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Found 2 results

  1. First I'll start off by stating, this games easy to learn. learning curve is so wide and in open book view that even a small child can get it. Now for GD(golden deer) path for recruitment, all but House leaders and retainers can be recruited. Duh! Flayn gets accepted after saving her, her brother(official stance)<--View spoiler for the real version) can be recruited after the war starts, he is automatically accepted in after declaring war on the empire(post war)(before learning about Rhea) see spoiler 2 to know what happened to her) Gilbert cannot be recruited in Golden deer. Alois can be recruited Just before the war starts.(see spoiler 3) Catherine & Shamir - lvl 20 to recruit them(not sure if its different for anyone else) to recruit Felix without butt kissing its Flat A rank sword and around 25-31 spd.(not sure what brand of crack the ppl were smoking when they made the recruitment page) Dorothea is the same but with authority and charm Golden deer Retainer(Nader) cannot be recruited.(may change via april 2020 DLC) Judith Cannot be recruited.(may change via april 2020 DLC) wartime Only ashe leaves your party(must beat him up) keep in mind you can spare him and re-recruit him mid fight) if you want to keep him you may not wanna click fast. if you manage to recruit all students and staff(the ones available), you'll gain access to ALL sacred beasts, meaning more special weapons to be had. when fighting sacred beasts always bring Flayn with you, have her attack the beast at least once(all of them) including the entities that are part of the side story, you may find some decent info and some hidden secrets. read spoiler 4 if you wanna know sooner than later.(perhaps more story will be given regarding this via DLC) Golden deer path --> golden saints(Flame emblem army) not sure if its the same if you choose to just look for rhea, but its not without bloodshed(spoiler 5) final boss is lvl 60 has 100+ HP best to level to 54-60 to beat the final boss. if all you do is grind anyways than this shouldn't be an issue. Spoiler 1 Spoiler 2 Spoiler 3 Spioler 4 Spoiler 5
  2. SO I am in a special FE discord, and they have some very reliable info on certain things (they give data mine info live). Apparently someone figured out how to calculate arena points, and I gotta say, it is proving to be very accurate. Let us waste no time! EDIT A (12/13/17): The Formula has changed in light of recent updates and developments. I have edited this to reflect such! The full formula as follows (it is a little more complicated for better accuracy, than it was before): 1. (Rarity*5) + (Level*2.25) + (Merges*2) + (BST/5) + (SP/100) + (Blessing) = Unit Total 2.You would then add the 4 unit totals together and divide that by 4 for the average. As an example, I put in my Nino, Lancina, Olivia, and Dorcas (their sets are outlined later in this post). 167 + 168 + 169 + 163 = 166.75 3. You would then add a base 155, assuming advanced arena 166.75 + 155 = 321.75 4. You then add 7 for each unit in your team. This would be 28 automatically unless you're (for whatever reason) running less than 4 units 321.75 + 28 = 349.75 5. Multiply that by 2 for your advanced arena score with a bonus unit. It also rounds up but only to an even number. As an example, 349.75 rounds to 350. 349 * 2 = 699.5, but rounds up to 700. If it were 699, it would go down to 698. Something to note: You multiply your score, and then round. Rounding first gives wrong info sometimes. As an example, 348.75 rounds to 348. With a bonus unit, 348 * 2 gets base 696, BUT that is not how it works. You multiply the original value, 348.75, by 2, not the rounded value. 348.75 * 2 = 697.5 which goes up to 698. SO let's get down to the nitty gritty itty bitty little details and intricacies of the calculation~ Base Score: Advanced arena battles have a base score of 174 points. Intermediate and Beginner are different, but those values differ from Arena to Arena Assault. The new calculation adds base score towards the end of calculation, and also is a different number than 174. Rarity*5: Pretty simple. You take the rarity of a unit and multiply it by 5 As an example: Olivia is 4 star, so she gets 20 points since 5 * 4 = 20 Level*2.25: Again, pretty simple. You take your total amount of levels and multiply it by 2.25. Unless you're a moron, this number will always be 90 since you're probably gonna have your units at level 40. Merges*2: Also, pretty simple. Ya take ya frickin' merges and multiply 'em by 2~ BST/5: This is sorta complicated. BST is rounded down to the nearest 5th point. So 5 star Olivia has 150 BST as well as Lute, even though her base BST is 151. Amelia has 170 BST even though it is actually 173, and all non-BST inflated infantry melee weapon users have 155 BST even though it is usually 155 etc. MERGES AND SKILLS DO NOT ADD TO BST DURING CALCULATION (AS WELL AS SUMMONER SUPPORT). AS AN EXAMPLE, A LANCINA WITH 2 MERGES HAS 162 BST, BUT HER BST STILL COUNTS AS 155 DURING CALCULATION. FURY 3 INCREASES YOUR STATS, BUT DOES NOT INCREASE YOUR BST DURING CALCULATION. Once you know your BST, you divide it by 5 and you're done SP/100: VERY annoying, and simple at the same time. SP cost is the total amount of your skills rounded down to the nearest hundred..... always. So if you have a Lancina that looks like this: That would equal 2080 points, but would round down to 2000 SP, which would be divided by 100 for 20 points The reason I say it is annoying is because you might end up like my Lancina and have 80 points sitting there being rounded off into oblivion Blessing(s): Blessings basically add 2 points to your score, but you calculate it by adding 4 to your unit's total, whichever unit has it (the blessing). As an example, I did my team: I can post all the math, but that team gets 700 - 714 I have not tested this team, since the update, because this is an old team from the arena season during the week this thread was made My new team though, Fjorm Olivia (with blessing) Lancina and Nino, scores 704 - 718, and while I have yet to see a 718 team, I do have a base of 704. Here are a couple of other things to note: My 4 star +10 Olivia scores 2 more points than my Lancina, and she only has Ruby Sword+ Dance Moonbow Fury WoM and Hone attack. This means that 4 star +10 units are pretty worth it if you don't have the feathers. Since SP rounds down, you'll probably want to make sure you cover whatever points are near a 100 benchmark, like how my Lancina rounded down to 2k SP when she had 2080. I can put my Atk Smoke Seal for 240 and reach 2120 points. Sacred Seals do in fact affect your SP total. The Quickened Pulse Seal and Armored Boots Seal are both worth 100 SP. Deflect, Phantom Speed, and Hardy Bearing are all worth 200 SP. BST does kind of matter, but not as much as the actual total cost of your skills as well as merges. (+20 points from merges is probably why my Olivia scores higher than Lancina) I think it is worth noting that level, of all things, increases your points the most. It is a little rough, but a 4 star +10 = a 5 star +4 (may be a tad different in some cases). Since the final calc is taken as an average, you can probably do some cheeky strats and shift around some Seals and whatnot to get a more even average. You may have to sacrifice actual usage though (like putting Atk Ploy seal on Lancina or something). Aether, Galeforce, and other exclusive specials all cost 300 more than ordinary specials. So uh, just sayin', that is 3 extra points per skill. So I think it's pretty worthwhile to use them if you're going hardcore into tier-ing. Blessings are worth 2 points. Blessings are not switchable, so choose wisely I think it is a good idea to give your blessings to units that may be bonus units in the future (Like I did for my Olivia) HERE IS THE CALC ONCE YOU ARE READY FOR THE POWERRRRR xlsx file so you can save it into your computer The original google doc EDIT B (12/13/17): Updoot 2.0 had some changes made https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1XF8AtQPzAIhyyW_fHHsbBd-Z2jWZM2rBwSkhWy8YeWk/edit#gid=343120618 The google doc. This also has the beta version in it AKA the calc I had before. Thanks to @mampfoid for pointing these new developments Also the people behind this whole calculation thing actually just update the google doc itself. I never even realized this cause I just saved the original to my computer heh whoops Patos Arena Score Calculator (1).xlsx Here is the .xlsx. I encountered some errors though so I am unsure if it works properly. I kept getting a "#NAME?" error in certain spots (like where your base and ceiling score go at the top of the page). Let me know whether or not it works if you're using the .xlsx file. The new calc also shows what your team score would look like if someone encountered it themselves~ Feel free to ask any questions, and comment about any thoughts or whatever. If you don't think it's legit, test it for yourself! I also made the poll slightly entertaining EDIT C (1/19/18): Nothing has changed with actual calculation, just a little stipulation with blessings and such. Using 2 Fjorms gives you 4 points per blessing instead of 2, so if you have 2 Fjorms and 2 units with Blessings on, that's an increase of 8 points. Whereas using one Fjorm and 3 units with Blessings would be an increase of 6 points. The guy that gave us this mass duel simulator teamed up with the arena calc guy (Patos) and FINALLY made a convenient site instead of those google spreadsheets: http://www.arcticsilverfox.com/score_calc/ Praise the fox ~ EDIT D (2/27/18): I'm sure some of you have noticed but there were some changes made to arena matchmaking The formulas are still the same but as you can see: Mini edit dated the same as this post: Further explanation to the matchmaking changes, even tips on how to cheese it ~
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