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  1. Blazing Blade : - Ninian (Leader) - Lyn - Serra - Fiora - Florina - Farina (Substitute) Sacred Stones : - Eirika (Leader) - Tana - Vanessa - Syrene - Tethys - Lute (Substitute) Path of Radiance/Radiant Dawn : - Leanne (Leader) - Elincia - Sigrun - Tanith - Marcia - Astrid (Substitute) Shadow Dragon : - Caeda (Leader) - Palla - Catria - Est - Linde - Norne (Substitute) Awakening : - Tiki (Leader) - Olivia - Sumia - Cordelia - Maribelle - Tharja (Substitute) Fates : - Azura (Leader) - Camilla - Hinoka - Charlotte - Hana - Selena (Substitute) Three Houses : - Dorothea (Leader) - Annette - Hilda - Anna - Constance - Petra (Substitute)
  2. For me : - Alm : Conqueror - Celica : Rigain - Tobin : Oliphantier - Faye : Harrier - Clive : Skogul - Delthea : Enchantress - Mae : Enchantress - Boey : Guru - Genny : Exemplar - Saber : Yasha - Valbar : Spartan
  3. Rules : - You delined Black Eagles, Blue Lions, Golden Deer, Ashen Wolves and Church. You created your team. - Your enemy team is TWSITD and children of goddess but you don't fight Black Eagles, Blue Lions, Golden Deer and Ashen Wolves - 8 characters (Byleth included) - If male byleth : 3 men and 4 women - If female byleth : 4 men and 3 women - No Fire Emblem characters ! Tokyo Mirrage session too ! - Paired two characters ending must be OPPOSIDE gender ! - Speak, character's name, age, weapon, class and support. - If possible , image character and story
  4. Hi, What team compositions do you use and why (easy-normal modes, not hard which is a different game)? For me it'd be: Act 1: a) Nolan+Fiona (BEXP+energy drop if needed, you have 4k BEXP when you get her anyway and no one else needs the energy drop since...), Zihark+Volug (1 level up of BEXP for str or def when I get him+dragonshield, now he shits on act 1 and goes through act 3 easily, if you can give him a 2nd BEXP level up for the one that didn't go up it's nuts but that would be at the start of p3 since Fiona needs the BEXP left from p1 after he takes 1 level up from it), Sothe (no dedicated support sorry). b) Aran+Edward (I save scum his level ups so that he gains def nearly every level up in early game, then he can tank 2 tiger hits in 1-3 and 2 steel axe/lance hits in 1-4 on top of ORKOing everything, now he's Aran with speed, I give Aran the first robe and Edward the 2nd one when he's in t2 if needed, otherwise I can save it for someone else like GMs or p2 people joining the GMs since GMs have very high HP across the board) (+3 def, +8 hit, +8 avo, Caladbolg +8 avo/crit avo, Aran can now get to 28 def in t2 instead of 25, which goes a long way to help him fulfill his role), Sothe/Fiona+Volug (choose which one you prefer, better affinity that needs early help or better earlygame that falls of a cliff in p3 and of the Himalaya in p4 and endgame). c) Jill, Nolan+whoever (say Leonardo for +2 atk/def), Zihark+Volug (still the same investment in Volug since he becomes twice better with the early help and tanks 5x better with +3/+5 def in halfshift, +4/+6 in full form, going from 13 to 16/18 def and from 18 to 22/24 is pretty...beastly), Sothe. Act 2: a) Haar, Brom (kinda forced anyway since Nephenee can't take 3 hits for all of p2)+Heather (water/fire helps both, more level ups for Heather means more strength to steal heavier things and more avoid not to die in the process, I've had her dodgetank 2-E in easy once, she barely got hit without any support and ended it in t3, OFC never happening in normal), Mordecai-whoever you can support him with (he'll get +1 atk/def just from his own affinity anyway, but Brom has to be his best option even though keeping them together isn't the best tactical choice since they fill the same role and if Mordecai is shifted ennemies will only attack Brom, rendering tiger useless), Lucia when she's around (if I can give her a miraculous level up and savescum it for actual stats she may even see use in p4...or not, but I like her, too sad she sucks so much availability-wise since everything is fixable with p3-4 BEXP fountain), Lethe if I'm in the mood to use her (rarely use her past p2 anyway, her sister actually grows some speed and energy drop is all she needs to get better than Lethe with the flourish scroll you get and her better availability in p3, also not dealing much damage actually helps her grind her claw rank, while OHKOing would hardly get it up for later, and she has actual res for a Laguz which is appreciable, also caps early enough to BEXP non spd/skl/res stats, or Ranulf is simply forced and better anyway, I would've loved for Lethe or Lyre to have innate 0 cost flourish, that would give them a real purpose other than filler #25). Kieran+Geoffrey. 1-turning 2-E. b) Brom+Heather, Mordecai+X, Lucia, Marcia+Danved (both can go up ledges in p3 CK chapter, which is more than any paladin can achieve, Kieran and Geoffrey can handle the middle houses fine at base), Haar (no extensive use this time since Marcia is gonna replace Nephenee later without even hurting GM exp pool or gold, better res cap, good enough str/spd, canto better than +2 str no canto shitty start). Not 1-turning 2E since now I want the dragonshield and nullify, and Danved and Marcia need CEXP more than BEXP and Laguz won't get any BEXP from 2-E anyway. Act 3: a) Gatrie, Shinon, Titania, anyone from GM I want to field, Mordecai, healers, Janaff/Ulki (or both if I have enough room), Heather when thief is needed. b) Rolf (with 3 str/spd level ups he starts doubling and dealing damage, then he reaches 23-24 speed and doubles everything but swordmasters, dealing more damage than Shinon against anything he doubles, just be sure he levels str+spd 3x in a row and everything will be fine since his strength will inevitably follow without any BEXP abuse), Mist+Brom, Heather for thief jobs, Mordecai + water/fire/thunder affinity partner (might be Lyre for thunder), Kyza, Lyre, Sigrun/Tanith, Ranulf (, Lethe). Ike is mandatory so I don't need to mention him. Helps a lot with cats' avoid with his earth affinity. Don't find Mia good enough to use her above easy, she doubles but her damage is craptastic before she reaches Vague Katti/Alondite anyway and ranged swords are both weak and inaccurate. Facing wyverns as soon as chapter 2 doesn't help her either (unless she can use a wyvernslayer, even then 17 str only goes so far and she still tinks on generals, meanwhile Zihark has earth affinity + easy BEXP abuse and faces Laguz, and Edward has more strength than both in t2 and 3 and has bonus def from support in case he doesn't dodge, neither Mia nor Edward have avo from affinity but Adward has more HP + Caldbolg bonus luck if needed, so he dodges better than her and he has easier access to earth affinity since he has 3 of the same movement range as soon as p1, Volug being too far to help him, also DB has more gold to spare in buying good weaponry than GM so Mia is doomed by lack of funds, vantage is crap if you can't OHKO and in RD it's not even guaranteed to proc like in Awakening/Fates when you're <50% HP, also early access to Paragon and resolve vs crap personal skill, no access to resolve 'til ch2 when things start getting easier, and Mia has competition with much better units than herself, while DB is all ests or mediocre prepromotes, what with Haar taking half of every map by himself for all the time he's around and cutting everyone else's exp because no one matches his mobility and stats before the hawks come to play, he's legit Ike on steroids flying on a dragon with an eyepatch and killing everything while sleeping, imagine if he was awake -_-). Act 4 is just the same as before but spreading your units depending on the maps you want them in (Marcia Haar or Tanith Haar can now get a support together for more avoid, not for Haar but for the seraph knight, going to Micaiah's army, I don't remember if Tanith can go there or if she's forced into GMs DB, same for Sigrun). Endgame is not even the game anymore, just throw all of your cheats together and ROLFstomp it since it' the least fun part of the game and completely unbalanced with speed caps and co, you have enough OP units by then not to care for who you raised.
  5. I finished Silver Snow recently so now the only route left is Crimson Flower. I wanna finish my time with Three Houses off with a bang, so I decided to play it on Maddening Mode. But I couldn’t find a definitive “These are the best characters, and here’s how to build them” like I could with Awakening, so I took matters into my own hands and here’s what I came up with. Also if you have any tips on how to best spend my days off, please tell me. (Edited Specification) This is a fresh save with the intent on grinding for class EXP via waiting in defensive tile with a rusted/broken/no weapon equipped. THE TEAM F!Byleth (Required, Frontliner) Edelgard (Required, Frontliner) Felix (Frontliner) Petra (Frontliner) Bernadetta (Physical Backliner) Lysithea (Magical Backliner) Yuri (Offensive Jack of All Trades) Mercedes (Healer) Linhardt (Healer) Annette (Rallying Dancer) ADJUTANTS Caspar (Guard) Raphael (Guard) Balthus (Guard) MISC. Sylvain (Free Lance of Ruin) Lorenz (Thyrsus) Leonie (Linhardt’s Paralogue) Ferdinand (Lysithea’s Paralogue) Characters that get me Hero’s Relics Everyone else BUILDS BYLETH Final Class: Falcon Knight Abilities: Darting Blow, Death Blow, Hit +20, Lance Prowess, Swordfaire/Prowess Combat Arts: Windsweep, Tempest Lance, Healing Focus Class Progression: Commoner, Fighter, Archer, Brigand, Pegasus Knight, Wyvern Rider, Falcon Knight EDELGARD Final Class: Wyvern Lord Abilities: Darting Blow, Death Blow, Hit +20, Axe Prowess, Speed +2 Combat Arts: Smash, Lightning Axe, Healing Focus Class Progression: Noble, Myrmidon, Brigand, Archer, Pegasus Knight, Wyvern Rider, Wyvern Lord FELIX Final Class: War Master Abilities: Death Blow, Hit +20, Axe Prowess, Brawling Prowess, Quick Riposte Combat Arts: Smash, Nimble Combo, Healing Focus Class Progression: Noble, Fighter, Archer, Brigand, Grappler, War Master PETRA Final Class: Wyvern Lord Abilities: Darting Blow, Death Blow, Hit +20, Axe Prowess, Bow Prowess Combat Arts: Smash, Waning Shot, Healing Focus Class Progression: Commoner, Fighter, Brigand, Archer, Pegasus Knight, Wyvern Rider, Wyvern Lord BERNADETTA Final Class: Bow Knight Abilities: Darting Blow, Death Blow, Hit +20, Vantage, Desperation Combat Arts: Encloser, Curved Shot, Vengeance Class Progression: Noble, Fighter, Archer, Cavalier, Mercenary, Brigand, Pegasus Knight, Paladin, Bow Knight LYSITHEA Final Class: Valkyrie Abilities: Darting Blow, Fiendish Blow, Hit +20, Reason Prowess/Dark Tomefaire, Dark Magic Range +1 Combat Arts: Draw Back Class Progression: Noble, Monk, Mage, Archer, Pegasus Knight, Valkyrie YURI Final Class: Trickster Abilities: Death Blow, Fiendish Blow, Hit +20, Sword Prowess, Reason Prowess Combat Arts: Windsweep, Finesse Blade, Curved Shot Class Progression: Commoner, Fighter, Archer, Mage, Brigand, Trickster MERCEDES Final Class: Bishop Abilities: Faith Prowess, Miracle, Renewal, HP +5, Magic +2 Combat Arts: Draw Back Class Progression: Commoner, Monk, Priest, Bishop LINHARDT Final Class: Bishop Abilities: Faith Prowess, Miracle, Renewal, HP+5, Magic +2 Combat Arts: Draw Back Class Progression: Noble, Monk, Priest, Bishop ANNETTE Final Class: Dancer Abilities: Rally Resistance, Rally Speed, Rally Movement, Special Dance, Reason Prowess Class Progression: Noble, Monk, Mage, Dancer
  6. Fodlan national team : - Byleth - Ferdinand - Petra - Felix - Mercedes - Lysithea - Leonie - Ingrid or Marianne (Decided by vote)
  7. So, I plan to get Pokémon Sword at some point. For context, I've been playing Pokémon since Diamond/Pearl, and, so far, I've played every generation since then except gen 5 and gen 8. When I get a new Pokémon game, I have it that my story team consists entirely of new Pokémon (including regional variants as of gen 7). I've seen all the new Pokémon and regional variants for this game, I've made a list of the Pokémon I'm interested in using, and I need help narrowing it down to a team of six: Starter Pokémon: Scorbunny Sobble Other Pokémon: Rookidee Wooloo Chewtle Sinistea Galarian Koffing Galarian Farfetch'd Milcery Falinks Stonjourner Any suggestions?
  8. Back when fates first released, I was super excited to hear that wifi battles were finally making a return from Shadow Dragon. They might be a bit janky, but I love this kind of stuff. Well, one thing turned to another, and I didn't really get a chance to try it out. Now that the game's been out a few years (and presumably the meta has settled), I'm really curious to hear what's really considered meta. Stuff like team compositions, skill builds, weapons, all that juicy stuff. For that matter, is online really a thriving thing at this point? I'm kinda surprised not to see much discussion on it.
  9. My question is coming because I realize that for a lot of modes I have to shift my focus. I have been working on getting a wide variety of characters 5*, level 40. I am realizing that for some of these modes I really need to be focusing more getting a few specific units as plus 10s. So, I am back in feather mode and trying to collect these units to be killing machines. It just makes me wonder what other people are working on - your arena teams? Finishing all of the auxiliary story modes? Pestering developers about a trading mode like Pokémon? Just curious. I feel like I learn a lot about how many of you are successful in what you do. I think if I can get a few great units I can move out of this Arena 17-18 loop I have been in.
  10. Hey, I'm not very good at making team composition and I needed help making a multipurpose team, and a team for Chain Challenge. Sorry for the bother, and if I am, I'm terribly sorry.
  11. Hey guys! So I finally got my Thracia 776 patch working and I've been playing it for a while now and enjoying it quite a bit. I am currently on Chapter 7 (wow that Manster escape was fun but difficult!) I just wanted the opinion of some of the veterans of Thracia: how many units do you recommend I train throughout the game? In most FE's I usually end up with a team of 12-15, but I know this game has the whole fatigue factor to take in. So, would you recommend more units than that? I was thinking maybe more like 18-20? Thanks for any help you can offer!
  12. I wasn't really sure if this belonged in the Pokemon group or not so I'm putting it here. Pokemon Insurgence is a fanmade pokemon game that's really cool and I decided to pick it up to pass some time! My question is for people who have played it. I want to use a team of Deltas for my playthrough. What would you consider the best ones? My starter is Delta Bulbasaur and I like a well rounded team. Right now I have Bulbasaur, Pikachu, and Nidoran but I'm the type that likes to use special pokemon if they're available in a playthrough, so... any recommendations? If it helps, I don't do competitive, just playthroughs so just deltas to make the playthrough better would be nice. Thank you!
  13. Hi everyone, i'm new to Serenes Forest but have been on the Cipher discord.I have been playing Heroes since release and f2p. So far I have 25 five star heroes, with one being a duplicate Ninian. I also have been using Camus and Xander as four stars on my horse team. Here's the list: Alfonse: Neutral Marth: +Spd -Res Saber: +Atk -Spd Zephiel: Neutral Young Tiki: +HP -Res Celica: +Res -Def Leo: +Res -Atk Sharena: Neutral Brave Lucina: Neutral Free Choice Azura: Neutral Effie: +Res -HP Clive: Neutral Mathilda: +HP -Res Tana: +Atk -Spd Hinoka: +Res -Def Ninian: +Atk -Spd and +HP -Res Delthea: +Atk -Def Raven: +Spd -Res Hawkeye: +Res -Atk Hector: +Res -Atk Nino: +Spd -HP Takumi: +Res -Def Brave Lyn: +Def -Atk Maria: +HP -Atk (really only good for grinding, as well as my 1st 5 star summon) Overall the only bad things about my selection is the number of blue units compared to others as well as some IV's. I'll throw out some of my ideas and see what everyone thinks: Quadstrike Infantry Buffed Raven, Brave Lucina, Delthea, Azura/Ninian Pros: High Damage, Brave Lucina and Delthea can be good in battle as well Cons: Low defense, someone will die in Arena Tana or Dancer Armor Emblem Tana or Ninian/Azura, Hector, Zephiel, Effie Never tried this team out but could work, though Tana could die due to needing to fly ahead for Guidance. Horse Emblem Brave Lyn, Leo, Xander 4 star, Camus 4 star I have the buffs they want, but upgrading them and getting Raurblade+ for Leo is 60k feathers though the regular version works fine. This team could survive with Xander and Leo defending, maybe Camus having Renewal and Reciprocal Aid for Quick Riposte Leo. I can level a Reinhardt but my 2 aren't +Atk. Dragon Emblem Young Tiki, 4 star Nowi, 4 star Fae, Ninian Fortify Dagons sadly doesn't stack, but Ninian doesn't need the buff herself. My dragons don't have optimal IV's but would work. Renewal and Reciprocal Aid/Ardent Sacrifice? Hone Nino Nino, Alfonse, Sharena, Rallier Focusing on Gronnblade+, Nino could be pretty impressive, but not a Cecelia on Horse Emblem My Old Arena Team Delthea, Hector, Azura, Yong Tiki, swap one for bonus unit I lose against some Horse Emblem, especially Brave Lyn. Overall i'm happy with my units and this has opened me up to choices I've never thought about. I've been wanting to use Leo since I got him early on but never did. Wish I got Summer Leo but Celica showed up instead. I'd love to hear everyone's suggestions and their own personal teams as well. :)
  14. Do you ever have trouble making teams and getting good units? INTRODUCING... Axel's Team Building Guide! Basically, this guide will go through the steps to build a good team for your next playthrough. I'm going to go through how many units to have, good class diversity, etc. Anyways, here we go! Part 1: Amount of Units There's nothing more annoying than going through a game and realizing that you have to leave behind a unit you put hours into training for the final chapter. Always remember that the golden number is 12. If you don't know how many units you want, then just get 12. Not too many that you will have to leave one behind, or that they will fall behind in experience, and not too few that you can't handle the last few chapters. Personally, I recommend choosing the unit cap for the endgame. That way, you can have plentiful units and still be able to bring them all in. Which is probably why I don't like FE7 as much as the others, I hate those 5 must-brings. Part 2: Classes Alright, this part is where things start to change with the different class pools in the games, so I'll try to be as general as I can. Try not to have too many units of 1 weapon type. That will make you have a large disadvantage against a kind of weapon. Don't have too much of 1 kind of unit, or it will be hard to handle counters. Really, just pick what you feel compliments your team the best. Part 3: WHOMST Now that you know which classes and the amount of units you want, you need to decide who will fit those classes. This is the meat of any team building session. You have several factors to consider: When you get them, their growths, their classes, and (In the more recent games) their skill pools. Make sure that you don't get most of your units at the end of the game, as that will make the early a lot more difficult than it should be. Some units are just great all around, coming at an early, or at least not late part of the game, having great growths, a useful class, and great skills. Examples would be Miledy from FE6, Raven from 7, and the Avatar and Morgan from Awakening. Also, be careful if you have an Est character. They come late and start weak, but get incredibly powerful if you train them. I hope you all enjoyed my first guide. and I hope that it was helpful as well!
  15. As the post title says, let's talk about our current active/main teams!People like me are total noobs in this game, so a bit of help from the Fire Emble veterans would be great!Right now i am using Camilla,Cain,Marth and Linde all 5stars.Maybe in the future Sakura will take a place in my team as a healer.Gunter 4stars was my forth till i got Cain that took his place...I miss his defense though! (Chapter 9 Normal - Chapter 6 Hard - Arena 2406)
  16. Pretty please! :D http://i.imgur.com/f2WJRTm.png I also have an Olivia at 4 stars (level 1), Cecelia at 3, FRobin at 3 that didn't fit into the picture. Also any advice on what 4 stars to rank up first to 5? I have almost enough feathers now. Thank you very much guys!
  17. I'm really new in competitive Pokémon and I need to fill my team: (Ninetales-Alola) (F) @ Light Clay Ability: Snow Warning Level: 50 EVs: 4 HP / 252 SpA / 252 Spe Timid Nature IVs: 0 Atk - Freeze-Dry - Aurora Veil - Moonblast - Encore (Incineroar) (M) @ Incinium Z Ability: Blaze Level: 50 EVs: 252 HP / 252 Atk / 4 SpD Adamant Nature - Darkest Lariat - Flare Blitz - Earthquake - U-turn I need tips, I'm thinking about including a tank or wall and a special sweeper.
  18. Hello, I am completely new to FE and would like some advice. I have spent hours thinking of what would be the best team for hoshido (see image attached) to play this game on hard/classic mode. I am playing birthright so I have the chance to grind as this is my first game so I would like the option. After doing hours of research I have read that some characters/children are completely worthless which threw all my research out the window. I am looking for 4-6 attackers 1-2 defense characters and 2 magic users. I am about to loose my mind over this so any help will be appreciated. Thanks
  19. I'm playing Conquest (hard/classic, if it matters) and I wanna try my hand at planning ahead. Is the Lodestar class viable? I know Xander benefits from it quite a bit, but would it be acceptable to not change him into another class?
  20. For those who have played, what is your recommended size of team for Birthright/Conquest/Revelations? How many bow/magic users? What teams have you been successful with?
  21. I'm relatively new to the series, but I decided, that I would make a full-on streetpass team (because why not). Right now, I'm having a bit of trouble. I have 2 units (Walhart and Walhart!Morgan) which I only have 4 skills for (I have all DLC classes and skills). I also have Chrom, and I have no idea what his skills should be, or what his final class should be. But right now, I'd like to have a physical tank, a healer, and either a magic user or another healer. Could someone help me a bit with this? Below is my plan for my team so far, so try not to use any of the parents I'm currently using (FeMU, Walhart, Chrom, Sumia). I also have 3 units which are missing a final skill, and I'd kinda like some help with that, as well. I have seen several people saying not to use Conquest and Iote's Shield, because they are a waste of a skill which could just be avoided by me having better positioning. However, I have also heard that the streetpass bots just aim for maximum damage, which can leave characters in really bad positions. Finally, if I have some sort of really bad mistake which I don't realize, could you please say what it is? I may have tried to give someone a skill that they can't obtain. I really don't know all of this. Like I mentioned, I am still fairly new to the game, so I don't understand everything. Character 1: FeMU Skills: Limit Breaker, Ignis, Tomefaire, Armsthrift, Pavise Class: Sorceror Asset/Flaw= Magic/Luck Character 2: Skills: Limit Breaker S Rank: Class: Character 3: Chrom Skills: Limit Breaker Class: Character 4: Sumia Skills: Galeforce, Limit Breaker, Luna, Tomefaire, Iotes Shield Class: Dark Flier Character 5: Sumia!Lucina Skills: Limit Breaker, Galeforce, Aether, Tomefaire, Iotes Shield Class: Dark Flier Character 6: Walhart!Morgan Skills: Limit Breaker, Conquest, Ignis, Lifetaker, Class: Dark Knight Character 7: Walhart Skills: Limit Breaker, Conquest, Luna, Pavise, Class: Conquerer Character 8: Chrom!Cynthia Skills: Limit Breaker, Galeforce, Aether, Iotes Shield, Pavise Class: Falcon Knight Character 9: Skills: Limit Breaker Class: Character 10: Skills: Limit Breaker Class: Thanks a ton!
  22. For those who don't know, the Mystery Dungeon games play a bit... differently compared to the main series. The most noticeable differences are: The dungeons that are explored are randomly generated, meaning that the dungeon won't ever be the same experience twice Effort Values and Individual Values are not a part of this game Speed isn't a stat, per se. Speed influences how many actions a Pokémon can undergo per turn. For example, a Pokémon that has used agility would normally get a x2 multiplier in the main games. In this however, it means the Pokémon (and every ally in the room) can perform another action that turn Natures that would normally benefit/hinder a stat no longer does so in this game If a Pokémon has more than one ability in the main series, the Pokémon will have both at the same time in this game There's an IQ system, which I can't be bothered to explain There is what's know as a 'body' stat. A Pokémon's body can vary between 0-4, and the entire party must not exceed an overall body of 6. A maximum of 4 Pokémon can come in an adventure at one time There is a hunger mechanic. This isn't in Gates to Infinity, but it basically governs how well-fed the Pokémon is. Only the lead Pokémon is affected by hunger, and once it depletes, you begin losing health This OP originally had more information in it. But, with Tonton's departure from the run, I had to remove most of it. I don't know what to add here, sorry
  23. I've been walking every day with my 3DS for months now, and I haven't met anyone who was a threat, even though I only use only one pairing against each team. What about you guys?
  24. Hello everyone! So I just bought the Apotheosis DLC and I was wondering who to bring in to the battle with me? I would also appreciate any skill recommendations cause, as you will see, some of my skill choices are lackluster. I'm still fairly new to this game >.< Here are the characters I have been using that are somewhat trained (I'm going to train them up more when I figure out who I am taking): Ranulf (MU) Lv. 16 Dread Fighter. Sol, Ignis, Pavise, Aegis, Aggressor. Chrom Lv. 10 Great Lord. Dual Strike+, Charm, Aether, Rightful King, Aegis. Maribelle Lv. 15 Sage. Demoiselle, Lifetaker, Galeforce, Slow Burn, Tomefaire. Tiki Lv. 30 Manakate. Swordbreaker, Bond, Odd Rhythm, Wyrmsbane, Quick Burn. Flavia Lv. 16 General. Armsthrift, Patience, Sol, Pavise, Axebreaker. Miriel Lv. 5 Sage. Focus, Renewal, Tomefaire, Vengeance, Slow Burn. Stahl Lv. 10 Paladin. Discipline, Outdoor Fighter, Defender, Aegis, Luna. Sumia Lv. 5 Falcon Knight. Speed +2, Relief, Galeforce, Lancefaire, Pavise. Gaius Lv. 15 Dread Fighter. Aggressor, Resistance +10, Sol, Lethality, Astra. Tharja Lv. 5 Sorcerer. Hex, Vengeance, Tomebreaker, Pavise, Hit Rate +20. Nowi Lv. 18 Manakete. Odd Rhythm, Wyrmsbane, Quick Burn Donnel Lv. 10 Hero. Armsthrift, Sol, Underdog, Counter, Aggressor. Lissa Lv. 16 Sage. Miracle, Galeforce, Renewal, Healtouch, Tomefaire. Libra Lv. 15 War Monk. Lifetaker, Healtouch, Miracle, Vengeance, Renewal. Lon'qu Lv. 20 Swordmaster. Vantage, Lethality, Astra, Swordfaire, Quickburn. Olivia Lv. 30 Dancer. Vantage, Astra, Galeforce, Special Dance. Morgan Lv. 20 Manakate. Odd Rhythm, Quick Burn, Wyrmsbane, Ignis. Henry Lv. 20 Sorcerer. Hex, Anathema, Lucky Seven, Vengeance, Tomebreaker. Inigo Lv. 20 Hero. Armsthrift, Sol, Patience, Astra, Galeforce. Lucina Lv. 20 Great Lord. Dual Strike+, Charm, Aether, Galeforce, Lifetaker. Noire Lv. 15 Sniper. Vengeance, Astra, Lethality, Hit Rate +20, Prescience -Rally Bots: Alm Lv. 20 Wyvern Lord. Rally Resistance, defense, skill, strength, spectrum. Eirika Lv. 20 Falcon Knight. Rally Heart, speed, movement, luck, magic. Thank you for your help :)
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