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Found 5 results

  1. Hello and welcome; to the first Serenes Forest Survivor! *Excitement intensifies* We're here in the dark, mysterious woods of Begnion, where in the next few days, 14 Fire Emblem enthusiasts will begin the adventure of a lifetime! Together, they will have to adapt to the rough conditions, terrible time-zones and to each other, to thrive in the wilderness. They will have to collaborate with their enemies and back-stab their friends, and be sure to not be the one voted off! Who will be eliminated, who will be the last one standing? 2 Tribes, 14 people, ONE.... SURVIVOR! THE GAME: The 14 players will be randomly divided into 2 teams before the game starts. When there are only 8 players left, the tribes will merge and all challenges and immunities become individual, in a free-for-all style. Once there are only 10 players left, all eliminated participants will become part of the jury, who will vote one of the last 3 remaining players to become the holder of the title of Sole Survivor. The game will run in a 2 phase basis, each lasting 24 hours (so you should be able to chip in at least once a day regardless of your timezone! :3 ). During the Challenge Phase, both Teams will compete against each other in simple tasks (ranging from puzzle solving, internet scavenger hunts to dem paint skillz!). The victorious team will receive immunity, and the game will turn to Voting Phase, when the losing tribe will eliminate one of their member by voting him/her off. Once the results are out, the Challenge Phase starts again. THE TWISTS: Exile Island: After a challenge, the winning Tribe/Player will select someone from the loser Tribe/Players to go the Exile Island, where they will be incomunicated from the rest until the next Voting Phase ends.They will still vote, but they will go on blind. However, Exile Island is the only place where a player will have the chance to find the Hidden Immunity Idol Hidden Immunity Idol: After arriving Exile Island, the exiled player will receive a clue to the location of the Idol. The player must then guess its location. If successful they will receive the Idol in private. Said Idol can be played up until there's only 4 players in the game, it can be gifted to another player, and can only be played BEFORE the Voting Phase results are announced Once used, the Idol will return to Exile Island, where it will be placed in a new location. THE RULES: Starting private conversations is not only allowed, but recommended. Throughout the game you should be strategizing with multiple people. There are two rules however. In all game conversations you should add me as a participant. This way I can monitor everything that’s going on in the game. I won’t post in the conversations or let it affect the game, but I will keep up with all the game talk. You must keep all In-Game activities in the official Serenes Forest Survivor server, or this thread. No tribe/secret alliance server, please. Be cool :3 THE PLACES THE PLAYERS: Sign in by typing "/in". The game will take place in THIS Discord Server. This thread will remain for signups, game discussion and updates More details will be given in the Game server. Feel free to ask any questions! Game will start December 18, finishing right before New Year (What a better way to celebrate than being crowned Sole Survivor!)
  2. i'm thinking about starting a game but idk what to do it'd be a game like survivor where players are split into two teams of 6/7 depending on the amount of players there would be a challenge during the day with trivia questions from stuff like movies, science, gaming, sports, books, and clothing brands idk the winning team gets a reward, the losing team votes to exile a player. there's flavor text and stuff. I'd need to find a host because I cannot possibly host a game like this and I'd kinda like to play, but I'd host if I had to. It could be fun idk, and players could team up using PMs or something. They'd send votes to the host through PM EDIT: eligible contestants: 1. Specta 2. 3. Clarinets 4. mcdoga 5. Joestar 6. Power Master 7. Blitz 8. FrostyFireMage 9. Devil's Hellfire 10. Royal Knight Flygon 11. Prince Marth 12. maybe/Austin idk Teams: Team Spark: Specta Blitz Joestar Doga Smug FFM Team Leaf: Flygon maybe Clarinets Power Master Dark Blood Bloodlust Peri Prince Marth Eliminated Players:
  3. Swords proved the mightiest of physical weapons, but what magical weapon will survive to the end? Rules: Keep it lighthearted, this is not a serious thread. You can vote once a day. You must issue both a + vote and - vote. A + vote adds one (+1). [Mark your + vote in bold] A - vote subtracts three (-3). [Mark your - vote in italics] When a score reaches 0>X, it is eliminated. Copy and paste from the previous post and continue. There can only be one survivor! Dark 1st Thunder 2nd Wind 3rd Light 4th Fire 5th Staff 6th Edit: Full results are in! Staffs can't heal themselves and fall! Fire burns quickly and beautifully into 5th place! Light is snuffed out, followed moments later by Wind! Only Dark and Thunder remain, who will survive?
  4. So I've seen this type of thread around other forums and thought it might be fun to try one here. Remember, this topic is purely for fun, so you can give any sort of silly reasoning you want for your votes. Or you can simply vote without any explanation. If people enjoy this, we can certainly try other survivor-style threads. Rules: Keep it lighthearted, this is not a serious thread. You can vote once a day. You must issue both a + vote and - vote. A + vote adds one (+1). [Mark your + vote in bold] A - vote subtracts three (-3). [Mark your - vote in italics] When a score reaches 0>X, it is eliminated. Copy and paste from the previous post and continue. There can only be one survivor! Swords 1st Dragonstone/Strikes 2nd Bows 3rd Lances 4th Axes 5th Kunai/Hidden Weapon 6th Knives 7th Edit: The results are in!
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