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Found 8 results

  1. Soleil, Adorable Adorer "Seen any cute girls?" Soleil is the only unit to come with Firesweep Sword+, a weapon that prevents the enemy from counter attacking at the cost of sacrificing your unit's ability to counterattack.This makes her a very valuable unit not just for Skill Inheritance, but also for utility (if you choose not to give Firesweep Sword+ to anyone or can't do it anyways.). She has very good offensive stats, and some decent defensive stats as well, which allows her to be built in a variety of ways. Stats: HP 34/37/41 Atk 35/38/41 Spd 32/35/38 Def 24/28/31 Res 21/24/28 BST: 161~163 Skills: Firesweep Sword+ Blazing Wind (-) Darting Blow 3 (-) Drive Res 2 Movement: Infantry (2) - This means she can Infantry Pulse and other skills that come with the benefit of not being a Cavalry or Flier, like Wrath or Steady Breath. Murdersweep+ True Hero Relentless Onslaught Mercenary Leader Conclusion: Soleil is a true hero.
  2. Hello! I have decided to write A Vexing Encounter, seeing as there was no support conversations between Rhajat and Soleil. I figured it would be nice to see how they would interact, as well as work on my writing since I am a bit rusty. Any constructive feedback is welcome and appreciated.
  3. Feedback Thread: Support C Holding a stack of tomes in both arms, Rhajat walked down the halls of the barracks to get back to her room. There was research to be done, her current predicament leaving no time for personal training as she remembered her earlier talk with her father Hayato. Ever since she had been blamed by the sudden illness plaguing a nearby village, the young diviner couldn't take her mind off it. Was she mad that the villagers blamed her for their misfortune? No, not really, but she had taken the problem into her own hands either way. It was something she couldn't help, and her father was at least proud of her because of it. At least she could revel in the fact that she was doing something that would warrant his attention. Still, with these thoughts in her mind, the young diviner hadn't been paying attention to her surroundings, especially who was in front of her. With a simple misstep Rhajat tripped, sending her books flying as she stumbled against the person that had been greeting her. Fortunately for Rhajat, instead of falling to the floor with her books, the other simply caught her in their arms. "Whoa there! Might wanna look where you're going hehe." At that Rhajat had a nasty retort for the girl, but when she looked up to see her rescuer the diviner quickly felt her mind go blank. The girl was pretty, attractively so, with long pink hair that fell in layers, and lovely golden eyes that stared right back at her. She had seen her before, from afar, but couldn't remember from where. After all, all she could think about at the moment was how close they really were, with the girl's hands settled against her back while her own were steadying themselves against her che- Quickly pulling away at the sudden revelation and steadying herself, Rhajat kept her gaze on the other for a few moments, before crouching down to pick up her tomes. "Heh, not much of a talker are you?" she heard the girl call out, before noticing that instead of simply standing there she too started to help in gather up her books. "That's okay, I tend to find the quiet ones are the cutest," was then added, and with a dazzling smile she handed her one of the tomes she had picked up. Ah, Rhajat now remembered where she had heard of her, eyes now narrowing at the prospect of being this girl's next "target". The sudden pitter patter of her heart ceased the moment she remembered who she was dealing with, frown prominent as she snatched the book away and continued to pick up the rest of them in a hurry. Noticing this, the other girl simply blinked in slight confusion before offering another smile. "Hey, how about I help you with that stack? In fact, I was just about to go for some tea and I thought maybe-" "Whatever you have planned Soleil, I don't want to hear any of it." Shutting her down completely, Soleil simply stared wide-eyed at Rhajat as the other girl picked herself up with tomes now in hand once more. "Y-You know my name?" was all she could say at the other, who now sported an unimpressed expression. "I know of your...reputation with girls, and honestly I find it a bit...vexing," she corrected the other, before walking past the now speechless mercenary. If it weren't for the urgency of the cure, she would've loved to stay and revel at the other's fishy expression. "...W-Wait, but you don't even-" Soleil started to say, quickly recovering, but Rhajat would hear none of it. "I don't even what? You'll just say any pretty little thing to sweep me off my feet, and the next moment you'll be saying the exact same words to another girl," she explained, now shifting in her spot as she turned round and looked at her. When Soleil didn't say anything this time, speechless once more, the diviner simply...sighed, before giving her a deadpan look. "Save your words for someone who will fall for them. I for one have important business to attend to so if you'll excuse me," and with a sense of finality she walked away into her room, giving the poor girl no time to actually defend herself from the onslaught of accusations. Once she was finally at her room though, door closed behind her, Rhajat let out the breath she had been holding and slinked onto the floor. Letting the tomes pool around her she placed both hands over her face, covering the imminent blush that started to form. Her quickened pulse returned, now followed by a fluttering sensation in her stomach. The infatuation was certainly there, no doubt about it, but Rhajat couldn't help but think of it as something more, something that she's only felt for one other person her whole life. How could it be possible, after all is said and done, that her feelings were this fickle when it came to love? No, it couldn't be. Gods this couldn't be possible! All this trouble because one girl simply caught her when she fell? Well, it wasn't exactly the cliffs this time but... Moving her hands to place them against her stomach, the feeling still there, Rhajat couldn't help but narrow her eyes at such a predicament. Maybe...this was all of Soleil's doing. Yes...yes! Some way or another the other girl got her hands on a curse to make her feel this way. If so, then all Rhajat had to do was find a counter to it, and she'll be back to her old self! But first, focus on the task at hand. Looking around at the tomes she once again picked them up and set them atop her working table. Once done she sat down, and began to work. If she could find a cure for a whole village, she sure as hell can find a cure for this "curse".
  4. I really want canon haired Soleil but I have no clue who to pair her up with to get pink hair besides the female avatar but I don't think I'll enjoy playing through Conquest/Revelations with a pink haired Kamui. pls help
  5. If Soleil's birthday had been August 21st instead of August 31st, it would have been on the same day as the recent solar eclipse. You were so. Damn. Close. Intelligent Systems...
  6. Well, boomioso. I did a drawing of Soleil I'm particularily fond of. Enjoy, and critique if you can!
  7. "Nintendo has issued a statement saying its upcoming Fire Emblem Fates will not contain a scene that involves "gay conversion or drugging" between two characters." http://www.gamespot.com/articles/fire-emblem-fates-controversial-scene-changed-for-/1100-6434035/ + Shara/Syalla's name has been localized to Rhajat.
  8. Since the last thread about the supports became a mess: I decide to rewrite the supports between Soleil and Kamui. Remember: This is fan made (aka, not the original supports) which means it's maybe not that good. Also, if I posted in the wrong section or I made some mistakes. Feel free to tell me. Note 1. I read that Soleil never really fainted in front of girls except in the Kamui's supports so I will remove this. 2. I will use the magic powder BUT it will NOT be a drug this time. 3. They never really talked about the girl who greeted Soleil. Let's get started then! Support C Soleil: *sigh* Kamui: Soleil. Are you sighing like that because something's on your mind? Soleil: Kinda. But I don't think it's something you could even hope to undertand. Kamui: Something even I couldn't undertand? What could it possibly be, I wonder... Soleil: ... If you're going to be that full of yourself, I guess I'll tell you. I'm aiming to become a strong, cool woman loved by everyone. I plan to work to reach that goal. But, recenly, I got a crush on someone. Kamui: Oh yea? Who is he... or she? Soleil: Do you remember after the last mission? On our way to the camp? A cute girl greeted me. I blushed so hard I didn't manage to talk: I had to say hi with my hand. Kamui: Oh! I remember now. Your face turned red in a single second. Soleil: Yes and now, I want to talk her but I can't say a single word when she's around. Oh! What am I going to do now? Kamui: Soleil! Wait!... She's gone now. There must be a way to help her... Support B Kamui: Hey Soleil! Soleil: Hi Kamui. What bring you here? What is in your bag? Kamui: This is the solution to your little problem. Soleil: About my... crush? But how a bag will help me to overcome my shyness? Kamui: The bag is not the solution. It's what is inside. Look Soleil: Wh.. What is that? Kamui: It's called ''Illusion Magic powder'' Soleil: What the... Is this some kind of... drugs!? Kamui: No, no, no! Where did you get this idea?? Anyway, it's just a powder that make you see illusions. It's very safe, trust me. Soleil: Ans how does it work? Kamui: Very simple. First, you need to think of the person you want to see. After, take a pinch of the powder and put it on your eyelids. Finally, throw another pinch at me. This way, only you will be able see me as your crush. Soleil: But why would you want to look like my crush? Kamui: Because I want to help you to overcome your shyness. You would be able to pratice by talking to '' your crush- me'' and then later, you will able to talk to real one. Do you accept my idea? Soleil: I accept... thank you. I do it then ... Kamui: So? Soleil: It's... working I... see you as... h-her. Kamui: Great, let's get to work! Support A Kamui: Ok, I come a little closer now. Soleil: ... Kamui: All good, a little more closer again Soleil: ... Kamui: Your hands no longer shake now. Soleil: Is... that so? Kamui: Wow, you manage to talk. Good, let's see what happen if I sit right next to you. Soleil: *gulp* Kamui: Impressive, I'm right next to you and your face no longer turn red and you're not hiding your face in your hands. Soleil: It's... good. Kamui: Can you look at me now? Soleil: Sure. ... Kamui: See? I think you manage to overcome your shyness, Soleil. Soleil: You... You are right! I can't believe it! Now I can finally go talk to her! Kamui: And me, I can finally stop receiving powder. Everyone was asking why I had plenty on my armor... Soleil: Maybe after talking to her, we will have tea together! Kamui: Woah! Easy there, casanova. Start first by talking to her then you can try for having tea. Soleil: Maybe we can even try to have lunch after that too! Kamui: Hey! Don't be reckless! You have no idea who she is. What if that cute girl is a thief? You will end up being robbed with nothing left in your wallet! Soleil: Ughh... You're right maybe I will pass lunch for now. But I will be careful. I promise. Kamui: Great. Good luck! Support S Soleil: Kamui... Kamui: Hi Soleil! So, how was you first date with your crush? Soleil: ... Kamui: Soleil. What's wrong? Soleil: She... She had a boyfriend. *sob* Kamui: Oh Soleil... Don't cry. It's life you know. Sometimes, things like that happens. Soleil: *Sob* I'm not crying because of that. I'm crying because you worked so hard to help me overcome my shyness over that girl and now it's all wasted. Kamui: Not it's not wasted. One day, you will meet another cute girl and this time, you will be able to talk to her easily. Soleil: No, now I love someone else now. It's someone that I know very well. I'm very close to him. Kamui: Oh good... who is he? Soleil: You maybe know him. His name is Kamui. Kamui: Oh very nic- WAIT WHAT!? B-But I...I though y-you only love girls. Soleil: I love both boys and girls. Wait Kamui... are you blushing? Kamui: N-no. I-I'm not... Soleil: Hehe, now you are the one who need help to overcome your shyness. Don't worry I will help you and no need to find another magic powder. I got the perfect cure, hehehe. Support S done but that doesn't mean I'm done. I just need to get my hands on Fkamui and Soleil's supports convos.
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