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Found 4 results

  1. Hello there ! (General Kenobi) I see you've clicked on this page ! That's... Great ! Well, as you must have suspected, this is where I post my art. As I barely have any pixel-art talent, this is mostly (bad) splicing, but hey, might be worth a try ? So, let's catch your interest with character you (might) know about (a.k.a not my OCs) : First we have Clements, from the indie game Organ Trail (Really good, more people should know about it) : (I think his class would either be mercenary or archer) Next, Ib from the eponymous indie game (Yeah I really like indie gaming) : (Of course, as she's a barely modified Clarine, she'd be a healer...) Then we have what I swear is the last indie game character... PAPYRUS UNDERTALE. I didn't really wanted to make him, but I had the base for skeletons and I was really bored. Sorry. And what would be a video-game art without Breath Of The Wild's Link ? (Note that I used Lucius as a base. Who would be better to play our beloved crossdressing hero than our favorite trap ?) However, the more I look at him, the ugliest he looks. *Sigh*... Fortunately, the next (And last) character is a lot more... Beautiful. So... I guess that's it ? I'll post some of my OCs someday, but I think 5 sprites is already quite enough. Also, if you have suggestion of characters you'd like me to do, tell me ! I don't guarantee I'll do it, but this might give me ideas... Also, tell me what's wrong with my sprites, so that I can see how to improve them ! Thanks for reading !
  2. So I took the feedback from my last post and took the time to make a second group of sprites Sprite 1 Sprite 2 Sprite 3 Sprite 4 All feedback is good feedback, thanks in advance.
  3. Hey guys :) it has been a long (emphasis on the long) time since I've done any spriting in the FE Style, so here I am posting all the content I'm making and I would love to see the feedback. Izuku Midoriya (Alias: Deku | Class: Fighter) Naruto Uzumaki (Class: Jonin (Similar to a Mercenary) > Class: Hokage (Similar to a Hero/Promoted Lord) Next: Sasuke Uchiha (Class: Rogue (Similar to a Myrmidon) > Class: Wanderer (Similar to a Swordmaster/Promoted Lord)
  4. Even though people say I'm actually capable of pulling off splices of various FE mugshots, I'm still not quite convinced with it. So yeah, I decided to call my Spriting Thread a "Graveyard" because I still think I stink and suck horribly. Anyways, time to burn and bleed everyone's eyes out with my stuff because it seems that is my talent. NOTE: These are my stuff way back in the past; I'm still trying to get my splicing skills back and I'm a sucky and rusty knife already. In FE6/FE7 Colors: In FE8 Colors: I hope your eyes have burnt and bled out... Oh, and you may suggest me a set of characters to work out with. I'm really a rusted knife.
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