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Found 6 results

  1. I'm using Nightmare to hack Shadow Dragon; but it doesn't seem as though there's an option to give stuff like the Falchion stat bonuses like what most other games do with their divine weapons. Does anyone know of a way to do this, or...is that feature just not in Shadow Dragon? Thanks for your time, and God bless you.
  2. Birthright-You had finally stopped King Garon of Nohr. The War was over...at Long last. Or...so you thought. You hear a horse’s cry as you see a familiar face, twisted into a vengeful grimace, as she readies her wicked tome, known only as Tuünbàn. Elise...has returned. Conquest-You had stopped Takumi’s body, allowing the soul to finally Rest In Peace. However...his wasn’t the only soul in need of release. You notice familiar robes, as a hand that was once gentle picks up the Fujin Yumi, the darkness in her corrupting it once again into the Skadi. Sakura was back...and she was back with a vengeance. Comment “White Light” to choose the Birthright path, comment “Black Pillar” to choose the Conquest path. Can you defeat the possessed corpses of your siblings? Or...do you even have the drive to? For the most part, it’s first come first served here, but anytime one path of an RP is finished, it will be reopened to people wanting to participate again. Please keep this in mind! The first one to respond with a comment for either path gets that path until the RP with them is over. Get thinking of strategies, please! Oh, yeah. I should probably go over the stats for Tuünbàn, Huh? And Elise and Sakura’s final boss stats, too. Tuünbàn Weapon Rank: S Might: 27 Range: 1-7 Description: A twisted tome from the Outrealms. Effective against cavalry and armored units. Grants Resistance +20. Inflicts Defense -10. Creates a simulacrum of the wielder. Said to represent violent vengeance for a wrong given form. Spell animation: A dark red skull visage is sent flying at the target. If it connects, it makes the sound Goetia made when cast in Awakening. Elise’s Stats HP: 63 Strength: 10 Magic: 50 Speed: 35 Defense: 32, -10. Resistance: 28, +20. Skill: 25 (There IS a reason for this.) Luck: 50 Class: Vengeful Vessel Class Description: The body of Nohr’s youngest princess, reanimated to seek violent revenge. Weapon Ranks: S(tomes), A(staves) Weapons: Tuünbàn; Fortify, Hexing Rod, Silence, Freeze, Enfeeble. Skills: Lily’s Poise, Dragonic Hex, Dragonskin, Vengeance, Rend Heaven, Miracle. Level: 40 Sakura’s Stats HP: 49 Strength: 40 Magic: 30 Speed: 22 Defense: 50 Resistance: 45 Skill: 50 Luck: 25 Class: Vengeful Shadow Class Description: The body of Hoshido’s youngest princess, seeking revenge for desertion of family. Level: 40 Weapon Ranks: S(bows), A(staves) Weapons: Skadi, Hexing Rod, Great Festal, Enfeeble, Fortify Skills: Quiet Strength, Sturdy Blow(Basically Armored Blow And Death Blow combined), Swift Strike(Basically Darting Blow And Warding Blow combined), Certain Blow, Ignis. Note: Sakura replaces Ignis with Countermagic in higher difficulties. Similarly, Elise replaces Rend Heaven with Counter on higher difficulties. Be wary... Choose a Difficulty: Normal, Hard, or Lunatic. Choose a Mode: Phoenix, Casual, or Classic. I know I haven’t been on here in a while as a member. Been busy with college, Fire Emblem Warriors, Fire Emblem Heroes, and whatnot. But I’m back now! However, I may be on and off. College, after all, can keep a guy busy. And, I may end up returning to Roll20 if I ever get the time.
  3. In Sonic Adventure 2, Shadow tells Sonic that, "Your adventuring days are coming to an end." And they did.
  4. Several months ago, I finished writing up an original sci-fi called Shadow: Ultimatum and made a complete edition that has from Prologue, 24 Chapters, and an Epilogue that spans around 63 pages, I think. Anyway, I decided to make this thread for feedback of my story and to give myself some motivation for the story's sequel (I haven't even written chapter 3 for months lol). Few things to keep in mind. One, this is the first story I ever completed in my life so there's bound to be pacing issues or such. And two, english is my second language, so expect some grammar mistakes or misspellings. Criticism is welcome, but please do not present it in a very bad tone. For example, ''This story has some errors and here's what I think you should fix'' is good. ''This story is shit and you're shit'' is not.
  5. So a update to P4A is coming soon and in it Junpei and Yukari are being added. Yukari uses her bow and excels at wind-type “Garu” skills, and has top-notch speed. Her bow attacks are very fast, and not something you can easily dodge using your reflexes once the arrow takes off, which is said to be one of her notable strengths. Additionally, her arrow can have a “Maha Garu” effect, which lasts momentarily on the screen and acts as a guided missile, giving Yukari a tricky element to her play style. While she excels at long-ranged attacks, she can also use jump and Persona for rush attacks at close-range. Junpei is a power-type character who uses various attacks with his bat. His strength lies in his long reach that allows him to hit his opponents from a slight distance. Since he uses a bat, his abilities revolve around a baseball system, that involves runners advancing and scoring, which adds to its strength. Also inculded is the ablity to play as your shadow self I've been looking for a eason to pop in P4A again wonder how their story is going to pay off Apart from Yukari and Aigis having a catfight about Makato.
  6. After not playing this game for a couple years, a few of my friends and I agreed to restart this game and create teams to fight each other, given a month of playtime (enough for online shopping). After browsing guides and whatnot, these are the teams that I have concluded to use. Please help rate them and improve them. I'm not gonna clock abuse, but I will RNG abuse the hell out of my units, and arena mabye 2-3m total gold for forging. Team1: Paladin, Sage, Horseman, Berserker, Sniper Card: Apotrope Paladin: Frey w/ Brave Lance, Gradivus, Pure Water, Master Key Sage: Merrick w/ Thoron, Swarm, Warp, Fortify, Recover Horseman: Ogma w/ Brave Bow, Brave Sword, Pure Water, Master Key, Vulnerary Berserker: Barst w/ Brave Axe, Hand Axe, Killer Axe, Pure Water, Vulnerary BOOTS Sniper: Catria w/ Brave Bow, Longbow, Killer Bow, Pure Water, Vulnerary Team2: Dracoknight, Sage, Swordmaster, Berserker, Sniper Card: Judgement Dracoknight: Palla w/ Brave Lance, Gradivus, Iote Shield, Pure Water, Master Key Sage: Merrick w/ Thoron, Swarm, Warp, Fortify, Recover Swordmaster: Est w/ Killing Edge, Brave Sword, Levin Sword, Pure Water, Vulnerary Berserker: Barst w/ Brave Axe, Hand Axe, Killer Axe, Pure Water, Vulnerary BOOTS Sniper: Catria w/ Brave Bow, Longbow, Killer Bow, Pure Water, Vulnerary Team3: Dracoknight, Dracoknight, Sage, Sage, Sage Card: Apotrope Dracoknight: Palla w/ Brave Lance, Gradivus, Killing Lance, Pure Water, Master Key BOOTS Dracoknight: Abel w/ Brave Lance, Javelin, Killing Lance, Pure Water, Master Key Sage: Merrick w/ Thoron, Swarm, Warp, Fortify, Recover Sage: Linde w/ Bolganone, Warp, Fortify, Recover Sage: Caeda w/ Bolganone, Warp, Fortify, Recover
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