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  1. I'm on Chapter 1 (not prologue) and I'm using my save transfer from my second playthrough of Path of Radiance. Actually off topic, is that even useful? I have no POR characters in my army yet, how much stronger does it actually make them? Okay circle back. Right now I have Micaiah, Nolan, Edward and Leonardo. I want to use Micaiah obviously even if she isn't worth training but the others I will drop if they lack anything useful. I'm playing on Normal mode if it helps.
  2. Just like in Path of Radiance, I felt like I was reading an actual manga when I played Radiant Dawn, so I felt really comfortable doing so. I find it being a simple but mighty well built story, with a complete world building, relatable conflicts and an absolutely stunning journey. And that was not me praising Radiant Dawn as a Fire Emblem game, but a normal story instead, which is a big compliment since I usually don't think Fire emblem has good stories. But the characters themselves are no good. The fact that Radiant Dawn's cast is composed by over 50 units doesn't help, but my biggest issue with this game is the lack of normal support conversations. Apart for whose came from the previous game (mind you, a game that has support conversations) and a couple of exceptions here and there, I don't think Radiant Dawn has good characters overall, which is an unfortunate disappointment since I genuinely think the story is good. All I miss is support conversation! Well, the story was somewhat chaotic, but good. The characters can be sumed in one-line, but those important for the plot such as Sothe, Soren and Pelleas are great. The game really punished my poor laptop for being too heavy for it, but was worth every second! Score: 7.5/10. Since I'm a huge fan of listing, I will tell y'all my 5 favorite units (based on how much I LIKED them, and I'm not talking about utility): 1- Soren. 2- Sothe. 3- Pelleas (we don`t recruit him but still, what a character...). 4- Naesala. 5- Micaiah.
  3. Due to my own laptop limitations, it took me a while until I finally got to beat this one. But funnily enough, the break I had to take from this game was not a handicap for me to enjoy the story (which is not common for a Fire Emblem game). I consider myself the "reader type" and while I was playing Path of Radiance I felt like I was reading a manga, that being, a complete story, which is a huge plus. It 100% felt like a journey. It was engaging and the progression was satisfactory. Not to mention the cast, what a wondrous cast! I played on Normal Mode, so the midgame was so easy it even felt a bit boring, but the new mechanics (specially the base preps) were a lot of fun. Sneaking through the base to see what my soldiers were doing was something I can't even explain why felt so good, but it did. Thanks to the captivating story and characters, lukewarm but fun gameplay and some excellent mechanics, I really liked this game andI'm looking forward to play Fire Emblem's first PLANNED sequel, Radiant Dawn. Score: 7/10. Since I'm a huge fan of listing, I will tell y'all my 5 favorite units (based on how much I LIKED them, and I'm not even really talking about utility): 1- Soren. 2- Boyd. 3- Ike. 4- Brom. 5- Rolf. What surprises me the most is that most of Tellius' cast were genuinely good characters!
  4. Mario Kart Ultimate Racing - Tellius Tours The race continues at Tellius Tours. Who will take 1st place? If you like what you see consider subscribing for more animations.
  5. Now that three houses has come out, I think it would be cool to see some Tellius remakes for the new generation. Here are a few Ideas I'm hoping IS adds if they ever make any remakes. 1. Give the dawn brigade more chapters, I'd really like to see how they met in the first place and how they bonded as a group. 2. Supports are a must, especially for the dawn brigade and new characters like Kyza. 3. No Astrid X Makalov PLEASE 4. Give my boy Sothe a more important role in part 4, it seems like they kinda dragged him along in the original and they gave him a back seat to Ike and Micaiah (oh, i'm sorry, Yune). I may be biased because he's my fav, but Sothe is a truly unique main character for fire emblem and he still has a lot of potential. 5. Make Sothe more viable for part 4 as well. Make sure he doesn't fall behind. 6. Tormod definitely needs more screen time. he shows up in part 1 for, like 3 missions, and then joins again before the endgame during which time he is seriously underleveled (but good if you bother to train him). 7. I would love it if all the dialogue including the supports was fully voiced like it is in Three houses. 8. It would be cool if they gave us more lore on Tellius 9. I really hope they address the unequal lifespans between Laguz and Beorc more. IT rarely gets talked about. I really hope they address it because it is definitely could be a major theme with much potential. It could play a huge role in the rift between the beorc and laguz as well as how characters see themselves or each other. Seriously, they could do a lot with this and it deserves more than just passing mentions in dialogue. This is BIG (although it might be a better theme for a 3rd tellius game, if we ever get one). 10. More info on the Crimean rebellion and how it relates to the overall story. Maybe make the Campaign longer. 11. Give Volug more dialogue, if you read his translated quotes you will realize he has the potential to be a truly hilarious and well written character. 12. it'd be cool to see what Hatari looks like (again, might be sequel material though). 13. Buff Leonardo and make Meg not bad. 14. I think the characters and the world would look gorgeous with Three houses' art style or an improved version of it, but maybe that's just me. I definitely think Tellius deserves a few remakes or maybe a sequel, probably, perhaps, maybe.
  6. One element I have seen in the tellius games that I believe needs to be further addressed is the the unequal lifespans between Beorc and Laguz. I believe that this is an absolutely HUGE plot detail which has a lot of thematic potential. As the games make somewhat clear, Beorc have a lifespan similar to that of humans as we know them. For Laguz and Branded it is less clear, but what we do know is that they live considerably longer than Beorc, with individuals like Janaff looking like teenagers despite being over a century old. The oldest we know of is Dheginsea, who is over a thousand years old but looks to be about 60 and Lehran, who is also over a thousand but looks in his 20s. I believe that this issue is far more important to Tellius and it's people than the games give them credit for and I believe a lot more can be done to address it. I think that the games do an inadequate job at addressing the impact that this problem would have on the beorc and laguz, as it only seems to get passing references like "oh yeah, as a branded I age slower than a normal beorc and that's how they can tell i'm a branded and discriminate against me" or "you're only 20? Why are the Beorc sending babies into battle?" I believe that this issue has massive consequences for the relationship between the Beorc and the Laguz as a whole as well as how the characters see themselves and others. Consider this, how would you feel if you only lived to be about 80 years old, but yet there is another race of humans that lives to be over a thousand? how would you feel? Cheated? Envious? It honestly seems like the Beorc were screwed over by the Goddess, and they likely hate the Laguz because of it, seeing them as a favorite sibling blessed with greater strength and a longer lifespan. Then we arrive at the Laguz. How would you feel if you were among the race that lived to be a thousand years old? How would you see the people who only lived to be 80? you would see them be born, grow old, and die while you remained young for decades? How would you see them? How would you value their lives? Indeed, I believe the Lifespan issue to be one of the core reasons behind the rift between the Beorc and Laguz, and one that is rarely talked about in the games. Next we arrive to how it affects the story and the characters we know. Frankly, I find the Idea of Muarim outliving tormod by decades to be absolutely heartbreaking, as well as Soren outliving Ike. This is a truly terrible situation to be stuck in for a Laguz or a Branded, as they have to watch as the ones they love grow old and die while they remain young. How would this issue affect the relationships between these characters? How would the Beorc characters we know come to terms with their accelerated mortality? From a biological standpoint, this lifespan inequality makes no sense. As explained in Radiant Dawn, Beorc and Laguz share a common ancestor, the primordial Zunanma race. The game does not describe how long the Zunanma live, but I would assume that they live about as long as modern Laguz. So where did this inequality come from? As is well known in the Scientific community, Chimpanzees and Humans share a common ancestor. In captivity, chimpanzees can live up to 60 years, not quite as long as humans, but only about 20-30 years off. Applying Beorc-Laguz biology to this issue brings us something absolutely ludicrous. Considering that the average dragon laguz would live around a thousand years give or take, and a Beorc living at a max of 100, this would make it so dragon laguz live at least 10 times as long as a normal human. If we applied this to primate biology, this would mean that while a human would live to be 100, a chimpanzee would live to be at most 10 years old! As old as a damn sheep! The only thing that could give this lifespan inequality any semblance of sense is magic. If so, then what? What kind of magic is keeping the Laguz alive this long? Why does it exist for the Laguz and not for the Beorc? Do the Laguz have some kind of divine blessing that the Beorc don't have? Are the Beorc cursed? If so, what did they do to deserve it? So why don't the Beorc live as long as the Laguz? What impact does this have on Tellius? How exactly does Laguz aging work? How can this issue be addressed? Is there any way to extend the lifespan of the Beorc (without making it look like a bad fanfiction)? Could this be a theme that could be expanded upon in a sequel?
  7. Important note: This is not a rom-hack. You will need to install RPGMaker VX, which can be found here. http://www.rpgmakerweb.com/products/programs/rpg-maker-vx You do not need to buy the software, a trial version will still run the game. Download: https://www.mediafire.com/?4sje7418ocf9b4b This is a little side-project of mine that I've been wanting to do for a very long time. I desperately want to love the original Tellius games for what they are, but I have too many gripes/issues with them. The world-building is better than any other video game I've seen save for Final Fantasy 12, the majority of the cast save Sothe and Makalov are likable in their own way and it has a great OST. Intro video: I've also been developing RPGs for close to 7 years, and this re-imagining of FE9 is actually my sixth video game. However... Ike is not the main character. Elincia is. In a way, both Elincia and Ike get their respective character arcs, since I wasn't too fond of the way PoR handled Elincia's character. I want a Royal who Actually Did Something, not a fawning princess who relied on her blue-haired hero to do her job for her. Like that. Ashnard doesn't wear invincible armour, btw, so Elincia can damage him. I always thought it was odd that a man who prided himself on survival of the strongest would cloak himself in impenetrable armour. :/ Gameplay: Gets rids of FE's grid-based battle-system in its entirely, and plays out in a more turn-based fashion that still requires strategic thinking. Compared to PoR's sluggish gameplay, this game is blisteringly fast. The player will control up to five units at once, and as the party grows in size, the player will have the option to swap out units as they please, with only Elincia being 'locked'. Skills will function more like RD's, with units being able to equip up to two Skill Scrolls. Units will also have their own personal skill in addition to a class Skill. Masteries will be learned as units level up, like in FE13/FE14 upon hitting Level 25 ( 20/5 in FE-speak ). Instead of moving from one static scene to another, areas from the original game become full-blown, explorable areas, with the player controlling the Elincia sprite and letting her interact with NPCs, objects, or even other playable characters if they are stationed at a Fortress or a Base. A forest on the border of Crimea and Gallia. Interior of Castle Crimea. There are no stat-caps. They don't exist in jPRGs. I believe it severely reduces a unit's fighting potential. Also, I'm going by a rule of thumb here. Meaning that if a unit is stated to be a bad-ass in-universe ( aka if the unit is a personal bodyguard or a trained knight/general ) then they are going to be statistically superior to some scrub who just picked up an axe or a sword. I'd like my swordmaster Jeigan back please. The size of the cast would be reduced severely, so that characters that have no influence or who contribute little or none to the overall plot would be scrapped completely. Permadeath is still a thing though. So I'm only looking at around 20 playable characters, including laguz. Other videos: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This project is still very early in development. I'm just posting it here to get a general interest level from the fandom itself. =) There are more mechanics, like how battles would play out, but I'll save that for a separate post.
  8. I did see some game companies were bundling a bunch of classic and nearly classic games and porting to modern consoles as Collections like the Mega Man Legacy Collection series, Street Fighter Collection, Capcom Beat Em Up Collection, Sega Ages, The Legend of Zelda Collector's Edition, and much more. So what do you guys think if Nintendo and Intelligent Systems did the same by putting all the classic Fire Emblem titles into a big bundle as Fire Emblem Collection or whether might they call it? Do you guys think the NES + SNES titles might be in Collection 1, the GBA + Tellius titles will be in Collection 2, and Collection 3 might put the Nintendo DS and Nintendo 3DS titles. Or do you guys think the Nintendo DS titles should be bundled to Collection 2 and save the Nintendo 3DS games for a later time after Collection 2 releases? I know that Nintendo did add Nintendo DS games to the Wii U Virtual Console. And plus, they might put amiibo support with the Fire Emblem characters to do new challenges in the Fire Emblem Collection similar to the Mega Man amiibo on the Mega Man Legacy Collection. I'm not saying this will most likely happen to be on Nintendo Switch. I'm just wondering how would this work as a big Bundle Collection game? Just post your thoughts about which games might be included? I'm pretty sure the Collection 2 might have the GBA, Tellius, and NDS titles will most likely be released outside of Japan, but I possibly think the Collection 1 might be going to be Japan-only since the original NES and SNES titles weren't released outside of Japan. (I don't know if they can get Treehouse, 8-4, or another localization team to do the entire text from The Binding Blade and New Mystery of the Emblem if Intelligence System puts those two in Collection 2 since those were the only non NES and SNES titles that weren't released outside of Japan)
  9. Which of the secondary Weapon Triangles would you like to see more of in future titles?
  10. The map of Tellius is only ever partially shown and all we know about the parts noit shown is that they are mostly desert, right? Has any media ever shown what the full map looks like or a character ever talked about it? Rafiel, Nailah, and Volug are the only ones to have ever been there, do they ever talk about the landscape?
  11. I really liked both Fire Emblem & Stratego. When we were a child, a friend & I made Stratego with Fire Emblem characters. Unfortunately, I don't have any physical pieces left of the game, but I still have a list of ranks of the characters. It's only a list with Tellius characters though. I tried to make the list as canonical as possible (With a little bias). I also tried to fit teams in 1 rank. All non-royal beast are 'Miners / Sappers' Additional rules (to make the game more special): -Weapon triangle When the number is the same, but the weapon varies, the character with the weapon advantage wins. -Support When your character is next to another character with the same affinity (for example, Greil Mercenaries: Shinon & Gatrie. Or for example, Royal Guards: Kieran & Geoffrey), the character receives +1 bonus. Feel free to command if you don't agree with the list :) And feel free to make your own list of a Fire Emblem game! Whether it's Shadow Dragon, Awakening , Radiant Dawn or a whole other Fire Emblem game.
  12. When I look into criticisms of the Tellius games, one of the points brought up is that people call is sometimes the games a Shonen series. I find that to be a quite interesting because I can sort of understand where is that point is coming from. With a emphasis on fighting comparing to other games of the series, and Ike grows from a kid to one of the greatest people in the continent, there is a large supporting cast of physically powerful people, and the end of the game has the most powerful people on the continent fighting one by one in the tower. I do understand these all these points are brought up in other games in the series. Or maybe I'm just looking into things a bit too much here. What are your thoughts?
  13. I'll start this off with a message to the mods: If this isn't in the right place, apologies! I couldn't really locate a perfect spot, so I figured since this involved most games the "General" section was a safe bet! ^-^ I have all the games that would probably be a recommendation, so that is already a start. I seem to be having difficulty really starting and committing to a single game though. At first I wanted to play the games chronologically, but since I've been in Archenea (sp?) overload as of late I wanted to play with some new characters. Not that I'm opposed to playing New Mystery if that is the best choice. I'm pretty open to any title, and as the topic name says: not even Thracia, Xavier, and some guy named Cyrus who I'm supposed to fear make me err from it. Games that are challenging make me want to stay and see it through a lot more, and coupled with Fire Emblems' permadeath feature that makes me care about the characters a lot more on top of that. That being said, if Sacred Stones - which I know from a second hand experience is the most "watered down" in terms of the older games' difficulty - would be a better choice, that's also fine. I'm not perfect, I may wipe or lose a chapter last minute on an easy setting, but I'm always fine with finding a better strategy. Standalone titles being axed first is also a fine notion. I'd prefer to save the Tellius games for a bit later, as my "Wii" needs to be gotten up to a more passable speed before I can enjoyably play those two. Basically, I can't choose! They all seem like fun, interesting titles to me. Like seriously, I'm so glad I picked up Birthright and Awakening, which led to Echoes, then Warriors, and now all of these wonderful gems. It's nice to have that "in love" type of enthusiasm for a whole series again. ^-^ So yeah, any suggestions or opinions on why "X game is the best" are welcome. I want to hear 'em all. Danke!
  14. So I know that branded are the offspring of a beroc and a Laguz. Then what would happen if a branded would had a offspring with a beroc, laguz or another branded? Could the child become a double branded, having two marks on their bodies? A Beroc?, Because the Laguz blood would cancel each other out, or the inverse? Also isn't becoming a branded strange? All that is needed to be considered one is that some one in the family tree needed to be with a Laguz, regardless if it has hundreds of years ago, and be the first born? So potentially anyone could be a branded if they can trace their family history long enough? So what is with the deal when a Laguz gives birth to a branded, they lose the ability to transform? It is like a magical STD? Aren't branded implied to be the future of Tellius? They were naturally resistant to Ashera's judgment,. And Yune hinted at the notion. I could use some assistance in trying to understand fantasy genetics.
  15. Since Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light, Mystery of the Emblem, and Gaiden managed to get a remake into Shadow Dragon, New Mystery of the Emblem, and Echoes: Shadows of Valentia and they do add more characters to the story. There are like 6 new playable characters and 5 new boss enemies that were added in Shadow Dragon, 2 new playable characters and new 3 boss enemies that were added in New Mystery of the Emblem while they managed to get the rest of the playable characters from Shadow Dragon into New Mystery of the Emblem, and they did add 2 new in-game playable characters, 4 new boss enemies, added the four Cipher characters as DLC, putted Jarth as a new enemy DLC boss, and the final boss in the post game content after Act 5. How many playable characters and new non-playable characters do you think the future remakes will might possibly get added? I don't know about how many brand new characters we could get for the possible Judgral remakes as this point, but I think we could see a new member for Sigurd's Holy Knights + new mother (or the new member in Sigurd's Holy Knights is a female) and a new member, possibly 2 new children, and 2 new subtitutes incase if a new mother character gets added in the first generation for Seliph's army + add the rest of the Thracia 776 characters into Seliph's story for a new Gaiden/Paralogue chapters similar to like how New Mystery of the Emblem manages to get the rest of the Shadow Dragon characters and the Archanea Saga characters into the remake. But, maybe a few new antagonists in either of the remakes to help the story like Berkut and Frenand in Echoes: Shadows of Valentia and the Assassins in New Mystery of the Emblem. For a Thracia 776 remake, I think we could see a new character joins Leif's group. For the Elibe remakes, I do like to see if they can add a brand new main character, give Roy a half-sibling similar to like how Celica has a half-brother gotten added in Echoes: Shadows of Valentia, a Mercenary Girl to the Binding Blade remake since Echidna is the only female Hero in the game, and an unit starts off as an Assassin since that class was added in the Prequel, and possibly put some of the returning characters that aren't killed in the prequel such as Nils, Rebecca, Serra, Matthew, etc. from The Blazing Blade into the story as playable or NPCs for The Binding Blade remake, I don't know about for new characters for The Blazing Blade remake though, maybe add an another Lorca tribe survivor (possibly as Lyn's sibling or friend)? For The Sacred Stones remake, I think of they could might possibly add 2 new members for Eirika's and Emphriam's squad and add more new characters into the story. For the Tellius remakes, I think they will might add at least new members for the Greil Mercenaries (either the Path of Radiance remake and return in the Radiant Dawn remake or put them in Radiant Dawn remake after Ike appears since the Greil Mercenaries didn't get a single new member after the Mad King's War ended) along with new characters that gets recruited in a few new Gaiden/Paralogue chapters or in the main story like Shadow Dragon and New Mystery of the Emblem. And a new member in the Dawn Brigade and a new character later on as well in the Radiant Dawn remake.
  16. Whether it be character potential or story potential. What are some things you feel the Tellius games could have handled better? (minus the blood pact, which has been beaten to death, and I think we can all agree that that should have been handle better) For me it was Elincia in PoR. She should have played a more central role to the story imo, instead of being reduced to the typical damsel in distress. Despite how fantastic her character development was in RD, they could have done a lot more with her in PoR, and not have her be so reliant of Ike for pretty much the whole game.
  17. ţ Tried to do this somewhere else, but there doesn't seem to be that many tellius fans over there, so i am hoping i would have better luck here. So I have been having this idea for a Fire Emblem roleplay that serves as a sequel for the Tellius saga (Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn, Ike and Micaiah’s games) which takes place about a century after Radiant Dawn. The story has a few story arcs across the large world of Tellius, each focusing on a different group, but occurring at the same time. Anyway, here are the Arcs, each with a spot for a specific protagonist. The plot may have some tweaking to do, so I am willing to take some advice on plot ideas. You can also join more than one arc. Arc One: Rifts of Begnion: The Senate of Begnion is as corrupt as ever, and now there is a deep rift between them and the apostle. It is also discovered that a very wealthy family in Begnion had been secretly running a sanctuary for escaped Laguz slaves. But when the Senate wants to interfere, things get heated. Participators: Apostle: (1 slot Opened) The Family’s Siblings: (Me, 3 spots opened). Servants of the Empress: 4 spots opened. Servants of the Family: 4 spots opened. Laguz Slaves: 4 spots opened Most characters involved with this would be retainers or servants of the empress or the rich family, along with Laguz slaves. Arc Two: Shadow in Gallia Gallia has mostly accepted the Beorc, but there one area of the kingdom has abruptly shut itself off to any non laguz. When the king goes to investigate, he does not return, and the Gallian Prince gathers a few of his allies to see what happened to him. This would likely be a Laguz-exclusive plot. Other than the Gallian prince (with an opened slot) the other characters are other Laguz with close ties to the Prince from other nations (though dragons would have become incredibly rare at this time, and I will only allow one or two dragons as a result) Arc 3: Divide of Crimea The latest ruler of Crimea has made many choices and expressed many beliefs that has split people of Crimea, but choosing not to respond with Daein’s alleged threats of war has was the last straw caused a breakout rebellion that eventually lead to the king’s death, and the heir to the throne escapes. Needing to stop the rebellion that usurped their father’s throne, they end up having to turn to a band of mercenaries. Prince(ss) of Crimea: one spot opened Mercenary leader: me Mercenaries: 12 spots opened This is mostly a Beorc exclusive plot, though I can allow one Laguz ally of the mercenaries if any of you guys would want to be one. Fourth Arc: ???
  18. It works the same for both FE9 and FE10, and in fact it's almost the same as the GBA RNG. A more detailed post may follow later (if I'm not too lazy), but here is the the tl;dr Calculation of the next RN is exactly the same as for GBA (bitshift+xors of the last 3 rns) There are a total of 8 possible initial seeds from power on The game then burns some "small number" (0~20 roughly) of RNs from this initial seed on the first frame The cool thing here (in my opinion) is that the number of possible initial states from power on in only ~100 or so, which gives us a notion of reliability (in the same sense as for GBA arrow retracing) for both of these games. This also means that TAS for both of these games are now possible, and the regular speedrun can probably be improved too via clock abuse manipulations (this latter claim is untested).
  19. Five years ago, the continent of Tellius was engulfed in a brutal war. King Ashnard of the Daein kingdom ordered an attack on the neighboring nation Crimea. The attack was swift, deadly, and unprovoked. After about a year of bloodshed, Ashnard was slain, bringing his reign of terror to an end. This war is known as the Mad King's War. It appeared that the mad king had left no heirs, but a noblewoman stepped forward with the claim that her daughter had been sired by him. The people had no choice but to believe her and allow young Nyra to take the throne. All the nations of Tellius were now free to rebuild and move forward. But, sometimes what was once broken, will never be completely fixed... Feedback Thread Prologue: A Surprise Successor August 27, 645 Nevassa, Daein A mighty roan stallion with a young woman on his back galloped through the street. If one were to get close enough, they would be able to see the determination and anger in the lady’s eyes. A steel sword was strapped to her back. She was pursuing a group of cavalry, they were all clothed in blood red armor, while her own armor was jet black. Daein had lost the war. King Ashnard was dead, and he hadn’t married or produced any heirs. Of course, the new Crimean queen wasn’t going to be in charge of both countries. Begnion controlled more land than anyone else, so why not add more to their empire? Nyra knew she had no right to argue. She was just a lowly soldier. General Petrine had always said she had the potential to be much more, but she, too, was now dead. And Begnion wouldn’t care anyway. But Nyra, being the hothead she was, wasn’t going to take this without a fight. She was going to show those red clad snobs who they were dealing with. And they would either kill her or throw her in jail for the rest of her life, but she didn’t care. She pulled back on the horse’s reins, causing him to skid to a stop, neigh, and rear. The Begnion cavalry appeared to be reporting to the halberdier ahead of them: an average sized man with dark purple hair. His armor was the distinctive red, with an olive green scarf. And he had an air of authority about him. No doubt about it, this was who the apostle had put in charge. One of the soldiers turned and spoke to the halberdier. “General Jarod, there’s a Daein cavalier here.” “I thought we told all of them to stay away while we get the paperwork settled.” Jarod huffed. “Go away. The war’s over. You lost.” Nyra stared at him, anger burning in her eyes. He smirked. “Such a fierce look for a little recruit!” “I’ll have you know that I am NOT a recruit. I was trained by, and served under, Petrine of the Four Riders.” “Ah, Petrine...she was a fiery one. But the key word is was. Go home, lass. We can’t have any Daein stragglers hanging around. Even if you did know that witch of a woman.” “Is that fancy lance just for show? It looks brand new. Did the apostle take a pampered noble, put him in armor, and call him general?” Nyra taunted. “I will not go home. If you want me to, you’ll have to force me.” Several Begnion soldiers raised their weapons. Jarod gave them the “stand down” gesture. “I will deal with this myself.” He grabbed his lance and gave it a twirl. “Try me!” The crowd scattered. Nyra brought her horse into a charge, blade drawn, as Jarod stood his ground. The steel sword clanged against the steel greatlance. The Begnion soldiers were rooting for their general, as was expected. Nyra managed to spot some Daein townspeople out of the corner of her eye. Most looked like they were just wondering what was going on, but she thought a few of them appeared to be impressed with her. As they should. Nobody else had the gumption to stand up to Begnion. This Jarod guy...who was he? She had never heard of him, and he had looked like he hadn’t seen much actual combat until she actually saw him fight. That jumping skill was unreal. He had to be clearing twice her height! And with a heavy weapon that should weigh him down! As impressive as it was, he was still her enemy. She concentrated on attempting to block his blows while slashing at him with her sword. “NYRA!” The familiar voice came from the group of townspeople. In one swift movement, Nyra stabbed Jarod in the shoulder, had her horse trample him to the ground, and turned. The crowd parted to let her mother through. Her mother, a frail skinny thing, had a piece of paper in her hands and was glaring at the scene in front of her. Behind her was an ancient looking woman who Nyra had never seen before, and a man she recognized as Lukall, a Daein noble. “Everyone, your attention please!” Lukall announced. “There’s been a recent development! Or a twenty-eight year old development, depending on how you look at it.” Nyra blinked. She was twenty-eight... Lukall proceeded to walk forward and look at Jarod, who was collapsed on the ground with several wounds. “He’s just out cold.” He said to the two women with him. “He won’t be able to protest now, but he will if we’re not quick enough. Lady Jaclyn, bring me the document.” Nyra’s mother handed the paper to Lukall. He turned to Nyra, and she reached for it. Lukall pulled it away. “Not so fast. The information in this document...will come as a shock to you. Fair warning.” Then he allowed Nyra to take it and unfold it. The paper was a birth certificate. Under name, in slightly faded writing, was Nyra Terricks Daein. That was a bit odd, Nyra’s mother was a noblewoman, but usually only royals had a second surname that they shared with their country. Place of birth was Nevassa, gender was female...under father, written in the same faded script, yet clear as day, was Ashnard Terricks Daein. “Breathe, girl!” Lukall waved a hand in front of Nyra’s face. At the same moment, Jarod coughed behind her and attempted to get up. Nyra whipped around and plunged her sword into his forehead. His eyes glazed over, and his final breath was a faint sputter. The old woman and Nyra’s mother both had the same blank expressions. She turned to them. “...But you always told me my father had died before I was born...how...” “Oh, is that what she told you?” The old woman hobbled forward. “...Pardon me, you don’t know me. My name is Melina. I delivered you...you can see my signature here.” She pointed at the bottom of the document, where the parents’ and midwife’s signatures went. The line for the father’s signature was blank. There was still quite the crowd gathered. Lukall took the birth certificate and held it in the air. “Citizens of Daein, we have a successor! I give you Queen Nyra!” A few of the Begnion soldiers, and even some of the Daein townspeople, had to look at the birth certificate with their own eyes to believe it. One Begnion soldier bowed his head to Nyra. “We will return to Begnion at once, Your Majesty. General Jarod will be laid to rest in his own homeland...”
  20. Yep, it's me again. I really like making video games. xD This fan-game is a lot further in development from my current FE9-Reimagined game. It takes place at the end of RD, in the Tower of Guidance. Tellius. The year 648. After a violent struggle between the Beorc and Laguz races, the medallion known to contain Yune, the goddess of Chaos, reached an unprecedented level of power. When it did, the unthinkable happened... But instead of bringing about the chaos and destruction everyone had feared, she instead chose to oppose Ashera and in doing so, was to grant the Beorc warriors spared by Ashera's Judgement an amazing gift. Unfortunately, Ashera had the same idea, bestowing upon her gold-armoured soldiers unfathomable power as well. Now, with the rest of Tellius a land of frozen statues, a battle never seen before in history will mark the end of an era... You are tasked with the task of liberating Tellius once and for all. Choose your duo wisely and defeat the Goddess of Order! General differences from regular Fire Emblem games: Everyone is at Level 60 ( or 20/20/20 ). No grinding required! Order enemies are Level 60 as well. Enemy stats scale depending on the difficulty selected. Fast-paced, turn-based battle system similar to classical jRPGs. Weapons don't break. Magic targets multiple foes. Affinity grant stat boosts; e.g: Earth units take less damage whereas Fire units deal more. All generals, including allies, are weak against thunder. Makes perfect sense. 'Slayer' and 'Reaver' weapons are present. Weapon triangle works a bit differently. If you hit an axe-user with a lance, they will absorb the damage dealt. Same with hitting a sword-user with an axe. And mages will absorb all damage from magic weapons, be they Runeswords, Runelances ( yes ) or Sleep Axes. Cipher art for portraits because they're so purdy. <3 Battle BGM will change depending which main character is in your party. Dark Traveller will play for Micaiah on Easy/Normal mode,while Bearer of Hope would play on Hard/Lunatic. Greil Mercs would play for Ike on Easy/Normal, and Eternal Bond on Hard/Lunatic. Bases stats stem from Awakening Lunatic Mode. Units use a combination of their FE9, FE10 and FE13 (Spotpass) growths. Units who did not appear in Spotpass were given class growths instead. Same with their bases. Some units ( like Lucia and Micaiah. Read: They're amazing ) are completely unrecognisable from their vanilla counterparts. Screenshots: The game itself still needs a few tweaks before I make it a public release. Currently, it only goes up until the Dragon chapter.
  21. Prologue: The Circlet Peace has come to the continent of Tellius. The heroes of the Divine War travel home to their respective countries to foster their respective dreams, and live out the life their actions protected. However, this is not the end of their story. Empress Sanaki of Begnion brings about an array of treaties to unite the various countries of Tellius- the theocracy of Begnion, the might of Daein, the academia of Crimea, the wilds of Gallia, the forests of Serenes, and the plains of Goldoa. As the various meetings took place, the children of their rulers began to mingle and bond. Queen Elincia of Crimea decides to gather the ruling daughters of each kingdom, to form the Circlet of Tellius. At the group’s head is the daughter of Sir Ike and Dame Mia, the page Elena. Although she is no princess, she is the oldest of the girls, and has the neutral reputation of Sir Ike behind her. Elena is a fierce warrior, a blazing sword on the field of battle. However, she has much to learn before she can consider defeating Lord Renning in battle and claiming the title of Commander of the Crimean Royal Knights. Elena’s half-sister, born of Sir Ike and Queen Elincia, is Livia, Princess of Crimea. She is unlike her sister in every way, a pacifistic woman with a heart to match. Although the two sisters are often at odds, they are as close as, if not closer than, a pair of full sisters. Representing Daein is the daughter of Micaiah and Sothe, Princess Yune. Picking locks since the age of two, Yune fits the role of a prankster to a tee. However, the morals imparted by her mother have stayed close by her heart, so she will never use her talents unless she believes it justified. Or she’s really bored and steals something to return later. Representing Begnion is the daughter of Tormod and Sanaki, Archduchess Emilyn. As the next in line for the title of Empress of Begnion, she would once have borne the most prestigious title in all of Tellius behind her mother. However, as both changing values in Tellius and her family have shaped, Emilyn is nothing of the kind. She is modest, almost to a fault, and admires the work done by her companions and the people around her. Representing Gallia is the daughter of Ranulf and Lyre, Janiyah. Although she is not a princess, Skrimir bore no daughter, and the laguz tribes choose their leaders based on might anyway. Janiyah enjoys spending time as a cat almost as much as she does in base form, and has studied holding her transformed state under Volug. Although it is unlikely she’ll make Queen of Gallia, she is a figure worthy of admiration regardless- and she’ll probably prefer serving as the future King’s consultant, as her father did before her. Representing the Union of Serenes is Aderyn, daughter of Tibarn and Gavina. As a female hawk, she bears the burden of keeping the hawk race alive, like her mother before her. However, she does not use that as a means in which to slack in her training, sparring and learning under Tibarn’s wing everything it means to be a hawk, to be a bird laguz. She is much more likely to make Queen of Serenes, and keeps her practice going. Although Goldoa has borne no daughters, Penelopy of the heron clan, and daughter of Naesala and Leanne, is often considered Goldoa’s representative. Penelopy is gentle and swift, uniting the ideals of heron and raven without any of the stigma associated with the Shipless Pirates or… well… Leanne. She has studied the Old Lore of Goldoa in great detail, learning more galdrar than has been passed down in Serenes. The Circlet of Tellius has been admired as a symbol of the peace that Tellius has come to bear. It is understood that the girls’ bonds with one another will greatly shape the continent in the future. Elena conceded in her fight against Renning. She stepped back, and wiped the sweat off her brow. “I consider this an improvement, Elena,” Renning said. “But how? I gave up like a quitter,” Elena said. “No, you had the sense to know when to fold, and conceded before you lost. If I had been a real foe, you would have died at my hand, and that would have been the worst possible outcome,” Renning said. “But…” Elena said. “Enough. It looks like your mother is here to see you,” Renning said. Elena nodded, and turned around to see her mother, Dame Mia. She had seen her right arm every day since she was two, but it never failed to send a pang down her heart. “Elena… Princess Yune has arrived,” Mia said. “Just her? Or have the other girls arrived yet, too?” Elena asked. “They shouldn’t be too far away. You should really make sure you are ready to depart before they do. From what I heard, Yune only got in because she picked the lock,” Mia said. “Sounds like her. So where are we going this time? And who’s coming with us?” Elena asked. “Greil’s Retreat. It should be plenty comfortable this season, and you’d need that comfort. Quite a few of you are reaching the ages where you’ll be shouldering a lot more responsibility, and that’ll be something you need to worry about. As for your escort? Considering some of you are capable fighters in your own right, I’ve decided to take you up on your earlier request. Dame Astrid shall accompany you… though, at her personal request, she will be accompanied by Kalen and Wright,” Mia said. “Kalen? …Wright, I understand, but is Kalen really ready for a responsibility like this? Protecting literally all the princesses?” Elena asked. “According to Astrid, the responsibility of this task should shape him up. Going just to Greil’s Retreat and back should not be too difficult a task, but the sheer responsibility of the job will make sure Kalen straightens up. And, if he fails, there always is Astrid to back him up,” Mia said. “…Thank you, Mother. I’ll go tell Livia, then,” Elena said, grabbing the Wo Dao on her way up to her quarters. Mia watched the sword that was once hers go. She reached over, and grabbed a stock Bronze Sword. She swung it about in her right arm, watching both the sword and her arm drop lifelessly. “You really must accept that your sword arm will not be serving you well,” Renning said. “I am the mistress of the swords. That is what makes me stand out over Queen Elincia. I will not let this injury stop me,” Mia said, picking up the Bronze Sword, and trying again. The second attempt went about as well as the first. “I can see where your daughter inherits her stubbornness,” Renning said, quietly. It wasn’t long before everyone had gathered outside Melior, and begun their journey to Greil’s Retreat. Much like any other journey, the group was travelling to peace and the occasional greeting from a passing villager. Emilyn looked up at Elena. “So, how has your swordswomanship improved since I saw you last?” Emilyn asked. “I think it might have gotten worse. I’m seeing Renning’s sword descend upon me, and I’m bailing out of the fight. How am I supposed to do anything if I can’t stand up to something like that?” Elena asked. “There are worse flaws than knowing when to quit,” Astrid remarked. “Really?” Aderyn asked, looking up. “Of course, Aderyn. I can restore your health, but I can’t revive you if you die,” Livia said. “Which is why you’ll never get me on one of those battlefields,” Yune said. “Well, what use will you be? All you do is pick locks,” Aderyn teased. “Aderyn!” Livia chastised. Janiyah bounded up to Astrid. “So, are you thinking what I’m thinking?” Janiyah asked, looking up at Astrid. “I’m getting an idea for training, if that’s what you’re asking,” Astrid said. She pointed forward. “There’s Greil’s Retreat,” she said. Elena and Aderyn immediately charged forward, Aderyn transforming into hawk form and leaving her horse behind to gain the advantage. Janiyah sighed, reverted to base form, and took the mount. “One of these days, those two will learn patience,” Janiyah said, sighing. “I think that’s competitiveness…” Yune said, peering at their competition. Aderyn seemed to be relishing in her victory, while Elena was looking up in anger at her. “Same,” Penelopy said simply. Astrid watched the girls enter the Greil Mercenary’s old fort, before setting up her own camp outside. “Aw… we don’t get to go in?” Kalen asked. “Kalen, think. If we remain out here, on guard, then we’ll have a better warning of when people approach,” Wright said. “That, and I don’t think the girls would appreciate a boy in their midst,” Astrid said knowingly. Kalen groaned. “If you must, I believe the old shed has some blankets, if you want to sleep indoors,” Wright said. “Just make sure you’re not on watch,” Astrid told him. Kalen went into the shed, and Wright turned to Astrid. “Are you sure you can instil knightly responsibility into that?” Wright asked. “…Was your father there when Kieran was knighted, again?” Astrid asked. “I’m going to take that as a no,” Wright said. “He’s got too much of his father in him… and his mother wasn’t all rigid like a knight. She made a good soldier, one whom I have placed my faith in many times, but…” Astrid said. “Oh, crackers! Where’s the hamper?” Kalen yelled from the shed. “You, on the other hand, have had a much better upbringing for becoming a Knight,” Astrid remarked, smiling. Wright saluted at that comment. This story has 24 chapters, not counting this prologue, the epilogue, or the eight Gaiden chapters. With one exception, the Gaiden chapters do not actually focus on the main Lord, Elena, instead serving as more of a side-story within a story. I will attempt to field any questions about the background of the characters in these notes as they come, which I plan to do on a regular basis (barring any foreseen mishaps in the near future, and unforeseen in the far future).
  22. My bad for the delay on this: this is my first time here, and I didn't quite realise I'd have to make one of these. Makes sense in hindsight, but still... Anyway, if you have anything to say about this story, you're welcome to say it. I aspire to write professionally one day, so any criticism is appreciated. Keep in mind, though, that as a personal preference, this story is pre-written, so consider this when offering suggestions. I will take on board minor ideas, but probably not anything major.
  23. I was wondering between each of these characters which are the more popular. I am looking for people's opinions based on capability in battle, personality, and designs. Nephenee vs Aran vs Danved, Oscar vs Kieran vs Makalov vs Titania vs Astrid vs Fiona vs Geofferey vs Renning, Rolf vs Shinon vs Leonardo, Boyd vs Largo vs Nolan, Jill vs Haar, Marcia vs Tanith vs Sigrun vs Elincia, Lethe vs Lyre vs Ranulf, Mordecai vs Maurim vs Kyza, Janaff vs Ulki vs Volug, Soren vs Ilyana vs Tormod vs Calil vs Bastian vs Sanaki vs Pelleas, Rhys vs Laura vs Mist vs Micaiah vs Oliver, Mia vs Zihark vs Stefan vs Lucia vs Edward, Sothe vs Volke vs Heather, Reyson vs Rafiel vs Leanne, Gatrie vs Brom vs Tauroneo vs Meg, Vika vs Nealuchi Skrimir vs Giffca Naesala vs Caineghis vs Tibarn vs Nailah Ena vs Gareth vs Nasir vs Kurthnaga I'm not comparing Ike to anyone because 9/10 people will likely say Ike cuz lets face it, aside from Hector, he is the best lord stat wise, plus he was popular enough to make it into Smash Bros twice.
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