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Found 22 results

  1. So I've been playing Awakening recently and it's been reviving my interest in Fire Emblem again, so I started watching old Awakening and Fates videos that I used to enjoy (mostly from shadowofchaos and Ghast) and out of nowhere I noticed that a lot of people got into FE around this time (including me) and that certain games were controversial due to the new fans rustling a few FE veteran's jimmies and it's got me curious, which game on the 3DS is considered the most liked by the people on SF and why?
  2. Have you been bored with Shadows of Valentia? Have you wanted to use new weapons, rings, or learn about new growths on a familiar character? Do you just want to have some more interesting maps, with more unique enemy layouts that isn't just 6 Cavaliers 30 tiles away from you? Do you want that one generic boss from Gaiden that wasn't added to SoV to be added? Boy do I have what you'll want. Duma's Power is a work in progress. Any Info is subject to change, and stuff like that, y'know? As the creator of the previous Shadows of Valentia hack, Amiibos++, I'm creating a hack that will alter all 6 acts of the game, and I won't stop until all 6 are done. Duma's Power will change as many aspects of the game as possible, from item stats, to Duma's Attacks, to even some Spell lists. At the current moment, Act 1 is being worked on, and is nearly finished, map wise, along with some stats. This kinda stuff takes time, and is weird to work with. I have no gameplay videos, Shadows of Valentia emulation has gotten worse since my showcase of Amiibos++. Instead, I have a small photo gallery: https://postimg.cc/gallery/8SvZPsH If the image gallery doesn't work, just call me a dumbass and I'll fix it. I'll post the Act 1 Build on Gamebanana once it is ready. Please, wait warmly until it is. Thank you all for visiting this page atleast. If you want updates on even the smallest of edits I do, I made a Discord specifically for this, where I do accept playtesters: https://discord.gg/XkV6nTyPZ3 Sorry for the crappy looking post lol, have a fallen berkut sprite
  3. This hack is defunct, my new hack has all of the features from this, so go there: How do I install this mod: Drag the files from the downloaded .zip file into your ROMFS folder. This Folder will always have the title id of 00040000001B4000. This has only been tested on a USA Cartridge/Digital, and EUR Digital with the Title ID of 00040000001B4100 on an Old 2DS, so it may not work on a Japanese or English Patched Japanese version of the game. Where do I recruit my new allies: At the beginning of Alm's Route, recruiting Kliff and Faye will result in Marth, Roy, Lucina and Corrin (M) joining, effectively doubling Alm's starting power. At the beginning of Celica's route, you can recruit Ike, Corrin (F), and Robin, from recruiting Genny and the forced Saber Recruitment. Bugs: Shields look odd on Marth and Roy. Find a way to alter where they get attached. Ike's victory animation looks awkward, but a new victory animation isn't possible right now. Will be fixed once I learn how to do specific stuff like that. Male Corrin's cape does not vanish properly during certain animations. Apparently Dread fighter animations don't like his cape. Alm does not hold amiibo weapons in his left hand. Amiibo weapons vanish when put into the convoy, but with auto equip will reappear again. Seems thats about all of it. Now let's move onto the juicy stuff. Screenshots + Download: https://gamebanana.com/gamefiles/12895 I keep this up to date with the releases, so no need to worry. Showcase Video: It's laggy, and it crashes twice, but it gets the point across? This video is from a slightly older version where amiibos didn't use Generic voices.
  4. I know that Fire Emblems legendary weapons aren't exactly famed for having deep histories, but I'm seriously curious if there is any background or lore for Valentia's supposed legendary weapons: Astra, Sol, and Luna. Unlike other games in the series, where you get the weapons over the course of the story or by filling a side objective, in both the original Gaiden and the remake, the legendary weapons are random drops from enemies that have a ridiculously low chance of spawning, and in Echoes you have to spend a few gold pieces to forge the rusted weapons. The most I could find is an award description in Echoes saying that they are relics from the distant past, and they do have similar designs in Echoes, but other than that I couldn't find anything else about them. It doesn't help that their weapon types and visual design has changed from game to game. So again, I'm curious; Do Astra, Sol, and Luna have any lore or background somewhere, or are they really just as mysterious as their reward says?
  5. So BASICALLY im in act 4, Rigel Castle, and earlier I randomly started wondering "huh, i never DID get palla and catria in Celica's route" so I googled and realized I completely missed them so tl;dr im just a complete moron
  6. So, I finished SoV yesterday. I didn't own the game at launch but I've been playing off and on for the better part of a year/ year and a half. From what I've read before I bought the game, I went in with very high expectations. Now that I've finally beat the main story, I kinda wanna gush and gripe about the game. Foremost, visually the game is stunning. It's easy to tell a lot of thought and dedication went into giving this game an appealing and cohesive artsyle. The portraits are gorgeous and detailed and the models have vastly improved since Awakening. All of these visual spectacles complement the impressive voice acting performances making SoV probably my favorite FE title aesthetically. Like, getting really nitpicky, the only thing I could think to complain about is that Alm amd Celica's touch screen portraits dont react to when other characters are speaking to them. I'm not gonna talk at length about the story because there's not much to it. It's simplicity is a refreshing break from Fates' convoluted narratives though Berkut's death scene is probably the worst thing I've seen out of the FE franchise. Going off that, I'm glad the developers kept the game fresh by adding characters that do not appear in Gaiden, but like, I wish there was more to them. Besides Berkut, all of the new additions are static (not gonna count Fernand's death revelation as dynamic characterization) and even Berkut's ending doesn't feel earned. And I love Conrad but his character does more for Celica then it does for himself. However, I do think the a lot of the main cast are strong. A lot of the characters (most notably the village boys) grow from their time at war and even in their supports. Speaking of, I think this game comes close to finding a balance between a few, well written supports and many supports that are 'meh' in quality. I feel bad that Slique's only support is Faye, especially since it's more about Faye being dismissive than it is about Silque. I think Lukas could also benefit from another support partner as I think his 'cold, calculated' demeanor could be expanded on. I could also make a case of giving Kliff a support with maybe Luthier or Zeke to expand his horizons. This leads to the characters' endings. I'm gonna be brief and just say I like Kliff's and Delthea's along with Tatiana and Zeke's. I dislike Sonya's and believe that Leon's, Mathilda's, Faye's and the Whitewings' were just bad. I'll elaborate if anyone asks. Now, onto the gameplay. The maps look pretty but the design itself seems rather uninspired besides being based off the originals in Gaiden. And I know I'm gonna get some shit for saying this (I haven't played 4 or 5) but this is the most Movement Emblem game I've played and it's agitating. From Alm's long, open maps to Celica's cramped, terrain infested ones, if you're not using a horse/wings/ Dread Fighter boots you're gonna have a bad time. It's hard to comprehend how a game that balanced archers so well couldn't do the same for Barons and Sages/Priestesses. And this sucks because none of those classes are bad! They're unique in the fact that they benefit the most from shields and rings but they're so incapacitated by 4 movement spaces that the strategy it takes to incorporate them into gameplay is often not worth it, especially when the 7/8/9 movment units can accomplish map goals (all 2 of em) that much faster. However, these 'slower' units have an easier time in the dungeon aspect of the game. The smaller maps and limited unit pool allow normally unfavorable units to shine. I think the dungeon crawling in general is one of the better aspects of SoV and really differentiate it from other FE titles. I mentioned at the beginning that it took me quite a while to beat this game. And I think this is mainly attributed to the gameplay. I often found myself bored and not invested enough to play the game consistently. I wanna partly blame this on the story, but Fates' plot was a lot messier and I just had more fun experimenting with units in FE 14. Maybe I should've played SoV on hard mode but I was initially worried the gameplay would be drastically different than what I wad used to. I also think this game is less strategy and more annoying gimmicks to inflate the difficulty. Conjure/invoke is cheap on both sides and are very rng reliant, along with the teleporting witches. I did have fun playing the game and would still recommend it, but I was pretty underwhelmed with most aspects of the gameplay. Questions: When exactly does Jedah learn Alm has the brand and why does he still focus solely on Celica after the fact if his main goal is to feed Duma a branded soul? Do you think the new characters added or subtracted to the main story? How are you supposed to make money in this game??? There's nowhere near enough gold to max out and create all the weapons, even for a handful of characters. It's a little ridiculous. For those whose favorite or close to favorite FE game is SoV, what draws you to this title? I think it's an enjoyable experience but, personally, I think the replay value is pretty low. What units were most useful to you(or were your favorite)? I heard good things about Mathilda and the Whitewings but most of my cavs fell off late game (my best cav was actually Lukas lol) and my only pegs that made it to endgame were Claire and Catria (and Cat barely got in). If you've played or experienced Gaiden, is SoV a faithful remake? Is there more that could've been done to modernize the game without compromising Gaiden's integrity (like maybe add Anna)? What were some other issues, nitpicky or significant, you had with this game? Lastly, would you still recommend Gaiden to someone if they've already played SoV? Why or why not? Sorry, if this got a little longwinded, I'm excited i finally beat this game and can finally focus on 6 and 11 before Three Houses is released.
  7. Hey, itโ€™s Azure. I decided that maybe I can make a tier list for this game on Hard mode. Criteria revolves around the level of efficiency that someone like Mekkah would want in other games. Note that no DLC is being taken into account here, and both routes have different metas. Everyone is ranked from best to worst in each tier. Villagers are ranked by their usefulness in each of their respective class choices separately. For example, Kliff as an archer will be ranked differently from Kliff as a mage. If anything else needs explaining, let me know. Now, for the two tier lists. Alm Route: Celicaโ€™s Route: I am not fully aware of things, so I wonโ€™t bother explaining why each unit is in what tier just yet. We can all discuss as we go along.
  8. Sonya's ending states that she tried to find a cure for witches and goes on to imply Sonya becomes a witch herself. But isn't Falchion the cure for witches? Also, witches in this game had their soul sacrificed to Duma. Would killing Duma not kill all the witches? And how could Sonya even become a witch if there was no Duma to sacrifice her soul to?
  9. This is mainly for data that I'm collecting for a written work I am constructing, but it's also interesting to hear what people think of antagonists that go under the radar and what effect they can have on the plot. Of course there are more than these 4 but I only wanted to focus on these for now. (Good/Decent is together because minor antagonists almost never get enough progression and depth to be anything over decent, but that's all subjective). My thoughts are..... Fernand: Extremely underappreciated, the man had his entire family killed because a peasant insurrection accused him of hording food from them during the drought. He is a product of the conflicted state of the world, and you can honestly say he is yet another victim whos blood is on Rudolph's hands. (Also DLC characterizes him more, a shame it's locked behind DLC though.) Desaix: Comes off as your common power hungry cartoony evil guy, but the more you look into him the more cunning and intelligent he becomes (never mind his ability to somehow know who Alm really is which never gets explained). Behind his Evil appearance is a man who is tired of relying on gods and wants man to be strong based off there own merits. This can be found in exposition with people in the castle/deliverance hideout and with the memory prism starring him and slayde (definitely some missed potential with him). Grieth: Through exposition we learn how big of an impact Grieth has had on Zofia and even as far as Archanea, sad part is it's just greed and nothing more. What a shame.... Slayde: Right at the end he makes an interesting comment about his philosophy about survival and then proceeds to get roasted by clive, they were on to something with him at the end there but definitely missed potential yet again.
  10. From what I've seen on the forums Alm's character had negative reception on his character for the most part. This includes criticism on his ability to conquer his problems with little to no experience (insert mary sue accusation), his ideal being the perfect and flawless one in a game where both paths were supposed to be of equal importance, and that is personality is just downright boring. With this being said i'm not 100% sure what the majority thinks of Alm so the poll above is for me to gather some more data on the subject before i start pointing fingers. Also this Post does contain major spoilers to the plot of SOV so keep that in mind. As for me personally I very much like Alm and found him very refreshing as a Lord given my negative reception on the last 2, and before the thought plagues you i have played all the previous US released fire emblem games and I know that Alm isn't the best writing wise. So in this post I will be defending him (my first idea for the title was "In defense of Alm" but I didn't want anyone to think that they were wrong for not liking him and that these are just my thoughts). Most of his criticisms I heavily disagree with and I'm going to start with the idea that his whole path is perfect and that Celica was wrong and Alm was right. My main problem with this is that saying Alm ideal is flawless is saying that personally putting your father and your cousin to the sword is not a detriment to his ideal at all. This war not only brought many consequences to the land and citizens, but had many personal consequences on Alm himself as the path he took is the sole reason he had to kill his remaining family (This personally makes me wonder what Berkut's parents are up too and how they would interact with Alm after the conflict of the game ends), When Alm learns the truth of his lineage and who the emperor was who he had just killed he shows a color very similar to Eliwood where he breaks down showing weakness but then is able to pull himself together to do what is needed, putting those feeling away and fulfilling his oath to Mycen he made all the way back in Zofia castle ( If you don't remember Mycen asked Alm if he was ready and that there would be no turning back no matter how painful it would become, to which Alm replied that he was ready, and stayed true to that all this time). This shows strength on his mental fortitude while the tragedy makes him more human, having these together may be cliche, but it is an effective way to make a character relatable and a strong leader/individual. Eliwood for example pulls this off well and it makes an excellent difference between him and Hector, as Hector is the strong one who was not only devastated his fathers death, but that devastation affected for a much longer time, you have to remember that he even for a while cut all ties with Oswin. And while Eliwood was physically weaker his mental fortitude was superior to Hectors. While it's no surprise that Eliwood with that difference pull it off better than Alm does making him in my opinion a great character and one of the best lords, it salvages Alm a ton as well in my opinion especially because of the emphasis Mycen put on him early about tragedies that will happen giving moments the player get to see that will help him move forward. On him being a Mary Sue I have to say that to stay true to the original Alm had to become the leader of the deliverance at that time, but there is one key factor that I feel like a lot of people miss because I find myself very confused that people criticize this part so hard. Clive wants Alm to be leader to raise the soldiers morale because his "lineage" is a spectacle to the men. Clive even says that he will handle all the day to day affairs and that Alm is required to do one thing and one thing only; Lead. This means he just has to point and say charge, and deliver the occasional speech. This part is extremely similar to when Michiah is made leader of the Daein Rebellion army in part 1 of RD and Sothe catches on and isn't a fan of the idea because she is being made a spectacle. What Pelleas and Izuka had planned is almost identical to why Clive made that decision as well, and I baffled that Alm becoming leader of the deliverance is criticized and that the same scene in RD gets not even a bat of the eye. I for one think Clive's plan is very reasonable. Also Celica's plan wasn't a complete flop, Celica's decision and sacrifice is what convinces the earth mother Mila to unseal falchion and let Alm use it, she was planning on holding it forever to protect her brother until Celica showed her that Humans were strong enough to not rely on her and Duma. So Celica is the only reason Alm was able to get the Falchion to destroy Duma. Both were very essential to the conclusion of the game. Criticize the writing all you want as the final act in many parts was a mess, but Neither was right or wrong completely, and neither flawless. I could talk about this stuff for hours and write pages on why I think Alm is not a bad character but I'm starting with this and I would not want the first post to be this long. So tell me your expressions of Alm, and if you disagree with my points please let me know as this topic is a very subjective one.
  11. So the port theme now has lyrics. It's really nice to listen to.
  12. I feel like this game is one of my favorites in the franchise for a few different reasons. The presentation, from the voice acting (ranging from decent to really good), to the MUCH better visuals, to the musical score that makes my knees weak, was incredible. The gameplay, while having a few undeniable flaws (the only one of which that actually annoys me being swamps. I hate the damn swamps), is thoroughly enjoyable to me, and there is enough replay value built in with the villagers and the free dlc to make me want to try different things. Hard felt like a rewarding experience for almost every chapter (except Nuibaba's Abode. God how I hated it), and while I took a break after beating the main story -- and as a result have not delved into the short-but-interesting postgame -- I am excited to do so now. I'm just starting a second playthrough, on Normal this time, because I want to be able to slow down and experience the narrative (which I find to simple, but effective and well told. Yes, I'm aware of the plot's weak points, I just don't mind them as much). I also just bought, played, and enjoyed the Rise of the Deliverance DLC for the first time tonight. On one hand, holy shit I feel so much more for Fernand than I already did, and while the maps were simple and not inherently interesting, the story and character buildup around them was what I cared about, and I feel like they delivered. They delivered so strongly, in fact, that I honestly think this DLC should have been the game's prologue by default, but hey. I find myself putting this game in my top three FE games, because I am generally a story focused gamer, and this is very much a presentation and narrative focused fire emblem game. Can't claim open fields are game-mechanics heavy map designs, so it's not a gameplay focus. I appreciate SoV greatly, and I hope it emboldens IS to make more Echoes games, and make the small changes and tweaks to the old games (FE4? Please?).
  13. Someone did this for Awakening, and I did a thread like this for Fates, so I decided that now that the game's been out for a while, why not do it for SoV too? Everyday I'll make a poll, and everyone can vote on their favorite critical quote for each character. Day 1 is Alm. I'll record the results here for the winning quote of the poll each day. Results: Day 1 - Alm: This is how it's done! Day 2 - Celica: Grant me strength! Day 3 - Tobin: This is the part that hurts! Day 4 - Gray: It's been fun! Day 5 - Kliff: You watching? Day 6 - Lukas:
  14. Thread title. I saw an interesting conversation over at the "Ike's Dissonance" thread regarding Alm and his personality/character. In an attempt to not derail that thread any further, I've started this one. As for my thoughts: I think his VA's great, I like the little quips and jokes he makes whenever you examine something, and I think his personality is pretty chill. Overall, I believe him to be an entertainingly written character. However... I believe he's in the completely wrong game. In the original Gaiden, the thing that made Alm and Celica interesting was that they represented two ideals; Celica represented peace and kindness (Mila), whereas Alm represented power and aggression (Duma). I can't quite put my finger on it, but Alm in this game feels... off, somehow. It didn't feel like he was representing that sort of extreme ideal that Duma embodied. As such, this theme of balancing out two extreme ideologies fell flat, IMO. I don't know. I'm tired. What are your thoughts? Do you like/dislike him? Why?
  15. I like mods especially ones like randomizers and voice packs. If you guys find any cool mods or make them (plz make Japanese voice pack plzzzz) show em off here
  16. I was thinking if Kamui is related to the people of Chon'sin like Say'ri and especially Yen'fay because of their squinty eyes. Kamui is a Japanese name and the Chon'sin are based on the Japanese. Chon'sin is in Valm but I dunno where to be exact but let's say it's somewhere Kamui had disappeared in Valm (unclear if he's in Valentia or elsewhere) and settle down for some kind of desire because maybe he got tired of the good life in the kingdom that Jesse had made in Greith's territory. He might have wanted to do something for his hometown or his family. Kamui isn't the only one of his kind so it can be that Chon'sin became a country of its own that was from the hometown of Kamui and his family or the other tribe that beated his family out in the business were related to Chon'sin. If Jesse was dead, Kamui would have taken over in his place so it can be possibly located there. The place for deceased bodies of legendary swordsmen are found in Chon'sin called the Warrior's Tomb which is located by the Thieves Shrine in Gaiden. These guys are the founders of Chon'sin and Jesse, Saber, and Kamui are Mercenaries/Swordsmen and Jeese's kingdom is for Mercenaries but it's hard to make connections when Gaiden and Awakening takes place 2000 years later so when Chon'sin became a country is unclear. The small things like this or how Walhart is similar to Rudolf in what he did for the greater good, how you're able to go to Faria Port(aka Port Ferox) in Echoes and Thabest Labyrinth is between Arena Ferox makes the world feel much richer in history.
  17. I wanted to see if killing Duma only would have change anything like Sonya's relatives living or the followers of Duma. I was able to have Alm defeat Duma without killing any of the villains with a unique character portrait besides the Mogalls but everything still played out the same way. An excerpt from the Fire Emblem wikia for witches, "In Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia, the Witch class is given a background. According to Lukas and Saber, Witches are women whose souls have been offered to Duma, either willingly or by force. While the Witch gains unrivaled magical powers their souls are ripped from their bodies, becoming nothing more than hollow husks with the sole purpose of serving Duma. The process of becoming a Witch seems to have various degrees as Delthea was brainwashed and nearly turned into a Witch, but was able to return to normal once Tatarrah was killed. However, once a woman has fully become a Witch, there is no possible means to restore them other than to kill them. In their deaths, it seems that their soul temporarily returns to their bodies before they expire." I guess story wise the followers of Duma would have still fought for revenge but wouldn't killing Duma release the souls of those who were offered to himself? Were the souls bound to him or killing him wouldn't have an effect at all? If there were no effects then Sonya's ending would have made sense. I just don't understand how offering your soul to him makes sense.
  18. I decided I would compile all the translated supports and base conversations that we have so far on here like PKThoron did over on Reddit. All of the following are from Zigludo's, Justletmepostdamn's and Kyleenim'spastebin so credit to them. Credit to NaokiP for any unlinked supports and memory 4, and to VincentASM for memory 3 and Berkut's Despair. And also PKThoron for compiling them first. SUPPORTS: BASE CONVERSATIONS: Please make sure to link any new supports or base conversations that have been posted so I can add them to the OP. Thanks and I hope this makes someone's life more convenient. MEMORIES: ENDINGS: DEATH QUOTES: EXTRA:
  19. I don't think there's been a topic on this, so please forgive me if there is. I can see it being easily abusable if you use it a lot, but otherwise, I quite like it. I've used it a few times to get myself out of really BS situations, such as Kamui getting crit and dying to the boss in Chapter 2, and helping myself escape from the rare encounter in the first cave, when I went back at the beginning of chapter 3 to do a sidequest. So yea, I think it's pretty neat and helps mitigate really unfortunate situations, and think it can be nice, if a little abusable, for other things. What are your thoughts on it?
  20. Hello! Serenes Forest newb here. I'm currently playing through SoV in Japan and have gotten stuck at the end of chapter 3. I've beaten the bosses on both Alm and Celica's sides, which revealed that Mira-sama (her name in Japanese, not sure about English) is no longer in her castle, but there is nowhere for me to progress on Celica's side. On Alm's side, I've made it to the water gate, but have been told it can't be opened and am, therefore, unable to progress. Is there anyone out there who knows what needs to be done in order for me to unlock the next chapter?
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