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Found 11 results

  1. Spoilers obviously. Okay, so RD is legit my second FE game, only to PoR, and the main reason I chose RD next (outside of it being a sequel) was that I truly enjoyed the story and lore and character building in PoR and was really looking forward to see how everything rounds it in RD. I was able to turn a blind eye to the lack of base support conversations, but this whole nonsense that happens in part 3 actually blows my mind and made me stop playing just to say this. I’m currently at 3-13, and just recently came across the whole blood pact part of the story, and I have to say that as a whole this entire section of the story is just bonkers and is a huge blow to the rest of the story. It’s not so much that the blood pact itself is a bad thing, as I don’t know how the rest of the story pans out, it’s everything leading up to the blood pact reveal and how poorly Micaiah was written in part 3, as up until this point I actually really liked het as a character. - First thing I want to say, or know, is why does Micaiah’s powers only work when convenient for her? Like she can see all this other shit, but couldn’t see her stupid ass King signing his and his country’s life away? Like what? - On the topic of Pelleas, what does anyone in Daien, especially Micaiah see in him? He lacks any type of leadership quality, and has done or shown nothing to prove he is deserving of ruling a country, or deserving of Micaiah’s blind loyalty. Not only does he have incredibly poor taste in advisors, namely.. Izuka, who Pelleas still kept around after finding out how sick and twisted he was (when he poisoned Muarim, and learning of the shit he did in PoR), but there wasn’t even any proof whatsoever that he even was related to Ashnard. And even if there was proof, which I don’t remember there being any, why would anybody in Daein want a descendant of Ashnard on the throne knowing how that ended up? If Micaiah cares so much about her country, and had the backing of all the people, why didn’t she just take over? Besides that, all Pelleas has ever shown was how useless of a person he is, so I really have no idea why Micaiah was so against the fact of him wanting to off himself (especially since it was suppose to save her beloved country), if I were her.. I wouldn’t be able to contain my excitement (I personally chose to off him without any second thought in how it alters the game), let alone practically refuse to do it (does she or does she not care about her country.. I don’t get it?). But unfortunately for us, great King Pelleas couldn’t even do one thing correct, and properly research/read a book. - Now what I really don’t get is how poorly written Micaiah is as a character in part 3. I did not take her as dumb, I took her as loyal, yet also smart enough to know right from wrong. The fact that she so willingly agreed to helping Pelleas before even learning of the blood pact, by siding with a country that she literally just got done fighting, so that she can fight in a pointless war that has literally nothing to do with her country makes absolutely zero sense. There is being loyal, and then there is being dumb; siding with a country that you literally just fought to free yourself from because your braindead King told you so is being dumb, especially knowing what Begnion is capable of, it should be more than obvious they are only using you as a pawn, while in turn you make tons of other enemies. I don’t know, I feel like I have a lot more to say, but I think I’m just going to end up going in circles. My main issue is honestly, Pelleas, and not understanding what Micaiah, or anyone for that matter, sees in him, along with not being a fan of how blindly loyal Micaiah is for Pelleas when he has done nothing to show he has good leadership qualities. Maybe I missed some dialogue somewhere that shows some character development for Pelleas, but even then I’m still not happy how the story turned out and it just all feels incredibly lazy. It just feels like the developers really dropped the ball with Micaiah’s character, and they had so much potential for a great story, and making these characters memorable. I’m gonna hold out hope, as I still have 2 more chapters in part 3, along with the entirety of part 4, but I’m not going to hold my breath. All in all, I still greatly enjoy the game up until this point, and am actually looking forward to replaying it on hard as I really do enjoy the gameplay, just the story and characters feel very poorly written coming from PoR.
  2. Me and my buddy was playing Smash Ultimate yesterday. And he really drunk pulled out a hilarious summary about lucina. ''Lucina is a reverse trap that hides in the shadows, and stalks the main character waiting for a moment to save and guide the main character. And when the moment is over, Lucina disappears to remain mysterious... You know who else fits that description, Zelda as Sheik in Ocarina of Time!''. It's a wierd but accurate summary, what do you guys think?
  3. I was thinking of this point since we have been getting those Video Game Mini Consoles such as NES and SNES Classic Edition, Sega Genesis Mini, TurboGrafx-16 Mini, Commondor64 Mini, etc. But, what do you think that if one of those Media Companies that did made those VHS Systems and did it similar to make a VHS Mini that you play movies that were used to be released on VHS Tapes since I don't see a lot of stores sell VHS Tapes and even Media Companies releasing on VHS Tapes anymore. The VHS Mini has to be the System itself while you can't put VHS Tapes in the VHS Mini. What movies or TV Shows that were released on VHS Tapes do you think they should include on the VHS Mini? I was thinking that they should put like around 30 or up to 50 sets preloaded in the VHS Mini. The list has to be that were released on VHS, any movies or TV Shows that never released or made to the VHS Tapes shouldn't count. This is one of my thoughts that should be included in the possible VHS Mini: One of the Star Wars Original Trilogy and Prequel Trilogy Movies (in original format and can be used as a Bonus similar to Mega Man: The Wily Wars on Sega Genesis Mini) Classic Indiana Jones Movies One of the Disney Classic Movies, I think like The Lion King, Aladdin, Hercules, etc. Maybe add an Anime Movies like those Dragon Ball movie tapes, Studio Ghibi movies, that FUNimation, VIZ Media, etc. can probably put it in One of the Classic Rambo Movies Wizard of Oz Harry Potter movies Who Framed Roger Rabbit? Classic Black and White Movies One of those hard to find official VHS Tapes Few R rated movies (Parental Guidance can blocked or not depends on when you have children living with you) Maybe an unreleased movie that never came out (be bit like a Star Fox 2, Sega Genesis Tetris and Darius, etc.) If the company that I think I have to choose to develop the VHS Mini, it has to be Samsung.
  4. Yesterday, I finished my first ironman run of Awakening. It was also a "no grinding" run (although I will admit that I didn't always follow that rule, even though two of the encounters were due to an enemy blocking a shop in the early game, when there aren't a whole lot of alternatives yet). I've decided to share some of my overall thoughts on both the Ironman and the game as a whole. I've separated my thoughts with spoilers, as they ended up longer than I thought it would be. Deaths Pairings For the record, I only grinded four times total, and here's why: Main Thoughts on the Gameplay, Story, etc. Characters Random Thoughts and Observations This took much longer than I thought it would to write, by the way. I also would have given my final turn count and how many battles/kills everyone got, but my phone sucks and the pictures/videos took up too much space, so I had to delete them.
  5. Since Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light, Mystery of the Emblem, and Gaiden managed to get a remake into Shadow Dragon, New Mystery of the Emblem, and Echoes: Shadows of Valentia and they do add more characters to the story. There are like 6 new playable characters and 5 new boss enemies that were added in Shadow Dragon, 2 new playable characters and new 3 boss enemies that were added in New Mystery of the Emblem while they managed to get the rest of the playable characters from Shadow Dragon into New Mystery of the Emblem, and they did add 2 new in-game playable characters, 4 new boss enemies, added the four Cipher characters as DLC, putted Jarth as a new enemy DLC boss, and the final boss in the post game content after Act 5. How many playable characters and new non-playable characters do you think the future remakes will might possibly get added? I don't know about how many brand new characters we could get for the possible Judgral remakes as this point, but I think we could see a new member for Sigurd's Holy Knights + new mother (or the new member in Sigurd's Holy Knights is a female) and a new member, possibly 2 new children, and 2 new subtitutes incase if a new mother character gets added in the first generation for Seliph's army + add the rest of the Thracia 776 characters into Seliph's story for a new Gaiden/Paralogue chapters similar to like how New Mystery of the Emblem manages to get the rest of the Shadow Dragon characters and the Archanea Saga characters into the remake. But, maybe a few new antagonists in either of the remakes to help the story like Berkut and Frenand in Echoes: Shadows of Valentia and the Assassins in New Mystery of the Emblem. For a Thracia 776 remake, I think we could see a new character joins Leif's group. For the Elibe remakes, I do like to see if they can add a brand new main character, give Roy a half-sibling similar to like how Celica has a half-brother gotten added in Echoes: Shadows of Valentia, a Mercenary Girl to the Binding Blade remake since Echidna is the only female Hero in the game, and an unit starts off as an Assassin since that class was added in the Prequel, and possibly put some of the returning characters that aren't killed in the prequel such as Nils, Rebecca, Serra, Matthew, etc. from The Blazing Blade into the story as playable or NPCs for The Binding Blade remake, I don't know about for new characters for The Blazing Blade remake though, maybe add an another Lorca tribe survivor (possibly as Lyn's sibling or friend)? For The Sacred Stones remake, I think of they could might possibly add 2 new members for Eirika's and Emphriam's squad and add more new characters into the story. For the Tellius remakes, I think they will might add at least new members for the Greil Mercenaries (either the Path of Radiance remake and return in the Radiant Dawn remake or put them in Radiant Dawn remake after Ike appears since the Greil Mercenaries didn't get a single new member after the Mad King's War ended) along with new characters that gets recruited in a few new Gaiden/Paralogue chapters or in the main story like Shadow Dragon and New Mystery of the Emblem. And a new member in the Dawn Brigade and a new character later on as well in the Radiant Dawn remake.
  6. Imagine Grima's Expiration attack ignored Defence in Awakening like it does in SoV. What would happen? Why does it ignore Defence in SoV and not in Awakening - plot-wise, perhaps? This is just meant to be a little thought experiment. Nothing too serious.
  7. I was just thinking about it, we did seen like 8 continents + Ylisse and Valm from the previous Fire Emblem titles and we don't see much of the entire globe looks like except with a view of Ylisse and Valm with Valm being in the left side of Ylisse. But, do you think Intelligent System might do something like either they would probably make an another future continent from one of the other Fire Emblem game similar to like how Archanea became Ylisse and Valentia became Valm since we probably think the Fire Emblem World probably has enough continents as we thought like maybe taken it from such as Judgral (incase if they might use it for the Judgral remakes as well after the Upcoming Switch title of afterwards since Gaiden got a brand new remake that is now called Echoes: Shadows of Valentia), Elibe, Margvel, Tellius, etc. (I do think a future version of Judgral would make more sense), do you think we could get a brand new continent that it's going to be involved with Considered Mythological Kingdom similar to like Hoshido, Nohr, and Valla in Fates like when Corrin asked Chrom about where is the location of Hoshido and Nohr in their map and Corrin can't seem to find it, but Chrom did recall he heard Hoshido and Nohr were Mythological Kingdoms that really did shocked Corrin what he had heard during at in the Before Awakening DLC map, or do you think they'll might add an another continent that will be not involved with Mythological Kingdoms like that unnamed continent in Fates and it will probably takes place after Awakening and Chrom (or the other Awakening characters) will probably didn't realize an another continent exists since he does seemed to have a good historical knowledge with other continents such as Archanea, Tellius, and Judgral? (I am not entirely sure about Chrom's knowledge with Hoshido and Nohr?)
  8. fan·dom ˈfandəm/ noun noun: fandom; plural noun: fandoms the state or condition of being a fan of someone or something. "my 17 years of sports fandom" the fans of a particular person, team, fictional series, etc., regarded collectively as a community or subculture. "the Breaking Bad fandom" (Egregiously ripped from Google search results.) You see the term "fandom" thrown around a lot among the nerdsphere these days; somebody's part of this fandom or that fandom, or I like this fandom but can't stand that one. Everybody's a fan of something; by extension, that's what makes them part of a fandom. But I've found that fairly frequently it's used as something of a dirty word. As briefly mentioned above, a lot of people make judgements on fandoms. A big problem, however, arises; you really can't do that. It's impossible to (accurately) judge a whole group of people like that. What is seen on the internet is just a fraction of a fandom, and the ones that tend to formulate judgements are the most vocal about it. I'll use an example: the youtuber/countdown maker JoshScorcher, while enjoying the Kingdom Hearst series, dislikes the story for understandable reasons. He put out a reaction video to the 2.8 trailer yesterday ("2.8: Final Chapter Prologue" if you must; the name's stupid regardless). A not-insignificant part of the video is him ranting and bemoaning about how convoluted he finds the story (which I somewhat agree with). A lot of the youtube comments called him out on talking over the trailer and his seeming lack of interest in the series, while saying how they personally do enjoy it's story (which, despite parts definitely being messy, I do); one or two said "We get it; you hate Kingdom Hearts". After saying "I DO understand it; it still sucks", he goes and makes a couple posts on his tumblr. "Kingdom Hearts fans are so rabid. Any criticism of the story is met with the “You just don’t understand it, Mom!” treatment. I do understand the plot. It’s. Still. Stupid." "Me: I think Kingdom Hearts story is overcomplicated, silly, and objectively isn't good. KHFanbase: We get it, you hate Kingdom Hearts. Me: I never said- how does that even- GAH!" You see the issue here? He used a few more extreme youtube comments and then attributes them to the whole fandom, vilifying them and making himself look like a martyr. Heads-up: a lot of fans KNOW that it's too convoluted. I used to lurk on the KHInsider forms, and it was a given there that "Yeah, it's overcomplicated". Elsewhere, on the Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy Union podcast, a topic of discussion was broached about the series' future post-KH3. The consensus: if they want to honestly continue things, they need to pretty much start over and simplify things to maintain success, because the current state of the series is too complicated and has caused large amounts of continuity lockout. But according to Josh, the " fandom" as a whole is rabid, likes something stupid, and can't take any criticisms. The "fandom" is much more broad and varied than he thinks; but here, it's used as a derogatory term to criticize a whole because of experiences with one small part (and that small part being youtube comments). I went on a bit there, but that's a recent, specific example: here's one that will probably hit much closer to home. The Fire Emblem "Fandom". This is an extremely broad example that you reading this probably understands. Pre-Awakening fans, due to elitism on gamefaqs, reddit, and (unfortunately) some here, have been vilified all over the internet- in some cases, to a near-bigotry level hatred that causes any criticism to newer games to be dismissed as "elitist bitching" or something similiar. The token stereotypes have also retaliated, vilifying newer fans as "waifufags" and weebs who only want to play "Awankaning" and "Fartes"* . And yet, there's massive group in the middle who don't seriously care much for waifu/husbando nonsense. In addition, most fans here (who are members of the "old guard") are pretty chill about things. But those people aren't heard that much. I'll use a quick example: one of the youtubers I follow (this is a bit of a recurring trend), TheQuarterGuy, has weekly discussion videos of sorts about what he thinks of specific bits of news in the world of gaming. In one of those videos, when the topic of Awakening was broached by a commentor, he ended up going off on a mini-rant about how much he dislikes permadeath and starts vilifying veteran fans while propping himself up. He's already assumed the worse and is judging the whole fandom, indirectly sparking negativity and conflict where there really wasn't. I have a few more examples, but I think I've gotten my point across. Fandom is used too often as a scapegoat term; whenever there's a conflict over interests in entertainment, somebody will just vilify swaths of people. This is only confounded by the internet; face-to-face conversations will generally go better than two seemingly faceless individuals typing up rants against each-other. I personally don't use the term that often; fandom is a wide-reaching term that is used all too often in exaggeration and hyperbole. I don't dislike the people I used as examples; I just wish I was able to face-to-face talk to them, or that they'd just refrained from using the term and/or stereotypes of one. As-is, the word "fandom" in gaming (and indeed, internet culture in general), is used way too hyperbolically and unfairly. *(If you're reading this Integrity: no offense. I'm just using it to get a point across, as I've seen similiar nicknames thrown around elsewhere.)
  9. Hello everyone, I was watching an FE6 Let's Play today and the player made the comment that Wendy is the worst character in any Fire Emblem game. I couldn't tell if they were exaggerating or not. Anyway I commented on their video explaining that I always use Wendy in every playthrough of FE6 and she always ends up great. We got into a debate with my argument being she's worth the effort because she has great growths and their argument being she is bad because she requires effort to be good and that effort could be spent on better characters. Your thoughts/experiences on Wendy? Some food for thought, in my current playthrough of FE6, this is how my Wendy is turning out, and I'm only on chapter 14x. I also didn't use any stat boosters on her (click to enlarge): Gryphon
  10. So I decided to take a shot at making a portrait because so many people do it and make awesome ones. So I took a rather spotty one as inspiration and tried my own portrait. It's that MarkyJoe portrait and I made my own version of it (because I saw it in those ragefests so often that I decided I wanted to try that sprite because it was pretty simple). I don't know, I think that he might be a bit too *small* so to speak. I don't think it looks particularly bad, but is it Fire Emblem? I don't think so. Any advice? I feel happy about the chibi portrait though. I'm pretty good with Chibi.
  11. Ok everyone, E3 is here! With all sorts of hype going around (with the presentation from Betheda last night increasing it), I just wanted to see what others were hoping to see in 2015 E3 and how you feel about it after everything is shown and done. While I am focusing on Nintendo, if you guys want to bring up other companies' presentation, go right ahead (just please don't start a war in the fourms, thank you). I really want to see what other people's opinion are! While I will give my thoughts and opinions later, I will say that Bethesda (and the Nintendo World Championship) started things out pretty well (even if FPS's aren't really my thing)!
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