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Found 4 results

  1. Okay!~ So i might not see any replies to this for a while, But i was wondering if anyone has their hands on the map-sprites from Fate, Everything from Corrin to the hoshidan and nohr soldiers, even the faceless and other characters, Ive always wanted to get my hands on a biiig folder full of these sprites from every ally, enemy, character and canonfodder just to give them a good look and check their design, Does anyone have their hands on them?
  2. Hi guys, today I decided to download Tiled to create a map, as long as I found a problem, after having imported some graphics to test tiled I found this problem (Go to see the image)… Can anyone help me to resolve this problem?
  3. I having trouble doing animation script for the sprite sheet and here some of my sprite sheet I posted on teb that I want to use for my hack and free use for other people. If someone can show me how to make them or maybe do them they will got half of credit for scripting my sprite sheet for these three and future sprite sheets I'll release to the public Shogun/Samurai http://tebrigade.b1.jcink.com/uploads/tebrigade//Shogun_Female_class.png Reaper/Grimmer http://tebrigade.b1.jcink.com/uploads/tebrigade//REAPER_GRIMMONER.png Xane Mage/Skull Mage http://tebrigade.b1.jcink.com/uploads/tebrigade//Xane_mage.png
  4. Hello everyone! :D This is my first post on this forum and I hope to get to know the community soon. Thought I'd show off some of my recent works for my very own Fire Emblem game. They are based off friends in real life that will be in my game. Most of them are just recolors of existing mugshots with small tweaks. Some are spliced up, some are quite custom! Just depends on how many requests the person had for their character. Anyway, I'll probably post all of my work on this one thread so I'll keep it coming. :) Enjoy everyone and I'm glad to be on the forum! -Joshua- -Ben- -Joseph- -Chet- -Kayla- -Girlfriend (Wendy)- -Me (James)-
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