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Found 1 result

  1. i'd really love to see some other shapeshifters, such as xane, panne, selkie and literally every laguz in fire emblem heroes, so i created this topic to know other people's opinion in particular, laguz are hard to represent in heroes, since they have a gauge that determines if they can actually do something useful or not btw, these are my ideas about some laguz: i think these concepts could represent them quite well, but feel free to say your opinion, or even completely different ideas, both for laguz and other shapeshifters Ranulf, colorless, beast laguz (3 spaces of movement, weak to fire magic) HP: 50, ATK: 31, SPD: 31, DEF: 24, RES: 10, Raw Rating: 145 Weapon: Claw, mt: 11, range: 1, Effect: if unit initiates combat, atk/spd/def/res+6 during combat Special Skill: Rend (5 turns cooldown, raises ATK by 100% during combat, enemy is paralyzed after combat, only inheritable by cat laguz) Passive Skills: A) Fury 3 C) Goad Shapeshifters (grants atk/spd +4 to every shapeshifter ally within 2 spaces during combat, not applied to manaketes) Naesala, colorless, raven laguz (flying unit, 2 spaces of movement, weak to wind magic) HP: 47, ATK: 27, SPD: 37, DEF: 17, RES: 23, Raw Rating: 150 Weapon: Great Beak, mt: 14, range: 1, Effect: if unit initiates combat, atk/spd/def/res+6; can counterattack ranged attacks (counterattack counts as green magical damage) Special Skill: Tear (3 turns cooldown, raises ATK by 50% during combat, inflicts spd-5 to the enemy after combat, like seal spd, inheritable only by hawk and raven laguz) Passive Skills: B) Vantage 3, C) Hone Shapeshifters (atk/spd +6 to adiacent shapeshifters ally at the start of your turn, not applied to manaketes) Reyson, colorless, heron laguz (flying unit, 2 spaces of movement, weak to wind magic) HP: 40, ATK: 21, SPD: 36, DEF: 20, RES: 30, Raw Rating: 147 Weapon: Dirge of Ruin, mt: 14, range 2 (magical attack), Effect: if unit initiates combat, atk/spd/def/res+6, deals 6 more damage to the enemy after combat Assist Skill: Canto (same effect as dance, but with a cooler name) Passive Skills: A) Distant Defense 3, C) Blessing (heals 6 hp to adiacent allies at the start of your turn) I deciced to make laguz as colorless units, in order to make the colorless hell less "hellish", but i decided to keep their original weaknesses to magic (fire for beast laguz, wind for bird laguz and thunder for dragon laguz); other shapeshifters could be red, blue or green what do you think shapeshifters could work in heroes? let me know, i'm curious!
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