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Found 2 results

  1. Currently I'm playing FE6 and, almost reaching chapter 17, I heard about the route split to Sacae or Illia ("you go to Sacae if Sue and Shin combined EXP is higher than Tate and Shanna EXP, otherwise you go to Illia), so I started to wonder: If, before that chapter, Shin, Sue, Tate and Shanna die, all of them, what will happen? Will I go to Sacae or Illia? Or someway those chapters will be skipped and then ? And how does the game decides to which route I will go? I know it calculates the total EXP earned by the nomads and by the pegasus knights, and if Shanna and Tate's is higher than Shin and Sue's you go to Illia (otherwise, you go to sacae). But if some of them gain some EXP and then died (before chapter 17) will it count? For example, if Shin reached level 20 and then die, will his EXP be counted or does it count as 0, so to go to Sacae only Sue's EXP will count vs Tate and Shanna's to decide to which contry I will go in the route split ? And if the EXP is acounted even if the character die, then that would mean that if I kill everyone before any of them can get any EXP (somehow making sure that each of the four die in one hit, so they wont gain that 1 EXP for surviving battles) then I will go to Illia, since Tate and Shanna have higher base levels than Shin and Sue? Or the base levels doesn't count? (I think they don't, as I seen someone asking here why did they went to Sacae instead of illia since them Pegasus knight had higher level than the nomads, and someone answered that it wasn't about the base levels but only the EXP gained in game) Also, does the game prioritizes one route over the other? Like, if Both the pegasus knights and the nomads have Equal gained EXP (Or died, if dead units EXP doesn't count, because then all their EXPs would be 0), the game would have to send you to a route anyway, right? So would it be random (based in the RGN, with a 50/50 chance). or they prioritize one route over the other (kinda like like they do with Chrom potential wives in Awakening)? Before anyone starts advising on what I should do, I want to say that this is not the case for me, none of my nomads or pegasus knights had died yet. I just want to know this out of curiosity or if this had happened with anyone here (though I dont think this could happen if it wasnt on porpouse or iron man runs) Also, I want to state that English is not my first language so let me know if I wrote something in a weirdly indunderstandably way (the "inunderstandably" was on porpouse).
  2. Introduction Shanna is best described as an excellent Player Phase flier because her stats in combination with her default kit allows her to be a pretty okay combat unit. Stat-wise; she is best described as a "RES-oriented" version of Catria. She plays similarly to Cordelia but has less punch and slightly more bulk. With a Killer weapon right off the bat and a good special that runs off her solid resistance, Shanna is a good flier to have especially if you don't like to invest too much but still end up having a good unit in your hands. She's more than just Desperation fodder. Pros: + Excellent base speed stat at neutral. She has 35 speed at Neutral IV + Pretty good base kit. Threaten SPD allows her to screw up enemy's speed stat within 2 spaces, Desperation allows her to land guaranteed doubles once she is at a certain percentage of her HP left, Iceberg runs off from her decent RES stat and lastly, she gets a Killer Lance right away. As of the Weapon Refinery update; the Killer Lance+ can now be upgraded into a Slaying Lance+. This means that you'll only need to place an assist and an A-slot for Shanna. + Flier unit + Pretty okay RES stat Cons: - While she's bulkier than Cordelia; she's still rather squishy on the physical side. Bows are a threat to her; Excalibur can still land some damage on her - Her damage output is rather low without Skill Inheritance Stats 3* Rarity LV01: HP: 15/16/17 l ATK: 6/7/8 l SPD: 7/8/9 l DEF: 4/5/6 l RES: 5/6/7 l BST: 42 LV40: HP: 32/35/38 l ATK: 23/26/29 l SPD: 28/31/34 l DEF: 19/22/25 l RES: 23/26/29 l BST: 139 4*Rarity LV01: HP: 15/16/17 l ATK: 7/8/9 l SPD: 8/9/10 l DEF: 4/5/6 l RES: 5/6/7 l BST: 44 LV40: HP: 33/36/39 l ATK: 25/28/31 l SPD: 30/33/36 l DEF: 20/23/26 l RES: 23/26/29 l BST: 146 5*Rarity LV01: HP: 16/17/18 l ATK: 7/8/9 l SPD: 8/9/10 l DEF: 5/6/7 l RES: 6/7/8 l BST: 47 LV40: HP: 35/39/42 l ATK: 26/30/33 l SPD: 32/35/38 l DEF: 22/25/29 l RES: 25/29/32 l BST: 157-159 *stats marked in red is a superbane (-4), stat marked in green is a superboon (+4) = Recommended Builds = Budget Shanna Recommended IV's: +ATK/-DEF, +ATK/-HP, +SPD/-DEF, +SPD/-HP Weapon: Slaying Lance+ (SPD Forge), Assist: Reposition/Draw Back, Special: Iceberg A: Fury 3 B: Desperation 3 C: Threaten SPD 3 / Flexible Seal: +3 SPD Thanks to the weapon refinery updates, the Killer Lance that she starts out with can be upgraded into a Slaying Lance+; it is recommended that she gets a +SPD forge for the lance since she'll need as much speed so she can double enemies especially once she is in Desperation range. Recommended assist is Reposition/Draw Back if she is to get an ally out of an enemy's range. Iceberg becomes 2 CD with a Slaying Weapon so let's keep that. Fury boosts her stats by +3 which is good for attack and speed stacking; also the recoil works well to get her within Desperation range. C-passive is very flexible so you can either slap on Threaten SPD 3 so secure more doubles or... Goad Fliers or Flier buffs if you are to run her on a flier team. Firesweep Girl Recommended IV's: +SPD/-DEF, +SPD/-HP Weapon: Firesweep Lance+, Assist: Reposition/Draw Back, Special: Iceberg / Luna A: Fury 3 / Swift Sparrow 2 / Life and Death 3 B: Hit and Run / Drag Back C: Threaten SPD 3 / Flexible Seal: +3 SPD Shanna is primarily a player-phase flyer so let's focus on that aspect! With a +SPD IV and a Firesweep Lance+; Shanna can poke an enemy to death without the fear of retaliation. A-slot can be Fury for budget builds, Swift Sparrow 2 and Life and Death 3 are the more expensive options. For B-slot, you can opt for Hit and Run so she can move a space backwards after attacking or Drag Back so she can drag an enemy along with her by one space and put them in range of your mages. Reposition or Draw Back for Assist. For recommended proc, give her Luna since we'll be needing that to poke through bulky targets. Iceberg is for budget builds and works better with Fury 3 as it means 16 guaranteed damage running off from Shanna's 32 RES. C-slot is still flexible; either Threaten SPD 3 or maybe Flier buffs. Another option is if you're running Fury is to use SPD Ploy for C-slot, which means she'll debuff anyone with a speed penalty as long they're not a magic wall so she can secure more double attacks. You can consider adding in DEF Ploy for more shenanigans. Tiny Flying Terror Recommended IV's: +ATK/-DEF, +ATK/-HP Weapon: Slaying Lance+ (SPD Forge), Assist: Reposition/Draw Back, Special: Aether / Iceberg / Glacies / Dragon Fang / Galeforce A: Fury 3 / Life and Death 3 / Brazen ATK/SPD 3 B: Desperation 3 C: Threaten SPD 3 / Flexible Seal: Heavy Blade 3 This is my personal build for Shanna; while similar to the budget build, this allows her to be a decent user of the Heavy Blade seal; but this also requires a lot of ATK and SPD stacking meaning this build will work best in a Flier Emblem team. The reason for ATK stacking is to allow Shanna hit as hard as possible while activating Heavy Blade's effect, SPD stacking so she can double more opponents. Aether is great for tearing through bulky targets and keeping Shanna at a decent HP range; and also handy for Tempest Trials. Since Heavy Blade is involved; you can use Glacies and Dragon Fang as well or an instant Iceberg... or even Galeforce. Don't use Glacies or Iceberg if you're going the Life and Death route for her A-passive. Fury 3 or Life and Death 3 is needed for A-slot so she can hit harder and be faster; a more expensive choice is Brazen ATK/SPD 3 which means once she is in Desperation range; she'll also land some pretty hard-hitting strikes on the enemy. Desperation is self-explanatory, C-slot is flexible; although I'd prefer Goad Fliers. NOTE: My team is a 3x Goad Fliers + Airzura (Hone Fliers) EDIT LOG: - Changed the lance for Firesweep Girl build due to a typo accidentally placing in "Slaying Lance+" instead of Firesweep Lance. - Added Brazen ATK/SPD 3 as a choice for the "Tiny Flying Terror" build.
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