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Found 10 results

  1. I've been on YouTube for as long as I can remember and in that time I've watched and subscribed to tons of channels...but I haven't had any luck finding new people to watch..any suggestions? I gotta feeling that this topic shouldn't be in Entertainment...
  2. If a sequel is announced for Fire Emblem Warriors 2, what approach to stage selection would you prefer for the next game to take? See the included poll for options and feel free to express your wishes in the thread. Are there any particular Fire Emblem chapters you would love to see adapted into a Warriors stage? Note - this is for actual gameplay stage designs, not history mode story scenarios. I personally really want to see: Path of Radiance: Port Toha Serenes Forest Radiant Dawn: Elincia's Gambit The Price Final Chapter - Rebirth Sacred Stones: Chapter 8 - It's a Trap Chapter 15 - Scorched Sand Chapter 19 - Last Hope Awakening: Chapter 4 - Two Falchions (Arena Ferox) Chapter 9 - Emmeryn Fates: Opera House Wind Tribe Village (Revelation Route) Port Town of Dia Shadow Dragon: Camus the Sable The Temple of Thabes
  3. When talking about a potential sequel, roster choices tend to dominate the discussion. The reasons for this are understandable, but I feel like discussion of potential features and fixes is relatively ignored as a result. So, in this thread, let's discuss new/improved features that could make a potential sequel an even better game than FE Warriors. I have a few suggestions of my own: Optimization/Performance It goes without saying that crashes should be as rare or nonexistent as possible. Moving on. Improved UI FE Warriors UI is it's greatest objective flaw. It's clunky, inefficient, and outright annoying on several levels. Fixes would include the following: Save convoy/camp changes immediately, rather than after completing the next mission. Removal of annoying spammed voiced dialogue on convoy/camp interactions. Display total kill count and time remaining on the gameplay screen alongside personal kill count. More convenient ways to check support levels. Ability to access camp from the pre-mission preparation screen without exiting the level. Order Chains I generally find the ability to order the AI controlled allied heroes around to be quite useful, but I would like more strategy and less maintenance in this feature. The ability to issue a short chain of orders would be highly beneficial. For example, one could issue a maximum of three consecutive orders to Chrom, causing him to take out the gatekeeper, take the fort, and then defend the newly claimed fort in that order. These would appear in the AI's pathing as connected dots labelled (1), (2), and (3). Additional Music and Custom Soundtracks FE Warriors music is rather limited and honestly kind of underwhelming for the most part. It could use additional classic songs from the series, alongside the ability to select which ones appear during certain objectives, including, but not limited to: Choose the theme that plays during recruitment Choose the theme that plays during the main menu. Choose regular battle theme. Choose high-tension/boss theme. Choose themes that play while playing particular characters. Custom Avatar Given that FE Warriors is less canon and story based than other games in the series, it seems like a perfect, less controversial place to implement custom avatars. If a non-canon main character is to be required, let us customize them. Hell, let us choose fighting styles from other characters and earn cosmetics to customize our avatar. If such a thing is included in other games like Samurai Warriors 4, there is no real reason for it to be excluded from FEW. Clone Improvements I'm not as opposed to clones as most, but they certainly have some glaring issues. Namely, the clones bloat the UI by filling the roster with copy-paste characters and requiring you to tediously level and grind the same materials for identical upgrades on identical characters. (1) Group every character with a shared moveset under the same class, while allowing you to field them separately and potentially have multiple different characters on the same battlefield. (2) This allows for a UI change. In the convoy/camp, first select the class, then the character, allowing you to quickly filter to the desired character as the roster continues to grow. (3) All characters of the same class share a level and core upgrades. Core upgrades being everything except for Support inherited skills. (4) Each character of the same class has its own stats, gear selection, and support skills. As a result, the UI will be easier to navigate during character selection by allowing you to quickly filter to the role and character of your choice. New characters will be easier to add through DLC without bloating the convoy/camp UI or requiring redundant grind. All PRF weapons should have innate attributes Some prf weapons are objectively better than others. They have bonus weapon attributes which give them an advantage over other weapons - always a slayer attribute. This shouldn't be the case. Instead, every prf weapon should have its own innate attribute, which is not limited to a slayer skill. Some examples of future/current weapons and potential skills could include (but aren't limited to) the following: Ragnell/Alondite - Plateslayer (meant to reference the sword's ability to damage the Black Knight's armor) Binding Blade - Dracoslayer Gradivus - Bowbreaker (meant to reference the distant counter property) Wishblade - Luck+ Durandal - Flame (Deals damage over time) Armads - Rage Builder Urvan - Desperate+ Siegmund - Beastslayer Sieglinde - Beastslayer Tyrfing - Spellshield (reduces damage received from tomes) Wo Dao - Critical+ Lady Sword - Gencross Hinoka's Spear - Antiair Focus Robin's Tome - Pair Up+ Brynhildr - Entangle (root enemies on critical hit) Fujin Yumi - Wind Walk (increases movement speed, allows wielder to cross flight paths) Nile's Bow - Thievery (increases drop rates on health/warrior/awakening potions) Spellbane Yumi - Tomebreaker Hauteclaire - Critical Focus Removal of Strong I-VI and Rainstorm This might be controversial, but in my opinion, Strong I, Strong II, Strong III, Strong IV, Strong V, Strong VI, and Rainstorm add nothing to the game. Rainstorm is essentially a non-choice which is either going to be too weak to be considered or too strong to ignore as a flat damage buff. The Strong skills actively limit your playstyle and make the game more repetitive by encouraging you to maximize 2 or 3 combo strings at the expense of the rest. The entire weapon attribute system will be better off if obvious damage passives like these are removed in favor of more interesting, situational passives like Health+/Desperate+, Rage Builder, Anti-triangle, etc. Even other objectively strong skills like Critical+ and Warrior+ can be kept if they are limited to one or two per weapon (as with the current system), but the Strong skills need to go.
  4. Since everyone is making these lists after Fire Emblem Switch is taking FOREVER to even have a trailer, I guess I'll have a go at it. 1. More fanservice, I'm not talking about fates style fanservice, I'm talking about full on High School DxD/Dororon Enma Kun remake style fanservice 2. New classes such as: - Gladiator - Gunner - Playboy Bunny - Terror Knight And more 3. We need a silent protagonist 4. Infernal mode, and permanent removal of Phoenix Mode And the most important thing: 5. 4th tier promotions!
  5. I'm kind of thinking of doing a balitician run just for something different. I took my new MU to 15 in On I Chieftain for counter. I will probably keep counter on and put in last slot for Kana. But i am wondering if I should run him through tactician or another class first before using sighting lens. I'm thinking I will want to get my unit Pavise, Renewal, Astra, Lethality and or Pointe Blank. Not sure who I should make her mother. I think his boon is skill or strength and his bane is luck. Does anyone have any advice on who would be best choice for Kana's mother? I know children can't inherit DLC skills.
  6. Fire Emblem Heroes, despite its nature as a mobile gacha game, manages to be a compelling FE-lite experience in its own right. That said, every game could be improved through a few clever changes. These are the features that I would personally love to see. Innate Passives Skill inheritance is a great feature, but it also makes units into glorified stat sticks, unless they have a divine weapon. This suggestion would help preserve some level of unit identity. Each unit would have 1 unique passive skill, which would appear in slot 1. This skill is available at all rarities and comes with a single rank, which is already available to that unit. This skill cannot be inherited. This skill would have a letter I (for Innate) on display. See Online Friends & Daily Duels This feature would help to improve community interaction, make the friend's list meaningful, and allow players to have direct pvp matches. Challenge friends of your choosing to duels in real time. Both players must agree to the duel. Uses each player's defense (leftmost) team. Closing the game client counts as a surrender. There is a 2 minute time limit on each turn, to prevent stalling. Costs 1 dueling sword. The winner receives 50 feathers. This would have to come with a feature to see the online/offline status of your friends. Unlock Potential - 5 Star + The current merge ally system clearly exists to make duplicate heroes desirable, but it's tuned to be too difficult to max out certain units. Namely, rare 5-star only units are nearly impossible to max out, More importantly, we need a way to raise the merge level of grand hero battle units and the Askr trio by more than +1. A feature to unlock potential of 5 star units with a high cost would be a good compromise. Adds the feature to unlock the potential of a 5 star unit, raising their merge level by 1. Costs 300 great badges of their color, plus 20,000 feathers. Shares the same properties as merge ally stat bonuses, including a cap of +10 merges/unlock potentials. Does not reset level or cause any loss of skills. Daily Challenge - Dungeons Gives players a difficult daily challenge. 5 star lunatic difficulty. Can be successfully completed once per day. Costs 25 stamina. Light's Blessing cannot be used. If the player is victorious, they are rewarded 1 orb, 100 feathers, and some universal shards & crystals. Each daily dungeon has a small selection of randomly selected bonus heroes. If the map is completed with one of these heroes, the player receives an additional 100 feathers. Weekly Challenge - Raids The ultimate form of PvE content. 5 star lunatic difficulty. Consists of 3 maps, back to back. All 3 maps must be beaten in a single playthrough, but allies are revived with full hp after each battle. Can be successfully completed once per week. Light's Blessing cannot be used. Costs 25 stamina. If the player is victorious, they are rewarded 5 orbs, 500 feathers, a considerable quantity of universal shards & crystals, and a random Sacred Seal. Each weekly dungeon has a small selection of randomly selected bonus heroes. If the map is completed with one of these heroes, the player receives an additional 500 feathers.
  7. With a remake of FE2 of all things coming soon, it's only a matter of time that a remake of Genealogy of the Holy War could be arriving in the future (please be on the Switch). With voice acting being a common element in the modern FE games and if the off chance the FE4 remake is voice acted which voice actors would you like to see portray the roles of the characters? Here is a few for the first gen characters I have come up with and I'll admit some of these choices won't please everybody but this topic is for everyone to post their ideas for voice actors. Matt Mercer as Sigurd- Bit cliche but I honestly couldn't think of anyone better and he could suit the role fairly well. Preferable a portrayal like in Fist of the North Star, especially at a scene where he and Eldigan clash. Cam Clarke as Arvis- I can't help but picture Liquid Snake voicing this guy, but if they can keep the villainous overtones to a minimum, it will be a great portrayal of a tragic character. Also if Cam can pull of an aged Arvis in Gen 2 it will be amazing. Todd Haberkorn as Dew- I always see Dew as a cocky, friendly, energetic and curious thief and Todd is a personal wild card for me. Quinton Flynn as Levin- This was between Quinton or Robin Atkin Downes. For some reason I picture Levin having a Irish accent kind of like Henry in No More Heroes. Patrick Steiz as Arden- A rough voice will fit his rough exterior and his physical appearance. Carina Reeves as Raquesis- It could fit her royal role if she pulls of a voice similar to Fiora in Xenoblade. Steve Blum as Manfloy or Reptor- This guy can pull a good cold and sinister voice as seen in Peace Walker. Robin Atkin Downes as Quan- He can be a great role for a character who is involved with alot of war based struggles. Caitlin Glass as Fury- She can portray a clam yet fierce feminine character very well imo like Elma in Xenoblade X. Might add more to this post if I come up with any.
  8. I'm sitting here running through Holy War again with the intent purpose of promoting and breeding units that I have never used before (Noish, Dew, and Ardan). Well, I'm sitting at Anphony castle and finding myself having some difficulty with the later two. I already know how I'm going to breed them: Ardan-Arya, cause Arya's kids can't be messed up Dew-Lachesis cause I've heard about their conversation,but never read it Noish-Fury cause great skill set and letting Noish actually talk I'm just having a hard time training Ardan and Dew (Noish is easy, give him the skill ring, and chip for him). I figure I need to give Dew the light sword and let him fight the cross knights, what level does he need to be reliable at this? Any other ways to help him out? And Ardan, I just don't know, maybe have him fight the Madino pirates with the brave sword or something. Basically, does anyone have any way to make leveling them any less tedious?
  9. Hello to everyone~ I'm thinking about a project to do after I finish with some exams: doing a YT channel and playing some games. Why? I have two reasons, 1. I really like the LP scene from english people and the spanish scene is so... repetitive (jokes I don't understand, mostly being a$sholes and they play every 2012 game in this planet), I want to make something different... like with dark jokes and some retro game (1990 - 2005). 2. I want to have fun...And a lot of rage-quit emotions I want to play this FE and I thought to make a low-level run in HHM. I never played that mode and being a low-level will be an intense experience to my strategic skills, but I feel a little bit off with the idea. It's an old-like idea and I find in this forum a lot of interesting ones. So, maybe I could mix something with a Low-level challenge? Stick with HHM or play in another difficulty? Idk but I have a plenty of time to think about it =|....
  10. If you were to create a new weapon type, what would it be? I would rather hear ideas that state ideas since I'm lazy today.
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