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Found 25 results

  1. This just a what if fire emblem question as say what Lord eliwood passed away early in Roy's childhood how would his adventure be like? How would his relationship be with Lilina and not to forget what about his personality be like? How would he recruit units?
  2. I love seeing how different people interpret the usage of vulneraries/concoctions/various healing liquids. In some people's works I see them having the characters drink vulneraries while others have them applied to wounds. What's your interpretation? Is there anything in the games you consider to be concrete evidence of the consumption of vulneraries? Do you think it differs per game?
  3. This is a random theory I came up with and wanted to share. Since book 2 we received a free OC to be the second main character of the story (after Alfster) for every book and they have always been female. This bias obviously brought many complaints, combined with the scarse number of male OCs in general. But why do they refuse to give us what we ask for, even once? Is it because we are a vocal minority and for every complaint they receive 20 e-mails of praise for the new female main character each book? No. Is it because they are afraid of shaking things up and so they continue to make free female OCs because it's what worked before? No. Is it because they have an hard-on for Kirit-EGHM Alfonse and they don't want another male main character that could steal some of his popularity? No. Do they believe that a male OC can't sell a new book? Close, but not quite. I think the actual problem isn't that they think a male OC can't sell the new book. They think a male OC can't sell the game. What do I mean? Well a gacha game is always seeking out new players, so let's assume that they can't attract new players on name recognition alone because every single fan of Fire Emblem already tried the game. How do they attract new players, then? Say, what do people look at to judge a book? The cover. And what's on the cover (app icon) of FEH? The free OC who is always a cute girl. And there lies the problem. Since the beginning we always had a cute girl on the cover to represent this game and tell people: "hey you can collect cute girls in this app! Download now!" (Now that I think of it, could the fact we can't collect the OG cute girl Veronica be considered false advertising?). So that's the problem, the damn app icon. As stupid and shallow a reason as it may sound it makes more sense than them hating males/not believing males can sell. Because if they thought that, than why did they make Muspell male? They could have gotten away with all the gods of Zenith being women (including Alfador lol) but they didn't go for it. So does this mean we are doomed to never get a free male because he can't properly advertize a Waifu-game? Not really, they just have to realize they are not obligated to make the free OC the face of the app every time. For example, imagine a book that concludes the Embla subplot. They could give us Bruno as the free unit and use Veronica as the app icon again. They could give us a male OC for the final book vs Alfador and use Thorr and Loki as the icon. So in conclusion they can give us a free male OC as long as they stop for two seconds to think of a reason why a cute female OC is the actual face of the book (say IS, wouldn't it be cool to have Sharena be the face of the app for a year? She is very cute). Another solution would be to make a free OC who is just this world's Lucius. They can get away with using him as the face of the game.
  4. I was thinking of redoing over the topic that I talked about earlier a year ago and this is going to be more SNK-only focus related earlier. Since we finally have Kazuya from Tekken becomes the 2nd Bandai Namco rep that we wanted a 2nd Bandai Namco rep for years, since a lot of 3rd Party Companies have two 3rd Party Franchises in the roster for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate while SNK is now the only 3rd Party Company without a 2nd Franchise Rep. We do know that Banjo & Kazooie along with Steve are owned by Microsoft and they're both DLCs while Square Enix had Heroes from Dragon Quest and Sephiroth as the 2nd Final Fantasy rep in the roster. I do think we might going to have a 2nd SNK Franchise rep as the Final DLC Newcomer for Challenger Pack 11 to complete every 3rd Party Companies with around 2 3rd Party Franchises since we are going towards to the end of Fighter Pass Vol. 2 with no more coming. Since I did taken a look at the music tracks used in King of Fighters Stadium to see some non-Fatal Fury music tracks such as The King of Fighters, Art of Fighting, Athena, Ikari Warriors, Samurai Shodown, Metal Slug, and Alpha Mission. I seriously do not think we are getting any characters from Samurai Shodown nor Metal Slug represented becoming in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate due to their music tracks were already been added in Terry Bogard's DLC content and Nintendo already had planned the set up for Fighter Pass Vol. 2 during in Terry Bogard's Development. There are other SNK Franchises that I found that none of the Music Tracks were ever used in the King of Fighters Stadium and one of these could might fit as the 2nd SNK Franchise Rep: The Last Blade Crystalis Sengoku Baseball Stars World Heroes King of the Monsters Beast Busters Doki Doki Majo Shinpan! Prehistoric Isle Pulstar Shock Troopers Stakes Winner Super Sidekicks Twinkle Star Sprites Vanguard Ragnagard Guerrilla War Street Smart Zed Blade I'm betting on my guess in which SNK Franchises that could work for a 2nd SNK Franchise rep is someone from The Last Blade (presumably Kaede), Crystalis (Simea), Sengoku, Shock Troopers, or World Heroes series (presumably Hanzo). I might choose Kaede from The Last Blade or Simea from Crystalis.
  5. Since we aren't too sure if Gaiden would likely be the next Japan-only legacy Fire Emblem game is getting the official translation from Nintendo themselves since they are releasing Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light on this December with an unexpected translation trailer from Nintendo themselves that we thought it was impossible days ago and plus we already gotten a recent remake called Echoes: Shadows of Valentia for the Nintendo 3DS recently since 2017. Since we definitely know Nintendo is going to use all the localized names in the remaining of the series like Caeda, Jagen, Altea etc. I know that every characters in Echoes: Shadows of Valentia had already gotten a localized name years ago, but we definitely know there's one character that was been excluded from Echoes: Shadows of Valentia that is Seazas. Seazas was the Gold Knight guard of the Rigel Gates that Berkut replaced him in that map in Echoes: Shadows of Valentia and he was planned to appear in Echoes: Shadows of Valentia in that same map that Berkut was about to fight off The Deliverance from entering Rigel. Since we still have no evidence of what Seazas's localized name could have been other than a data mine. What kind of speculation localized name do you think Nintendo, Tree House, or 8-4 (depending on who was translating SD&TBOL) come up for Seazas incase if Nintendo had made plans on localizing Gaiden sometime after Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light English version gets released in the West to the Nintendo Switch?
  6. The parent's looks transfer over to their child no? The question is, who married Male Corrin canonically. I mostly play as Male Corrin, and I pay attention to the conversations, especially S ranks. I compared Kana to some of the female characters that can marry to Corrin. I believe that the most accurate one is terms of physical appearance is Anna. Like, seriously, they (in my eyes, or it must be only me) look extremely similar, considering they both have (almost) the same eyes, similar face shape, and both tie their hairs in a similar fashion. Story wise, I believe Felicia because Corrin did say something about loving her ever since he saw her at the castle. Azura x Corrin?...Imo, it's a big stretch but back in the days, it's common for cousins to marry no? What do you guys think who Corrin married canonically?
  7. So something I immediately noticed during the gameplay we've gotten featuring Byleth and the Sword of the Creator features the sword with 20 durability. Yes, 20. But, I felt that was way too low for a legendary sword, and the amount they used this weapon in gameplay. So here's what I think: The weapon will have 20 durability. The weapon durability decreases the same as any weapon. The weapon still breaks, but here's the catch. I think the weapon will return to its original 20 durability (even if the weapon did not break) after the battle/chapter. If this is true, It'll be interesting how it will play out. And if I'm wrong then, this weapon is pretty much a weapon you'll just be carrying around in your inventory for most of the game and rarely taking it out. However if I'm right, it'll be pretty broken with it's Might and range. But you can't just solo with the weapon basically. TL;DR: I think Byleth's weapon will regen it's durability after the battle.
  8. Hey, I don't know if anyone has said this before but... I have a theory that exp, is actually quintessence. It seems logical, to me at least, that when you kill someone in Fire Emblem, you get their quintessence. How else do you explain someone training and training devoting themselves to their skills for years, and they're still level 3. But as soon as they start killing people... Boom! Level 12 in 4-6 levels. I know there are going to be inconsistencies when we start getting into this. (Full disclaimer, I have not beat the game yet, I'm going off of what I know so far (Ch26 Battle Before Dawn)) But kinda what I was thinking was, that when you kill someone you get thier quintessence, but it takes that special magic to harness that quintessence into a storeable form, so that you can then give it to SOMEONE (Nergal), or use it for certain rituals (Like summoning dragons). I thought of this Theory during one of Marth and Kris' supports (FE12). When Kris was talking about the rush got when he "Basks in his newfound power" after defeating an enemy. Thank you for reading my weird theory, I hope you enjoyed on some level ^^ __________________________________ Just finished chapter 26, and did a little research, we see quintessence taken from people alive and dead, so if it just is residual someone might be able to absorb part of it? It is a very mysterious substance this far in the game. Again dark magic is there to take ALL the leftover quintessence, or all of it if the person is still alive. I think that through discussion this is making more sense, to me at least.
  9. So the most recent Xenologue reveals that Hel, the Norse equivalent of the Devil (although she would be more akin to Hades from Greek mythology) is going to be the next villain in Fire Emblem Heroes. And that makes ridiculous amounts of sense to me. So why would Hel have beef with us summoners? Well, I would say that it's probably because we keep taking all her stuff. Hel rules over Helhiem, where all the terrible people like Surtr, Garnef, and Valter would go. You know, those guys we shoved into orbs and then brought back from the dead to fight for us for all eternity? It would make sense that Hel would hate us, because we are constantly taking all the people she's supposed to be cosmically responsible for. Surtr even comments that you plucked him from the realm of the dead when you summon him. If you owned a Deli, you'd be pretty mad if someone kept on coming into your shop, shoved your meats and cheeses into Christmas colored balls and then left without even acknowledging your existence. A large amount of the heroes we summon are dead, and if you go with the multiverse vibe that FEH lays down, its entirely possible that all the orbs we summon from contain the souls of all the characters that died while we were playing there respective games. All the times you reloaded because a character died created an alternate timeline, and the orbs are just a multiversal graveyard of sorts. It could turn out that Fire Emblem Heroes goes full Undertale on us. I would love it if that's the real reason why she's going to be the next villain. It would be so meta and so perfect if we show up in Helhiem and confront her and she just says "stop taking my stuff". I don't expect it to boil down like that, but it would be great.
  10. So, I first posted this on a thread seconds after e3, but I thought I'd make a proper post here. I photoshopped the map of three houses in the trailer, and the map of the tellius games together for comparison, and well well well. Don't they look similar, huh? In the three houses trailer, the blue country is right where crimea is, the yellow is where daein is, and the red is where begnion is. The only thing missing are the laguz. Also, it shows a continent next to the main one. This baffled me for a while, until I realized...... In the tellius games, they spoke of a flood that supposedly wiped out every continent except tellius. Meaning, that'd explain why there is a continent next to the main one in the three houses trailer. I highly think this is a prequel to the tellius games! And if so, I'm so so so so hyped for it!! My elderly mother watched me play path of radiance and radiant dawn years ago, and when I showed her the trailer for three houses, her first response was: "Where are the animal countries?" Anyways, I want to know what you guys think. What are your thoughts about all this? Do you agree, or disagree? And if so, why is that?
  11. This is a theory I came up after noticing a few things (and after other things were pointed out to me). Here's my evidence: (and sorry that I can't provide pictures; I'll try to give the times at which each thing appears in the trailer) 1. right away, the name Fergus is an anglicization of the Scottish Gaelic Fearghas, which means man of vigour. Now, Fire Emblem has used plenty of names from many different parts of the world before. So, what makes this any different? That leads me to my next pieces of evidence. 2. The swordsman about to attack the Emmeryn-Impersonator in the trailer, the one in the spiked armour, is wearing a red-and-white tartan cape. Now, a tartan cape isn't much, but it is distinct, and it is the first case (if I'm not mistaken; someone correct me if I'm wrong) of a character wearing anything tartan in an FE game, and this isn't the only case in the trailer of tartan: the charging axe warriors at around 0:54 into the trailer are each wearing a blue tartan outfit that looks suspiciously similar to a kilt. So, why do I think this is Fergus, and not one of the other kingdoms? Well, in addition to the Scottish name, the kingdom of Fergus sits the furthest north on the map of the continent in the trailer. Typically in FE, the northernmost nations are also the coldest, and most likely to have chapters where the characters fight in ice and snow. Daein in Path of Radiance, Regna Ferox in Awakening, and the Rigelian Empire in SoV are all great examples of this. Why is this important? That swordsman with the red tartan cape, and the axe-wielding warriors in the blue tartan kilts, are also wearing fur. In FE; most notably in Echoes, fur indicates that the character hails from that cold, northern region where the heroes inevitably fight there in the winter, and these guys are the ones wearing furs. Everyone else is wearing (likely linen) cloth. So, what do you think of my theory?
  12. The side quests seem to require a lot of careful planning and prior knowledge to do in any kind of efficient way. You have to know to get Asselio his x5 Steel Lances before fighting Slayde for the last time, you only have access to so many peddlers, there's always the threat of reinforcement spawning...and sometimes, you even have to farm a few items. So, let's say you were speed running this game; doing some sort of "100%" category, or whatever. What would be the best path? Far as I can tell (and this is assuming you're getting the relevant items from all places you visit)... So, what do you guys think?
  13. Looking back at the story of Fire Emblem, Fates, I couldn't help but notice parallels between Hoshido and Nohr, and the two halves of our fanbase. Hoshido is based on Japan, while Nohr is based on Europe (Probably Scotland). There is a stereotype that most of the newer fans are into Japanese culture, and most of the older fans want the game to stick to it's Europe-esque roots. Nohr has internal conflicts, like how the GBA fans don't have very good relations with the Tellius fandom. Also note how Nohr is aggressive and constantly tries to take over other kingdoms, like how the older fans tend to be the least tolerant. Hoshido, on the other hand, has an abundance of resources, like how IS constantly panders to the Awakening/Fates fans. Although Hoshido contains some bigotry, and still involves itself in the conflict, it tends to be peaceful, like the relatively kind awakening fans. Then there's the obvious mechanics difference between Birthright and Conquest. Finally, the story of Fates was stupid, and should never have happened, much like the conflicts in our fandom! Thoughts?
  14. Warning: Unmarked Tokyo Mirage Sessions spoilers abound. Proceed at your own peril. So, I was wondering: the Tempest Trials' backstory, where the FE worlds get destroyed and the heroes are trapped in a strange new place, seems remarkably similar to the premise for T.M.S.. So I figured, why not go MatPat on the issue and look for some evidence. Here's what I found. 1) It explains the origin of the MC. Note how, when asked to describe their homeworld, Kiran mentions cars and skyscrapers. The only place in the FE universe with modern technology like this is the world of T.M.S.. Therefore, it can't be too much of a stretch that Kiran has a connection to T.M.S., which would mean the two games already have intertwined stories. 2) It explains the existence of T.M.S.. Without the existence of the Tempest, there would be no way for the mirages to get to the T.M.S. world in the first place! Maybe the finale of Tempest Trials involves Alphonse opening the portal to T.M.S.? 3) There are no T.M.S. characters in Heroes. The only game other than T.M.S. to not have characters in Heores after Tellius was Gaiden. This was because they wanted the release of said characters to coincide with Echoes. Now, the only FE with no Heroes representation is T.M.S., so this could be foreshadowing. 4) The use of a mind controlling contract which the protagonist must break is very similar to how mirage masters can control mirages. Maybe Kiran and Veronica are Mirage masters? 5) The existence of characters that shouldn't exist could also be explained here. Why would Morgan from FE13 end up in FE7? Caught in the Tempest! Why would Kris and Faye only appear in remakes but not the originals? Caught in the Tempest! In the events after T.M.S., the mirages each return to their own worlds. But, what if Morgan still had amnesia? Maybe (s)he went into the wrong portal and found themself in FE7, and then had to go to FE13 via an outrealm gate (hence why he 'came from a different future than the other child units' in FE13) 6) Faye's personality. This one's a huge stretch, but it could still work. Maybe Faye was a huge fan of Fire Emblem in the world of T.M.S., and when she saw the mirages (and all her favorite FE characters!) she decided to follow them. Because she is meeting her favorite videogame character in person, she then proceeds to fangirl uncontrollably, like anyone else would. This explains both why she is in FE15 but not FE2, AND why she's so obsessed with Alm. Also, Faye having a part in causing her own place in the FE universe would be great for a time travel mind-fuck. 7) The legendary hero in the endgame of T.M.S. is called Marth. The great hero of the Tempest (masked Lucina) is also called Marth. Now, that being said, there is also some evidence against this theory. 1) Veronica is nowhere to be seen in T.M.S., and Garnef is the villain instead. This is by far the biggest theory killer. But equally, Veronica may end up being killed, which would be enough to make her not exist in a later game. 2) There is another reason for T.M.S. not to have Heroes representation: the fact that it's so damn unpopular! This may cause Int Sys to shy away from linking the main FE timeline to T.M.S.. 3) This theory being correct would require there to be an end to the Tempest Trials, which I doubt will happen in the near future. So, what does everyone else think?
  15. Would it be nice if the protagonist's group start as mercenaries (with a side of merchants)? It would make the storyline expandable. DLC chapters would make sense. I'm also hoping for character focused downloadable Gaidens. Would the protagonist be secretly a noble?
  16. I know this topic has been discussed to death and I know I'm like 1000 years late to the discussion, but I only played Awakening recently, and looking around online I realised that nobody has managed to come to a satisfying conclusion (other than "Morgan is a big mystery and impossible to explain"). But here is my go at attempting to figure out the flow of timelines in Awakening, including Morgan's past, amnesia, etc. If I'm wrong and there is already a better thread talking about this, please direct me to it because I want to read it as well, lmao. Anyway, here are the diagrams I came up with, followed by explanation and reasoning. If you spot any contradictions/oversights, please comment! I look forward to discussing them. IF MORGAN HAS NO SIBLINGS (ie: parent is male/spotpass/second generation, and not Chrom.) [ Original Timeline ] (OT) Avatar keeps memories → Joins Chrom → Succumbs to Grima → Grima doesn't kill Naga → Lucina/others go back to GT, followed by Grima.[ Future Past DLC ] (FP) Avatar keeps memories → Joins Chrom → Succumbs to Grima → Grima kills Naga → Lucina/others unable to go back → Grima summons two Morgans from ATs → Future Past DLCs occur → GT Avatar gives AT1 Morgan a second copy of their book → AT1 Morgan is sent back to GT by Avatar and their memories are wiped.[ Game Timeline ] (GT) Lucina/others arrive from OT → Grima follows and attempts to possess this Avatar → Avatar's memories are wiped → Avatar joins Chrom → Resists Grima → Morgan arrives from FP → Grima is defeated/sealed.[Alternate Timeline 1] (AT1) Same events as the game timeline → Morgan is born, and raised by Avatar → Avatar gives Morgan their annotated book → Morgan is abducted by FP Grima, and brainwashed into serving him.[Alternate Timeline 2] (AT2) Exactly the same as AT1, except Morgan's gender is the opposite.IF MORGAN HAS A SIBLING (ie: parent is first generation female, or Chrom.) [ Original Timeline ] (OT) Avatar keeps memories → Joins Chrom → Morgan and sibling are born → Avatar gives Morgan their annotated book → Avatar succumbs to Grima → Morgan is raised with their sibling → Grima doesn't kill Naga → Lucina/others go back to GT, but Morgan is abducted by FP Grima and brainwashed into serving him.[ Future Past ] (FP) Avatar has memories → Joins Chrom → Morgan (of alternate gender) and sibling are born → Avatar succumbs to Grima → Grima makes this Morgan his servant, and kills Naga → Lucina/others unable to go back → Grima abducts the Morgan from OT → Future Past DLCs occur → GT Avatar gives OT Morgan a second copy of their book → OT Morgan is sent to GT by FP Avatar and their memories are wiped, planting instead memories of growing up with Avatar.[ Game Timeline ] (GT) Lucina/others arrive from OT → Grima gives chase, and on arrival attempts to possess this Avatar → Avatar's memories are wiped → Avatar joins Chrom → Resists Grima → Morgan arrives from FP → Grima is defeated/sealed.ISSUES AND QUESTIONS Q. Why does Avatar join Chrom in OT and FP? A. In all timelines, their mother runs away with Avatar and attempts to shield them from their fate. Sometime after separating from her, Avatar went to Ylisse, possibly looking for Chrom in order to team up against Grima, since they expected Validar to bring about his return eventually. Q. What happened to Avatar's mother? A. Nothing is implied, so while the most obvious possibility is that she died sometime before the events of the game, there is nothing to support that, either. Q. Why does Avatar succumb to Grima in OT and FP, but not in GT? A. Avatar is raised knowing their lineage and expecting their fate, perhaps making them think of Grima's eventual possession as something unavoidable. And they didn't have Lucina to help foresee and thus prevent the events at the Table. In GT, their only memories are that of Chrom and their friends, making their bonds that much stronger, and they aren't conditioned to fear Grima. All this plus Lucina's help, and seeing her defiant in the face of fate, game GT Avatar the chance to resist Grima. Q. Why are there two Morgans in the FP storyline? A. They aren't twins, but rather two same Morgans from different timelines, both used by Grima to serve as his followers. Only one of them was sent back to GT, and the other's fate unknown. (...Although there is this topic.) Q. What's the deal with Morgan, and the two sets of timelines depending on their other parent? A. Morgan is where it starts to gets complicated. If Morgan is remembered by a sibling, there must have been a Morgan in OT. However, if their parent is a second generation character, or a spotpass character who died in OT, Morgan cannot have existed in that timeline (and has no sibling to remember them anyway). This second type of Morgan must come from yet another timeline (AT1), since he cannot have been born in FP either. Thus the two different paths. In both cases, Morgan owns two identical books that Avatar gave them, and since one of them was given to them during the Future Past DLC, the Morgan that arrives at GT must be the same as the one we see in FP. Therefore, they must have travelled through the FP timeline before arriving at GT. The one responsible for this must have been Grima, pulling Morgan from their timeline and using their parent's appearance to manipulate them into serve him. The main issue that arises is that Morgan apparently has recent memories of Avatar. This makes no sense, since in OT, Avatar was possessed by Grima when Morgan was young, and in both cases he has spent the latest period of his life in service of FP Grima. My explanation is that these are fake memories, planted by FP Avatar in order to help them find GT Avatar. It seems that FP Avatar, with the last of their strength, attempted to give Morgan a chance for a better life with GT Avatar, and manipulated their memories in order to facilitate their reunion. (The Morgan remembered by a sibling could be a different Morgan altogether, yes, but if that were the case, what happened to them? I'm trying to tie up as many loose ends as posible here, and the fake memories theory is simpler.) ...And that's all I have, unless I've forgotten anything. Let me know what you think!
  17. So, Flora and Felicia, 2 twins maids, chieftain's daughters, one being cold toward you (at least at the start of the game) and the other one being very loyal and cheerful. We don't really know much of their backstory through the game, only in chapter 8 and support convos. For this reason, we believe that Flora and Felicia are hostages, for the only purpose of stopping a rebellion from the Ice village. However, I don't think it's the case, they are not hostages, they are spies. Here's why (there's some spoilers): Reason #1: Anankos, Garon AND Iago don't know that they are the chieftain's daughters. So you rejoined your Nohr siblings and Father asked Anankos what to do with you. Fortunately for you, you just have to stop the Ice rebellion in order to become Garon's child again. Wait, what? Aren't Flora and Felicia hostages for the whole purpose of preventing this from happening? Then explain why Anankos is asking this. Sure, Anankos may not know them but what about Garon? I mean, the monster, not the real one since this is the monster that we see in the cutscene when we are a baby, right? Does Anankos forgot to put a brain inside his puppet? But Iago, if he knew Leo since he was a child, he would sure as hell remember that Flora and Felicia would be hostages. Reason #2: Flora's arrival before chapter 8 makes more sense if she's actually a spy. This is something that bothered me when I watched the conversation before chapter 8 for the first time and second time. Remember, you just got saved by Kilma (btw, if you play as a female avatar, I think Jakob leaving you is totaly out of the character or even the fact that he knows where is the Ice village is strange) and after he gave you tea, he said this: Ok, explain to me how in the world that he knew that was on her way to the Ice village, she was a HOSTAGE and according to Flora herself (more on that below), she didn't see him for YEARS. There we have 2 differents cases: if Felicia is here or if Jakob is here. If Felicia is here, there's no problem since now, both ''hostages'' are in the village. On the other hand, there something fishy if Jakob is here. Jakob asks to Flora if Felicia came as well but Flora said that she didn't. Again, why? That would the perfect moment since Milady (Avatar) is not here, Jakob too and Guntler is ''dead'' and there's only generics soldiers for stopping you from leaving the citadel and you can both fight very well and heal each other. Reason #3: Flora gave you false informations. Flora, before you fight her in both Conquest and Revelations, is very cold toward you. Yes, she respects you since you are her liege but you are still her enemy. In chapter 8, Flora gave you informations if you send either Felicia or Jacob against her. If you send Felicia, we don't have much information but there's something wrong. Several people (including myself) though that Felicia didn't know that she was a hostage at all since in the battle conversation with Flora, she doesn't understand of what Flora is talking about. However, this is false, in her A support conversation with Niles, Niles believes that she's a hostage and she responds by saying this: I know what you're thinking: ''Well, she just don't think that she's a hostage.'' Well, just after, Niles said she wasn't raised in any warm arms and she said: I don't know if that was a poor attempt of making a joke by Felicia but by saying that, Niles would have realized that she's just lied to him. If you send Jakob, Flora said that they were taken as hostages since they were children from preventing the rebellion from happening. It's a lie too. In Felicia and Flora B support, we learn that their father trained them for combat since they were children. So, why are they spies? Here what happened: - Kilma wanted to freed his village from Nohr's influence but he needs to wait the right time to attack, when Garon will send most of his army away from Nohr. - Then, he had the great idea of sending a spy so he can informs him when Garon sends his army. - Of course, the task is very dangerous because anyone could be executed. - He had the genious idea to send both his daughters as spies by disguising them as maids (they might be teenagers at that time) - When the war started between Hoshido and Nohr, Flora informed Kilas so he could starts the rebellion. Keep in mind, this may be not true because Japenese conversations could be different but, I think it's still a solid theory.
  18. I'm going to be straightforward and say that I positively love this chapter for a number of reasons. Two primary (and superficial...ish) reasons why this is the case for me is firstly, that song that plays out before the mission begins. Azura's beautiful singing, glorious dancing, and waterbending aside, there's another reason why I love that song, but I'll get into that in a couple minutes. Second, Keaton. Not only is his warewolf/wolfkin form oddly hilarious as well as awesome, but he makes for a wonderful tank unit that can also hit hard (and will clearly be my key to finally beating Lucina and recruiting her into my army). What's more, he's the second consecutive new tank in a row that TROUNCES Effie in utility - and gives me just technical cause to drop that one-note, stupid-sounding, blindly strength and gym obsessed .... I can't think of an insulting noun that doesn't rhyme with pitch, and I really don't feel like using that right now ... from my party. (I never should have come to realize how heavily changed and stripped her character was in the NA localization from her JP original) But the other thing that makes me rather love this chapter (for the time being) is the underlying implications I'm left with after this chapter concludes. By the end of both Chapters 13 and 14, it's made abundantly clear that basically none of Garon's kids like the guy. However, I'm thoroughly suspicious at how none of them recognized Azura when she was on-stage doing her performance. I mean honestly, how many slender, long-blue-haired dancer/singers that can control water actually exist in Nohr? What's more, how would Azura be set up to give the performance? Being someone who would have only been to Neste for the first time in her life, the likelihood of her actually being billed to perform would be stupidly slim...let alone her being billed to perform a solo act, yet nobody would be at all aware of the fact that a missing princess of Nohr would be performing in a famous Opera House with Venice-styled canoes in a circular moat! As such, I think the events of Chapter 14 was an orchestrated assassination attempt between Azura, and at least Leo and Camilla. I suspect that at some point prior to Corrin's proceeding with the mission to crush the rebellion of Cheve, Azura met up with them, discussed how her singing had the ability to impact dragons/dragonkin in various ways, and with that knowledge in-hand, the three siblings devised this assassination. I'd be willing to bet that Leo gave Garron the idea to head to attend a show at Neste to celebrate his daughter's latest string of victories, especially after the slaughter of Cheve, and it was prearranged that Camilla would direct Corrin there after the Cheve mission was completed, regardless of the outcome. I'm betting if only they'd factored in Iago and found a way to remove him from Garron's side during the show, the singing hit would've been a complete success. But that's just a theory that a child could probably have thought of. Also, I can't begin to figure out how Corrin never thought that it could have been Azura by the simple fact that she looked exactly like her, just with black on rather than white... I call negligible storytelling on that note. Had she not still thought it wasn't Azura in the text leading into the following mission (I only know about it because I'd proceeded afterwards - w/o saving - despite losing three units just to see how the story would pan out from there), I'd have figured she was thinking on her feet and played dumb to protect her; she easily could have been written to be wondering why Azura would try to curse her dad, even if the reasoning would probably seem obvious. As is, however, if my silly theory is actually right, then it just makes Corrin look really stupid...Something that's a bit of a pattern with her characterization. Maybe the writers think stupidity and naivety are the same thing? I dunno... Anyway, what are y'alls thoughts on the matter?
  19. For this theory, I'll use default Robin's(the one in Smash 4) as reference, since that's the "deafultest" look possible. Hey there! So recently I've noticed something while playing FE13, and it kinda shocked me when I realized it. We all here know that most children in FE13 inherit their father's hair color, right? And since Robin's hair color is up to the player, most children can have any of the selectable hair colors. Now, very later in the game, we discover that Robin is the child of Fauder/Validar, and that becomes quite the plot point, as it explains how Validar managed to make Robin kill Chrom at the very beginning of the game. He was controlling Robin through his blood, which was related to his own. But here's what I noticed. Robin and Validar do not share their hair color at all. ...Quite shocking, I know. This can mean a few things: 1) Robin could not actually be Validar's child​ ​Which seems quite an idiotic thing, since the game explicitly tells otherwise to us, but bear with me for a bit. I think that Robin was some random kid that Validar kidnapped and ended up brainwashing said kid to believe that he was their real father. Maybe he saw the potential Robin had to be Grima's Vessel and decided to seize the opportunity, so as to not take risks. Eventually, something happened to Robin, and that something triggered their memories. That and finding out that they had been lied to the entire time made them flee from Validar's reach, only to be found by GimRey (That's what I'm calling the Robin from the future, who decided to accept being the vessel. Thanks shadowofchaos.)in Ylisse and have their memories disabled until later in the game. The shock from GimRey and their memories made Robin faint, only to be found later by Chrom, Lissa and Fredrick. When Validar controlled Robin, it simply was controlling using Grima's power to seize a good vessel for Grima.Since the fell dragon wanted that too, he lent Validar some of his power, so that he could be reborn as GimRey. Now there might be a few errors within this theory, especially the fact that Robin never seems to mention that, nor does Validar or Aversa. Or the fact that this game seems to love plotholes. But it has enough evidence to make it at least plausible, so I guess it's up for you to decide if you'll believe it or not. Now, onward to "thing" 2. 2) It's just a silly plothole, and I should stop thinking too deep. Don't forget that we are still talking about FE13, and it's tightly-written story. This seems to be enough evidence to break the theory too, so yeah. Or maybe... 3) They may use this not-resolved plotline to make another game in Ylisse that follows Awakening. Which seems likely too, since Awakening revitalized the franchise in the West and is the best selling in the series. Who knows? Like point 2, I won't delve too much into this, as it is real-life speculation. Endgame I'd like to invite you guys to share your thoughts in this thread, be it evidence, criticism or any kind of commentary. After all, this is why people like to come to SF...right? I don't know if someone else already posted something like this, but if they did, sorry in advance. I hope we can spark some nice discussion out of this! And who knows what will happen in the future, right? Thank you for reading until here! Have a nice day!
  20. So now that Sakurai has officially said that they are done adding to Smash 4 what or rather who do you think will be added to the next smash? Keeping in mind this roster spanned 58 characters. Do you even think they'll be able to keep em all? Personally here's who I can see in the next smash. 1) Splatoon inklings. Practically shoe ins given the game's success and the trend of having playable male and female versions of characters (WFT, Robin, Corrin) 2) Dixie Kong or King K Rool. Alot of demand for these guys especially seeing how people were disappointed that King K Rool was only a mii costume. 3) New Zelda rep. I don't know who but probably someone from Zelda Wii U. I could also potentially see Midna or Ghirahim appearing transitioning from assists. 4) Shovel Knight. Again supposedly alot of demand for this one would also be the "surprise third party character"
  21. hello if you have any theories about Morgan you can post them here note: if this is in the wrong spot you can move it to the right spot
  22. I have this theory about Chrom which actually stunned be quite of bit. Tell me if you guys agree. Well, I was raging when they didn't add Chrom in SSB4. For what apparent reason WHY would they add Lucina and not CHROM? Well...There is a conversation between them in the WiiU version; Pit (or someone) said that Chrom's skills are too similar to Ike. Why is that so? Also...Why Chrom is the only one that can get Aether (rather than DLC and Lucina and parent-stuff [passing skills down to children in-game]) and he is actually the only guy who can have the Lord class (except Lucina again). So, I have realized something. I haven't played Radiant Dawn or Path of Radiance, but I know one thing for sure: Ike has traveled to distance lands and has NEVER returned. And the Outrealms is a interesting thing, since you can travel back into any time, any place. So...Is it that Ike has met Marth in some sort of way? Chrom is the proof that Marth did have children, but from which family line? I propose that Ike DID use the outrealms AND he might have met King Marth and married one of his children (ew...) and he managed to pass the Aether skill to Chrom after GENERATIONS of family. Or, Marth might have a sister (I think) and married her instead. Therefore, that's how Chrom is soooooo similar to Ike rather than Marth. Even Tiki said that Chrom may be from a different family tree than Marth, since that he apparently doesn't have his "soul". The only game I've played is Awakening, but I'm sure that this happened. Tell me what you guys think...
  23. I just thought of it, what with a lot of people debating who Chrom should marry that I've read recently, that Chrom and the Avatar (either female or male) are actually soulmates. Before you jump to conclusions, I say soulmates in its truest definition: two people ideally suited to one another as either close friends or romantic partners. This would make sense as to why Chrom comes to trust the Avatar so intrinsically. It also lays to waste the "debate" of who he's supposed to be with, as whilst the avatar remains Chrom's soulmate (whether they maintain a platonic relationship, or a romantic one) this leaves the position of Chrom's "true love" open to player interpretation (or as the game suggests, Sumia). You could argue the game supports this idea: they claim to be two halves of one whole. Two halves of one soul, maybe? I haven't had too much time to think it through entirely, so I was just wondering what you guys thought, and if there was any more evidence to support/discredit this theory.
  24. This is something that's bugged me ever since the Future Past or Future of Despair DLC came out and the bosses of the first 2 episodes were shown. Both of these bosses are Morgan, as far as I've seen. But what irks me is the fact that BOTH genders for Morgan are shown. The male Morgan in the first episode, and the female in the second. Again, as far as I've seen and what the DLC conversations tell me. Now, for all intents and purposes, these DLC episodes are, supposedly, what would happen if Lucina DIDN'T go back in time. Could this mean that, if the Avatar DOES indeed marry, he/she has twins? Now, I know the ending for Morgan shows that historians believe that Morgan came from a DIFFERENT future, but hear me out. What if the Morgan you get IS indeed from the same future as the same Lucina that goes back in time. And what if the avatar that does fall to Grima's will DOES have twins? Here's my theory: The Morgan obtained (I know I'm sounding like Morgan is an item, but this is for the sake of there being either a female or male avatar, and if I don't keep it general like this, the replies to this would be filled with "YOU CAN MAKE BOTH GENDERS FOR THE AVATAR AND GET DIFFERENT GENDERS FOR MORGAN") is actually NOT named Morgan at all. The child that travels back in time is one of a pair of twins. In the process of brainwashing/hypnotizing, one of them resists and escapes to go back in time. However, in the process, loses their memory. After ending up in the past, all they can remember besides how to fight is that the avatar is their parent and the name Morgan. Assuming the name is it's own, it introduces itself to the Avatar as well as the rest of the army as Morgan. However, in reality the twin that DID get taken over was named Morgan. Again, this is just a theory.
  25. My theory is that the Dark World is actually the place where u fight Demise in SS. Ghirahim created it after the sword was abandoned by Link. The trident from lttp is Ghirahim. Ghirahim was using Ganon to bring Princess Zelda to him, where he would revive Demise. Ghirahim should be the chief antagonist of lbtw.
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