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Found 1 result

  1. I was thinking of this for a while, I do recall that the Mario franchise has three other protagonists that came from Mario games from the start and then got their own series franchise as part of the Mario Sub-Series like Yoshi and Wario had along with Donkey Kong debut at the same time with Mario from the same game before Mario fights Bowser in Super Mario Bros. I do think we definitely think we need a new Mario Sub-Series based off from a new protagonist that deserves his/her own game franchise since I think the last Sub-Series that the character got was Wario from the Super Mario Land series. So for this thread, you are working for Nintendo and help Shigeru Miyamoto for the development for a new Mario game and thought of adding a new character that later receives his/her own game series. You are to create your ideal Sub-Series that came from the Mario Universe that you think of what you liked to see it happen. Also, I think we should add some like allies, villains, world setting, platform theme, type of platform, items, How the protagonist first encountered Mario in his/her debut appearance, etc. for the new Mario Sub-Series for add more environment as well. I got my idea should be like I want to create like: New Main Protagonist: Probably a female character that uses Knives and Weapon Staff as her choice of fighting style since the other protagonists are guys Nintendo System debut: Probably a Nintendo Switch or a future Nintendo console after the Nintendo Switch The main protagonist's allies introduced in the series: An echo fighter from the main protagonist (saving it for a future Super Smash Bros. game and I definitely remembered that we haven't seen an Echo Fighter from a Mario Sub-Series in Ultimate), some connected close Mario characters like Bowser Jr.'s real mother that we haven't seen yet and Rosalina's brother that was mentioned in Super Mario Galaxy, etc., and a Cranky Kong like character Villains: Big Bad Guy, his big henchmen similar to the Koopalings (maybe 4 Major ones and 8 Supporters), Chinese styled army, Rats, etc. World Setting: An Asian type setting Platform Theme: 2D Type of Platform: Metroidvania styled Platformer Items: Ramen (Power-up), Pork Bun (1-up), etc. How did the protagonist first encountered Mario in her debut appearance: Tricked by Bowser and thought Mario was stealing the Golden Statue for himself.
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