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Found 9 results

  1. @ the title sorry I don't make the rules ANYWAY I don't even know if I'm doing this right by posting here cuz I haven't seen a lot of art around but may as well anyway. Been working on this on and off over 3 days but I mean by that I mean I was painting it for like 2 hours and then edited minor details after because I have issues revisiting art I'm not doing immediately for some reason?? It's also drawn all on one layer! so that's fun! Anyone with eyes can see I'm a filthy apologist so here's my art. It's actually whatever is under his robes I honestly didn't even know either until I saw some concept art so yeah I guess. I never got around to polishing the hands and mug but lets overlook that pls dont kill me if im posting in the wrong place
  2. So... I'm working on a new team for my dear old L!Ike and I think I found a good synergy with Soren, B!Lucina and Peony. However, It's a very expensive team, so I wanted to ask your opinion: (Hope this is the right topic since it's the only one avaiable for me) L!Ike (Neutral Ivs) Weapon: Ragnell Support Skill: Reposition Special Skill: Radiant Aether A Skill: Warding Breath B Skill: Special Spiral 3 C Skill: Even Atk Wave 3 Saced Seal: Close Defense 3 Soren (Neutral Ivs) Weapon: Wind's Brand (+Eff) Support Skill: Swap Special Skill: Moonbow A Skill: Fury 3 B Skill: Chill Spd 3 C Skill: Joint Hone Speed Saced Seal: Atk/Spd Bond 3 B!Lucina (-Atk +Spd) Weapon: Geirskögul (+Eff) Support Skill: Reposition Special Skill: Luna A Skill: Fury 3 B Skill: Chill Def 3 C Skill: Drive Spd 2 Saced Seal: Drive Spd 2 Peony (Neutral Ivs) Weapon: Flower of Joy Support Skill: Gentle Dream Special Skill: Luna A Skill: Triangle Adept 3 B Skill: Aerobatics 3 C Skill: Spur Atk/Spd 2 Saced Seal: Chill Res 3 L!Ike is the leader of the team with a classic Mixed Phase Special Spiral 3 build, but with Close Defense instead of Quick Riposte: the strategy here is to boost L!Ike's speed to secure Radiant Aether even in Player Phase and take less damege at all. I'll have to keep Soren near him and maybe B!Lucina in order to activate Joint Hone Speed, Wind's Brand effect and Atk/Spd bond. B!Lucina is not supposed to fight at all but she can boost both L!Ike and Soren. Peony is here to even more support through dance and boosts. Joint Hone Speed + double Drive Spd 2 + Geirskögul + Flower of Joy is a +17 speed for L!Ike, total speed 47. My fastest unist are Kronya and Claude with 42 speed so... 47 should be enough to double in a lot of scenarios and I'm not counting Spur Atk/Spd 2. For the last slot I also considered Naga (Fury 3, Chill Speed 3, Divine Fang) or W!Eirika (Fort. Res 3, Wings of Mercy, Atk Opening) instead of Peony. What do you think? Is it good? Improvable? Or it's completely trash?
  3. Soren: Shrewd Strategist “An officer in the Greil Mercenaries. A coolheaded realist who has opened up to Ike” Hp: 33 | 36 | 40 Atk: 30 | 33 | 36 Spd: 30 | 33 | 36 Def: 13 | 17 | 20 Res: 25 | 29 | 32 Weapon: Rexcaliber+ Assist: none Special: Growing Wind A: none B: Watersweep 3 C: Fortify Res 3 My favorite green mage who is as polarizing a character as he is grumpy. Soren is, statwise a slightly slower Nino with bulkier res and a worse starting kit. For several months this was the main argument for why to not bother with him, but in the world of Arena and Squad Assault a second Nino can be pretty useful, and that aside Soren is versatile enough in how he can be built to step completely out of Nino’s even shorter shadow. Soren’s stats as I said before are very similar to Nino’s with three less spd and three more res at neutral. Soren’s def is abysmal. Unless you are for some reason running him with +def, fury and a def refined weapon, this mage is not tanking any physical hits until he is merged a good deal with Summoner Support. The high res means that Soren is an excellent counter for the long standing horse scourge that is Reinhardt. Even with weapon refinement making his default Rexcalibur viable to keep and use Soren requires a fair bit of investment to truly shine. Up until weapon refinement Rexcalibur was undeniably worse than almost all other green tomes (with the exception of Gronnwolf with its low low might), and was much better replaced by ether Gronnblade or Gronnraven. With refinement Rexcalibur gives a nice boost to his BST and is best used to give Soren some extra speed. Growing Wind, as with most AoE specials, is really only useful for specific GHB or BHB strategies. It is much better replaced by a Dragon Gaze line skil, Iceberg, Night Sky, or New Moon skill all of which let Soren kill things dead much more effectively the majority of the time. Soren wants an A skill that will ether boost him speed and attack or give him more res tanking ability. With his base Watersweep skill Soren apparently predicted the menace dragons and certain staff users were going to become down the line, but compared to his other B slot options it is less functional than other skills. Soren’s C slot is easily the most flexible passive slot and can be filled with whatever hone or fortify works best for your team. However, if available a ploy skill makes excellent use of Soren’s naturally high res. Builds: “Not Nino” [Blade] “Down With Colorless Hell” [Raven] “Death to Horses” [Wolf] “Speeding Tornado” [Rexc] “Hurricane Force Winds” [Rexc] “Sweeping Strategies” [Rexc] “Expensively Fast” [My dream build] I'll be back later to add writeups to the builds themselves and to proofread everything but I think its serviceable for the time being.
  4. Ilyana has always turned out better than Soren for me, and my most recent playthrough of POR has her at her best. These are her stats at level 20 Sage: HP: 43 STR: 11 MAG: 30 SKILL: 28 SPEED: 28 LUCK: 21 DEF: 9 RES: 28 As for stat boosters, I use 1 Magic Dust, 1 Skill Book, and 1 Speedwing. She had already capped RES a while ago, and all she needed was a few stat boosters to cap out MAG, SKILL, and SPEED and her STR means that she can use Thoron without any AS loss, and if I use my last Energy drop on her, she will only suffer 1 AS loss wielding Rexbolt. I was freaking blessed. I tried to use Soren, but dropped him after chapter 17 because he was becoming more and more useless. These are his level 1 bases: HP: 18 STR: 0 MAG: 6 SKILL: 8 SPEED: 8 LUCK: 5 DEF: 2 RES: 6 When I dropped him at a level 15 Mage, these were his stats: HP: 25 STR: 0 MAG: 8 SKILL: 17 SPEED: 11 LUCK: 12 DEF: 3 RES: 16 He has solid SKILL and RES, but he somehow only got 3 SPEED and 2 MAG stats after 14 level ups, which I don't understand at all because he has higher growths in both of those areas than Ilyana. I had to bench him because he stopped doing adequate damage and the "speedy mage" couldn't double for shit. As for how he was when I got Ilyana, his stats were either equal or slightly lower than Ilyana's when she joined at chapter 8. And this wasn't the first time I had to drop Soren. Though Ilyana wasn't as good as she is now, my previous two playthroughs of POR has me drop Soren for Ilyana because Ilyana kept surpassing Soren. Has anyone else experienced this?
  5. So, about Soren. I know lots of people love Soren as a character and to many he's even considered the best character in Radiant Dawn. What I wanna know is... WHY? I personally really dislike Soren, he's my least favorite character in Radiant Dawn and has been since my first playthrough, so I want to know why everyone seems to love him so much. If you don't love him then feel free to share that too! Also please be respectful of other people's opinions. I don't want a fight, just a calm discussion and reasons why. Thank you! :)
  6. Have you guys noticed how some people are fans of Soren but at the same time dislike Sothe because his character revolves around Micaiah even though the same could be said of Soren if you replace Micaiah with Ike. Not saying you have to be fans of both characters but that type of reasoning is hypocritical.
  7. Hey everyone, I'm back with another interview. This time it's Kyle McCarley, the voice of Alm in Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia as well as Fire Emblem Heroes. He also did Soren's voice for Heroes. He gave some incredibly in depth answers about the process of auditioning and recording for Echoes and Heroes. He also had some really cool insights about Alm's character that he does without getting into any spoilers. I had a blast conducting it and hope you enjoy it too. https://comedyngaming.com/news/interview-kyle-mccarley-voice-alm-fire-emblem-echoes
  8. A friend of mine put together a review for the narrative of Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance. I recorded most of the footage for this review and I also provided a voice for Soren. He'd really appreciate any feedback you have to help make his upcoming review of the sequel, Radiant Dawn, even better, so give it a watch if you have the time: Main review: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=asDxyhYIkfY Supplemental character study of Ike: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=joPOFHTItF0
  9. Ok, I need help. I'm trying to go for the special ending that consists of But I can't seem to have Soren attack Pelleas (or vice versa) in the Part 3 Endgame. I have no long-ranged tomes, and I'm doing hard mode, so there are more enemies (meaning it's a lot easier to get the kill-count to get to 80). I've gotten really close before, and then Nailah killed Soren, and Pelleas attacked the wrong person. I've tried having Haar rescue Soren, and have him follow the Gallia path, but it didn't reduce the kill-count because Phoenicis will take the center path (the path that you're supposed to take). I've had Soren equip Pass, and have a few people (with a lot of defense or avoid) do a berserk strategy without trying to kill many people, but someone usually ends up dying (mainly Haar). If anyone can give me any tips, it would be most appreciated.
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