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Found 23 results

  1. This could have just been my run but Deke was very useful and carried me for quite a bit. I've seen other people with really good dekes yet i rarely see him talked about, especially compared to edgelord Rutger (who Deke still managed to surpass in my run.) Why is this or what were your experiences with the unit?
  2. Hi, I wanted to talk about challenge runs, but any of them in any FE game. I had the idea of GBA/3DS FE without using supply and trading only during the chapters (no battle prep trading), maybe even no armory in battle preps (completely skip prep), maybe no supports along that (I never really used supports in FE and never needed them so far before FE 13 and the pair up mechanic showed up, only to buff Colm/Neimi and sometimes Eirika, most of the time I didn't even click "support"). I think a run with the weakest available (repairable/buyable) weapons would be funny depending on the game (well that's basically how I play FE8 most of the time ^^ with iron, fire, light and flux except for endgame bosses with high def/res and hp who hit like a crashing plane in your face with 120-150 accuracy ouch). Swapping roles (physical units with magic and magical weapons, magical unit with physical weapons). No mobility (playing with 4 movement on everyone like you have an army of knights). No 1-2 range weapon (or use it like you use a 1 range or 2 range, no javelin/throwing axe ennemy phase army). Swords/Bows/Magic only run (Laguz/shapeshifters only run with only the necessary non shapeshifter stuff like Ike to defeat Burger King's terrible plan to raise obesity in the whole world, and you play some Amazonian tribe resisting the empire of Burger King and its' fat church leaders wth their panther transformation XD). Only the less accurate weapons run. Devil axe run (might need to hack an unbreakable devil axe though). This would be a hardcore Nuzlock challenge. Only poison weapons. Only effective weapons. Only the lowest level units available, maintain an average level (lol you can't even promote then). Only lowest speed/luck/strength/def/res/mag/hp...units. (funny to see a team of Arthur-like units get (nuz)locked out of the PT by a random crit: "Hi Knoll how's it goin'?" "Got crit killed by the first ennemy I fought, I should have instantly promoted to summoner and spam summons till I hit 20..." "Sad story bro, see you in the next PMU since no one plays you without farming"). Your ideas?
  3. So I basically thought of something odd. I basically wondered how it'd look if FEGBA classes were the same, but without someone here. Just the mounts. I thought it was a nice idea, so I wondered if anyone thought or can make sprites of the mounts (Anthropomorphic to fit the rider's movements, though) alone? thanks. Oh, and for non-mounted characters, any should work/fitting to future promotions.
  4. Over the past month, I've been on and off planning and cutting out this binding blade prop, and I'm really happy with how it's come out so far! Now to add on the scabbard details and paint!!
  5. And, I'm back with a new randomizer because my old one's save stopped working. I'm not going to bother with a long intro, so I'm just going to start again right away. Also the format for the spoiler tags is: top-screenshots/commentary middle-new units/unit ratings bottom-level ups And here's the settings I used. The growth randomization was a bit more extreme
  6. So, It seems like they nerfed most legendary weapons, so the lords don't overshadow other characters. But the balance bitween them is completely off. Roy's Sword of Seals, one of the most OP legendary weapons ever, got nerfed badly. It Lost a lot of the protection buffs( DEF and RES in smaller values and limited use), but more importantly, It Lost the iconic ranged flame atack. Ryoma got a ranged counter at the same power, but of course, doesn't have any buffs. Are you kidding me that small +2 DEF/RES is a Fair trade off for the lack of a ranged counter? Takumi has both close and ranged counters, and his weapon has the same power, with an added colorless advantage( although the Double ranged counter is from his skill). That only shows how completely off their balance is. I can only imagine the disapointment when Ike and his Ragnel comes with the lost ranged atack. Do you think they will rebalance this stuff? Takumi needs an emergency nerf, like seriously.
  7. At this point in time, I'm finishing up my Randomized Fire Emblem 6 LP. I'm also done with the Illa route and then I'll be in Bern. I've decided that since I'm almost done with my LP, I might as well live stream the ending. I'll be live streaming my playthrough of what's left this Friday at 5:30 P.M. EST with a co-commentator or 2. I hope to see you there!
  8. Its time I start a new Fire Emblem Randomized Run! This time around, I'm going to be Let's Playing Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade, but have it be randomized. I've increased the growth rates of all enemies exactly by 20%! Its going to be pretty challenging! Here is a link to my playlist. I'm going to be getting this LP done as fast as possible and always have a Co-Commentater on for each episode(mostly): https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLse8DG1LjyttsJzVidFColEnsbhV09H5l Here is a link to my channel. I got other stuff there as well and you can even suggest other FE LP's and ROM Hack LP's to me if you want: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOtD_gACSlGrSaDyxtNeGTw
  9. I need help determining which names are the most accurate in terms of the Binding Blade exclusive characters in my story. I've been seeing conflicting sources, and I'm not sure which sources are more 'true' than others. I don't exactly need all of them, just the ones below: Some of these characters are more clearly named than others, I'm just listing them for the sake of completeness. (hopefully I remembered them all)
  10. It's come to my attention that a lot of people do not like Roy. To me, Roy was my best lord. Stat wise to be exact. But some people said his stats were trash. Here is my Roy: I only used one dragonshield from a secret shop. I didn't take picture from before promotion or after.
  11. Obviously now, the week of Midterm Finals, is the most optimal time to start playing FE 6. Sarcasm or not, I'm doing this.
  12. Drafting: 1. This draft is for 5 players. 2. Roy, Marcus, Merlinus, Lalam/Elphin, and Fa are free for all to use. 3. Three units will remain undrafted. 4. The game will be played on Normal Mode. Rules: 1. Undrafted units may recruit characters, rescue undrafted units and NPCs, trade, visit Shops and Armories, and dig up items in the desert. 2. Undrafted units may not do anything not listed above, including but not limited to meatshielding, building Supports, and opening Doors or Chests. 3. Use of the Warp staff is banned. 4. All Gaiden chapters are required to be visited. Chapter 20x (either route) does not count towards the total turncount up to 20 turns taken. 5. NPCs may do as they please without penalty. 6. The game must be played out to the True Ending. Penalties: 1. Undrafted units have a 4 turn penalty per unit, per chapter. Exceptions: 1. Undrafted Thieves may be used to obtain necessary Promotion items. People Participating: Franzy Horace KP 2010 Mage Knight Carmine Sword Teams: 1. KP 2010 - Thany, Lott, Treck, Percival, Saul, Niime, Yuno, Douglas, Dorothy 2. Carmine Sword - Lance, Noah, Zeiss, Lilina, Astohl, Igrene, Ellen, Yodel, Garret 3. Mage Knight - Alan, Tate, Lugh, Klein, Echidna, Cath, Fir, Geese, Barth 4. Horace - Milady, Zealot, Sue, Cecillia, Ward, Oujay, Bors, Wolt, Dayan 5. Franzy - Dieck, Rutger, Clarine, Shin, Chad, Bartre, Hugh, Ray, Wendy [spoiler='Units Remaining] Gonzales Sophia Karel
  13. I have been messing around with FE6 for my own personal amusement in Nightmare and I like to change who my units are.. But an odd thing happens when two of the same units are on the map in events where that unit is supposed to leave the map... Why does the game by force take away my unit and not the other like it is supposed to? what the hack I trie deven fixing the character numbers to have them proper Alan is Alan but still has Idoun`s portrait etc. And Idoun is well... the same expet for a few stats, growths etc. changed.. It is almost like they are linked as one.. I even tried swapping Alan`s spot with her but the game will crash if I do that. So is there anyway at all to bypass or fix this? I have seen other Rom hacks do portrait change and unit change and their games run like normal no problems.. Heh I would like to well.. keep Idoun but the game says no and takes mine away by force I even made a short video to show it vid is below. You will get to see my Idoun getting taken away. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vXQ2K1nMlBg
  14. I just recently beat the game (legitimately, Gaidens and all) and I had SO many units on my bench it wasn't even funny. This is a topic I always wanted to discuss seeing as, my god, there are always multiple versions of a unit, and more often than not there are like 3 prepromotes of said unit. I mean come on, there are like 4 Paladins. It's... either a blessing or a terrible thing, so what do you think?
  15. Today i started playing FE6 for the first time Then, one hour before now i reached chapter 7 my eye spotted an arena... this is the result: i think it is OK, but i don´t know the challenge of FE6, i also don´t know any of the stat growths but i think thany turned out to be quite decent IMO also there was a young guy named Rutger, he maxed all stats of his except HP and Res i could not get a picture from him because he is too fast now i have a question: shall i use the Hero Crest on Dieck or Rutger? I am not that experienced when it comes to Sword of Seals :P (also i don´t know how to do this show-hide-spoiler-thingy)
  16. So this will be a Pick My Units as my last one led to hilarity. No other rules. This will be normal mode as I am a noob. I think I will pick Hugh right off the bat so let's get this thing started! Keep in mind this is my first LP so yeah [spoiler=The Chosen Ones]Clarine Dorothy Saul Treck Lilina Barth Wendy Oujay Fir Geese Sophia Cecilia Percival Garret Hugh Zeiss P.S. One unit per person I will post the first chapter on Sunday because it's my dad's birthday
  17. I was trying to get the early Roy promote hack to work but for some reason it wouldn't work with my save. It won't work with the original or new version. So... Does anyone know where to get a save for around chapter 14 It's okay I found a way to fix it( thanks fe6 translation redux!)
  18. I have Fire Emblem 6 on the GBA. It's (of course) all in Japanese and though I've done okay enough considering I don't know a word of what they're saying, I've encountered a small problem. I just found out that I missed the divine weapon Armads and that I've sentenced myself to the so-called bad ending of the game. I really want to play it in full, including the last few chapters, but I don't want to start from scratch. Playing in Japanese was hard enough the first time around. I know I can look up translations, and try to restart the game but I was hoping there might be a better solution. Is there a way I can use an emulator to recreate my scenario from the GBA (but with Armads)? Is there a way to start from Chapter 14 and recreate my characters as I used them in the game? Or can I at the very least change the characters' levels to avoid grinding and arena abuse like I did in my current play-through? I know there are hacking programs that can edit stats, but they seem to only affect base stats and growth rates, which I don't want to alter. I also don't want to make my characters start at higher levels, because then they'll be too overpowered by the end. If I could change their levels/stats mid-game that would work, but it doesn't seem to be an option. Of course the ideal is a way to import or replicate the data directly but that doesn't seem possible. Any ideas? Thanks!
  19. Well... It's time I FINALLY did this... Ta-da! Super special awesome playthrough time with TheWarpedWizard! Yay! ...In case you were wondering, yes, I will point out Roy's very obvious flaws every five minutes... So, without further ado... [spoiler=Chapter 1: Dawn of Destiny]Hmmm... It seems like we have the standard deal here: First chapter full of axe fighters to feed to your (disappointing) lord, who isn't cool enough to wield axes like Hector... Huh... You're pose is nowhere near as cool as Eliwood's, and I hated him. Which is why I downloaded a save state and got Hector Mode automatically. Hell, you could at least gain a horse on promotion, Roy... Guess what? Eliwood did that... Har. This guy is my favorite so far. He looks like Bartre, only with reddish hair. Maybe I can hack to make him playable... Or hack to give Roy his portrait. Gah! So far away... (There was meant to be a pic of Marcus getting a crit on Damas, but I accidentally saved over it) Hi Daddy! Hi, daughter of Hector! Huh... Bland, underdeveloped outside of supports knight? Sure I'll take him! What I actually did: I sent one of the cavaliers up with Marcus and Wolt at the start, and they decided that it would be fun to dodge-tank the opponents axes. The other guys+Roy were sent closer to the village. I used the other cavalier to knock down the fighter's health so Roy could get some kills. The rest? Well, I basically threw Marcus at the boss and laughed as he scored a crit. My thoughts on the characters: I hate this guy. The hair on his portrait is different to his sprite. I like this guy. His non-existent personality makes me feel so safe. And this guy? Ok, I guess... But what's a milk brother?! I will post more in a few days! Stay tuned!
  20. Okay, so finally my 1st Episode of Fire Emblem Dark Souls Season 2 is up! The character that everyone voted for the most is being cosplayed as is Roy from Fire Emblem 6: Fuuin no Tsurugi (Sword of Seals). Check it out here! As always, please leave your feedback on what you think about it, so I may improve my video quality and skills. I will be trying my best to update this weekly at least, so stay tuned for future updates! :D I hope you enjoy this series! :D
  21. Dear fellow Fire Emblem fans, The first Fire Emblem game that I played was the very first one released in the US/ Europe. The game that got me interested was Super Smash bros. melee. Roy was my favorite character, and he was someone I wasn't even familiar with. When Fire Emblem was released for the first time in a language I could understand I immediately bought the game, and fell in love... Fire Emblem is my all time favorite game with Jaffar being my favorite character in this game. (Zach Fair is my all time favorite video game character) With the release of Sacred stones I was once again captivated, but let down at the same time. By the time the endgame had come along all of my characters were lvl. 20/20... Grinding was made possible, and as a result every decision I now made carried significantly less weight. Exp. could be gained unlimited. When Path of Radiance was released I was filled with joy. However after playing through the game without ever having to really think about any of the decisions that I made with once again all of my characters at lvl. 20/20 by the time I finished the game, and to top it all off the story wasn't even done... When the Nintendo DS was released I happened to have enough money to buy one with the hope that one day a Fire Emblem game would be released on the system. What a disappointment Shadow Dragon was... Due to my disappointment with Path of Radiance, and my lack of finances I decided to not buy a Wii, and let this one pass me by. When I caught wind of Awakening being released I pre-ordered the limited edition Fire Emblem 3ds XL. This is the game that I am currently still playing. (Actually the only reason I bought a 3ds, and the only game that I own on a 3ds) I'm on my first play through, (Hard/ Classic) and will not pass any (real) judgement until I've at least beaten it. Due to the possibility of grinding... (I seriously hate grinding...) the difficulty level is a joke, and obviously has nothing to do with why it is taking me so long to beat this game. I'm a very casual gamer, and the story/ game has not been able to motivate me to keep playing out of excitement for what's to come next. That, and I'm very indecisive when it comes to picking a partner for myself, and all of my other characters... I'm actually here to seek help for that... :P (And to thank whoever made the translation to Sword of Seals which I will be playing once I've finished Awakening :D)
  22. so yeah i know alot of my playthroughs have failed due to no one actually looking a them. but i will try one last time, well it is partly me to blame due to being to lazy to actually play the game and type, but what i mean by the almost blind is i have gotten to chapter 4 and thats it. i would do this on hard mode if it were unlocked!
  23. Hello guys. I've been thinking about making my very first ROM hack. I'm just wondering how to start. I have a Sword of Seals ROM and the Virtual Boy Advance emulator. I have also just downloaded Nightmare but I don't know how to like activate it. Can someone tell me what to do?
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