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Found 3 results

  1. I´m currently trying this out, but I think my reclass path was a bit too basic [going Monk (not mastered) > Mage (mastered) > Warlock (not mastered) WR (not mastered) > WL], though currently my major problem is accuracy rather than damage. Note, my current run is on AM Maddening chapter 14, and I just found out I have to get the support with Gilbert, so no Crusher yet. Also, I guess, that I haven´t yet seen her perform as WL. My question is, how best to go about building her in general? With her accuracy problems right now, I thought that I should have gone Archer to get Hit+20, as well as get Darting Blow because right now even Armoured Enemies seem a challenge for her to double. But the problem I have with these is, that realistically I´m spending time in classes that Annette won´t be very good at, since they are STR based damage on top of it lowering her chances of getting more MAG to hit harder later on, which seems the point of that build. Then I thought, rather than getting Hit+20 and Darting Blow, should I not just spend as much time as possible in Mage, get Fiendish Blow while working toward Valkyrie to get Uncanny Blow. Because if getting her to double accurately weakens the main means of dealing damage with her build and is unreliable due to potential lack of MAG on top of it than that doesn´t seem that great. Additionally, Uncanny Blow seems better than Hit+20, if I understand it correctly, in that Uncanny Blow gives more HIT during attack but not otherwise out of combat, but Hit+20 always applies, which seems unnecessary, since her EP potential is not that great, even with WL enhanced stats. On top of that, with getting Valkyrie you also have her in a class that won´t just hinder her usefulness while working on necessary weapon ranks (since I can´t realistically estimate when you reach what weapon rank levels). So that, in essence, her skill set would look something like this: Axe Prowess X, Fiendish Blow, Uncanny Blow, Mag+2, (Authority X?) and then slap Nuvelle Flier Corps (or any flier battalion that doesn´t decrease MAG damage and increases HIT) on top of it? Also, what I don´t understand is, how does Lightning Axe actually work and interact with weapons/skills? Does it take the DMG you would have dealt with your weapon + skill and turns it into a magic damage attack, essentially retargeting it toward RES? Could I get Death Blow and have it be part of the DMG calculation as well as Fiendish Blow by some weird shenanigans?
  2. I have completed my Revelations pairings and would now like to know which of my kids should be paired with one another or if some should just be completely left out to be a solo galeforce assassins. Your suggestions should have a reason behind the pairings along with the build the pairings should be (i.e: A nohrian trust build, dodge build, galeforce taker build, go wild with your imagination because there are probably plenty other builds out there). Also would appreciate if you went into depth and gave me the whole skillset rather than just name a build as i'm not that experienced in this in the first place. Without further ado, here is the list of kids I need help pairing and optimizing: (I'll also be leaving the class/es that i'll be making each of my kids but feel free to suggest a different class if you feel necessary) Elise!Ophelia - Witch Orochi!Rhajat - Witch Oboro!Sophie - Paladin or Hero Rinkah!Caeldori - General, Great knight or Falcon Knight (Has S rank with Ignatius) Setsuna!Dywer - Master ninja (Has A+ rank with Asugi) Nina!Kana - Witch Kaze!Shigure - Swordsmaster or Master Ninja (If I want him as a Swordsmaster I need to make him A+ with Hisame) Selena!Hisame - Master of Arms, Hero or Blacksmith Felicia!Forrest - Strategist or Sorc Charlotte!Siegbert - Berserker, Hero or Paladin Hinoka!Mitama - Dread Fighter Camilla!Velouria - Wolfssenger Nyx!Nina - Adventurer or Onmyoji Mozu!Kiragi - Sniper or Kinshi knight Effie!Percy - Hero, Wyvern Lord or Berserker Beruka!Ignatius - General Azura!Midori - Master Ninja Kagero!Shiro - Spear Master Peri!Soleil - Paladin or Hero Hana!Selkie - Nine-Tails Sakura!Asugi - Dark Falcon
  3. {A little funny picture that I found...please enjoy for laughs } I would like some help on the best finishing classes for Chrom!Male Morgan and FMU!Lucina for my current play through. I was wondering as well what are the best skill sets for both M!Morgan and Lucina. ~FMU is +def/-luck and will give Morgan Galeforce which I think will be in his final skill set (maybe?) ~Lucina will have veteran (either through re-class or inheritance however I am leaning to re-classing for veteran) ~Both will run as cavaliers ~Morgan and Lucina are not going to be benched ~Maxing EXP for both in their respective base classes ~Veteran will not be in Morgan/Lucina's final skill sets ~I am playing normal/casual (because I can't stand to lose units :/) I have read (from another source) that Lucina should be a Great Lord, however I am reluctant to do so as I will already have Chrom and I am of the mindset that Chrom is enough. Thank you in advance for your help ~TSC
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