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Found 212 results

  1. So, I need a break from FE6 HM's stupid bullshit(fuck you copypaste trollreinforcements), so I decided to do another LP in the interim. However, because I am not a smart man, I chose GhebSaga, a hack full of stupid bullshit. GhebSaga is an FE7 hack and the sequel to the infamous GhebFE. I would have started with the first one, but Moniker already has a perfectly good LP of it, and I'd rather do something no one else has done before. Know that there are a lot of text skips in this hack, and I tried to extract the script using FEditor, but I couldn't for whatever reason, so I may not be able to transcribe all the text unfortunately. I'm going in mostly blind, but not entirely as I did play up to Test 4 before I ragequitted due to Bronze dying, and I have seen MarkyJoe1990's review series on this hack, but it only covers Tests 8, 9, 14, and 18. I don't care if you guys spoil things for me, I'm not one of those "NO SPOILERZ PLZ OMG!" people. In fact, there are a few things I want spoiled for me ahead of time: Is Marisa in this hack? Who replaces Wallace and Geitz? I need to know in case I end up over or under leveling my lords and I get the character I don't want. Who replaces Karel and Harken? I could likely easily find this out myself, but I'd still like to know ahead of time. Due note that this hack is not complete, and it only goes up to Test 29, which apparently isn't finished yet. I have no idea if it's playable beyond that, but if it is, I'll totally do it. I'll maybe even try and see how playable "Hector Mode" is. Now let's go ahead and get into... Test 1 Part 1: Aitos must really like Portal Next time, Batta uses the power of forced tutorials to hax his way to victory!
  2. I've been working on a FE6 RR hack, seen here: http://serenesforest.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=63618 I decided after playtesting a bit on Normal and determining the difficulty was where I wanted it, I should probably playtest hard mode and make sure that it is where I want it in terms of difficulty. Hopefully, it will be a bit easier than FE6 hard mode, but still hard. And I've decided to make the playtest a bit more fun, by straight up LPing it! This will allow me to show off the features of this hack and get some feedback and suggestions. I won't be showing off the edited script though, mainly because it isn't finished yet. As far as route splits go, I'm doing Ilia because it's easier and has a better character(though getting it is harder, since you have to make sure your peg knights get more exp than the ever so useful Elphin and Fae). For the chapter 9 split, I'll be doing both routes and then letting you guys vote which one is canon. Now, without further adieu, here's Chapter 1! And that's chapter 1 done! It's actually harder than I expected. It was still pretty easy for the most part, but it had a few toughish parts. I doubt I could make it through vanilla FE6 hard mode. I can't wait until I get a healer next chapter.
  3. !!!! So, I was playing Fates and I was on a grind-fest and I was like "God this sure is boring" and then I was like "You know what's not boring? FE13 when I haven't played it in about a year or so" but I felt I should share my rich and exciting journey into FE13 with the SF community because I'm so kind and shit. Plus I'm out of school until January so I may as well try to commit to something while I'm not in classes and have the free time. So I'm going to play FE13 and hopefully commentate it in a way that's not totally boring for viewers to watch. And uh... if it is boring I'll probably just update this thread in silence. No big, right? I'll set up the game pretty similarly to the way I did the first time. Hard Classic Mode, MU is +Str, -Mag because I want to reclass to some kind of axe user later on. With that out of the way let's begin! The game starts off by playing a video, and you can't activate the home menu during FE13's video's for some reason so No Screenshots For You. I'm not really going to bother describing it either because chances are if you're reading this thread, you've already seen the video. Instead we get launched immediately into this conversation: Well that was quick. I can't believe that FE13 is almost over and I've been playing for approximately 1 minute. .... Chrom is giving me flashbacks here. Regardless of how much FE4 I'm feeling right now, "this dastard" is actually Validar and... he's not that strong. Then again Chrom and Robin are both Level 20. Upon facing him we learn very fast that he is good at literacy and not good at Knowing What An Eraser Is For. And then he hits us with some grape-flavored magic. And thus concludes FE13. I would rate 9/10 because it's not FE4.
  4. It's been like half a year since my last randomized FE, and my burnout on the series is over. I will be playing FE7, like with my fist two randomizer attempts, though this time I'm going to be more confident, and since I'm using OtakuReborn's randomizer instead of the older two, so I can do a lot more randomized stuff. First update in next post. Let's do this. This will probably make me want to end it all with some units, but whatever. Only didn't do randomized recruitment because I don't know which unit to recruit which unit with, unlike Sacred Stones.
  5. Those of you who frequent this forum have no doubt noticed that there's been a sudden influx of these runs. My 4 compatriots have already started theirs, so no doubt you have an idea of what's going on. Despite that, I'm going to post this thing anyway: I won't bother going over the text; it's not changed. With that in mind, let's begin. As of now I'm at the route split, so I'll probably double/triple post. [spoiler=Prologue] Klok said play normal mode. Unlike Mr Night, I *am* capable of following directions. An idea of what classes our new guys are. Although I can never remember who's who. Oh well, we'll find out soon enough. The lord! Eirika's been replaced by the wayward prince of Jehanna. Seems to be pretty good. I'm a big fan of a good strength growth. The Jaigen! Myrrh comes in a class with extra crit AND a killing edge. Although items have been randomized, so maybe it won't be as good as I think... Note: I won't cover ALL weapons. I'm sure the other LPs do. The fighters come with an iron axe, which gives a nice res bonus, and our boss is a knight...that Joshua will almost certainly not be able to handle. Fighters aren't terribly threatening, unless they get an unlucky (for me) crit. Even with WTD, Joshua has no trouble dispatching them. Love the +5 speed bonus from the slim lance. As I suspected. Myrrh's gonna have to handle this one. And handle it, she does. [spoiler=Chapter 1] Our boss is a cavalier with a pretty high base def. Myrrh's got this one again, I think. Joshua takes advantage of his massive movement range to plunk himself on a fort, something I normally couldn't do. Chipping the two soldiers that attack him right off the bat gives a nice first level. Meanwhile, an impatient fighter goes after Myrrh and gets face-wrecked. I forgot to unequip the KE. Oops. Our two new guys! Except, according to the rules, I can't use Duessel. Rats. I bet he sucks anyway. Gilliam's still might be an issue, later. For now, I need a sword user. I'll hold onto that nice Tome of Duessel's; not sure who I'll give it to. Looking at the iron sword and lance Gilliam came with, it appears the iron lance is a reaver. A little rescue-chaining to get Duessel and Myrrh out of the way. Unfortunately, gargoyles don't get canto or mounted rescue. None of the monsters do, in fact. So dangerous! Despite Gilliam being wide open, this silly fighter goes after Myrrh and pays the price. Now they should be out of range. Next turn, they go for a...swim? Gilliam's first level isn't too bad. Not a good picture, but the iron sword has the devil effect, apparently. Skill is good. Excellent. As I suspected, Myrrh is the only one who can damage Breguet. So she does. Very much. Whoo-hoo, money! [spoiler=Chapter 2] [imgur](http://i.imgur.com/ZDcvChY.png) The first unit I am required to use. Nothing sticks out too much. Knights, beware. Myrrh's getting this infinite-use Armorslayer. Unless it's got a devil effect or something. Even with 9 movement, Bone's got a bit of a hike. Duessel is juuuuuust too far away to get the village on the first turn, whereas that bandit totally can get to it. We'll have to distract it. Myrrh disarms Tana and sends her to get the village (I hope this is allowed). Let's turn Gerik...beastly. Also, note the infinite-use effective-against-monsters weapon he brought. Kinda ironic, no? He starts off with a nice whack for village-raider over there. Oh, right. We have greenies, don't we? Yes, we do. We'll look at them later. Doot doot, more loot. Um...not great. Not great at all. Gerik chokes the point so that Duessel can loot the village without being whacked. While Joshua parks himself to hopefully recruit whoever Ross is. This is a beast. Unfortunately, he's also taken. This guy's free, but I'm not sure how good he is. He'll come along for flier utility, at least. Duessel's mission complete, he goes and hides in the mountains. Ross recruited. If I didn't use the swordslayer, Rennac would probably steal the kill. Gerik gets his first level, which isn't that great. Rennac can reach Bone's ally, but that's less of an xp steal. The Great Rennac has been recruited, and that pretty much ends the chapter. On the world map, I check out the armory. It seems to have picked up some magic tomes; could this mean I'm getting magic users before chapter 5?
  6. So, what does this mean? - Movement is no longer a concern upon promotion. This makes the likes of General a lot more attractive. - Siege tomes are a lot less irritating, unless it's something like Chapter 16 and its stupid walls. - I'm gonna go broke buying weapons. Because. - I should really stop procrastinating. I chose Lords of Chaos because dudes. And because I liked the idea of removing a light and a dark. . .wait, I don't have anyone with a Light affinity. BAH. At least I got the Dark affinity! Supports are gonna be rough - Moulder can have Vanessa and Rennac has Colm. I hope Cormag doesn't suck, since Duessel would appreciate that. This intro's kinda long as-is, and I want to keep it like this in case Tequila wants to steal my unit list for his own topic or something. It'll also give everyone else one post of nothing gameplay-related to read. Sooo. . .we'll see how this goes. Weapon effects found so far:
  7. Welcome to Fire Emblem 8: Hella Awesome Lightning Boots! ([H.A.L.B.] For short) This is a randomized and edited version of FE8. It was edited by Klokinator and features a number of gimmicks, though the editing is not at the level of FE7CM, and this hack is unrelated to FE8CM. Don't get it twisted. -Every character in every class, player and enemy, has 9 movement. The exception is the Demon King. -Weapon effects wasn't checked in this image, but I did check it in reality. Every weapon has a very high chance to add any 1 extra effect, such as poison, unlimited uses, a stat boost, or even the Devil effect. Watch out! -Character classes, their recruitment order, their growths are all totally randomized, and boss classes are also randomized. Character bases are also randomized, though to a smaller degree. -Every enemy and every boss has had their growths increased up to 100%. Some enemies will be very difficult, though this is subjective as I've allowed the tower and ruins grinding as needed. -Items are also randomized, though to a lesser degree. Initially I wanted to edit descriptions for the LPers but since FEditor is borked after randomizing, that won't happen. The goal of this LP is to try out a new gimmick (All units with 9 movement) but also to show off the all new (not really) WIP FE8 Randomizer Fix Patch! If you guys want to randomize with Otaku's randomizer, apply my patch and randomize! (In that order, please) Important fixes include monster weapons displaying stats properly and Eirika always being able to wield the Rapier (Provided her class can wield swords). Also if you randomize her position around (As I did) then the new not-lord won't but that's beside the point. The LPers can play Ephraim or Eirika route, though Eirika route is recommended since I have not playtested Ephraim's. Each LPer has a list of three units. They MUST use all three. They cannot use any units assigned to other LPers. These units appear at random intervals throughout the game. The LPers are only required to use the units on non-Ruins/Tower chapters. (Ie: Main story) and can grind them up if needed. Any units not listed can be used by everyone without limits. Here are the unit lists: [1] The Trifecta of Terror: Neimi, Amelia, Gerik [TAKEN BY TEQUILA] [2] Lords of Chaos: Moulder, Rennac, Duessel [TAKEN BY ECLIPSE] [3] Where's Gerik?: Innes, Tethys, Marisa [AUTO ASSIGNED TO MR. NIGHT] [4] Hardcore Heroes: Forde, Natasha, Saleh [TAKEN BY MONIKER] [5] Strength Without Power: L'Arachel, Ephraim, Tana [TAKEN BY KIRIE] Watch out for the demon king, and may the best LPer... win? I guess? ... And that's Klokinator's intro, made for us all to use. Now, for mine: Welcome to... Fire Emblem Hella Awesome Lightning Boots! If you didn't gather, this is a randomized ROM, which me and four others are playing through simultaneously. Each of us will take our own unique team of three units. We can use whoever we want aside from those teams, where we HAVE to use the three units we pick, and can't use ANY of the other units. Our team is Hardcore Heroes: Forde, Natasha, and Saleh. We are banned from using Neimi, Amelia, Gerik, Moulder, Rennac, Duessel, Innes, Tethys, Marisa, L'arachel, Ephraim, and Tana. That's a sizable chunk of FE8's limited units, so we'll pretty much need to take in anyone who isn't banned from us. Also! None of the LPers are allowed to look at each others' threads. So, if you see any other LPers in the "viewing this topic" area, screenshot their name and then blackmail them with it. From what I've heard, this is going to be quite difficult. We'd better be prepared for anything. I'll be posting growths and the like as normal. Expect this to be a new major let's play, and I'll be prioritizing it equally with Requiem. Don't worry though, I'll try to not let Requiem slow down too much! Without further ado: HALB: Episode 1: Prologue: The Best Worst Crutch Character Since I don't have to record tons of text, hopefully this LP will go by quickly! And hopefully, the RNG will be merciful!
  8. Hello everyone, and welcome to the first LP I've ever posted here. I had the opportunity to join this fun, random, likely very difficult, semi-draft thing and I just couldn't say no. Does that make me a masochist? Probably. By virtue of being online at the right time, I had the second pick in the draft and went with the Strength Without Power team because it contains 3 of my favourite characters from FE8, especially the lovely lady L'Arachel. After choosing, Klok gave me the following cryptic message: "And your pick is fairly interesting. It actually has TWO really good units, so we'll see how you fare. Endgame might be a bit of a bitch though." Intriguing! There's no good way to know what to expect until we see it, so let's dive on in. We'll be playing on Normal Mode, Eirika Route as this is what the hack was balanced for and I don't want to make things any more difficult on myself than they already are. Let's jump on in! WARNING: I do show off stats and information about units, so if you're one of the other LPers playing this game, read through at your own risk if you don't want to get spoiled! [spoiler=Prologue - Kicking off the journey of our Pretty, Pretty Princess] We get a nice introduction to the Sacred Stones story. tl;dr: Grado is a dick and invades Renais so King Fado sends his loving daughter, Princess Joshua, to escape the castle with her vassal, Swordmaster Myrrh, and make for Frelia where they can hopefully survive and live in peace. Aren't random recruitment, randomized class runs fun? I must admit that Joshua makes for a very pretty princess. In the opening scenes, we also get to see that Valter is one of those axe-wielding centaur guys, and Franz seems to have stayed a Cav if his map sprite is any indication (which it should be), though I didn't happen to catch anyone else yet. And now the map finally opens. Let's take a look at our star players, shall we? Here's a guide for growth colours: Grey = Fucking terrible White/Light Red = Pretty bad Orange = Average Blue = Pretty great Glowing green = 100%+ Yay for Princess Joshua Knight Lord! Str is green, so we'll be getting at least 1 point there every level up, which is handy. Blue Def makes sense for a Knight, and yellowy average Skl. Poor Spd kinda sucks, but we get a +5 Spd bonus from the equipped weapon (Slim Lance), so we'll have to keep that in mind. Shit Res, ohwell.jpg. Starting weapons are the aforementioned Slim Lance as well as the Rapier we got from Myrrh which we can't wield; I guess I'll save that for whichever character rolls the F!Lord class, assuming I can use them anyway. Since everyone has 9 Mov, the Knight class shouldn't be as shit as it is usually for anyone not named Oswin, so we'll see how it goes, but I'm optimistic. Swordmaster Myrrh is our !Seth Jagen. She's actually very impressive with capped Str and green Res. Average Spd and poor Skl growths, but great bases in both (and for HP/Res, too), and Lck/Def... well, what else would you expect from a SM? She comes with a Steel Sword and a Killing Edge, though I haven't noticed what the "extra" boosts are to those yet. With those amazing bases, she's certainly a fitting replacement for one the most powerful Jagen archetypes in FE history, though I'm concerned about her fragility in the long term. Relying on dodgetanking will only get you so far, though she'll be safe against mages. Now let's get onto the battle! Opening scene, ought to look familiar. I check out the stats of the mooks and the boss, and although I apparently forgot to screencap the boss (has a Killer Lance, no obvious boosts), both of the fighters looked more or less like this: The Iron Axe gives them a +5 Res bonus which is... completely fucking useless this chapter, but we'll keep it in mind. In the meantime, WTA isn't enough to stop Princess Joshua from being able to kick both their asses so I send her in to choke the point. She does miss 1 70-something% hit during EP, but otherwise does some nice damage and tanks admirably. She sweeps up the fighters during the next EP and moves in towards the boss.... ... yeah, I think we're going to need Myrrh for this one. Much better! We hope for the crit, and... *sigh* Thankfully we make the dodge and score a regular hit on the rebound, but there's still EP to worry about... Woohoo! \o/ And then she scores a pointless crit for the kill. Story of my life. [spoiler=Chapter 1 - Fun with Weapon Spading] This title has never made much sense to me. We're killing dudes, not running away. Whatever. Ohshi- Grado's attacking Frelia too. I definitely didn't see this coming. Starting formation. Let's take a look at our enemies. The fighters are basically the same as before. The soldiers are very defensive and wield iron lances, no visible benefit. Cap'n Baguette also has an iron lance; he actually seems quite a bit less impressive than the previous boss with the killer lance, but he does get gate benefits. Even Cap'n Baguette recognizes Joshua's sexy princess flair from afar. Joshua moves forward to tank on the fort. While jabbing at oddly-defensive soldiers (she does 2-3 damage to each one with her slim lance), she eventually gets her first level up, a rather impressive one! Meanwhile on a forest tile a bit more to the northeast, Myrrh wields her steel sword... ... and spades that it has a devil effect. Useful! Myrrh's Lck is shit, both growth and base, so that is... definitely unhandy. Meanwhile, !Franz and !Gilliam move in from the north, while reinforcements from the sack of Renais move in from the south. So, back to PP, let's take a look at our new units! !Franz is actually Cavalier Gilliam... who looks like a lot like Franz, go figure. Got some very nice bases for a Lv. 1 Cav and godly Str growth... but those poor Skl/Spd/Def growths are worrisome. He's neither forced nor banned, so we'll use him for a while and see how he holds up. He comes with both an iron lance and an iron sword, no visible effects. !Gilliam is Duessel, who's one of my non-draft units so I can't use him. Not that it seems like I'm missing out on too much anyway. He does, however, come with a Metis Tome, which has been buffed in this hack to give 25% to all growths. I'll have to find a good use for that. We move Myrrh up to the fort and use a vuln to recover from that devil steel sword hit, then bring Gilliam down next to her. Testing out weapons, it appears as if the iron sword has a reaver effect. Handy! We score a few hits here. During the next EP, everyone seems to want to go after Princess Joshua. She doesn't do much damage to the soldiers, but she holds her own admirably against them. Testing the iron sword and it seems like the reaver effect is only against lances, giving it double WTA against both lances and swords. That's... really useful. Suspiciously useful. I wonder what the downside is... Downside found! The iron sword also has a devil effect like it's older, steel brother. Potentially dangerous, especially since poor Gilliam has 0 Lck. I think he ought to stick to Lances. And speaking of devil effects, I forgot to unequip Myrrh's KE when I moved her up to the fort, and she injures herself again badly in EP. Which apparently gives the AI the wonderful idea to rush at her in hopes of provoking her to suicide. They succeed. RIP Myrrh, Death #1. Let's try this again! Opening strat is more or less the same, but Myrrh equips the KE instead of the steel sword. As much as I'd not like to waste the KE, I'd like her to kill herself much less. Princess Joshua gets his first level all over again, and misses the Skl/Res points she got in her previous life, but beggers can't be choosers; still a pretty nice level. Gilliam tanks a 4% crit from a soldier but manages to survive, even with devil sword. Princess Joshua gets another level. Not too bad! Gilliam's level reflects his mediocre growths, but he's not doing poorly. Eventually we finish sweeping up guys and move in towards the boss. Neither Gilliam nor Princess Joshua can do even a single point in damage to him, so Myrrh swoops in for the kill. Afterwards, we finally make it safely to Frelia where we meet up with !Tana and King Hayden. Princess Joshua hears stories about her wonderful brother, !Ephraim, performing guerrilla warfare inside Grado and she vows to follow after to help him. Hayden makes a token gesture of keeping her safe in Frelia, but is secretly happy to get her out of his hair. He lets both Gilliam and Duessel accompany us and also sends some additional retainers to help us out, Gerik and Tana! Gerik's another non-drafted unit, so we won't be using him; he's mostly shown here for posterity. He does come with an unlimited use "Fiendcleaver", which is an E rank axe effective against monsters, as well as a Swordslayer. I guess we'll save those for someone else. Myrmidon Tana is our first drafted pick that shows up. I guess she got demoted from bring the Princess of Frelia to one of its expendable retainers. As is befitting the team name "Strength Without Power", her Str growth is shit, but high Lck and "average" Skl/Spd/Def/Res. I don't really know exactly what number growths the colours refer to, but it makes me fear she'll be something of a coin flip unit. I'm definitely strongly considering using the Metis Tome on her to boost those average growths into something more reliable, especially since she's one of my 3 forced units. She comes with an unlimited use Armorslayer, which is potentially handy. High Lck growth means she'll be one of my better units for dealing with these pesky devil-effect weapons, anyway. And thus, our first official chapter comes to an end. Current Team: Princess Joshua - Lv. 3 Knight Squishy Jagen Myrrh - Lv. 10 Swordmaster Tanky Cav Gilliam - Lv. 2 Cavalier Demoted Tana - Lv. 3 Myrmidon Known/Suspected Weapon Effects: Iron Sword - devil effect, reaver against lances (?) Steel Sword - devil effect Armorslayer - unlimited use Slim Lance - Spd +5 Iron Axe - Res +5 Fiendcleaver - unlimited use Player Notes & Thoughts: Well, the good news is that the opening wasn't as crushingly difficult as I feared. I guess that's one nice thing about high expectations. I would have beaten C1 on the first try, too, if I hadn't gotten rather unlucky with those devil effect rolls. Devil effect is going to be a bane to me this game, I can tell already. I almost never use the devil weapons in regular games because I'm afraid of them backfiring on me. Myrrh having such high Str and low Lck with those too is hilarious; I can't even give her the iron sword since it's the same thing. Princess Joshua is doing rather well. It's really amazing how much more effective Knights can be when suddenly they can actually move around. I'm trying to save Myrrh for bosses until we can get her some weapons that won't kill her, or that I'd prefer to save for more important circumstances. Gilliam's been okay so far; we'll see how he lasts. And even with even move, Canto is still useful. Tana's intriguing but untested. Half of my usable units so far are Myrms; not sure what to make of that. Big decision before next chapter is really if I want to use that Metis Tome on Tana on not. I'm leaning towards it though; she'd get some good use out of it, and she's forced, so the better stats she has, the more useful she'll be to me over all. I'm honestly not sure how recruits are handled in this game, so I guess we'll see if !Ross may be one of those classes or he may just be something normal. I fully expect one of him or Garcia to be a non-draft unit from one of the other teams and the other to be a free unit, so we'll see if that ends up being true or not. Lack of flyer may be annoying for C2, but that's a problem for future Kirie. All in all, I'm pleasantly pleased and surprised by this hack so far. I haven't really gotten very far in it, but the early part has had enough of a difficulty boost where it's not a cakewalk but neither is it frustratingly difficult. The random recruitment/classes adds a new layer of fun to a game I otherwise know rather well. Looking forward to continuing!
  9. [♥Klokinator♥ Senpai quote] Welcome to Fire Emblem 8: Hella Awesome Lightning Boots! ([H.A.L.B.] For short) This is a randomized and edited version of FE8. It was edited by Klokinator and features a number of gimmicks, though the editing is not at the level of FE7CM, and this hack is unrelated to FE8CM. Don't get it twisted. Here are the settings used for this hack: -Every character in every class, player and enemy, has 9 movement. The exception is the Demon King. -Weapon effects wasn't checked in this image, but I did check it in reality. Every weapon has a very high chance to add any 1 extra effect, such as poison, unlimited uses, a stat boost, or even the Devil effect. Watch out! -Character classes, their recruitment order, their growths are all totally randomized, and boss classes are also randomized. Character bases are also randomized, though to a smaller degree. -Every enemy and every boss has had their growths increased up to 100%. Some enemies will be very difficult, though this is subjective as I've allowed the tower and ruins grinding as needed. -Items are also randomized, though to a lesser degree. Initially I wanted to edit descriptions for the LPers but since FEditor is borked after randomizing, that won't happen. The goal of this LP is to try out a new gimmick (All units with 9 movement) but also to show off the all new (not really) WIP FE8 Randomizer Fix Patch! If you guys want to randomize with Otaku's randomizer, apply my patch and randomize! (In that order, please) Important fixes include monster weapons displaying stats properly and Eirika always being able to wield the Rapier (Provided her class can wield swords). Also if you randomize her position around (As I did) then the new not-lord won't but that's beside the point. The LPers can play Ephraim or Eirika route, though Eirika route is recommended since I have not playtested Ephraim's. Each LPer has a list of three units. They MUST use all three. They cannot use any units assigned to other LPers. These units appear at random intervals throughout the game. The LPers are only required to use the units on non-Ruins/Tower chapters. (Ie: Main story) and can grind them up if needed. Any units not listed can be used by everyone without limits. Here are the unit lists: [1] The Trifecta of Terror: Neimi, Amelia, Gerik [TAKEN BY TEQUILA] [2] Lords of Chaos: Moulder, Rennac, Duessel [TAKEN BY ECLIPSE] [3] Where's Gerik?: Innes, Tethys, Marisa [AUTO ASSIGNED TO MR. NIGHT] [4] Hardcore Heroes: Forde, Natasha, Saleh [TAKEN BY MONIKER] [5] Strength Without Power: L'Arachel, Ephraim, Tana [TAKEN BY KIRIE] Watch out for the demon king, and may the best LPer... win? I guess?[/quote] That wall of text is the rules we will be following in this massive LP. My role is to be the jaded dark hero constantly cursing his teammates for choosing better teams while I was snoozing. (best sleep I have had in awhile) Plus is not like I hate marisa or anything. First things first, I am changing that lame ass team name to Creeping Shadows, because we already know where Gerik is, he is on Tequlia's team. My girls ain't gon be riding that fuck boi Geriks nuts this time with that weak ass lizard hair. So new team name. Second, here are what the colors mean when we check stats. This is to help y'all out, it's not like I didn't know what they were and kept f-f-forgetting. Stop staring at me like that. b-b-baka! Grey = Fucking terrible White/Light Red = Pretty bad Orange = Average Blue = Pretty great Glowing green = 100%+ Third, won't be anything any extra rules because I fucked myself already. Will explain more in the LP. So without further ado, let's get this shit started.
  10. °˖✧ (⁰▽⁰) ✧˖° Welcome to The Sims 4! °˖✧ (⁰▽⁰) ✧˖° Here's some backstory to kick things off. (It's merely fluff.) The Sims 4 was my first sims game (okay, actually The Sims FreePlay was, but that doodooness doesn't count). Since purchasing the game I've been obsessed with it, which is not surprising considering how much I love "fake life" games. Now I've extended my love to The Sims 2, which is equally as great but in a different way! When I was a little Mei I remember stating that I wanted to play a game that kind of mimicked life, but with less of the bad things, to which a little comrade of mine hinted at playing something called Harvest Moon. I love Harvest Moon, but sometimes you've got to life with less farming, you know? Thanks to a couple of Youtubers I started paying more attention to The Sims franchise. One thing led to another and now here I am... 100% Sims trash ;w; ☆。:∵:*:☆*゜★。::*☆。::*★。::*☆::*★。::*☆。::*★。::*☆::*★。::*☆。::*★。::*☆ Now that that's out of the way let me introduce you to a couple of sims. I'm still feverishly playing the game so I'm not sure how far I'll go with updating. ☆。:∵:*:☆*゜★。::*☆。::*★。::*☆::*★。::*☆。::*★。::*☆::*★。::*☆。::*★。::*☆ Screenshot start date: August 5, 2015 Current Households: The Roomies/The Gawain Family The Smiley Crew The Collins Family The Pavino Family The Landvik Family The Carter Family The Jones Family BFF Tanning The Scott Family TheTidesChanging Crew The Cavazos Family
  11. Hello, SF Blog! You may be shocked, offended, confused, or a hundred other emotions, seeing me, Integrity, posting with capital letters and sentence case. Be not afraid. It will only happen in this thread, I swear. Anyway, spring semester's over. I'm only taking one class over the summer, plus my regular research work, so I've found myself deciding to do a thing I've been meaning to do for a long time. Basically, I talk a lot of shit about Fire Emblem's stories as a whole, doubly so since I played Conquest. I can be insufferable about it sometimes, which might actually be ironic, considering that I'm a moderator on a Fire Emblem fan site. I'll have to check up on that. It's time I started writing checks my ass can cash. I'm going to go through many Fire Emblems, sequentially, and do my engineering best to explain why I talk so much shit about their stories. I'm not going to go into it assuming they're garbage, except for very specific instances! This isn't intended to be a hate-fest, which brings me to my disclaimer: just because something is bad doesn't mean it's not enjoyable. As of writing, my avatar and signature are both of a K-pop singer, one of the lead vocalists of Apink, one of the least innovative bands I can think of. Their music is objectively really derivative, but I still love it. As of your reading, my avatar/sig are probably still something K-pop. I support Perth Glory FC. It's sometimes a hard logical leap to make (look at any argument about units in Fire Emblem) but just because a thing is bad does not mean it's wrong to like it. Charm is hard to quantify. So what's the format, Ike? Screenshots. The focus will be on my commentary, with transcripts of the story to support. I'm not one of those absolute shitheads that quotes the Bible out of context - I'm a good Christian - so I'm not going to do it for Fire Emblem either. The entire mandatory text of the game will be considered, and context does matter. I will be taking various screenshots of gameplay either to talk about when Fire Emblem's map/game design is particularly good or bad, or to spruce up a soliloquy from me, but I'm not going to be screenshotting every level-up or boss fight or whatever. That's not the point. Sounds like you want a soapbox, you cynical fucker. Agreed, frankly. All of my debates with people about why I think Fire Emblem's stories are bad come from a position of me half-remembering the stories of games I haven't actually played in years. I don't think I've completed a pre-13 Fire Emblem since Awakening launched. Furthermore, I have a bad habit of speaking entirely from impressions and emotions and not from anything concrete (I'm pretty sure that actually is ironic considering my degree and job), so this will serve to force me to solidify whatever bitching I want to do. Plus, it's creative. Which ones will it be, then? We're going to start with FE4. The ones before that either have remakes (FE1/3) or don't have a story (FE2). Plus, I already did a LP of FE2 somewhere as a younger Integrity, and I'm already going to be retreading FE5. Plus plus, I don't want to torture myself with NES - it's already hard enough to do GBA (let alone SNES) after the DS/3DS ones. I'll do each Fire Emblem after that in sequence until I run out of steam or Fire Emblems. The plan now is to stop after FE12, but I'm fully willing to pick apart FE13, my favorite, and I'd love to move on to pick FE14 apart. How about difficulties? I'll be going with whatever I'd ordinarily play on the game. Most games, it'll be Hard, but there's exceptions; FE10 I'll probably write an essay about why Hard in that game is a terrible difficulty and do Normal instead, for instance. Again, the focus isn't on gameplay, but I still want to be entertained between bouts of writing a hell of a lot about anime video game stories. So it's just you talking shit about video games? Nope! I'll be enlisting wonderful SF.net members Specta (an English major) and Knight of Argentum (a nerd) to help me explain things occasionally. I might bring other people in, depending on how I feel. I haven't planned this all the way through. Okay, Ike, what's the flight plan? Updates are going to be sparse initially while I figure out exactly how much effort it's going to take to gather my thoughts. I'm aiming for at least once a week to begin, I'll probably ramp it up to two to three times a week depending on interest and time commitment over the summer, and dial it back if this is still going after my birthday in August, since the next semester is going to start up. I'll be a PhD student! What's our role as thread readers? Basically nothing. I'll take requests to use any units, no matter how bad they are, because I'm actually really good at video games (and strategy/tactics games in particular) despite the things I say. Feel free to provide commentary or supporting remarks, I'm exercising my moderating powers to relax spam rules for this thread, as long as you're not obnoxious. Will you- Yes, I'll use Wendy. I'm creating this thread now to lock my broke ass into it. I've got some logistics to sift through, a final to distribute/proctor tomorrow, and that same final to grade, before I actually get around to making the first update to this. Let the games begin! Maybe I'll find a new appreciation for Fire Emblem out of this. Maybe it will drive me to retire... [spoiler=table of contents]Preamble: Conversations (post #14) 4.P: Arvis (post #36) 4.1: Verdane (post #61) 4.2.1: Raquesis (post #101) 4.2.2: Pursuit (post #144) 4.3: Eldigan (post #184) 4.4: Unthinkable (post #209) 4.5.1: Slaydar (post #231) 4.5.2: Ayra (post #244) Intermission: Translation (post #259) 4.6: Oops (post #284) 4.7: Jeanne (post #322) 4.8: Substitutes (post #339) 4.9: Altenna (post #360) 4.10: Arvis (post #373) 4.F: Fuck you, Lewyn (posts #388 & 389) Intermission: Characters (post #444) 5.1: Leif (post #463) 5.2: Cedric (post #516) 5.3: EliteqSVBnに (post #552) 5.4: Escape (post #578) 5.5: Approach to Tahra (post #599) 5.6: Approach to Tahra II: Still Approachin'
  12. (Note: DO NOT post unit choices in this thread. For that, please go to my planning thread: http://serenesforest.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=63275) Hey all! I'm just about to finish my first playthrough of Birthright, and before I tackle the beast that is Conquest, I wanted to try a PMU just for the heck of it. The rules are as follows: My main team will be composed of 16 units (including the Avatar) You can choose the class, gender, Boon/Bane, and even the name for my avatar if you are so inclined. Since this is an Ironman run, I'm going to have an alternate team of up to 10 units to cover for inevitable deaths No grinding for EXP, supports can be grinded in My Castle Battles Units will be reclassed into their chosen class as soon as possible If a unit needs a specific pairing to obtain a class, please tell me that pairing. I'm still not used to how class inheritance works... The only DLC classes I can use are: 2 Dread Fighters, 1 Great Lord, 1 Lodestar, and 1 Witch/Ballistician Well, that's enough from me! Give me your best (or worst!) units, and I'll try to make them work. [spoiler=Main Team] Oni Chieftain!Orochi Falcon Knight!Sakura Lodestar!MU (+DEF/-MAG/Talent:Knight) General!Setsuna Hoshido Noble!Kana Blacksmith!Hayato Witch!Rhajat Priestess!Hana Onmyoji!Silas Onmyoji!Kagero Sniper!Felicia Dread Fighter!Azama Spear Master!Oboro Spear Master!Subaki Great Lord!Caeldori Mechanist!Reina [spoiler=Alternate Team] Butler!Takumi Kinshi Knight!Kiragi Blacksmith!Hinata Master Ninja!Shura Mater of Arms!Izana Onmyoji!Yukimura Dread Fighter!Azura Kinshi Knight!Ryoma Swordmaster!Kaden Maid!Hinoka
  13. Ladies and gentlemen, after a short hiatus, I present to you all... Fire Emblem Requiem! Fire Emblem Requiem came pretty much out of nowhere. One day, nobody knew what it was. The day after that, it was a totally completed hack and everyone was surprised. The synopsis is thus: On the continent of Emire, 17 years ago, a thirteen year war (commonly referred to as the "Great War") ended as the vassals of a Emperor turned against him to remove him from power and established themselves as separate powers in the mainland, bringing about a new era peace in the lands. This hack follows those in the noble house of Olva and more specifically the two children of the head of the house, Valentine and Ash, as another noble house, Egarde, threatens them by declaring war on them. Meanwhile, a more sinister threat grows to present itself. As for the hack's quality? Other specifics? I have no idea. I've done my best to keep myself spoiler-free, and so I'm going into this blind. We'll be finding things out as they happen! Won't that be exciting? Here's the topic for the hack, if you want to play it for yourself! Now, without further ado: Fire Emblem Requiem: Prelude: I'll post growths next time, this is getting long as it is.
  14. [spoiler=the unit selection phase] Rules: 1) For the first 5 chapters, any unit may be used in combat, cast spirits, etc. If possible, kills must go to units on the roster. 2) Starting in Chapter 6, unchosen units must be loaded onto a battleship as soon as possible. If no battleship is available, units are considered free until a battleship arrives. 3) Unchosen units may only use defensive spirits during the time they are trying to reach the battleship in order to avoid being attacked (Accel, Focus, Alert, etc.). They may not use support spirits like Trust, Bless, Cheer. 4) Pilots may only be swapped from default mechs if both pilots and mechs are on the roster (e.g. Camille and Quattro could switch since I have both of them, but I couldn't put Boss in the Mazinger or Sayaka in the Boss Borot). Units: Ialdabaoth/Folka (Protagonist) Argama/Bright (Battleship) Z Gundam/Camille Hyaku Shiki/Quattro Methuss/Fa (Repair unit) Boss Borot/Boss (Resupply unit) Escaflowne/Van Scheherazade/Allen Shin Getter/Ryouma+Hayato+Benkei Mecha Tekkouki/Tekkouki Wing Zero Custom/Hiiro Sandrock Custom/Quatre Altron Custom/Wufei Tallgeese III/Zechs Tauros SK/Noin Nu Gundam/Amuro Acrobunch/buncha dudes Teiring/Naria Teiring/Eriya Goraon/??? (Battleship) Guran Galan/??? (Battleship) I will be providing only minimal plot summary, because effort. [spoiler=chapter 1 pt 1] The UC gundams chat about how things have been going since the events of the last game, and how everyone dispersed to mop up stragglers etc. Then they receive an SOS. They go to check it out. Our protagonist wakes up, wondering where he is. Chapter 1 begins at the site of the SOS, some base starting with a J somewhere in South America, I didn't recognize the name. Some asshole by the name of Arion orders the base to be razed to the ground, but becomes excited when the gundam folk show up. He's positively itching for a fight. He and his lackies refer to themselves as the Shura army, and nobody's ever heard of them before... [spoiler=my units stats] Z Gundam/Waverider Hyaku Shiki Argama Methuss The map with the initial unit placement. Since my goal here is to funnel kills to units on my roster, my path forward is relatively clear. Weaken the grunts with two units each, so Quattro and Camille can do the honors. Turn 1: That was a crit, by the way. In order to reach with his post-move, I needed my battleship to cast Accel, so I went and did it early (out of order screenshots, I'm sorry.) Camille needed a crit to kill it turns out, but it doesn't matter since he'll be targeted on the enemy phase. The EP: Turn 2: I realized I forgot to give you screens of the enemy units, so I booted up the chapter and went through to grab them, that's why their HP totals might be out of whack. Anyway, now that we've had a chance to wound both basic Shura grunts, here they are. [spoiler=Shura grunts stats] Bofry Harps Quattro cleans up the sole survivor. Fa heals Camille. I load the other gundams onto the Argama, Accel, and advance towards the base. Turn 3: The protagonist makes his appearance, trashtalks the Shura people, and tells the gundams he has no beef with them, so long as they don't get in his way. [spoiler=his stats] He casts Accel and parks himself to the south of the suspicious northern base. Fa heals Bright and levels up. Bright Accels and chips. Chip gundams chip, and I forgot to take the screenshots of Camille finishing off its pathetic leftover health. We end the turn looking like this. Enemy Phase starts in the next post, because image limit is a dumb. Continued in next post.
  15. So, since I already started this, putting the introductory message in spoilers. [spoiler=Old stuff]Hey! I was just wondering how many people of you were interested in me doing a Screenshot let's play of Fire Emblem 7 Randomized. I haven't seen a lot of randomized Let's play these days, and since a lot of them are of Fire Emblem 8, I've decided to do it of Blazing Sword or whatever you want to call it. I know that almost no one knows me here because I'm rather new, I was some months on inactivity because I was tired of Fire Emblem, so I want people to know me by doing Let's Plays in my free time (right now I'm on holidays) I really think doing screenshot!Let's Play it's like my hidden forte, or maybe it's just me, but I think I'll do it fine! Also please keep in mind English is not my native language so I may have some errors in my grammar, please bear with me if that happens :P Now, there's something I would like to ask to the people that are watching this Let's Play. I'm very aware that at the start this is pretty boring, I mean the main purpose of Lyn's mode is serving as a tutorial, however, I don't want to skip those 10 chapters since y'know, this is a randomizer, different stuff happens. Things will get funnier in Eliwood/Hector mode! Anyways, I realized that there are so little people actually giving a (...) about this, and thus, the thing I wanted to ask is: What would YOU (yes, the one who's reading this) want ME to do? Since this is a public let's play, I want to hear what does the people want to see. There are a lot of randomizer let's plays hanging in the forums, so I want this to be a little different. So, if you want to help me to make this Let's Play unique and to have more people watching this, give ideas! Make this harder! Or funnier! Whatever interesting idea crosses your mind! Everything that can make this LP unique helps! And if you feel like a nice person, share this with the people you know, that would be AWESOME! [spoiler=Settings] (Yeah, not randomizing MOV because meh) So, HOW MANY COMMENTS CAN WE GET?! If I get enough comments about doing it, I'll start tomorrow! Or at least I will try to, if I don't forget, that is! Well, be sure to leave a comment, and I'll see you later!
  16. Many years back, before Enemy Unknown/Enemy Within was even conceived, 2K Games decided to shoulder the burden of rebooting XCOM. Unfortunately, that turned out poorly. Extremely. Fucking. Poorly. Perhaps because Mass Effect was popular at the time, but they decided to go with Third Person Shooter game play with pausing and issuing commands to your squad. For starters, that ran contrary to XCOM at the soul. XCOM was supposed to be a turn based tactical/strategy game. An extremely troubled development cycle didn't help either. At first they wanted to emphasize the investigative aspects of XCOM. You're an agent sent out to investigate anomalies and incidents across the US, document your findings, and turn them in for research when you get back. Then they scrapped a year's worth of development and began anew as a shooter with lots of alien blasting. More info on it here: http://www.polygon.com/features/2013/8/19/4614410/xcom-the-bureau-development-2006-2013 When the game was first announced, a lot of fans flipped their shit. 1950s? Shooter? Yup, definitely not XCOM. The funny part is that backlash gave Jake Solomon the opportunity to develop XCOM Enemy Unknown to recreate the old games in modern fashion. That one had its own troubled development of sorts, but a far cry from The Bureau's/XCOM Declassified's. But I took the plunge and played through The Bureau. I ended up really liking it. I like XCOM in general and the lore of the XCOM universe. The game's story wasn't anything unique nor profound, but what appealed to me were the tiny little details. In true 2K and Bioshock fashion, you had to go around to look for bits and pieces of the minutiae that put together the story. Sure, there was a big narrative and some important plot points happen in cutscene, but everything else was up to the player to find. Also, mixing the clothing and technology of the era with XCOM material in general did make for some unique art designs. All the screenshots for the playthrough have already been done. Now it's just posting them here so you can take a look. Many people haven't played it due to its reputation, but it's worth the bargain bin price. The Bureau is also confirmed to be a canon prequel to XCOM EU/EW and XCOM 2. In EU/EW, a certain research file refers to redacted files from the 1960s, which is what happened in the Bureau's ending when the council of Earth decided to erase everything that happened in order to avoid a public uproar. Link to my XCOM Enemy Within Playthrough: http://serenesforest.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=44271 Link to my XCOM 2 Playthrough: http://serenesforest.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=59276 Let's begin. I didn't originally plan on posting it here so things might seem to have some gaps, but rest assured I screenshotted a lot of the important things and I'll fill it in with what I remember. I don't feel like playing through it again.
  17. Hello everybody! Since apparently I don't have enough things to do, I'm starting a second let's play (I'll give priority to the Shin Patch, unless there's more interest here). This one is special though, as it's about a game you can't possibly know. It's my favourite one, too! I'm talking about... Do you happen to know something called rpgmaker? Well, this is an amateur, no-profit game made by an italian developer. It's full of ripped content, but I simply love it. Who knows? Maybe you'll love it too![spoiler=Prologue] It's been years since the last time I saw this...This is the main menu, with the fitting "To the Ancient Land" from Shadow of the Colossus. For some reason the gif maker had a delay of 5 seconds, but that's ok, as the resulting gif shows you the Seraphic Gate logo (to this day I have no idea why a single developer making a no-profit game would add this company-looking logo to his game... Nice animation, though). http://www.ffextreme.com/media/ff6/music/mp3/cd2/20.mp3 The first thing we see when starting the game, is this temple, accompanied by the mysterious sounding "Another World of Beasts" from Final Fantasy 6. What's happening!? We cut to this seemingly random house. Mom, look! There's many flashes! It's nothing, dear... Probably just a thunderstorm. That doesn't look like just a thunderstorm... We change location again, with another beam of light in the distance, fading. Once the beam is completely gone, the camera goes down, and this is what we find. No background music is playing, but we can hear the blowing of the wind. ... And then I said: "Hey, if you're searching for troubles, you found them!" AHAHAH! I would have broken that stupid dog's nose! Mah, I wanted to punch him in an eye... But then I thought I would have dirtied myself, so I dropped it. AHAH! What a funny story! AHAH! The dumber-looking guy walks a little and looks at the blonde guy. What are ya doing, Garamet? Hu? Me... No, nothing... I'm just watching this guy. He didn't say a word 'till the start of the trip... The brown-haired one gets up too. Ah...The greenhorn... I almost forgot... He closes his eyes... We've got a badass. Greenhorn, uh? Woah, we can rename player characters, I forgot about that. I resist to the urge of calling him Klein and go on. I advise you to not make me angry, alright? My name is Redian. Call me greenhorn again and I'll make you eat this rock. How dare you... Stop that... Let's finish this job quickly. I have no intention to stay with you clowns any longer, so let's hurry. Redian starts walking towards the van. ... Hey, what do we have to do? I hope they'll give me an extra for working with these idiots... Anyway, we must reach the pick and check the voltage generator. Voltage generator? But why? The Red Wolf will pay us to do that. That's everything there is to know. We just have to get to the top of the mountain and see if the generator works. This storm is causing some interferences and there are problems with the current in Helgon city... We don't know if the generator is broken or it's fault of the snow. Mah... I wonder why they sent us, don't they have some technician or something? I must repeat that? That's not your problem. If you really want to, ask Kie Rianold. Who's that? It's the CEO of the Red Wolf, you chump! He gave us this job! Aaah... Understood. Now let's move, or tomorrow we'll not be over yet. ... Why are you standing there? I'm feeling something... Something dangerous... That doesn't look good... What the hell was that!? I have no idea... Even a big bird shouldn't fly during a storm... It's strange. The van explodes, and a strong roar covers the sound of the storm. That roar... What kind of animal does that!? The screen shakes... https://soundcloud.com/enaluxeme/danger This track is simply known as "Danger" in the game's files (if someone knows where this track comes from, please tell me).As soon as it appears, the dragon kills one of the men. NO! Barnet!! There's no hope for him, let's go before we end up the same! The escaping begins! What are you waiting for!? Are you mad? We are going to the top! So? On the summit we'll be trapped! That "thing" will kill us! We can't change direction now. Let's go before it's too late! No way, I don't think so! I- I'm going away! The wildlife is against Garamet, apparently. Damn, a wolf! This will slow us down. I- I'm terrified... Damn you, Garamet! You are so big yet you're scared by so little! I won't go near that animal! Stupid fatball, stand aside! And this is the first battle! https://soundcloud.com/enaluxeme/battle This is the standard battle theme, a remix of "The Unfinished Battle with God Syndrome" from Valkyrie profile. ... Well, that was quick. The winning theme is "The key to singing the praises of victory", also from Valkyrie profile. I had Redian activate his skill "strike", wich does 150 more points of damage compared to a normal attack and always hits. It's useful now, but later on it's only going to be effective against enemies with very high defence, as normal attacks will be doing well over a thousand points of damage. Moving on. I'm scared! Dammit! Let's go already! Look, our first chest! It contained an ether. The dragon is following us... The group stops again on a bridge. Quick! We don't have much time! UUUHHH! We're all gonna die! Shut up, Garamet! Bernett is dead, and now is our turn! But the dragon is just in front of them. Shit! It's here... http://midishrine.com/midi/55189.mid This track, "Parting2" is part of the standard RTP of RPGmaker2003. I'm still alive, but the cold is killing me... I must find a shelter for the night... Redian walks a little to the left to see the sign and the cave. Helgon city is near, but I won't be able to reach it in such a short time... That cave... Hopefully it will be enough. Redian walks in the cave and... ... Title drop! The start of the first chapter signs the end of the prologue.So yeah, this will be quite the experiment. Hopefully it will work!
  18. Well, I couldn't finish up my randomized run of FE8 since my computer decided its power supply unit was no longer worthy and went kaput on me. Luckily I have a backup computer I can use, but without access to those files, I won't be able to finish it up until the PSU gets replaced. Thankfully, there's another plan I can run with in the meantime.... How about a hack that I enjoy immensely? This is Midnight Sun, a FE8 hack by Alfred Kamon with a compelling story and challenging (but fair!) gameplay. I could talk about everything I like about the hack, but I'll mention that as the screenshot LP goes on. As of v1.6, the prologue, eight chapters, one tower level, and a skirmish or two have been completed. As such, the LP may go into hiatus once everything's complete until v2.0 is released, but we'll cross that bridge when we get to it. If you wish to download this hack, check out the following link: http://serenesforest.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=35455 With that, let's get the ball rolling shall we? [spoiler=Prologue Part 1: The First Shoe Drops] I'll be going with Normal difficulty for this run. Difficult, while not unplayable, has not been balanced and is stated as such in the readme for the hack. If you select Difficult, be warned as things may be more unfair then the author intended. Also, this game has custom music, taking songs from various games. The main menu theme is from the Touhou game Undefined Fantastic Object, entitled Heian Alien, the theme of the extra stage boss Nue Houjuu. Fits quite well I have to say. I'm sure this one remaining Sacred Stone isn't going to come and bite everyone in the ass at some point down the road. The five main nations of the game, tasked with trying to keep peace across the land. Independent, cursed, and filled with brigands & criminals of all kinds? Lovely! Enough random narration for now. Let's get into the actual story by seeing Queen Munie conversing with the girl on the right, the esteemed Lady Faratrass (hereby known as Fa for short). Now, I do remember Alfred saying there was a particular reason for Munie's name, but I can't recall it offhand. Munie is very clearly wanting Fa to be strong, hence having her study in the arts of dark magic. Fa is harboring the soul of the Demon King after all. Sealed away yes, but inside her body. To be more specific, Fa is a Vassal. It's important enough that the text for it is in red. Anytime you see ANY text in red, it'll clue you in to something critical, be it for story related reasons like this or gameplay hints. Now, while Fa could let Munie explain just what the Vassal's job is all about... She decides to pass on it, but a new voice gets added to the Info command, accessible via the battle menu when things start getting serious. While Fa goes to let off some steam by walking around, she runs into a Hoikaidan soldier. He seems drunk, but Fa tries to ask him a question. The soldier though decides that Fa needs to die. Probably shouldn't have gotten drunk though because he whiffs on his two strikes at the princess. The problem though? He wasn't drunk. Someone brainwashed him, but Fa has no idea who. While she's pondering that, a mysterious swordsman comes in and kills the brainwashed soldier. Fa is clearly shaken up by this, probably wondering if killing the man was really needed. A hard thing to answer right now, especially when there's no clue as to who did this. The bigger question on Fa's mind...why does this swordsman have the same red eyes as she does? Possibly a long lost brother or something like that? Before she can really pry him for information, he flees, but advises her to get out and quickly. Strange. Luckily for Fa, her mentor, Alvano, appears. She goes on to explain about what happened with the brainwashed soldier. However, Alvano already seems to know and is expecting others. ...Wait, others? As in more soldiers? That can't be good. Well, assuming the random mysterious swordsman doesn't come in for an encore of killing, slaying both of the red army units. All of a sudden, a giant bomb of exposition is dropped... Alvano's the one who brainwashed the soldiers. Fa flips her lid...and rightly so. Why would Alvano do this? Well, clearly he's after the Demon King sealed inside Fa, but for what reason, we don't know. Fa somehow thinks these brainwashed soldiers can be reasoned with. Considering what just happened, I don't think they're really going to listen to you. The mysterious swordsman decides to deal with the elite soldiers while Fa can try going south and having a chat with Alvano. She'll have to kill if she wants to get over to her so called "Master" sadly so she'd better get serious unless she wants to die. We'll get into the gameplay next time!
  19. Now that we're finally through my excursion into Android FE clones, let's tread into slightly more familiar territory... FE4 Binary, or just FEBinary, is a Japanese ROMhack of Genealogy of the Holy War, created by a hacker credited as "Habana♦887.bsRoNI". The story and maps have largely been left alone in favor of major modifications the game's mechanics, adding new weapons and classes, making enemies more diverse and challenging, and generally making the game less wildly unbalanced while expanding the player's options. The changes are fairly under the hood at first, but become more and more pronounced as things wear on. Inheritance has also been changed to make pairings like Dew X Lachesis and Lex X Ira more viable and unique than before, and generally greatly reduces the need for passing down Pursuit to as many children as possible in favor of more interesting skills and weapons. Since the story has largely been left alone, I won't be touching upon the story events beyond how they affect gameplay (the hack's in Japanese anyway, so it's not like there's much to see for most of us). I'm also assuming people reading this have at least a passing familiarity with some of FE4's mechanics, as I'll largely be explaining the changes in terms of how they're different from the base game. I won't be listing growth rates, either, as no one's growths have been changed in the slightest. Also, I'm not playing for ranks or LTC here, so I'm gonna be taking a fairly leisurely pace through things and taking whatever sort of advantages I can get. Sorry if that's not what you're into, I'm just not good enough for that kind of stuff! With all that yammering out of the way, let's start the LP! Prologue Part 1: Mechanically explaining mechanics Nobody told me there was a typo in the first fucking sentence of the first fucking post and I'm ashamed for life.
  20. Hello, and welcome to the thread for my semiblind ironman Let's Play / Roleplay of all three paths of Fire Emblem Fates for the 3DS. This screenshot let's play is done in the style of a magical war journal written by the main character, Dakota. Who exactly is Dakota? Dakota is a rather unlikely hero: a creepily pragmatic, eugenics-obsessed, megalomaniacal, narcissistic, borderline-sociopathic, socially inept control freak with basically only one redeeming quality: their genuine love for the select few people who manage to get close to their heart. Their motivations are not quite as noble as the canon avatar, though there's no lack of drive to accomplish them, and there is some humanity in there somewhere. What do you mean by "Semiblind"? Basically, I've been super hyped for this game, so I have checked out the wiki for certain stuff. I know most of the basic classes and skills, and a handful of the new basic weapons (though I have not read up at all on the metagame and thus only have my 12 years of experience playing Fire Emblem to work out which of them are and aren't useful), I've seen Nintendo's site and know about all the characters and information/videos listed there, but when it comes to anything beyond that, the rest of the characters, the maps, the story, I am almost totally blind. Almost. What I know: How will this work? Basically Dakota will go through Birthright first and Conquest second, with Revelation being third. Dakota's gender will also go by the covers of the two games. Dakota will be male in Birthright, Female in Conquest, and whichever I decide I prefer in Revelation. Here are the designs i came up with for Male and Female Dakota using the Serenes Forest "Kamui Editor": Male: Female: As for the rules I'll be using in this LP: I'll use every non-dlc trick available to me that I can discover in both versions, but I'm not allowed to reset unless the game forces me to for losing an important character or failing the mission, and I cannot abuse this to force a reset to get a lost character back. I may also exploit the fact that I still have my original 3DS (and that I'm buying physical copies of both versions for collecting reasons) to self-streetpass if I can come up with an interesting thing storywise to do with it (and boy do I think I can). Also, while I won't be using DLC, I'll be using the amiibo because I have them, and because they add characters I feel I can do interesting things with. I update every day but thursday, some time around 6 eastern standard time, though the length of the battle means this can vary, and you can expect later updates the further into each path I get. Is there reader participation? YES! As of Conquest, I've decided to start using the castle visiting feature, but I've decided that I won't visit random castles. I'll only be able to access the ones that are sent to me. I haven't fully worked it out because I'm trying to avoid spoilers so I don't want to look up much, but here's my card: Just punch this address in and visit my castle, and then you'll be on my visit list and I'll visit you back. You might even make a cameo appearance in the series!
  21. Okay, I might be insane, but I'm willing to give this a try. I cannot guarantee I will succeed, but damned if we won't go down without a fight. For those of you not in the know, Long War is a mod for XCom (Enemy Within) that adds a lot of new content, and amps of the difficulty in several ways, while rebalancing it in others. I will be playing with a custom namelist. I've already added in a bunch of Serenes Forest users who've stuck out to me for one reason or another in the past, as well as various other people from other places in my travels across the internet. I have not been arsed to sort names to genders, so if the RNG misgenders you, please do not take offense. If you want to be double-sure your name is on the list, I won't start the playthrough for at least seven days, to give you a chance to reply to the topic and such. Long War also gives you the option to rename your Interceptor pilots. I'm not sure where the game file for that is, so I'll just rename them manually as I order new birds for my hanger. I'll be accepting nominations for the names of these fellas as well. Beta15 of Long War introduces some unique and interesting perks based on your starting country. These might not all be equally balanced, but I will pick the one I want, and you will deal with it. Additionally, I will restart after the first mission until I get steam vents etc. in positions that please me. This is my right, as I'm going to want every edge I can get to have a shot. After that, however, it'll be one save from start to end, just like it is supposed to be. People will die. If you die, either because of RNG or gross incompetence on the part of the commander, do not complain to me. You knew the risks when you enlisted. I don't have a set update schedule planned, but that might change if I get into a nice smooth routine. I will attempt to be as informative as I can be, but XCom is reasonably deep, and sometimes over-familiarity with a subject will numb you to the sorts of questions beginners might have on the subject. If something doesn't make sense, please ask! Updates: Update 0 Update 1 Update 2 Update 3 Update 4 (two parts) Update 5 (two parts) Update 6
  22. Well, I haven't played vanilla Leaf green/Fire red in a long time and I wanted to lp something so I guess it's decided. It's not like I've mastered the game so I won't be doing any hardcore challenges but at least to make things more interesting I would like you to give me an average team to beat the game with. Here's how it will go. I will take the first 6 suggested pokemon with different type. If there's two of the same type, I will just take the 7th one instead. Don't make me use things like Kakuna and Magikarp though. Also, if most of the team is available later in the game, I will use some other pokemon in their place 'till I get them.
  23. So while I am already currently doing a playthrough of this game (Well, 2 actually), they're mainly just for Skype and bordom. I think it'd be a cool idea try that one idea I had back when I made that whole "FftF Plays Romancing SaGa" thread, where I ultimately decide how my playthrough of Romancing SaGa goes. It went nowhere because we barely exited the first town after like 3 pages. So some people probably have the question of "What the hell is Romancing SaGa?" Romancing SaGa 3 is the third game in the Romancing SaGa series, as well as the 6th game in the SaGa series. Not counting the first game's remake on the PS2, it's the last game in the Romancing SaGa series. The game was released for the Super Nintendo in 1995, and was developed by Square. The game plays similarly to early Final Fantasy games, most particularly Final Fantasy II (NES), where characters level up based on how they play. The game is essentially a nonlinear Final Fantasy game, although it was only released in Japan, sadly. There is a fantranslation, but it's only like 90% complete, which I'll be playing for this LP. There are 8 playable main characters to choose from, and 22 other recruitable party members, totalling up to 30 playable characters overall. By the end of the game, we're only allowed to have 6 party members. The joy of doing this SSLP is that I can let you guys decide on my final party, starting with our main character. Now before we pick our main character, the intro! [spoiler=Intro] Now to pick our main character! [spoiler=Main Characters] Each Main Character will have a prologue to go through, and then have complete freedom to travel the world. Let's go through our cast of main characters, then! Male Choices: Female Choices: Note: You may recruit other playable characters once the game becomes non-linear. Monica and Mikhail can never be in the same party, and Katrina cannot be recruited if anyone else is the main character. Katrina also cannot recruit Mikhail and maybe Monica? I look forward to your responses, and if you have any questions, feel free to ask away.
  24. So, my last LP ended up boring me, but this one seems fun. At least it's new and exciting, and I'm nearly sure it was never done before at least here). Galaxy Robo is a Strategy RPG on Super NIntendo. It was recently translated, and why it may not look like much, it has some interresting maps (from what I saw so far.). And the scenario is classic, but have some interresting parts, which you'll see at some later point [spoiler=Introduction] Our story unfold on a star system called Farleus on its three inhabited planet named Rohan, Altomira and Luxia As time have passed, these words have developped unique cultures and governments which each attempting to influence and hold sway over the others This created a tipping point, and disputes concerning the overwhelming power of these mysterious mechanical relics led to armed aggression Though many perished, the warfare ended with the creation of machine similar in power to Ancient Robo Fighters - called "Mobile Soldiers" However, an undiscovered secret lies buried within the Ancient Robo Fighter This game will be played semi-blind. I went up to the 8th Map. EVerything after is a complete mystery. The game is constituted of chapters, each having 3 Scenario (AKA Map). So, now, how do you think a large scale conflcit involving multiple planets and ancient secret begins ? Thats, right : a bandit chapter ! [spoiler=Chapter 1 Scenario 1 : Game Intro] Each Scenario start with this. Here it's a route mission With the isolated incident of a sneak attack on his hometown, our story begins. Zoran : A group of mechanized bandits is raiding our town! Fatis : After all, we're the only one capable of operating the Mobile Soldiers! Coming, Dad? Gasch : Fatis, as of now, I want you to start piloting Freet. Fatis : B-But... That's your precious Ancient Robo Fighter! Do you really think I've got what it takes? Gasch : There's little doubts in my mind that you're ready, son. Just remember what I've taught you Fatis : All right, Father... I'll certainly do my best. C'mon, let's get moving! Frank : Even though our job is done, technically... No matter... Let's blow'em away anyway! Leia : I WILL have my vengeance for what you did to Claire! Phew... we can now start. First, let's take a look at the map. It won't be too long. As I told you... Don't worry (or maybe we should worry...), this seems to be an exception. We'll have lots of large map later. Now, for a FE player, the color code may be confusing, so let's detail what we have here. The blue units are the ennemies. The one higher up with a slightly different design is Frank, this chapter Boss. The Red unit is our Lord, Fatis (or more exactly his Ancient Robo Fighter (shorten ARB from now on)), Freet. I suppose it comes from Ifreet, and have nothing to do with Fleet Leia is the green... hingy you can vaguely see in the forest. Gasch and Zohan are at the bottom of the screen. The battle is separated between Ally and Ennemy phase. You gain Exp for damaging ennemies and for being damaged. Units cannnot counterrattack. Well, let's take a closer look at our units : The left stats are the Robo(t?)'s, the right one the character's stats. SHIELD is HP, and the other stats seems pretty obvious. Freet is amazing. One of the best unit in this chapter. High Movement, and great power. His only drawback is that it doesn't have any ranged attack. However, it's fitted with few armaments, so it's combat ability is low. Leia is the healer. She can Refill units, given them a few SHIELD back, and restoring all ammo for all attack. Refill doesn't give any Exp, so we'll try to makes her earn a few levels in this chapter. PulseLaser is 1-2 Range The Early Game Archer equivalent. Not the best, but far from the worse. Vulcan is 1-2 Range, and Cannon is 3-4 Range. It was previously deployed by the Rohan Knight Punch is 1-Range, and Tackle 1-2 Range. His attacks will nearly destroy basic Imp, letting your unit get the kill. He's max level, so it shouldn't be used too much. And now our ennemies : I have no idea what the "some models" is referring too, because so far, they're the worst RF (Robo Fighters) I've seen. They're 1-shotted by Fatis and 2-shotted by the others. He have great stats, but his machine is quite bad. I'll detail him more during the battle. Well, this is already quite a lot. I'll show the 2 first Scenario a little later.
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