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Found 3 results

  1. Create a spinoff of a Nintendo franchise that you think will never happen; bonus points if it's a popular franchise or at least one that has had spinoffs. Be sure to say why you think it will never happen. Here's mine: The Legend of Zelda: Into the Zelda Timeline Basically, a 3D Legend of Zelda spinoff that takes the main premise of Into the Spider-verse and applies it to the Zelda universe. After a Link is killed while trying to stop Ganondorf, a young hero must save the day despite not being chosen. Fortunately, he isn't alone: Links from across the Zelda timelines have ended up appearing in his time period and are ready to help save this Hyrule so they can return to their time periods. These Links would look just like they did in their original games while still integrating into this game's art style, and they each would utilize a unique ability based on their respective game(s). The playable Links from other timelines would include the following heroes (one for each major component of the Zelda Timeline): Skyward Sword Link (initial timeline): just like in Skyward Sword, this Link would utilize motion controls. Ocarina of Time Link (the Link who caused the timeline to split): this Link would utilize the masks from Majora's Mask. Wind Waker Link (adult timeline): Um... this one can pilot a ship? This one can utilize cartoon logic? I'm honestly not sure what to do with this one. Twilight Princess Link (child timeline): This Link can turn into a wolf. I thought that using the Four Swords Adventures Link would be more distinct in gameplay, but Twilight Princess Link is more visually distinct and more representative of the child timeline. Original Legend of Zelda Link (downfall timeline): This Link would be 2D and 8-bit, in a 3D game (it would sort-of work like Paper Mario). This means he can, among other things, hide by pretending to be a wall painting as a joking reference to the A Link Between Worlds Link. Breath of the Wild Link (converged/Nintendo has officially given up keeping track timeline): This Link can scavenge enemy weapons and random items only for them to break quickly. Apart from obviously copying Into the Spider-verse, the reason I think such a spinoff would never happen is that I think Breath of the Wild demonstrated that Nintendo wants to wash its hands of the Zelda timeline going forward.
  2. What crossover spinoff do you think would work well? What genre would the crossover be? What lords would you love to see involved? What non lords would you love to see involved? And what other spinoff ideas would you like to see for fire emblem?
  3. So after seeing the majority of what fates has to offer I came to a realization. Why hasn't Fire emblem had any sort of spinoff game yet? Wouldn't the characters fit pretty well in like a hack n slash or a fighting game? For a hack n slash, I think a dark souls or dynasty warriors type of game would work. As for a fighting game, perhaps something like blazblue or soul calibur. I'm not sure how others feel, but this is just my opinion. What do you guys think? Have any other ideas?
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