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Found 3 results

  1. There are some pretty crazy plans in the Fire Emblem series. From Manfroy's manipulating countries, to Azura's plan for Garon to sit on a throne. Which one do you think has the highest change of failing? For me is Manfroy, his plan rely heavily on the writing itself favoring him and the amount of cutscene powers to accomplished otherwise difficult feats.
  2. With the introduction of Vanguard Ike as an legendary hero, the floodgates are open for others to have the same treatment. For me, I would consider some being a legendary hero if they have a massive influence over the plots of their game or have a high authority in game. Some of the ideas for future candidates I had are, Hero King Marth: by the end of Mystery, he had become the leader of the United Kingdom of Archanea, quite a feat. Knight Lord Seliph: He had avenged his father death, stopped the Grannvale empire, and put an end of the Loptyr Cult. Athos: He is one of the Eight Legends in Elibe, and has the stats to back it up Dheginsea: King of Goldoa, and one of Ashera's Three Heroes. Sephiran/Lehran: Bird Jesus that caused majority of events in Tellius. Light Priestess Micaiah: Where she is empowed by Yune The main trio of the Blazing Blade Great Lord Chrom Hero/Conqueror Alm Master Lord Roy
  3. So I know that branded are the offspring of a beroc and a Laguz. Then what would happen if a branded would had a offspring with a beroc, laguz or another branded? Could the child become a double branded, having two marks on their bodies? A Beroc?, Because the Laguz blood would cancel each other out, or the inverse? Also isn't becoming a branded strange? All that is needed to be considered one is that some one in the family tree needed to be with a Laguz, regardless if it has hundreds of years ago, and be the first born? So potentially anyone could be a branded if they can trace their family history long enough? So what is with the deal when a Laguz gives birth to a branded, they lose the ability to transform? It is like a magical STD? Aren't branded implied to be the future of Tellius? They were naturally resistant to Ashera's judgment,. And Yune hinted at the notion. I could use some assistance in trying to understand fantasy genetics.
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