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Found 114 results

  1. Second Chance The sun filtered through the natural canopy of the leaves, leaving a speckled path for the fleeing man to follow. A crescent of wrought metal slipped past his eyebrows, causing caustic sweat to drip into his eyes. He hastily wiped the offending liquid away, while pushing the crude tiara back up. The dull, distant metallic steps hounded every step he took with his aching legs, and his lungs protested beneath the too-tight garment that bound his ribs. A faint rustle and a tug broke his stride, as the impromptu cape he wore snagged on a tree branch. Marth was easily identified by both tiara and cape, and as the decoy, Frey wore the latter. The tiara refused to stay on the larger man's head, so Abel had cobbled together something that was metal and somewhat tiara-shaped. Both Cain and Jagen worked to quickly let out the seams in Marth's shirt, which made the garment just big enough for Frey to squeeze into. Frey needed to run as fast and as far away from the young Marth as he could, so he surrendered everything except for the clothes on his back. Malledus had been the one to suggest the crazy plan to use a decoy. Though the clanking of the troops of Grust and Gra spelt his personal doom, Frey could not help but smile at the sound. As long as they pursued him, they would be unable to catch the real Marth. With a few quick tugs, the cape spilled out of the tree's embrace, but not without harm. It did not matter that the cape had a tear the size of his hand on it. Frey quickly bundled up the offending piece of cloth and forced his legs to move. Every step he took would be another step that the armies would have to retrace if they wished to catch their true quarry. The dried leaves on the ground cried out, only to be silenced by the ringing of armor. Three figures clad in plate mail barred his path. The forest echoed with metallic clanks, no doubt more of the heavy knights of Gra. "Who are you?" one of the metal-clad figures demanded. "Sure as hell ain't the prince," another one chimed in. The third one roughly grabbed Frey's arm, crushing any hopes the decoy had of escaping his captives. Two more soldiers joined the trio. "His Highness is gonna have a fit when he sees this," one of the newcomers grumbled. "Bring 'em over anyway. This cur oughta know where the real prince went!" Another soldier took a hold of Frey's other arm, and Frey bit back several curses as he was unceremoniously dragged back to where he'd run from. Despite their armor, his captives marched in time, which caused every last pebble to scrape against the failed decoy's legs. After the twentieth pebble or so, Frey's arms were freed without warning. He slowly raised his head, and met the scowl of a man that looked to be roughly twenty years his senior. A startling full head of snow-white hair crowned the older man, but did little to hide the wrinkles on his forehead. His thick white eyebrows, knitted with anger, framed a pair of sharp brown eyes and a sharper nose. A well-trimmed beard accented the scowl. His black armor was punctuated by a high-collared shirt, and his equally dark cape was somehow draped around and over his shoulders. "This is...the wrong prince?" the older man roared. Though Frey was surrounded, his enemy made no move to run after the real prince. Perhaps he could delay the armies a while longer, but he wouldn't be able to do so with his legs. "I'm certain His Highness will grow up to be just as charming and handsome as I am," Frey replied, as much sarcasm as he could muster in his voice. "Sir, perhaps he knows where the prince went?" a soldier spoke up sheepishly. "SILENCE!" The soldiers shrank away from the white-haired man. "You will lead us to your prince, cur. I might even...forgive your foolishness if we capture him alive." "Ah, what a lovely cape," Frey spat out. "How DO you keep that thing around your shoulders without a brooch?" Frey grunted as something blunt and heavy smacked his ribs. When he looked up, he saw the tip of a lance levelled at his face. "You dare make a fool of me?" the older man demanded. "But I thought you needed me alive to lead you to the prince," Frey continued, with a chuckle that caused his newly-bruised side to scream in protest. "A reasonable response," the head of the captives mused. "I don't trust 'em," one of the soldiers piped up. "Maybe this swine thought he could outrun us, bein' bogged down with this armor," another one said. "An' now that he's faced with death, he changed his tune." "Yeah, but if he's willin' to sell out his liege so fast, then how long will it be before he betrays us?" a third one asked. "I'M THE ONE IN CHARGE HERE!" the white-haired man shouted. "Where is Prince Marth?" "It should be obvious, even for an old coot like you," Frey started. The corners of his lips turned up as the older man's face darkened. "NOT. HERE." "Kill him!" the older man roared. "Make the faux prince SUFFER!" "YES SIR!" A lance butt laid him out on the ground, as a metal-clad foot fell on one of his arms. He looked up to the sky, which was obscured by the helmets of Gra's soldiers. A lance point struck true, and the last thing Frey remembered was the warm rush of fluids along his stomach, which did nothing to ease the wrenching pain he felt. --- Death was supposed to be a release from one's suffering, and yet the sharp pain in his stomach refused to go away. Perhaps he wound up in a place reserved for traitors, condemned to suffer for eternity. His parched lips parted, seeking any sort of relief. Something cool reached his dry tongue, which forced his eyes open. "You're awake!" a shrill voice called out. He slowly moved his neck to the source. Though he couldn't see the person's face, the hunched shoulders, white hair, and plain dress indicated that the speaker was an old woman. She turned towards him, jowls gently waving with each step she took. With a grace of a woman half her age, she lifted the cup to his lips. He let the cool liquid flow into his mouth and down his cotton-filled throat. His lips cracked as he smiled in thanks. "Rest now." Though the statement was little more than a raspy whisper, he was more than happy to oblige her. --- Sometimes, he'd stay awake for a few moments before drifting off to sleep. Soon, those moments stretched into parts of the day, as his caretaker added broth to his diet of water. When he croaked out his first words of thanks, she turned to him and smiled warmly. "It's no problem, stranger," she replied, the tone of her voice smoothing over its aged rattle. "My name is Naomi. What is your name?" "My name...ah..." What was his childhood like? How did he spend his years as an adult? Try as he might, he couldn't think of an answer to either of those questions, let alone his name! "Is something wrong?" He met her worried gaze with his own. "I don't have a name," he admitted sheepishly. The wrinkles on her face darkened as she frowned. "That's no good!" she exclaimed. She opened her mouth, then closed it when a knock sounded through the room. "Just a moment!" she called out. "G'day to you, Naomi," the pink-hair girl on the other end greeted cheerily. "Oh, he's awake!" she continued, her girlish giggle brightening the room. "Good day to you too, Norne," the older woman responded. "What brings you here?" "I was out huntin', and though that you'd like these!" Norne produced a fistful of greenery from the pouch on her waist. Naomi let out a chuckle and wrapped the younger girl in a deceptively strong embrace. "That's exactly what I was looking for! Thank you! What I'd give to have such a reliable granddaughter like you." The man with no name bit back a giggle as Norne let out a playful grunt before returning the hug. "You're makin' a scene in front of a guest!" Norne gasped out. "It's, uh, nice to meet ya--ah, what's your name?" Naomi shot a pained look at the man she'd nursed back to health. He averted his eyes. "I don't know," he answered. The girl's pink brows furrowed. "Well, why don't we give ya a name, then? How 'bout somethin' like Dua?" "Dua?" he repeated back at her, a slight frown on his face. "Yeah, 'cause you got a second chance at life!" she explained brightly. "That's better than no name at all. Thank you," the newly-named Dua replied with a chuckle. His mirth was soon replaced by agony, as the gash on his chest and hole in his stomach protested to the sudden movement. "Guess I'm not up to full strength yet," he muttered to himself. --- "Oh, look at you. First you took up sweeping, then drawing water, and now you're cutting my wood! You must've made your mother proud!" Naomi exclaimed, as Dua brought in another armful of chopped wood. "It's the least I can do after you gave my life back to me," he replied with a small smile. "Perhaps it was fate that led me to you, with two of the strongest men in the village as my guards," she mused. "We got trouble, miss!" a voice yelled from outside. One of the village boys, barely tall enough to reach Dua's chest, stood in the doorway, hands on his knees. "How many times must I tell you to stand up straight, Emil? What's with the yelling?" Naomi demanded. "S-sorry, Mrs. Naomi! But we got bandits!" he spat out. "Bandits? Again?" "With no soldiers in the fort, the bandits are makin' their rounds. Or somethin' like that. But you gotta hide!" the boy insisted. "I thought we picked those corpses clean!" Naomi snapped back. Emil shrank away from her outburst. "Maybe they're mad 'cause we took away their armor and weapons and other shiny stuff?" he asked. "Bah, they're nothing but pests. I'm staying right here!" the older woman insisted, arms crossed. "I knew it was a waste of time to warn ya, but I had to try," the boy sulked, before turning tail and walking off. "Looting corpses?" Dua asked warily. "The dead have no use for such things," Naomi responded, no remorse in her voice. "It also keeps it out of the hands of bandits." "Then you should have a weapon or two that I can use." Naomi took a step back, her face pale. "You're going out to fight? I-I'm not sure if that's such a good idea, since you're not at full strength..." "I won't die out there. Everyone's been so kind to me, so I can't sit around and let this village be overrun," he explained softly. The older woman's face fell, before she turned her back on him. "Well..if you must..." When she turned around, she held a sword. "This'll serve you better than the woodcutter's axe." "Thank you. I should be back in time for dinner." As Dua left the house, he chuckled as he heard the familiar sound of a knife hitting a stone cutting board. --- "What're you doin' out here?" Dua hefted the blade he'd been given. "Came here to get rid of some vermin. But what are YOU doing out here, Norne?" She took down her bow with a flourish. "My bow's good for shootin' targets, whether they run on four legs or two," she replied. "An' there's the first one!" The arrow she fired found its way into a bandit's leg. He stopped his advance, and howled in pain. Four more set their eyes on the archer who fired that arrow, and rushed towards her. As she ran back towards the village, she fired another arrow towards the group, and cursed under her breath as it went wide. Two of the village men intercepted the bandits before they could reach Norne, as she nocked another arrow. Out of the corner of his eye, Dua saw a figure slip around the group. The bandit had just enough time to turn before Dua's sword laid him open. With that threat out of the way, he rejoined the others in repelling the main group. One bandit staggered as an arrow found his shoulder, which gave the villagers more than enough time to cut him down. Dua cleanly parried the next bandit's strike and impaled him, before kicking the still-twitching corpse off of his sword and moving on to the next foe. It didn't take long before the rest of the bandits fell. The one that tried to flee had his life cut short by an arrow through his back. "You're pretty good," Norne said, her bow back on her shoulder. "We could learn a thing or two from ya!" "I'm not sure I'd be a very good teacher," he said with a sigh. "I can't even remember my own name." He looked up to clear a strand of hair from his eyes, and briefly locked gazes with one of the men who helped to defend the village. His heart skipped a beat as the other man glared at him. "Hey, you okay?" Norne asked, hands behind her back and worry in her eyes. "Just a little tired from the fight. I'm going back to get something to drink." Dua saw Norne's eyebrows knit, but kept his silence as he walked back alone. --- "Fifth day it's happened," Dua grumbled to himself, gently lowering the wood he'd gathered to the ground. "This can't be a coincidence." "Pay 'em no mind. They're scared, but I think you're a good man," Naomi countered, broom in hand. "Everyone's either avoiding me or glaring at me. Why are they doing that?" A knock on the door interrupted them. Norne stood in the doorway, her usual smile replaced by thinly-pursed lips. "Uh, no offense, Mr. Dua, but I gotta talk to Naomi alone." Dua nodded, and dragged a chair near the far wall. Norne's gaze wandered between Naomi and somewhere over her shoulder. "HOGWASH!" Dua choked back a yelp at Naomi's statement. Norne quickly put a finger over her lips, and glanced behind her. "THAT'S NOT ALL THE SAGE IN THE FOREST! GO BACK AND DO IT RIGHT, YOU LAZY GIRL!" For a split second, Norne smiled, before ducking her head and slinking off. Naomi faced Dua, the wrinkles on her face accentuating her frown. "Those imbeciles think you're an enemy soldier, and that you're just waiting for the right moment to signal your comrades and raid the village. How COULD they?!" she seethed through gritted teeth. "I don't care who you were in the past! You're here now, and you've done everything you could for this village!" Dua felt a lump form in his throat. He'd shown up near a fort that had been occupied by non-Altean soldiers, with no memories. Yet when given a sword, he was able to fend off bandits easily. It made perfect logical sense, but that didn't stop him from biting his lip. He met Naomi's eyes, which were far brighter than he'd ever seen them. "My apologies. I've definitely overstayed my welcome," he said slowly. "You've been very kind to me, and I don't want the rest of the village to turn against you because of me." A firm hand on his shoulder kept him from rising. Naomi looked at him briefly, before her shoulders slumped. "I knew you'd say something like that, and so did Norne. They'll be looking for you to leave about now. She's gone out to hunt something big. Once she returns, she'll have them bring it into the village. That's your chance to leave," the old woman explained, resignation in her voice. "Even though I've caused all of you a lot of trouble, you're still looking out for me. Thank you...for everything," Dua said softly. Naomi hastily turned towards the pot that hung over the fire. "But if you're going out, I might as well send you off with some food," she said, a quiver in her voice. "Then I should return this," Dua added, placing the sword on the table. The weapon's metallic ring echoed through the abode. "No, you keep that," Naomi said, her back still towards him. "No one else can use it, and it won't serve anyone by collecting dust." "Surely, there's some way I can repay you for this!" Dua protested. Naomi abruptly turned towards him. "Repay? Well, you can clean out every last rat's nest you come upon! Without bandits, we wouldn't need to fight!" she snapped. Dua's breath caught in his throat. "I...very well," he said, his eyes dropping towards the table. --- The men had departed with Norne, no doubt to help her with the boar she'd somehow managed to bring down. Most of the women stayed indoors, preparing salads and hasty soups that would accompany the boar. A boar that size would normally be slow-roasted over the course of a day, but there was no time for that. Instead, the carcass would be butchered, and all the families in the village would attempt to prepare the smaller pieces of meat. It meant that everyone was busy doing something, which meant that no one glanced up when Dua walked out of the village. The sun's rays filtered through the tree trunks, casting long shadows down the path he chose. With his sword on his hip, and a makeshift pack full of food on his shoulders, he turned away from the place he thought of as "home", and began walking.
  2. Tangerine

    Rebirth VI

  3. Crimson Flair, Rose Scented Air “I was hoping to catch your usual practice session but it seems I’ve stumbled upon a friend in need. Are you alright, You’re awfully red, Olivia.” The clueless crimson haired young man stood over the flustered female. Olivia was well known in Ylisse for her coral colored hair that fell to her lower back. Her standard attire consisted of an elegant, gold accented, white flowing dress with a headband to match. She was truly a sight to behold. “Kiaro! When did you get here?” “I just got here as you began to match your complexion with the sunset. Is everything alright though? You seem to have something on your mind.” “V-v-very funny Kiaro, and uhm…everything is okay i’m just a little exhausted..Yeah! That’s it! I’m..just...exhausted.” “Perhaps I should lead you to your quarters? I’d hate for you to fall ill on your way back.” Before the roseate dancer had a chance to respond, her hand was intertwined with Kiaro’s and they began to journey their way towards the barracks. The medieval kingdom of Ylisse was known for it’s beautiful architecture and positive environment. It was a utopia of sorts, even the barracks were somewhat of a sanctuary to the Ylissean soldiers. Although Olivia was rather shy when it came to her feelings, she was not one to resist when it came to Kiaro. The two rosy haired individuals walked side by side with hands locked. They conversed about the various events that occurred this week. From Chrom accepting his position as King of Ylisse to Gaius and Maribelle getting married, the Ylissean army maintained it’s busy atmosphere. “Perhaps this is my chance after all,” she whispered to herself, trying to gather her words before the pair reached the barracks. “Speaking of marriage…,” the duo quietly said simultaneously. “Wait! what did you say!?!?” Kiaro questioned. “N-n-nothing nevermind. T-t-t-thank you for walking me to my quarters. I’ll see you some other time!” Olivia unlocked their hands and attempted to run as fast as she could from Kiaro. “Olivia wait!” The tactician ran as fast as his boots would take him. He knew Olivia had a tendency to be shy but this outburst was rather...unique. The chase lasted about fifteen seconds until Olivia tripped on a rock a feat not to familiar to the graceful dancer. “Oh Gods, Olivia are you alright?” “Oh, Kiaro, I’m so sorry. I’m always causing you trouble. Why do you even bother with me?” She sniffled in her hands ignoring the pain from the fall that just occurred. Without saying a word, the black cloaked youth picked up the distraught dancer. “Let’s go.” Although they ran for a rather short time Olivia was no slow runner. She had gotten rather far from the barracks so the two were in for a long quiet walk home. Night fell and not a word was passed between the two. Olivia began to shiver in the young man’s arm’s. As if it were an instinct, Kiaro wrapped the dancer in the ebony cloak. He signaled for her to not make a fuss about it. Once the barracks were reached, the tears and activity had ceased. Not a soul was about the camp. Kiaro forced the door open and began to walk through the pitch black barracks. Olivia’s door was reached in a timely manner. The pair entered, Kiaro gently placed a silent Olivia on her bed. Kiaro lit a few candles, it was a feeble attempt at making the room warmer, but still, a thoughtful one. Olivia began to open her mouth but Kiaro spoke first. “Olivia, I know you wish to apologize and I know you feel bad about what happened, but it’s okay. If you truly are sorry for your actions, please tell me what you were planning to say earlier.” The tactician swallowed hard. He anticipated something horrible was going to be said, something…heart breaking. “Kiaro listen, I-I-I’ve loved you for the longest time. I never knew how to say it and I am not one to approach without good reason, but Kiaro I’m in love with you.” “I knew you’d say that! It’s Chrom isn’t it. Of course you love him...wait what?” The tactician was confused. Usually his predictions were one hundred percent accurate. He finally took in the female's words. “Wait, you love me too?” The tactician was genuinely confused. “KIARO YOU IDIOT! I CONFESSED MY FEELINGS AND THAT’S HOW YOU RESPOND?!” she threw the closest book at him and then his own coat. A black box emerged from the airborne cloak. Both individuals fell silent, simply staring at the dark box on the floor. “Well I guess there is no better time than ever. Olivia I apologize for my outburst earlier. Heh it’s a bad tactician habit to assume what an individual will do before they say it. Olivia I love you, will you marry me?”
  4. <><><> Information for readers : This story takes place in the Awakening continent during the game but it will modify the timeline for several points that you will discover in the story. Warning : There are violent described or implicit passages in the text. It could shock some person so beware before reading. Also, I'm sorry for the faults and probably the global expression but I'm french and I did my best. <><><> "So you've come. -Of course, general Excellus. With so much reward, it would be fool to miss such offer. -You don't waste your time, huh ? I bet you know your mission. -Indeed. Which one of the Shepherds do you want me to murder ? -The more you can kill, the more money you will earn. -Could I even... Buy my freedom ? -If you fulfill your task, you'll gain a lot more than freedom. Here's a little advance, in case you doubt of me. -Well, I don't need to stay anymore, so. -Do your worst." Excellus stared the assassin leaving with an evil laugh, the mind obscured by ambition. The other man began to walk with a peculiar silence, as was his habit thanks to his job. He finally went out of the castle and headed for the tavern. He looked at the guards who were following him with comtempt. So bad that he couldn't cut one or two of their throats without being arrested. "Hey, here you come, Grayd. -Hello there. As usual, a beer please. -What's up ? -I got a mission. Some kills here and there. -Who are your targets ? -Oh, it's a group from another country who joined the rebellion, the Shepherds. -The Shepherds ? I heared about them. They must be strong, ´cause they defeated Yen'Fay and are coming to the capital. Take care of youself. -Yeah, thanks. By the way, are there some men wanting for job here ? Not that I fear those armed muppets, but it could be more easy to me. And the profit is enough for half a dozen, I guess. -Hmm... You ! With the red scarf, at the sixth table. Come here." The involved looked at the barman a second, then stood up and walked towards the counter. He was tall and really thin, with a long tied-back hair of a forest green. His thick eyebrows let see hazel eyes. "What's happening ?" he said. "The man next to you is an assassin like you, who's got a contract. I leave you with him." the barman answered. The murderer returned to the table, soon followed by Grayd. "Talk me about your mission. -Well, I got it from the general Excellus. It's a pathetic one, but he pays well. He has the means for. -Interesting. What do you need to do ? -I have to kill as many Shepherds as I can. -Shepherds, huh ? It's a good challenge. Are you sure of your reward ? -Here's an example. -What a good coins bag. -It's yours if you accompany me. Of course, you will gain more if we come back successfully. -Well, I accept. Write our agreement on this paper. Grayd wrote the clauses, then handed it to his future partner who signed under the name of Larsh. "-We'll leave tomorrow, at the dawn. The appointment is in front of this establishment. -It's OK. See ya" Grayd got out of the tavern, pleased with himself. His quest was a success. Now, it would be a matter of days between he would become rich and gain a deserved liberty. All that because of his problem... No matter. The day after, Grayd rejoined Larsh who was waiting. "They will not be difficult to find. They are coming to the city. But they're very far, so we have the time. Are you sure to be ready ? -Yes. Aren't any guards watching you like yesterday ? -Good eye. But no, I managed to get them away. I'm not dangerous for the moment... except for my enemies. But you're not one of them. -And could I know why you have guards ? -I'm not free. It's the only answer I can tell you" They started their journey after this brief talk. Because they were agile and their bags weren't too heavy with the bare minimum, they travelled a lot of kilometers during the days, without seeming to be tired in any way. They didn't talk a lot. Two evenings after their departure, Grayd subitely was worked up. He then talked to Larsh, with a weird deep voice. "Don't move. I'll be back before the first light. If you dare to follow me, I'll not be accountable for my actions." Larsh, his curiosity stired up, didn't showed his interest and agreed with a nod. He extinguished the camp fire and returned to the encampment. The following morning, he got up and saw Grayd gazing at the horizon with a semblance of nostalgia in his eyes. He didn't ask anything but prepared to leave. As soon as they had crossed a bit of road, Grayd seemed to be on his guard. He forced his ally to go out of the path. He hid himself quite well and watched that path. Quickly, several soldiers leaded by a General came in the vision champ of the two assassins. "Boss ! Do we know the profile of the town massacre's authors ? -No. We don't even know how many they were. -So we couldn't recognize them if they are in front of us ? -A murderer can't hide himself forever." A moment after Grayd and Larsh were sure the soldiers were far, the first one return on the road. He turned back to see his companion but the latter was staring him with eyes full of meaning. "-Yeah. It was me. Hard to explain. But I reassure you, I didn't do that for pleasure. I didn't control myself, if you want to know." Grayd answered "What you've done concerns only you. I just want to be sure you don't put us in danger or even try to betray me. I just want to fulfill your mission. That's all". <><><><><> The boy looked at the sorcerer. Another torture day had come. The last injures causes didn't even have the time to cicatrize. As the child was growing up, the attacks were more and more violent. "You don't want, huh ? Maybe that'll convince you. The demon in you is fed up to be chained. Unleash him, little one." He went out a second and entered again with a corpse. It was badly disfigured, but the boy began to quake seeing the body. "Mo...Mother" He raised his head slowly. In what have been cute little green pupils were two sinister orbs. A piercing mauve and an ebony one. He stood up, stared at the wizard and began to approach. The other was laughing. He kept to laugh, even when, with a surnatural force, the child took the latter's throat in his hands and broke it. After watching the monster lying on his blood, he went out of the cavern and walked trough the path who leaded to the village. When men from a near town entered in the village, in the morning, there was not a living soul. They suddenly saw a boy sleeping on the ground. A soldier took him and decided to adopt this moving being. They would never know why there was a bloody knife next to him. Grayd woke up. He was hardly disconcerted by his nightmare. It was always the same. Always the night after his deadly bouts. Since the day when he killed a man for the first time. It was a sorcerer. <><><><><> He saw it. The Shepherds camp. It was well placed, the back at the feet of a mountain. It was impossible to take them by going from behind the tents. Also, the big plain was circled by a thick forest but lighted by several torchs. Grayd had to be fast and accurate. The duo of night watchmen, in front of the first tents, were attentive to every noise. He couldn't neutralize the two without alerting the other Shepherds. He looked at his sword covered with blood. Poor Larsh... The crisis came without alert. He focuses again on his mission. How could he, a lone man, kill an entire group ? His only chance was discretion. He return deepee in the forest and manages to go to the right of the watchmen, and throw a rock far in front of them. When the two saw it in the light of the torchs, it was landing at the other side of the plain. One of the two, an effeminate priest, according to the guess of the assassin, decided to go carefully see what's happening while the other one was watching around. Grayd could easily handle one person. At the moment the woman looked at the opposite, he took a little sort of bamboo inside of which was hidden a little arrow coated with some liquid, put it in front of his mouth and blew. When it reached the neck of the victim, she went into a coma instantaneously. Grayd travelled the distance who separated both of them and finished the work with his reddening sword. Afterwards, he ran silently towards the monk still surveying the forest entrance and stabbed him from behind, without letting time to understand what was happening to the unlucky cleric who fell on the ground. Suddenly, he felt the air crackling and he swerved to the left. This allowed him to avoid a mighty thunderbolt. Heturned around, and saw a gray-haired man holding a Thoron tome. "You ! Are you ready to die ?" Around him, two blue-haired man deployed. Even if they hadn't alerted the other Shepherds, it was impossible to survive. No matter. It was the time to end his pain. He close his eyes and felt the life running in his body. He felt, too, the shadow in his heart who was waiting to rage again. Then he take this shadow and, for the first time, let it take control. When he opened his eyes, there were two orbs : One purple and one black. Let the faces cover with tears Let all these screams reach my two ears There cannot be another end Fall down before your soul ascend Just after his song, he rushed forwards the group. The arrow didn't slow him, and he rewarded the bowman by a dagger thrown in the throat. He was reaching the two remaining Shepherds at a great speed, avoiding some tomes, taking some others. He tried to attack the Thoron wielder but a man intercepted his attack with his sword. Chrom, according to descriptions he heared, the owner of Falchion. He engaged a duel with the prince, attacking at every moment and avoiding like he could the thunder attacks of the spellcaster who supported Chrom.. He had taken a lot of injuries. But he continued to launch hits. Abruptly, he gave a kick to the lord's leg who tumbled. He raised his arm... ...But never lowered it. The axe went trough his body and he fell slowly on the ground "Libra ! You're alive ! It's a miracle" said Daraen "Yes... I think I had a lot of chance, thanks to Gods. Not like Virion or Palne... -..." "They will have a great burial, intervened Chrom. This man will not be able to cause more damage..." At his feets, Grayd smiled, released from his curse. And finally he blew his last breath. <><><> <><><> <><><> Editor's note : I don't have anything against Virion and Palne, it just sticked to the story and I chose them because of hazard. Hope you enjoyed ^^
  5. I saw this topic on r/Fire Emblem one day and thought I’d bring it here. If you could change one thing about any of the Fire Emblem stories, what would it be? This isn’t a general “complain about the story” thread. You can fix ONE thing so make it count! This is a discussion of the plots, so expect some spoilers. For me, I would change… [spoiler=Radiant Dawn] There are no more blood pacts. I was always irritated by how contrived they were and how anyone could be stupid enough to sign one. The worst one is the one Pellius and Michaiah are bound to, which forces them to support Begnion. The change: Michaiah liberates the Daein capital and Begnion’s occupation force is effectively defeated. Michaiah acknowledges that their victory will be short lived because they won’t be able to stand up to the full Begnion army. Lekain, not finding it worth it to spend more resources on occupying Daein offers Michaiah a deal. She can support Begnion in their coming war and be rewarded with full autonomy, or they can get reconquered. Michaiah doesn’t want to help Lekain but knows this is the best way to restore Daein’s sovereignty and keep her friends safe. [spoiler=Fates] There is no ‘behind the scenes’ villain and Garon is the main antagonist. Making Garon a puppet to the true villain makes him a terrible antagonist. Not only is he mustache twirlingly evil, but any moral dilemma of the Nohr siblings turning on him is made null by Garon literally being a monster. The change: The game will now be closer to the original premise. Hoshido is a verdant and peaceful country and Nohr is a destitute and militaristic country. Garon is a brutal but well-meaning leader who wants to conquer Hoshido for its resources. Hoshido is a typical Fire Emblem story but Nohr is about weighing justice and duty to one’s country. It eventually turns into rebellion and reform. [spoiler=Blazing Sword] There is probably some storyline I’d like to tweak but for now I’m quite satisfied. The one change I’d make is for Ninian to live a longer life if married to Eliwood. I know they have Sword of Seals to conform to but it feels like a real dick move to pair Ninian with Eliwood when she would have lived a long and happy life with Nils. So what would you change?
  6. Flying Steed Study Pegasus Equus pluma The pegasus is an equine species with light bones, and what appear to be feathered wings. The feathers are actually specialized clumps of hair, but they are still called “feathers", even though they are different from those of birds. Pegasi are the only member of the horse family that can fly. They are thought to have evolved eons ago at the same time as the common horse. The earliest pegasi lived in snowy mountain regions and had to grow wings to survive. They were likely all white to blend in, as many still are today, but other colors also exist. They are herbivores, like all equines. The same things used to feed horses like hay, oats, and grass can also be used to feed pegasi. But thanks to their ability to fly, fruit and leaves are also part of their regular diet. Both wild and domestic pegasi have been observed soaring to the treetops to eat the fruit and leaves. They ignore the fruit that has fallen to the ground. At first glance it would appear that they are leaving it for their wingless cousins, but they actually have a low tolerance for rotted and bug infested fruit, it makes them deathly sick. Fruit at the top of the tree is less likely to have gone bad. A pegasus has a slightly longer life expectancy than a horse. While horses can live for around thirty years, pegasi can reach ages of up to forty on average. Pregnancies last for one year or eleven to twelve months. Pegasi are slightly more likely to have twins than horses, with roughly 75% of births being twins. Foals can walk and run shortly after birth, but the wings on a newborn foal are too small and weak to fly with. They reach their proper size at around two years of age. When pegasi are raised as steeds, they are introduced to their riders at this time, but it usually takes one more year before they are skilled enough fliers to carry a rider. Pegasi reach sexual maturity at around four years. In the wild, pegasus stallions can become aggressive and uncontrollable, especially when mares in the herd are in heat. It’s not uncommon for them to get into fights over mares that can result in injury. Domestic pegasi don’t have this habit, due to selective breeding by humans. Domestic pegasus stallions, because of their more docile natures, don’t adjust well to wild life. They are often run out of any herd they try to join by the dominant males. Domestic pegasi will only accept female riders. They will become spooked if a male tries to ride them, but they will allow men on their backs if they are wounded in battle and their rider is present to transport the wounded man to safety. Nobody knows exactly why, but there are a few theories. The most common and widely accepted theory: perhaps in the earliest time of human history, when people were uncivilized, hunting parties made up of men would target pegasi and club them to death. The species evolved a natural fear of male humans as a result. Wyvern Draco bipes The wyvern is a species of dragon. It is the only non magical dragon species, being unable to take human form and/or transfer the magic needed to shapeshift into a stone. It is also the only winged dragon with only two legs. They have fleshy ruffs attached to their cheeks, with males’ being larger. They can be almost any color, for both main body and eyes. Instead of having a magical breath ability like other dragons, they have acidic venom. This venom can corrode metal and burn skin. It often mixes with saliva, so even a lick can hurt. Like all dragons, wyverns are carnivores. They hunt in packs in the wild, similar to wolves. Ancient cultures believed that the first wyverns were wolves blessed by the gods and transformed into dragons. Dragons have been considered godly creatures almost since the dawn of time, and there are still some religions whose gods appear in draconic forms. Tame wyverns are fed by their handlers, but they sometimes get the urge to hunt, which can result in farmers losing their livestock. Wyverns can live for around fifty years. They lay clutches of two to three eggs about a week after mating, and the eggs hatch ten months later. Clutches in the wild are laid in nests that the parents dig out of the ground, often in rugged areas like mountains or caves. The parents take turns guarding the nest and hunting for food, much like many species of birds. Domestic wyverns have learned to use the egg boxes that their human companions provide. Wyvern eggs are about the size of a newborn puppy. Baby dragons of any type are called draclings. Wyvern draclings hatch with tiny, unusable wings and no venom. They gain their venom at around six months of age, but cannot fly until they’re about a year old. At the age of two years, they are big enough to carry riders and are often introduced to their riders at this time. They reach sexual maturity at around five years. All draconic creatures are smarter than the average reptile. Wyverns are no exception, even though they can’t speak like other dragons. They have a complicated social structure in the wild. They will fight other groups over food and territory, and have one individual that serves as the leader. The leader decides when the group will hunt and always gets to eat first. The draclings are kept in caves when the adults hunt, and breeding with a member of another group is illegal in wyvern society. If this happens, the group leader will kick the individual out and smash the eggs. Lone wyverns can join a group only with the leader’s approval. The leader is often the biggest and strongest one in the group. To become leader, a wild wyvern must earn it by beating the current leader in a fight or being the strongest in general if the leader dies while still in that position. Domestic wyverns retain some of the structure from the wild groups. The leader is often the steed of the highest ranking human in the group, regardless of size or strength. But the overall structure is looser and less strict. The leader doesn’t decide when to hunt, they are all fed by their riders. There are also less rules about breeding, all domestic wyverns are considered a part of the same group, and the riders usually control the lineages anyway. Wyverns accept both male and female riders and are loyal like dogs despite their scary appearance.
  7. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1bGYm_-v6dFgLviBRMah-Y97zpwb5pE59gIY84KDvJSY/edit?pref=2&pli=1
  8. I have a few questions, please try to answer them without spoiling anything. Do you have any other choices after the big one where you pick your side? Or is it just one choice and bam. Are there any avoidable deaths or do people die no matter what on both sides? Thank you.
  9. On the Plains Here she is. On the plains, riding, with the wind flowing through her hair and the horizon as her goal. Here is where she is calmest, or should be. However, her thoughts can’t help but wander to how, six months ago, her father would’ve been by her side, smiling indulgently as she rambled on her day, on her dreams and wishes for the future that didn’t involve fire and falling axes and- Her breath hitches and she coughs to clear her throat, letting go of the reins as she rubs roughly at her eyes. No more tears. No more tears. She must get stronger. Stronger than anyone, especially the Taliver! Strong enough to crush them, shatter them like twigs under a stallion’s hooves. So, she takes a shuddering breath, shakes her head, and takes back the reins. The wind gusts and she coos wordlessly to her horse when he skitters and dances. Her horse. He had once been her father’s, and had been the one to carry her to safety when everyone died. And still stays with her, listening to her. All that’s left of the Lorca, a chieftain’s weak daughter and a horse who puts up with her. What a fine pair they make. His whinny drags her from her thoughts and she pets his mane as she notices how restless he is. Is it her thoughts troubling him, or is he hearing something she cannot? Were Father Sky and Mother Earth trying to speak? She cannot hear them, though she had once. She wonders if her hatred, her anger, keeps her ears closed, but throws the thought aside. Revenge is all she has left. She yelps as her horse suddenly bolts. From walking to cantering to galloping in heartbeats, fast as the wind itself, hooves thudding into the dirt. She tries to rein him to a stop, but he actually yanks the reins from her hands, ignores her commands and presses to his side. She leans forward and grasps his mane, determined not to fall. The last time he did this, they had been fleeing the destruction of the Lorca. Perhaps he was, again, trying to save her. From what, she didn’t know. But it is a possibility she cannot deny. Slowly, eventually, he slows to a stop, sides heaving from exertion. She dismounts, running her hands over his neck as she checks for signs of strain. There is none, so she surveys the area. Another section of the plains, far farther than she had ever ridden, certainly farther than she had planned. Why is she here? Why had he raced here? Slowly, she walks around, turning to catch every glimpse of movement. What is here? Was there nothing? Had he simply wanted to run? Her foot catches on something and she crouches down to study it. A piece of brown cloth, and her fingers soon find an arm underneath. A person. A living person, collapsed and unmoving. Cautiously, she moves the hood, wondering if the person might stir. But all she finds is a head of brown hair, and a flushed face, hinting fever. She clicks her tongue, calling her horse as she struggles to lift the person on her back. They groan at the movement, but do not wake, even when she throws them onto her horse, climbing on after to make sure they don’t fall. Once she’s certain they are secure in front of her, she eases her horse into a gallop, back to her ger. She has medicinal supplies there, gathered on the off chance that she found some wounded survivor and left unused. She could save this person. She knows it. They groan again, mumbling something about ‘tactics’, and she smiles. “Hold on,” she whispers. They whimper and she tightens her grip on them. “I’ve got you. You’re okay. You’re going to be okay.” She’d make sure of it.
  10. It Never Occurred to Me to Give This a Title It was a delightful Friday afternoon. I had planned on visiting my darling Lissa the following day and I wanted to surprise her with a new tea recipe, so I decided to visit the market in town in hopes of coming across something truly inspired. After shopping around for some time, I had become plagued with indecision and I considered retiring for the day when I happened to spot Frederick off in the distance perusing quite the colorful assortment of fabrics. Curious, I sauntered towards him: "Greetings, Frederick." "Oh hello there, Maribelle." "What brings you to the market so late at night?" "I am preparing for tomorrow's dinner at the castle tomorrow evening. You will be attending, correct?" "Why of course. I wouldn't miss it for the world." "Me neither. It's all the wife is talking about." "Yes. How is "Little Miss Perfect" doing anyway?" "Fantastic, thanks. In fact, we had the most wonderful argument yesterday." "Wonderful?" Before I could even ask him what the argument was about, he was already lost in his own inane prattling. Apparently, Chrom had gotten a new cape recently and they were "bickering" about how it looked on him. Cordelia said he looked charming in it, while Frederick insisted he looked dashing. *GRATUITOUS ARGUMENT DESCRIPTION SEGMENT* After what seemed like an eternity, he finally concluded his narrative: "... and that's when we agreed that he looks both charming AND dashing." "While that was indeed riveting to listen to, I really must return to my original task. The day is drawing to a close and I still need to grab what I came here for and take my leave." "My apologies, milady. What have you come here for, if you don't mind my asking?" "If you really must know, I am here in search of ingredients for a new Pumpkin Spice tea recipe I was planning to try out tomorrow for the dinner." "That sounds delicious. I would love to join you and the Princess for a taste test, but I am far too busy, what with dinner preparations and laying out some new motivational poster designs. I've been working tenfold to come up with a new way to honor milord since Chrom had asked me to remove all traces of the previous one, save for one larger copy now hung over the mantle in the study at home. You know, I don't quite understand why ..." "Enough with all the Chrom talk. Is there anything in your list of conversational topics that doesn't pertain to him?" "Of course, milady. And aren't you one to talk? It seems you have the same admiration for the Princess as I do milord Chrom." "Hmph. I wouldn't possibly know what you're talking about." "I once witnessed you staring at her for 20 minutes uninterrupted while she drank tea." "And what is so wrong with that? I did not wish to bother her." "You weren't even in the same room as her." "Hmph. I've never been so insulted in my life." "If you're so frustrated, then pick a gourd and pay. Now if you'll excuse me, I must be leaving." For a moment, I WAS frustrated. I wanted nothing more than to give his backside a swift introduction to my parasol. Then, I pondered for a brief second. I had to tell him something before he left. "Perhaps you are right. Maybe the admiration I have for my darling Lissa is on par with your unusually strong devotion to Chrom. Why should that matter, though? Is it wrong to care for someone so deeply? Truthfully, I respect you for being able to express your fondness so openly. Even if it's just one person, if there were more people who thought the way you do then maybe we wouldn't be in this horrid war in the first place." "I'm flattered, milady. In all honesty, I feel the same way." There was a brief silence. Both of us were unsure where to go from here. Then Frederick, unsurprisingly, speaks again. "You know. It was nice being able to talk with you. I wish we had more opportunities to talk like this. Even if it's just us, it would be nice to have a place to talk about the people we care for." "As ridiculously idiotic as that sounds, I wouldn't object to the idea. Why stop at just us though? We could create an outlet for the people of Ylisse to share their thoughts on the people they admire. It could be our own little way to boost morale and the overall positivity around here. It would be a much needed change to the mundanity brought about from the war." "Excellent. But in order to start this project, it's going to need a catchy name." *SORT OF GRATUITOUS BRAINSTORM SESH* "How about Ylisseans United for the Care of our Kindred?" "I couldn't have thought of a better name myself, milady." "And at that moment, Y.U.C.K. was formed." "Great. Nice to know, but that wasn't my question." "My apologies, Tharja. What was it you wanted to know again?" " ... Are you accepting new members?" "Sorry. I can't understand you." "I said Are you accepting new members?" "Oh. Of course we are. New members are always welc-" "Hush. I hear something." "Why, I never!" "Robin's coming. I must go now." "Wait up! Are you joining or not?" ... "It seems like she left then." "... I'll be here next Thursday."
  11. I Now Pronounce You Man and Tree A Tellius Series Fire Emblem Fanfiction * Gatrie gave himself a once-over in the mirror as he attempted to straighten his collar. Today was a very special day for him. Today was the day he would no longer say I, but We. Today was the day he would have to stop chasing every pretty little thing he saw. Today was his wedding day. And what a perfect day it was, he thought. The sun was shining, and all of his closest friends were there to celebrate with him. It didn't get any better than this. The lass he was marrying was a bit stiff, in all honesty. One of her better qualities was that she was very loyal, and Gatrie knew she would never leave him. She had spent a good majority of her life pining away for a man like him. She had a hard mind and was not so quick to break her resolve. Gatrie thought that the root of her problem was that she oftentimes couldn't get off her high horse. Not to mention she was always barking at people for nothing. But he loved her, all the same. Deciding that he looked good enough, the handsome knight stepped out of his tent and into the crowd of people gathered for the event. He greeted everyone that looked his way, shaking their hands and thanking them for coming. He didn't seem to realize the concerned and confused looks on their faces. He made his way over to the punchbowl, where a few of the Greil Mercenaries were chatting. He grinned widely as he gave Ike a big bear hug. "Thanks so much for coming, you guys!" he addressed them when he had finished suffocating the commander. They nodded their quiet and nervous responses, glancing quickly at one another to play off each other's facial expressions. Ike was trying desperately to get his breath back, so Soren kept asking him if he was okay and if he needed CPR. Eventually, after a bit more idle chatter, Gatrie declared that he had to leave to meet with Rhys and go over what would happen during the ceremony. Relieved, they all began to spill their guts on the subject. "Guys, I really don't think Gatrie should go through with this," Ike voiced, taking a small sip of the punch. "Considering the bride is a cedar, I would have to say that everyone here agrees with you," Soren said, pretending to drink the punch, since he actually thought it was awful and tasted reminiscent of tree sap. Go figure. "Cedars do have really beautiful wood, though," Oscar put in. "Say, would it be considered first-degree murder if we chopped her up and turned her into a nice armoire?" They all laughed a little at this. "But seriously guys, we've got to stop this," Boyd said, forcing a straight face on himself. "I agree. Of all the idiotic things I've seen, this has to be the most preposterous," Soren affirmed. "So, what are we going to do, then?" Ike asked. They were all silent, as no one had a clue how to break up the marriage that would likely send Gatrie into a spiraling depression. "Well, Shinon's the best man. Maybe we should go talk to him?" Oscar suggested. "That's probably as good an idea as any," Boyd agreed. On their way to go talk to Shinon, the group ran past Mist, who was adorned in a charming little pink dress and had a crown of flowers in her hair. Rolf was standing next to her, dressed very nicely as well. "Mist, Rolf, have either of you seen Shinon?" Ike asked, trying not to laugh at his sister's outfit. "I think he's over there by the beverage cart. He said something about wanting to get absolutely wasted before this whole affair was over," Rolf answered dutifully. "Thanks, Rolf," Ike patted his head, then he and the rest of his small group were on the move again. "Wait!" Mist called out, causing everyone to halt. "Why do you need to talk to Shinon?" "Because we're trying to stop this wedding before Gatrie wakes up tomorrow morning in the sanatorium!" Boyd shouted back. Mist frowned, looking quite dejected. "Aww, but I was so excited to be the flower girl!" "MIST!" * Ike and Company™ found Shinon just where Rolf said he'd be, holding a near empty bottle of whisky to his lips. His facial expression changed from aloof to downright pissed-off when he saw them approaching. "What the hell do you want?" he spat. "It's about Gatrie marrying the tree," Soren informed him. "You're not really going to let him do it, are you?" Shinon quirked an eyebrow. "What does it matter to me how Gatrie lives his life. He's a big boy, he can take care of himself." "But you're his best friend," Ike urged. "I don't know about you, but I'd never let my best friend make a decision as terrible as this one." Soren turned to face Ike, his face taking on a redundant expression. "Really? You wouldn't? So, all those times I cried myself to sleep and had all those negative thoughts, including one of which was suicide, were you really there to stop me from making those decisions?" "Okay but seriously, you're kind of a little bitch, you know that?" Ike accused. Soren sighed. "Yeah, I know." "Guys, can we focus please?" Oscar interrupted. "Shinon, we came to you in the hopes that since you have a better influence on Gatrie than the rest of us, you might be able to dissuade him from marrying Celine the Cedar." "It's like I told ya," Shinon began, his words starting to slur a bit from the whisky. "Kid can do whatever he wants. Hell, I was the one who suggested it in the first place." Boyd's face fell. "Wait, so this was your idea all along?" "Well, I didn't tell him tell him. I kinda just hinted at it. Ya see, he was hitting on that sub-human trash, so I said he'd hit on a tree if it was wearing a skirt." Shinon belched when he finished the story. "But Celine's not wearing a skirt!" Ike interjected, but Soren reluctantly tapped him on the shoulder. "She is now," he said. Ike turned around to see that Leanne was draping a large, white, billowing tablecloth around the base of the tree. "Oh for the love of-that's it! I'm putting a stop to this even if it kills me!" Ike marched angrily over to Gatrie and Rhys, who were standing conveniently close enough to him that they could hear what was said, but you know, the fourth wall and stuff. Oh, wait... "Gatrie, we need to talk," the commander addressed the knight, making sure to keep his stance firm. "Our comrades and I have discussed this at length, and well...you can't marry a tree." Ike could've pinpointed the exact moment that Gatrie's heart shattered. "But, why? Don't I deserve love just like anybody else?" Soren joined the conversation, and oddly enough, everyone present at the wedding was now tuned-in to what was happening. They were all seated before the makeshift altar, as the ceremony was supposed to be starting soon. "You see, Gatrie, your bride Celine is, well...a tree." He cleared his throat, trying to make what he was saying sound less stupid. "And trees aren't sentient like we are-" "Small words, Soren. It's Gatrie you're talking to," Ike whispered in his ear. "And they don't have feelings like people do," Soren corrected himself quickly. "Do you understand, now?" Oscar asked, putting his hand on Gatrie's shoulder. "Even if you love Celine, she'll never be able to love you back." "Not to mention, if you don't marry the tree, people won't think you're crazy," Boyd mused aloud. "Boyd!" Oscar scolded, covering his younger brother's mouth, then quickly putting a sympathetic smile back onto his face. Rhys seemed to let out a large breath he'd been holding, relieved that somebody finally said something. "Our friends are right, Gatrie. We all care about you very much, and we want you to marry someone who loves you as much as we do." "Like me?" Astrid said quietly, but nobody heard her, because she's Astrid. "AMEN!" Tormod stood up and shouted. Muarim pulled him back down onto his seat. A sleeping Haar woke up at the sudden change in volume. "Huh, what did I miss? Did Gatrie and the tree screw yet?" Jill, who was seated next to him, gasped and slapped his arm. "Don't let them tell you what to do, Gatrie! Love knows no bounds!" Leanne interjected. "Umm, what did she just say, Reyson?" Ike asked. Reyson looked embarrassed on behalf of his sister. "Apparently, she was really looking forward to this." A few moments of awkward silence passed. The guests anxiously awaited Gatrie's final decision. Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, Gatrie spoke. "You guys are right. I guess I don't know what I was thinking." He made his way over to the skirt-wearing tree and put his hand against the trunk. "Celine, I know we had some good times." Ike noted that Soren looked like he was about to explode from all the nonsense going on here. He gently put his hand on his friend's back to offer what little consolation he could. "But my friends are right," Gatrie continued. "In fact, now I'm seeing everything more clearly. You never really cared about me. You just liked me cause I'm big enough to wrap my arms around you." Everyone went silent again, as they let Gatrie play out his little soap opera. Ridiculous as it was, it needed to happen. When Gatrie finished his conversation with Celine, he walked away from the altar. His fists were still clenched and his teeth still ground against each other, but he looked a little bit happier. Holding back tears, he grabbed Ike in another hug. "Thanks for helping me see the truth, Ike. I owe you one." "Well I'd really love it if you'd let me go," Ike squeaked, and Gatrie immediately complied. "Hey, all our friends are here. It would be stupid to send them all home now, don't you think? Why don't we just celebrate our bonds of friendship?" "That sounds like a great idea!" Oscar beamed. "And this way, the beautiful cake I slaved over doesn't have to go to waste!" "Great! Let's get this party started, shall we?" Ike suggested. Everyone got up from their seats and began to dance with one another. For the remainder of the day, they all ate their fill of Oscar's delicious food and had plenty of wine and ale. In fact, a fair few got completely zonked, but that's a story for another time. Soren, as a perpetual onlooker and introvert, opted to just observe the party from a comfortable distance and not participate whatsoever. "We really went through all this because of a tree?" He thought aloud to himself. "Goddess, maybe we do need wars to keep ourselves occupied." ~The End~
  12. Lissa Emblem: The Verge of History "Chrom, we have to do something!" She tugged her pigtails a bit as she turned to her older brother. Her large hoop skirt did make it rather uncomfortable, as she bent over the unconcious stranger. "What do you propose we do?" Her brother asked her. Lissa inspected the stranger more closely. It was a man with very jet black hair. He didn't look much older than her brother, Chrom. The stranger's face was very pale, almost waxen. Dresses a bit funny, she thought to herself. Those robes were odd, and she could have sworn she had seen such a thing before. "I...I dunno," Lissa finally said. It was then, did the stranger finally stir. Thank the gods, I was starting to think he was dead. "I see you are awake now." It was Chrom speaking, but Lissa couldn't stop staring at the stranger. His eyes kept darting around, not unlike a scared animal. Finally, his eyes met hers. "Hey there..." she said with a small giggle. Now he's looking at me like I'm barking mad. Great. "There are better places to take a nap than on the ground, you know." Chrom said, while pulling the man up off the ground. Lissa noticed there was quite an indentation where he was laying. How long was he there for? No wonder he seemed dead. The man shook his head dumbly, but his eyes focused hard on Chrom. "You all right?" Chrom asked. "Y-yes...uhh thank you, Chrom," the man finally spoke. His voice was low and smooth. Lissa felt color rise to her cheeks when he said her brother's name. "Ahh, then you know who I am," Chom answered, a smile playing on his lips. Oh, brother, he always did take too much pride in getting recognized in public. Lissa mused silently. "Uhh not really," the man answered. "I just heard her saying your name....obviously." His hand motioned to Lissa casually. She couldn't resist a good snort this time. "Lissa!" Chrom chided. "What," she bristled. "Something went up my nose!" The man begin to laugh a tinkling sort of laugh. Lissa felt herself blushing again, and turned away to make like she was straightening her skirts. "Anyway," Chrom began again. "Tell me, what is your name? What brings you here?" The man straightened his strangely familiar robes. "Uhh, my name...its uhh..uhh?" He pulled a face. "I...oh dammit all!" Chrom cocked his head a bit. "You don't know your own name?" It was then, did Lissa noticed Frederick approach. Frederick was their knight and steward, and he always cut an imposing figure. Now was no different, for his expression was severe. Frederick was moving closer, brushing his dark hair out of his eyes to better peer at the stranger. Oh no, we are in for it. She thought. Thinking fast, Lissa decided to distract everyone from Frederick's arrival. "Hey! I've heard of this! It's called amnesia!" She blurted out. "It's called a load of pegasus dung." Frederick's booming voice finally alerted Chrom and the stranger to his presence. "We are to believe you remember milord's name, but not your own?" The stranger stared hard into Frederick's face, making Frederick nearly flinch away. The stranger's eyes narrowed, "You think me a liar, sir knight? Me?" he began laughing again. Something about that laugh made Lissa nervous. It wasn't the joyous tinkling laugh from earlier. Suddenly, his voice dropped. "I do not lie." Something in that tone made Frederick stop questioning immediately. Chrom decided to defuse the tension. "What if it is true, Frederick? We can't just leave him here alone and confused. What sort of Shepherds would we be then?" Chrom was pleading with Frederick then. Always with the pleading, brother. Lissa thought. Chrom would always get his way with Frederick with the innocent pleading. It had been that way since they were very young. Lissa had other ways of getting what she wanted from him. Other than a very sappy sad face, of course. Like pranks, she thought. At that, she couldn't help smiling. Frederick was looking serious again, but Lissa could see the hardness in his eyes leaving. He was giving in, as always. "Just the same, milord, we must emphasize caution. 'Twould not do to let a wolf into our flock." He answered. Lissa could see a mischievous smile playing on the stranger's lips. "Right then, we'll take him back to town and sort this out there." Chrom said. "Do I have any say in this at all?" The stranger asked. "Peace, friend," Chrom replied. "We'll hear everything you have to say when we get back to town." "So," the stranger started. "I am to be your prisoner? Are you to lock me in chains and question me?" His agitation was growing. Chrom laughed a little, making the stranger even more angry. "Please, you will be free to go once we establish you are no enemy of Ylisse." "Ylisse....?" The stranger's face changed back to utter confusion. "Is that where we are?" Frederick frowned and crossed his arms. "You never heard of the halidom? Ha!" he laughed mirthlessly. "Someone pay this actor, he plays quite the fool! The furrowed brow is especially convincing." Lissa saw the stranger bristle at being called a fool. Chrom rescued the moment. "Frederick, please. This land is known as the Halidom of Ylisse. Our ruler, Emmeryn, is called the exalt." Chrom began to beam upon this mention. "My name is Chrom--but then, you already knew that." The stranger smirked. "The delicate one here is my sister, Lissa." Chrom finished motioning to her. She felt her neck get hot. "I am NOT delicate!" she wailed. "Hmph! Ignore my brother, please. He can be a bit thick sometimes." Or all the time, she thought. "But you're lucky the Shepherds found you. Brigands would have been a rude awakening." The stranger smiled at her, his eyes twinkling again. Lissa shrugged a little sheepishly. Ugh, why can't I ever be ladylike? I always embarrass myself. He wasn't laughing at her, so that was a plus. The stranger did raise an eyebrow. "Shepherds? You tend sheep in..." he chortled. "Full armor?" Chrom grinned. "A dangerous job. Just ask Frederick the Wary here." Frederick stood straighter. "A title I shall wear with pride. Gods forbid one of us keeps an appropriate level of caution," he threw Lissa and Chrom a stern look. "I have every wish to trust you, stranger, but my station mandates otherwise." The stranger smirked at Lissa, with eyes full of mirth. "I understand, sir." He answered, putting a lot of mocking emphasis on the last word. "I suppose I would do no less myself...My name is Loki. Oh!" His face full of shock. "Somehow, I just remembered that. Hahaha! Well, that's one mystery down." Lissa was just finally relieved to know the stranger's name. She smiled a bit ruefully at him. Chrom looked relieved too. "Loki? Is that foreign?" It certainly did sound it, even to Lissa. "Ahh well," Chrom continued. We can discuss it later. We are almost to town. Once we---" Lissa cut him off. "Chrom, look! The town!" Indeed, it was within sight, but worse than that. There was smoke billowing off of some of the thatched roofs. Lissa could see actual flames spouting from what looked like a steeple. They began to move very quickly then. Chrom was grabbing Lissa and pulling her behind him. The old instinct. "Damn it! The town is ablaze!" Chrom snarled. "Those blasted brigands, no doubt! Frederick, Lissa, quickly!" Frederick mounted his horse immediately and rode ahead. He paused many feet away and called back. "What about him?" he was motioning toward Loki. Loki's eyes focused solely on the burning steeple. Chrom motioned with his hands for Frederick to make haste. "Unless he's fire as well, it can wait!" "Aptly put, milord." Frederick laughed as he rode on ahead. Lissa was beginning to get very anxious. "Let's go already!" Not thinking, she grabbed Loki's arm and yanked. The townspeople were scattering hither and thither, as Lissa and the others approached. It was one of the smaller towns in Ylisse. Lissa recalled how she and her siblings came for a charity visit a year ago. It was called Ogma, named after a hero of old. There was a rather large monument of the hero in the town's square. Just off of the square was the magistrate's house, and a tavern called The Rusty Axe. Many carts would pass by on those cobblestone streets, but now, it was full of terror and smoke. A maid ran past, her skirts flying in every direction. A gruff voice was laughing and bellowing. "Get to it, lads! Grab anything shiny, and put the rest to the torch!" Lissa found where the voice was coming from. A huge, really apeish looking man wielding a large axe. Frederick was riding toward the town square to aid the folk. Chrom pushed Lissa behind him. I really wish he would stop doing that, sometimes. She couldn't see Loki. He must have run off. Lissa felt a little cold. We could use the help. The brigand was bellowing again, he had caught up with the maid. She was squirming in his hairy, ape arm. "We gots an example to set for these Ylissean types! Ain't that right, lassy?" His mouth formed in a way Lissa found incredibly lewd. The maid managed to wriggle free. "S-stay away from me! Please! Someone help me!" Lissa stepped out from behind Chrom. "Chrom, we have to stop them!" Her brother had a very furious look in his eye as he answered. "Don't worry. After today, these bandits won't be bothering anyone ever again." The pair made for Frederick in the town square. His lance was drawn and his face severe. Lissa was shocked to find Loki there as well. He was staring up at the smoldering belfry of the church on the other end of the square. He began to move toward it. Something about his movements made Lissa pause and follow. He stopped short of the end of where the old hero named Ogma's statue stood. Loki was staring oddly at a shard of stained glass, no doubt from one of the church's windows. The glass depicted an image of Naga, in beautiful blues, greens, and yellows. Her holy mouth cradling the familiar figure of Falchion. Brother's sword. The piece that depicted her holy claws wrapped around the symbol of the Exalt, was broken off, lying a few inches away. "Loki--?" Lissa turned toward him. His face shifted back to a more alert state. "Ahh...huh? What's happening?" He seemed confused again. "This place is under attack, I should...do something." His voice trailed a bit. Chrom had appeared behind Lissa. "Loki! You followed us," he said. "Why?" "Uhh.." Loki looked to be gathering himself. "I'm not exactly sure myself." He finally turned away from the glass. "But I certainly can help in this situation." His voice had that slyness again. "Of course, strength in numbers." Chrom answered with a grin. "Just stay close!" ~*PLAYER PHASE*~
  13. Tangerine

    The New Fang

  14. "The Destruction of the Tailver Bandits: It was dark out, the only light came from the moon and the stars, and even they were obscured. It was a bit cloudy. It was slightly cold thanks to the breeze, and there seemed to be some moisture in the air, as if it was going to rain at any moment. A perfect night for killing. Wallace, a retired knight from the territory of Caelin, in the nation of Lycia, stood tall, lance in hand as he gazed down at the two corpses at his feet. They had been easy to kill, he’d simply snuck up behind them and pierced their hearts with his lance. Their eyes were still open, mouths agape in shock, their own lances on the ground next to the doused torches they’d both been carrying. Blood stained the grass, although you couldn’t see it very well thanks to how dark it was. His lance was stained, too. As he lifted his gaze, he could see that about twenty yards straight ahead of him there were a few buildings built within close proximity of each other. There was light streaming through the window of one of the buildings, and the loud sounds of cheering and celebration emanated from within. These buildings before him were nestled snuggly in a valley in the Taliver Mountain, the mountain on the border between the nations of Bern and Sacae. These buildings also just so happened to be the hideout of the Taliver Bandits, and the men he’d just killed had been guarding them. The Taliver Bandits were the reason not many dared to travel through the mountain. They were a ruthless group, even other groups of bandits hated them. The Talivers took whatever they pleased, they pillaged and plundered, they murdered whoever they wanted without distinction. Even bandits had a certain code, and they broke that code. They were less than human. They were a great sore on the earth, a disease that needed to be wiped out. And that’s exactly what he was there to do. Wallace began walking forward, slowly making his way towards the hideout. The sounds of celebration were probably because they’d just come back from a successful day of pillaging and murdering. It was sickening, it put a scowl on his face and anger in his heart. Why had no one come to clear this rabble out sooner? The only bright spot was that they were cheering so loudly that they couldn’t hear him approaching. He had killed their guards, and now he was waltzing right up to their front door. “I will finish it for you, Lady Lyndis,” Wallace muttered to himself once he’d reached the door of the first building, the building where the bandits were celebrating. Lady Lyndis was the daughter of Lady Madelyn and Lord Hassar. Madelyn had been a noblewoman from Caelin, and Hassar had been the chieftain of the Lorca tribe in Sacae. The two had fallen in love, Madelyn had abandoned her position in Caelin and eloped with Hassar to the plains of Sacae. It was funny. He had been sent after Madelyn and Hassar to prevent them from eloping. But when he’d caught up to them, he’d let them go. They were both his friends, and they deserved their happiness. He’d spent a long time in the dungeons for that. He’d let them go, they’d eloped and were blessed with the birth of Lyndis, and for eighteen years they had been happy. And then the bandits of Taliver had attacked. They had poisoned the water supply and, while the Lorca tribe was weak from the poison, wiped them out. Even the women and children. Hassar and Madelyn had also been killed. Lyndis had been the only survivor, she’d been found unconscious several days later. That had been over a year ago. Lyndis was eighteen years old now. She had come to Caelin after her parents had been murdered and taken up the position her mother had left, and it had been quite the adventure getting to Caelin! But that was a story for another time. Her grandfather, the current Marquess and ruler of Caelin, had since forgiven Madelyn and had welcomed Lyndis with open arms. The lass was a good ruler. Plus she had skill with a blade, thanks to the teachings of her father. But now she only tempered her skills with the desire for revenge. She harbored anger and hatred, a burning desire for revenge. And that’s why he was going to wipe out the Taliver Bandits. For Lyndis. She possessed a good, kind heart. He couldn’t let her be consumed with anger and hatred. So there he was. He may be old and technically retired, but he was still the best knight in all of Caelin, and in any other land and country! Wallace was tempted to push his ear against the door to hear what the bandits were saying, but decided against it. He didn’t need to, he could predict what was being said. It was all vile talk, talk of murder and stealing, talk of stabbing some poor child in the back or beheading a helpless housewife, robbing a hardworking man of his gold or barging into an innocent family’s home. It was disgusting. Just another reason on a long list of reasons of why these vile vermin required terminating. The tall knight grit his teeth together as a scowl formed across his face. He took a step back, raised his leg and, with all of the strength he could muster, he kicked the door. The strength of his kick sent the door flying off its hinges, spinning rapidly at a diagonal angle as it broke away and flew through the air for a moment before landing with a loud bang. The bandits inside all sprung to their feet, dropping their drinks and spilling the alcoholic poison everywhere. There were about twenty of them and they all spun around, drawing their weapons quickly and facing Wallace. Most just stared right up at his face, but some let their gaze linger on his blood-stained lance. He was a whole head taller than all of them, but he knew his tall stature didn’t necessarily mean anything. “Who dares barge into the lair of the Tailver Bandits?!” one of the bandits bellowed, stepping forward and staring at Wallace with fiery eyes. He wasn’t particularly tall, in fact he was one of the shorter bandits, but his gaze was the most focused. Before replying, Wallace glanced around the building. It was surprisingly empty, it was obviously just a meeting place. A celebration chamber. Whatever. There was nothing there except for the bandits, a single table and the chairs they’d been seated in. An empty barrel of alcoholic drink in the corner. Nothing else. “I am Wallace, knight of Caelin!” Wallace announced in a loud, booming voice as he stepped through the broken doorway. His voice was authoritative, it commanded attention. “And this night, you will all fall by my hand as my lance pierces your hearts!” The bandits were speechless for a moment, seemingly taken back by the boldness of the tall knight standing before them. Then after a moment, they all burst out laughing. “You must’ve never heard of us, old man!” the focused bandit laughed. “Guess we’ll have to teach ya!” Wallace narrowed his brow as a battle-hungry grin spread across his face. He may be old, completely bald, and pale-skinned, but he was more skilled than they knew. “I’ve heard of you filth, but you’ve never heard of me. You’ll soon learn.” He banged a fist on his armor, the silver breastplate he wore shimmering. “Your weapons will bounce off my breast as I cut you all down!” The bandit flinched as a scowl formed, his expression showing he was clearly taken back and surprised at the retort. He took a few steps back and raised his sword, pointing it at Wallace. “Get him, boys!” The bandits shoved the table and chairs out of the way, and then two of the bandits charged forward at the same time, but they were easily dispatched. Wallace took a quick step to his right, swinging his lance around so the side and the blunt end of the long weapon hit the bandits on the back of the head, and hit hard. He swung with all of his might, his lance made a sickening cracking sound as it connected with their skulls. Blood sprayed lightly and immediately seeped from their wounds. The first bandit was sent straight into the corner of the broken doorway and bounced off like a ragdoll, and the second went face-first into the wall, also bouncing off. Both fell flat on their backs, faces bloodied. Both were dead. The other bandits flinched, and a brief look of shock flashed across their faces. But it lasted for the briefest of moments before they all gazed at him again, weapons ready for battle. Another bandit charged him, this one wielding an axe. Wallace didn’t sidestep this time, this time he brought his lance up for a parry stance and let the bandit come. The bandit charged in, using his full body weight to swing his axe down at Wallace. The Caelin knight wore a grin as he pushed his lance forward, blocking the blow and sending the bandit stumbling backwards two steps. And quick as lightning, as the bandit stumbled back, Wallace swung his lance across the bandit’s torso, slicing his belly open. The bandit dropped to the floor, dead. The other bandits flinched again, rage flashing in their eyes. They gazed from their dead comrade to Wallace. And then all at once, they charged him. And so the battle began. Wallace swung his lance upwards at a diagonal angle as the bandits all charged at him, catching two of them and slicing them open from their groins to their necks, lifting them into the air and throwing them like ragdolls ad the lance went up. Fifteen bandits left. The tall knight leaped backwards and slammed his lance down at another bandit, slicing the thug straight through the left shoulder and rendering that arm useless. As the bandit cried out in pain and dropped his weapon, another swung his axe at Wallace, and the Caelin knight parried the blow and kicked the bandit right in the belly with his boot, sending the attacker straight back several feet. He then swung his lance back at the wounded bandit, slicing the throat expertly. Blood sprayed out as the bandit fell to the floor, dead. Fourteen. The kicked bandit scrambled back to his feet, joining his comrades in the attack on Wallace. He and two others leaped at Wallace, swinging swords and axes, but Wallace jumped backwards again, this time at a diagonal angle. Landing on the door he’d sent flying earlier, he stood a bit taller and swung his lance down, slamming it into two of the attacking bandits. One bandit dropped his weapon at the force of the lance, the other was forcibly sent careening into the third, his sword going through his comrade’s belly on accident. With one bandit shocked at his accidental murder of his companion and the other scrambling to pick up his fallen weapon, Wallace cut them both down. Eleven. The bandits were beginning to show fear now, some backed off while others stood where they were shaking in their boots. Another lunged at Wallace, this one holding his axe in a defensive manner and going a little lower, at Wallace’s legs. The tall knight hopped off the door and swung his lance, forcing the bandit to parry the blow and catch the lance with the hooked end of the blade of his axe. With his lance hooked, Wallace shoved his lance upwards, forcing the bandit to raise his arms as the lance lifted his axe. With his arms raised, Wallace kicked the bandit in the knee as hard as he could. The knee made a sickening cracking noise as his boot connected with it and the bandit screamed in pain, dropping his axe entirely and dropping to his side, his hands clutching at his knee. With the bandit down, Wallace thrust his spear into the man’s side, killing him. Ten. As Wallace was thrusting his spear into the bandit, another one attacked him from the side, swinging his sword in a slicing motion. Wallace saw it from the corner of his eye and jumped backwards just in time, the sword bouncing harmlessly off his silver breastplate. But now he was weaponless, his spear was stuck in a corpse. Thinking quickly, he took another step backwards, towards the door. Bending over, he picked up the door and laughed maniacally. “Even with a door, I will crush you!” The bandits all scowled, some of the fear leaving their eyes. The bandit that had attacked him rushed forward again, but he slammed the door straight down as hard as he could, bringing it down right on the man’s skull, crushing it and killing him. The bandit dropped to the floor, his head compressed in, obviously dead. Nine. Two more bandits charged, one charging from his left and the other from his right. The door was heavier than his lance and he couldn’t maneuver it as well, so he flung it to his left and charged to his right as soon as the door had left his hands. The door smacked the bandit cleanly in the chest, breaking his ribs and causing some of the broken ribs to pierce his heart and lungs, killing him. As for the bandit charging from the right, Wallace ran straight at him and tackled him to the ground before he could swing his weapon. Using his bear fists, he punched the bandit in the face repeatedly, blood flowing from the bandit after a few punches. Wallace beat the man until he was dead, his fist bloodied and the bandit’s face compressed. Seven. One of the bandits cried out in fear and tried to flee, zipping past Wallace and running straight for the open doorway. Quick as lightning, Wallace scooped up the sword of the man he’d just beaten and threw it right into the back of the fleeing bandit, killing him. Six. The bandits all scurried backwards now in a panic, frantically swinging their weapons in an attempt to keep Wallace at bay as they backed towards the wall. The Caelin knight casually walked to the corpse with his lance sticking out of it and pulled the lance out, then slowly walked towards the six remaining thugs. “Are you too cowardly to face me?” he bellowed. “Is this the feared Taliver Bandits I’ve heard so much about? Is this the same group that slaughtered the Lorca tribe of Sacae? You filth couldn’t take anyone in a fair fight. You can only fight with dirty tricks and dishonorable tactics, like poisoning water supplies. Cowards! You don’t deserve your lives!” The bandits made no reply. Sweat beaded their foreheads, fear shone in their eyes. With a battle cry, Wallace charged forward, thrusting his lance through the heart of the nearest bandit, then swinging both his lance and the bandit into the next nearest thug, knocking the man to the ground and flinging the corpse off the lance. With the man on the ground, Wallace stabbed him straight through the gut, then charged at the rest. One bandit frantically swung at him, but he easily disarmed and killed the thug, slicing his chest open and killing him. He then thrust his lance forward, stabbing and killing the next bandit. “No! NO!” one of the two remaining bandits pleaded, falling to his rear and scooting away in fear as he watched his comrades die. Wallace looked at the pleading man, but there was no mercy in his eyes. He walked towards the coward and stabbed the man straight through the chest. One. Only one bandit remained now. “Is this it?” Wallace said as he turned to face the final bandit, his armor stained red with blood and his brow narrowed. “This is all you could offer me?” This final bandit just happened to be the focused one that had spoken earlier, when he’d first entered the building. The bandit shook his head rapidly, quickly walking backwards in a panic. He dropped his weapon and tripped over his own feet, falling to his rear. “Please…” the bandit pleaded as he began to cry. “Please! Mercy! Have mercy!” Wallace stared at the crying man, appalled at the pathetic display. He burst out laughing as he slowly walked towards the bandit, his head thrown back in his howling laughter. “Mercy?! The Lorca tribe. Hassar. Madelyn. Did you show any of them mercy?” He shook his head once, his grip on his lance tightening. “No. You don’t get mercy.” Then, in a single, swift motion, he threw his lance at the bandit. The lance flew straight and true, piercing the bandit and going straight through his heart, killing him. Zero. No bandits remained. Wallace stood there for a good, long moment. He looked to the right, then the left, then ahead and behind. Twenty bandits lay dead, blood and guts everywhere. He pried his lance out of the corpse and slowly left the building, stepping over the corpse of the bandit that had tried to flee and walking through the broken doorway. Just to be safe, he checked the other buildings of the hideout, but found they were all empty. There were truly no bandits left. He had wiped them all out. Satisfied, Wallace left the valley. As he walked along the path, he glanced over his shoulder and looked back at the now-empty hideout. “It is finished, Lady Lyndis.” The Taliver Bandits were no more."
  15. The Path Thereafter Hoshido had always been a land of peace and prosperity. But tonight, it was a country in the midst of recent devastation. Everything is Kamui’s fault, Takumi thought viciously as he shot arrow after arrow into the trunk of a large tree – imagining it were the face of his former brother he was striking. It’s his fault that all of this is happening to Hoshido right now – this war, the capital, and Mother – A fresh surge of anger ran through Takumi’s body as he gripped the Fuujin Yumi tighter, keeping the bow pointed at the tree but unable to muster the concentration to summon an arrow. If Kamui had never come to Hoshido, then Mother and all of the villagers would still be alive. Shirasagi would not be in ruins. His siblings would still be whole. Ryouma-niisan, Hinoka-neesan, and Sakura had always wanted Kamui to return to them. They’d never forgotten him, had trained for the day when they could see him again. And Sakura, who had been too little to truly remember Kamui, had grown up hearing stories of a long-lost brother from everyone – from their siblings, from Mother, from Yukimura-san. Sakura had always wanted to meet the brother that she had never had the chance to know. Takumi hadn’t felt the same as them. He was not, nor had he been, close to Kamui in the same way as Ryouma-niisan and Hinoka-neesan. Any of his recollections of Kamui were hazy and poor; too young to have formed meaningful memories. Rather, it was the loss of his father; the absence of his presence and the impact it’d had on his family that affected him more strongly. His older siblings had been devastated by the assassination of their father, naturally, but then they’d learned that Kamui was possibly alive in Nohr. Hinoka-neesan had become obsessed with getting him back. She trained feverishly as a tenma warrior – she lived and breathed for the day she was strong enough to singlehandedly rescue Kamui from Nohr’s clutches. Even though they’d never been very close, Takumi noticed her grow distant after that. No longer did she take the time to play with him – or Sakura – anymore. It were almost as if everything that didn’t involve Kamui or training had suddenly become a waste of time … as if he were too much of a useless weakling to be of use to her and for her to notice. And of course she’d remain close to Ryouma-niisan, the strong elder brother who was more than worth her time. But his older brother had changed, too. Ryouma-niisan had seemed to grow up overnight after their father’s assassination. The fun-loving brother who had always made time for his younger siblings had suddenly been replaced with a more stoic, more adult version of his brother – one who hadn’t completely mastered his emotional, adolescent tendencies yet but seemed more “father” than “brother”. He had less time for idle activities and he spent more time helping Mother run the country, or training either his swordsmanship or his political knowledge. Nohr hadn’t just killed his father and kidnapped his brother; in doing so, they’d taken the rest of his family too – Ryouma-niisan and Hinoka-neesan, Mother, Sakura, Hoshido’s sense of security … and Takumi could do nothing. In the end, he was helpless to make a difference. So he did the only thing that he could – he hated Nohr with everything that he was, for taking everything that was important. And then, Kamui had come back to Hoshido – just walked back into their lives as if he hadn’t left everyone wondering for years. Mother had been so happy to see him again, as were the rest of his siblings. Had none of them considered that Kamui could be an enemy spy? That the time he had spent in Nohr could have turned him against the country of his birth, poisoned by lies the Nohrians had told him about Hoshido? It’d be a foolish move to accept him back with open arms so soon. (He would never admit it, but there was a small part deep inside him that hated seeing everyone fawn over Kamui like he was the most precious child in the world – the same people who had always disregarded and overlooked him, no matter how hard he tried to be someone worthy of their approval. But he’d never admit it was there, and perhaps he wasn’t even aware of the true reasons for his resentment.) In the end, their trust had cost them. That sword Kamui had been carrying on him, it had been a Nohrian trap and had exploded during his homecoming celebration – taking with it a good portion of the capital, the lives of innocent civilians who had done nothing wrong other than being in the wrong place that day, and their mother who had sacrificed herself to protect Kamui! The pain and grief had clouded his mind with a deep-seated hatred, but Ryouma-niisan and Hinoka-neesan were more upset with him for yelling at Kamui, with nary a word about Mother or the townspeople! That had only worsened his mood. And yet, that hadn’t been the end of it. After the attack on Shirasagi, they had received word that the Nohrian army was assembling at the border, and so he and his siblings and Kamui had gone to confront the enemy – led by none other than the crown prince of Nohr himself, a man who called Kamui his brother. And when forced to make a decision, the traitor sided with Nohr! The country that had just killed his mother, and his father years ago, both of whom had died to protect him! Kamui had, during his short return to Hoshido, indirectly caused the deaths of the queen and innocent civilians, the destruction of the capital, and had demoralized not only all of Hoshido but his siblings as well. Takumi had to wonder if it’d all been an elaborate ruse by Nohr to cripple Hoshido to begin with. “Takumi.” The voice of his elder brother – his only elder brother – startled him out of his thoughts. Ryouma approached him, and from a distance he looked just as confident as he always was, even in the midst of hardship. But as he drew nearer, Takumi could see even in the darkness of the night the exhaustion in his brother’s face; a hint of sadness in his eyes. “You should be resting,” Ryouma said. “That wound won’t heal if you overexert yourself.” A faint blush coloring his cheeks, Takumi slowly rubbed his lower arm. Thankfully, it wasn’t his dominant hand that had been injured, but during the skirmish earlier that day he had battled against one of the Nohrian princes. He had received the injury when his enemy had gotten too close. In his anger he’d barely noticed the pain, but now his arm protested the results of letting out his pent-up rage. “Tomorrow morning we shall begin planning our next move from hereon in,” Ryouma went on. “Nohr’s actions are an act of war, and we cannot let them go unpunished.” “Nohrian scum,” Hinoka hissed, from where she stood behind Ryouma – Takumi hadn’t even realized she was there until he heard her. “I’ll never forgive them for what they’ve done! They turned Kamui against us, his true family …” “It is regrettable, but Kamui has sided with Nohr.” Ryouma closed his eyes, as if his next words physically pained him to say. “He is our enemy now, and the next time we meet on the battlefield we must fight.” “Why … why is any of this happening? For so long, I’ve dreamed that Kamui would return to Hoshido … return to us. That we could all live happily in the castle together like we used to …” “Neesan, what are you saying!” Takumi shouted at Hinoka, unable to bear listening to her mourning for any longer. “Kamui’s been lost to us for years! We don’t know who he is anymore! If it weren’t for him, Mother would still be alive!” “Shut up, Takumi! You wouldn’t understand!” Hinoka snapped back at him, gripping her naginata so tight that it seemed to be on the verge of breaking. “Kamui has always been a kind-hearted child. He’s our family! How can you just cast him aside like he’s nothing?” “How can I – neesan! He’s the one who turned his back on us! He chose Nohr over us – like Hoshido never meant anything to him! Like Mother hadn’t died to protect him!” “Maybe he didn’t want to come back to Hoshido because of the way you’d been treating him this entire time! Maybe Kamui would be here with us if you hadn’t been so terrible to him for no reason!” “P-please stop!” The sound of Sakura raising her voice, especially at her older siblings, was enough to make them both stop and turn to her. At some point unbeknownst to them, Sakura had joined them in the courtyard, probably drawn out by the sound of Hinoka and Takumi’s arguing. She was standing beside Ryouma, wringing her staff in her hands as their elder brother held her in a supportive one-armed hug. “Sakura …” Hinoka had the decency to look embarrassed – as did Takumi; upsetting Sakura was the last thing either of them wanted to do. “I-I’m sorry, but I can’t stand to see you fight like this, not now.” Despite the tears that were pooling in her eyes, Sakura’s voice never wavered. “Mother and Kamui are gone, and we shouldn’t be fighting! We need to stay together, now more than ever.” “She’s right,” Ryouma said, his commanding tone essentially shutting down any possible disagreements. “Today has been tiring for all of us, but we must not forget what is truly important in this venture. We must protect Hoshido and the peace that Father and Mother had died for. Now, let us all turn in for tonight. May tomorrow bring light on Hoshido.” With softly muttered agreements, Hinoka and Sakura headed back into the castle while Ryouma followed them inside. But Takumi remained standing in the courtyard, mulling over his brother’s words. Something had struck a nerve. It wasn’t for peace that Father and Mother had died. It had been for Kamui. Everything that they had done leading up to their deaths had been for that person – who had all but spit upon their sacrifice by choosing the country that had killed them. He may have been right in his distrust, but he felt no satisfaction from it. And why should he? Mother was gone. Central Shirasagi was in a crater. They had lost many soldiers and civilians by the end of the day. And his siblings were broken. They were broken, and yet they still were in love with the idea of Kamui; their long-lost precious brother who would come back if they could bring him back to his senses and all would be as it should be. Kamui had destroyed Hoshido’s morale, and he’d hurt his siblings in the worst way that he could. Takumi vowed to make him pay for it. - He’d had nothing but bad dreams that night. The scene from earlier that day kept on replaying in his mind: the sword exploding, the buildings crumbling, Mother throwing herself in front of Kamui to her death – Sometimes the scene would change. He would be at the border – or sometimes inside the castle. He and his siblings would be standing alone, against an army of faceless Nohrian soldiers – led by none other than Kamui. Ryouma-niisan was still as Kamui brought up his sword, the stolen Yato no Kami that had chosen a traitor, professing that he could not fight the younger brother that he had loved so dearly, even as the sword plunged into his body – Other times, it was Hinoka-neesan instead of Ryouma-niisan. Or Kamui killing Sakura in cold blood even though she couldn’t fight back against him. Sometimes they would all be dead, and Kamui would be taunting him that Father and Mother had loved him best, that he was too weak to defend anything as he raised his sword over his head – Takumi didn’t feel like sleeping for the rest of that night. A soft knock on the door pulled him out of his racing thoughts, and Oboro stepped inside the room – her naginata at her side and a concerned expression on her face. “Milord, are you well?” “Oh, Oboro …” Takumi felt the blood rushing to his cheeks, and he immediately went to look at anything other than her. He didn’t want her to see him like this – like a child that needed to be comforted after a nightmare. What would she think of him? “I’m all right. I apologize if I troubled you.” “Not at all, milord.” She placed her naginata against the wall and sat down next to him, not looking at him but at some point directly ahead. “I understand what it’s like … to lose a parent. To lose your family to Nohr. I’ve hated them … for as long as I can remember. I understand how you feel, Takumi-sama. No matter what lies ahead of us, I will always be by your side and I will always protect you.” Despite everything that had happened, Takumi couldn’t help but smile – just a little. She was right – if there was anyone who could understand how he felt, it was Oboro. And she had always been at his side ever since she pledged her service to him. Even if the rest of the world turned against him, Takumi felt that he could at least count on her to be there. Maybe, once they’d won the war, they could – “Oboro, if it’s not too much trouble … could you stay with me tonight?” “Yes! I-it’s no trouble at all, milord!” He could almost see the grin on her face. “I would be honored to!” It wouldn’t make everything in the world right again, because Mother was still gone and Hoshido had still suffered a massive blow. But for now, it was enough to let him pretend that nothing had changed, that his family was still whole and the world wasn’t crumbling around them.
  16. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1S2dr7jwqCtyI3oOtOkIIAiLoDEhPwhJbcJKBRj2k9zk/pub
  17. Sasa

    My Personal Mashup

    Hi, I´m new to Serenesforest. Last months I´ve been playing a little bit with Awakening and Fates´s story. If your are interested, post your ideas. This post contains Big Spoilers for Awakening and some Mild Spoilers for Fates The first thing I want to share is Chrom´s dad, I made a base design for it and I think it is pretty cool. One thing I noticed is that I´m not that great at drawing armor, so if you´d like to help me with that I would really appreaciate it. Once I get Fates next month and clear the story modes, I´ll update on the story itself, so you´ll have to wait a little bit until the main story. For some time it will be some designs I make or some mini stories that will shape the main story. Well, here comes Chrom´s Dad I am not that great with names, but my idea for his name is Rodrik. He is an only child. In this story, he is the first blue haired descendant that wasn´t born with his brand. For that reason, he isn´t able to wield Falchion. His base class is an Axe Lord, but his class is War Lord, they can use Axes and Swords. I don´t know what his Personal Skill would be. Since his parents loved him very much, they forged a special axe made of extremely rare silver that uses the Argent Gem´s Power. He still goes into a rampage and tries to anihilate the Grimleals. I´ll attach the photos in the next few days since I´m having Internet trouble right now. Update #1 Now, I´ll talk a bit about the main thing of this mashup. Since I haven´t played Fates, but I know a bit of the story, this may change in the future. The idea is that after the end of Fire Emblem Fates, the Invisible Path, Kamui, Aqua, and Lilith go through a portal and got to Chrom´s world. They get separated in the way, and Kamui appears near the time and place where Chrom finds Robin, but he can´t remember well what happened to him. I´ll update after the game comes out, to avoid people getting mad with me.
  18. A year ago my friend The Jonin Monkey reviewed the narrative of Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance and, in a supplemental video, touched on what made Ike's character in particular special, both of which I helped record footage for, and voiced Soren in the first. Today, he takes a look at the narrative of it's highly divisive sequel, Radiant Dawn, with it's own supplemental video dedicated to the infamous Blood Pact. Both videos I once again helped record footage for, on top of casting and directing VAs for dialogue scenes and editing the blood pact video. This has therefore been a pet project of ours for a while now and we'd appreciate any feedback we can get, so be sure to give it a watch and tell me what you think:
  19. Each person gets a sentence. ONE SENTENCE. No cheating. I'll give the honors to someone other than me to start the story.
  20. I am not going to bore you with too long an introduction but let’s just say I wanted to over-analyze the crap out of Fire Emblem 7’s incredible story (to show people there much more to the story meets the eye). Also anyone who wants to do the same for other fire emblems can do here as well (if no one does it I may do 9 as well which also has a really good story,) BTW MASSIVE spoilers are in going to be in this thread (duh). So let’s begins I am going to start with basic overview talking a little about FE 6. In FE 6 the main antagonist is King Zephiel a man who lost complete faith in mankind do to his father’s repeated attempts to kill him and the chaos that was his family. So in FE 7 they decided to further explore what drove a man such as Zephiel to his breaking point, not explicitly mind you, but they would explore how someone’s family can affect them for good or bad. They would speak as well about the value of life and that people could improve and change (this is mainly shown by Jaffar and Nino). Which properly juxtaposes with Zephiel view that all men deserve to die, because we all at our heart, selfish. And so the main themes of FE 7 are, Family, the value of life, and the goodness in man. The exploration of these themes in 7 are big way that 6 (even though 6 hardly has a story) and 7 are connected. Okay with that out of the way let’s start up Okay so I don’t want to write a 12 page essay so I am not going to go in to crazy detail and I am not going to do a plot summary Lyn’s story Though it might seem kind of irrelevant Lyn’s story does play into the theme here well especially with FE 6 in mind. Here is a couple of point 1. Dorcas it in the chapter he is introduced applies to theme fairly well. In the chapter Dorcas needing money for his sick wife take a job with some bandits which ironically enough end up attacking his own wife. After Lyn talk to him he realize the error of ways his that what doing put people like his wife in danger and end up joining up with Lyn. 2. When they happen upon Nils and he pleaded with them to help rescue Ninian, Lyn is faced with a choice of weather to help Nils and risk not reaching her grandfather in time, or leave cause ain't nobody got time for that. But Lyn go to help Nils even though she risks not be able to see her grandfather alive a selfless act indeed, that ended up paying off in the end. 3. And near the end of the campaign we learn that Lyn parents where not accepted by her father though there was different a reason for it, this still reflective of Zephiel plight. But the difference was in the results because Lyn mother lived a happy life even after her father shunned them, why because she loved her husband and she loved her family, something Zephiel did not have as he even distanced himself from Guinevere his sister. 4. This is more Easter eggy then anything but when Lundgren is trying to kill Lyn’s Father he did so by poisoning him, this is the same way that Zephiel father tried killing him that finally set him off and the difference here again is in the reaction, Zephiel went for revenge and Lyn’s father went for absolution, to right what he did wrong with his kids. And that it for Lyn's story (at least that I feel the need to point out at the moment). but I will update with the Eliwood and Hector campaigns soon, I wasn't going to post until I was finished but the site decided otherwise, so I will update it bit by bit as I have time. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ok time to start on Eliwood's/Hector's story 1. One of the of most notable thing about Fe 7 is that unlike every other fire emblem (to my knowledge from a thread I read here this also applies to the couple of Fire Emblems I have not played yet namely 2, 3/12, I have played a small amount of 5) in event that gets the ball rolling is not is when bla bla Country suddenly attacks bla bla Country. Though Nergal gets the country of Laus to join his cause by appealing to Darin ambition, they are hardly the main driving force in the plot and are not even close to the main enemy, which is Nergal and the black fang. The main thing that get the plot started is when Elbert goes missing and Eliwood goes to find him, worrying for his safety. The are bits and thing that happen between the beginning and the port of badon but I will cover that later and go to the section the Port of Badon though the Dread Isle. 1. When they go to the port to get a ship they soon find out that no one will take them to the dread isle but Fargus and his crew who are Pirates. This sets Lyn off cause view Pirates the same as the Bandits who killed her entire clan. Therefore she will not trust them as she thinks all these type of people are the same. But it turns out that Fargus has a heart of gold (kinda like the situation with Gonzalez in fire emblem)offering alternative to paying the price in goal, offering to protect them on the ship, recusing Ninian out at sea, and giving them one of his most trusted crew members dart to help them out. Dart is also a great example of how Fargas is as a person, while Dart is in conversation with Farina, Farina starts talking to Dart about treasure and Dart expresses interest in finding a rare pirate treasure. When Farina asks him what he would do with all the money Dart says that all he wants to do with the treasure is hide it again for someone else to find it because he doesn't really want the money he just likes the thrill of finding treasure. This is the thing about Fargus he could've taken their money on the port as the only way for them to support his ship but he offers them the option to of a challenge for the fun of it because Fargus goes on pirate adventures for the thrill of it. 2. On the ship before the battle on hector mode, Lyn and Hector have a very cool conversation. In it we learn that Hector's parents are as well are dead though in a less tragic way then Lyn's. As they in on in this conversation and remiss reminisce over their shared tragedy of losing their parents, they contemplate how they do not want Eliwood to face the same grief that they have and to lose his father and is big reason for them helping Eliwood. 3. While they were heading to the dread isle Nergal busts Leila's cover and orders Jaffar to kill her and place her body in a place where they can find it on the dread isle. When they land Matthew and Hector find Leila's body. Hector swears revenge against Nergal, The Matthews reaction is super sweet and reflects genuine sorrow and he comments on how he had planned to ask Leila to settle down with him after he was finished with this, but he laments that he was too late and should've asked sooner (frankly I wish I had the quote with me because the way Matthew says it is perfect). After that he only asked that he's given time to find somewhere to bury her. What's really cool is that if you bring Matthew into the next battle with you he will comment to you that this is no time for mourning that Leila would've wanted wanted for him to help you right now. This and his reaction to Leila's death is one the things that makes Matthew as a character so great. This also greatly effect Hector and Matthew's thoughts on Jaffar later on. 4. A small little note here but good to point out nonetheless is that Uhai refuses to straight up kill her when he has the chance because that would not be honorable and because she's a woman from the Sacae, showing that the black fang are not just cold blooded murderers. This is your first (if I remember right) big hint at the heart of the black fang, that these are not your typical bad guys. 5. And then they finally arrived at Dragon the gate (thanks to Uhai directions) they meet up with Ephidel and Nergal. Ephidel stops to greet them, Hector tries to kill Ephidel fails to hit him and Ephidel kidnaps Ninian. When they arrived the dragon's gate they find miracle there with new unit dragon's gate they find Nergal there with Ninian and Nils using them to open the gate. Elbert still weak from all the quintessence Nergal has been sucking out of uses the last of his strength to stab Nergal in the back causing Nergal to be temporarily weakened and to abandoned (so can't control the dragons), but it was the last bit the strength Elbert had so he also died shortly after the Gate partially opened and Nergal now gone. Eliwood and company escape, Nergal having left Ephidel then causing him to be destroyed. Showing Nergal’s lack of care for what he created and Elbert selfless nature. 6.The last little part in the section that I want to talk about happens right after the land back in the portable and The last little part in the section that I want to talk about happens right after the land back from the dread isle. Nils and Ninian tell Eliwood of the time they spent at the dragon's gate and what his father did for them there. While they languished away in there his father would often tell they stories of his son and his family, and happy times he had with them, he did this to help keep their spirits up. As you can see from this and his family was his main source of happiness and when he thought to cheer up Ninian and Nils, this was the first place you went to in this we can see from this this man's family is what got him and Nils and Ninian, through this tough ordeal. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Okay with this section done we can move on the next two sections, which will be the most important. I will be covering the Bern chapters, Four fanged offense though Cog of Destiny. The section after that will be will be all about Nergal, the Morphs and the end of the game, these will next two section will be my next two updates. These might take a little longer to make as these two sections go very deep down the rabbit hole and could several pages (3-5 pages, long, for reference this one was 2) long not as many direct connections to Fe 6 here and there is not as much interesting stuff here as there will be in the other two sections, but I hope you like like it regardless. A couple chapter before we are introduced to Pent and Louise and they offer to help everyone though bern because Louise is a distant cousin and friend of the queen of bern. Something interesting is that the Queen Hellene and the King Desmond and Pent and Louise relationship where ment to compare (something I will do later) and contrast each with each other. Hellene and Desmond marriage was a forced marriage done for political reasons. There relationship is totally devoid of love and because Desmond loved a different person and he can't see Hellene and by extension Zephiel as anyone other that the symbol of what was taken away from him. Therefore Hellene became an object of resentment for Desmond, Hellene tried make it work it but Desmond's hatred and unfaithfulness eventually led to Hellene becoming as bitter and hate filled as him. This lead them become a essentially divorced, and the family became split with Hellene and Zephiel living in a one castle and Desmond and Guinevere living in the other Castle (I'm sorry Eliwood but your Queen is living in another castle.... Sorry could not pass the joke). Then they started using the kids as a part of their plans to get back at each other. Desmond pushing for Guinevere's future husband to be king, and Hellene pushing for Zephiel to be king. This is not a power struggle, if Desmond just wanted to maintain power he could easily influence Zephiel as he idolizes his father and wants nothing more that his acceptance and the family to be together again (and he worked insanely hard so he could get his approval but since Zephiel was so naturally skilled at everything it just made Desmond jealous of his skill). No this is all about spite, and I going to tell you the modern divorce parallels here pretty crazy on point. (something I didn't really think about tell I started typing about it.) Okay I am still working on the other parts of this sections I will try to have the rest up next week. in the mean time here is something from the morph section talking about the end of the game So I have heard people say that Ninian being brought back to life at the end of the game is a Deus Ex Machina, well what if told you that while may be a bit cheap, it is not a Deus Ex Machina. You see magical resurrection is a well established as being possible in Fire Emblem 7, tell me what is Nergal army entirely made in the end of the game? Some Guy "The thing Nergal calls morphs which are the reanimated bodies of Nergals former army. But these people are just shells of their former selves, sure their bodies are active, but their souls are gone, this is far from the complete resurrection Ninian has. Me "True, these people are all shells with no sense of self or personality and this applies to every morph Nergal has made expect one. Sonia, who is self aware (to point of clamming repeatedly to be human) and has retained a small amount of personality and free will. Sonia is proof that Nergal experiments have led him closer to actual resurrection. But Nergal still lacked the power and knowledge to do it, something Bramimond has in spades. Bramimond sacrificed everything he knew for the power that he gained, his life, his gender, his personality, all into the darkness. He becomes a reflexion of the person standing in front of him, but he always retains that dark power. Also Ninian's resurrection does serve a purpose to the plot, as when Brammimond does shows that true resurrection is possible through righteous and honest means, he is meant to kind of be the reflection to Nergal showing all the power and Nergal could've attain and still not gone down the path he did. Brammimond also succeeded on his own in ways that Nergal do couldn't even by sucking the power of the greatest warriors around the land. This shows the value of patience and well as sacrifice, which is also at least when it comes to patience, a way that Athos was I was meant to contrast with Nergal showing how their past's split when Nergal who was his good friend greedily started seeking after things he didn't fully understand, but Athos even though he kept studying and searching for knowledge he did not fall into the same trap.
  21. Alright so there have been quite a few changes to how critical work in this game. I'll just list them out and then talk a little about how this affects gameplay. 1) Luck and HP no longer are equal for all classes. This makes it more likely to critical most classes, and even outright OHKO them for not having enough HP. 2) HP growths are much lower this game. Once again, criticals now are much more likely to OHKO in story mode due to this change. 3) Skill now affects critical chance by (Skill-4)/2 = critical stat bonus. This is a slight tweak from awakening, but even tho it seems like a nerf, the next difference changes things even further. 4) 1 Luck = .5 Critical Evade now. Technically... this makes luck both worse and more valuable. It's worse cause it doesn't do as much, but it's more valuable cause now if you don't have high enough luck(ie 4 less than the target's skill), then any weapon has the chance to critical unless you start pairing up. 5) Killing Weapons now do 4x critical damage. 6) While class skills have less options to get your critical up, some personal skills are very strong in the critical department. 7) S rank Classes all get bonuses to criticals except for Maids/Butlers. This makes all these classes very critical based or even anti crit in a couple cases. A couple interesting notes, A) Killing Weapons are extremely strong in story, they make it very likely to have 20%+ critical chance, 4x crits, and only have 5 less hit and 10 less avoid than normal iron weapons. This nearly makes them statistically better than iron, steel, silver, brave, and sometimes warrior weapons in story mode for most cases. B) Certain Builds in PvP are certainly strong, I'm not going to say they are overbearing as I can't comment on that yet, but Arthur is standing around with a 90% chance to crit most classes on player phase when built right. C) This can be pretty scary to some people who hate enemies getting criticals and they may stray away from low luck characters.
  22. So yeah, topic title. I know that the story is heavily criticized here on SF and asking elsewhere (on and offline) has yielded the same criticism. But does anybody know what the Japanese players, the ones that understands the full story instead of bits and pieces, think about the story? I don't think it's wrong to say that they have other standards that we in the West don't have, but I am curious nonetheless.
  23. So I just rather want to hear it straight. I like to nit pick and dig down deep into my games. I've done pretty well so far dodging spoilers. Even when I open some up and not even get a cent of what it meant (though I know IK is the true). I played Awakening, I thought the story was meh, I played Blazing Sword and found it exceptional. So, topic. What do you think about Fire Emblem: Fates story/plot of each path? I'm aware not every story can be good, but I might not consider this gen if I'm going to play 24+ hours of an RPG and find the story not engaging enough. I'm willing to give these weird characters, mechanics and everything else a try, but only if the story is actually worth it, I'll regret it after a week of play. So I want honest opinions. - One of the Best!: Fully engaging and you could never say the story was bad in any way. Worth every cent. - Above Par.: Really good. You'll probably play more playthroughs you usually go through, weather you find the rest of the game mediocre. Worth the money. - Good Enough.: It's tolerable. Nothing spectacular. You'd probably enjoy it as much as Awakenings story. You probably stick with this version though. - Rather disappointing...: You wouldn't buy this game for the sake of the story. You better hope you like everything else. This versions story isn't worth it. Just rent or borrow it. If you going to post something about the story from one of the 3 paths, please put it in "Spoilers". Votes and Posts from members who've played the game or currently knows the story very well preferably.
  24. Hello everyone. I'm finally done with the entire game and I have an urge to discuss what I often consider the most important part of a video game: the story. I created a thread not too long ago where I talked about Conquest and how I thought it definitely didn't live up to the hype of a complex storyline, to put it mildly. However, now that the third path has been released and beaten by a lot of people, I thought it would be appropriate to discuss the plot and the characters as a whole. Before we begin, I'd like to mention a few things: Firstly, this thread will contain spoilers, and since I'm giving ample warning, I won't write anything in spoiler tags, nor will I expect anyone else to. Please do not continue reading if you are afraid of spoilers. Secondly, if you get upset by me, or anyone else "hating" on the game, please keep in mind that we're discussing the story here - I find the gameplay and music overall fantastic with only a few missteps here and there. I like the game as a whole. Thirdly, my Japanese is pretty poor, so if I have misunderstood something or offer an insufficient description of something, it's probably because of that. Don't be afraid to tell me if I have misunderstood something. Now, with that out of the way, I must admit that I'm a bit unsure as to how to proceed, seeing as we're talking about three different routes and in essence three different storylines. I think the best way would be to talk about different aspects and parts of the story; a deconstruction, if you will. 1. The choice Let's start with the most important part of the game. I initially loved the choice, and it's presented absolutely brilliantly. If you pick any country over the other, the characters really express their disbelief in a believable way, and the game doesn't shy away from making you feel like an asshole - it's an unwinnable situation, accompanied by beautiful, sad music and a genuinely tragic situation. ...Well, unless you spent extra money on the third route. . If you pick the third option, then Kamui talks to Xander and Ryouma as if they were children, the fight starts soon afterward with Kamui attacking both armies and then fleeing to the Invisible Kingdom, where Aqua drops an impossible amount of exposition, telling the player all about how Hydra and how he's the true villain and the mastermind behind the war, essentially making the choice completely irrelevant in terms of the story. Aqua also says that you can't talk about the Invisible Kingdom, or Touma, in the outside world because you'd turn into foam. That is one of the stupidest, most contrived excuses I've ever heard - THAT'S the excuse for Aqua not telling everyone the truth? That's the only reason why the other two routes even exist to begin with? Because Aqua's gagged? It's not to make the third path more difficult story-wise, because everyone's hellbent on accusing you of being a traitor anyway, and they'd have no reason to believe Kamui if they started talking about an invisible kingdom and evil dragons. This was just their explanation for Aqua not telling you anything in the other two routes. There are so many better ways they could've handled this. I'm no writer, but wouldn't it be much better if Aqua didn't know everything from the get-go and also had to find out the truth? As it stands now, Aqua exists more or less only to dump exposition, and she's got very little character; I almost forget that she's in the game, much less had a backstory of being kidnapped and raised in Hoshido, and the game itself seems to forget it as well. In the other two routes, Aqua just follows you without any real reason to, and she never even tries to tell you the truth; wouldn't that be her number one concern? Couldn't she just write us a note or something? - Anyway, from one point to another, but which is also relevant to the choice: The Hoshido siblings. The choice is further dilluted because the big deal about choosing Hoshido over Nohr was because of your blood ties but hey surprise, there are none, so now you can safely bang them to your hearts content! Seriously though, this was such an idiotic move on their part, and it was a plot twist that people started speculating about the very same day the second trailer was released. I've always found it funny how some people claim that waifus destroyed Fire Emblem, but here the story is actually weakened because it seems Intelligent Systems prioritized being able to marry every single character of the opposite gender over genuine intrigue - unless you think the whole "oh hey I got a letter from mom saying we're not related let's bang okay?" a satisfying enough explanation. To conclude, the premise is absolutely stellar, and in the beginning it seems very well executed, but it's so polluted by stupid story and gameplay decisions to the point where it doesn't even feel like a difficult choice anymore, since one is right - the other two will just take you to different maps. 2. The royal families I'll keep this brief, and I can summerize my thoughts fairly quickly: why the symmetry, and why so many? With the exception of Leon and Takumi, the royals feel very underdeveloped as characters. If there had been fewer of them, there could've been more interactions between them as well as a more fleshed out story - I know this is incredibly subjective, and since my Japanese is so poor I'm hesitant to talk much about characters even though I've read supports, but I can't for the life of me see the reason for several of the royals even being in the game. Hinoka in particular feels incredibly bland and forgettable, and she's probably the one who does the least in terms of story in all three routes; she feels like a complete afterthought. "But Thane, you like Awakening and we all know Awakening's characters sucked!" - Awakening had several bad characters, and I agree that Chrom felt underdeveloped, but the game never forgot he even existed. The big selling point of this game was the royal families and the story, just look at the "Iwata asks" and you'll see it's all they talk about, and they feel so...lifeless. I should also point out that this argument is completely irrelevant, since we're discussing Fates' story, but I wanted to prematurely explain my take on this, since I'm sure someone would've brought it up sooner or later. Leon and Takumi are nice though, and those two have a more romantic support than all other "romantic" supports combined. 3. The villains Well...if you can call them that. Seriously, I know Fire Emblem doesn't have a long history of complex villains, but these guys take the cake. Iago and Ganz hound Kamui in both Conquest and Birthright in slightly different ways before being unceremoniously killed - Iago even survives to beg for mercy in both routes before being killed by Leon...in both routes. Then in the third route they're just swatted like flies fairly early on without any real impact on the story. See, there's my main beef with them - what on earth are they even in the game for? What exactly do they offer? Sure, Iago is at least good at what he does but...what is it, exactly? They're so generically evil it hurts, and even though they survive for quite a while in the two original routes, they never develop as characters or accomplish anything, and they're so unimortant that Ganz dies without being able to have any dying words and Elise cheers Leon on after having murdered Iago in Conquest so...why weren't they just killed earlier? This is partially the reason why Conquest feels like it doesn't have a story and never gets anywhere, because Iago and Ganz are being annoying and the ragtag bunch of misfits can't do anything about it because they've got that world's version of diplomatic immunity. This brings me to the next villain, namely our favorite Flubber since Flubber, King Garon. ...Who also doesn't do much. I think the third route actually nailed his character perfectly. If you don't know what happens, I'll give you the the complete rundown. You mess up Hydra, who says he needs more power and thus teleports Garon, who has been seen about once in the third route earlier cackling maniacally, to his side. Garon offers his body to Hydra, but Hydra eats him instead - the siblings each say one line and after that he's not mentioned again. That's it. You know, for a guy we've seen turn into a giant dragon, a slime monster and (I imagine) having his powers boosted by Hydra, and being the king of Nohr whose manipulation is essentially what drives the entire story in the first place, you'd think he'd be a bit more...important? Prominent? Developed? As far as I know, we get to know very, very little about the real Garon's death and how Nohr has changed, and the siblings talk very little about living under this tyrant. "But Thane, the real Garon was dead and this was just the body controlled by Hydra, of course we can't see the real Garon" - well, I did find Mikoto and Sumeragi's return very cheesy and rushed (why couldn't they have taken Iago and Ganz' place? Would've had much more impact than the generic assclowns we killed without blinking), but Garon is super important to the story. Also, this sort of leads me to the core of the problem I have with this game: why was Hydra necessary? Why couldn't this game have been only two routes where you had to live with the consequences of your choice? Why wasn't Garon simply a misguided King? I'm not the most eloquent person as you may have noticed since, when talking about the villains, all I've done is asking "why?", but I'll try to explain what I wish Garon could have been. In The Legend of Zelda, you often face Ganon or Ganondorf, who's often portrayed as a very powerful, evil wizard, and that's more or less it. He didn't start getting a personality until Ocarina of Time, I believe, but the point where everybody I know started loving him was in Wind Waker. He talks solemnly about being the king of a desert people (this was known very early on in the franchise), and how the wind always carried destruction where he lived, either it scorched the land during the day or pierced their homes during the night. However, in the neighboring land of Hyrule, the land which he had tried to conquer so many times before, the winds carried something else. This speech lasts about half a minute, and suddenly everything falls into place and you feel genuine pity for an immortal guy who everyone just considered a generic bad guy. Garon, needless to say, has no such moment. We have very little information of how he was before, what drives him or even how the siblings react to him changing. We know they fear him, since Camilla was even prepared to kill Kamui on his behalf under the pain of death, but that's about it. I wish we had gotten to know him in Conquest, but instead we got a generic manipulated bad guy and a team of spineless morons. 4. Final thoughts Believe it or not, I don't hate the story, I merely dislike it, and I'm so underwhelmed and disappointed, and I feel absolutely nothing towards it. There are several moments and characters that are portrayed very well, but they're too few and generally unimportant to make much of a difference. One of the main problems is that the game constantly tries to have the cake and eat it too, like with being able to bang the Hoshido siblings. We can also see that in the third path, where all the important characters live, just in case any family member's death upset someone in another route. Speaking of the route system, I like it in theory, but it's made absolutely pointless by the de facto best one where you get everything and everyone. It's also no coincidence that it's the path you can't buy separately that is the "best" one, and I believe the other two routes suffered further because content was removed fairly late into development to give people incentive to buy the third path. I've got no proof of this, but it would explain why there is so much filler especially in Conquest and why so very, very little is revealed. If there had only been two more developed routes, fewer, better written siblings with more interactions between them and there was no true enemy which made one route more meaningful than the others, then this game could have been brilliant. As it stands, I ask myself a lot of "what ifs", but none of them are what the developers had in mind.
  25. I re-made this thread because my previous one--just by the title--doesn't exactly feel like it "plants my flag", or so to speak. With this title, you know I will be making progress with my translations. I will make an effort to get at least one video out a day. It takes me a few to several hours to make one 10-20 minute video, so please forgive me if I miss out on a day. If all goes well I may be able to push out two, but that's not in any way a guarantee. Editing in all this text is a stroke and making sure they're good translations that gets the essential meaning across takes a little extra time.. Please excuse me if I double/triple/etc. post as I keep you guys updated. I'll try and keep it to a minimal, though. And without further ado... ---- Neutral (0-5) Chapters: "Chapter 0" Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Hoshido (6-27) Chapters: Chapter 6 Chapter 7 Chapter 8 Chapter 9 Chapter 10 Chapter 11 Chapter 12 Chapter 13 Chapter 14 Chapter 15 Chapter 16 Chapter 17 Chapter 18 Chapter 19 Chapter 20 Chapter 21 Chapter 22 Chapter 23 Chapter 24 Chapter 25 Chapter 26 Chapter 27 Nohr (6-27) Chapters: Chapter 6 Chapter 7 Chapter 8 Chapter 9 Chapter 10 Chapter 11 Chapter 12 Chapter 13 Chapter 14 Chapter 15 Chapter 16 Chapter 17 Chapter 18 Chapter 19 Chapter 20 Chapter 21 Chapter 22 Chapter 23 Chapter 24 Chapter 25 Chapter 26 Chapter 27 "Aqua" (6-?) Chapter coming soon
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