in this game starts off lance-oriented. The only people who don't are Noah (C swords, D lances) and Percival (A/A/C). GROWTHS: HP 90, Str 30, Skl 30, Spd 40, Lck 50, Def 35, Res 10, Total 285 This is the place where everything goes wrong. The problem here is so obvious I shouldn't need to spell it out, but I will anyway. 40% Speed. 50% Luck. 35% Defence. That's ridiculous. Sure, it's nice and all, but an AK's main selling point is its bulk, not its speed. Nevertheless, this basically makes Bors the best AK in the game, because Wendy has no defence and Barth has no Speed or Luck to speak of. Does that make him good? No, because he has four move in a game full of huge maps, and starts off at level 1, but he can be good. His C rank in lances is also fairly good for this point in the game. GROWTHS: HP 80, Str 40, Skl 50, Spd 40, Lck 40, Def 20, Res 10, Total 280 Okay. What. Just what. Remember, this is the archer. He has the worst bases in the group. He also has the worst growth total, save for Marcus. This means he's improving the least. Now remember that literally everyone else has 1-range, three people have horses, and that even Bors starts off with respectable stats in the areas that an AK needs good stats in, or at least has acceptable growths if they aren't good already. I thought archers were supposed to have some sort of redeeming feature like good offense to make up for their 2-range - I mean even Rebecca/Neimi can amount to something if you take the time to train them. Wolt literally can't do anything that other people can't do better. He has nice hair though. Yeah. He's bested by everyone else right from the word go, and will remain so for the rest of the game. I'm not using him except for urgent kills that Marcus is too far away to handle. tl;dr What is balance? I'll get the next part up at some point, because it's too late now. Any advice for making these in general would be greatly appreciated.
  17. Alright so after realizing I really suck at Xcom 2 and my computer can't handle it I'm back to Fire Emblem. Sacred Stones is still on hold, but I decided that I should continue going through the games and thus Path of Radiance was chosen! Just like Sacred Stones I know nothing about the story and even less about the characters except that the main character has a sword :P. I'm very excited to play this game, since not even my friend has played it and he said he'll be watching. No pressure, right? [spoiler=Story] It starts off with two men clashing (one obviously being the protagonist). Ike gets knocked down and when a little girl distracts the older man Ike strikes at him, but is easily defeated and knocked unconscious. Ike then proceeds to have a dream about an indigo haired woman and is woken up by the little girl's song and possibly the worst voice acting in history. [spoiler=Tutorial] We go through the beginning of the tutorial where Mist gets onto our father about hitting Ike so hard. Then Ike defends his honor by wanting to challenge his father once more, but before he can...OMG IS THAT ROSS!? He's back from the dead! It's a miracle! But in actuality his name is Boyd and he is offered to be our training dummy. I then proceed to kill Ross. Again. Mist then proceeds to insult Boyd and I begin my fight with my Father and win easily. Ike then begs to be a mercenary since apparently Ross is one too. My Father relents and I officially join the Greil Mercenaries. We got a really good level btw I'll do the 1st Chapter right after posting this, but I really wanted to just get this out there and start playing this game. Also any help regarding items or recruitable units is much appreciated.
  18. I have been in the mood to play Shadow Dragon, but I want to do a PMU. I am not sure if I will make this a Screenshot LP... but I might, I will let a mod (probably Eclipse) know if I do and have them move it to the appropriate location. Time to lay down a few rules 1. This will be a Hard 1 playthrough because I haven't played Shadow Dragon in a long time, so no Norne or Frey. 2. I am allowed to use Julian and/or Rickard to loot chest till I get the Fire Emblem. Also, I am allowed to bring characters required to recruit someone else on the list. 3. If both Tiki and Nagi are picked, then I am allowed to use Elice to use Aum and revive Tiki. 4. Characters who can class change MUST be class changed. Example, if someone picks Abel, then Abel is never allowed to be a Cavalier or a Paladin. 5. 1 unit pick per person, I might change this if not many people are picking units. 14 units + Marth will be used. 6. Be mean. Pick bad combinations. Pick bad characters. Pick characters that will make me kill half my army..... Or be nice. Your call. [spoiler=Male Set A]Non-promoted: Cavalier N/A Archer Myrmidon Mage Curate Promoted: Paladin Dracoknight Sniper Swordmaster Sage Bishop [spoiler=Male Set B]Non-promoted: Knight Mercenary Fighter Hunter Pirate Dark Mage Promoted: General Hero Warrior Horseman Berserker Sorcerer [spoiler=Female Set]Non-promoted: N/A Pegasus Knight Archer Myrmidon Mage Cleric Promoted: Paladin Dracoknight* Sniper Swordmaster Sage Bishop 1. Myrmidon->Swordmaster!Abel 2. Dark Mage->Sorcerer!Draug 3. Cavalier->Dracoknight!Navarre 4. Dracoknight!Jeorge 5. Paladin!Minerva 6. Archer->Sniper!Maria 7. Cleric->Dracoknight!Vyland 8. Myrmidon->Dracoknight!Hardin 9. Cavalier->Paladin!Merric 10. Myrmidon->Swordmaster!Lena 11. Pegasus Knight->Paladin!Elice? 12. Mage->Bishop!Caeda 13. Pirate->Warrior!Ogma 14. Berserker!->Astram
  19. Hello SF! After looking around and thinking for a bit, I've decided to re visit games that I never really looked into/stopped playing/just wanna look back again and give my general thoughts, and try to be funny. (keyword:try). The format will be me rambling about my first experience as well as where I heard about the game and what made interested in it first, followed I'm starting with... Fire Emblem: Binding Blade!!! My first experience: After enjoying the very fun Blazing Sword, I decided to try Binding Blade next. I never really heard about the game as a whole and how it fared as a game. All I knew at the time was that Roy was always the main thing that was talked about when it came down to it, and if you guys guessed, it was always talking about how he was terrible as a lord. So I took it with a grain of salt, and decided to get the FE6 emulator and see for myself. After playing it for a bit, I can just say... Okay, I've never actually finished Binding Blade. In fact, I borderline hated Binding Blade for a few very dumb reasons. The maps were too big, the RNG trolled super hard, and most of my units never really got good level ups. I stopped playing after hearing about the infamous chapter 14: Arcadia. Hearing the concept alone turned me off, but after actually seeing what it looks like... I just couldn't bring myself to play Binding Blade anymore. Namely because of that chapter where you get Echidna and Lalum and all of the stuff that you had to do really burned me out. I now remember that I wasn't really the best tactician(in fact I may have been borderline terrible) during the time and I didn't really optimize my units correctly. I'm now going at this with a new optimism and open mind. A few things to note/my general plans: -I'm not going in this 100% blind, but I am going in it kinda blind. I know most of the maps up until the chapter where you get Miledy, and who's the final boss, but that's pretty much it. I don't know how other characters fare beyond that, so I'm interested if there's any other viable units later on. -I am gonna be using guides on how to recruit characters/weapon and item locations. FE secrets are usually very important and can help a lot in the long run, and I want to get every unit possible and see how each works. -I'm not gonna be looking a the growth rates. I only know Lilina's, Sophia's, and Roy's by heart. Everyone else I'm either iffy about, or I just don't know, so I'm gonna let my level ups decide on how I feel about their growths. -I won't go all out about the story, but I will point out some things that I like in certain cutscenes as well as talk about the main point of each chapter. -I'm actually gonna point out some stuff graphic wise as well as music wise. -If it's a character that I already know about, I'll post my original impressions of said unit. -Along with the unit, I'm gonna give my impressions with said unit's class. -I'm gonna try to be funny, but I'm not a Batta the Beast or a Gheb. ;~; -I'll ask for suggestions, but not a lot since I do wanna experience some stuff on my own. I'll just make it known when I do. -I'm gonna try to use every unit at least 2 or 3 times. That includes Sophia, Ceilicia, and Wendy and the Knights. -At the end, there's gonna be a MVP of a chapter based on amount of times used, how much said unit contributed, and how good said units level ups were. INDEX:
  20. Since FE4 has a new translation lately and we can finally enjoy the epilogue and see the units' stats and credits, we decided to do a LP of this game. This will be a normal playthrough. If someone should die (which will be the case most likely for me at least since I suck in FE), we will reset because we want to have a good second generation. The target is to have fun and to see all the characters' ending in English language. After each seized castle we'll change. Sophie will decide about the pairings.
  21. EDIT: Note that most of the skills I added to the characters eventually got removed, as I decided it'd be more interesting to add class skills instead, so the enemy benefits too. Before anyone asks, yes I'm still doing GhebSaga. I'm just procrastinating waiting until the poll gives me a clear top 5 to use in the next test. This is a side LP I'll be doing alongside GhebSaga. Anyway, I've been wanting to LP the new FE4 translation ever since it came out, but I wanted to wait until the beta was over or nearly over. At this point, beta 7, the patch is pretty much finished enough for me, and has a bunch of cool bugfixes and shit, too. However, I don't want to do a standard FE4 run, because anybody can do one of those. Instead, I decided to hack it so that every class (except pirates and brigands, because I don't want to have to rush villages) now has 9 move, making the gap in usefulness between mounted and non-mounted units in this game significantly, if not entirely, narrowed. Yes, I mainly did this so Arden could be good. Because my units will be facing a lot more combat now that everything has 9 move, I also buffed everyone's bases and growths to varying degrees. And just for fun, I gave most units more skills and made some minor edits to many of the weapons. I'll probably release a patch of this to the public so you guys can experience it for yourselves eventually, but right now I've geared it towards this specific playthrough, and the units I'm benching (the cavs, Midir, and Lex) haven't been buffed nearly as much as everyone else. As far as pairings go, this is what I have planned: Jamke/Aideen Arden/Ayra Finn/Raquesis Claude/Sylvia Lewyn/Erin Azel/Taillte Dew/Bridget Anyway, without further adieu, let's begin... Prologue part 1: Next time, we take back Jungby castle! P.S. Keep in mind that this run is primarily experimental, and a result of me dicking around with Nightmare. And while some of the extra skills were added on a whim because I wanted to see how a character performs with them, while others were given because I wanted to see how their kids do with them. Leif and Seliph's parents in particular were given sword skills because I want to see if Leif and Seliph can inherit them. Addendum: I learned that Patty, Lene, Ulster, and Larcei are literally the only kids who can inherit sword skills. Turns out inheritance of them is by child, not class. This was a major reason I removed the personal skills in favor of added class skills.
  22. It’s been almost two years since I almost-but-not-quite finished a screenshot LP of FE3 Book 1, and I’m back, this time for Book 2. If you’ve been waiting for the exciting conclusion to Book 1 (which, I’m sure you haven’t, since it was ages ago) then just picture Marth getting anticlimactically warped over to Medeus and poking him with the Falchion, and then get ready for a new, fun filled adventure, featuring new faces and conspicuously lacking in certain others. Anyway, to make things more exciting, I’ve decided my first run should be a challenge run of sorts, so here are my rules: 1) I’m not gonna look anything up. I’ve never played Book 2 and only played the first half-ish of 12 years ago, so it’s mostly blind, excluding the fact that I have ambient knowledge of what goes on just from learning them second hand over the years, like how I need the star orb things and how you recruit the Bishop girls in the final chapter 2) Since playing through Binding Blade with only crappy units was so much more fun than playing regularly, I’m going to do the same here. Since I couldn’t find an actual tier-list, I’m going to use the characters who are ranked as worst of their class on the unit ratings on the SF page for Mystery of the Emblem, aka over here: http://serenesforest.net/mystery-of-the-emblem/characters/character-ratings/ This means I’ll be using: Marth, Midia, Ryan, Sheema, Yumina, Est, Warren, Elleran, Ricardo, Samson, Feena, Bantu, and Chainey. I’m also going to allow myself to use the 4 units who can recruit the girls in the final chapter, aka Sirius, Merric, Minerva, and Julian, since I want to go for full recruitment and also I don’t really want to solo the first half of the game with just Marth and two bowmen. 3) Malliesia is legal until I get Yumina Anyway, without further ado: [spoiler=Chapter 1] Here goes nothing The game starts out with a little scrolly intro, but it’s hard to cap and really long. Essentially, the war from Book 1 is finally over and Hardin is Emperor of the World now. More preamble. The war is over, Jeigan is too old to fight, and Sheeda and Marth got married. Also, I had to use the old translation patch, since for some reason the new one absolutely refused to work for me this time around. So, sorry for the outdated names. I love that Hardin just sends Marth a letter. “Dear Marth, please go kill some bad guys, love Hardin, XOXOXO” The chapter starts off with this guy bossing Marth and his army of nobodies around. He’s just your average friendly old man, nothing to see here Anyway, here are the only two units I have that I’m allowed to use. Marth is pretty decent, since I’m pretty sure caps are all 20, but Ryan looks 12 years old and has the stats to match. I start off by trading Marth a sword that I don’t mind using up and then get to work on the first enemy. It’s a pretty standard bandit chapter, since plotwise the rebel army is already all but eliminated. More trading, since Gaggles won’t ever be seeing the light of day The enemies pile up on top of me, but Marth has Lord magnetism and Ryan is completely helpless, so they conveniently don’t even bother trying to attack the guys I’m not using Mopping up a few more bandits A whole bunch of thieves spawn from this cave, which is kind of weird, since there’s only one village and it’s across the map so it’s in no danger. I think they just want to feed you a bunch of free exp Marth gets the first level of the playthrough, and he doesn’t disappoint I have him down a vulnerary and head to the village, since Marth is the only one who can visit in this game Malliessia get. I’ll be using her for like, two chapters Ryan gets his first level, and it’s the same as Marth’s. Maybe there’s hope for him yet? I pick up an extra iron bow, since I don’t want Ryan to run out. Marth can keep snagging swords off my cavs, so I didn’t bother buying anything else. These guys don’t attack, they just kind of wander back and forth aimlessly I wanted him to chip for Ryan, but Marth doubles and kills them Levels. They’re noticeably worse than the last ones. When you get too close, Lawrence and Ogma pop up Lawrence tells Ogma to take the kids to safety, Yumina refuses to go and then… Lawrence just accepts that? She’s a 13 year old girl, Ogma could have just carried her away to safety without breaking a sweat and a lot of trouble could have been avoided. I’ve got Marth holding this fort, but Ryan can’t cross mountains, so it looks like the rest of the map is a Marth solo. Marth hits levels 6 and 7 fighting off the orgy of bandits. At this rate, Marth is gonna hit 20 before I even get any star shards. Marth can Talk to Lawrence to end the chapter without having to fight him The reason you don’t have to fight is because Lawrence spontaneously explodes, somehow. This isn’t explained in the slightest. Marth seizes, and then the kids show up. They’re not too happy about the whole explosion business. Marth tries to save the children, but Lang is a dick, so he refuses and sends Marth off to Minerva’s country, Macedonia, where she’s allegedly being held captive. And… that’s it for Chapter 1! Hopefully things are more exciting and less infodumpy as things progress.
  23. Well, time to bite the bullet and do my very first PMU run! Rules * Max of two picks. * This run will be a 16 unit run (which includes Corrin, so you will be picking the other 15) ** 10 of then characters will be parents of either gender. ** The other 5 will be children. When selecting a child please tell me who the mother will be. * First person to post may choose Corrin's gender, name, appearance, voice, talent, boon, bane, husband/wife, and of course what class Corrin will end with. * A character must go into their chosen class as soon as possible. * Children must be recruited as soon as possible. * Characters are free on the chapters when recruited. * Unpicked characters may be deployed, but only for Pair Up. * No DLC or MyCastle except for the Support Grinding. Seal buying is a soft maybe at this point. * Anna's First Gift may be used, but only once. So only one Witch or Balistician, but not both. * NO TROLL CLASSES * First Come, first served. Well then, lets get started then shall we? --THE TEAM (Team name pending)-- Corrin (Max 1 *longol*) 1) Aether (Female, Fighter Talent, +Spd/-Lck, Berserker) Parents (Max 10) 1) Sakura - (Priestess) 2) Setsuna - (Sniper) 3) Subaki - (Master of Arms) 4) Rinkah - (Spear Master) (Oboro A+) 5) Saizo - (Falcon Knight (Subaki A+) 6) Azura - (Omyoji) (Sakura A+) (Kaze S) 7) Kagero (Mechanist) (Asama S) 8) Ryoma (Kinshi Knight) 9) Takumi (Spear Master) 10) Asama (Basara) (Hayato A+) Children (Max 5) 1) Selkie - (Nine-Tales) (Oboro) 2) Midori - (Kinshi Knight) (Azura) 3) Sophie - (Hero) (Hinoka) 4) Hisame - (Paladin) (Mozu) (Sophie S) 5) Mitama - (Master Ninja) (Kagero S) ALL SPOTS FILLED! Thank you everyone!
  24. Okay, so I initially wrote a series of blogs over at the Blogs section of Bulbagarden, but for some reason they have the access setting as members only. Because I couldn't get an answer from them in regards to the settings issue, I decided that I shall transfer my blog entries to here. So here is my very first attempt at Fire Emblem Fates Conquest, Normal/Classic, because I am NOT a noob as to play this in Casual. Also due to widespread aversions I have heard about the story, I decided to have fun with the story myself. There will be tons of references of Hirohito vs MacArthur of WWII days, with also references to Walhart. As I already did up to Chapter 6 before making a full Let's Play Log, Chapter 1-5 will just be a summary. Without further ado: Chapter 1-4: Chapter 5: That's it for now.
  25. I felt the need to join in on the screenshot LP craze, so here I am. This won't have too many rules, and I'll try to get as much coverage of everything as I possibly can. I'll obviously get a lot of dialogue and important battles, and I can actually be at least a little informative if I need to considering how well I know Emerald. Anyway, I'm going to let you decide which Pokemon I use. Hoenn Dex only of course. I'm going to try to use GameShark to get a Murkrow as my one locked team member because Murkrow is bae. This won't be a randomized or anything though. This will start about 30 hours from now, but I just wanted to see what some people had in mind for team members before I actually started. and yes if you vote in Wurmple, I'll even use Wurmple
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