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Found 114 results

  1. Hey all, I've been working on this fan fiction for a while, and by for a while I mean that I started it a long time ago and then life got busy so I stopped and because I stopped, I lost motivation. So now we're here. Hope to get back into writing and hoping some of you beautiful people can poke me hard enough to make me keep writing. Basically the premise of the story is an alternate universe take on the world (but moreso the characters) of Awakening. I feel like the absurd elements of Awakening's cast would fit really well into a cheesy high school dromedy. So that's what I did (read: tried to do) I've gotten a couple chapters and a half done and would love some feedback. I also post it on Fanfiction.net when it goes up so if you prefer to follow it there, that works as well. Side note: Yes, I know Virion is out of character. He'll get better but his being a tool is a tool for me to form his clique. FE High Chapter 1.docx
  2. Please note that I have not played Genealogy yet. That being said, in the various Fire Emblem websites that I visited, there is much appreciation for the story in FE4. But most of the praise seems to be focused on the first generation of Sigurd's tale. With the second generation feeling like it is glossed over. Why is that? When does the first half have so much admiration, while the the second half has few mentions? This question has been bothering me for some time.
  3. If you had to pick a non-Japanese writer for a mainline Fire Emblem game, who would you pick? I'm asking specifically non-Japanese because someone over at /r/fireemblem had already basically asked a similar question but keeping it to Japanese writers, and even without any regional stipulations, most FE fans would probably pick a Japanese writer anyway, so it would be interesting to see what choices you guys make if forced to look outside of Japan. As an optional bonus challenge, pick a writer who is neither from Japan nor a predominantly English-speaking country. My pick would be Michael Kirkbride. He wrote the lore for Morrowind and he continued to write Elder Scrolls lore even after he left Bethesda. I think his writing style would add some really interesting flavor to the world of Fire Emblem. OPTIONAL BONUS CHALLENGE: The writer(s) for Nehrim: At Fate's Edge. The story and atmosphere completely blow (vanilla) Oblivion out of the water. EDIT: To clarify, I'm talking about writing for a brand new mainline FE, not rewriting a pre-existing mainline FE.
  4. Just something I've be wondering. From what I've heard everyone loves the Tellius games, though perhaps to different degrees. You can love something though and admit that it has problems. So my question is if you could rewrite the story of Radiant Dawn how would you do it? This has nothing to do with the gameplay itself, just the plot and story as you progress from the DB to the end against Ashera. Personally I don't think I would make many changes to the actual story, I would just add development and clarification. Expand on the characters and cover some areas that seem like they were glossed over or skipped entirely. The most changes I would make would probably be to Part 2. It was very well written but didn't do anything to really advance the plot so I would rewrite it so that Elincia's story would help the plot along some. You can be as detailed in this as you like, I'd love to hear your ideas! :)
  5. So gameplay-wise Fates is wonderful. The only flaws I really notice with that is that Birthright and Revelations don't have that epic challenge feel that Conquest does, but other than that, it is fantastic for FE. However, while I liked many of the characters, the story of them felt a bit... weak to me, but I felt like there was promise to be had here. How would you improve the story of Fates in general? What are some missed out opportunities for pre-battle dialog between one of Corrin's units and a special unit in the field, and what would they say in such pre-battle dialog? How would you make some characters done better, such as character arcs?
  6. I'd like to know what other people think of the story of every game. Post your list! My List Is. 1. Genealogy Of The Holy War 2. Path Of Radiance 3. Blazing Blade 4. Radiant Dawn 5. Gaiden/Shadows Of Valentia 6. Binding Blade 7. Mystery Of The Emblem/New Mystery Of The Emblem 8. Shadow Dragon And The Blade Of Light/Shadow Dragon 9. Sacred Stones 10. Awakening 11. Fates (I have not played Thracia 776, so it is not listed.)
  7. Looking back at the story of Fire Emblem, Fates, I couldn't help but notice parallels between Hoshido and Nohr, and the two halves of our fanbase. Hoshido is based on Japan, while Nohr is based on Europe (Probably Scotland). There is a stereotype that most of the newer fans are into Japanese culture, and most of the older fans want the game to stick to it's Europe-esque roots. Nohr has internal conflicts, like how the GBA fans don't have very good relations with the Tellius fandom. Also note how Nohr is aggressive and constantly tries to take over other kingdoms, like how the older fans tend to be the least tolerant. Hoshido, on the other hand, has an abundance of resources, like how IS constantly panders to the Awakening/Fates fans. Although Hoshido contains some bigotry, and still involves itself in the conflict, it tends to be peaceful, like the relatively kind awakening fans. Then there's the obvious mechanics difference between Birthright and Conquest. Finally, the story of Fates was stupid, and should never have happened, much like the conflicts in our fandom! Thoughts?
  8. What should the themes or central theme be in Fire Emblem Switch? As a fan of Mike Babcock, a hockey coach who makes excellent soundbites, I want a theme where doing good things and good things happen to you. If you work hard and perform well, good luck happens to you. I'll say more on this idea later
  9. Hello everyone, It’s NekoKnight, your friendly wet-blanket, parade-rainer and the general reason why we can’t have nice things. Today, I’d like to discuss the story of FE: Shadows of Valentia. SPOILERS AHOY! You have been warned. In a number of threads I heard people bring up their individual questions and complaints about the writing but as a whole, people say it’s a big improvement over Fates. And it IS a big improvement over Fates (thank the gods) but it also has similar elements that made Fates so bad in the first place. First I’ll do a review of the story and then discuss why it’s actually more like Fates than some people realize. Keep in mind that there are a lot of things to love about SoV, especially the excellent world-building endeavors, but this review and analysis are to discuss just the plot. The Review Analysis Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia is kind of like the Phantom Menace for Star Wars. You thought Jar Jar was annoying, and that bit with the midichlorians was kind of dumb, but overall it was an entertaining story. But on closer inspection, you find it's not just a few things wrong with the plot, everything is wrong. The heroes, the villains, the plot devices, the themes and the overarching plot are just nonsensical. I don't hate the story or world of SoV. It has some interesting themes, great world-building and more than a few cunning bits of dialogue. I'm glad the game was made and would recommend it to others, but at the same time, as someone interested in storytelling, I can't ignore its flaws. What did you think?
  10. So many people criticizes the story but I'm curious about the reasoning.
  11. I'm not gonna start right off with the story because there are a few disclaimers I'm gonna say first. Because everything needs disclaimers right? So this is being written to be made into like an actual fire emblem game but sense I have a hard time trying to make roms and have never made one because my attention span is really short. So I'll be posting all the dialog from the chapters and eventually support logs when i get around to it. \/ Story \/ I would appreciate feedback in this topic also I made all the class in skill stuff but I think I'll post those later.
  12. Below I have compiled a list of almost all the etymologies of the person/place/weapon names that are in Genealogy of the Holy War. I would like to point out that I came up with the majority of these etymologies myself but I did not shy away from checking my findings with other sources such as the two Fire Emblem Wikis and some Serenes Forest posts as well. With that out of the way I would like to point out how well researched and inspired this, and by extension all other Fire Emblem games, are in terms of the names used for people/places/objects. Genealogy of the Holy War seems to draw extensively from Norse and Celtic/Irish mythology, and the use of some lesser known names is even more astounding. As a note, the list is not totally complete and it would be great if some of you well informed fans can fill in some of the remaining blanks for the names I have listed. Genealogy of the Holy War Etymology Collection: Place Names Jugdral- Corruption of Yggdrasil, the World Tree of Norse mythology Grannvale- Original name, Translated as Grandbell, seems to simply be a combination of Grand and bell Chalphy- Corruption of Thialfi(Þjálfi), servant of the Norse god Thor Jungby- Corrution of Ygnvi, the old name for the Norse god Freyr Friege- Original? Possible corruption of Phygia, an ancient kingdom in Anatolia and location for various Greek myths Edda- Named after the Poetic and Prose Eddas, the written sources for the majority of Norse myths, compiled by Snorri Sturluson Dozel- Original name, unclear etymology Velthomer- Original name, likely utilizes the name Vala(Fala) as a source such as Falaflame Belhalla- Corruption of Valhalla, the Norse afterlife for heroes and warriors, seems to fit in with the name Grand-bell Verdane- Original name, draws from adjective “verdant” meaning green with plants. A reference to the forested terrain of the country Evans- English/Welsh last name meaning Son of Evan, where Evan is the Welsh version of John Genoa- City in Italy and capital of the region of Liguria Marpha- Unsure, name of a small village in Nepal Verdane- Capital shares name with country Agustria- Original name, likely drawn from Augustus, first Roman Emperor or corruption of Austria Nordion- Original name? Likely draws from “nord” meaning north or of the north Heirhein- Original name, drawn from hein, diminutive of Heinrich or more likely a corruption of Highland Mackily- Original? Unknown Anphony- Original? Unknown Madino- Unkown, possibly drawn from Medina, a holy city for Islam in Arabia Silvail- Original? Unknown Orgahill- Original? Unknown Agusty- Likely Original, shortened version of Agustria Silesse- Corruption of Silesia, a region in Poland, Czech Republic, and Germany Sailane- Original? Possibly a corruption of Silesia Thove- Original? Unknown Zaxon- Corruption of Saxon or Saxony, a region in eastern Germany Lubeck- Slight corruption of Lübeck, a port city in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany Silesse- Capital named after country Isaach- Corruption of Biblical name Isaac, patriarch of the Israelites Tirnanog- Corruption of Tír na nÓg meaning “land of the young” and is another name for Otherworld in Celtic mythology Ganeishire- Unknown, likely drawn from some English/Scottish shire Sophara- Original name? Possibly drawn from Sofia, capital of Bulgaria Rivough- Original name? Possibly drawn from an Irish/Welsh place name Isaach- Capital named after the country Yied Desert- Corruption of Aed, Irish god of the underworld Phinora- Original? Unknown Darna- Original? Unknown Yied- Same as the region Manster District- Corruption of Munster, ancient kingdom in Ireland and currently one of its provinces Melgen- Original name? Unknown, possibly an Irish/Scottish/Welsh place name Alster- Corruption of Ulster, old Irish kingdom and current province Leonster- Corruption of Leinster, old Irish kingdom and current province Conote- Corruption of Connacht, old Irish kingdom and current province Manster- Same etymology as the country Thracia- Named after region in the Balkans inhabited by Thracian people Mease- Corruption of Meath, old Irish kingdom and current county Kapathogia- Original? Unknown, likely a Greek place name Luthecia- Corruption of Lutecia, Roman name for Paris Grutia- Thracia- capital named after country Miletos District- Named after ancient Greek city Miletos(Μί̄λητος) Peruluke- Original name? Unknown Chronos- Named after Greek primordial god of time Rados- Original name? Likely Greek person/place name Miletos- capital named after country Weapon names Tyrfing- Named after the magical sword in Norse mythology associated with three tragedies Balmung- The name used in Richard Wagner’s Ring Cycle for the sword of the Norse hero Sigurd called Gram Mystletainn- Named after the magical sword of the Norse hero Hrómund Gripsson, possibly also in reference to the weapon used by Hodr to accidentally kill Baldur in Norse myth Gungnir- Named after the magical spear of the Norse god Odin Gae Bolg- Named after the magical spear used by the Irish hero Cu Chulainn Valflame- Combination of character name Fala and flame Forseti- Named after Norse god of justice Mjolnir- Named after the Norse god Thor’ hammer Helswath- Combination of Hel, Norse goddess of the underworld and swath, “the space covered by the stroke of a scythe” Named Swanchika originally, a corruption of sanskrit “svastika” known as manji in japanese Yewfelle- Named after yew, a material often used to make bows and fell, to knock down or defeat, as Ichaival, the name of a bow used by Odin that could fire ten arrows at once Valkyrie Staff- Named after Valkyries, Norse warrior women who carry fallen warriors to the afterlife Book of Naga- Named after character Naga who in turned is named after serpent deities in Hinduism and other Indian religions Character Names Twelve Crusaders: Baldur- Norse god of light Odo- Corruption of Od or Odin, Norse gods Hezul- Unknown, possibly a corruption of Hodr, Norse god and brother of Baldur Dain- A dwarf listed in Norse texts Noba- Unknown, possibly named after Roman city in Africa or Latin word for “new” Fala- Named for volva, also said vala, Norse mystic women, also possible reference to Norse goddess Freya Ced- Corruption of Forseti, Norse god of justice Tordo- Corruption of Thor, Norse god of lightning Neir- Unknown etymology Ulir- Corruption of Ullr, Norse god of hunting and archery Blaggi- Named for Bragi, Norse god of poetry Heim- Corruption of Heimdall, Norse god and guardian of the rainbow bridge Bifrost Playable Characters: Sigurd- Norse hero who killed the dragon Fafnir with the sword Gram(Balmung) Naoise- Irish knight and nephew of King Conchobar mac Nessa Alec- Short version of name Alexander Arden- The brother of Naoise in Irish mythology Azelle- Hebrew name meaning “noble” Lex- Shorthand of Alexander or, as Rex, Latin for “king” Quan- Corruption of Cian, the father of the Irish hero Lugh Ethlyn- Corruption of Ethniu, wife of Cian and mother of the Irish hero Lugh Finn- Irish hero Finn MacCool(Fionn Mac Cumhaill), the leader of the Fianna Midayle- Corruption of Midir, an Irish god who is the son of the Dagda and lover of Etain Dew- Likely named for “morning dew” Edain- Irish heroine and lover of the god Midir Ayra- Corruption of ira, the Latin word for “wrath” Deirdre- Irish heroine and tragic lover of Naoise Jamke- Corruption of Jamukha, Mongolian political rival of Genghis Khan Chulainn- The Irish hero Cu Chulainn, wielder of the magic spear Gae Bolg, also possible reference to Chulainn, the man who gave Setanta(Cu Chulainn) his name Lachesis- Greek goddess of fate and middle sister of the Moirae(fates), she measures the length of the thread that defines a person’s lifespan Beowolf- Corruption of Beowulf, Norse and Anglo-Saxon hero Lewyn- Possibly a corruption of Welsh Llewellyn or Old English Leofwine Sylvia- Latin name in reference to Roman nature god Sylvanus Erinys- Greek goddess of vengeance also known as a Fury or the Furies Tailtiu- Irish goddess and foster mother of the hero Lugh Claud- Alternate form of Roman name Claudius Briggid- Irish goddess of fire Seliph- Original name Julia- Roman name, feminine form of Julius Lana- Unknown Larcei- Corruption of Irish god Luchtaine Ulster- Named after Irish province, As Skasher, his name is a reference to Scathach, the Irish warrior woman who trainned Cu Chulainn Oifey- Corruption of Aoife, Irish warrior woman Diarmuid- Irish hero of the Fianna and lover of Grainne Lester- English name derived from city of Leicester Fee- Diminutive of Fiona or Phoebe Arthur- Named for King Arthur of Camelot Iuchar- Irish figure, brother of Iucharba and Brian, who killed Cian and Iucharba- Brother of Iuhar and Brian, killed Cian Shannan- Corruption of Shannon, a river in Ireland Patty- Diminutive of Patricia Leif- Norse name such as in Leif Erikson Nanna- Sumerian goddess of the moon Ares- Greek god of war Lene- Unknown Tine- Derived from Tini mac Conri, Irish king of Connacht Febail- Irish hero Bran mac Febail Ced- Corruption of Forseti, Norse god of justice Hannibal- Carthaginian general who fought against Rome in the Punic Wars Cairpre- Medieval Irish name with various associated figures Altena- Possible combination of Greek goddesses Athena and Artemis Arion- Possibly from Greek poet Ἀρίων Villains: Alvis- Corruption of Alviss, a dwarf whose name means “All-wise” Andorey- Likely a corruption of the name André Lombard- Also known as Langobalt, both are names in reference to the Lombards, a Germanic people who lived in northern Italy Reptor- Unknown, likely original Travant- German word “trabant” meaning satellite Manfroy- Unknown Loptyr- Name used for the Norse god Loki Story Characters: Eldigan- Original name Grahnye- Corruption of Grainne, Irish heroine and lover of Diarmuid Kurth- Corruption of the name Kurt Cigyun- Corruption of Sigyn, wife of the Norse god Loki Azmur- Original? Mananan- Corruption of Manannán mac Lir, Irish sea god Mariccle- Corruption of mac Lir from Manannán mac Lir EDIT: New etymologies for Friege, Lopty, etc. thanks to comments
  13. I wasn't able to find an explicit discussion thread for FEHeroes story. Therefore the purpose of this thread is to discuss FEHeroes main plot as well as nuances in the chapters, paralogues and other worldly missions as well as character development and such. I hope the spoiler in the topic, will be enough to make people aware, that there might be spoilers here.
  14. Hi guys! It's been a VERY long time since I've been to serenes forest and I've recently played both tellius games again. As a result, I've been able to pinpoint exactly what made the previous games so great from a story-standpoint...character development. Bare in mind these are just my opinions as I'm not claiming they're objectively good or even better than modern fire emblem...these are just my opinions. WARNING! I HAVEN'T YET PLAYED FATES (though I've seen a lot of it) SO THIS REALLY ONLY APPLIES TO AWAKENING! Elincia-in path of radiance she eventually gains the courage to fight on the battlefield and lead her country. In RD she is a first a weak and naive ruler who can't keep order as she's too caring for her own citizens. She learns the hard way through Ludveck that sometimes you have to sacrifice your own citizens to benefit the overall population (spend lives in order to avoid a bloody civil war). She becomes stronger in this way as a character. Shiharam-not only do I believe he's the best Camus in the franchise but the fact that they show you what the villagers and his own soldiers think of him makes his battle a very emotional one (as he was a valuable asset and a good friend to many people). I found that Mustafa in awakening pales by comparison as we don't get nearly as much information about him. Overall, while Shiharam didn't really get any development, I still cared a lot about him and was legitimately saddened when I had to kill him in PoR. The fact that you can have his own daughter kill him is pretty gruesome and the fact that the game takes the time to flesh out his death makes it FAR more interesting than any Mustafa or Camus I've ever encountered Skrimir-what starts off as another hot-headed, arrogant commander turns out to actually get some interesting development. After he loses to general Zelgius he's forced to reconsider his attitude towards strength and his overall confidence in his ability. He essentially finally sees the strength in planning and intelligence rather than brute force only and I found this pretty interesting to watch him grow as a character like this. Jill-this character is probably my favorite in the entire series. She starts off as another glory-seeking soldier who wants nothing more than to bring fame to her family's name. After defending Ike from the laguz pirates out of her hatred for the laguz she sticks around for a while and, slowly but surely, overcomes her racism towards the laguz. She even becomes so loyal to Ike's cause that she can (if you make her) kill her own father because he was in the way. And the way she reacts was heart breaking seeing her cry like that. The fact that she can potentially even join her father's side only adds more depth to her as a character. Ultimately, THIS is why I prefer the older games' stories to the modern ones as they actually had meaningful character development. Sure the tellius series had fan service and one note characters as well but it certainly was no where near as bad as awakening. Characters like Owain or Inigo, while they have "depth" (mainly tragic excuses for their annoying behavior), aren't nearly as interesting to me as some of the older characters. Sadly, not many people still care about great characters or interesting stories in games as, as long as MUH GAMEPLAY is handled correctly, nobody gives a shit anymore. As for that competitor to fire emblem I was working on...it's canceled (for now). While I do want to play a fire emblem game with good stories again I don't have the skills necessary to make such a thing. Because, if fates doesn't have a good story and the future games don't have good stories or characters either... *stares at noose* It's time....
  15. So, I recently got into a discussion with someone about Fates: Conquest, and they made the claim that the only ones who could technically be held accountable for Nohr's atrocities in that game are Garon, Hans, and Iago. They claimed that since they rule through fear and have an "infinite army of Faceless," that the heroes, and the entire Nohrian army, can't really be held accountable for only acting when they did. Now, as someone who's forgiving of a lot of the more recent games' shortcomings, I still can't really buy into this conceit, so I want to know, is there a way for Xander, Corrin and company to stage a military coup against Garon, Hans, Iago, and the Faceless while keeping civilian casualties to a minimum?
  16. Note to mods: If you feel like this topic is better suited for the "Entertainment" forum, feel free to move it there. I wanted to start this topic ever since someone asked, "How would you compare the writing and story telling of Fire Emblem to say Final Fantasy Tactics or Tactics Orge?" However, I wanted to wait until I had a better understanding of both Fates' story and ASOIAF/GOT (I haven't read all the books, I haven't watched all the episodes, and I haven't played Fates or seen a transcript or Let's Play), but other things in life got in the way (I still don't have a complete understanding of either story), but with the impending Nintendo Switch presentation (and the possibility of a new Fire Emblem announcement), I feel like this might be my last chance to speak up before Fates is overshadowed by a newer Fire Emblem. Anyway, Nintendo seemed to really hype up the story in their marketing of Fates. If I recall correctly, in a Nintendo Direct, they said that Fire Emblem is known for its "complex story and memorable characters." When I think of a "complex story and memorable characters," one of the first things that come to mind is A Song of Ice and Fire, which seems to be the current "gold standard" for fantasy. I'm genuinely curious of what you guys think when Fates is directly compared against ASOIAF/GOT. The most important aspect of a story for me personally is the ending. I prefer a generally bad story with a satisfying ending over a generally good story with an unsatisfying ending, unless the bad story was exceptionally bad or the good story was exceptionally good. I don't really know the ending for any of Fates' three paths, but I can safely guess the ending for the Revelations path, Assuming Revelations is the canonical path, if my guess is correct, then Fates, in my opinion, has a satisfying ending. On the other hand, it seems like ASOIAF might be heading towards an ending where humanity is forced to shake hands and sing kumbayah with the white walkers. If this really becomes the ending for ASOIAF, then I'm going to be very pissed off. The white walkers have no redeeming qualities to deserve such an ending. Even the fucking Titans from Attack on Titan have more redeeming qualities (especially if you know who the Titans really are). One might argue that the white walkers have redeeming qualities that we don't know about yet, but my counterargument is that if GRRM really wanted us to have some sympathy for the white walkers, he would have shown us some redeeming or sympathetic qualities already. And the white walkers are even more villainous in the show than in the books. If GRRM follows through with a white walker kumbayah, then I hope David Benioff and Dan Weiss go down a different path and have Dany's dragons exterminate all the white walkers or something. I wouldn't be satisfied with anything less than the total annihilation of the white walkers, or their eternal banishment to another plane of existence (preferably a fiery Hell). "Well, what if GRRM simply wants to teach us the lesson that humanity is simply too weak to ever truly defeat the white walkers?" Well, I've already spent too much time talking about ASOIAF (and too little time talking about Fates), so instead of answering that question, I'll end it here.
  17. So, we all know Zephiel is the bad guy in Binding Blade/Sealed Sword. He is also the same person that you need to save in Blazing Sword/Rekka no Ken. If Jaffar and Nino killed Zephiel, FE6 WILL NOT EXIST and Roy wouldn't have to venture out Pherae. So, whose fault was it? The fault that made the FE6 storyline happen? Here is my observation: Jaffar and Nino was ordered to kill Zephiel right? And they didn't kill him. So, it's their fault. But, they are members of The Black Fang and the King of Bern, Desmond, had contact with the group, so, he sent out an order to kill his own son, so it's his fault right? No, it isn't. Desmond didn't treat Zephiel as his own "son" because they were "not alike". So, whose fault was it? Enough of that for now, let's move on to Eliwood and his army. The Queen of Bern, Helene, ordered Eliwood and his army to save Zephiel from the "assassination" attempt, so they saved him and blah blah blah, it's their fault because they intervened with Jaffar and Nino. No, it isn't Eliwood's fault either. Right now, there are a few suspects: Desmond Helene Black Fang as a whole Jaffar and his change of heart Nino for changing Jaffar's heart Eliwood's army And the tactician for ordering Serra/Priscilla to use that rescue staff on Zephiel. And IntSys for making FE7 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Short Note, Feel free to ignore: I've been really delighted of the people replying to my thread but there's a point when we have to stop, it's not right now since more points need more discussion. Short Note #2: Please respect each others opinions in this thread, I created this for discussion, not for disCUSSion (Bad pun, I know, I know.)
  18. So I've been playing FE11 and FE12 lately. And this one chapter in FE11 had me send one of my units, so I sent Frey, and apparently, he dies. So, if I send in Frey and he "dies". That would leave Cain and Abel. But in FE12, Abel doesn't appear, but Frey does. Meaning, that the game itself made Abel die. But since I sent out Frey, I messed up the timeline. Did IntSys. screwed up on the FE11 and FE12 timeline? You decide.
  19. If your not a fan of long posts and stories scroll down to the Hey Listen! Thing to get a sense of what I mean when I say Re-vamp. It might be confusing at first but the story cleans up some of that. I dive into this a bit deeper on the authors notes on the doc, if you want to hear more of my rambling check it out. Hello there! So I've decided to embark on a little fun project that I wanted to do. As you may see the title what do you mean revamp? First let me say that I was not happy with the story nor its characters as there was no lore or background information to be given besides the small tid bits here and there. Nothing sufficient enough, I felt that the characters were husks and much more could have been done with that. As such when i "betrayed people" or I "killed off" someone, I never really felt anything for. It was just a feeling of not me caring at all about any of these characters. Especially when some of the chars die, you might know whom I talking about. What made me say "hey, that's not cool man" and feel bad for them? As such I think lore and background information is key! As well as battle and base conversations to slowly unravel even more about the characters instead of Effie stuffing her face or Keaton trying to find a bone hole. So, this is what the project I made intends to do. You'll see that some characters have new and enhanced backgrounds in their relationship to Corrin, and the world. But feel similar to the player in terms of speech and mannerisms.Locations and chapters from the game might be changed somewhat and situations happening at other places. Some of the main story plots will be changed some as well, but made so it can be more concrete with an actual resolvable reason. But it will be a new feeling and a new look at how awesome this game could have been! For starters I can say that all characters will have a much more concrete background and have reasons for what they do, and yes! That includes Lilith remember her? the two lines in the game dragon right? I feel that characters needed a bump in order to make the game boom in my opinion. Things that make us the player have second thoughts about what we're about to do. They should have their own dreams and resolve and reasons for doing what they do. I want Azura to play more of a key role as she just tends to be on the sidelines, i want her to have more impact. Same goes for Corrin's siblings and those around him! I have plans for Shura and other people whom didn't get spotlight but actually were pretty relevant to the story. As such when you make the ultimate choice, the characters on the other side should change drastically and show that anger that you've betrayed them! As such I plan to do battle conversations and boss conversations! I haven't done them quite yet as I'm finishing up the pre birthright chapters. I have written the background of the main characters and some of the support chars, sorry if your's isn't up yet I'm trying to find a balance of keeping them similar but relevant to the story. I say this because well, you see.. Arthur... As for the game as a whole, I don't think the themes were substantially presented. When you think of conquest you think of conquering.. weird right? As such Corrin should be more seen as a dark figure who has lost his way going against his family. Essentially he is killing his own people so he should reflect that over time. As such i've planned for the dragon form to come into much bigger play in my re-vamp but that discussion is for another day. If we take a look at birthright, we can see that they lived a pretty bright sky in their home. As such I thought of themes to reflect this and i came up with a Blinded by light sort of thing. IN which Corrin thinks the world is so bright like the home he grew up in and thinks he can apply that to everyone. As such I want Corrin int he birthright route to be more of a controlled person and as such maybe controlling his dragon powers a little cleaner unlike compared to conquest Corrin whom might have a little anger due to other things in the story. So to stop your suffering here Is the link, its essentially a hub for all the work. Please NOTE that my story will be something like this in terms of order. 4 PRE-birthright story chapters(not finished) > pre-5 Conquest story chapters(Finished) > 1-2 lined chapters(Mikito's chapters)> CHOICE and then they stem off into separate games. so the choice will be around chapter 11. Its 13k words, for pre-conquest as they are the ones I finished and there is a prologue for pre-birthright as well. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1t31AWtOyM28YnKb3IAFi9E4rgI_PhHUaukfhxdpquPM/edit Hey Listen! :What If i don't want to read all this junk? Well, okay maybe it might be long but I feel its important to create lore and feeling with these characters. If it will interest you into reading it try reading the biographies first! They are basically small biography pages for characters and their beginnings on respective sides and will add more as the story goes on. You can find them here or continue onto the docs page. Sorry if your characters aren't here yet!! They'll be probably soon enough. Conquest:https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0BxL4sS-E7exGb3hIdGJjX0Z6NDA&usp=sharing Birthright:https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0BxL4sS-E7exGUDNDbEc5VnI1WHc DISCLAIMER: I am not focusing on a game play perspective as of yet, but I have included some battles just so I could get sense of break and such. Please ignore them okay!? It isn't like i'm trying to sell a new game here. Grammar o Grammar oh my. There might be a few mistakes here and there so please bear with me. Also google docs tends to auto correct my Out's to Our's for whatever reason, so if you stumble upon them my apologies. I might change lines every now and then so if you spot me on a page yeah that's what i'm probably doing so some smaller things are subject to change. If you have any questions or just want to talk to me about stuff lemme know!
  20. Two aspiring writers and friends of mine recently put together a 40 minute review for Fire Emblem Fates Birthright, Conquest and (part of) Revelation, only recently released in the UK. They discuss the new features that help improve the "Awakening" formula, others they aren't so fussed about, and the character writing that made the all important decision so difficult for them. Hope you enjoy! https://youtu.be/-bpqjAsbXEg?t=28m45s
  21. https://www.fanfiction.net/s/12034499/1/As-Fate-Decrees Summary: Anankos was defeated a century ago. Hoshido, Nohr, Valla, and the rest of the continent enjoyed a long lasting peace under the reigns of their hero kings and queens. As fate decrees, however, peace is destined to be undone. Now their descendants must struggle not only to maintain order against an ever increasingly chaotic world, but to survive. - Artorias Growing up in Valla, one grew accustomed to the cold. The country was a combination of Hoshido and Nohr's northern lands, gifted to King Corrin a century ago by the hero kings Ryoma and Xander. The Hoshidan half was bountiful and fertile, and the vast majority of Valla's harvests were grown on it. The Nohrian half was rich in ores and minerals, and as such many Vallites made a living through either farming or mining. Summer and Autumn had good harvests, more often than not but the winters were always bitter and harsh. Even inside the relative warmth of Valla's "Hall of Kings and Queens", Artorias could feel winter's bite. Fitting for such a grim day. The young man was kneeling before the largest statue in the stoney hall, built in it's center and ever so carefully maintained. It was a statue built in the likeness of the first king of Valla. The new Valla, at least. His golden eyes were set not on the features of the statue, but on the name engraved upon it's base. "King Corrin-Kamui Arianites I..." Artorias read aloud, his voice heavy and somber. "I wonder what you would make of this. During your good years you were considered an excellent ruler. During your best years, a hero." Even behind the stone doors that sealed the Hall, Artorias could not shut out the fevered cries of his people. "But then there were your later years. I suppose even the greatest of heroes cannot remain as such, whether through their own will or cruel circumstance." Artorias had never been able to relate to his great-grandfather. Many tales were told to him, but from what Artorias could gather he was a very different man from Corrin. He would likely be a very different King, as well. Gazing at the statue's features then, Artorias noted that he only scarce resembled the First King. Queen Azura Arianites' blood ran stronger through him, by his grandfather King Shigure-Socrates Arianites. Artorias stood tall, as he did, and was built strong yet agile as well. He bore the same aqua blue hair as his grandfather and great-grandmother, and shared his fair complexion with many Vallites. The Northern country had many sun-less days and long winters, after all. "Brother..." Yes, many traits of Azura's blood indeed. However he did not have the red eyes of Corrin or Kana. He was not born a dragon first, for only Corrin himself and Kana were born as such, and thus his dragonstone unleashed significantly less power compared to them. The gift the two shared came with a deadly curse, however, and they had bore to their end. "Brother. It's time." He could not even awaken the sacred sword of their house through his will, like his great aunt Kana-Korrinus could. Yet, as Artorias rose to his feet and turned his gaze on his twin sister, their golden eyes meeting each other in the dimly lit hall...he knew he must wield it all the same. The Yato lay flat along Astraia's palms, safe within it's golden sheath. Artorias took the blade with a nod and strode towards the doors of the Hall, leaving his musings on the First King behind him. The sound of his and Astraia's boots echoed throughout the stoney hall. "Brother, must it really be you that does this? Sir Drusus volunteered the moment of the sentencing. This is not-" "I must do this, sister." Artorias interrupted her, his voice blunt. "It is my duty as Valla's King." Just before he reached the stone doors he felt Astraia's hand clasp his left shoulder. Once again their golden eyes met, but this time the empathy and fear in his twin's gaze rang true for him. They, too, were very different people, but they were siblings all the same. Astraia had the kindness and empathy their ancestors were so well known for. "Astraia." Artorias' voice was softer now, as he gently moved Astraia's hand. "It is the duty of a Vallite Royal. I'd...not have it fall to you." Perhaps, in a way, Artorias had these traits as well. "You need not bear this burden alone!" Astraia tried to put anger in her voice, but she could find none. There was only sorrow and pain in it, pain that Artorias felt as well. All he could do was try to reassure his sister. "It's just...it's not right that this be your first act as King. This should not be a mark for what your reign will entail." "I know, and I do not." He stroked her arm gently before turning to the doors one last time. "But it does matter whether it is right or not. It is simply my duty, and I must carry it out." For one such as Artorias, this was a far more emotional display than normal. He could not afford to have such emotion make itself present outside of the Hall. He did not do this out of emotion, but of duty. They were right at the doors now, and the voices were louder than ever. The emotionally charged cries of their people. They called for blood. They called for peace. They called for revolution, and they called for order. Artorias would not be able to give them either. "The prisoner is in position, your majesty." The moment Artorias opened the stone doors he was met with the dutiful Edelfelt siblings. Edric was Astraia's caretaker, and Eris was his own. The silver-haired Edric had been the first to speak, and he fell right in line with Astraia as the two walked the stone path towards the city square. "Sir Drusus remains on stand-by. If you ever choose to change your mind, simply-" "Give the word. I know, Edric. Astraia informed me, and I must thank sir Drusus for his kind offer." Artorias needed to focus now, even if those closest to him wished otherwise. Ashen haired Eris was not so quick to speak as her older brother, as she often was, but she gave her liege a look similar to the one Astraia had, back in the Hall. The quarter was amongst the people now. Lined up against the houses and buildings that were so prevalent in the city of Valla. Not all of them could fit into the city square, but all the same they wanted to witness the events that were about to unfold. This was the first execution held in Valla since the earliest days of the First King. Artorias supposed he could not blame them for their eagerness. It was also...a heavily controversial event. Artorias was genuinely surprised, and relieved, that the common-folk had not stormed the wooden platform set up in the square. It was guarded by Sir Drusus and his men, armoured and armed for any possible threats. No doubt he had other soldiers set up throughout the city, scouting to make sure nothing would make this day bloodier than it was already bound to be. Artorias appreciated it, more than he could ever show. The King ascended up the steps of the platform, his sister and retainers behind him, with the mumblings and cries of his people soaking into the back of his mind. They were not what was important right now. All he needed to do was perform this duty, and get to work on restoring Valla's peace. Once atop the platform Artorias set his golden eyes on the prisoner. He was forced onto his knees, feet and hands bound tight, and he did not even look up to his King. Instead he rested his neck on the block of wood provided. He already accepted his fate, it seemed. Sir Drusus, of course, stood just behind the prisoner, halberd in hand. He was clad in the silver and black Valla's finest near always wore. The golden Vallite star was painted onto his breastplate, that all who faced such a warrior knew which country he hailed from. With his short, soft lilac hair, but hardened face, Sir Drusus was the very picture of a fine general. Artorias gave the older man a meaningful look, and with but a word he raised his halberd and banged it's base against the wooden platform. Once, twice, and on the third bang the common-folk quieted. "High Priest Thasus Quent." Artorias' voice carried throughout the square as he spoke. "You have been charged with Treason, Sacrilege, Murder, and Queenslaying." He paused, letting the last and greatest crime hang in the air to compose himself. "You have been found guilty of these crimes by the Court of Valla. Crimes punishable by death." Artorias unsheathed the golden Yato from it's sheath, the blade gleaming beneath the Vallite sun. In his hand rested the sword of a hero. The "Crux of Fate". The "Seal of Flames". It was said that it was only to be wielded by the greatest hero of a given era. Artorias could not help but note that he did not feel much a hero, especially with that blade in hand. "Do you have any last words?" "We are a godless nation!" Thasus cried out. "Heathens and damned, the lot of us! Valla had true king. A true god! And your ancestor slayed him!" Artorias said nothing. He would not interrupt the man's last words, regardless of how much he wished to. Again, though, his sister Astraia was not the same person as he. "You speak of the Silent Dragon? He was no King, and scarce a god. He was mad man! A dragon perhaps, great and powerful indeed, but degenerated beyond all hope." Astraia spoke with fire in her voice. "A pitiable soul, one that needed to be put to rest. Our ancestors are no god-slayers. Our people are not heathens. We live only because they chose to act." "God-slayers we are! Descendants of god-slayers and worshipers of god-slayers, and damned we shall remain! For it is a crime far, far worse than Queenslaying!" Thasus retorted, looking not to Astraia but to the crowd before him. Artorias felt his eye twitch at the statement. The rage that swelled in his chest at the condemned's words was such he needed to bite his lip to keep his silence. "Without the Silent Dragon who do we worship? To whom to we look to in prayer? We have no Dusk Dragon of Nohr. We have no Dawn Dragon of Hoshido. No god cares for Valla! No god cares for us!" He raised his head off the block, and even such a subtle movement was enough to have Sir Drusus ready his halberd. Artorias raised his hand, however, giving the knight the command to stand down. Thasus would have his last words. And then he would die. "I implore you, my good people. With no gods to care for us we are at the mercy of our mortal rulers. Each and every one of us is on a platform. A block! With royal blade hanging above our heads. How long before you find yourself speaking your final words? How long before you find yourselves in my position?" Thasus laid his head back along the block, and he closed his dark eyes. "What I have done, I did for the Silent Dragon. For our True King and our God." He took a calming breath, and he sighed. "What I have done, I did for Valla." What were the words of his grandfather, Shigure-Socrates? "From my experience, it is the maddest of men that oft give the greatest of speeches". Artorias believed his words then, and he believed them now. Gripping the Yato's hilt with both hands, King Artorias-Akihiko Arianites I took his position alongside the condemned. Artorias raised the Yato above his head and, with but a moment's hesitation, he let out a single whisper. "This is for Mother." The Yato cut clean, and the traitor's head rolled.
  22. What should the Central Theme in next Fire Emblem be about? What should the player learn and get out of the Theme FE15 wants to portray? 1. My simple rewrite of Revelations has Hoshido and Nohr on various shades of gray while his/her own faction is morally white. Corrin, when confronting both sides will have no problem spouting the phrase "If there was a right side, I would've found it by now" would be the central theme and lesson if Revelations was a one and done FE Fates. As a person not into that pick between the lesser of two evils type, this theme resonates with me the most. 2. The Importance Friendship and Trust and Bonds. Over the course of the story, our emo protaganist learns to trust his/her comrades and believe in the power of friendship and that by being alone and trying to do all all by ones self, it will take him nowhere.
  23. So I've been juggling a few ideas for the affinities in my hack, Book of Eden, and I was wondering what you guys think about the affinities? In the few games that had affinities in them, there were generally two versions of them: GBA era: Fire, Thunder, Wind, Ice, Light, Dark, Anima Tellius era: Fire, Thunder, Wind, Ice, Light, Dark, Earth, Water, Heaven In my hack, much of the lore is inspired from things like Golden Sun, Avatar (element bending one), The Forbidden Kingdom, Chinese Zodiac, and Sun sign horoscopes. I wanted to come up with a 'horoscope' system of sorts for my universe and so far, thinking of sticking with just Earth, Wind, Water, Fire, Light, and Darkness. As for the affinities stats, I'm going to change them for each affinity so they better match the element in my opinion. Currently for the GBA era, stat wise, I noticed each affinity always have two sections that are always empty. For example, Fire has 0's in both Def and Critical Evasion bonuses, where as, Light has 0's in Evasion and Critical Evasion. Should I stick with this or go with something else? In your experience of the games, do you think the affinities accurately reflect the characters, their personalities, and their stats? Though, I know most people don't give much thought to the affinity system, much less their impact on the character's personality and related. It's just something that's always been interesting to me, kind of like the Myers Briggs personality charts, nothing to live by but fun to think about. What do you guys think? I'm eager to hear what everyone else's thoughts on this are.
  24. So, I hear a lot of people complaining about the story of all three campaigns for Fates. The same also applies to Awakening. So I thought to myself for a while, and realised that the plot can be barebones, because it's not where the bulk of the story lies. Note that plot and story are separate things here. Fire Emblem games more recently have been making more of a shift in terms of story telling, and whilst a game like 7 might develop everything using the plot and have supports be less important, Awakening and Fates do the reverse. Say what you will about the quality of writing in the supports (personally I don't see anything wrong), but the development of characters is now done through supports, and to an extent we learn more about the world. An example would be in Awakening where we find out the reasoning behind all of the children characters personalities and why they are how they are, but we also find out more about the future where they come from too, we find out how the parents die, and I think this kind of narrative suits a FE game. When you go back to look at a game like FE7, you'll find that the plot has just as much depth as Awakening or Fates, but the difference is how they develop that world and those characters. Heck, I'd go as far as saying that FE7 isn't as good as Fates, but that's because Fates has three stories that play off of one another, which is why I like it so much.
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