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Found 39 results

  1. Heya people (and non-people) of SF, I'm just here to plug the upcoming speedrun event that will be happening (and be streamed) in about a week and a half. Unfortunately, us Australians apparently don't know how to speedrun FE so no dice there. Here is a link to the promotional tweet, and here is a link to the schedule. It will be streamed on the AusSpeedrunMarathon twitch page. Tell your friends, family, and pets. Let's get some support behind it. Also I'm playing a game but that's not the important bit, I'm just here to sellout
  2. I'll be streaming Fire Emblem 7 Chaos Mode, a ROM Hack made by Kolkinator in celebration of Halloween for about an hour. The stream will start 2:45 P.M. EST. See you there!
  3. Hey everyone, so I am actually starting streaming much more consistently and I am aiming to play from around 6:30-8:30 or 6:30-9:30pm every day. https://www.twitch.tv/lraven17 I mainly stream games from my backlog and currently. I hope to see people there! I will be streaming consistently, and I'll ask for viewer opinions on my next game even if I'm kinda set on the next batch of games I want to play. I also interact with the twitch chat cause it tends to be small and people make comments/ask questions and I offer up my opinions on random other games, so you don't need to be a tales fan (for now) to enjoy it I guess. I think the stream mostly works now, but I still need to do some testing because there's random in-game audio desyncing. Also, if you want to join with me and do some sort of dual commentary/conversation then feel free to ask, though I don't think anyone will take me up on this. Is nice to have banter. VOTE FOR MY NEXT GAME HERE! If this works how I think this does then it should keep this as the link to my "next game" poll. [spoiler=playlists]Tales of Legendia Shadow Hearts: From the New World Final Fantasy IX Final Fantasy XII Devil May Cry 4 Castlevania: Lords of Shadow Castlevania: Lament of Innocence Tales of Xillia The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask
  4. I haven't really used my Twitch very often, I've done a couple test streams and that's about it, and I've decided to give it another go. Because I am a smart man, I decided to play Superman 64. https://www.twitch.tv/david_the_secondworld
  5. Hey everyone! I'm SEVA. I don't post regularly, but you might know me as the person who made Micro Emblem, and this Paper Mario fangame. Well, over the years I've been making fan games, of course I accumulated quite a few 'sketches', most only one level long, which could have become full games but didn't. And it's probably a good thing, 'cause most of them are terrible! :whoops: But nonetheless, they might be quite interesting to look at, so I decided to stream a bunch of them today. If you're the kind of person who enjoys laughing at , or just likes fangames, you may enjoy this. There won't be any Fire Emblem in this stream (unless there's high demand for me to play Micro Emblem or something) but there will be some Mario fangames, some Sonic fangames, some things which aren't really fangames... [spoiler=Just a few of the exhibits:] You can find my Twitch channel here. The stream starts today at 22:00 BST. That's also 9:00 PM UTC, 5:00 PM EDT, 2:00 PM PDT. Any other time zones, you can look up yourself.
  6. As this game was confirmed to be released in the west on 6/24 I will be attempting to get the game on that day and stream the next day, which will be Saturday the 25th. While this is several months in advance, I figured I'd clue people into the possibility, as well as ask people who have played the Japanese version to please give me some general info I might need to know so this goes as smoothly as possible. Elieson has already volunteered to be a mod on this stream, if/when it gets off the ground and I will have to do several tests as the day approaches, thanks for any info/help in advance and I hope some of you will tune in.
  7. Hey folks, i'm getting a capture device here during the holidays, I was thinking to myself. When the English version hits sometime next year, why don't I stream it? If all the stars align properly that is, so I'm just trying to find out here, would anyone be possibly interested in joining me for that? Provided it all works out.
  8. In an effort to actually motivate myself to beat this damn game, I'm gonna stream me playing Thracia 776. And to make it more entertaining it's going to be a blind iron man run of the game. Kill me now. As per usual this will follow the normal ironman rules, but I'm going to change the reset rule. I'm going to implement a "reset state" in case Leif dies during a chapter. Basically I just make a save state at a point in the chapter and that I get to load the most recent state in case Leif dies. This is mainly to mitigate time spent on chapters so I won't be spending multiple hours doing the same chapter over and over again. The pros of this system is that I get to not restart the whole chapter when I lose Leif. The cons are units lost before the state are permanent unless a full chapter restart is necessary, bad positioning is permanent, bad levels are permanent, etc. Also I only get 3 of these per chapter so I can't abuse it. Now technically this won't be truly blind till about chapter 6 since most of my runs end around chapter 4 or 5 so I know those chapters a bit. Now that I've got that stuff out of the way, I need your help. I can't decide on whether or not to play on Elite mode or Normal mode. So I'm gonna leave it up to you guys. Vote here: http://strawpoll.me/5373998 I'll be streaming on my Twitch channel. It will happen at around 3 PM CST on Sundays. Any changes to my schedule will be posted on my Twitter.
  9. It's been awhile once again, but I plan to stream Fates today; feel free to join it today if you wish. I've been streaming Fates for the past couple of weeks already, but I never made much of an effort to announce it here on SF; the main reason for this is because I do not have a capture card yet, although I have plans to acquire one by the time that Fates is localized. Here is my stream archive of my Hard/Classic Fates run if you wish to see it. Stream Info Starts on 9/6 @ 4 PM - ~7 PM EST - http://www.twitch.tv/n7_average_azn Fire Emblem Fates (if) - Nohr on Hard/Classic Chapters 23 - ~24 I've finally caught up in chapters, so I will try to get these two done today. YouTube || Twitch I will occasionally do others games as well whenever I feel like it, but since I am lucky enough to have my hands on Fates for now, that has and will be the majority of what I'm playing for the near future.
  10. I'll stream/record video starting at 3:00 PM PST every afternoon. Vids will be unedited to showcase allll the embarrassing moments of me being me. [spoiler=links to vids archived here][spoiler=Part 1] (I just realized the thumbnail is incredibly fitting for this one) [spoiler=Part 2]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TvAvKUnoGmM&feature=youtu.be Normal Mode. No Cyber Elves. Beating the missions only. Using Megaman Zero Collection. What you can expect: me a bad me a shit me a terrible AND ALSO me a screaming in joy every time Strong Will plays. Stream (OFFLINE)
  11. Hi everyone, this is kingddd and I would take this opportunity to thank you for taking the time to read this. Currently I have signed up as an Extra-Life member and take this opportunity for myself to explore, express and open myself up more and at the same time volunteer to help my local hospital. What is Extra-Life? Extra Life is a program which helps support children's hospitals where the children need all the help they can get and how we can help is by playing games and just ask for others to take their time to watch us or post video game footages and ask to donate to our local hospital. Currently I'm running for BC children's hospital and be honored if you can watch me play some games or just me posting some video footages of me playing live and donate to my local hospital. I will receive no revenue at all as this is going to my hospital all 100%. To donate or go to my twitch channel and click the BC children's hospital: http://www.extra-life.org/index.cfm?fuseaction=donorDrive.participant&participantID=151576 Livestream: www.twitch.tv/kingddd17 Depending on how my schedule works, I will be playing a game live or post a random gameplay video of me playing and will make a poll if enough support comes in to create the next videos. My first project is stated below. If I can reach the 100 dollar goal, then I would consider this a success and would appreciate your generosity, continuing efforts and to help support my local hospital and the community.
  12. The channel where I stream various games. http://www.twitch.tv/darklegendvampire This topic is to let people know when I'm streaming or not. When I'm streaming, I'll modified the topic title and post to let people know. Ended stream early.
  13. A draft with a difference! This is a draft for an as-yet indeterminate number of players. Most likely 3-6 depending on signups. The two key catches on this draft will be that 1) Everyone will be playing simultaneously, completing the game in a single sitting and 2) The goal is the lowest time, NOT lowest turns (that is, real time not in game time!) The draft is tentatively set to start at 10pm GMT/6pm GMT EST etc. on September 28th (that's next Saturday). The current plan is that we will draft characters first, and then go straight into our runs. As nothing like this has ever been attempted, we aren't certain on the time it'll take, so I'd suggest having 5 clear hours (it probably won't take that long, but better safe than sorry). While it's not necessary, it's highly recommended that you're able to stream your play during the draft - e.g, it would be good if you have a Twitch account you can stream to. If you've never streamed before, but are interested in doing so for this draft, there are various pieces of free software you can use to do this, such as Open Broadcast Software (OBS) or Xsplit. Experiment etc. and work stuff out. Rules (note: Some of these may be subject to change depending on how many people we have etc. - I intend to finalise them like Thursday next week or something. Anything which I'm especially happy to take feedback on making minor changes to will be in italics (which isn't to say I won't take feedback at any other time) Drafting: 1. This draft is for 6 players. Signups will close Wednesday 25th September. The draft starts at 10pm GMT on 28-09-13. 2. Eirika, Ephraim & Orson are free for all to use. 3. Seth may not be drafted. 4. Seth is free during the prologue and chapters 1-3, and from then on counts as undrafted. 5. Each player will draft 5 characters. The drafting order will be reversed during the final round. 5. The game will be played on Hard Mode. 6. A race using the Speedrunslive channel (and their racebot) will control the race. For those unfamiliar, it's a fairly easy system to wrap your head around, and gives a communal system for timing the draft. Rules: 1. Undrafted units may recruit characters, rescue undrafted units and NPCs, trade, visit Shops and Armories, Meatshield without a weapon, dig up items in the desert, open doors or chests using keys 2. Undrafted units may not do anything not listed above, including but not limited to causing damage, building Supports, and using (lock)pick/steal/dance etc. 3. Map shopping is allowed. 4. Skirmishes/use of the Tower or Ruins is allowed. Remember that this draft is judged on your final time, not turns. 5. Timing stops the moment Formotiis is reduced to 0 HP. 6. If (AND ONLY IF) all players are using an emulator with savestate function, then savestate use will be allowed. 7. No other emulator functions may be used. Penalties: 1. Undrafted units have a 15 minute penalty, per unit per chapter. 2. Seth has a special 45 minute penalty per chapter. 3. Penalties only apply if the chapter is completed from where a penalty would apply. Rule 6 probably needs a small explanation: Savestates make things much easier and let you take riskier actions successfully, but this is a real time draft - anything you do between saving and loading a savestate will be lost time. They can still save some time, but mostly they're there for safety and to make things work more quickly (again, the time this will take is currently unknown - we'd rather not have it take TOO long). However, if anyone objects to their use but wants to join, the rule will be removed. Signups: Tables Kirbymastah Vykan Refa General Horace Mar Mar
  14. This is going to be more or less the same concept as the FE8 live speedrun draft, with a couple tweaks here and there. As before, the race will be hosted on speedrunslive and ideally those who join the draft are able to stream on twitch, although it's not a requirement. I've set the date of the race to this sunday at 6pm eastern time, although I can push back the date to whenever if this turns out to be too short notice. The race last week was a blast and if this one is successful, I hope to turn these races into a weekly event. As for the rules, I'm going by the ruleset I found in the sticky, with a couple of exceptions: First, I'd relax the penalty exceptions as follows: 1-P to 1-2: Use whoever the hell you want 1-5: Volug (same as before) 2-P to 2-3: Use whoever the hell you want 3-1 and 3-2: Can use two undrafted non-mount units As for the penalties itself, you won't be punished if you make a couple accidents here and there, such as forgetting to unequip an undrafted unit for 1 turn who then faces an enemy. Egregious or intentional mistakes such as having an undrafted Titania solo a difficult map will cause a self-inflicted penalty of 15 minutes per chapter, although you kind of have to run by the honor system for what penalties you impose on your final time. The drafting itself will be done on-stream. I'll organize a spreadsheet on google drive that all the draftees can access and edit and we'll pick the teams that way, same as last time. Make sure to join the srl channel or contact me via skype about an hour before the race so we can get everything organized properly. Sign-ups 1. Vykan12 2. PKL 3. Gwimpage 4. Paperblade 5. 6. 7.
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