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Found 2 results

  1. Hello everyone! I decided to make this thread to help out with inheriting skills. Certain units can obtain the Lv. 3 version of a skill as a 4* unit, which can save a lot of feathers. This list shows all the skills that can be inherited from 4*'s and briefly explains some of the limitations of the inheritance system. Crtl + F is your friend. Hope this helps! Note: Alternate versions of the same Hero are denoted with their title. The "original" hero will not have a title next to their name. For example, "Shigure: Dark Sky Singer" refers to a Shigure alt, but "Shigure" refers to the original character. 5* Exclusive Skills- So far, the following skills can only be inherited from a 5* unit: Inheriting Weapon Skills Note: Weapons with an * can be evolved from a base version. Heroes that start with this base version will be listed alongside those that start with the upgraded weapon, provided they are not 5* exclusive (ex. Jamke, Leon, and Niles are all listed next to Slaying Bow). Inheriting Passive Skills Inheriting Special Skills Inheriting Assist Skills Note: Rally Atk Res up above and Rally Spd Res below not having the "+" is not a typo. These Assists don't have a "+" version yet. Inheritance Limitations In general, most inheritance is based off of one or more factors: -Movement Type, Armored, Cavalry, Flying, or Infantry -Damage Type, Physical or Magical -Range Type, Melee, or Ranged Movement Damage Type Range Exclusive Skills: The following skills can only be used by their original units. They cannot be inherited. Skills found on enemy-only units are not included in this list. Note: All refined skills cannot be inherited. For example, the base Armorsmasher+ can be inherited, but a Speed-refined version cannot. Some precautions before inheriting Merged allies will inherit all of the skills of the source unit, as well as their learned status, so SP is not required for the newly-merged unit to relearn them. Up to four skills can be inherited from a single unit. A unit that wants to be passed the Lv. 3 version of a skill must inherit all levels of that skill. Triangle Adept and Gem Weapons do not stack, so don't give a unit with either of those skills the other one! Pay attention to skill types. It can be easy to forget that Heroes can't equip two skills bearing the same letter, so try to optimise inheritance to avoid wasting characters and skill slots for Heroes that can't use them! For example, Nowi inherits Spur Attack from Lilina, but now she cannot use it in conjunction with Threaten Res, since they are both C-type skills. Skills that would normally be learned by 5* units can be inherited and learned by units of any * rating, given they have also inherited any prerequisite skills. For example, Brave Sword+ can be inherited by Hana as a 4*, who can learn the skill and equip it with enough SP without having to increase her rating. A unit can inherit different levels of a skill from different units. Some skills affect the speed order in combat, such as Null Follow-Up, Wary Fighter, a -breaker skill, and Quick Riposte. If both units in a round of combat have any combination of these skills--except both units having Quick Riposte or Wary Fighter--then the skills will negate each other. If this occurs, the normal speed formula will apply, instead. The "Dance" B passive skills can be inherited by any unit except staff users, but will only take effect when that unit uses the Sing or Dance assist skills. They will do nothing if either of those skills are not on the unit that inherited it. NINO CAN'T BREAK SWORDS And that's everything! Hope this helped.
  2. The recent 1.2.0 update introduced a new feature for Merge Allies and it is that all skills can be passed down. This change has made Merge Allies a powerful and rewarding tool. What do I mean exactly? Perhaps you already know or maybe you don't, so let's just write this down anyway. Before this update, when using Merge Allies, the only things you would gain are SP and increased stats if the host was a lower rarity. This meant all skills, learned or unlearned, default or inherited, would have to be relearned if they are default skills or regained in the case of inherited skills. Now, skills are passed down as well. This means two things: 1. You can bypass learning a unit's default skills. 2. You can use a duplicate unit to pass down inheritable skills you want. Note this: Units that are 3* and above will have at a minimum at level 40: 540 SP to spend. This does not consider SP gained from KO'ing units. Starting from 3*, that's a total of 1620 SP, but that's 22k feathers. 2k feathers -- getting a 3* to a 4* -- will net you 1080 SP to spend which might be more worth it. Not promoting, however, might be enough for some. Also, 2* units will have 360 SP and 1* units will have 180 SP. Also note: as confirmed by @Kuroi Tsubasa Tenshi, skills are passed down regardless if they are learned or not. If they learned, then they are passed down as learned. If not, then they are passed down as unlearned. The unlearned part is more useful for inherited skills you considered, but are not sure if you want to learn yet. Ideally, you would want to pass down all skills as learned so your main unit will have complete access to them. Basically, the main idea is to use Merge Allies with Inherit Skill to efficiently give skills to your unit. That said, however, more SP and more freedom to use SP does not mean waste SP. Consider the build you want and consider the skills you want. Anyway, let's say you want to give a +Atk, -Res Frederick a Brave Axe, you would need 300 SP. For a 3* Frederick to gain all of his skills, you would need 510 SP or 310 without his Hammer since you're trying to get a Brave Axe. If Hammer was not learned, Frederick would only have 230 SP leaving him 70 SP short of getting a Brave Axe. For a 4*, you would need 730 SP which leaves him at a deficit of 190 SP. Both can gain their default skills through regular play. Using a spare Frederick to learn Brave Axe, however, leaves spare Frederick with 240 SP to play with which he can pick up a support skill which all cost 225 SP as inherited skills or something like Glowing Ember, 200 SP as a inherited skill, to use Frederick's high natural defense. One of the Brave Axe candidates is Barst and he comes with Reposition which would fit perfectly under the 540 minimum. Meanwhile, "main" Frederick will need to spend nothing, instead, he will gain all the skills acquired by spare Frederick and whatever SP spare Frederick will give when he's used to merge with "main" Frederick. In a way, the SP your main unit has could be considered as "emergency" SP used for a skill or skills you really need. Another idea is that training units with not ideal boon/bane is still helpful since you can use them in the future to pass down their default and inherited skills to one with a better or ideal boon/bane. For example, you have a -Atk, +Res Cherche. She's the only Cherche you have, but you really want to use her. Well... use her. Get all of her skills, inherit some skills, and when you get another Cherche, merge this Cherche with the hopefully better Cherche. That Cherche will now have all of her default skills, if they were learned, at whatever rarity the first was plus inherited skills both as learned if the were or unlearned if they were not. Neat, huh? The only limitations, however, is that some units either cannot do or will have a harder time doing this. For the former, units like Anna or Ursula are either one of a kind or are limited, so this process would not work with them at all or as well. For the latter, rarer units such as a 5*-only units or even 4* to 5* units means it will be harder to get duplicates of them, but at least you can get them. Another thing to consider are units with rare or exclusive access to skills. For example, Arthur is the currently the only summonable unit with Emerald Axe and Lancebreaker. Your choice on using him for Inherit Skill for another unit or improving him with Merge Allies and Inherit Skill is up to you. Fortunately, however, Arthur is one of the units with a low SP cost to get his skills; most units with specials tend to have higher SP cost -- will need to actually verify this, but I've noticed this to be the case. I hope I was able to articulate this idea properly and in an easy to understand way. If not, then tell me and I'll try to fix this. Criticism and feedback in general is helpful. For those who played Dark Cloud 1 or 2 and know how to effectively upgrade weapons, you might be able to get what I'm saying if I wasn't clear. Edit: 4/12/17, correction by @Kuroi Tsubasa Tenshi about the status of unlearned skills. Thank you for your correction.
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