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Found 14 results

  1. I said I'd start this before the end of March, and that's what I'm doing @Excellen Browning. Even if it's four and a half hours before the end of March, my time! Scenario 1 - 4/4 (1/1) Went with Terada's birthday for Sagiri (because Chapter 42 can bite me). This SRW Point is a gimme. I gave as many kills to Shiro as I could (all of 1). Big Volfogg's Melting Siren was quite helpful here! EDIT: I forgot to plop my draft list in! Great Mazinger, Brownie, Gundam Mk-II, Re-GZ, Sky God Windam, Flame God Rayearth, Sea God Selece, Super Aestivalis, Master Gundam, Alpha Azieru, King J-Der, FTO, Ichinana
  2. Once again, I'm doing the SRW thing. Why? Who knows. But if my calculations are correct, I should finish before TWEWY comes out. Unlike my last SRW, this one's story is a lot weaker. In turn, the translation has been cleaned up significantly, almost every pilot is some sort of viable and the units have a lot more room for growth. Plus CLAMP. And lastly, there's some seriously hidden OP pilots. See if you can draft those for me~! Rules: 0. The priority is every single SR point, followed by the lowest turn count I can muster. 1. Once again, it's Our Hero and 23 other units. We're drafting pilots because mechs don't have ace conversations. Also, all battleships are free (otherwise this soft-locks the game if a certain someone isn't drafted). Oh, and I'll need the protagonist's birthday and blood type. Gender will be determined by how strong I think my team is, as one of the more difficult maps is tied to this (I think it's the hardest SR point in the game if you're not prepared). You can draft "Other Protagonist" if you really want to! 2. Two pilots per person, so this doesn't take forever. 2a. You can specify a mech for a pilot (as long as they can actually pilot it), but don't be stupid about it. I don't want to field a bunch of Jagens on endgame nor do I want a low-level Newtype in a mech that has a high Newtype requirement. If it's "put a non-MC pilot in a MC's mech", and MC kicks the other pilot out due to plot reasons, I'll put non-MC in whatever robot I feel like for that map. 3. Non-drafted mechs can hurry their butts to a battleship and sit there. In That One Map, a certain guy can also pick up something for me on the way to the battleship. If they spawn in the middle of enemy phase, they can defend/evade attacks, THEN move it to the nearest battleship. 4. No battleship? Everyone's free. I may make an exception for Chapter 2 due to the SR point and the timing of everything on one of the variants. Chapter 46 will also have a "free" portion, as it's a one-on-one fight despite the battleships being fielded (don't ask). And if a specific pilot is mentioned in the victory conditions, I can use them to reach that victory condition (yes, this happens). Lastly, one of the route splits has a preset team including a new battleship - whether I go that route or not heavily depends on who's drafted, and I may allow myself a freebie if I absolutely can't figure out the map otherwise (trust me, the preset team is BAD). 5. If someone gives me a unit with prerequisites (*cough*MASHY*cough*), I'll get the necessary kills to fulfill the conditions to get that unit (and maybe a point or two over just in case something went wrong on the wiki). This will also hold if someone drafts me certain machines. 6. The Eagle Clause: If someone drafts Eagle, it means he's piloting FTO. Otherwise, he stays in NSX. Since battleships are free, Geo will take over if Eagle is unavailable. 7. I don't get to use combo attacks unless all members of said combo attack are drafted (whether they're fielded is another matter). This ranges from "hey that's not too bad" to "wait that's five people?". 8. I'll TRY to remember to ping you guys when I hit your characters, but no guarantees! The pilot database!
  3. Hello, I'm writing dialogue for my rom hack, and I've been repeatedly having an issue where a character's textbox kind of overlaps and displays incorrectly. I'll put images of the problem as well as associated things below. Thanks you for any help or ideas to fix this. The problem occurs from the "They don't look like our men." line and stops at "This is ridiculous" line SOULUTION FOUND: When a unit moves after they talk in a text event, the textbox will automatically continue to the next piece of dialogue. This is what was causing the problem because a character was moving right after talking. I hope this can help anyone else having this issue.
  4. Hello, I just got a copy of Shadow Dragon on Ebay. While playing I notice a very quick screen (Like blink and you will miss it.) glitch when I am speeding through the text quickly by pressing A. On a lower screen of the DS a white line will show up for a second then disappear, I notice it happens when the characters are talking while the map is being shown below. Like the part when Lena and Julian are talking to each other at the start of chapter 3. Though the thing is it doesn't always happen I tested that part like five times and the single white line only showed up like the first three tries. I just want to know if anyone else has seen this before? I'm probably making a big deal out of nothing I have a bad habit of doing that, I mean the game works fine and its authentic, I was just want to know is all. Thank you if I can have an answer.
  5. Is there a guide for editing event text in FEbuilder? My previous experiences always end in all of the text in the game just vanishing, and I do mean all the text, from cutscene dialogue to the "player and enemy phase" cut ins.
  6. There are at least two different parties I know of, J2E and Artemis, that did the translations for Gaiden. Plus, a user called "Gaiden Guy" once attempted a Name Update patch, and even succeeding in fitting longer names such as "Luthier". Unfortunately, he stopped visiting this site before he actually got done with the patch, so, I'm not sure how to contact him. Anyway, does anyone know where I can find the resources needed to hex edit the script? Table files, offsets, and other such things? Thank you very much, and God bless you! EDIT: Alright, I got my question answered a while ago; since then, I've been hard at work trying to do what Gaiden Guy once attempted. So for those who wish to edit the game as well, here you go! https://pastebin.com/c0kvsYjN
  7. Hello ^-^ I'm new here so bare with me if I make any mistakes. Before I explain the problem I just wanted to add that I read the rules and I looked very hard to put this post in the right place. I saw what looked like new post on this forum so I figured it was safe to post my problem here. Anyhoo to my problem which makes me want to throw my laptop in anger off my balcony. I've been hacking Fire Emblem Blazing Sword to make it the way I want it. Everything is going fine except for the text editing .I read the ultimate tutorial by Blazer, watched countless videos and read tons of threads. So I'm not just going blank into this. I have all of the required tools FEeditor,nightmare,Nups,Evential,EventAssembler,HexEditor etc. I have absolutely no problem with any right now except for one program and that is FEeditor. I can not get it to work with me. Everytime I changed one tiny little word the whole entire game would freeze and not work at all. Then I learned that when using a clean fresh rom that has never been text edited you must open it save it on gba emulator, and then open FEeditor open the rom in the program don't do anything in the program just save the rom close it following with the program then play rom. After that you were free to edit texts all you want. This did not work for me the words would be haywire everywhere in the game then freeze. Every script I tried to alter I made sure it was within the character limit, and then I would apply and save rom constantly. I also tried telling FEeditor to save the stuff to 00D0000-00E0000 and then I actually one time got it to work, but I found typos and grammar mistakes so I went to edit them in FEeditor. The background picture was a tiny bit distorted to but I don't really care about that. It did not work after that one time. Right now I am trying to make a script on text 0815 but FEeditor keeps switching the place of the script to 00001. So where Yes[.][X] is supposed to be it will put my whole entire script on where only the word yes should be and messes up my entire rom. I always put apply after every sentence and I put replace all as well. Only when I press save it switches my script from text 0815 to 0001. Why is this stupid thing switching my script to the very first part of the game? How can I make it stop? Thank you for reading and sorry for the long post I just needed to put everything in detail so you know everything and know exactly what to tell me.
  8. My problem is that I'm making my first village and I'm loading text with the TEX1 code and it works with any random text in the game but when I use my custom text the game crashes. Here is what I put in FEditor: [OpenRight][LoadFace][0x16][0x01] [OpenLeft][LoadFace][0x3E][0x01] [OpenRight] Who are you?[.][A] [OpenLeft] Yer mum pussi.[.][A] [OpenRight] wow, bud. Real mature.[.][A] [OpenLeft] LeL.[.][A][X] Ignore the meminess and vulgarity its just test script.
  9. Please somebody help me out: I have here events for chapter 1: #include EAstdlib.event EventPointerTable(0x0A,ThisChapter) ORG 0xE80000 ThisChapter: POIN TurnBasedEvents POIN CharacterBasedEvents POIN LocationBasedEvents POIN MiscBasedEvents POIN Dunno Dunno Dunno POIN Tutorial POIN TrapData TrapData POIN Units Units POIN $0 $0 $0 $0 $0 $0 POIN BeginningScene EndingScene Units: UNIT 0x42 0x07 0x42 Level(2, NPC, 1) [2,2] 0x00 0x00 0x0 0x00 [0x04, 0x6C] NoAI UNIT TurnBasedEvents: END_MAIN CharacterBasedEvents: END_MAIN LocationBasedEvents: END_MAIN MiscBasedEvents: CauseGameOverIfLordDies END_MAIN Dunno: //DO NOT TOUCH WORD $00 Tutorial: //DO NOT TOUCH WORD $00 TrapData: END_MAIN ALIGN 4 BeginningScene: MUS1 0x06 _0x0E22 0x28 _LOAD1 0x1 Units ENUN MOVE 0x42 [4, 5] ENUN CUMO 0x42 STAL 60 CURE TEXTSHOW 0x90B TEXTEND REMA ENDA EndingScene: ENDA // Events // Manual Movement // Scripted Fights // Units // Shop Data MESSAGE Events end at offset currentOffset The problem is, as soon as it gets to showing the text...it freezes. BUT IT ONLY FREEZES IF I CHANGE THE TEXT OF 0x90B For example: If I leave the text (0x90B) like this (Regular text): [OpenMidLeft][LoadFace][0x04][0x01][OpenMidLeft]Ahhh[ToggleMouthMove]...[.][ToggleMouthMove][A][0x02] No![.][A][X] It works fine... But just for changing the portrait, like so: [OpenMidLeft][LoadFace][0x45][0x01][OpenMidLeft]Ahhh[ToggleMouthMove]...[.][ToggleMouthMove][A][0x02] No![.][A][X] The game freezes completely. Does anybody know why? Thanks for listening...
  10. Because sometimes FEditor just curbstomps your rom I made an executable parser based on anti-huffman encoding. Needless to say, this method of text insertion requires the anti-huffman patch. This patch is auto-applied if you have opened and saved your ROM in FEditor. (If you'd rather not have FEditor touch your ROM at all, an EA installer for the Anti-Huffman Patch, based on the FEditor version, is here: http://feuniverse.us/t/fe7-fe8-anti-huffman-patch-ea-style/1703) Here's the link: FEU Another Text Parser Thread The usage is by basically making a file with the formatted text, then opening it with the parser. You can also parse a whole folder of text at once. It'll generate a .dmp file and you can insert that in the ROM and point to it, anti-huffman style (anyone got anti-huffman tutorials still lying around?). There's also an executable for parsing all text files in a directory/subdirectories. The newest version also allows declaration of your own directives, such as: (in definitions file:) [LoadEirikaPortrait] = [LoadPortrait][0x02][0x01] (in text file:) [OpenLeft][LoadEirikaPortait]Eirika says hi![A][X] Another example input: [OpenRight][LoadPortrait][0x01][0x01] [OpenLeft][LoadPortrait][0x02][0x02] [OpenRight] Eliwood, let me tell you[NL] about a lost art.[A] [OpenLeft] What is it, o wise[NL] question-mark man?[A] [OpenRight] Once upon a time, before the[NL] time of FEditor, we did text[A][NL] a different way. The anti-[NL] huffman way. This involved[A][NL] hex editing. In fact, FEditor[NL] only automates this method.[A][NL] [OpenLeft] I see. Why are you telling me this?[A] [OpenRight] Since it's what FEditor is based on,[NL] people should know how it works.[A][NL] That way new ways of editing text[NL] based on it can be created.[A][NL] For example, imagine if we could[NL] insert text through EA...[A][NL] [OpenLeft] That sounds like a[NL] useful option to have.[A] [OpenRight] By the way, there are bandits[NL] behind you, Eliwood.[A] [OpenLeft][MoveLeft] Ahh![A] [ClearFace] [OpenRight] Bye![A] [ClearFace][X] And this is the hex output: This can then be pasted somewhere in the ROM, and a text table entry can be repointed to it (add 0x80000000 to the pointer to tell the engine that it's anti-huffman'd). This process can be automated by EA, keep an eye out for a tutorial on that soon!
  11. I've decoded the text from Quirino's FE1 translation. If no one has done it before, that is. Anyway, most of the text has been decoded. Enjoy! FE1 Text Table.zip
  12. I need help for editing FE4 text. I want to do a spanish translation but i don't know how to hack the ROM , any tip into this?
  13. Heyo, guys! I'm gonna be working on a run with a bit of story~! on it, and leaving it here for y'all's viewing convenience! Here are the rules: 1. All units are free when they are forced (this means Chrom is always on the team). 2. Avatars are the only non-forced units allowed after the Outrealm Gate is found. 3. Other folks each added one Avatar, complete with build, class set of three, and starting level. 3a. I will be using undrafted units and Golden Gaffe to create a "slush fund" from which to hire these units. 3b. I will also use this slush fund to give each one a starting item befitting them! However, this means... 4. I will not use Renown awards, Bonus Box, Barracks, or SpotPass shops, except for the starting items. That said, Anna shops are fair game. 5. No grinding! Grinding is for squares! This run will be done on Lunatic Classic, so it shouldn't be too unrighteously difficult. With that out of the way, here are the basic descriptions of the Avatars to come! Join Name Cosmetics Class Level Asset Flaw Class-Set Pro Armin (M) 2-3-4-17-1 Tactician 1 Mag Lck Tactician, Mage, Thief P1 Ruby (F) 1-2-3-2-2 Troubador 1 Lck Def Troubador, Pegasus Knight, Cavalier P1 Elly (F) 1-3-3-4-3 Myrmidon 7 Skl Def Myrmidon, Knight, Pegasus Knight C6 Rey (M) 1-2-5-9-2 Tactician 15 Mag Lck Tactician, Myrmidon, Knight C6 Belinda (F) 2-1-2-9-1 Dark Mage 7 Lck Def Dark Mage, Pegasus Knight, Troubador C7 Nelon (M) 3-1-1-9-2 Cavalier 4 Def Mag Cavalier, Fighter, Priest C7 Robin (M) 1-2-4-9-1 Mercenary 1 Mag Skl Mercenary, Cavalier, Tactician C10 Ice (M) 1-4-2-17-2 Dark Mage 5 Mag Lck Dark Mage, Mage, Thief C14 Boleslaw (M) 3-5-3-9-3 Paladin 1 Res Lck Cavalier, Fighter, Archer C17 Violet (F) 2-5-1-9-3 Dark Flier 15 Spe Lck Pegasus Knight, Dark Mage, Troubador C22 Hjordis (F) 3-2-4-9-3 Great Knight 1 Str Res Cavalier, Mercenary, Pegasus Knight
  14. I'm not sure if this has already been done on a different forum, but if so, I'm sorry. But anyhow, If you go to Chapter 9, and hit "View map" (You MUST hit "View Map", or else he won't show up) in the preparations menu, go to Gangrel, and hit his name's description (Touch "Gangrel" on the touch screen). It will say that he is the "Former" king of Plegia. But if you go to Chapter 11, and hit his name's description, it will say that he is the mad king of Plegia. My friend tried this on his game, and he said that the same thing happened.
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