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  1. Hello everyone! Here’s a little project I started over a year ago, a rebalance of Genealogy of the Holy War. At first it was just for me: I was playing around with randomizers and became frustrated with how in FE4 many weapon types and classes are simply straight up better than others, so I decided to get into Nightmare and change things up. Eventually I also started to apply japanese patches and even mess with hex editors, so my friend Vivideru suggested I post it for everyone to enjoy. Overall, I think this makes for a fresh experience which is also surprisingly challenging at times: since many weapons and classes have been improved, the generic enemies are relatively stronger now. Consider playing this not only if you’re a Jugdral stan like me, but also if you tried FE4 and dropped it due to its dated gameplay. List of changes: Some screenshots: Link to the drive folder: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1DvvkDmpt4IFBj_6I4tv0rBZ3OvMfkBwt?usp=sharing In the folder, you'll find an .ips patch, which is to be used on a japanese, headered ROM. You will also find a list of weapon and a list of classes containing the updated stats of each, with cells colored green or red if the new value is better or worse than the original value. Things I'd like to change, but don't know how to (yet? Please help if you know how): And last but not least, credits:
  2. FE5 (Thracia 776) Randomizer by hexrobot I started this project in 2020 because of boredom and after furious keyboard mashing and long hours playtesting somehow managed to finish 🥳. Works with most roms. Read the code on Github. Features: Randomizes character and enemies bases, growths, classes, leadership stars, vigor stars, skills, etc. Randomizes weapon attributes (Might, Accuracy, Critical, etc.) and item rewards. Balance options (some of them to make the game easier). Shuffles character portrait palettes 🤩. Screenshots: Download Latest release: v1.2 [ Windows | Mac os | Linux (deb) ]
  3. Have you or a friend of yours wanted to play Genealogy of the Holy War but thought it was too difficult compared to the western games? The point of this patch is to make FE4 easy so you can enjoy the story without much in your way. For those who played FE4 already, this could just be a fun run through the game. Nothing about the story is changed, so it will still be the same throughout. Link: (snip) Please notify me if there are any bugs, glitches or anything that needs fixing. Changes: MAJOR growth rate increase (Some characters may have +2 when leveling up) Everyone has holy blood (Some who do have holy blood have other holy blood or even major holy blood) More units are promoted like Sigurd and Quan (Ethlin, Dew, and Edain are promoted) Heroes can now use axes (but the weapon doesn't show up in battle) Marriages are pretty much forced now with massive increase love growths with curtain units, (Lex and Ayra; Raquesis and Beowolf; Edain and Midayle; Jamke and Bridgid; Sylvia and Claud; and Lewyn and Erin) though Lewyn and Erin have the same love growth due to a conversation after Lewyn gets Forseti that makes them instant lovers. Sigurd starts out with the Paragon Ring and 5 Leadership stars (There is a weird glitch where if you reset the game, Sigurd goes back to 2. The way I found to prevent this is save states) Some holy weapons has changed stats (Naga gives +20 to all stats except str and Mjolnir got nerfed to half of original bonuses due to it being used against you) If you can get the Pursuit ring in chapter, you will receive a great reward: +5 to all stats except luck and hp; +3 to move; and gain the skills of Thief, Prayer, Paragon, Recover, Bargain, Return, Pursuit, and Knight/Canto
  4. I just got through chapter 6 of FE4 and I forgot to talk to her with Seliph to aquire the Nosferatu tome. Does anyone know if there will be any buyable Light tomes up ahead or am i completely screwed?
  5. So I was playing echos and noticed the forging system in the game I am pretty sure this was not in Fe 2 So if a Fe 4 remake ever came out I think a Forging system of some kind would be pretty cool it probably would not function like it did in echos and more like forging in Fe 9 or 10 where you could change the stats on a weapon individually like hit rate, MT and so on. The weapons in FE4 already feel pretty unique even ones like the silver sword you get in the prologue its not just a silver sword its Sigurd's Silver sword. Idk how limited the system would have to be as to not take away the value of the sheer power of holy weapons ( unless they can be forged to ). I just think I would be a cool little edition to give weapons the extra bit of flair. oh and you should be able to change the name of non holy weapons, and the forged weapons would cost more in the pawn shop. idk if this has been posted before I looked for a bit and couldn't find anything like it so I hope I am not breaking any rules
  6. Pretty cool huh? Just thought I'd brag about getting a physical copy hehe.
  7. I hope this is the right place to post this, I'm looking to probe the minds of those more familiar with this kind of thing. This is all on Android. 5 years ago give or take I emulated nearly all of the available SNES FE4 Binary hacks and some of the FE5 patches too. I just slapped them on my crappy phone pre-patched on PC and they worked like a charm on whatever dingy little SNES emu I was using (Super Retro 16 I think). More recently I've been playing some recently released GBA rom hacks but I'm basically done with those, and I wanted to play a binary FE4 hack like the old days. Thats when the issue arose; not a single SNES emulator on android including whats left of SR16 can find this patched FE4 rom in ANY directory. Ive tried Snes9x EX+ and Retroarch but to no avail. This is so vexing because my newer, more powerful phone appears to be incapable of something my economy phone from years ago didnt even bat an eye at; reading IPS patched SFC roms. Maybe I'm missing something? Has anyone here played a SNES/SFC Fire Emblem rom hack on their phone in the last couple years? If so what emulator did you use to do it? Any help at all would be appreciated, thanks 😁
  8. I've been wondering for a while what's next for FE and also what the fanbase is hoping for. We've got 3H DLC coming for a while still, but I have to imagine IS are already working on plans for the next entry. And with FE growing bigger than ever with each new entry since Awakening, there's quite a lot of possibilities imo. I think it's generally assumed they're working on an FE4 remake, but the director of SoV did state he wanted to do FE6 next, so it isn't a sure thing. There's also the possibility of a new Warriors game or another spinoff, remasters, and classic games being added to the Japanese Nintendo Switch Online app. That's without even considering a new game or follow up to 3H. So what would everyone prefer to see next? For the first question, try limiting yourself to your top 3 most wanted choices. Also, if discussing possible follow ups to Three Houses, please spoiler tag anything that reveals details about the story. I personally do want to see an FE4 remake next, as I feel it could build on the engine they've got for 3H and as it was sort of an inspiration for the story this time, it makes sense to remake it now. I'd also love a Tellius remaster double pack, as it's my favourite FE world. And finally, I'd love some sort of follow up to Three Houses, as I think Fódlan has a lot of potential still and we haven't really had a direct sequel/prequel in a while. Thoughts?
  9. Which old fashioned console do you prefer? Ranging to the Atari to the PS1. Ta da, fixed it. Thanks for the witty feedback guys. :3 I prefer the MS-DOS, I grew up playing on that shit.
  10. its my first time playing fe4, I don't want to mess up to bad. I already have an idea of what to give each child like giving seliph a silver sword, paragon ring, and leg ring , but I'm having trouble deciding for others like leif my parings: lex/ayra midir/edain lewyn/erinys azel/tailtiu beowolf/lachesis dew/brigid claud/silvia (maybe) not the most original but I don't want to get raped in the second generation
  11. Sorry to ask this but I've been quite unsuccessful in this so far, likely due to my own difficulty reading current guides on this. I'd like to change a few of the character names in a patched rom of FE4. I've tried using Nightmare plugins but, frankly, I don't know what I'm doing and the only way for this to get done will be if I ask for help. On the bright side, if I can edit the names to match the up-to-date localised versions (Diadora to Deirdre and the like) I could make a new patch and share it, so that other people don't have to do the same. Sorry if this is in the wrong place, or anything like that. As you can tell (especially by my username) I haven't used this website much or posted anything really. That's why my name is eeeeeee.
  12. I did see some game companies were bundling a bunch of classic and nearly classic games and porting to modern consoles as Collections like the Mega Man Legacy Collection series, Street Fighter Collection, Capcom Beat Em Up Collection, Sega Ages, The Legend of Zelda Collector's Edition, and much more. So what do you guys think if Nintendo and Intelligent Systems did the same by putting all the classic Fire Emblem titles into a big bundle as Fire Emblem Collection or whether might they call it? Do you guys think the NES + SNES titles might be in Collection 1, the GBA + Tellius titles will be in Collection 2, and Collection 3 might put the Nintendo DS and Nintendo 3DS titles. Or do you guys think the Nintendo DS titles should be bundled to Collection 2 and save the Nintendo 3DS games for a later time after Collection 2 releases? I know that Nintendo did add Nintendo DS games to the Wii U Virtual Console. And plus, they might put amiibo support with the Fire Emblem characters to do new challenges in the Fire Emblem Collection similar to the Mega Man amiibo on the Mega Man Legacy Collection. I'm not saying this will most likely happen to be on Nintendo Switch. I'm just wondering how would this work as a big Bundle Collection game? Just post your thoughts about which games might be included? I'm pretty sure the Collection 2 might have the GBA, Tellius, and NDS titles will most likely be released outside of Japan, but I possibly think the Collection 1 might be going to be Japan-only since the original NES and SNES titles weren't released outside of Japan. (I don't know if they can get Treehouse, 8-4, or another localization team to do the entire text from The Binding Blade and New Mystery of the Emblem if Intelligence System puts those two in Collection 2 since those were the only non NES and SNES titles that weren't released outside of Japan)
  13. Do you like to edit Nanna No Cloak's Sprite? Nanna (No Cloak) is Nanna (Paladin) without Cloak and Feather Decoration. Base Nanna (No Cloak) Sprite ↓ Nanna (Paladin) Sprite ↓
  14. Hello fellow FE mates! So, I just recently beat Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War. Now the only remaining game in the series that I have yet to play is Thracia 776, but I am having some serious issues finding a working ROM for it. So far I've downloaded four ROMs and all of them have either only been one part of the game translated. All I want is to finally say I've beaten the whole series. Can anyone guide this poor boy to a translation that at least has translated story/dialogue, items, options/moves, and character names? Some translations even mess up on the intro. The very first screen of text introducing the game will have a sentence that starts with gibberish letters like "rn." Anyway, it'd be greatly appreciated. Seeyaround!
  15. Hello everyone! I'm new here so I'm not sure if a thread has been open about this. So I bought a new SNES Classic Edition from Gamestop, and have modded it to run a few extra games. One came to mind is both Genealogy of Holy War and Thracia 776. I looked online to see if it has ever been done before. So I did some research. since I do have the North American version of the SNES Classic, the emulator built-in will not be able to play PAL or Japanese games. But there's still a way to play Fire Emblem games for those that don't want to pay an import fee for a Super Famicom Mini Classic (even though the console still looks cooler than the lame NA look). So far, I'm stuggling trying to find a proper patched Genealogy of Holy War (w/Project Narga translation patch) and unable to play the game on the Classic. However, I was able to run Thracia 776 w/ the english patch (although an old patch) and was able to get a close enough real SNES experience to play the game. What you need to do this A SNES Classic Edition (either PAL or North America models) Hakchi mod tool for your desktop Retroarch w/cores Thracia 776 Rom w/English Patch I'll be updating this thread with more as I'm at work right now. Will post pictures, and if you're an owner of a SNES Classic and was able to add both Fire Emblem games, please contribute here. Here's a video demo https://youtu.be/NzfKzb7E1fA
  16. So I just finished playing Binding Blade, which is my last gba title. I want to jump into the NES/SNES era of games and thought Genealogy would be a good snes era game to start with. But is there any other title I should play before that? And what tips should I know before jumping in? Thanks in advance.
  17. So the SNES Classic isn't actually being discontinued after two weeks. It's gonna keep selling until sometime in 2018. As for the NES Classic, it's making a return next year as well. So if you missed out on the NES Classic, your chance to get one of the new 50 units will be here soon.
  18. Panel de Pon (SNES, 1995 (JP only) - Reviewed by Purple-Clad Gamer Edit: Sorry if some of the text placement looks weird, I typed this up on notepad beforehand Before we begin, here's how my reviews work: I rate each category on a scale from 0.0 to 10. Some categories will not be applied if necessary (ex. Level Design in a game like Dr. Mario) Categories: Introduction (not scored) - I start the review. Story - How well the story is written. Gameplay - How well does the game, well, PLAY? Are the controls good? Are the mechanics good? Characters - How well the characters are designed and how good they are as actual characters. Graphics - How well the game looks. Music - How good the game's music is. Difficulty - How well the difficulty is balanced-- is it challenging enough to keep you going? Level Design - How well are levels designed-- are they fun and interesting? Replay Value - Is it worth playing over and over? [Introduction] Panel de Pon is a puzzle game released exclusively in Japan in 1995 for the Super Famicom. It's known outside of Japan as "Tetris Attack", giving it a Yoshi's Island reskin, and is known to be a very good game that spawned the Panel de Pon series, which would be known as Puzzle League in the west. [Story] The only story in this game is within the game's 1-Player VS Mode, which might as well be a Story Mode. Panel de Pon's 1-Player VS Mode opens up with the game's mascot, Lip, explaining what's going on. The world has been invaded by monsters of darkness who have used magic to create an endless rainfall, putting the entire world at the brink of flooding. The monsters have also turned all the other faeries into servants of evil. Lip decides to stick up to restore her friends to normal and defeat the monsters within Death Mountain. Considering it's a puzzle game, It's a pretty good premise and has a few surprises at the end. 9.4/10 [Gameplay] Gameplay in Panel de Pon is pretty simple. If you wait on the Title Screen, Lip will show you how to play, and the game even has some built-in tutorials that you can use in the form of the How to Play and How to Improve modes. In Panel de Pon, you play on a grid of squares, each of which can be filled by a panel (hence Panel de Pon). Panels are stacked on top of each other and slowly rise toward the top of the grid, with a new row of panels being added at the bottom. The player must swap panels in horizontal or vertical lines of three or more matching colors by swapping panels horizontally, in increments of two. As matching lines of panels are made, the panels are cleared from the grid and any blocks above them fall into the gaps. Clearing more than three panels in a single swap creates a Combo, while Chains are made when falling panels from one clear cause another clear. Both score extra bonus points, and in multiplayer VS matches, these also send what are called Garbage Blocks to the other player's grid. Garbage Blocks can be transformed into panels by making a panel clear that is touching the Garbage Block. You automatically lose once the panels (and/or Garbage Blocks) touch the top of the grid for too long (only about a second or two). The goal of Panel de Pon depends on the mode. In 1-Player VS Mode, the player controls Lip, the Fairy of Flowers, to fight off the monsters of darkness and return her friends to normal, in the form of 2-Player VS matches with Lip's opponent being controlled by the computer. Lip must confront each of her corrupted friends in the Fairy Worlds, and later the forces of darkness in Death Mountain. The goal is to defeat every opponent-- there are 10 stages on Easy Mode, 11 on Normal Mode, and 12 on Hard and Super Hard Mode. The only way you can fully complete the story is to beat 1-Player VS Mode on Hard or Super Hard. Easy allows you to get a feel for how legitimate matches feel like, with Normal getting tougher, and with Hard and Super Hard being a true test of your Panel de Pon skills. Endless Mode basically serves as a Practice mode, where you can set the speed level and the difficulty. It only ends once you lose or quit. Timed Mode is basically a Score Attack mode, where you try to rack up as many points as you can within 2 minutes. If you love shooting for high scores, you'll like this mode. In Stage Clear Mode, you go through 6 stages with 5 parts each and clear the panels until the white line appears. Once the white line appears, you have to get every panel beneath it. It gets very tense at times and is pretty fun. Lastly, the Puzzle Mode gives you a panel puzzle where you have to clear every panel in a set amount of moves. Panels do not rise in this mode. Panel de Pon's gameplay is extremely smooth and a ton of fun. The gameplay is absolutely perfect for what it does-- it can get pretty tense, especially in 1-Player VS Mode on Hard or Super Hard and Stage Clear. Every mode is always pretty fun (and frustrating at times) but I always get the urge to keep going. 10/10 [Characters] First off, all of the characters look really good and very reminiscent of 90's anime. Every character feels unique in terms of design, and that creates a very good sense of variety by design standards. We don't exactly get much character development in Panel de Pon. The most that we know of the characters (sans the spoilers) is that Lip is cheerful, determined, and helpful. Yeah, granted, it's a puzzle game, so I probably shouldn't be asking for much. Regardless, it works fine given the fact that it's a puzzle game. 9.0/10 [Graphics] For SNES standards, Panel de Pon's art style and spritework are absolutely beautiful. I have nothing but praise for the graphical style used in this game. 10/10 [Music] Panel de Pon's soundtrack is absolutely marvelous. I never get tired of listening to this game's music. In the middle of actual matches, every stage's music is really good, and when you're about to win or lose, that awesome music becomes tense awesome music, and I absolutely adore it. Without spoiling anything, my favorite pieces are Lip's Theme, Elias' Theme, Stage 11's Theme, and most of all, Stage 12's theme. 10/10 [Difficulty] Panel de Pon's difficulty factors on the Game Mode you play and what difficulty you're playing on. In 1-Player VS Mode, Easy and Normal aren't that hard, except for Stage 11 on Normal. I had a pretty tough time with it my first time around. Hard Mode and Super Hard is basically a difficult test of your skills at Panel de Pon. It's tense and it's fun, but you're gonna need to practice... a LOT. Especially for Stage 12. Stage Clear Mode gets really intense towards the end-- I'd compare it to playing 1-Player VS Mode on Hard or Super Hard. Puzzle Mode really makes you think-- you'll likely spend a lot of time playing this mode to fully clear it. I have yet to play 2-Player VS Mode since I don't have any friends who play Panel de Pon, but from what I've seen, matchups like one elitist player and one above-average player-- the elitist can beat the above-average player in seconds, while 2 elitists can go at it for more than 5 minutes. Pretty crazy stuff. In terms of the difficulty's balance, it's a hit-or-miss situation. Puzzle games with a difficulty balance primarily factor on how good the player is, but from my experience with Panel de Pon, I'd say the balance was very suitable. In 1-Player VS Mode, the first 8 stages aren't that hard, but the last 4 can really give you a run for your money, as expected from final areas/levels in games in general. 10/10 [Replay Value] Panel de Pon is bursting at the seams with content. Puzzle Mode will have you playing for a long time trying to solve them all, the 1-Player VS Mode is always fun to play, and there's always the Stage Clear Mode to keep you tense and looking for more. Panel de Pon is a game absolutely worth playing repeatedly-- It's a ton of fun and many other people who have played Tetris Attack and/or Panel de Pon can tell you the same thing. 10/10 [Overall Rating] 9.8/10 Panel de Pon is a beautiful game that should be played by anyone looking to get into puzzle games or is just looking for a really fun game to try out that has a ton of content and replay value. Panel de Pon certainly delivers, and does not disappoint in the slightest.
  19. Ahoy! I've posted a bit on here on the Echoes forums, but allow me to introduce myself proper. I'm Ark! I'm a long, LONG time Fire Emblem fan. My very first Fire Emblem game was Gaiden, using the broken patch by j2e. I was probably only 10 or 11 at the time, so I was really just interested in the gameplay, not the story, and I was in LOVE with it. I played it for hours, leveling up, grinding my troops, and discovering the Dread Fighter loop which I thought was a bug as a kid. Even so, I adored it. The next one I played was actually Sacred Stones. I didn't even realize FE7 had came out in the US, and just hopped on the next one, and given my familiarity with Gaiden I felt right at home. Grinding, multiple promotion paths, 2 protagonists, etc. Again, I loved it. I toyed around with FE7, but it lacked the things I enjoyed about Sacred Stones and felt like a real step backwards. I also adored Awakening, disliked Fate, and fell in love with Echoes all over again. I really feel like they did Gaiden more justice than I ever could have dreamed of. Which brings me to where I am today! I'd like to try my hand at digging into the old Fire Emblem games. Specifically the Super Famicom era. I think Mystery of the Emblem seems very interesting, but I'm also quite interested in Genealogy of the Holy War. I think it was crazy innovative for the time. I'm staying away from Thracia 776 until I can get my bearings on Genealogy's story. So which do you suggest trying out? I know that Mystery has a pretty decent translation patch, but I'm not sure if Genealogy does and that would definitely be a huge factor for my enjoyment. Being able to read what I'm doing is important. I tried playing Princess Crown, a Sega Saturn action/RPG with a translation guide but I got lost and frustrated quite frequently and don't look to recreate the experience. Anyway, that's enough rambling from me. Looking forward to your suggestions!
  20. I'm playing through FE4 (Project Naga translation), and I'm currently on chapter 5. For some reason about half way through the chapter my game suddenly stopped showing the movement grid and attack range for all characters. I have no idea what caused this and it's quite a big hindrance to the gameplay. Anyone know what caused this and how to fix it? (Gif attached is an example of the glitch.)
  21. So I have a question how good is the remake of fe1 (shadow dragon) l heard it was terrible; how faithful are any and all remakes in the franchisw for that matter?
  22. I have a few questions concerning inheritance overall in FE4- namely, how it works in general because I have no clue, but specifically I'm wondering about 4 characters specifically: Deirdre, Finn (Should I decide to pair him up), Quan, and Ethlyn. I'm wondering if items are inherited from Deirdre by Julia, or if I should sell all of Deirdre's items before she leaves so as not to waste them. I'm also wondering how Inheritance will affect Finn in the second generation if I end up pairing him off, since my main hesitation with pairing him with Aideen over Midir is Finn himself being affected by inheritance, making Finn a unique case compared to other units. All of these units leave early on top of all of that, so is there anything specific I need to make sure of to trigger their inheritances or do they automatically pass items down when they leave? Finally, does Inheritance pass down all items or just specific ones? How does it work in general? I'm on Chapter 2 and before I proceed further I wanted to arm myself with knowledge so I don't screw up my pairings I spent 4 hours making. If it makes any difference, here's the pairings I have set up: Finn/Midir + Aideen (It depends on how inheritance effects Finn if I'm going to decide on using Finn or Midir in the end) Noish + Ayra Beowolf + Raquesis (Non negotiable) Claude + Sylvia (non negotiable because of Cairpre and the Valkyrie Staff) Lewyn + Erin (Non negotiable) Azel + Taillte Dew + Bridget (Very close to non negotiable because of Patty)
  23. I'll list mine from each game. Mystery of the Emblem: "Advance"(Beginning chapters theme)and "Holy War"(Final chapter theme} Genealogy of the Holy War: "Girl of the Spirit Forest"(Chapter 1 theme) and "Lionheart Eldigan"(Chapter 3 theme) Thracia 776:" Advance B" and "Base" (Haven't played much of Thracia 776)
  24. Hi all, you might all know about the famous Japanese hack of FE4 Remodel 2.97. While it is a very good hack, not everyone like its new version of character portraits, I myself prefer the old FE4 style. And that's what this patch does, it restores the portraits to the original style. So you can enjoy the new elements and the old portraits at the same time. Please apply this patch to a clean FE4 rom with header. You can find the read me here. Before After fe4(RR).zip
  25. After I patch the rom, the emulator will not load it. I use ZSNES. It will say Bad ROM. I used 2 different roms and Lunar IPS patcher. please help.
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