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Found 5 results

  1. Hello. Person who was responsible for writing the FE6 promo trial maps article on LMW here.Just now, I saw a comment on Filbertian's Youtube video about the maps (here) written by taketokinoko who claimed to have participated in the Ranking Contest where the "Defeat Bandits" cartridge could be obtained. This person claims that they still have the cartridge, though judging from what the translation says, it apparently doesn't work anymore, and so are all other cartridges that have the rest of the trial maps.Here's the full comment translated in DeepL, which includes the data of the "Defeat Bandits" map according to them.: I participated in the ranking that took place on the official Sword of the Seal website. At that time, I sent a GBA cartridge to Nintendo and received a trial map for "Defeat the Bandits". I still have that cartridge. However, 20 years later, I can't load the "Banditry" map, probably because the battery in the cartridge ran out. Probably all of the existing cartridges that received the trial map are in the same state. So, I cannot speak about the exact data. If I were to speak from my memory at the time, it would look something like this (this is just an image in my memory): Map size was about 24 wide and 20 high. Your units are initially placed on the left side of the map. The area of "high mountains" is spread out in a diamond shape in the center of the map. The length of the diagonal of the rhombus is about 16 (width) and 14 (height). In the center of the "high mountain" area, there are 3 squares of "flat land" and "fortress", where there are wise men with "Thunder Storm" and "Reserve". Berserkers and dragon masters are scattered throughout the map. Infantry classes such as snipers, heroes, and wisemen are placed along the path. Enemy castles are on the right side of the map. Castles are control points. It is worth noting that this is the only map where enemy units use "reserve". The "reserve" does not appear during the main part of the Sword of the Seal, and is only possessed by Brunya, who is added in the trial map. Since the enemy mobs are equipped with such a rare item, it left quite an impression on me at the time. So, if anything of what taketokinoko said is true regarding the fate of these cartridges, then maybe the promo trial maps are gone forever, though I still have hope that working cartridges are out there. At least we know what the "Defeat Bandits" map is all about, based on what they remembered. Please lmk if there's any inaccuracies about what is translated. Again, I used Google Translate to figure out what they said about the lost FE6 trial maps.
  2. This is a lot similar to my Blazing Blade question of the same topic... Basically what I'm asking is what are the best units to invest time and resources into? As I said in my previous thread about FE7 I'm not really a big fan of pre-promotes unless they really are good and contribute the whole game (Like seth in the sacred stones) and the "Rate the Unit" threads for FE6 seem to heavily favor pre-promotes, which I'll repeat am not a big fan of. So which are the best units to train that aren't so? So far, I'm on chapter 4 and am using Lot, Roy, Lance, Alen, Shanna. Dieck and now Lugh. I picked Lot because he was the best one I had for fighter and I eventually want a Warrior to me team.
  3. Hi all so I've worked on a Fire emblem sealed sword hack a while ago and i'm currently just playing through it to test it out and fix any errors. I would love to upload a patch for others to play, however, I do need some people's permission before I do so. I have used a few different sprites from other hacks, I had used a bunch of different class animations and so on. I've been using FEBuilder. Now, I believe a few things were snagged from Elibean Nights, some from The Last promise I think. I downloaded a bunch of the class animations from different sites that said they were fair game to use, but want to double check first, some of them being dracoknights with axes, hoodless shamans and mages, bard using light magic, etc. Errr….also, downloaded a huge page of weapons sprites that I used and inserted into the game, It's still the same game, with a bunch of different supports, boss dialogs, boss palettes coloured and a few added classes and more weapons. Anyways, hope I can get all the proper permissions and give credit where it's due! Thanks for reading! Jaygore
  4. I did beaten the Valentine Paralogue called Love Abounds that was released two weeks ago. I noticed that there is a new memo that was added to the Love Abounds dialogue when Hector was talking to Eliwood. I noticed that Hector did said to Eliwood when Hector was wondering about that gift (which it's a gift that Lilina giving it to Hector) from her own daughter, Lilina. He did said that he's ok with Eliwood's son, Roy, but Hector doesn't want Lilina marry it to Roy or anyone in Eliwood's family. I did obtained the Valentine Eliwood from the Tempest Trial, he did said that he was happy to see Roy and Lilina still becoming good friends, but he was worried about Hector won't like it if they become engaged. I kinda think about it, was this conversation was used in The Binding Blade and possibly used in The Blazing Blade, I don't exactly remember that was mentioned about Hector doesn't want Lilina to marry Roy in any of the game's dialogue nor the support conversations either? I do remembered that Hector did said he wanted a son so that he can use the Armads before Lilina was born during at The Blazing Blade's story, but I totally think the script writers from Heroes could have added about Hector's worrying about Lilina's love and Roy's trust as well.
  5. Hello everyone, I am a french Fire Emblem Fan and I want to make a French Translation of Fire Emblem The Binding Blade from the already existing English Fan Trad (English to French) Can someone help me with the tools needed and where to begin? Thank you very much
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