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Found 61 results

  1. In this forum we predict the battle performance of the characters reveal so far with the following stats, out of 10: Physical Damage (P DMG), including crit chance Mag Damage (M DMG), including crit chance Accuracy Attack Speed (Raw speed and Constitution if any) Damage Absorption (HP) Defence Resistance Evasiveness Byleth P. DMG - 7/10 M. DMG - 3/10 ACC - 7/10 AS - 7/10 HP - 7/10 DEF - 6/10 RES - 5/10 AVO- 6.5/10 Edelgard P. DMG - 7.5/10 M. DMG - 3/10 ACC - 7.5/10 AS - 6/10 HP - 6.5/10 DEF - 6.5/10 RES - 4/10 AVO- 7/10 please note that these does not represent actual stats
  2. If a sequel is announced for Fire Emblem Warriors 2, what approach to stage selection would you prefer for the next game to take? See the included poll for options and feel free to express your wishes in the thread. Are there any particular Fire Emblem chapters you would love to see adapted into a Warriors stage? Note - this is for actual gameplay stage designs, not history mode story scenarios. I personally really want to see: Path of Radiance: Port Toha Serenes Forest Radiant Dawn: Elincia's Gambit The Price Final Chapter - Rebirth Sacred Stones: Chapter 8 - It's a Trap Chapter 15 - Scorched Sand Chapter 19 - Last Hope Awakening: Chapter 4 - Two Falchions (Arena Ferox) Chapter 9 - Emmeryn Fates: Opera House Wind Tribe Village (Revelation Route) Port Town of Dia Shadow Dragon: Camus the Sable The Temple of Thabes
  3. Im bored And curious And impatient. So. what in particular do yall want to see in fire emblem switch?
  4. So after Robin's sacrifice to kill Grima, he dissolves into nothingness. I wonder how long did it take for Chrom and Lissa to find him again? My guess is took about a year or two for them to finally meet Robin again. I'm taking in account the character endings happen before the final cutscene afterward Robin's ending happen.
  5. So with the coming DLC, we have new weapons. (The last two packages) What do you think their skills are gonna be? Will they have new skills or a unique combination of the old ones or both?
  6. As of now you probably know that the cipher mascots are gonna be downloadable. What do you think are gonna be the unique arts/spells ate they gonna have to set them apart from the rest? Personal speculation Shade - to emphasize her being a genius, she's gonna have a diverse spell set including some unused ones. They may add dine "underhanded" spells to emphasize her being a dark magic user. Emma - to emphasize her being a trainee, she will have noob friendly skills like underdog etc. Yuzu - despite being given a hybrid class, I believe her arts will focus more on her sword fighting to compensate her probably lack of spell pool. Lando - he was ruthless in his youth but have mellowed, He appears to be designed as a gambler. His arts May involve leaving things to RNG. And maybe a few underhanded arts as well.
  7. So, I've been thinking about Banners as of late since the number of "Main Lords" are slowly dwindling. I think all that is left is... FE 2, 15 - Celica (Coming Soon™) FE 4 - (1st Gen? Not too familiar with Genealogy) FE 5 - Leif & Company FE 10 - Micaiah and the Dawn Brigade (One can argue for Elincia, but then that opens up the entire Tellius roster due to all the different nations and such.) Then for other banners... Choose Your Legends Banner (hopefully before FE: Warriors [in the Fall], at least before Christmas) Fire Emblem Warriors (full of the OCs that will no doubt come from that game.) Summer Festival Banner (I am certain this will be a thing in July, swimsuits for everyone!) Halloween Banner (Given that Christmas and Easter is celebrated, I am expecting Halloween outfits.) Christmas Banner (We already have a Christmas Robin and Tharja, so I expect them to be a thing.) So, that is 9 banners, or about 4.5 months worth of banner content for the rest of the year. I wonder what will be put in in the meantime for the other 2.5 slots. Fire Emblem: Switch is not until 2018, so I guess Heroes will simply put in characters from existing titles once again like with the previous banners? Personally, I am really hoping to see more Sacred Stones representation. I want to see Seth, Duessel, Marisa, and L'arachel in Heroes! Anyways, what do you guys think? Will 2017 flesh out the rest of the main lords and include seasonal banners, or will we simply see a return to adding characters from older titles?
  8. So with the last two known Grand Hero Battles coming out this month I was thinking who else we might get. Now most of GH are antagonists, but that isn't always the case but here's a list of who I think is likely to show up in the future. Arvis Linus Rudolf Gangrel Walhart Valter Selena Oliver Ishtar Anyone else got ideas?
  9. Would it be nice if the protagonist's group start as mercenaries (with a side of merchants)? It would make the storyline expandable. DLC chapters would make sense. I'm also hoping for character focused downloadable Gaidens. Would the protagonist be secretly a noble?
  10. I was just thinking about it, we did seen like 8 continents + Ylisse and Valm from the previous Fire Emblem titles and we don't see much of the entire globe looks like except with a view of Ylisse and Valm with Valm being in the left side of Ylisse. But, do you think Intelligent System might do something like either they would probably make an another future continent from one of the other Fire Emblem game similar to like how Archanea became Ylisse and Valentia became Valm since we probably think the Fire Emblem World probably has enough continents as we thought like maybe taken it from such as Judgral (incase if they might use it for the Judgral remakes as well after the Upcoming Switch title of afterwards since Gaiden got a brand new remake that is now called Echoes: Shadows of Valentia), Elibe, Margvel, Tellius, etc. (I do think a future version of Judgral would make more sense), do you think we could get a brand new continent that it's going to be involved with Considered Mythological Kingdom similar to like Hoshido, Nohr, and Valla in Fates like when Corrin asked Chrom about where is the location of Hoshido and Nohr in their map and Corrin can't seem to find it, but Chrom did recall he heard Hoshido and Nohr were Mythological Kingdoms that really did shocked Corrin what he had heard during at in the Before Awakening DLC map, or do you think they'll might add an another continent that will be not involved with Mythological Kingdoms like that unnamed continent in Fates and it will probably takes place after Awakening and Chrom (or the other Awakening characters) will probably didn't realize an another continent exists since he does seemed to have a good historical knowledge with other continents such as Archanea, Tellius, and Judgral? (I am not entirely sure about Chrom's knowledge with Hoshido and Nohr?)
  11. (Apologies if a thread like this already exists) So I don't know about you, but I'm pretty hyped about Shadows of Valentia. I wasn't expecting it at all; never really enjoyed Gaiden, but I respected it for its massive formula changes and shift into more of a traditional RPG. It seems like Echoes will be retaining a lot of these changes, and hopefully this time around the tech is good enough to really eliminate all the tedious and obviously dated parts of Gaiden. But part of me is kind of worried that this game will have some sort of "spin-off"-itis in that it won't be enough to really captivate me. It looks hectic, don't get me wrong. Awesome character designs so far, my sweet boy Alm, the combat looks fluid if the HUD looks a little strange to me at the moment, and the dungeon crawling looks genuinely interesting. However, I have some fears: namely, that it will lack the supports, character building and story elements to really get me hooked on it. Gaiden has a relatively small cast IIRC, so I'm wondering if they will be adding in more characters to bulk up the roster, making these few existing characters more fleshed out, or leaving the numbers the same but massively underexplored. Limited supports in particular, with genuinely interesting conversations which amount to well-established relationships is what I had wanted out of Awakening and Fates, so their absence (even if it understandable) would be sorely felt. What about the rest of you? What gets you excited? Never played Gaiden and want to experience the beginnings of the series? Like the look of the art? And what might disappoint you about it? Let me know!
  12. Well, we do like a few gimmicks in a fire emblem game. We just don't like too many of them. Imagine if the heroes are mercenaries, we can have contracts which are essentially gaidens/paralogues where our heroes can earn a few gold, items, new allies, maybe rare weapons, maybe even character development etc.
  13. With the reveal of Seliph, Julia, Ephraim and Eirika, there is bound to be more characters from the games they represent. Here's my prediction (besides the announced): The Sacred Stones: Seth Franz, Force, and Kyle Tana Inness Joshua and Natasha (I'm all in for this one) Myrrh and Saleh (the Dragon and her caretaker) Lute and Artur (without H) Cormag Lyon Duessel Selena (The fluorspar) Vanessa and Syrene Caellach and Valter Ross and Garcia (axe users) Gilliam (because we need armor units) Knoll (because we need a Shaman) L'Arachel Sentai Bakaranger XD Gwahahaha
  14. It is quite consistent that the cipher column quartet have different classes representing the boosters they come with. What do you think would be their classes in the future releases?
  15. Well, I know some of you have prediction unreleased cards in the future. Let's speculate a bit okay maybe a lot. Yes we may sort of include speculations on already announced stuff or speculate on teasers. Let me start with our speculation of our own. Okay, so we know that "Medallion" cards will have MASTER CLASSES. So does that mean, Gaiden will have them too? On a related note, what color will the cards be in Valentia? In games with branch promotions, some units are given canon promotions in their debut series (i.e. Hero Severa, Dark Flier Cordelia etc.) until the second series they appeared gave them an alternate promotion Except Severa for some reason I am suspecting that the Villagers in Gaiden and Sacred Stones (speculate what color) characters will be given canon promoted classes based on their intended design. (eg Mage Cliff due to his high resistance, Pirate Ross, Mage Knight Ewan (just because his growths most resemble that of a Generic Mage Knight), Great Knight Kyle, Paladin Forde etc.) those are just my examples please don't kill me.
  16. So with Fire Emblem's home really being suited well toward handhelds what do you think the next handheld from Nintendo will be like? Will it even happen in the first place? While I love the hell out of my 3DS and its managed to do well in the market no one can deny how smartphones have taken a huge chunk of the handheld business away from Nintendo and how if they produce a new one they are fighting a hard uphill battle. If they are willing to fight it in the first place. I find this particularly concerning since handhelds have been a huge part of Nintendo's revenue even when their consoles didn't do well. Furthermore, as a Fire Emblem fan its concerning since the titles are pretty much at home on handhelds and sell the best on handhelds. While I'm a huge fan of the console Fire Emblems, I'm not sure how well they would do on Nintendo's new console (and that's a whole new can of worms). So what do you think? What new features and appearance could be on Nintendo's next handheld. Will they even have one in the first place? Will they try something completely unexpected with the NX or pull a fast one somewhere?
  17. So now that Sakurai has officially said that they are done adding to Smash 4 what or rather who do you think will be added to the next smash? Keeping in mind this roster spanned 58 characters. Do you even think they'll be able to keep em all? Personally here's who I can see in the next smash. 1) Splatoon inklings. Practically shoe ins given the game's success and the trend of having playable male and female versions of characters (WFT, Robin, Corrin) 2) Dixie Kong or King K Rool. Alot of demand for these guys especially seeing how people were disappointed that King K Rool was only a mii costume. 3) New Zelda rep. I don't know who but probably someone from Zelda Wii U. I could also potentially see Midna or Ghirahim appearing transitioning from assists. 4) Shovel Knight. Again supposedly alot of demand for this one would also be the "surprise third party character"
  18. Which Fire Emblem game would you like to see receive a sequel? Shadow Dragon and Mystery of the Emblem are listed together as the Akaneia Saga, and Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn are listed as the Tellius Saga. Personally, I would like to see a Tellius sequel staring Priam. I feel that the descendant of Ike should have more backstory than leading a band of mercenaries that are eventually slaughtered by Chrom's forces. If you vote, please share your ideas!
  19. I had an idea for a general FE thread and changing the topic regularly (about weekly or so) about speculating if things went differently at pivotal moments in the story of the various Fire Emblem games because its fun to speculate what would have happened at these moments. The first pivotal moment I had in mind was what if Greil survived in his first fight with the Black Knight and how this would have changed the Tellius Saga. Q1: For starters I think that Greil would realize after healing from his wounds that he was no match for the Black Knight since he could no longer use his sword arm and would double down on his efforts to train Ike realizing if anyone was going to beat the Black Knight it would be him. That being said he would still remain in charge of the Mercenaries. The positive of this would be that Ike would become much stronger and skilled at a faster rate than he did in the original story but wouldn't have developed so much leader since he was thrown into that situation so suddenly. Now one hitch I have is that I do think while Greil might have survived the first encounter with the Black Knight he would have eventually met his end at his hands since the Black Knight is encountered multiple times throughout the story and he would do anything to prevent Ike or Mist from having to fight him so soon even if it meant him knowing fighting a battle he could not win. If he did survive until the ending parts of the story where Ike originally fights him I do think he would let Ike fight him having trained him intensely in that time and believing he could beat the Black Knight. Some other implications are the impacts this would have on the events Radiant Dawn with Griel still alive but aging would probably have handed off the responsibility of the Mercenaries to Ike. However, as events progressed he would be forced to explain who the Black Knight really was and the meaning behind Lehran's Medallion and reveal some of the more important parts of the setting much sooner. The story at this point could go in multiple directions with the Mercenaries either supporting the Laguz alliance like they did in the original story or being completely focused on preventing Ashera from awakening. This is meant to be in good fun so feel free to post your thoughts about it all. Oh and lets try to refrain from Fates spoilers/ Fates scenarios since the game has yet to have a world wide release. Q1: What if Griel survived against the Black Knight? Q2: What if Zephiel was killed in FE7? PM me your ideas and suggestions for what if scenarios in the Fire Emblem stories. Particulalry for FE 2, 4, and 5 as my knowledge of those games is sparse at best.
  20. I have not done much research on this but I figured I might as well post it here for you all to see and speculate on. Most likely fake aside from the shareholder statistics which are interesting if you're into that kind of stuff. Here is a video of Etika covering it and how I originally found out about it. Original/fake reveal video However, these things are not fake: Shareholder ratings. http://nintendoeverything.com/approval-ratings-of-nintendo-directors-rise-at-recent-shareholders-meeting/ Details on the 75th annual shareholder meeting http://nintendoeverything.com/details-from-nintendos-75th-annual-general-meeting-of-shareholders/ What could this mean? The rise in the shareholders ratings and sudden optimistic outlook despite the Wii U's slow sales? What about DeNa? How much life does the 3DS still have in it? What exactly will the NX even be in the first place? Find out next time on Dragon Ball Z. Some interesting things said about NX in the share holder meeting.
  21. With the SSB4 datamining finding data for Roy, what do you think are the chances of a Binding Blade localization?
  22. So it's been established that Sakura uses honorifics even with her closest siblings. Heck in the trailer she even refers to Kamui as 'Nii-sama'. Correct me if I'm wrong, but usually Japanese families drop the honorifics when they're in private. So it's kind of odd Sakura uses them even around her family. Is this just a quirk of her character or did something happen to make her do this? Anyone else have other ideas?
  23. It appears in the both her character art and her portrait. Do you think it's going to be her "Legendary Weapon" or will it be more like her "Rapier"?
  24. I'm on the website right now, just checking stuff out and I noticed that in the sky for the Nohr side, there are dragons. This is just speculation, but does anyone else think that there might be a possibility of Wyvern Riders being Nohr exclusive, while Hoshido might have Pegasus Knights? Or are Camilla and Hinoka really just counterparts? If this has already been discussed please let me know!
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