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Found 11 results

  1. Hello I have been watching people on YouTube solo running the fire emblem games and something I was thinking about was that conquest I think is the only fire emblem that can not do a solo run on. The first few chapters yea it is possible but the port defense chapter is impossible to solo isn’t it what is everyone opinion on this. Is conquest the only fire emblem that is unable to be solo run on or is there another 1 or if you know how to get past the port please let me know cause I would like to try if so. I hope everyone has a wonderful day and enjoy all the wonderful chapters this game and all the other fire emblem give us to enjoy.
  2. I am only allowed to upload 1.66MB,so I could only upload two images to prove what I have done. The rules of Robin solo: Lunatic+,Casual Robin solo Others can NOT get experience,attack,dual attack,lv up,use staves,dance Others can pair up,dual defence NPC can attack Except Prologue,others can not be attacked Cheat legally L+ enemies having two additional skills,current enemies' two additional skills are as I wish. For example,an enemy with Hawkeye and Luna+,I will change it into Pass and Vantage+. For difficulties and technical limitations,reinforcements‘s skills I will remain unchanged. Sparkly tiles I will directly get what I need when I can get it as soon as the conditions meeting. For example,I get soothing sword in prologue when I clear the lower half enemies. Temporary Boosts are allowed,Permanent Boosts are not allowed NO DLC,NO Paralogues,NO Skirmishes NO Spotpass,NO StreetPass,NO Forging NO Nosferatu,NO Aversa’s Night Renowns,Sparkly tiles,Barracks and Merchants are allowed All Recruitments survived+all treasure chests+all villages The rules of Chrom solo: Lunatic+,Classic Chrom solo Others can NOT get experience,attack,dual attack,lv up,use staves,dance Others can pair up,dual defence NPC can attack Except Prologue,others can not be attacked Cheat legally L+ enemies having two additional skills,current enemies' two additional skills are as I wish. For example,an enemy with Hawkeye and Luna+,I will change it into Pass and Vantage+. For difficulties and technical limitations,reinforcements‘s skills I will remain unchanged. Sparkly tiles I will directly get what I need when I can get it as soon as the conditions meeting. For example,I get soothing sword in prologue when I clear the lower half enemies. Temporary Boosts are allowed,Permanent Boosts are not allowed NO DLC,NO Paralogues,NO Skirmishes NO Spotpass,NO StreetPass,NO Forging NO Nosferatu,NO Aversa’s Night,NO Galeforce Renowns and Merchants are not allowed Sparkly tiles and Barracks are allowed All Recruitments survived+all villages
  3. This is my first topic,I don't know where to put it. FE2:Gaiden——https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PL-zJ14v-cp8VrJuO4bsC5w0LG3Lmoj9EP FE4:Genealogy of the Holy War(Upper half )——https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PL-zJ14v-cp8Wzh7Tpfczx2LXMUL8XXkhu FE15:Shadows of Valentia(SoV)——https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PL-zJ14v-cp8W8OZ38cFv_BYgJvL0NNtPp FE16:Three Houses(Verdant Wind)——https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PL-zJ14v-cp8X6zrDSrxaKnrVDvVeHmMv- I also write the strategy,if you are interested in some chapters,I will translate it into English.
  4. I wanna to discuss what character is very strong in "Solo". For me I have some character can be strong in "Solo" (Not sure) : - Byleth - Edelgard - Dimitri - Caspar - Dedue - Felix - Raphael - Leonie - Catherine - Jeritza
  5. Hi, Today I'm presenting one of the most downvoted characters from FE: Awakening. Virion is a character who shows up in Chapter 1 as an archer with D-bows and an iron bow where most characters still have E in their main weapon (even Sully, Chrom and Avatar start at E everywhere and weapons with very bad damage, and Chrom has the worst personal weapon I've ever seen in FEs with 5 MT until chapter 24 or 25 correct me if I'm wrong). He can ORKO most pegasi and maybe some wyverns if you give him a strength support backpack. His speed is lackluster at first and his base class archer won't help him with it. But what people tend to call a bad class set is actually an excellent class set: Archer can give him some free exp from badly positionned ennemy flyers (no need to double for that and his accuracy is probably the highest in the game), plus it gives him more crit rate from skill and skill+2 and AP +10 hit/avoid. It allows him to get a mounted 8 movement promotion with rally skill and bowbreaker (LULZ) and a foot unit with hit +20 (LOLUSELESS on Virion)and bowfaire (nice support unit skill). He can go Bow knight>Wyvern lord/Griffon Lord (one more avoid skill+sword breaker and immunity to any non-magic effective weapon/ or Deliverer +lance breaker for mobility and knight/paladin/pegasus counterplay in most cases, if he goes for both Wyverns he gets immunity to paladins, pegasi, swordmasters, most GK, etc.). What I prefer and what I did in my current solorun with him is go for level 10 (actually 11 in my playthrough) reclass into mage before chapter 4 and then alternate between Fred and Chrom suport until he doesn't need Fred anymore. Mage gives him +2 mag (which helps a lot for his not so good base magic, 9+2 for me at level 1 I was blessed maybe)and then Focus for crit +10 LULZ like Virion doesn't already have insane crit with any thunder-type tome. Then go for Sage to get the god-tier tomefaire (god tier on him at least) and have decent def/res with good speed (finally) and magic (yes mine got to 31 magic at level 11/18/15 sage) then reclass into dark knight because 8 move and life drain (and maybe slow burn but I don't care he already has 30+ speed at this moment). Doesn't even need any other reclass. Just archer>mage>sage>dark knight is enough he can reroll dark knight until he caps any stat. Mine has around 40 speed and skil around level 7 DK and 35+ magic/strength with 25 like def/res. He has around 35% crit rate with 10 CR weapons and focus.
  6. Laslow is my favorite Fire Emblem character, and I've been inspired to a solo run of Conquest with him (paired up with his S rank partner my avatar of course), as soon as you recruit him in chapter 12. I have only beaten Conquest normally on normal mode, but I am willing to try hard; I refuse to do lunatic. I will give Laslow every permanent stat-boosting item I can give him, and maybe use tonics in battle if necessary. Here are things I need to consider and could use suggestions on before I begin. What class should Laslow be in? I'm willing to use heart, partner, and friendship seals. What class should my avatar be in? What should my avatar's boon and bane be? At what level should I promote Laslow? I appreciate the help.
  7. Hi, I know a solo run already breaks the game and the way I started it broke the rules: Felicia was lv 1 after chapter 6 since I started the run at the path choice. I know normal difficulty is already shit. But honestly past the few first levels she can do hard as well. So I began chapter 7 with a master ninja pair up speed boon avatar C supporting my bronze sword lv 4 hero Felicia after giving her the herbs and boots from bonus path and the initial goddess icon that anyone can get at this point in the game if they have all 3 routes. I didn't get any stat booster by the 2 easiest random battles I fought (1 for reaching 10 with MU who would have reached it if the stupid boss didn't play BEFORE his subordinate and the other just to get gold and the 1st 3 lv ups on Felicia because well, beginning chapter 7 in a new file Felicia would already be level 4 with ease like mine tend to reach 5 at this point in the game it's not like I gave her 10 level ups from the get go). When I got Hana, Felicia was level 17 hero and reached 18 by the end of the next chapter with Hana pair up for the support "grinding" (then I played 3 random battles with Hana only fighting to get A+ Felicia to go swordmaster before reaching lv 20, she got astra at lv 21 in chapter 12). Then I gave her the witch class. She has also gotten all the chapter 10 stat boosters excet res, spd and lck (she doesn't need them at all). You know, Felicia who starts with shit base stats and needs 8+ level ups to just reach Gunter's gutter base stats. Well, Before getting her out of hero she could already have soloed chapter 13 (which she did as a witch). This while ending full hp. Now level 47 witch (-20 or 21 for real level) she has 10 str with a base of 1, 29 mag, 20 skl, 31 speed, 28 lck, 15 def and 26 res. Her skillset is sol, vantage, astra, teleort (which is useless in solorun so I'll switch with axebreaker or something else) and toxic brew (which could as well not exist since she killed everyone but Xander and Ryoma in one round or hit with E parchment then switching to Mjolnir by the middle of te chapter). I ended up replacing those 2 with axebreaker and strong riposte since it's ennemy-phase oriented. I bet she will shit on the game and I'm sure she would shit on hard mode with the same build even if you don't give her hp and def boosters like I did, same for magic, maybe skill is needed since it's shaky. She just dodges everything or blocks the attack. TL;DR: If I made this topic it was to show people that in th end even a unit with shit base stats and a lackluster and competely absurd class set for one's base stats and growths, ANY unit can just shit on the game with little effort without even needing to be tanky. Many new players just read about RNG avoid being shit and think you can no more dodgetank in this game. But it is all about dodging some attacks, proccing astra to refill the guard stance gauge for free and getting vantage to activate whenever you happen to lose enough hp, some sol proc to be full hp again. Also unlike new players would think (or any player who didn't use the witch class and didn't go see the teleport skill on the internet) teleport can only be used to teleport close to an ALLY UNIT meaning it's useless for like 99% of a solo run, don't bother with witch on any physical unit since you won' be able to use it at all. Now at least my exp gain will be minimal since Jakob and Felicia aren't counted as lv 1 anymore in DLC classes (some random exp bug on these classes maybe, they ae lv 21+ with that level's exp gains unlike in their promoted classes) so I don't recommend using DLC classes on them before level 21 to get enough exp before getting shit on by exp gains. So maybe ennemies will catch up with Felicia before my solo run ends, who knows? still 100 basic ennemies give her 1 level up anyway so she will gain maybe 7 or so levels before the endgame comes? Still enough for her to stomp the game in normal and probably in hard too with a little more care. No need for MU+Ryoma, Felicia can do everything by herself. She doesn't even need forges, just weapon drops and E ranks when you class change. Mine has more stats than my average MU with a few really bland lv ups (like 5x at least she got 1 hp 1 spd, or 1 lck 1 res etc.) that might make up for the stat boosters I gave her if you compare with MU's growths that are far superior to hers. And if Felicia can solo the game, so can Azura and Setsuna, they just need a little more time to start rising in the beginning since they don't have t2 skills, but a dread scroll shoul be enough for them to do the same as my Felicia. They will just need swordmaster from someone else, maybe only A support with MU and S with a samurai since they might not have friendship samurai access. Why no samurai MU? Because +2 skill gives slightly more skill activation rate, and +1 movement is far better than 2 stat points. Sure we can't nosferatank the whole game like before. Instead we can just block 50+% of incoming attacks, abuse vantage easier alongside astra and guard stance, and stomp the game without being in death range for 80% of it (once the lower levels are behind our unit). And this doesn't require anything more than an access to samurai and to a physical or magical +10 avoid class (swordmaster, Witch and nine tails, or master ninja for 5 avoid and 5 dodge) makes it easier between blocks. PSS: in case you didn't catch the point, It is just the proof that IS wanting to make us stop with ressource funnelling into one and only unit is a lie, because they continue giving us stat boosters that can be abused on one unit since they don't set a max of stat boosters per stat per character, one weapon type superior to all of the others, OP units, be they ests or prepromotes, and stat inflation, and with the guard stance auto block and it's link with astra procs, it's just even easier than Awakening to stomp the game for one only unit.
  8. Should I do it? I'll be playing on Normal, because I'm a horrible FE player. This should be fun.
  9. I've noticed that most high-difficulty clears revolve around either a Chrom/FAvatar duo through most or all of the game, or quadruple Galeforce inheritance using Chrom/Sumia and MAvatar/Cordelia. I've decided to investigate the Chrom/FAvatar route, but without Avatar. In other words, Chrom solo (hence the title). The rules: In battles where the preparation screen is available, only Chrom may be deployed. When other characters are forced to be deployed, such as Avatar in Ch.23, not having preparations yet or joining after preparations, they may be used as seen fit (I recommend minimizing their use so Chrom gets maximum EXP). DLC is allowed, but I won't be using it. It makes the Archer/Sniper part of the class path easier, so I won't judge. Grinding is allowed, and I will be using Risen skirmishes and Spotpass teams for this purpose. All Renown is allowed (I'll be using 1020 starting). Event tiles are allowed. Deaths are allowed, because if they weren't Chapters 5 and 6 would be impossible. I've routed this on Hard, using a class path of Lord 20->Cav 10+->Archer 10+->Sniper 15+->Bow Knight 15+->Great Lord 15+->Great Knight 15+->Paladin (Final class) and capped all stats but Mag at the end of it (For what it's worth, Mag was 10 at Endgame). A note for people willing to try this is that if you want a good turncount you will need to spend about half of your total budget on throwing weapons. Also, during the Archer/Sniper part of the class route, you will want to spend most of your time in skirmishes on maps where enemies can be bottlenecked, like the Longfort (Ch.3) and the Border Pass (Ch.5). Paralogue 3 (if you're willing to sack the villagers) and Chapter 8 are also good spots for these classes (but if you're using Par. 3 for this, only do it as a Sniper).
  10. Here is the units you would use/pair up (MyUnit x Blank (No chapter 13+ Caracters) (Chrom x Blank) For an explanation, lets say Chrom married Sumia and MyUnit Married Lissa. You would only use those four units, NO children So, my run would be Chrom x Sumia and MyUnit x Cherche.
  11. This is my first try at doing one of these screenshot LP things, so I thought I should do something simple. Feedback is very appreciated. Rules: Lute is the only character who may fight (duh). The only units who may be deployed are Lute, Colm or Rennac (for thief utility only), any unit needed to recruit another unit, any forced units, and Tethys (maybe. See below). All units must be recruited. If multiple units can recruit a unit, I can choose which one to use (for example, either L'arachel or your main lord can recruit Rennac, so I can choose which to recruit him with). In the Prologue and chapters 1, 2, 3, and 5x, since I don't have Lute anyone can be used. Arenas, Skirmishes, The Tower, and The Ruins can not be used to grind. Non-Lute that fit into one of the categories in rule 2 can visit villages, shops, and armories. Whether I go on Eirika's route or Ephraim's Route will be voted on in a poll. If a loss condition is met, I must restart the chapter. This will be on difficult mode. No using other units for meatshields. Eirika and Artur can be used in chapter 4 until Lute is recruited. I must try to recruit Lute as quickly as possible though. Loss Conditions:Any character dies. Any character is not recruited. Any character other than Lute attacks or counterattacks an enemy (even if it does 0 damage or misses)(unless the unit is currently green or red). Any character other than Lute uses a staff. Tethys: I'm not sure whether I should use Tethys or not. On one hand, you could say that Tethys dancing could make the game less of a solo, but on the other hand, you could say that it would be more challenging because I'd have to protect Tethys with only one unit. Decide in the poll. That's about it. I'll probably update this once a week, maybe twice. Depends on school stuff. The first update should come sometime this weekend, and I'll try to fit the first 3 chapters and the prolouge into it, so we can get to the real challenge quickly.
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