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Found 4 results

  1. I've been writing on and off for a while, but between a relatively recent replay of Echoes and a less-recent replaying of GotHW, I came up with a Crossover story centered around Sigurd surviving Belhalla in a modern AU where he finds himself barred from contacting anyone he ever knew. While I'll try to update it here first from here on, here's the first chapter of Little Chalphy (link leads to AO3, so warning if your Job/School forbids access to it). Any feedback is welcome here. While I've been translating documentation and whatnot for a long time, it was only up until a few years ago that I gained enough confidence to start writing fiction in English, so any daft bits you find that sound odd/goofy/out of place to you, do not hesitate to let me know. Good day to you all and thanks in advance.
  2. General Base Stats HP: 32 / 35 / 39 Atk: 30 / 33 / 36 Spd: 33 / 36 / 39 Def: 17 / 20 / 23 Res: 22 / 25 / 29 Tana sports a powerful offensive stat line, with good Atk and Spd. As a flying unit, she is uninhibited by most terrain and has access to powerful flier field and combat buffs. Her personal weapon, Fruit of Iðunn, further amplifies her Spd and allows allies to warp to her when she is at or above 50% HP, providing valuable warp utility. Unfortunately, all the points that went into her Atk and Spd had to come from somewhere, and as a result her defensive stat line is poor. She will be hard-pressed to survive a counterattack in a neutral matchup. She is also weak to flier-effective weaponry. Suggested Skill Sets When multiple options are available, my personal recommendations (if any) will be in bold. Budget options will be colored red. Fruit of Iðunn Standard Rauðrblade Change Log
  3. I'm already playing through SS, but there are some units that I'm not sure how good they are. I'm sure they're good but..how good are they? I heard Franz is top 5 units in the game, as well as Vanessa and Tana being some of the most useful. I also heard Saleh and Duessel are really good pre-promotes. I also think Myrrh's like a Late Seth, who can essentially kill any monster almost as soon as you get her. But I heard she's not as good as the some of the other units I mentioned. I wanna know how good these units are. Thoughts?
  4. General Base Stats HP: 33 / 36 / 40 Atk: 31 / 34 / 37 Spd: 33 / 36 / 39 Def: 22 / 25 / 29 Res: 22 / 25 / 29 Tana possesses a well-optimized offensive stat line, rivaling that of Cordelia: Knight Paragon. This stat line allows her to do well on teams with mixed movement types, though she gets ideal results on a flier team. As a flier, she can traverse most terrain without penalty, and carry the Guidance skill (one of her natural Passives) or seal to provide additional mobility to allied infantry and armored units. She also carries the personal weapon Vidofnir, which bolsters her Def against Axe, Lance, and Sword units on the enemy phase. As a flier, Tana has a weakness to flier-effective weapons. She is also very squishy due to her low HP and mediocre defensive stats. Suggested Skill Sets When multiple options are available, my personal recommendations (if any) will be in bold. Budget options will be colored red. Vidofnir Shell Lance Standard Brave Lance Standard Firesweep Galeforce Change Log
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