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Found 7 results

  1. Hello everyone. I am a youtuber known as The ChoZen One. I started a playthrough of me playing for the first time Golden Deer Maddening Mode but with a twist!! Not only will I not be using new game+ (so I get that golden title screen) but I will be restricting myself from using divine pulses. I want to have the ultimate challenge with this and play the game how the classic FE games were meant to be played. It will be a crazy experience as I have never played the hardest difficulty on any FE before aside from Sacred Stones (which is considered the easiest) I am a semi casual player, I like to use my favorite characters but have some decent knowledge on certain strats here and there, but nothing on the level of some hardcore players out there who study growths, viability etc. So come check out this madlad attempt such a crazy challenge. I would appreciate all the support. I want to interact with more FE fans on my streams and plan to make more content around FE in general. Subscribe if your new and hope to see you guys join me on this journey as we take on such a incredible challenge!! My first stream is linked below, be sure to check it out. There is a few parts out already and I plan to stream a lot this week continuing the journey!!
  2. Hey, I know I've been absent from the Fire Emblem community for a few years now. I've always held Fire Emblem dearly in my heart, but was going through a tough time in my personal life, so I had to get that sorted out. Now that I have (hopefully for good), I am now focused on my goal, my dream, which is to make a living as a Twitch streamer / content creator. So one of my ideas was to have a Fire Emblem Friday stream as a weekly routine. That's where you guys come in. What would you like to see in an 8 hour long weekly Fire Emblem stream? And what time slot is best? I was thinking noon to 8pm EST. It's great to be back :)
  3. Hi there everyone! I'm doing a first playthrough of FE4 Binary and streaming it for the world to see. Drop on by and let's all have a good time watching me suffer! https://www.twitch.tv/lunarisparadox
  4. Hey there everybody! I've been something of a long time lurker on Serenes, but I figured I should Introduce myself! I stream a TON of Fire Emblem and Pokemon, particularly with a focus on silly Rom Hacking. You might recognize me from my association with Mangs, for whom I am a scriptreader/editor for his character spotlight videos. Drop on by my discord for a general good time, and to get updates on when I'm streaming! we also have a nsfw section. Enjoy if u wish XD MODEDIT: we have our own discord, don't advertise yours LUNAEDIT: oops, sorry about that. MODEDIT: no worries cheers, welcome to sf
  5. After a dicussion with our lovely admin, Tang, we thought the streaming community could use a little pep to try and encourage more people to join in. This is where you, the spriters, come in. What is it? In anticipation of the upcoming release of Fire Emblem: Fates and to help garner more interest in the spriting community, we'd like to hold a week-long Fates-inspired streaming event for spriters to come and exhibit their skills. No previous streaming experience is required. We will help you set up, if you're just starting out. Spriters of any skill level may join. In fact, we'd like to encourage new spriters to try it out! Why stream? While many spriters may feel uncomfortable with the prospect of being watched while working, streaming is actually a very effective medium to help spriters improve develop their skills with real-time critique. If you've ever wondered how your fellow spriters do what they do, this is also a great opportunity to observe their techniques. How can I get involved? We have a dedicated streaming hub topic where you can get started. If you need help, feel free to ask! As for the event itself, we're looking for spriters who would be interested and willing to stream themselves spriting a little something FE:Fates-related during the week of the event. You can sign up for the event by posting below. When is this happening? The tentative date for this event will be the week following the release (Feb. 19). If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions, we'd like to hear them! ------ Current List of Participants (please check out their related links!) -- AK AthenaWyrm [ devART | Twitter | Sprite Topic ] Snake Mom [ Twitch | YouTube ] Thor Odinson [ Art Blog ] The Merc Lenh xXHoshiHeartsXx Smirks The Wonderful & Amazingly Talented Mew Whom I Have Most Definitely NOT Forgotten To Add To This List By Any Possible Measure Nope Tao
  6. Thanks to Nohr streamer TohruAdachi (Here's his thread), I've compiled hundreds...THOUSANDS of screenshots. Well, they all just get dumped into a folder on his Dropbox, and I just wasn't gonna have it. I wanted shit organized, soooooooooo Here they are, all HD also, here's the raw link: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/1bu8sv87tox3wxg/AAAjJyRh-PhubUVZDzTCsVlfa?dl=0 The stream where I'm getting these screenshots from: http://www.twitch.tv/himynameismaurice (His stream is Finished at the moment, NOHR completed) The streamer's Tumblr (where he announces his stream times and stuff) http://himynameismaurice.tumblr.com The streamer's Youtube channel, where the Stream is being uploaded in 2 hour Segments: https://www.youtube.com/user/hmnimaurice I've taken the liberty to sort where I can, and now I have them all up on my Dropbox (currently over 3300 screenshots, up to the beginning of Chapter 16). These are what I've sorted so far. Note, these aren't Videos, they're all screenshots, and they're ever-expanding, so if you have an overwhelming desire for something, we'll get it if we can! In the Supports Folder: In the Chapters folder Please cite them if you decide to use them, or not :D **Edit** Now at 4300+ **EDIT** OVER 9000!
  7. Hey! I've been streaming Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance and I intend to stream Radiant Dawn after. If you want to watch, come stop by at www.twitch.tv/lordvessel I look at chat so feel free to talk. Also, give me feedback in this thread or PM me feedback on twitch if you stop by. Thanks!
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