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  1. This is a collage of official sprites and fan made sprites I put together to Celebrate Smash Ultimate's Everyone is Here Mural with sprites I found online that all asked to credit the original source. I did not make anything. All Sprite Credits are below I did this because i love the smash series so i found a bunch of sprites online of the highest quality to show this art. I take no credit for the Sprites found on here and give credit to ALL original artists and rippers Special Thanks goes to my buddy ErickADub as hes known on Twitter. He is a good friend of mine and i GeoOfAkaneia prefer to be called StarForce Belmont I plead if you Share this to LIST ALL CREDITS below to give the people their hard earned respect for their intense passion for sprites ALL Sprite Credits below MUST be stated. I have no intention of being a Plagiarist and want to give everyone the credit they deserve. Some have been editted to match the charater's looks in ultimate.... thanks so much everyone! Enjoy Ultimate! CONGRATULATIONS ripped by Grim from Neo Geo Pocket Mario and Yoshi BY jdaster1 from Yoshi's Cookie Toads from Wario's Woods by Bacon at Ninsprites Metal Mario is a Recolor made of Mario's Mario Clash Sprite on VIrtual Boy ripped by Johnny Electronic on Sprite Resources DR Mario Sprite from Dr/Mario 64 ripped by M. Bison on Sprite Resources Megavitamins and Viruses ripped by MarioUniverse Mushroom Spring Poison Mushroom Starman Fire Flower Metal Box Metal Switch and Yoshi block by brawlstudios on deviantart Shine Sprite by SuperBluey2749 Kirby, King Dedede and Meta Knight from Kirby Superstar by Drshnaps of Sprite resources Koopalings by Nitratez Luigi from Super Mario All Stars ripped by Ragey with a slight modification Boo by Tweeks Wario from Warios Woods SNES by Ragey Ghosts and fruit SupaStarFox Banjo, Kazooie Grunty JInjos JInjonater Egg and Note by Bwar on the VG Resource Daisy by alexmauricia407 LIttle Mac by TJNiHil Olimar by Lisnovski Mewtwo Pikmin Wolf Ice Climbers and Ridley By NeoRiceisGood DUck HUnt Dog and Ducks By Pik Meta KNight found on VIppng Bowser Bowser Jr Pirhana Plant Boo and CLown Car by Random Talking Bush Dr Mario Ripped by Black Squirrel Peach and Rosalina Sprite by SIrPeaches Lumas by Rose-Montallies DK and DIddy By KanimyO Bananas and Crash items by Mr E on Sprite Resource Bomberman are from Super Gameboy Boarders for SNES All Official Pokemon Sprites are from Bulbagarden except Jirachi Pikachu By MatDemo159 Pikachu Libre by Leparagon Jigglypuff Squirtle Ivysaur and CHarizard by JoshR691 Lucario by Chibi-Pika Greninja by Falgaia Incineroar by Profkrd Mega Man Eddy Beat and Rush Sprites from Marvel vs Capcom Ripped by Bonzai Grim of Sprite Data Base Mega Man X Zero Mege Man.EXE Star Force Mega Man from Sprite Resources Omega-XIS ripped by Barubary King K Rool By Dimpsuu HEROES AnotherRandomMegaMan Slimes from Dragon Quest Wiki FOX AND Falco CRONIUS Ness Mr Saturn by Tonberry2K and Random Talking Bush Porky by Apple KId Lucas and Claus by Darkshot CLoud Strife by MAsterPiece64 Sephiroth Sprite by Blackhook captain falcon Ayaiken Toon LInk Lennon STEVE by sonby Zelda Corrin Roy and Robin by alexmauricio407 Kazuya and Devil Kazuya by Balthazar 321 Simon Belmont by Sebastito Richter Belmont Alucard holy water and flame by Badbatman3 Medallions Ganondorf and Epona DJVenom Villagers by DangerMD Joker Arsene Phantom Theives and Morgana by Roxaskxb Young LInk and Sheik by Tonberry2K Link by tmanex2013 Trainer Red by Kensuyjin33 Trainer Green by Khat Inklings by the Star Party Ken and Ryu by Ragey Dracula and Demon Dracula by Kradakor Min Min by Jazzicks Mega Man Volnutt by fab Zero Suit Samus by MetroidDatabase Mother Brain from a google search for a screen shot Baby Metroid by Bob Bobiam Bayonetta by Daeron-Red-Fire Pac Man ROB Game and Watch Shovel Knight Cuphead and Mugman KarakatioDzo SOnic Sprite by Aquamimi123 Waluigi by No Body the Dragon Byleth by LEANBOOX Ike by animcreepha Shulk sprite smokebomb12 Rex and Mii Fighters Sprites by Breeky Pyra and Mythra By Sakuemonq Pit by NIntendoFLash but editted by TuffTony Dark Pit By tAll3Shyguy Palutena by LTGBlueShock Ryu Hayabusa by Diegoutetsuma Sans by Flambeworm370 Shantae by BlueBlur1207 VaultBoy from Pinterest Snake by hatsu95 Doomguy by SXGodzilla Ryu By Lord Zymeth Ken by Luis-MortalKOmbat14 and xxxJohnieeWalker2005 Terry Kyo and Iori are from a Super Gameboy Border for KIng of Fighters 95 Nakoruru and Mamahaha by Grim, TheHowlingStorm and Bonzai Bomberman from PAnic Bomber W by Ragey Wii Fit Trainer Sprite by SupaBloopa Axl Sprite by Brongaa12 TAils and Tornado by Cecil Abberight KNuckles by multiadventures984 SHadow by AsuharaMOon Master Hand nad Crazy Hand ripped by Grim from Amazing Mirror Giga Bowser by fnafan88888888 Ganon By NAyek MArx by E253MechaShadow Safer Sephiroth ripped by TheMongooseOfYore Celebi by JOshR691 Sora by RIna Keyhole and Poison Mushroom by Hans1998 No intention of stealing only paying tribute to these artists. Point of this was to celebrate their talent. Celebrate Smash And most importantly give you guys awesome artists to look up. They worked hard on these. Please support each and everyone listed on this page. They need all the support they can get
  2. This is my place to share my assets. Give credit where it's due, I was lazy and decided to indicate who needs to be credited by the folders in the "all of my weapoon icons.rar" file! I hope you all will enjoy my work! http://www.mediafire.com/folder/81slm49dquypf/Fates-Blade's+Assets Also, everything in there is F2E (or free 2 edit) just be sure to credit.
  3. progress so far: big boss
  4. Okay!~ So i might not see any replies to this for a while, But i was wondering if anyone has their hands on the map-sprites from Fate, Everything from Corrin to the hoshidan and nohr soldiers, even the faceless and other characters, Ive always wanted to get my hands on a biiig folder full of these sprites from every ally, enemy, character and canonfodder just to give them a good look and check their design, Does anyone have their hands on them?
  5. Help I wanna Make a Fe GBA Portrait For Characters That I can Just Envision In My Mind, But I dunno how to do it on Android as that’s My Only Way of Doing Things, I need help Please, Someone tell me the Ways Of Fe GBA Portrait Making Skills
  6. Hello everyone, I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask this, but I'm also unsure where else to put my question. A few months ago I came across a fire emblem rom hack for one of the gba games, I think it was fire emblem 7 but I'm not entirely sure. In this rom hack they updated the sprites to match what the characters looked like in their portraits. To my knowledge there were no new characters or classes etc., just updated sprites to match the playable characters more accurately. I have been searching on google and through the forums for multiple hours, but I cannot for the life of me find it again. Can anyone help me? Has anyone else seen this hack before? and could you link me to it? Much appreciated.
  7. This is a crosspost from FEU. While working on my FE5 project I had figured it'd be nice to rip the map sprites, because I can't find a unified sheet of them anywhere. Although the data is ripped using the class data table, there might be errors. If anything's odd about these, let me know. FE5 Map Sprites Here's an example: Each class gets its own sheet. Some sheets have some strange things going on, such as: Some mage classes have incorrect sprites, probably due to the correct sprites being set in character data Some mage classes have other mages in their battle sprites The High Priest and Priest have some strange things going on There's that weird Baron class More stuff, probably Unused sprites and stuff may be added later, but any sprites that aren't referenced are not included yet.
  8. my first splice of an FE Gba mug, I think I did an alright job, I feel like it could have been better but I'm with how it came out, thoughts? I used Lowen's head (obviously) and Zonta's body (FE8 boss) and changed the skin and armor color
  9. Hello everyone! and sorry for my bad english xD. later I want to do a english patch. Now I want to post a proyect in witch I am working alone (but not for that is sooo bad). The history is from 1000years after the sacred stones. The olds nations dont exist anymore and new countries have formed, Arcadia, Lydia and Precia. Precia is knowed for his great military power, Arcadia by his connections to the sea, and Lydia by his great commerce. History: Our protagonist invade a castle with his army because his earl is guilty of a exclave trade, after killing him, they go back to Arcadia castle to report what happened but in his way they found a band of Precia soldiers seeking the prince´s Diego. After their painful path, they realize that Precia captured Arcadia and his only way is go to Lydia for help. In other side, his sister Melissa is fighting with his own army triying to stop Precia. Other screenshots: Credits for the animations and sprites: Nuramon: Soldier Sprite Orihana_Saki: Rein Sprite Orihana_Saki: Sussan Sprite Orihana_Saki: Serval Sprite StefanDesic: Nephenee Sprite Orihana_Saki: Hardin Sprite LetsGoForlt: Gregor Sprite Capibarain: Melissa Sprite LordGlenn: StatusBackground Demo Patch (Spanish) Ver. 3.5 (Chapter 1 to final) http://www.mediafire.com/file/0m5nwbfgdak9o89/Lost_Legacy_3.5.gba/file Here the demo. If you find a problem plis tell me c:
  10. I'm hoping to start making a project soon. I've been trying to find files of the GBA sprites to no avail. If anyone could help me that would be amazing. Thank you.
  11. Hey, you! Ever thought some of the FE6 battle sprites were a little wonky looking? Ever desperately wanted to play the game with the newer, prettier ones from FE7? No? Well I was bored this evening, so now you can anyway! For example: The male Sage from FE6 was a little..... plain, wasn't it Lugh? "Yeah! ..... Am I not wearing pants?" Have no fear, Lugh. There's a new look in town! "Perfect! I'm feeling less of a draft now! Thanks FE7!" There's more where that came from, folks. Let's take a look at Wolt. Well I'll be darned! Now his hair looks like..... Wolt's hair! Let's see how the revamp is treating Ogier. Pretty nicely if I do say so myself! In all seriousness, I have no life. For something you didn't already know, this is meant to be patched over a blank, JP ROM of FE6. I tried to set it up for a pre-translated ROM, but there were some complications I can't be bothered to find the cause of, so japanese ROM it is. That means that the translation is included in the patch, so credit goes to gringe and everyone else who worked on it! https://www.dropbox.com/s/er6ghzpo66mslkw/FE6 New Sprites.ups?dl=0 Have fun gawking at the pretty sprites! (I tested every new animation but knowing me there's probably some bug I didn't catch so come yell at me when you find one)
  12. Nothing much just a few portraits I made.
  13. Can you guys give me some tips? It's a splice of Euban's body, Jerrot's face, and Oswin's hair
  14. Hi SF! It's actually been awhile since I've actually haven't completed a sprite, like a few months, so I'll be taking requests and whatnot to help with my derusting and inspiration. A Pseudo-CvS style that I did when the style piqued my interests. I still do this style, but I've yet to perfect it. I remembered trying to make the style a bit bigger to help in terms of detail, and I thought that Eirika would be a good design to practice on. It needs some huge refinements here and there, but I like the general shaping and lineart. Eirika again, but in SSF2's pseudo-JUS style. I wasn't planning on being a dev; did it just for fun. Really liked what I did. The original Myrm Lord, Lyn, in the same style as Eirika, but this one is older. The one in the middle was a reference edit for the colors. I can't remember if the left or the right one was the one with the fixes, because I was told that the colors needed to be darker. Giro from MMZX in the same style, and Heiachi in a similar style. I was just brainstorming and came up with this design. Not sure what I was planning with it though. Now for some incomplete stuff... Roy with his Sm4sh redesign. This came before Eirika, but somehow the poses were exactly the same, which is weird because I referenced her GBA sprite like I did with Roy. Chun-Li. I still needed to improve the anatomy and the general base colors. Also, the red boxes were placeholder areas for Kyo and either Ryo, Terry, or Leona, and the Ryu was a quick edit I did of my Ken sprite. Cable from the Marvel Universe as a request. He wasn't too complicated, but being the lazy bastard I am, I never got around to finish him or even start my other requests. I want to break out of that soon. And my most recent unfinished sprite, Zinnia from ORAS. Why did I decide to do that hunched down pose? The lineart is good imo, but the cape is gonna be a royal pain in the arse. That pretty much covers most of my recent stuff. Like, Comment, Subscribe Tell me what you think! Also, since there's a lot of threads here dedicated to FE GBA sprites and portraits, I was wondering what's the general guidelines for them? Like size, color limits, etc.? I'm actually interested in learning the style myself.
  15. I just noticed that the generation 1 characters in FE4 all face to the left (their right), and all the generation 2 characters face to the right (their left) in there portraits. I'm just wondering if anyone else noticed this.
  16. (First of all, sorry if this is not the right Forum to ask.) I was creating a little custom class of mine but I required a ''Infantry Sword user with Shield'' animations, I didn't think any of the already present sprites in FE meet all requirements so I started looking out for custom animations. I found one that was pretty much what I was looking for (''Squire'', from RusselClark, A Random Player, and Kobazco), but I ended up with some erros with it (and isn't really that good...sorry creators.) Then I noticed that the Soldier class has pretty much everything I want, but he uses a lance. I was hopping for a custom animation of the Soldier but with Swords, but even tough it looks like something easy to find (since all you actually need to change it's his weapon), I couldn't find it anywhere. I didn't want to be ''this guy'' but...I'm going to ask for help to find it. Please, if you found it anywhere or just happens to have one, point it to me. I'm happy to give any credit, as long as I know who's the creator. (Also, I guess I should say that English is not my Main language.)
  17. Since adding portraits has been figured out for hacks of Shadow Dragon and Mystery of the Emblem, I'm wondering if is anyone interested in doing some minor edits of the DS Era portraits? I have neither the know how nor the tools to do it myself. To start with, a mini portrait version of generic soldier, Ruffian and Fightmonger, so they could potentially be used as actual units in a hack. Comparison of Mini portraits used for a unit to see the style used in Shadow Dragon and its DS remake. This unused portrait in Shadow Dragon was ripped somewhat messily and could be cleaned up a bit. A link to the sprite sheet it was ripped from. > New Mystery portraits tend to be somewhat brighter in New Mystery of the Emblem, so brightening up the portraits not used in New Mystery of the Emblem could be an interesting activity.
  18. GBA portraits are cool! I try to make some! And I fail miserably because the optical illusion stuff throws me off. How do their anime eyes work??? I can draw well enough but this is something entirely different altogether, so please, advice would be cool! Or anything else. I’m really having trouble figure out the gba fire emblem style, is the thing. Top one is most recent, bottom one was my first real attempt. And yee they’re all my own OCs lol
  19. Well, I am gonna say it, I speak spanish, so please, if you talk that language, answer me with it, now the important thing: I am going to develop a new Fire Emblem 8 hack, and I need some help with it, specially with the sprites, I mean, I will make it with a friend of mine, but I need someone that can and wish to help me with it, because none of us have the pacience or the skill to do the sprites we need, so please... If some of you could help us, it would be nice. Thank you.
  20. So, started working on an FE7 hack using FEBuilderGBA, getting to grips with the program, and how it works. Although I wanted to add in a new class, being the Halberdier, into the game, (as a promotion for soldier) and I don’t know how to import the bastle animations for it, I have them, but they aren’t showing up. Any help? Also: I can’t find the old Map Sprite for the Halberdier, anytime I find it, the site says the file doesn’t exist anymore, any help with that? Otherwise, that’s all.
  21. Haha! I’ve been waiting for when my account could freely post so I could upload some of my work. Splicing is something that I’ve worked on for quite awhile now, and I’m confident to say I’ve gotten better at it. My colors don’t clash from other games, faces don’t have messed up jaws, etc. Despite it being splicing, I’ve developed a style of what I like and don’t like. I totally love FE7’s sprite style, and I despise FE8’s colors. So you’ll be seeing much of FE7 coloring. These sprites will be used in my upcoming RomHack! I’ve already gotten them to work in game without a hitch. Let me know what you think!
  22. I want to make something with this awesome thing and I want to use NES-era resources, since I can make mugshots in that style. Now, to use the sprites here you must edit the sprite sheet so when you import it to the program you can insert them without any sort of blank space. https://www.spriters-resource.com/nes/fireemblemshadowdragonthebladeoflight/sheet/189/ Is there any easy way to do this instead of checking, like, every two seconds if the square aligns with the map chip?
  23. Hello there ! (General Kenobi) I see you've clicked on this page ! That's... Great ! Well, as you must have suspected, this is where I post my art. As I barely have any pixel-art talent, this is mostly (bad) splicing, but hey, might be worth a try ? So, let's catch your interest with character you (might) know about (a.k.a not my OCs) : First we have Clements, from the indie game Organ Trail (Really good, more people should know about it) : (I think his class would either be mercenary or archer) Next, Ib from the eponymous indie game (Yeah I really like indie gaming) : (Of course, as she's a barely modified Clarine, she'd be a healer...) Then we have what I swear is the last indie game character... PAPYRUS UNDERTALE. I didn't really wanted to make him, but I had the base for skeletons and I was really bored. Sorry. And what would be a video-game art without Breath Of The Wild's Link ? (Note that I used Lucius as a base. Who would be better to play our beloved crossdressing hero than our favorite trap ?) However, the more I look at him, the ugliest he looks. *Sigh*... Fortunately, the next (And last) character is a lot more... Beautiful. So... I guess that's it ? I'll post some of my OCs someday, but I think 5 sprites is already quite enough. Also, if you have suggestion of characters you'd like me to do, tell me ! I don't guarantee I'll do it, but this might give me ideas... Also, tell me what's wrong with my sprites, so that I can see how to improve them ! Thanks for reading !
  24. Hello everyone! I've been a longtime fan of the FE Series, starting off with Blazing Blade, but my interest really took off with Awakening. For awhile, I've quietly lurked the community and observed all of the wonderful chats and works by fellow fans. But slowly over time I've desired to make my own mark to the community and become involved! I formerly used to be in an old group of roleplayers that covered Awakening. It was one of the best experiences I had in a fandom. I used to be Stahl, but nowadays I've gone past Awakening and I am now open to writing with anyone. Just ask! I promise you I'm good. I will admit that I have been shy when it comes to this fandom. It's slightly scary to me to ask people to talk to me, but I know there's a certain sense of camaraderie here I'd like to get a taste of. So let's talk! I'm actually working on my own RomHack, and I splice my own portraits. I'd actually love to collab with anyone who can help me or vice versa. In fact, take a look at some of my sprites! I'd love your thoughts and to see some of the work others are doing. Nice to meet you!
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