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Found 13 results

  1. Here it is! I was really glad that my previously made "Friendship Seal Chart" was positively received, and I hinted to the possibility of me making a "Partner Seal Chart" as well... Well, after countless hours, I finally managed to make a complete chart of all possible marriages in Fire Emblem Fates! (Yes all 817 of them!, at least when counted in one direction. In reality marriages work in both ways, so some information will be displayed twice.) Here is the result: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B1EoYvI1FUNqZ3dpcjZwdU9CX0E/view?usp=sharing&resourcekey=0-zq0JMUw2kAIcBfIeCmCR-A This chart shows all the possible marriages, the classes and skills that are gained from said marriage for both the parent and the child, the support bonuses from both the guard and attack stance that the unit in question would gain from a S support, and last but not least, this chart also shows the stat modifiers from the parents that determine the maxium stat caps of their children. I believe this chart provides a nice overview of several important factors, which can assist you in your final decision of what pair you should give that Partner seal to. Here is a quick recap of the inner workings of the Partner Seals: Partner Seals are used between two characters of the opposite sex that can support with eachother, (although there are two exceptions, Niles and Rhajat can have a same sex marriage with the Avatar) in order to gain the base class of the supporting unit in question, or a secondary class if the base class is already known to the supported unit. Special classes can not be gained in this way. (but you gain a secondary or tertiary class instead) In contrast to the Friendship Seal, the Partner seal works in both ways. This means that when unit A has a S support with unit B, unit B also has a S support with unit A. From most marriages one or possibly two children are born, with one base class and two classes that are inherited from each of the parents. The parents also determine the possible maximum stats the child can reach in each attribute. Special thanks to serenesforest.net for the information needed, and spriters-resource.com for the used sprites. I hope this chart will prove somewhat useful to you guys! I you would like to check out my previously made "Friendship Seal Chart", click here. With thunderous ambition, Masterthunderblade P.S. Feel free to point out the mistakes or errors I made, there is bound to be a copy-paste mistake somewhere or another kind of error. Fire Emblem Fates - Partner Seal Chart.pdf
  2. Okay, so one thing I have never been able to figure out is the eternal seals. I understand it can only be used a on promoted unit at their max level, but it won't work for me. Like, in my new file I have Luna maxed out as a lvl 20 Hero. Yet when I use the seal, it doesn't add stats or any levels; it's just zeros. Am I using it wrong? What should I be doing?
  3. I just got FE Fates: Special Edition, and am planning on tackling all 3 routes simultaneously. However, i read somewhere that in the Revelation Path, you have access to both promotions of Hoshidan and Nohrian Nobles as Corrin. Is it possible then to reclass between the two? If so, how would i do it? Hoshidan Unity with Draconian Hex and Nohrian Trust seem pretty nice and would give me a lot of options.
  4. I believe most of people here already knew about Weapon Scrolls, for increased any weapon-proficiency for any unit's class. About the Seals, we already knew about the Seals which able to unlock special classes for any character we prefers. Now how about Weapon Seals? I believe on future titles, IS will able to modified every unit's motions later on, since the reclassing system has been featured. There is 7 regular weapon types in the world of Fire Emblem now: sword, lance, axe, bow, tome, staff, and dagger. Dragonstone, claws, fangs, fist, etc, are not included. So, no matter if becomes DLC's or not, the Weapon Seal types will be: Sword Seal Lance Seal Axe Seal Bow Seal Tome Seal Staff Seal Dagger Seal Every characters only able to use ONE and ONCE of it, no matter what type that he/she used and will be permanently added to the character's present respective class when used (Note: unable to use to all unpromoted classes or special classes like artilleries, manaketes, and beastmen). The max.proficiency of the weapon will be S and able to use to any class that have same type of the weapon seal when the class only have maximum proficiency B or A on the respective weapon types, except if the respective class already have maximum proficiency S. Example: "I want Xander still able to use sword while he has been reclassed to (promoted) Wyvern Lord!". Then after (reclassed) Wyvern Lord Xander used Sword Seal, he will able to wield sword in his Wyvern Lord class (and the sword prof. will be retained same as his last sword prof. on other class but now able to grind into S). Since the Sword Seal used when Xander on Wyvern Lord class, the new sword-wielding ability will only exist in his Wyvern Lord class no matter he reclassing again to another class. Even when reclassing again to his Paladin class, his max. sword prof. will be back to A (as original Paladin's max. sword prof.). And after he used the Sword Seal, he will unable to use any Weapon Seal again. Or another example: Sniper Takumi unable to use Bow Seal because Sniper class' max. bow proficiency already S, but Priestess Sakura able to use it since her Priestess class only have max. bow proficiency B. After Sakura used the Bow Seal, her Priestess class max.wpn.prof. will be Staff A and Bow S, and she will unable to use any Weapon Seal again. This is just my simple idea from my stupid brain for the glorious Fire Emblem next development fun while challenging plays. I believe that any fellows here have better opinion and idea than mine for this thread. Best regards.
  5. So my original plan was to make Shura the ultimate debuffer, using his personal skill, Highwayman, Shurikens/Knives, and Seal skills. I know that Seal Skills and Knife debuffs dont stack, but I'm curious about Highwayman. Does Highwayman debuffs stack with others?
  6. Hey everyone, The other day I was trying to figure out how exactly I wanted to use my Friendship Seals in the most optimal way possible... So I ended up doing a whole lot of research and decided to made a chart with all the characters, their possible A+ supports and the classes and skills they would gain from said supports. Since I thought it would be a waste to keep it to myself, I decided to share it with you all. Here is the result: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B1EoYvI1FUNqaHhSd1pzUFJNSmc/view?usp=sharing&resourcekey=0-kX2rTu6-3jF-6EDm8T7YXQ In addition to the gained classes and skills, I also listed the support bonuses that would be gained during battle. Keep in mind that for the Guard Stance bonuses, only the bonuses gained through support are listed and not the class and stats specific bonuses. Also, because the support bonuses of the children depend on the parents they are only partially listed. -> Only the inherited part of the father is set. (or the mother in case of Sigure or the male Kana) I think this chart provides a nice overview of several important factors, which can assist you in your final decision of who to give that seal to. Here is a quick recap of the inner workings of the Friendship Seals: Friendship Seals are used between two characters of the same sex that can support with eachother, in order to gain the base class of the supporting unit in question, or a secondary class if the base class is already known to the supported unit. Special classes can not be gained in this way. (but you gain a secondary or tertiary class instead) In contrast to the Partner Seal, the Friendship seal doesn't work in both ways. This means that Unit A can have an A+ support with B, but unit B can have an A+ support with another unit than A. The Avatar is special when it comes to Friendship Seals, since he can't gain an A+ support, but he can gain every unit's (of the same sex) base class instead. Because of this the avatar in not listed in the chart. Special thanks to serenesforest.net for the information needed, and spriters-resource.com for the used sprites. I hope this chart will prove somewhat useful to you guys! Update: My Partner Seal Chart is live now! Click here to see it. P.S. Feel free to point out the mistakes or errors I made, there is bound to be a copy-paste mistake somewhere. I also debated whether or not to post this chart under a new topic or in the "Topic of Marriage, Supports, and Children"-thread. I opted for a new one, let me know if was mistaken in my judgment. Fire Emblem Fates - Friendship Seal Chart.pdf
  7. Well, basically what the title says.. I used a master seal on my avatar, Sakura and Kaze when they hit level 10 before I realised this was NOT the smart option. (am I just losing my mind here or was this no problem in awakening?! I only waited for lvl 20 on second seals) Is there any way to salvage this or am I just going to have to deal with those low stats? It's a total pain. Reclassing or whatever doesn't help I think? ..so much for not wanting to spoil my game and reading a lot of info beforehand. I've been making a lot of stupid mistakes here and there.
  8. So I have a question regarding Marriage and Friendship Seals in this game. From what I've gathered online, once using a Friendship (or Marriage) Seal into a class that class is permanently added to the unit's class options via Heart Seal. For me that has not been the case with anything other than the DLC class seals. Also a question is I have read that should the units primary classes be the same the secondary class is given instead. Again this has not been the case in either Marriage or Friendship seals. And finally, I have been able to give the Avatar access to any class via Friendship Seals. However I read that the relationship is NOT one way, and his secondary class (Oni Savage) should be able to be given to any male unit with an A support. Again this has not been the case for me. After doing extensive searching on this I can't find anybody saying what I am saying. Is it possible my game is bugged? This is the special edition BTW in case that matters. I'm also playing on Revelation. Any help would be much appreciated.
  9. Hey guys! I recently maxed out Camilla in my Conquest game and I was wondering if I should use an Eternal Seal for her, or change her class (it would have to be a class that can get exp after Lv. 20). Here are my options! CURRENT: Malig Knight Lv. 20 Rating: 179 Skills: Rose's Thorns, Str+2, Lunge, Savage Blow, Trample Move:8, Atk:52, Crt:26, Hit:117, Avo:36 HP:39 Str: 35 Spd: 23 Mag: 21 Lck: 23 Skill: 27 Def: 26 Res: 24 Option 1: Use Eternal Seal and keep upgrading her as a Malig Knight. Option 2: Class Change Options (**please also let me know if these options max out at 20 as well, which would be counter-intuitive. I'm looking for a class that will keep gaining exp after lv 20**) BERSERKER (rating: 175) Move:6, Atk:57, Crit: 47, Hit:120, Avo:42 HP:45 Str:40 Spd: 27 Mag: 15 Lck:23 Skill:29 Def:23 Res:18 HERO (rating: 179) Move: 6, Atk:52, Crit: 28, Hit: 124, Avo: 42 HP:41 Str:36 Spd:26 Mag:15 Lck:26 Skill:31 Def:25 Res:20 WYVERN LORD (rating: 178) Move:8, Atk:52, Crit:28, Hit:123, Avo:39 HP:40 Str:36 Spd:24 Mag:15 Lck:26 Skill:30 Def:28 Res:19 --- What do you guys think? I like her as a flyer, so I was thinking of eternal seal or Wyvern Lord, if that class gains exp after lv. 20 BUT... Hero and Berserker are also hard to give up, I lose movement, but gain in other areas. Pros/Cons? ... Also, this is all null and void if the other classes max at 20... Thanks!
  10. I've been trying to find an answer, promise. I can't figure out if there's truly EXCLUSIVE classes between the two game versions. I chose Mage as my Avatar's talent, and I'm playing a Nohr campaign. Say I wanted to be able to reclass into Swordmaster at some unknown point during my playthrough. If there are no swordmaster companions during the Nohr playthrough, I'd be unable to acquire that class via friendship/partner seals, and thus my only option to get Swordmaster available in my campaign would be to select it as my Avatar's starting talent. Are there ANY classes where this is the case? Where you must select a particular class as a talent in order to have that class available during your playthrough in a specific game? So far I've received nothing but ambiguity or conflicting answers, I was hoping to get a definitive response and/or a list of classes that are truly exclusive to one version or the other. Thank you very much!
  11. Hello all, I am trying to plan what order I will be using seals in for my first playthrough and would like to know if anyone knows what chapters we acquire our first seal, (any of them). Also, In your opinion, is it going to be better to use a buddy seal before or after we have promoted? I suppose the case will change based on the characters involved but I'd love to hear some opinions. Cheers
  12. Hello all, I am trying to decide what class I want to choose as my secondary for my Nohr playthrough but I need clarification on how buddy seals work when Kamui uses them. My plan is to pick Ninja for copy-cat so I can pass it down through inheritance. What I am wondering is what would happen if I used a buddy seal on Kaze. His secondary class is Samurai so would I get samurai or nothing? I want to be a Weapon master but I want to pass down ninja. Also, If Kamui marries Azura, does Kanna get ninja, dark prince and peg knight and would Shigure get the same? Anyone know?
  13. Hello, I just bought the game and still don't fully understand reclassing system. For example, if Odin and Luna marry each other, Odin's base is Dark mage and samurai as a secondary while Luna's base is Mercenary and Pegasus as a secondary, naturally Odin will get access to Mercanary class right?. However, what if I buddy Odin with Lazward BEFORE Odin x Luna marriage? Lazward's base is Mercenary, so Odin should get access to Mercenary class when buddy with him. Is it possible for Odin to get Pegasus class after marriage with Luna in this case? (since right now Odin already has Mercenary class from buddying with Lazward if I'm understanding correctly) Thank you :)
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