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Found 8 results

  1. Why are they allowed to double, what has Brom ever done to deserve death in such a sad way? Stupid 21 speed sage with bolting nAWGHDRYEFIUJwg diuyojawgb djhkasewgbdhjklagwblijdh
  2. i'm not as active in topics as I used to be because being locked to mobile is a drag (my laptop is ded) and i can't keep up with the conversation speed etc. but i'm still here and stuff. i'm really bad at these fads
  3. Mafia sucks! This is pretty much just a 10p concept game. Roles are very manageable so new players are welcome, but veterans might find some fun with this game as well. Rules tl;dr: 72 hour days, 24 hour nights as usual. Days 1 and 2 can end with majority lynch. If you're noticeably inactive you're likely to be replaced out. The full stuff is down below. [spoiler=Rules]1. This game is NOC, follow the spirit of the game and don't talk about the game outside the thread unless granted mod permission to do so. Being dead doesn't count as being given permission, so living players contacting dead players to comment on the game and viceversa are not allowed. Post any game-related comments in the game thread (if alive) or in the graveyard quicktopic (if dead). If you don't want to talk about the game in public, you may also post your thoughts on your Role PM anytime. 2. Days last for 72 hours, nights last for 24 hours. Please let the mods know if you intend to lurk or if you have important commitments that will prevent you from posting once every 24 hours, otherwise two prods will likely result in forced replacement. Days 3 onwards can be reduced to 48 hour length if the playerlist agrees on it before the start of the game. 3. Don't talk after the hammer, specially if you are the player being lynched. 4. Lynches require a majority of votes to happen from Day 3 onwards. If there is no majority, the game will end in a universal loss. No lynch may be reached by 1/3 or more of alive players voting no lynch at phase end. Days 1 and 2 don't require a hammer, so the player with the most votes at the end of the phase will be lynched. Deliberate or neglectful vote ties will result in bad things happening. 5. LyLo or MyLo will be announced normally. 6. You will be informed if your action is blocked or redirected. 7. No jesters or other bastard mod elements. 8. No screenshots, Mod conversation quoting (Role PM, night results PMs, etc) or post edits. Any of these will most likely end up in a mod kill. Flavorspec is discouraged but allowed. 9. Being modkilled for any of the above or blatantly failing to play to your wincon (a.k.a: throwing the game) will result in an automatic loss for the player involved regardless of alignment and potential consequences towards the ability to sign up for our future games. This includes powerlurking through several phases as town-aligned. If you are unsure whether or not something you are about to post would be against the game's rules, please contact us and ask. 10. Self targetting isn't allowed unless specified otherwise. 11. If you feel that a game or general forum rule was violated, please do not post about it in the game thread, but contact one of the following people instead: - Mitsuki - Vhaltz - Kaoz - Eclipse - Balcerzak Player list (10/10) - Izhuark - NHG - Clarinets - Rapier - Gaius - Splodge - Poly - SB - Refa - Tiny Goddess subs for rapier: - Elieson
  4. i hate kellam he is annoying and generals are a bad class reply if you agree if you don't agree, you're wrong
  5. Drafting: 1. This draft is for 7 players. 2. Ike, Micaiah, Sothe, Geoffrey, the Herons, the Black Knight, and Lehran are free for all to use. 3. The drafting order is reversed for the last round of picks. 4. Haar is banned from drafting. 5. The game will be played on Normal Mode. Rules: 1. Undrafted units may recruit characters, Rescue and Shove/Smite undrafted characters and NPCs, trade, Escape/Arrive, and transfer items/skills between teams. 2. Undrafted units may not do anything not listed above, including but not limited to meatshielding, building Supports, opening Doors and Chests, finding hidden items, and giving Blood Tide/Night Tide/White Pool bonuses. 3. Allied and Other units may do as they please without penalty. 4. Defend chapters count the last played Player Phase for turns if the timer is waited out. Penalties: 1. Undrafted units have a 4 turn penalty, per unit per chapter (1-6 counts as 2 chapters, and 4-E counts as 5 chapters). Exceptions: 1. One of Edward or Nolan is free for each of 1-P, 1-1 and 1-2. 2. Volug is free for 1-5. 3. Elincia, Marcia and Nealuchi are free for 2-P 4. Nephenee and Brom are free for 2-1. 5. One undrafted, non-Lucia unit is free for 2-2. 6. One undrafted, 7 move unit is free for 3-1. 7. One undrafted, 6 move unit is free for 3-3. 8. 2-1 and 3-P are free up to 10 turns. Teams: Baldrick: Jill, Tanith, Nephenee, Tibarn, Naesala, Tormod, Lethe, Volke, Oliver MJThomnumbers: Oscar, Aran, Laura, Mordecai, Kieran, Tauroneo, Skrimir, Bastian, Gareth Quintessence: Titania, Marcia, Gatrie, Calill, Leonardo, Muarim, Lucia, Mist, Stefan Peekayell: Edward, Soren, Nealuchi, Rhys, Makalov, Sanaki, Vika, Lyre, Kurthnaga CRsux: Nolan, Elincia, Janaff, Heather, Shinon, Astrid, Kyza, Nasir, Ena Bearclawrandomnumbers: Ilyana, Mia, Zihark, Ulki, Ranulf, Fiona, Caineghis, Giffca, Renning Jedi: Volug, Boyd, Sigrun, Brom, Nailah, Rolf, Danved, Pelleas, Meg [spoiler=Units Remaining]
  6. hiding seizure inducing screamers in your 'expand this comment' is not funny. its retarded........fuck off and die maybe? yes this is yet another one off my complain like a whining baby threads
  7. I have to go to school today... We had a stupidly short summer, but we end school on the 22nd of May.
  8. I've cut off work on Dark Days (Probably permanently) because various things, including this: Endless Adventure A project on RPG Maker XP In the world of Grandia, explorers and spelunkers are extremely common. Can you stand up to the challenge of Grandia's dungeons? Will you make is out alive? Only time will tell. It's like the RPGs of old, with lots of gameplay and exploration, and not that much storyline. The story will exist, but it isn't important, nor is it good, nor is it deep and enriching. Basically an old Final Fantasy game, except obviously not 8-bit, and with no end. That's right. Just lots of dungeon-crawling, character leveling, and loot-gathering. Now, I know if you're looking for a game like this, you can get some MMO or something that's probably way better than this. But anyways, yeah, that's about it. Lots of updates can be expected soon. Thanks for your time. Also, I don't know where this should go, Rom hacking just seemed the closest to it.
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