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Found 212 results

  1. Due to large amounts of peer pressure, I've decided to join in the bandwagon and make a FE8 playthrough as well! But this is no ordinary playthrough...in my epic suicidalness, I have randomized EVERYTHING!!!! Here are my insane settings :3 The chances of me being heavily RNG screwed are incredibly high, but screw it, I'M INSANE! (part 1 coming tomorrow) COMING SOON: INCREDIBLY BROKEN WEAPONS! POSSIBLY GOOD OR BAD GROWTHS! INSANITY IN GENERAL! this is my first ever LP so I'm probably going to fail a lot at many things :c​
  2. Hello evrybody, i'm Izhuark and you surely don't know anything about me (if it's the case i invite you to read the well named "about me" section of my profile). I'm actually in summer vacation and have too much time so i looked on Romhacking.net if i could find translation of an RPG on the DS since i'm an huge fan of RPG... And I found this game. I never heard about it and tried it yesterday (it is past midnight in my timezone) about 30 minute and then thinked it would be cool to do a blind run on this forum... So here whe are ! About the game : Like i said i only played 30 minute into the game to know what kind of RPG it was and it seem to be a classic RPG with menu based combat and a 4 character party. The game look a lot like Etrian odyssey in the way it represent enemies, the guild and mission system, party formation, the skill tree and an adrenaline system like in the first EO except that instead of having a jauge that fill with each action each character have 3 "exhaust" points and can spend one to enter in this "adrenaline mode" i just now it augment the overall damage of the next action and i think you can restore those point by sleeping at the inn. The main difference between this game and Etrian Odyssey is that instead of roaming in a dungeon the layout is like clasic rpg's with towns and world map to explore. i read in the translation patch's readme that the game is masochistic so i except something around Etrian Odyssey difficulty... Prologue : In a world whith good Hunters and bad Dragon... I planned to let the user of the forums make their character but since I had no response; I will continue the let's play with my own ... but anyway if you want to know how the other class and apparences look here they are !
  3. NOTE:THIS LP IS ON HIATUS UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE OFFICIALLY CANCELLED Hello, this is Voidlord with my third attempt at an LP! Hopefully, it will go better than last time (AKA no getting burned out on randomization). Extremely low growths (10% or lower) will be in BOLD, while extremely high growths (100% or higher) will be UNDERLINED [spoiler=Prologue] Because I needed one that's not too hard but lacks easily breakable tutorials Fado sure likes magic users and spooky scary skeletons Lyon sure knows that you're bringing your a-game for evil when you bring a demon Valter is now a crazy axe murderer [spoiler=Growths] Growths: HP: 105% Mag: 60% Skill: 215% Speed: 45% Luck: 5% Defense: 90% Res: 115% Comments: Insane growth in the Defensive areas and Skill, with decent magic and Luck that is four times worse than regular Knoll's Voidlord's rating: 9/10 Cormag Growths: HP: 10% Strength: 60% Skill: 0% Speed: 80% Luck: 10% Defense: 75% Res: 95% Comments: Despite serious Crit and Crit Evade issues, he's usable with his high speed and unorthodox Defense/Resistance growths Voidlord's rating: 6/10
  4. Hello there Serenes Forest! You might remember a while ago I tried a random Sacred Stones run... Well, I gave up on that, since doing most of the stuff I was doing was tedious, so I gave up. Instead, as you see here, I will be playing FE:Gaiden, since well... It's Gaiden. I've never really seen a run on it on SF, so I thought I might give the real black sheep(Besides, SS is probably more of a gray sheep than it would be a black sheep) of the Fire Emblem Series. Gaiden, as the word means, is a side story to Marth's first game, Dark Dragon and the Sword of Light(Or Shadow Dragon if you go by the remake). It features some characters from FE1, and takes place about a year after FE1(I think, I know it takes place between Marth's first and second games.) [spoiler=The Beginnining ] If you leave it on the title screen you get some backstory on the game's setting. So far, as it says, there's two sibling gods on the island of Valencia. Can't have love without hate. In half? Then doesn't that make it two islands now if that was done? We only have two main countries here in this game, so don't expect doing to different countries in this game. Make note of this. You won't need to make note of this, because you'll see. And our first thing Gaiden has different from other Fire Emblems, is that there are explorable towns. I'm not sure why other FEs didn't try this, as it doesn't seem like that bad of an idea. Maybe someday? Also, here we have two people here, whom will talk... Right now! And that was sword training? It looked more like Alm(The blue guy) was just running into you then twoards the house and running into you again over and over. So is Alm a kid or something? I don't think people would say exactly that to a teen or adult. Then why don't you take care of them? You look like you could if you could be rammed into over and over and not budge. Anyways, I guess we need to go do... Something... Hmm? What's this here? Some kind of meeting? Uhh... Ok? Is it the guy next to you? Three of these guys say the same thing, so I'll try talking to the red guy. A chicken coup? Oh, that kind of coup! Why? Well, I don't know yet, but problably "Grr I want power so that's why I did it!" I mean, its a NES game, would the plot be THAT complex? Then just grind on some stuff like the bandits outside. Mycen? Purple armor guy? He's a general? Then why doesn't he fight those bandits? K. K. I guess? Mycen? So your just going to let the bad guy come and attack this village? What a jerk. Unless you're playing on casual mode(No this game doesn't have it) Yea... SHOTS FIRED! SHOTS FIRED! *Cue airhorns* So Alm does have a portrait, and talks! I thought he would just be silent the whole game. Your welcome. And here we have the first ever playable soldier in FE. Yes, they are actually a class, not something to slaughter. Lets see what the other three have to say. You! Yes you! I have the feeling he might get into trouble. Also, dat face. YOUR NOT ROBIN! Unless... *Gasp* Possible ancestor? Glad to see someone realizes this unlike some OTHER people. Also, calm down, don't be so angry. Well, lets see what could be in these woods... Surprise! Those bandits Mycen talked about! What a twist! I'm right at the limit of images I can put into one update(What I use for uploading images only uploads 50 at a time, per hour) so, We'll see stats and our first battle next time! Edit:I should change that this LP is not exactly completely blind. I have played a little of this game before, seen LPs in other places, and I've read a summary of the story, so plot wise I know somewhat what is coming, but gameplay wise is a whole different story. Some advice would be helpful, but don't give away things like secrets and the like.
  5. In a sea of LPs of FE games and ROMhacks made by people far funnier and more talented than I could ever dream to be, one LP stands alone... Partia 2: The Pretenders War, made by Imago Software and a sequel to their previous game (which, from what I can tell, is the only other game they've released), could best be described as "Fire Emblem for Android and iOS". It's got a few distinct features of its own to make it a bit less of a carbon copy, but it'd definitely pass a paternity test and leave Fire Emblem dodging child support payments. The team who made it were clearly rather small and working on a low budget, though, so it's obviously lacking in a lot of areas (though not as much so as its prequel, from what I've heard). It's a bit like eating off-brand food you found at the dollar store; it resembles the thing it's imitating well enough, but it isn't quite as good as the real deal. Still, aside from the slightly fiddly controls (which are mostly a problem thanks to how ridiculously small the portion of the screen that's actually dedicated to game graphics is), it's a decent little SRPG, and certainly orders better than most strategy games and RPGs on the Play Store. Anyway, I'll be transcribing the dialogue (of which there is a lot) and explaining the mechanics as best I can, but due to a general lack of documentation and the complete lack of a script, I'm liable to miss a few things. You'll just have to bear with me on that. I've also only played up to a certain point, so the informativeness of this LP might decline later. I'll be trying to maintain an every-other-day schedule if I can. Anything the characters themselves are saying will be italics, new character names will be in bold, my own comments will be normal Enough of my dull babbling, though, let's get on with things: Chapter 1 Prelude: So many words Growths, mechanics and stats Contrary to what I said about my every-other-day schedule, the next update'll be coming a lot sooner then that. Let me know what you think!
  6. So recently a bunch of screenshot LPs of FE8 using the new universal GBAFE randomizer have been popping up. I decided I wanted to do one too, but I wanted something more original, and not just the same old stuff. So I'm doing FE7 instead! Here are the settings I'll be using: Same settings Klok is using on his except I toned down the enemy growths a bit because FE7 is harder than FE8. I will be playing on Hector Hard Mode, recruiting every character that I can, and keeping everyone alive. I'll also be going for every Gaiden chapter except 19xx. Sidenote: I haven't actually played Hector mode before, or really any of the game past chapter 20, so my knowledge of those parts of the game will be vague at best. That just adds to the challenge though! Now let's get going! [spoiler=Chapter 11] And so it begins. Looks right. First chapter, and it's one I've never actually played. This should be fun. Uther doesn't want this game to happen apparently. First off we have Wallace the Shaman! He's replacing Hector. 4 move isn't great, and his stats are also pretty meh. That defense though. Wow. And of course he comes with two Lunas instead of a flux so he'll be doing five damage to everything ._. And Luna ways him down to 0 AS so pretty much anything faster than a snail will double him... Do I have to use this guy? Yes? Ok then. Hopefully his growths are stellar. Next we have...Hector actually. Mercenary replacing Matthew. 7 move is great and his stats are pretty nice as well. He can wield that Iron Sword just fine and he'd only lose 1 AS switching to steel. Plus he comes with keys since he replaced a thief. Definitely being used unless his growths suck balls. Here's the boss. He really outsteps my units. Thankfully he only has an Iron lance and I don't think he moves so Wallace can just Luna spam him. These enemies don't mess around, holy shit. Especially that knight, wow. This'll be a bit tough considering my only healing item are gonna be the couple of vulneraries some of the enemies drop. My plan is to bust down the wall, unlock this door with my key, and let the thief unlock the other door. Unfortunately it's gonna take me two turns to bust this wall down because Wallace is shit and can't do more than 5 damage. These two both attack the wall. Wallace will finish it off next turn. Positions after enemy phase. Offscreen is the thief, who's just below the bottom right pillar, the archer in the top left room, and the boss. Soldier was stupid and blocked the archer from attacking Hector. Wallace destorys the wall so Hector can attack. Hmmmmm... *Waits* Ummmm... Fuck. At least Wallace got a critical afterwards. So there is no way I'm gonna be able to beat this chapter like this. I may have set enemy growths too high. So here's what I want to ask you guys: Should I rerandomize with lower enemy growths? Or should I keep this randomization and try Hector normal mode instead? [spoiler=Resets] Game Overs (A character whose death results in a game over dies.) None yet Deaths (Another character dies.) Hector - Chapter 11 - Died to overpowered generic enemies.Also if someone could tell me how to look at a character's growths, that would be helpful.
  7. Teq here, with yet another LP. I too feel the need to investigate this hot new randomizer schtick, and I shall do so in the most obnoxious way: by making y'all watch me play it. I'm following Klok's rules in his randomizer thread, with one exception: all growths have a minimum of 5%. This works out to 1.8 levels over 38 level-ups on average, so it's hardly gamebreaking. The rules! I'll be posting growths at the end of the chapter; until then, I don't know them. For the most part I expect my characters to be absolute shit and my life will be a living hell because of this. [spoiler=Prologue] Yeah, let's make things a little more lively, shall we? Well, our lord has swords, which is nice in the earlygame, has halfway decent stats, and a really nice HP pool. I think I could like this one. Only drawbacks are his low movement and strength, and that slim sword isn't helping his damage output. Our Jeigan is...holy crap, 19 speed? Sure, that's 17 speed with iron axes, but this gal is going to double pretty much everything in the earlygame. Great defense and HP; I don't care how bad her growths are, she's getting used. I'm really glad Eirika didn't become a revenant or something; O'Neill would rip her apart with his thunder tome. Fortunately, my guys can handle him. Saleh starts this run off with a bang. Tana nods approvingly in the background. Saleh goes on a forest to gain some evade. Tana runs off, just in case that fighter decides she's a more tempting target. And now I need her. Lovely. She can ORKO, but she'd get OHKO'd if she didn't crit, so I have her heal up as a precaution. She gets the kill, no big deal, no big fuss. End of Prologue [spoiler=Growths (Saleh, Tana)] Saleh: HP: 15 Strength: 70 Skill: 60 Speed: 5 Luck: 5 Defense: 35 Resistance: 55 He has a pretty high HP base, so I'm not terribly concerned about his low hp growth, but the speed is disheartening. He'll just have to whip out lots of crits. Defenses aren't terribly bad, either. Definitely not as bad as Terrador's revenant Eirika. Tana: HP: 20 Strength: 10 Skill: 60 Speed: 40 Luck: 60 Defense: 100 Resistance: 5 Her high speed base and ok growth compensate for the low strength growth. In fact, it's even better, so she function as a chipper and not steal so much xp. Can actually hit things with axes. Great defense and is guaranteed to cap before 20/20, but she'd better avoid mages like the plague. I actually had chapters 1 and 2 written up as well and accidentally backspaced. I'll rewrite them tomorrow.
  8. Hello, this is my LP of FE4. Here it begins. Hopefully you'll enjoy: I apologize in advance, if some units are going to die, because I'm very VERY bad at this game. [spoiler=Prolog part 1] Welcome to FE4 Genealogy of the Holy War. It's the first time that I play this game and it's also my first blind LP of a regular FE game. Since I'm enjoying FE5 a lot atm, I thought to start doing a LP of its prequel. Since it's blind LP I know almost nothing about this game. I know that for example skills and marriages exist, but I don't know, how exactly these mechanics work. I try to find it out as much as possisble by myself. However tips and hnits are always appreciated! So let's start this: A rolling timeline - cool! Never have seen it in FE before. Geography Judgral's (I show it uncutted, because I need it to understand the entire story) Grandbell Lots of douchfaces I know this guy Agustria Verdane Current situation I think I know, what they're going to do... Sirgod They're f**ked! Sirgod and Noish This is Oifaye, when he was a cute teenager. "Mr. Frankenstein" Ardan and Alec Map Since in FE4 the maps are much larger than in any other FE game and the fact that the SNES9x has a different image format than VBA, I can't show you the full map. I only will show you the images, where the main action takes place. Jungby in the south, which will be defended by Midir. Probably vainly... Chalpys in the east, where my units start. Another castle in the west, which isn't taken (yet). My allies Noish Noish is a social knight, who can use sword and lances. Cavaliers are divided in this game: sword, axe, lance and bow cavaliers exist; also cavaliers, which can use two weapon types already. So far as I know mounted units can't be dismounted in FE4. Explanation of some terms (please correct me, if I'm wrong): Lover: I believe, if you attack next to your partner, you'll get an automatic critical. Talk: If you talk to this person, you'll get a reward. Gold: ? Arena: ? State: ? Anima magic divided in this game like in FE5 and Tellius. His stats for level 3 are pretty insane. In general the base stats of the allies are pretty high for their level, because also the enemies have damn high base stats (will explain it later). Each of my allies has at least one skill. Noish even has two: critical and charge Tbh I don't exactly, what charge will do, but think I'll find it out sooner or later. Sigurd Sigurd is the main character of Gen 1. He's a lordknight. He has awesome weapon ranks (* = max rank I think). He also has two leadership stars, which could give him +10 hit and evasion like it does in FE10. Pursuit sounds like adept from the Tellius series, another attack. Overall a pretty damn good unit! Ardan Ardan is a swordarmor knight with expectable stats of a knight. Armorknights also seem to be split in sword, axe, lance and bow. He has nice sword rank and the ambush skill. It seems to work like FE13 vantage. Not as good as it's in FE5. Alec Alec is another socialknight. One level below Noish with accordingly lower stats. Same weapon ranks like Noish. He also has pursuit and nihil, which works identically like it does in FE10. It cancels the skill(s) of the opponents. Midir [ Midia is a bow cavalier. He can't do anything against all these brigands with her only 2 range weapons. His stats are alright. He also has pursuit and charge. Boss Now the castle in the west Evans is seized by this guy: Look at these stats: 55 HP and 16 speed - insane! Too bad that his weapons weigh him down so dramatically! The hand axe weighs 20 (!!!) and there's no buffer in this game. So his speed should be 0. Enemies In this chapter you only fight axe and bow brigands. Like I earlier said not only my units have pretty damn good stats, but also the enemies. The brigands have up to 40 HP. In the first turn I'm killing the first enemy. Right: Stats of your unit's weapon Left: Stats of the enemy's weapon One imprtant advice: You must defend the castle where you start. If an enemy captures it => Game Over; same goes when Sigurd dies. Also make sure to place an unit in this castle, whenever an enemy is very close to it. The castle throne also gives you very nice boosts. In the enemy phase Midir couldn't defend Jungy as I expected. The enemies capture not only the castle Jungby, but also Aideen. Aideen will be brought to Evans and a brigand destroys the bridge. First I must recapture Jungby! Enemies will come towards me and will burn villages! Two more allies - Azel and Lex Lex Lex is axe cavalier with excellent base stats and weapon level and two awesome skills: Ambush (like Ardan) and elite, which gives you double experience. Probably one of the best units in this game! Azel Azel is a mage with very nice base speed. He hasn't as awesome skills as Lex has, but still a pretty good unit I think, since is the first non physical unit in this game!
  9. Since Dark Souls III is coming out I decided that I might as well do something to celebrate. Like torture myself in the first one! And instead of doing the logical thing and building a dex character and going +15 on the Spiked or Pierce shield. I'm going the cool route and am just going to get the knight shield and set it on fire. And now, introducing Pleure. It almost means I cry in french, but it's missing the subject. Undead Asylum, First Visit
  10. And tonight, we begin what may be my shortest, most canceled, lamest, or moderately amusing LP yet! It's going to be one or two of those adjectives at max, really. It is... THE RECKONING! The Reckoning is a hack made by Marisa the Crimson Flash, and can/could be found here. EDIT: After certain requests, It would be best to have no further descriptions. Let's get started, this hack kind of speaks for itself. The Reckoning: Episode 1: Chapter 11: The Horror Commences
  11. Hey, how are you doing. I decided I wanted to do something with FE12, especially since no one is updating my current tag team of it. *coughcough* I wanted to try this playthrough as an idea. I want you, the people of SF, to make all the choices for me. This includes, Our dear MU's name and what they look like, class, stats, etc. All choices in the story (Who we get in the prologue, hair style choices, etc.) Who we use on each chapter Who we bench, and when we bench them Who we train in the training grounds and etc. And probably a few more things. A few exceptions to the rules I'm OCD and want to recruit everyone, so if someone is recruitable during a certain chapter, said person will be fielded, no questions asked. This will be a true ending run, so nothing that will screw me out of getting it. Julian, Minerva, Sirius, and Merric will be mandatory, mainly to get everyone during the final chapter, and just in case so I don't get screwed completely. You have to be reasonable with who we field in each chapter, I'm not using untrained people in late game chapters. No more than 2 units of any class. No reclassing. And this will be played on Hard mode, because I like to have fun with playthroughs and not hate myself. But anyways, we need to do stuff before we start! What's our name? I'll either randomize it or pick the most popular name, let's just see how this goes, first.
  12. Title says it all: I’m going to play FE1. Read the tale in this thread. I'll mostly be playing this for fun! Because I love FE1. However, I will also be exploring the game to get more yet unknown info on FE1 up on SF (if VincentASM ever gets around to doing that). This means I’ll be testing things like death quotes and – luck. I will include this exploring in spoilers. That way, people who are interested in that stuff can look at it and people who only want to see the gameplay can ignore it. This is my first LP ever, so I still need to get the hang of things. Constructive criticism is always welcome, of course. If I include either too many or too few screenshots, please tell me. I'm a bit busy as of now, so chapter 1 will be up this weekend. In the meantime discuss this dilemma for me: should I use the official names or the names from the translation patch? On the one hand, using official names could make this easier to follow for people who are already familiar with (say) FE11, but not with the fan translations of FE1. On the other hand, this means the names in my screenshots will differ from the names I use, which could be confusing. Anyway, for clarity's sake, here is a link to the name chart. Now that that is out of the way, let’s start. I’m not going to screenshot the entire intro for you. If you’re desperate to watch it, you can find it on a magical place called the Internet. Like here. The story so far: At first, there are Falchion sword, Dark Dragon (Shadow Dragon) and Fire Emblem. Seriously, that’s all the ancient history we know. Recent history: our main character is Marth, the Prince of Aritia (Altea), who was dethroned by Durhua (Doluna/Dolhr) (bad guy alert!). Durhua is also the guy who sends generals. This is where I begin. GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!
  13. Pokemon Sacred Gold Nuzlocke Yes, welcome to this nuzlocke playthrough of Drayano's Sacred Gold hack for Pokemon Heart Gold. This hack allows you to find every Pokemon that had been added to games by the 4th gen, and also increases the challenge of Gym leaders and other trainers. So prepare yourself for a short lived series, where you'll witness beatings, thrashing, shit being pushed back in, and generally unethical treatment of both man and animal. Also, big screenshots! The rules for this playthough will be as follows: [spoiler=Rules]- Any Pokémon that faints is considered dead, and must be released. - The player may only catch the first Pokémon encountered in each area, and none else. If the first Pokémon encountered faints or flees, there are no second chances. - Must nickname every Pokémon. - A black out/white out is considered to be "game over", even if there are Pokémon left in the PC. - Species/Dupes Clause: Adjusting the first encounter rule to prevent the player from having to catch multiple of the same Pokémon, for the sake of variety. Generally this means that the trainer can keep fighting Pokémon in the area until one is encountered that has not been caught yet, which then immediately counts as the first encounter. - If the player runs into a Shiny Pokémon, the player may still catch it, regardless of whether or not itis the first encounter in the area. - No legendary captures. - Due to the supposed difficulty of the hack. All gift Pokemon will be accepted. This rule may change if people disagree with it And so, we shall begin! [spoiler=Prologue] This intro screen is a lie. This is not merely Heart Gold, but you can still take a moment to admire the fabulous bird. Oak makes sure we know what we're in for. Don't let the smile fool you; he really hopes I suffer. Here's me with my awesome and original name. Pictured left are the faces of evil. HURRAY! ME TOO! HURRAY FOR ME! Running Shoes, bike, and GB Sounds before even leaving the house. Best mum ever. But seriously, this is pretty sweet getting all this stuff off the bat. I'll be having the GB Sounds on, since I'm a nostalgic twat. Gameboy Colour forever! Don't worry, you only crushed my soul. Anyway, we need to head over to Elm's Lab. A handsome devil. Would you like to cause problems for the establishment with me? Today is our lucky day. Finally, we'll be allowed to leave this place, after years of isolation from the rest of the world. Now, it's a simple case of picking our partner, who will never die. Hmm... Mmhmm... I see... I have made my decision. There's only one choice for me. It's the cutest starter ever after all. And I also have the perfect name in mind. Looking good. I think that's a lax nature. Also, new ability for the hack. Squee. He's much cuter than tubby largekins over there. Yes. Now we can collect numbers and be pestered by the tosspots we brutalise. For example... Our first wild battle. Of course, the Nuzlocke doesn't start until we have Pokeballs. Also, just one example of the new Pokemon that have been added to the region. Another reason to approve of this hack. Our first level up. We also learn Razor Leaf. Thankfully, this old man gives us some stuff to make up for his droning. We heal up and then head onto Route 30 for some more training. Here's another Pokemon that'll get a Weedle instead of. I might actually make us for this for once, since any free balls will help save money for precious potions. Cameos from the inferior 4th generation games? You bet your arse this hack has them! Garchomp please. I'm so terribly bad at making decisions, ma'am. I'm better off with a Garchomp. Okay, he's modest. That narrows it down. Also, I wish I'd named it Garchomp for a comic effect. Alas. Yes, it's completely a mystery to everyone. And, we're all set on the menu front now. Thanks old pal. That sounds urgent, Prof. I'll race right back. After training... ... and doing this. Squee. Now my feelings are hurt. If this guy thinks I'm a loser, then it's gotta be true. But at least I've got an advantage. Thank you Cynthia. That Cyndaquil did a worrying amount of damage with its Tackle. Honestly, I don't know how much this Growl actually helped. Tackle. Tackle. Tackle. Tackle. Verdante's got it down. Yes. Yeah... good luck with that, mate. Your beautiful, beautiful name. And there you have it; a Nuzlocke prologue with absolutely no Nuzlocking whatsoever. Tune in for the next part, where I'll quest to gather as much fodder as possible. I sincerely hope that I can continue this for a good while, and that you'll enjoy it.
  14. What's up, Internet? This is SilverHairedFreak25! I'm starting up an LP thread, but I don't know what to do. So, I'mma ask you a question: What do YOU want to see? The poll contains my three favorite RPG series, and I'm gonna keep the poll up until June 16th. Have a nice day! Can't wait to start playing! Current/Finished LPs: Requiem: Hiatus GhebFE: http://serenesforest.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=54564&p=4190719
  15. So one day in Let's play Fire Emblem Binding Blade (Blindish) by Dual Dragons, I sort of made a mini bet with Elf_01 that DD would not get chapter 16x on the first try. Needless to say I lost. The bet was an absurd challenge lp. So I thought to myself: why not take the one thing that makes FE4 bearable-and throw it out the window FE4 Mountless everybody! Here are the rules: 1: Because I suck at fire emblem, mounts may be used until chapter 2 Heirhein castle. After Heirhein is seized, mounts are banned from combat. 2: Mounts cannot use the arena from chapter 2 onwards. 3: Mounted units may pair with females. (Funfact: There is only one female mount in Gen 1!) 4: Mounted units may participate in Talk convos and Give. 5: If a foot unit promotes to a mounted unit, that unit may not promote. 6: I am currently unsure about the situation in chapter 7. That will be decided later. 7: Full Recruitment no deaths (hopefully.) 8: Mounted units may visit villages for items, money, etc. I may add an extra rule I forgot to mention or temporarily suspend the rules if a chapter is impossible (and not like "I didn't get X item: the chapter must not be doable without someone dying.) Planned pairings: JamkaxAyra ClaudxAideen Some random doofus with Lachesis because it doesn't even matter. Probably Dew. LexxSylvia. Maybe, I'm not sure. LevinxFury AzelxTiltyu NoishxBriggid Also, this is my first LP ever, so please give me feedback to improve it! [spoiler=Prologue-Jungby Part 1] Alright, lets go! So basically I won't go through the story very much, just do whatever I feel like commenting on. Read the LP on the archive if you're confused. Anyways, Gandolf the Green of Verdane is attacking Jungby castle in Grandbell, and Aideen is worried. Midir promises to protect her. So somehow Sigurd of nearby Chalphy hears of this instantly, and tells Noish that he's going to solo the entire Verdane army and rescue Aideen. Truth be told, I wouldn't be surprised if he did. Anyways, Noish tells him that he's dumb and that he and Alec are going with him. Alec tells him to rescue the villages. Also, OIFAYE . God, Alec's a jerk isn't he? No wonder I'm not using him. Anyways, this new dude is Ardan, and out of these guys, he's the only one I'm allowed to use longterm. And our cue to begin! So I won't discuss any of the mounted units except for this guy. THIS GUY. HE'S A PREPROMOTE LORD. Yes, Sigurd it THE best lord in the entire fire emblem series, better than Awakening Avatar even! (Tbh I haven't played that game). He has good growths for a FE4 first generation unit, in addition to his Baldo holy blood. Here's the thing though: he doesn't lose experience gain for being promoted. So imagine Seth getting the same EXP as Franz, and you have Sigurd. PURE. AWESOME. He has skills too! Only one, but it's the most important. In this game, you need the Pursuit skill to double attack with higher speed. He has this skill. Ardan is pretty bad. He is the bottom of the bottom tier. Although it's not the speed or skill that kills him. It's the unchanging 5 move. In a game with maps BIGGER than the Path of Mounts, this is just sad. I will use him. He has vantage, which was nerfed from it's Thracia and FE9 form. It will only attack first when under 50% health. Nifty, but rarely useful (unless you have a certain other skill we will see later.) He gets the privilege of being the first unit to move in the game! For some reason I sent Sigurd north instead of south to Jungby, but I fix it later so w/e. Next, transitioning to the area around Jungby, we have here Gandolf the Green. And holy shit, those stats are good. He drops a skill ring, but we can't get it this chapter. He doesn't have any skills. He's positioned just outside of Jungby, and who's guarding it? Oh. Aideen's screwed. Midir has pursuit and Charge, which activates when you have higher Hp and speed than your opponent. It's good on bow users because they can deal damage without getting countered, but Midir's HP growth isn't very good. It's still useful in ltc runs though. Anyways I won't be using him. So we end turn, and Gandolf attacks Midir. What the- HEY YOU CAN'T CRITICAL YOU HAVE NO SKILLZ! (Yes critical is another skill, Noish has it.) So Gandolf snags Aideen from Jungby and moves- Very far away. Cheater. First a crit and then this?! Why can't Ardan do this! Gerrard has problems. Cannibal. And now on EP Ardan sees his first combat! Yes I did directly defy Alec and Oifaye, why do you ask? Sigurd on the other hand shows his brokenness and one rounds this doofus. I'm pretty sure no lord can do that except FE10 Ike! Enemy phase is mostly uneventful. When suddenly- Oh hey! The red haired one is Azel. He's a footed mage! I can use him! Too bad he promotes to Mage Knight. The other guy is Lex, an axe knight. He's actually really good, but I can't use him. Woo Azel! You player! Azel has decent stats, as well as a decent magic and speed growth. That's not the problem though. The problem lies with his magic specialization, fire. In this game, all fire/wind/thunder spells have the same might. However, fire has 12 weight, thunder has 7 weight, and wind has 2 weight for each spell. This means that Azel is stuck with the worst kind of magic. Don't worry, he can buy and use thunder and wind magic too, but those are obtained in chapter 2 and 4. Azel has pursuit, which makes him invaluable in these early game maps. The brigands have no resistance and use 18 weight axes (balance, am I right?) so Azel is able to one round some of them like Sigurd. His other problem is that he promotes to mage knight, a mounted class. So he's stuck with 5 move. Showing here Azel's earlygame powah! And Ardan gets his first kill! Whoo! Meanwhile this archer pesters Sigurd. Doesn't prevent him from being amazing though. Also, this dude attacks Lex. I think he dodged, but I don't remember. And then wHEEEEYYYY who are you guys? WHY ALL MOUNTS . So apparently Sigurd's troubles have spread ACROSS THE CONTINENT INSTANTANEOUSLY. The chick is Ethlin, Sigurd's sister. She can heal! Finally! The guy on the left is his husband, Cuan. He's the king of Lenster. He's also really good, and prepromoted. He also doesn't suffer Exp consequences. The third guy who I didn't screenshot is Fin, Cuan's loyal knight. He's unpromoted, and has some decent potential. In addition, he serves Jeigan purposes in the second gen providing you trained him. So Alec or Noish (I really hope it's Noish) kill the bandit, but they leave it for Ardan. Sigurd bashes this guy Then moves ever closer to Jungby. The Lenster Trio move. Meanwhile, Lex snags a kill. And Azel continues being Azel. Just FYI, I won't cover level ups. I'll just posts stats after chapters or something like that. Enemy phasee Oh no Sigurd took damage. And this bandit is still going. Let's correct that next turn. Go die in a hole. I'm pretty sure Sigurd got hit twice somehow. Cuan is such a BEAST! Ethlin snags the kill Finally, Ardan takes the village and some gold that's living in it. Noish pesters this guy with a hand axe. Lex gets this other guy with a hand axe. With one kill and one or two battles, he already has 94 EXP. This is because he has Paragon, which is the main reason why he's so good. Who else to get the kill but AZEL! He even dodged! Pfeh you. Ethlin is really dodgy in the early game, which is good. Will make part 2 How do I name spoilers? EDIT: I have now decided on the situation in chapter 7. First, I'll have Nanna return Fin, Leaf, and then herself, and see what happens. If that breaks the game, then on the second attempt Leaf may see combat. Nanna may heal Leaf, but may not fight, and Fin has to cower in a corner or something, Idk. I might just have Leaf stand on Lenster castle and see how that turns out. EDIT: Ayra was the MVP of the first generation, so the poll goes down.
  16. Mr.Night here with another LP, but this time I am taking a breather and relaxing with pokemon because I want in on all this pika pika goodness. However I will be doing a nuzlocke challenge as well because I have never finished one before. (tried once before on some hacked version but it just didn't feel right and quit before the first badge) So on to the rules. Rules: 1) one pokemon per new area, no double catching either, if I meet the same one I have caught before, I can catch the next one. If its still one I have caught before or I kill it, tough luck, I must move on. I can catch evolved forms of previous caught pokemon however. 2) If pokemon dies, it goes to the box of the dead. If I lose all my pokemon including ones in pc, its a wipe and my run is over. I go crawl to a hole and live in shame as a shit trainer. 3) No legends but event pokemon and ingame trades are allowed. 4) Items are allowed, same with healing in pokecenters. Switching in battles is also allowed so there is no excuse. All revives will be sold. 5) If I don't get any pokemon that can't learn an HM I need to move, I can catch one and use it only for that sole purpose. The hm slave is considered a zombie pokemon that just helps out. So to get this started. The start of my pokemon journey Pokemon Memorial
  17. This is a hack And like I had a brilliant idea to waste time showing it to you all here Even though some of you already know this DON'T SPOIL ANYTHING [spoiler=Boring Intro] Gee I wonder who the creator's favorite Pokemon is Mew is totally relevant to the story right guys~ It's literally Donut backwards. This game is Glazed already. Still with the tree names I see. He even has a tree Pokemon with him. Okay can we all agree that this design looks stupid. Because it looks stupid. Superior desgin I dunno, you tell me Now we just need the Who/What/When/Where/How Well this is just dandy. get me back over where exactly..? The screen flashed white after this and we all died. Yes explain later when I want to know now. Gee this has certainly no way to end terribly in the plot at all. Gee this better not happen again. He died. He's dead. You know it's a good Pokemon hack when you can't get a Potion from your P.C. It's an even better hack when you can't even click on your P.C. Wait why is there a male sprite there. Do I have a DAD in a not R/S/E Pokemon game!!! Yay what fun. Hey look actually cool Pokemon. I thought I just had to be 10 years old? You know it's a good Pokemon hack when... OMG GEN 4 POKEMON GAIZ THIS HACK IS 2GOOD6ME!!!111!! AKA the only option. Be prepared for the shittiest journey of the century. Yes good job. This guy handle supply and demand almost as well as Nintendo does with Amiibos! Such a CLASSY NAME. 9-1-1? It only gets worse from here guys...
  18. Well, recently I've been wanting to make this, and figured now was as good time as any. Decided on using a mod that added lots of stuff to make it a more interesting ride. So first things first. For this, I'll be playing with Austria. Now, were it the normal game, the options to go as Austria is to form Austria-Hungary, or beat Prussia in becoming Germany. However, the mod brings up another option: The Danube Federation This is essentially the mod's take on what WWI stopped from happening: Franz Ferdinand's idea of redrawing the empire into the United States of Greater Austria, granting the various ethnic groups within the empire a level of autonomy that only the Hungarians had gained so far. Sounds like a promising challenge. Now, before starting, one more detail I want to implement. Something just for fun. Normally, the names of the in-game generals are generated from a pool of names and surnames and picks a combination at random. However, I think it's possible to edit the names of already generated generals by editing directly from the save files. So basically I ask: Who would be interested to lead the armies of Vienna... to victory! Well, in any case, since I'd need to do the renaming as soon as generals start to pop-up, I'll first wait if there are those interested in that before doing so or starting without it. Just a note, since the game spans more than a hundred years of history, obviously the generals don't last that long. For that case, if there aren't enough names, I'll just rename an inactive general and just go on from there. Sure, makes little sense... but then again, the player being acknowledged as the King/President/etc who seemingly also lives that long... yeah... So for those who want to, pick the type in the poll. Just note that I usually don't use navies much, so be wary of wanting to be a navy admiral if others have chosen already. So until next time. [spoiler=Table of Contents] Prologue I - The Concert of Europe, External Matters Prologue II - The Concert of Europe, Internal Matters Chapter I - The End of a Year Chapter II - Incursion on Tripoli Chapter III - The Greek Plight Chapter IV - The Struggle for Bosnia Chapter V - The End of a Struggle Chapter VI - Army & Industry Chapter VII - Further Development Chapter VIII - The Road to War Chapter IX - The Austrian Mediterranean Chapter X - The German Storm Chapter XI - The Russians are Coming Chapter XII - The Decline of the Tsar Chapter XIII - Austria's Polish Adventure
  19. Another doohicky nuzlocke thingy between myself and Horace, taking Fire Red and Leaf Green respectively. El Rules - One mon per area - No doubles - If a mon dies, it be deads - No super chickens - Loser is whoever kills more mons or actually wipes After SS Anne, Silph Co and Giovanni, cruel trades will take place where Horace and I will choose a non-starter mon to steal from the other. Once a mon has been stolen, it cannot be restolen later. Deaths Shin: Lost to Lance Horace: Lost to E4 Rival Refa?: 1 - Cerulean City Happy watching!
  20. NOTE: This thread is currently on a hiatus and is no longer being updated. It might return someday, however! And everything that it contains should still be there, if anyone wants to read it. Hello everyone! So, you might be wondering how this is supposed to work. Basically, I got tired of going to all the effort of choosing what hack I want to do next, so I'm gonna let you do the whole "picking" thing for me! You see that vote up there? Basically, people suggest stuff, I add it to the poll, and you can guys can vote for stuff you're interested in. I've added three choices up there to start us off, and you're probably only going to recognize one of them. All you have to do is vote. However, if you want to suggest something, it's a bit more complicated: SUGGESTION RULES SUGGESTIONS: 1: You don't have to be anyone or anything special. Just say you want a hack added to the poll, and I'll probably add it. BUT... 2: It would be VERY helpful if you were to provide a link. Some of the really old hacks can be kinda hard to find, even with google. 3: On that note, I, personally, would prefer to have some old or obscure hacks that most people don't know about in the poll. I'll do LPs of stuff people might not have seen before! 4: I reserve the right to deny hacks being allowed into the poll for pretty much any reason, like "too mainstream"(ex: Midnight Sun, everyone would vote for it because it's amazing and then we'd have 8 chapters of stuff we've already seen, just with my semi-witty comments). 5: I MIGHT have to make a new thread for a hack if it's too long. Typically, 8-10 chapters if where I'm gonna give it it's own thread, though it does depend on the length of individual chapters. That's kinda generous though, so don't expect this thread to move super-fast. I'll keep the updates coming out at a moderate pace, but hacks can remain in the list for a long time. 6: I will play hacks in pretty much ANY state of completion; complete, beta, alpha, "only one chapter complete V.00000001"... I'll play stuff that wasn't/isn't released to the public too, but I'll need you to PM me a link. Anyways! Enough rules. It'll probably be a few days before I get the first update out here. Until then, just vote and suggest. TABLE OF CONTENTS: Vaati's Revenge(Page 1, completed) Rage Emblem(Page 2, more-or-less completed) Tacthack(Page 3, completed for now) Different Dimensions Ostian Princess(Page 7, completed) Yet Another Ragefest Hack(Page 9, completed) Le Chien Est Adorable(Page 11, completed) One-Day Hack(Page 12, completed) Maiden Quest(Page 13, completed more-or-less) Mr. Night's Ragefest Defense Mission(Page 22, completed more-or-less) The Sacred Contention(Page 23, left uncompleted) Enderslicer's Escape(Page 27, completed) Athos Mode(Page 28, completed) Awful Emblem(Page 28, completed for now) Bloodlines(Page 34, completed for now)
  21. Two hundred years ago, in the shadow of the mountain at the center of the world, our ancestors fought a great war against the dragons. Our ancestors lost. The dragons ate every warrior who marched against them. They ate every magician who supported the warriors. Then they ate everyone else. ...Well, actually, it's not as though all of our ancestors lost. Our direct ascendants had the good sense to not stick their heads into The Dragonkill War, and sat pretty in our ancestral homeland of Heortland. Now, however, circumstances have forced both our clan and some twenty others to again migrate to the wide open plains of Dragon Pass, the very place where the less fortunate of our ancestors were eaten en masse. It's a long story. Table of Contents: -Intro = right here -Mechanics -Our history -Year One: | Part one | Part two | Part two-and-a-half | Part three | Part four | Part five | Part six | Part seven | Part eight/eight | 1. What the heck is this King of Dragon Pass is a fantasy bucolic Bronze Age-ish clan/tribe role-playing simulator... game. In a world where Gods And Magic And Dragons And Shit Are Real, you try to manage a few hundred fiercely-independent and often-belligerent not!Vikings warrior-farmers, known alternatively as Orlanthi, Heortlings, and Vingkotlings, (after their religion, culture, and god's son from which they claim to be descended, respectively) who are generally just trying to avoid dying in a strange land. This means respecting, worshiping and emulating your gods and ancestors, keeping your precious cattle (and pig, and sheep, and horse) herds safe and flourishing, and figuring out how to deal with your neighbors, human and otherwise. Oh, and farming enough crops to stay fed helps. There are many paths to both victory and defeat, and the hundreds of possible events really make every playthrough a little different. Perfect for a Let's Play! (Originally released in 1999 for PC/Mac, KoDP was ported to Good Old Games in 2012 and saw a new version released for iPhone and Android in 2011 and 2014 respectively. While the phone version has a couple knobs and options removed, it also had a cartload of content added and is considered the best entry version, so far as I've been told. The latter is the version we'll be playing.) (This is me trying to LP a game on my Galaxy S4. Wish me luck.) 2. How the heck do you win? By faithfully following the ways and laws of Not!Thor Orlanth, king of the gods, master of the storm and bringer of Change, of course! The game is won by forming a tribe together with other clans over years or even decades ingame, which is done by garnering the respect of your fellow clans and also by successfully performing rituals called Heroquests, wherein a worshipper of a given god of the Orlanthi Pantheon will by thrust into the magical Godrealm and take the god's place as they perform some of the mythic deeds for which the god is most famed. It'll seem less complicated as we go, honest. In the Long version of the game, once you've formed a tribe, had a member of your clan elected to lead it and done all of the Heroquests, then some... stuff. will happen, and if you're audacious enough, you just might follow the path of Orlanth in the greatest way possible- by making A Thing Which Has Never Before Been. (It's a kingdom. You form the Kingdom of Dragon Pass, and one of your clan leaders becomes its King.) (Or Queen!) Or we could play the Short game, which would be a hell of a lot less arduous but ends when we've merely made a tribe and done a couple more Heroquests after. You may have gathered by now that there's going to be a lot of lore here. There is in fact so much lore that asking you to absorb all of it, much less all at once would be stupid and also unnecessary, so we'll instead just be doling it out as relevant, for the most part. For your reference and pleasure, though, know that the game is based around the lore of Glorantha, the original world of Runequest, apparently one of the biggest-name and longest-running role-playing games out there (that I had had never in my life heard of before stumbling upon an LP of this very game). In conclusion: RP good, metagame bad. Hail Orlanth! 3. Let's make a clan already (TL;DR start here) We are mortals living in a magical world. The world is alive. Every river and rock has a spirit, as does our clan. The greatest of these spirits sometimes share their magic with humans. The very greatest of the spirits are the gods. Our gods are the source of nearly all the advantages that let our clan survive and prosper. Without the blessings of the gods, our crops will fail, our herds will dwindle, our traders will make stupid bargains, and our warriors will fall beneath enemy swords. We worship the Orlanthi pantheon, the group of gods headed by Orlanth, King of Gods. Orlanth is the god of moving Air, of life-giving Rain, and also of devastating Lightning and sudden Change. He is the unpredictable god of the Storm. We live inside Time, separate from the timeless realm of the immortals, but able to join with our deities through rituals and quests. Our god-talkers perform rituals to gain divine blessings for trade, farming, and war. Our mightiest leaders heroquest to the Godplane to perform the gods original mythic events anew, returning with gifts from the time of Creation. The game opens with 11 questions that shape our beginning identity. The questions and answers themselves are kinda wrapped in lore that doesn't exhaustively explain their practical effects to the uninitiated, so I'll try to help out. 1. Who is our patron deity? Orlanthi generally worship all the good gods of the Orlanthi pantheon, but each worshipper identifies with and is favored by one in particular. We have three choices available, and will start with a shrine which gives one permanent blessing from the picked god so long as we keep up sacrifices to it, along with knowledge of their Heroquest. (We generally have to make larger sacrifices to the gods to learn how to perform their quests and receive their blessings. There's a couple dozen in all to learn.) -Most are known as Orlanth clans. God of storms and general Zeus-meister, Orlanth likes to party and knock heads, within some reason. His blessings help with combat, raising crops, and keeping our farmers alive in fights. He's also the only god with two heroquests to perform ingame. His cultists are... well, I guess they're not really cultists if they're "just about everyone you know." -Some, considered slightly odd men out in Dragon Pass, are Elmal clans. God of the sun and horses, the Loyal Thane is Orlanth's designated driver. Or rather, the only guy Orlanth trusts to guard his shit while he's either getting drunk or out adventuring. His blessings provide defensive combat bonuses, protect our weaponthanes (main warriors) as Orlanth protects farmers, ensure we have enough horses, and also help raise our crops. His heroquest is generally considered hard as fuck. His cultists breed the finest horses, and occasionally endure "gentle" teasing from Orlanth worshipers (so, "everybody else"). -Others are Ernalda clans, which are much more likely than the others to be led by women (though the reverse isn't unheard-of). Earth Mother and wife of Orlanth, she's more chill than most of the other gods and generally resolves conflict by talking things out, if you're into that kind of thing. Her blessings mostly help us stay fed, along with one "Bless Children" that ensures our population continues to grow without outside help, at the cost of having more unproductive mouths to feed. Her heroquest is considered... relatively easy? The heroquester risks death or other penalties in all of them, though. Her cultists farm the most bountiful fields, and tend to be in charge of fertility rituals. Secretly the most dangerous person in the pantheon, because fucking with her means fucking with everybody. We can learn all the blessings and heroquest details as the game progresses, this choice just determines what we start with. And maybe some events that I haven't yet encountered for myself. 2. What was the most important event in our early history? Our clan will start out particularly above-average at a different thing depending on which mythic event we say was most important to us. -The Healing of Orlanth: will start us with an extra blessing known of Chalana Arroy, goddess of healing, and possibly a shrine. Helps us recover from sickness and injury quicker. A solid beginner's choice. -The Hundred Day Hunt: will make our leaders a little better at Combat, Animals, and Plants. Only Combat booster available in the iOS version, if a small one. -Jested's Settlement: makes us better at Bargaining. We'll be doing a lot of that even if we're bullies. -Procession of the Animals: makes us better at Animals. A good hedged bet. -Barntar harnesses the oxen: makes us better at Plants. Crops provide most of our Food, a basic survival necessity and occasional trade currency (if a spoilable one). -Lhankor Mhy uses the marking bone: makes us better at Custom. Know-It-All clan. -Pella makes the first pot: allows us to make more Trade Goods than other clans. Goods are used to build defensive fortifications, build and maintain shrines for permanent blessings, are a popular trade currency and sacrifice alongside cows, and are pretty Good all around. -Roitina dances the first clan-making dance: makes us better at Leadership. You need good leaders to keep a bunch of Orlanthi on the same page for any length of time. [spoiler=The seven skills, for reference:]-Animals: determines how well we raise and keep cows, pigs, sheep and horses. The number of cattle owned is treated as the primary measure of clan's wealth, each warrior and clan noble requires a horse, and sheep make up the bulk of our animal sacrifices+produce some wool as trade goods, so this is important for more than just food or trading. -Bargaining: determines how well our traders can haggle their way to good prices, and how good they are at convincing other clans to form trade routes with us. Important part of diplomacy and exploration. -Combat: well, you know. Important for raiding others, defending ourselves and keeping our explorers alive. -Custom: determines how well we know the laws of Orlanth. Important for legal disputes and emissaries sent to other clans resolving in our favor. -Leadership: important for the person leading the clan, and contributes a little to how well we do everything. Important for all diplomacy. -Magic: determines how many blessings we can give ourselves at the beginning of each year, how good our divination rituals are, and is vital for successful heroquests and sacrifices. -Plants: you gotta eat. 3. Newcomers: Slaves or family? We were once given charge of a bunch of beggar refugees, called the Nalda Bin or Stick Farmers, by the son of Orlanth himself. Did we make them thralls, or adopt them into our clan as full members and family? Choosing thralls starts us off with about a dozen people who do twice the work of normal clan farmers and require less food (eesh), but who may rebel if we treat them like total shit. Their children are born free, though, so eventually their number will dwindle. Hospitality and generosity, on the other hand, are cardinal Orlanthi virtues, if sometimes difficult to justify to one's clanmates when we're barely getting by ourselves. The spirits of our ancestors will be paying attention to whether we ever take slaves or not during certain events, or from battle captives. 4. Who do we really hate? Orlanth and his crew fought many bunches of dudes, but one in particular really stuck in our ancestors collective craw. Was it: -The trolls, who are inclined to raid us in large numbers near the end of the year, but have few truly strong warriors? -The beastmen, part-animal people who are hated, territorial and dangerous, but can occasionally do us a solid for a solid? (yes, that is in fact a duck on the left) -The elves, weird plant-based forest people who occasionally use magic to fuck with us for monopolizing Ernalda's attention or something? -Praxians, easterner un-Orlanthi humans who ride crazy shit like ostriches and rhinos and bisons (but never horses), and sometimes raid us for no blasted reason? -Or the tribe of giant Ice Demons, who steal precious cattle during winter, as if that time of the year wasn't hard enough already, but whose attacks will have trained us to better fight during winter such that our warriors occasionally won't just tell us to fuck off if we want to go raiding then? There are possibly-positive random events with all of them except for the ice demons, but if we're friendly with the ones our ancestors hated, we'll be looking at some pissed ghosts, even if our choice is either that or die. Also note: two of these and a couple of other not-listed factions can give us a "fuck you, game over" automatic whupping if we piss them off enough, but will generally warn us when we get close to triggering it. Should I tell you guys who, or maybe let you figure it out? 5. How peaceful are we, in general? We have to choose whether our clan is inclined towards War, Peace, or a Balance. This determines whether we can spend more magic each year on making our warriors more likely to win fights, on minding our crops and animals, or whether we prefer to have an even spread. Note that we can change our current stance during the game, this just determines which we start out as and how our ancestors liked to do things. Also note that every year, even a clan which raids a lot still must plant and harvest crops to eat, and even a clan which prefers to mind themselves and trade will get raided by somebody. Oh, and if we go a couple years without raiding anybody, spending magic on improving our fighting ability will become ineffective, so a peaceful Orlanthi clan is more like a "one small raid a year" clan. 6. Who's our secondary god? We start the game either with shrines to two of the different worshipable deities, which give each one continuous blessing from their respective god, or with a temple which bestows two blessings from the same god we selected as our patron in question one. In addition to Orlanth, Elmal and Ernalda, we can also choose from: -Urox, the Storm Bull. A musclebound, shirtless and perpetually-angry man with the head of a bull, Urox is the resident berserker god, one of Orlanth's brothers and chief smiter of Chaos, a nasty life-corrupting force one may invite by disobeying Orlanth's laws. His blessings help us find Chaos in our territory before it becomes our problem, help us wreck its shit if it ever does become our problem, and boost our chances of winning any fight, albeit with more wounded and dead on both sides. He has many kinda-clanless followers who travel the land in search of Chaos to smite, who are feared (by idiots who don't get how bad Chaos really is) almost as much as Chaos itself, due to their short tempers and how badly they'll fuck up your drinking hall. -Odayla, the Hunter. Son of Orlanth, god of hunters, and close friend of another brother of Orlanth, Catboy Supreme Yinkin, there's less flavor information on Odayla ingame, but he's no lesser deity. His blessings help us find things when we send exploring parties into the unknown (and also the known), help our hunters (our tertiary food source after crops and animals) to improve their yields, and help us preserve what food we do have from spoiling (by protecting against vermin). He has another wandering cult, which may show up and perform a ritual to improve game in our wildlands in exchange for some tribute. His explorer's blessing is widely considered near-necessary to get good returns on any exploration missions past the first couple. (Odayla was either too shy or busy to lend his likeness to the game, far as I know) -Issaries, the Talking God. God of trade, sorta-peacemakers (feuds = bad for trade), and a fast-talking homie of Orlanth's. Might have ADHD. Issaries' blessings can boost the amount of trade goods our market generates from established trade relationships, make our traders better at establishing them and haggling in general, make any trading mission more profitable, and get us extra food from trading. The number of clans we can have a continuous trading relationship with at once directly depends on the size of our Issaries temple, so unless we really hate trade (you don't have many practical reasons to hate trade), we'll really want to build him something eventually. His cultists are also known as "all of your traders." Though they've teamed up many times, he and his worshipers kinda think Lhankor Mhy is a stuffy know-it-all, which he kinda is. (pictured: a man who sees mammoths and sabretooths fighting, and thinks "I should get involved in that") -Lhankor Mhy, the Knowing God. God of scholars, knowledge, and lawyers, and a fast-thinking homie of Orlanth's. Might have Asperger's. Lhankor Mhy's blessings make our diplomats better at negotiations that don't involve price haggling, make the answers we get when performing a divination ritual more likely to be accurate, and make our lawyers better at throwing the book at fools, both those in other clans and those in our own. He can also tell us who in the neighborhood hates our guts most, in return for a sacrifice. His cultists are all hyped-up about this thing called "literacy," I wonder if it'll catch on. Though they've teamed up many times, he and his worshipers kinda think Issaries is a smug meddler, which he kinda is. (pictured: a man who wishes people would stop interrupting his "grab some thorns and see what happens" experiment) -Chalana Arroy, the Healing Goddess. God of fearless battlemedics and doctors, and another really single-minded follower of Orlanth's, Chalana Arroy can heal a fight before it even starts. Aside from blessings that passively increase how quickly our sick and wounded recover, she can heal everyone in one of those two groups with a single more costly ritual, boost our clan's morale level for a like sacrifice, and for a really big sacrifice bring someone back from an untimely demise (doesn't work on those who died of old age, or in the godrealm during a heroquest). She has another wandering cult, which will heal as many of our infirm people as we like in return for owing them a favor to be repaid later. Has an occasionally-tense relationship with the god of death and his followers, who guard against the menace of undeath and believe dead oughta mean dead. -Uralda, the Cow Mother. Sentient cow, guardian of all cattle and Ernalda's daughter (it's a mystery to everyone). Her blessings make our cattle breed more prodigiously and yield more milk. Also has a traveling cult which will perform rituals to boost cattle fertility for some tribute. Neighboring clans measure our wealth not by our number of temples, stockpiles of silver or area of land owned, but rather exclusively by the size of our cattle herds, so Uralda's actually kind of a big a deal. -Or maybe our ancestors. There's few better ways to gain magic power than to please them, and few better ways to lose it than to displease them. Building a shrine to them grants some protection from evil spirits, and they can tell us if we're suffering any curses for a sacrifice. They can also summon our ancient enemies for a fight, and will reward us with magic power if we win. As the game goes on we can build as many temples as our clan can sustain in worshipers and material sacrifices, so this is another decision that mostly just affects our starting conditions. Unless you want to RP otherwise, of course! 7. What did/do we think about dragons? Believe it or not, before the dragons fucking ate everybody in Dragon Pass, they and their representatives came to our ancestors with offers of gifts and knowledge. (This was kinda weird even then, because Orlanth seems to kick a dragon's ass every third story.) In fact, the Dragonkill War was originally fought between a bunch of Orlanthi who were taken enough with the dragons to ally with and even worship them, and another bunch of Orlanthi who were like "wait, what is this Wyrm Friends shit?" (It remains unknown exactly why the dragons ate all of them.) Did our ancestors respond to their dragon emissaries: -Positively, and show off their dragon bling to their friends? -Neutrally, and very politely pretend they couldn't see or hear the dragons until they left? -Or with Hostility, leaving no price unpaid to chase the dragons off their doorstep? There'll be some dragon-related events where our ancestors will award us magic for sticking with their attitude, and take some if we go against them. Unless our ancestors were neutral, then they'll reward us for taking the most hands-off approach but won't penalize us if we're positive or hostile. 8. How much land did we claim when we got to Dragon Pass? We always arrive with a population of around 800, so what this most immediately affects is how much land we're not using to start with. Having only a little unused land limits how big our clan can comfortably grow (and therefore how many temples we can maintain and how big our cattle herd can be), but also makes us harder to sneak up on in a raid and less obtrusive to our neighbors. The less land we claim here, the less unused land we'll have at the start. -Just enough land to support the population we arrive with. Singapore. -A little more than strictly needed, to grow into. What's the closest nation in the world to the average size? Turkey? -Rather a lot more than we'll need for quite a while, maybe ever. Brazil. -More than we could ever possibly need. Russia. We can get more than we start with if we need more farmland to feed everyone, but the only way to do that is to steal some from a neighboring clan, and there's nothing that will make anybody hate us more than doing that. Also, once our population is big enough, our newer arrivals will start to complain that our leadership doesn't represent them, even if we do have enough land to support everyone. This will either make us reorganize our leadership, split off some of our population and land to form a new clan, bribe the complainers, or undertake a heroquest to shut them up. 9. What do we call ourselves? Practically-speaking, names have a 13-character limit. 10. What difficulty are we playing on? Of the three difficulties, the lowest (Normal) does a fine enough job of providing challenge for the uninitiated. The highest (Hard) is a fine pick if you derive pleasure from watching human beings suffer and die. There's also Moderate, which is for those in transition and the indecisive. 11. Are we playing the Long or Short game type? The long game requires more of us, will end differently, and can indeed take a longass time, both ingame and in real life. The short game is closer to the length of your average strategy game, I think, but ends less conclusively. Also, there's sort of a time limit in the short game that isn't there in the long game. A 12th question: are we savescumming? (aka the REAL determinant of how long this LP will take) I'll be honest with you guys- I savescum like hell in this game in certain situations. By that I mostly mean during heroquests, which can kill a character even if we've raised them to become as strong as possible, spent as many resources as possible on ensuring their success, and made all the decisions most likely to succeed. Ingame years of work and one of the clan's most valuable assets can easily end up gone. I haven't yet completed a playthrough where I've never had to reset in order to avoid losing a character like that. However, it might be that much more gratifying to finally do a playthrough that takes a loss like that and keeps going through the pain. And of course I might be that much more willing to bear it if you guys share in my pain. If you have the attention span for it, which I legit wouldn't blame you for not having. The whole thing will go on long enough either way, though, and I won't exactly be reloading after every little misfortune even if we do savescum. Phew. Congrats if you got to the bottom of this too. Now make us a clan! I'll be working on the mechanics post for like a week. Check in then to see what the heck we're doing in Dragon Pass. [spoiler=A recap of the questions]1. Who is our patron deity? 2. What did we experience in our early history? 3. Do we take thralls? 4. Who do we really hate? 5. War, Peace, or Balance? 6. Who's our secondary deity? 7. How do we feel about dragons? 8. How much land have we claimed? 9. What's our clan's name? 10. How difficult is our life? 11. Are we in this for the Short or Long haul? 12. Do we endorse savescumming?
  22. This is my thread about screenshot LPs of Fire Emblem hacks: Page: Dream of Five Page: Bloodlines Page: The Last Promise Page: Fire Emblem Forever Page: Midnight Sun Page: Death or Glory Page: Gheb FE Page: FEIV Hopefully you'll enjoy. If you have any questions or improvement suggestions, shoot them!
  23. Sooo um hi I'm Breezy and Sophie is somewhere and we're going to be going through the War room of Advance Wars 2 together! For some reason We're gonna alternate the maps so I do the first she does the second etc. Also we aren't gonna put Ridge Island in that sequence because fuck that map So yeah have fun reading and watching me fail! First map should be soon hopefully
  24. Mr.Night here with another LP for a fe7 hack. which one? Project dondon this time. Why? because back when I was lurking the forums, I have heard of this hack and how hard it can be. since I am a sucker for all games hard, I naturally wanted to play it. played the first chapter and lost 3 fucking times. I just had to LP so once more y'all can enjoy my suffering. Dondon has told me there is only 4 and the chapters get worse in design but I still think its worth playing and will keep that in mind as I play. so for this run, yolo standards which means no savestate. Edit: rage, pure savestate abuse rage because this game is a middle finger to vanilla gba rules Now let's begin. Ch. 1 pt 1, Learning how to LTC Deaths: Night (+3 offscreen), Lucius (+1)
  25. Hi. I'm back. With yet another Chaos Mode LP. Please attempt to restrain your exuberance. What's different this time, you ask? Well. This is an Iron Man run. What does that mean? It means that if a character dies, they stay dead. If a lord (or other allied character that must survive) dies, then I'll do some sort of RNG process to select another character to die. When I say allied, I mean people I have control over. I'm not killing someone just because Pent's a dumbass in the desert chapter and gets crit-killed by a ballista. In addition, I'll be skipping chapter 13x, meaning I don't get Merlinus. I'm gonna try doing something similar to dualdragon's blind FE6 run where I post a fuckton of detail. I'm curious to see whether that improves or detracts from the experience. Let me know what you all think. You're welcome to place bets on how far I'll get and how many people will end up dying. [spoiler=Chapter 11] Using my real name and birthday. I briefly considered using the name 'Asshole', but I figured that was a little too on the nose. Matthew breaks down the wall and Hector chips this soldier. On EP 1, the soldier suicides on Hector, doing 7 damage and dropping a door key. His archer friend hits Hector, who misses the counter attack. PP 2: Matthew was supposed to chip, but decides to crit instead. Whatever. He gets a vulnerary, which Hector borrows and takes a sip from. EP 2: The thief moves towards the door. PP3: Hector moves to the entrance and takes another vulnerary dose, maxing his HP. The thief will attack him instead of opening the chest, in theory. EP3: Thief opens the door. PP4: Nothing happens. EP4: The thief attacks, as expected, and Hector 1-hits him and gets his chest key. PP5: The duo move northwest. EP5: Nothing happens. PP6: I accidentally move Matthew into that northwest archer's range, so I guess I'll move Hector in there to. I put Matthew there to rescue Hector next turn. EP6: The archer misses. His friends (2 soldiers and an archer) move in from the southeast. PP7: Hector chips the soldier, gets a great level, and is whisked away by Matthew. EP7: They're still in hot pursuit. PP8: Matthew drops Hector. In retrospect, I could have dropped him 1SW of his current position so he could chip the archer, but I didn't know that the more southwestern archer wouldn't move. I'm playing it safe. EP8: Still pursuing. PP9: Hector kills the wounded soldier, while Matthew crit-kills the archer (I suck at taking pictures of crits when I'm not expecting them, sorry). EP9: The remaining soldier is still coming. PP10: If I go after the soldier now, I'll be in range of the archer. I retreat and let him come to me. EP10: Awfully obliging, ol' chap. The next couple of turns are me getting just out of range. PP13: Hector chips and Matthew kills, getting a pretty nice level. Albeit one without strength. He also gets C lances and an iron bow. Hector moves northeast where they started in order to lure the steel bow archer. EP13: Nada PP14: Hector's ready to lure the archer, while Matthew can rain death upon the knight south of the treasure chest. EP14: The archer and Hector exchange blows, both hitting. PP15: Hector uses up his last vulnerary dose so he has room to get the one that's going to be dropped by that archer. However, he retreats out of the way first. I realize the knight also has a vulnerary, and Matthew has no room. So I send him after Hector to grab Hector's chest key and get the chest, along with some space. EP15: The archer starts using his vulnerary. Oops. PP16: Hector attacks once again. They both hit each other. EP16: Archer uses vulnerary again. PP17: Hector kills archer, getting vulnerary and a nice level. Matthew opens the door. EP17: Nothing PP18: Hector trades Matthew his chest key. EP18: Nothing PP19: Hector chips the knight. Matthew grabs the red gem. EP19: The knight hits Hector. PP20: Hector kills the knight, netting him a vulnerary and C bows. Matthew picks him up and heads towards Wire, who is the only one left. After several turns, Hector finally kills Wire after his vulnerary runs out. He gets a nice level. Fin
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