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Found 6 results

  1. Greetings! I haven't seen a thread like this through the first three pages of this subforum. I downloaded FeBuilder GBA recently and want to make my own stuff! Armed with no knowledge or experince and a whole lot of hope, I want to dabble in making a tiny game! What do I need to do? What resources to I require? Tips? Tricks? Do s and Don't s? Also, I can't seem to actually start the program; my (old and bad) computer tells me via adobe reader that "Adobe reader could not open 'FEBuilderGBA_20181216.11.7z' because it is either not a supported file type or because the file has been damaged (for example, it was sent as an email attachemnt and wasn't correctly decoded." I suppose that's me doing something very, very wrong. The "Game" is gonna be really simple unless the whole process is really easy. Which I believe it's not since people spend a LOT of time on these things.
  2. i'm not as active in topics as I used to be because being locked to mobile is a drag (my laptop is ded) and i can't keep up with the conversation speed etc. but i'm still here and stuff. i'm really bad at these fads
  3. I mean on the one hand I've kinda lost hope in humanity already (for more legitimate reasons) but on the other hand I'm curious just how bad things can get.
  4. I'm writing this mainly cos of a fiasco on Gamefaqs. Let's start. Lots of Fire Emblem fans are scared. When they see all the face rubbing and S Supports, they are scared that Fire Emblem will becone a Waifu Sim. They feel that gameplay is ignored in favor of pandering and that kind of garbage. But that's not the case. IS know that this is a strategy sim, and that their 'pandering' is a fun lil add on. Want proof? Let's take a look at If. In favor of gameplay: 1. New weapon triangle made just for the no durability system 2. You can set the AI of your streetpass team. 3. Pair Up has been neatened into Attack and Guard stance. Enemies can also use pair up too. 4. Personal skills give you reasons to use one unit over another, promoting diversity in your team and strategy too. 5. Reclassing mechanics have been changed, and so have crit mechanics. Pandering: 1. FE Amie 2. Hot Springs 3. My Castle 4. Maids/Butlers as a class If the lists are missing something, tell me and I'll add it. They have been pandering to gameplay and otakus equally. Each thing has been given thought and consideration and one side is NOT favored over the other. I guess since they have been showing the pandering more, people only see that and forget the work they have done on gameplay. They've worked on BOTH people! Thank you for reading; I sure hope you a) rest easy over the future of FE and b) have at least taken something from this... NOTE ITS OK IF YOU DONT LIKE PANDERING OR GAMEPLAY IM NOT TRYING TO FORCE YOU TO LIKE IT
  5. I really am sorry, but, I... I... I REALLY LIKE M-RATED FAN-FICS I LIVE FOR THEM EVERY TIME I GET UP IN THE MORNING, I GO ON FAN-FICTION.NET TO BROWSE I GET SO HORNY Okay, thanks guys. I needed to get that off of my chest. Lots of love, Wizard.
  6. Before we start, I would like to apologize infinitely many times for yet another pairings topic. I'm doing lunatic and I NEED your guys' thoughts so I don't screw something up. Please don't cut off my head. Chrom and Sumia- Very defensive children running PavGis and two aether children. Lucina's PavGis works incredibly well with RK and Cynthia is amazing with Aether. Henry and Lissa- Strength mod, magic mod, skill mod, access to sorcerer, VVW, dread fighter with amazing stats. Seems like it would work for me. Virion and Olivia- While Inigo doesn't get luna, he has great mods and wyvern access. He also gets just the skills he needs from his regular class choices, so I really only need mods. Lon'qu and Maribelle- Brady gets myrmidon class and as a sage, he can wreck with Vantage. The sweet mods are icing on the cake. (No pun intended) Donnel and Sully- Kjelle gets AT and Sol, as well as GF and Lancefaire. She can rock paladin or general easily. Stahl and Cordelia- Astra, Sol, Luna, DG+. Need I say more? Fred and Cherche- Makes for a very tanky general and a great support unit with DG+ and DS+. Strength and defense caps reach 55 or higher. Gregor and Panne- Pretty much is the perfect Yarne. As a berserker his strength matches Gerome, but he gets AT, Sol, and Astra to complement his also very high skill stat. Ricken and Miriel- Makes for a very magical sage, and can also serve as a support unit for the same reasons as Gerome. Gaius and Tharja- Gives Noire amazing mods, Luna, Pavise, Astra, Sol, and the best of all, Galeforce. I will be using her as a sniper, possibly with Vantage/Vengeance, not sure about that as she's a sniper, not a sorcerer. Vaike and Nah- Nah gets everything she needs to be a tanky Manakete or an offensive hero. I will be doing the hero build as I will have another Manakete... MaMU (Asset- Magic, Flaw- Resistance) and Tiki- Manakete with any skill she wants, like luna and sol. I'm considering using a dark flier build with ignis for the magic she gets from her father and the resistance from her mother. EDIT: I'm thinking about incorporating MaMU x Sumia and then doing Chrom x Olivia, but this will seem pretty stupid, but I don't care for Sumia too much. I imagine I could get used to her, but I still like Tiki better. Thank you in advance for your time and help, sorry if I come off as annoying, I've been having a rough day.
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