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Found 1 result

  1. 1200 PST, August 4th, Wednesday Off Base, ANF Central, Nevada With the entire bridge and pilot crew of the Riese being given-- rather, forced to take the day off by Commander Vance, they'd been stuffed into a bus and driven off base to the living center of all Central personnel. A day of swimming... Jessica had been interested, despite her previous night's talk with Firmia, and what she had to do today. A whole day swimming at a 'beach' was an interesting prospect out here in the middle of the desert. And, if the Commander ordered it, then he ordered it. Nothing to go against. They'd get in trouble if they did, right? She couldn't help smiling at that. As they were ushered along into the stark white building, almost too bright to look at considering where they were, Jess wondered what exactly they'd be getting themselves into on the inside... That answer came swiftly and pleasantly. It was still warm inside, but bearably so, like... Like the beach sprawling out in front of them! The sky was obviously simulated on the ceiling, but the smell, the heat, the stands and even the sand... Was that actual beach sand? It looked nothing like you'd find out on the desert, what in the world... Jess coudn't really believe her eyes. It was like they'd transported the entire west coast into one building. She was practically beaming, the sensation alone has drowned out those negatives. "Alright, everyone!" she started, pulling her bag up her shoulder some. "This is our big reward for making it this far... Do your best to enjoy yourselves! It's a whole beach, so... Go nuts." There were other crews here, of course, they hadn't been given the entire building, but still. A scheduled break... It was a good thing. Jess saluted her crew, heading off to get properly changed and store her stuff in the provided lockers. Hope everyone brought their own locks. Hannah had to take in everything, all these sights new and interesting. She could download all the information she wanted about a beach and the things on it, but actually seeing it in person, it made things a lot more clear. The temperature, the sun, zooming in on the beach, the texture of the sand was even different. And this quaint boardwalk area, they really did go full bore on making things authentic, didn't they? "Shall we find somewhere to relax, Firmia?" The Alkaev was entirely setup for staying away from the water, which was expected. Hannah was considering taking a dip... As long as she avoided the deep end, like the commander had suggested, when they were talking to him. Sinking was not on the agenda. The rest of the bridge crew started heading off to their own agendas, Buck even tossing his shirt off and shouting, "last one in's a broken Velite!" as he dashed for the water. Avery smirked at him, glad he was still able to be a kid. And that left Chris and Christina. The latter had taken a moment while shopping to stop and pick herself up a more fitting swimsuit, even if it was still a two piece, though she was still hiding underneath a shawl. Chris hadn't cared anywhere near as much as Christina did, wearing the same swimsuit, a blue and black two piece, not a string in sight. "I don't really get what your issue is with strings, Christina... Like, it's barely more revealing, you know?" "You got taken off by Brant, so I didn't have your opinion when buying things... I just got double what I wanted. Sorry. If it's not good enough, we can head over to the mall and--" "It's fine, it's fine... Now, where's a volleyball. I need to get some games in." //Everyone is free to post and place themselves! Map here! Clothes Deadeye
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