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Found 15 results

  1. Ok so hear me out what if fire emblem genealogy of the holy war and fire emblem fates revelations had a story swap so imagine Sigurd and seliph and anankos and corrin having game swap thus anankos would be the protagonist of the first gen and Sigurd would have been the antagonist and Julia and azura image that swapped and not to forget mikoto and deirdre imagine how the story would be if swapped so in other like role swap with a different fire emblem game would it be amazing or no ? What would the game be called because of the swap what class for corrin ? Or seliph ? How would the relationship between fathers and their children be like ? How would deirdre be if she was in mikoto's position or Julia in azura's position in fact would seliph be adopted by a royal family like corrin being adopted by nohr family ? What story would you guys imagine in this position would it be a good fanfic story
  2. I figured maybe in the remake they could add choices for seliph to make like of what route to choose Good route ? Like the original Or evil route u know if there evil choices you can do what ending you might get ? Comment to say your opinion
  3. Not only did She abandoned him when he was just a Newborn , leaving him under Shannan's Care (he was just a kid back then) , disobeying Sigurd's Words, when he didn't even know how to take care of himself at that age just because she was so thirsty about Sigurd's Jeigan conqueror of castles Dick and she couldn't wait anymore for him, ditching Seliph like shit and forgetting all about of him just because her lust for Sigurd, not only that - But She never tried to Seek after him when is heavily implied that at some point she Learned about his marriage with Sigurd even tho she never regained back her memories She DID know about having another Son but she never tried to seek after him, Leaving Seliph Dread Alone under Oifey and Shannan's care with 0 Inherited Money from her or even Good Stats, heck, he wasn't even a Pure Blood Naga. The only time than Deirdre acted like a mother to Seliph was in the After Life being a Ghost, but that probably was Seliph Daydreaming about his parents and how he avenged them after all and fulfilled Sigurd's Dreams Deirdre got what she deserved for being such a bad mother and this is the root of Sigurd's tragedy and eventually Demise.
  4. With Seliphs new refine he now able to be built in a multitude of ways from a mage killer to a brawler. But I was wondering, what are his best IV's? When it comes to boons I would say that it is between either attack or defense. With a boon in attack he is able to kill mages more reliably if you go for a DC build but on the other hand with a defense boon he becomes pretty tanky an is ideal for a refined Tyrfing build Banes are more complicated though. I would say that it could be speed, hp and res. The only issue is that with sacrifising one he is left very vulnrable in some way. For example with a res bane he retains some speed and won't be doubled besome units but the issue with this is that mages will wreck him and it can be argued that he willl be doubled either way. Hp is another option but with such high hp you could give him infantry pulse and that would work great on him. Though it can be argued that hp may be his best bane if you decide to go for a defense boon. I say this because you could then go and give him even defense wave and he will do great. So what are your thoughts on this and what would you say are Seliphs best IV's?
  5. So recently we now have the Valentian Accordion reveal the details of the lore and the full story of the Valentian Revelations. And boy is it a doozy. However, this particular part of the Revelations is where I feel holds incredible potential for controversy: The arguments that I have encountered is that this is strictly for the Valentian Falchion only. However, the Valentian Falchion and the Archanean Falchion are both still the same type of weapon. Ultimately, they are weapons meant for humans to have the ability to defend themselves against the dragons. In that case, would that not mean the Archanean Falchion is the same? Blood of a Divine Dragon and a Brand? Of course, everyone knows that Anri, the first user of the Archanean Falchion, and his indirect descendant Marth, have no mentioned Brand, nor Divine Dragon Blood. However, Marth has been implied connection with someone that does have Divine Dragon Blood. In Tiki's B support with Male Robin, she mentions this: Tiki mentions that Chrom resembles a man 1000 years before Marth. Except there's only ONE character that can fit that description 1000 years before Marth, and that man is Sigurd. Sigurd also has a son, Seliph, who has Major Baldr Blood as well as Minor Naga Blood. Given that Genealogy and Shadow Dragon have a 1000 year gap, the assumption is clearly made that one of Seliph's descendants could have gone to Archanea. It's used and before its fun, but it isn't anything conclusive. But now this new information about Falchion opens up a whole can of worms. If the Archanean Falchion functions the same way as the Valentian Falchion, requiring the blood of a Divine Dragon and a Brand, that would mean that Seliph's descendants, and possibly Julia's, would need to actually create a Major Bloodline for Naga likely, and that somehow got to Anri and Marcelus. Anri could wield Falchion, but Marcelus had to also possess the trait, as otherwise, Marth would never get that trait. This is where I believe the potential possibility of a new remake can take place, where we can have a new remake of the Archanea series, as well as the a remake of the Jugdral series. The latter can possibly open the possibility of Seliph's descendants heading to Archanea, and the Archanea remake can possibly reveal to have a retcon that Marth and Anri do have the Brands. Some would argue that this undermines the feats they have done, since Anri was this mere peasant and rose to greatness. Personally, I don't think so, since Holy Blood by itself has nothing truly special until they get a Holy Weapon. So Anri's journey through Anri's Way, being a desert, a volcano, and a mountain, is still all Anri in the end. And Marth only ever gets Falchion at the endgame mostly, so his feats are still well earned and not dictated by any Holy Blood. So what do you guys think? You think the remake will happen and there will be retcons made for the series to fit the new lores being added into it?
  6. I believe the best lord in my opinion is Lucina, and Kris is the worst. (I counted the avatars as Lords, because they are relevant to the story and they can't die, or you lose.) Image Below indicates my favorite and least favorite lords.
  7. Here's this TCG artwork of Seliph that I really like, and I'm looking for a png of just Seliph himself from this, transparent of course I can't seem to find it anywhere, but if you have a source to it or can post it, I would really appreciate it. Or you can Photoshop him out of there. Mila knows that I can't...
  8. i'm trying to find that 1 fan art of fe4 where seliph and the gen 2 people are chibi and are running and seliph is holding his sword up i spent all day tryomg to find it but i can't please please please help i neee it
  9. Hello, I don't really know who is better, I have the following Heroes 5 Stars with following stats : Marth HP 44 Atk 47 Spd 31 Def 29 Res 26 Roy HP 48 Atk 46 Spd 31 Def 25 Res 28 Seliph HP 52 Atk 50 Spd 24 Fef 30 Res 22 At the moment I'm using Roy the most, I put on him Draconic Aura, I feel selip to low vs Tome even if he got lot HP , so I think I may chose between Roy and marth that are more balanced, Roy got more HP and like passive of his sword and in special the seal that give him -7 def to anemy that is really impressive. But I also like marth vs beast, the 10 Hp each 5 trun and Escaper rout skill ( to save friends). What do you think is better? and special WHY for you is better? Thanks a lot ( and sorrry for my bad english) PS. i got Erika too but 4 star, don't feel to spend feather on her atm with so many Red 5 star. (or I should?)
  10. So recently I've been getting bad summons, getting 10 3 stars in a row. However, I just now pulled a 4 star Roy, 3 star tiki (old), 5 star Priscilla, 4 star Effie, and 4 star Hana. This put me in a bind, because I have 19k feathers, and I'm about to get 2k more from the arena. I was wondering who I should upgrade to a 5 star. The choices are: Roy, Tiki(old), Effie, Ursula, michalis (I probably spelled that wrong), fem. Robin, fem Corrin, saizo, and Robin. My current 5 stars are Seliph, Shareena, Peri, Raven, Rebbeca, Cain, Priscilla, and Azura. My current team is Seliph, Azura, Raven, and Shareena/Rebbeca (I use then interchangeably) I was thinking of replacing either seliph with Roy/Tiki, Rebbeca with Saizo, or raven with michalis. I don't need more 5 star lance users with azura/Shareena, and I want all A-S tier heroes. So, I was leaning towards Saizo, but I wanted to know the opinion of others... Any help/insight will be appreciated. Thanks!
  11. If anyone could make a Sacred Stones revision of Seliph from FE4, that'd be awesome! Seliph/Celice btw vvv and by revision I mean his portrait (ghasty edit, don't double post please, just edit this one) Sweeeeeeet!
  12. Gotta stop with the new projects, but... I was in the mood for crackshipping. And Sci-fi. So you get... this. So yeah, this is a Romance/Sci-fi fic focused on Roy and Eirika. Why Roy and Eirika? Because that is the couple my dreams that started this showed me. [spoiler=Roles, characters will be added as they appear, details to be added as revealed in fic]Roy- The first of our two main protagonists, a test subject of the Dream Machine. Actually the 'Seer of Ice'. Seliph- Roy's escort, Dr. Chalphy's son and Dr. Velthomer's stepson. Is unaware of the Dream machine's existance, but has his suspicians. Wishes to simply leave, but reality holds him back. Sigurd/Dr. Chalphy- A scientist of the facility who mysteriously died when Seliph was a child. Voice- A voice in Roy's head. Arvis/Dr.Velthomer- Seliph's stepfather, and is the scientist in charge of the Dream Machine. Dr. Sephiran- Scientist in charge of preparations for the Dream Machine's use, as well as its dissassembly. Eirika- Ephraim's escort Ephraim- Eirika's twin and the Seer of Fire. Eliwood- One of the children sent to the conference room with his escort. Rebecca- Eliwood's escort, seeems to have a constant smile... Micaiah- Alongside Eliwood and Rebecca, she was sent to the conference room with her escort, Sothe. [spoiler=Current Chapters]1. Prologue 2. The Dream Machine 3. Just an Ordinary Girl... or not. 4. Finally Get to Meet the Others I don't have prewriting to share with you. Too many spoilers, even with a tag! Link= https://www.fanfiction.net/s/10174744/1/The-Dream-Machine So yeah, as usual, everything about this goes here. Et cetera et cetera...
  13. So I've had a question that's been bugging me for a while and I thought I'd ask you guys and see what you thought. Who of the various lords do you consider the most efficient in their game? FE 1 Marth FE 12 Marth Hector Alm Chrom Seliph FE 9 Ike
  14. Well, considering how many veiws this got in so little time (I will say this: It gets more attention than my Elibe fics in that regard), I minuswell give it a thread instead of using the Hello, Hi, Hey thread. So yeah. For those of us who haven't been in the Hello, Hi, Hey thread, I'll give a brief explanation. #1. You know how I complain there are too many Awakening fanfics? Well, this is technically an Awakening fic, but it focuses on the Einherjar of past Lords (plus Chrom, F!Robin, Lucina, and of course Lissa). And Shipping. Lots and lots of Shipping. #2. This is an seventeensome fic. So if multisomes aren't your thing, you'd best turn away now. #3. The general plot is that Lissa tries to get Chrom and Eirika together, but things go out of control quickly. It's meant to be simplistic, random, and fun, so yeah. #4. You can blame Duck for making the thread that gave me this idea. #5. [spoiler=Starting relationships, be careful, it is spoilery to some extent] Link: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/10133956/1/Seventeen-Lords-Seventeen-Lovers Anything about this goes in this thread. Be it feedback/constructive criticism, asking me questions, or just feeling bad for poor Seliph, it goes here. I'll post when I update. EDIT: Title fixed. Der Glac.
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