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Found 8 results

  1. Ok, so i'm stupid and haven't played this game but i'm doing a script on top 10 overpowered characters and would love to hear about everything that makes Seth so powerful... I have heard the following about how good he is " so good that top-efficiency run Tier Lists base the placement of all other characters on what they can actually do to support Seth, or whatever minor thing they can chime in." So in as much detail can you explain his power level since I haven't played his game and would love to hear more about him
  2. Hi, I've done a quick patch for TSS. This includes: - Bow range changes and longbow is a semi-siege weapon - Bows are not anti-air except short bow, renamed Anti-air Bow - Staff range changes - Weapon stats and price changes for better balance - Swords are called Blades and blades are replaced with knives/daggers with stats equivalent to javelin/short spear/spear for the sword line - Better class distinction without altering the way they work - Nerf to mounted units (caps and fliers get 6-7 movement instead of 7-8), most of them can't double the final boss except Eirika/Ephraim (late promo), max def/res nerfed too (+5 from unpromoted class with tweaks due to branched promotions - Great Knight 8 movement, paladin is more like silver knight (lance) while GK is gold knight (axe) - Seth's bases untouched but he falls off towards the end of midgame even at level 20 - Promo gains drastically improved (more like Fates promo bonuses, some are Awakening level like trainees into t1 and knight into general, although the base used is closer to Radiant Dawn t3 promo gains) - Trainees have 5 base move and usable bases (Ewan's bases untouched but he gains better stats on promo to make up for that) - Mage Knight is now a frontline class - Most units got base stats changes due to their class bases improving and some got personally buffed (pegasi mostly) - Lgd weapons give +3 instead of +5, bow gains str instead of luck, Vidofnir is now correctly between Audumla and Garm, Wt is similar to iron/E rank, no monster effectiveness - Naglfar weighs 6, so Lyon doesn't lose spd anymore - Spd capped general with Garm can still double endgame boss (from 19 spd with Garm's +3) - Enemy growths are more balanced, following their class theme (expect promoted enemies to be closer to Fates proportionally to the stat caps of TSS) - Monsters have better bases and follow the same growth pattern as humans (beware of fog maps) - Rogues have 7 movement since thieves have 6 - Everyone is usable, some units fall off (Seth, Forde is what the womanizer cav from FE6 should have been, Garcia but he has a longer lifespan) - Changed the dragonstone a little, now Myrrh is better for the time it lasts - Soldier is now more like Radiant Dawn soldiers, bases and growths (don't put weaklings in their range) - Formortiis has -5 def/res since you don't have effective weapons anymore (except...TA-DAAA! Myrrh's dragonstone! And now she can even double him) - Try different promotions, mounted promotions give less stats than unmounted to classes that don't have a mount in t1, making up for the advantage in mobility and they fall off anyway Link for download (patch US clean ROM with an UPS patcher): https://www.dropbox.com/s/20snosffcvdbek6/FE8%20simple%20patch_full%20balance%20patch.ups?dl=0
  3. Seth is crazy broken in Sacred Stones, like stupid nuts. Granted, all the early paladin/ advanced characters are kinda crazy, but Seth was just... In all of my three playthroughs of the game (so many I know) Seth has been the only character I could put in the front lines, surrounded by 10+ enemies, and he'd come out barely scratched. The other early advanced chars like Marcus and Frederick got nothin on Seth lmao
  4. Seth, Silver Knight Stats: 34/29/28/29/19 37/32/31/32/22 41/35/34/35/25 Default Set: Oh, Seth, what has IS done to you? You were the most broken unit in Sacred Stones but now you're average as one can get as a Cavalier unit. If you're reading this, know that there is little incentive to use Seth as your Sword cavalier. His other game-breaking counterpart in Sigurd has not only higher stats where it truly matters but can also tank mages thanks to his Divine Tyrfing and exclusive passives. Siegbert surpasses him every way as well and blows him out of the water with his exclusive weapon. Disgusting. Comparing to the other Cavaliers (without exclusive weapons) both Cain and Luke have higher stats in Str and Spd by about 1-2 points which gives them the ever so slight edge for offensive builds like Brave Sword+ or Wo Dao+. Only his Def stands out but thanks to his low Hp his durability is comparable to the other ones. Seth can be seen as a better Stahl with salvageable Spd, featuring a frighteningly similar loadout at default. So overall the only real reason to use Seth is blatant favoritism. Rest in peace, Silver Knight. Builds: The True Silver Knight
  5. It was actually EASIER than with a full team! I attempted to solo the whole game with only Seth. However, I couldn't beat the final chapter, since Eirika and Ephraim (who are mandatory in it) couldn't survive against the mooks who were sent by Formotlis. The rest was really cool, seeing how Seth murders an entire army with a JAVELIN! Anyway, you can see their final stats here: The stats for Eirika and Ephraim are in the thubnail. ;)
  6. So after the second prologue cutscene in FE8, it goes to the map (I replaced the old map with a new one via MarkyJoe's Youtube tutorial) and then freezes a bit after the character replacing Seth (the archer) comes out and moves. Anyone know what's going on? Thanks! [spoiler=Screenie] Edit: When I went into the Hex Editor thing, I couldn't just add a new line since the last line wasn't complete, so I added zeros to the end of it. Not sure if that's relevant.
  7. I changed Seth's class to Archer (F) and made him female in both his recruitment AND his character, but he's still a paladin? His stats changed (I changed them) and he did get the bow I gave him, but he has his other weapons and his weapon ranks (in addition to a bow rank I gave him). Do I need to do more? Thanks!
  8. Seth (Fire Emblem 8) -New Base Stats Hp-37 Str-15 Skill-13 Spd-22 Luck-13 Def-12 Res-8 con-14 -New Growths HP-95% Str-50% Skill-45% Spd-50% Luck-30% Def-65% Res-30% Items -Iron Sword -Silver Lance -Vulnerary Downloads v0.3 https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/85215698/Fe/Fire%20Emblem8%20cool%20seth%20.ips v0.4 https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/85215698/Fe/Fire%20Emblem%20Balanced%20Seth.ips Marcus (Fire Emblem 7) -New Class=Cavalier -New Base Stats Hp-20 Str-7 Skill-5 Spd-7 Luck-3 Def-8 Res-4 con-9 -New Growths HP-80% Str-45% Skill-40% Spd-50% Luck-35% Def-40% Res-15% Items -Iron Sword -Iron lance -Vulnerary Downloads v 0,1 https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/85215698/Fe/Fire%20Emblem%20Balanced%20Marcus.ips
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