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Found 9 results

  1. If you were here a long time ago when I still frequently posted here you may possibly remember that I attempted to screenshot LP this game. I ended up kinda forgetting about it after chapter 4 (as in, I forced it out of my brain after chapter 4). So this time, I'm intending to actually complete it. Also there are going to be videos. I don't have the equipment for commentary at the moment, but later in the series, possibly. Anyway, same stuff as last time. Please please please give me tips for chapters, but don't spoil anything. Here is chapter 1 (also feel free to subscribe to my channel #freeadvertising) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ArsnoOoBg6E
  2. Those of you in HHH are aware of a little something I've been working on called HHH adventure. Essentially, it's a story starring members of HHH. Its plot is pretty popular there either that or they're worried about my self esteem which I honestly doubt. So, we might as well spread the word of it, let outsiders in on this lovely tale. Yeah. Quick summary: In a world driven to two extremes, half burning, half frozen, Silver and Lux feel as if they are the only humans remaining. However, when they meet an old friend in a human disguise, how will his sad fate show them the true purpose of the war between the angelic people? I suck with summaries so bear with me, yeah, okay? Anyway, here's the table of contents. Story I: World of Two Extremes Prologue: The Bitter Cold, the Blazing Heat Chapter 1: Little Fire Angel Chapter 2: Three Humans Chapter 3: Neither Can Win Chapter 4: Aries Village Chapter 5: Comet Chapter 6: Feathers of Light Chapter 7: Ruins of Home Chapter 8: Naughx Chapter 9: Cataclysm's Beginning Chapter 10: Unfortunate Ice Angel Chapter 11: The Truth of the War Chapter 12: Lux Chapter 13: The Last Human Chapter 14: Corrupters of Spirits Chapter 15: Spirit World Chapter 16: Silent Child Chapter 17: Seal's Snap Chapter 18: Draco the Star Angel Story II: Children of Curses Prologue: Curses Chapter 1: Killing Curse Chapter 2: Cursed Hunt Chapter 3: Witch's Curse Chapter 4: The Curse of Kindness Chapter 5: Comet's Curse Chapter 6: Hospital's Curse Chapter 7: Curse of the Ice Witch Chapter 8: Curse of Shadow Chapter 9: President Silver Chapter 10: Ancient Sorrow Chapter 11: St. Datia's Children's Hospital Chapter 12: Prince of Sorrow Chapter 13: Vivian Riru Chapter 14: Cursed Pact Chapter 15: Blessed Curse Chapter 16: A Battle of Ice and Fire Chapter 17: Cursed Child Chapter 18: Ordinary Noble Chapter 19: Anon Datia Chapter 20: Maid of Evil Chapter 21: Curse in the Witch Hunter Society I feel awkward doing this
  3. So I will state my opinion of whoever chooses to post in this thread. If you care enough about my opinion to try I probably like you.
  4. Hello Ladies and GentleGeeks to the super amazing MIDNIGHT SUN LETS PLAY BY MASTER MCDANIL SO MANY CAPS LOCK This is an amazing in-progress hack of Fire Emblem 8, the Sacred Stones, by our lord and savior Alfred Kamon! This hack was originally called Sunpath of Midnight (which is a pretty clunky name... and yet still super cool... hmmm), but got a total remake recently with some mug help from Arcfalchion. Set in a parallelish futurish version of Magvel, with some custom mugs, recolors, splices, custom animations, custom maps and lots of other cool stuff that I don't know about cause I'm going in blind. You can check out the progress of the hack at this link, and while you're at it, why not check out Arcfalchion's custom mugs and sprites here, at her deviantart page. :D (SPOILERS: They are flippin' awesome) At the start of this LP, i'll be using version 1.2, which has 10 chapters, including Chapter 5x and the prologue! WOW SO MANY CHAPPPPTTTTERRRSSSS Alright, here are links to each prelude, for those who want to catch up/start (some of them are the ending of the chapter before them, and THEN the chapter prelude): Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 5x Chapter 6 (http://serenesforest.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=50861&page=4#entry3487227) Um, I do not have the minimugs... so the dialogue will be written out in a script-like format. I WILL TRY to get the growths for each character, but this run will be mostly based off my own experience, so if I use a bad character... oh well. Tough luck for me, I suppose. But enough lengthy chit-chat. Here it is..... THE PROLOGUE *Trumpet Fanfare* THE PROLOGUE - PLOT AND PREPARATIONS I know I'm going to enjoy this one... heeehehehehe
  5. ...and I gave a Caterpie for it I feel somewhat bad, and somewhat happy at the same time Currently breeding for a shiny good iv quiet Honedge with it
  6. In this thread we are pirates. Ten people may nominate themselves for the position of Captain on a first come first serve basis for the nomination. When either ten people are nominated or 24 hours pass, I will start a poll to chose the winner. After 24 hours of that (or when I happen to return) the voting will be closed and we'll keep going from there. As in, we'll decide more positions that will be announced later. Currently held positions: Captain: Duck First Mate: Anon Parrot: Fre Skeleton: Waluigi Barrel: Tenda Drunken Shirtless Guy: Makaze
  7. Hello. I am Duck and I have been on this site for one year as of today. I'd write a story or something like HK did but I'm lazy and a horrible writer. Speaking of HK, he owes me a theme just for today. I hope you all have a nice day.
  8. Our weather is super bad We have every season in the span of about two days A couple weeks (maybe months) ago it went from 80, to 30 the next day, then 50 the next, then 80 again It was an interesting week
  9. (Spoilers for season six) So yeah. That was certainly an interesting season finale. The entire episode I was just waiting for the ending so I could see them getting married, and...well...that didn't happen. I'm rather pissed off about it, but whatever, I'll just have to wait. So, what do you all think happened? -Return of Senator Bracken? -Return of 3XK and his doctor pal? -Something to do with Castle's father? -Something entirely new? I think it's pretty obvious that he wasn't in that car when it crashed, but I wonder what really happened. By the way, that black car scared the shit outta me. I hope I wasn't the only one.
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