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  1. I've done bane runs for all houses. And randomly generated classes for all roots. I've also done a challenge that I don't think I've seen anyone else do which I call the shiplocke. You swap character's builds with a character that they are shipped with (note they very rarely both have each other's progression just to make it a bit more interesting). But now I wonder does anyone have any ideas that I could try? If so (in Anna's voice) "Thanks a bunch!" If you want I can send you my shiplocke chart.
  2. From my experiences discussing the game, she's an interestingly divisive point of discussion. I wanted to take the opportunity to talk about this character while she's still a mystery. I'm personally hoping she's the real deal.
  3. First time doing one of these and first time posting on this website instead of lurking without an account, and I thought I'd do a challenge on an upcoming playthrough because it's been a while since I've played 3 Houses. The Route is gonna be Golden Deer because it's the only route I haven't actually played. Meme choices are welcomed and encouraged.
  4. After a 2 month hiatus, we are finally back with our Fire Emblem: Three Houses Pick My Units Iron Man Run (on Maddening Mode) As a reminder, these were the units chosen for the PMU: Mortal Savant Hapi (by: Father Shrimpas) Warmaster Hanneman (by: Saint Rubenio) Swordmaster Raphael (by: Benice) Holy Knight Ingrid (by: Lonestar) Trickster Jeritza (by: Dayni) Wyvern Lord Annette (by: Sooks) Warrior Constance (by Dr. Shaky Jones) Valkyrie Lysithea (by: Ether) Sniper Mercedes (by: AnonymousSpeed) Paladin Hubert (by: Barren) Dismounted Falcon Knight Byleth (by: Ether) Dancer Edelgard (by: The ChoZen One) And the PMU Rules: - Maddening Mode - Iron Man (No divine pulses or resets, If Byleth or Edelgard dies, the run ends. No retreating. If a defeat condition is met, the run ends. Paralogues and all!!) -Units have to be in their respective chosen classes as soon as the classes to them are available and from the moment they are, they have to be used for every chapter battle (can only be changed temporarily during auxiliary battles when training to get skills) - Iron Man Officially Starts at Chapter 2 (Chapter 1 will not count to save time) - No Chalice of Beginnings, Start game stat boosters. - Ashen Wolves, Anna, & Jeritza are allowed - New Game+ - Using NG+ Renown to raise Skill level is not allowed. Only for supports (to recruit students) and to get Professor Rank A. - Abyss Renown items are allowed depending how difficult the run gets. As well as the Yellow Aux battles as well as carry over gambits from a previous new game file (including Ashes and Dust) But I will refrain from using anything I feel is not necessary. I will use these most likely though. - DLC classes are allowed. - I am allowed to look at map/enemy data on stream to check ambush reinforcement placements & triggers. - The battle of the eagle and lion will be treated as an iron man map. If someone dies, I can't use them again. - If a Unit dies, already start preparing your votes for the backup units I will use (Give a unit and a class you want them to be in). So far we have Warrior Ignatz and Armor Knight Manuela. Streaming Part 4 now!!:
  5. During my Iron man run that I am streaming, we made a funny tier list where we we ranked the reactions of the characters of Three Houses to a certain story death. This is based on their condolences and their overall voice acting performance when you speak to them in the monastery during that month. It was a hilarious time doing this on stream!! Some surprising rankings. Comment your thoughts and if you have any questions on my reasoning for certain placements!! It will be fun to discuss LOL xD This was the stream where we ranked them and the timestamp is 7:24:30: https://youtu.be/ONSPLInqjCU
  6. Let's do this!! Am I crazy? Maybe. But I am determined!! 🙂 Livestream link: https://youtu.be/Bi0yEmBIqRE
  7. Hello everyone. So I been practicing for my true divine pulseless iron man on Maddening difficulty. (You may have seen me streaming recently the Blue Lions Route on Maddening with a 3 divine pulse rule xD) My question for you guys is, (as I prepare to take on the ULTIMATE challenge and iron man Three Houses on MADDENING) is this.... Are Ashen Wolves allowed? That's it. I feel they aren't particularly broken like say, Fates DLC (witch, dark flier, dread fighter, lodestar, great lord, vanguard, grandmaster class, etc.) and they definitely don't make the game feel any easier on a difficulty as unforgiving as TH Maddening. But I want you guys to decide for me if I am allowed to use them. I want this Iron Man to be the most LEGIT iron man possible. Where no one can make an excuse like "oh this was tainted cuz HER DER DLC!! You used that one DLC auxillary map once, HER DER TAINTED RUN!!" Lol. So to make sure it's as legit as possible, I am doing it on a non NG+ file, No dlc items or dlc aux battles allowed. No DLC classes. And of course, no divine pulses allowed. Now here's the question, can I use Ashen Wolves or not? 2nd question can I use them in their DLC canon class or not? Depending on the communties' answer, I will add it to the rules for this iron man. Thank you for reading this!! Have a great day!! And look forward to the iron man when I stream it later this month. 😁 (For now I will continue streaming my Blue Man Group Maddening Run as practice)
  8. Hello, long-time lurker, first-time poster; hopefully I don't break any rules. I have a warm take that Three Houses does a lot to make hybrid builds more feasible than prior Fire Emblem games, but they are still underappreciated. I won't call this a hot take, because the consensus opinion that it's more efficient to invest in specialized units is not something I disagree with. It often takes a lot of investment to pull off a good hybrid build and Fire Emblem generally favors specialized units that require less input or have a higher/more certain payoff for the same input. Still, hybrid builds are at their best in Three Houses thanks to its mechanics: character-specific spell lists, class promotion base stats, weapon rank tutoring outside of battle, and New Game +. 0. What is a hyrbid? Hybrid refers to a unit that uses both their strength and magic stats in battle. Generally, units are best left using only one of the two stats, as their base stats and growths will naturally favor one. Since enemy resistance is usually lower than defense and magic offers better range than melee physical weapons, the typical hybrid unit will be a physical attacker with a sufficiently high magic stat to use a magic weapon, magical combat arts, or is promoted into a class with magic access (sometimes later in the game) but retaining access to their physical weapons of choice. In Three Houses, mages generally benefit from raising their strength stat as strength/5 is subtracted from weapon weight to determine attack speed. However, it is much rarer for a magic-focused character to actually use their strength stat offensively, because of the aforementioned advantages in targeting resistance and range, so I will not consider merely gaining a strength stat on a mage to qualify as a hybrid build. 1. Spell Lists Three Houses inherits the idea of spell lists from Fire Emblem Gaiden. Unit-specific spell lists are interesting because your best mages are often not able to fulfill every desired magical task on their own. For example, despite their great magic stats, none of Lysithea, Constance, nor Hubert make for great healers due to lack of Physic. Spells are also interesting in that they have limited uses but recharge every map, which prevents the common RPG hoarding problem. Spell lists favor hybrid units because occasionally a character will have a great spell list despite lacking a magic stat, encouraging you to invest in their magic. A great example is Bernadetta, who gets Physic, Rescue, and Thoron despite neutrality in reason and faith, 5 base magic, and a puny 20% growth. While centralizing the healing and rescuing role together, potentially freeing up a deployment slot for someone else, has its appeal, how are you supposed to use her effectively when her base magic allows for a 1 range rescue and her growth is taking her nowhere fast? 2. Class Promotion Base Stats Another mechanic inherited from Gaiden and its remakes, when a character promotes into a new class, their stats are elevated to the base stats of the new class, if needed. This can be used for a few tricks in Three Houses: 12 base defense for an Armor Knight promotion (easily attainable even for squishy characters like Annette and Hapi); 17 base defense for a Fortress Knight; 17–19 base strength from promoting to an advanced physical class (ensures base usability for low-strength physical characters and allows mages to offset weight); and, most importantly for this post, 17 base magic from Warlock and 15 base magic from Bishop. Although 15–17 base magic seems like a pittance relative to, for example, Lysithea's 11 + 60% magic, it's actually quite workable thanks to lower enemy resistance. There are several characters with decent magic growths, such as Byleth, Felix, and Sylvain, who can end up with usable magic if they correct for a low base stat with a promotion. Bernadetta learns Rescue at A-rank Faith, thus she is guaranteed 15 magic and at least a 3-range Rescue (and needs only 1 point for 4 range) at that point. 3. Weapon Rank Training Unlike other games in the series, notably Fire Emblem Fates, hybrid weapon ranks are much less of an issue in Three Houses thanks to the instruction system. In Fire Emblem Fates, several classes gain hybrid weapons on promotion: Dark Mages gain swords as Dark Knights, Wyvern Riders can now equip tomes as Malig Knights, Basaras gain lances or tomes coming out of Diviner or Spear Fighter, and Oni Savages gain tomes when promoting to Oni Chieftans. However, all of the new weapon ranks start at E, restricting usage to low MT weapons, most of which cannot crit nor activate skills. Fates is also stingy with weapon experience from combat and Arms Scrolls, also limiting the viability of any gained hybrid weapons. For Three Houses, however, it's straightforward to raise weapon ranks even without their usage. A Dark Knight Sylvain may have not set foot on the battlefield in a magic class until level 30, yet come equipped with his full spell-list. Of course, despite being easier than Awakening and Fates to have ranks, weapon ranks are still a problem in Three Houses. Instruction time comes with opportunity costs, and prioritizing magic instead of a unit's primary physical weapons might be a losing trade. Sure, Sylvain can toss a chip heal with Physic or help quickly break a monster barrier with Seraphim at B in Faith, but did it come at the cost of getting Swift Strikes (A lances) sooner? Bernadetta may be able to combine a chip Physic with a short-range Rescue at A in Faith, but did she have time to get Death Blow (D+ axes) , Vengeance (C+ Lances), Encloser (A Bows), and prep for her mid and endgame promotions (likely needing high ranks in Riding or Flying)? What about their authority and access to good battalions? 4. New Game + While discussions focused on efficiency will focus on Maddening NG since the highest difficulty helps separate out the best strategies, it is worth mentioning that despite unfocused weapon ranks being one of the primary deficiencies of a hybrid character, especially ones needing at least B+ in reason or faith by level 20 to gain a respectable base stat, NG+ resolves the issue. If you trained Bernadetta in a prior playthrough in Axes, Lances, Bows, Riding, and authority, it's no longer a stretch to train her in Faith and maybe put her into Holy Knight for that Rescue (or, even better, toss in some Reason and Flying for Dark Flier). While this does emphasize one of the limitations of hybrid units in a post promoting them, at least there is a straightforward in-game mechanic to address it. 5. What about mages attacking physically? I focused a lot on physical units gaining magical traits and not the reverse. A lot of that is the previously mentioned advantages in targeting enemy resistance, typically the lower defensive stat, and magic's range advantage. Felix has an amazing strength stat that will typically be much higher than his magic, even with a promotion to Warlock at level 20; however, he still might be able to do more damage to a high-defense Fortress Knight with a magic weapon, and more safely at range with all of them besides the Aura Knuckles. Lysithea's 17 strength after acquiring a promotion to Swordmaster does not particularly encourage her to use physical weapons compared to her 2–6 range magic, allowing her to attack safely despite her frailty. There are a few exceptions though. Annette, for example, has an unimpressive spell list with little utility (just Recover) and not much attack power, so she is better off getting on a Wyvern to focus on Lightning Axe, Bolt Axe, Crusher, and higher-mobility rallies. However, because Wyvern Rider gives her base 18 strength, Wyvern Lord gives +4 strength modifier, and class growths bring her up to 40–45% strength growths, she can end up with surprisingly good strength. For example, it wouldn't be surprising for a Wyvern Lord Annette to have higher strength than the canon Snipers: Bernadetta, Ashe, and Ignatz. Though she will typically get more damage off with magical axe attacks, she could occasionally equip a Brave Axe for a kill she might not otherwise get, such as a fast mage. 6. What about combat arts? Combat arts really open up the potential of hybrids further, particularly in Maddening where inflated enemy speed makes it difficult to double naturally. A Magic Bow combined with Hunter's Volley or Point-Blank Volley will do good damage off just a decent magic stat, and a bunch of archers have decent magic growths (Felix, Ashe, Ignatz, Cyril). Fierce Iron Fist and Aura Knuckles can work as well, though the low MT doesn't scale well with enemy resistance. Ingrid has fairly balanced and mediocre strength and magic bases (in-house) and growths, so she can use Frozen Lance to some effect. While Edelgard's spell list is interesting, with Luna, Hades, and Seraphim, the opportunity cost of Wyvern Lord is simply too high to justify the jump into spell-casting (Dark Flier misses out on Axefaire and 4 points of strength), but she does get Lightning Axe and a 45% growth (14–15 magic at level 20, on average, means she doesn't particularly need the magic rank for a base stat). Sublime Heaven adds 30% of Byleth's magic stat to its physical MT, the closest the game gets to Ignis from Awakening, which might be worth buttressing with a dip into Bishop thanks to their budding talent. In conclusion, are hybrid builds outclassed? Generally, yes. But there are plenty out there and Three Houses does a surprisingly good job making them feasible. Even on Maddening difficulty there's some room for experimentation (just make sure you aren't experimenting on too many fronts at once). If I was able to get a Dark Knight Sylvain to work on Maddening NG Azure Moon while not getting 17 base magic until the Dark Knight promotion at level 30 and him being strength screwed for a good chunk of the early time-skip, I'm sure you can get your hybrid build off the ground too.
  9. I remember someone somewhere once telling me that in Japanese it's "made clear" that Dorothea slept with, or kissed or something, a Noble to be enrolled at the Monastery. And I am curious if anyone knows more. It would be in the B supports between Linhardt and Dorothea. In English it's a vague notion of getting a favor, which is how it's described in her C support with Manuela as well. Using connections. The claim feels odd as the ultimate point of said chain (w/ Lin) was how Dorothea doesn't actually have anything to be ashamed of. And feels incongruous with how she's upset people know she's an orphan and really doesn't belong (in her view). Also just seems wrong for the character who is supposed to know better than trust some pervert's word he'll do right by her if she just gives up what he wants first. She's able to get gifts and favors just for existing after all so desperation shouldn't be an option either. As you can tell I'm skeptical. Largely because the one claiming this never elaborated when I asked for proof and my experience in fandoms is when someone says "I'm right in Japanese" they're making it up; but also it never fit tonally which I don't think translation can change too much. Not to mention how it seems every other translation inaccuracy is well reported but this one is not (despite being a bigger deal than if Manuela discovered her talent or not). But I figure I'd see if anyone knows better. Leif of Leinster on tumblr is taking a break and they've done the translations I've referenced in the past so I'm broadening the net. If anyone can answer or tell me where I can look I'd very much appreciate it.
  10. So my brother and I are playing Three Houses together, and we've already played Verdant Wind and Azure Moon, but we're debating over whether to go for Crimson Flower or Silver Snow next. We'd like to finish on the most canonical ending, which I think is Crimson Flower based on the promotional material and Edelgard being the featured Lord of the game and stuff, but my brother thinks Silver Snow is the more canon ending since it's sort of a "secret ending." Any input from those of you who have played both CF and SS? Which one seemed more final?
  11. I haven't really bothered with this series in 3 years, (my status in this site proves otherwise). Is Three Houses worth playing? I've seen my brother played it and it's kinda boring in my opinion, he even admits that as well and he's was still playing Fire Emblem even after I stopped
  12. What do you guys love about Three Houses? Probably my favorite part about it is the music, which is epic across the board. While I don't love the game as much as I used to (the monastery sections is too repetitive and boring now) I still like the story, battles and music a lot! Anyone else?
  13. Hello everyone. I am a youtuber known as The ChoZen One. I started a playthrough of me playing for the first time Golden Deer Maddening Mode but with a twist!! Not only will I not be using new game+ (so I get that golden title screen) but I will be restricting myself from using divine pulses. I want to have the ultimate challenge with this and play the game how the classic FE games were meant to be played. It will be a crazy experience as I have never played the hardest difficulty on any FE before aside from Sacred Stones (which is considered the easiest) I am a semi casual player, I like to use my favorite characters but have some decent knowledge on certain strats here and there, but nothing on the level of some hardcore players out there who study growths, viability etc. So come check out this madlad attempt such a crazy challenge. I would appreciate all the support. I want to interact with more FE fans on my streams and plan to make more content around FE in general. Subscribe if your new and hope to see you guys join me on this journey as we take on such a incredible challenge!! My first stream is linked below, be sure to check it out. There is a few parts out already and I plan to stream a lot this week continuing the journey!!
  14. In three houses Byleth is a stillborn with the crestone of SoC.We all know that But if Byleth died Such as when Kostas stab them in heart destroying said Crestone/Sothis. Would the story or world still exist? I mean Byleth HAS to work for the church and if they don’t then. The last few New entries did such as Fates. The plot revolves around Corrin and Byleth/Sothis. If your world can’t continue without them than this tier of writing is worse than fanfiction tier.Espicialy since all the world building becomes obsolete in a fell swoop. If they could say no or die without derailling the story then it would be Natural but I’m doubtful about that. But what do you people think? I’m more worried for the story because you don’t want the tension or purpose of the story gone just by removing Corrin/Byleth
  15. So I keep forgetting to make use of this feature that allows you to change the battle music during aux battles. I can't remember if it's only available with the paid dlc or not but anyway was wondering what others like to listen to during aux battles? There's a surprising amount of options, I was expecting just 1 alternative track lol.
  16. I know Byleth was born a stillborn and has the Crest stone of Flames in his heart but why hasn’t Sothis taken over I mean he has no personality until he bonds with the students so the process would be easier right? There be less fighting back than a person who has still has something to do than a puppet. I also noticed that are Minor and Major Crest of Cethlean Indech Macuil Cihol Seiros and of Flames. So is the Major a potent version of the Minor Crest? I’m asking because we see the Lance of Ruin with its Crestones takeover Micklan who didn’t have the requirements. So Shouldn’t Byleth have the Crest of Flames Naturally and have the Crestone in the Sword of the Creator so he wouldn’t Turned into a Crest Beast? It contradicts the lore itself sunce Rhea admits it happened to Micklan and even Byleth asked if they have to fear that and says ‘’No’’ immediately as if to deny that possibility happening. We also know that Sitri was the 12th.
  17. Collection of the monthly murals along with their ecphrasis describing a part of Fodlan's lore (as described by the Church of Serios?) and lifestyle. As I mentioned once before, this is something I found to be very interesting and beautifully done. The way they used church-like murals fits very nicely with the game's theme since its history is told by the Church of Seiros and it sheds light on the rest of Fodlan outside of this elite military academy full of nobles. It is the only real glimpse we get of life in wider Fodlan and its traditions as experienced by the people. So I thought I'd share in case anyone else is interested in these things and for me to have a place where they're organized. I only started collecting these from chapter 6 and having completed Part 1 during this run here are the ones I've collected so far, posted on imgur: https://imgur.com/a/0FihBiK. I won't get around to the first 5 chapters until my next run but if someone else wants to chip in, it can be a group effort. I recently found someone else posted all the mural artwork as well but without the narrations: https://imgur.com/a/zx448wc I was considering posting the video clips of each mural and its narration to YouTube as well but there are already video clips available, lumped with the chapter intros. Undecided at this point if I want to upload them on their own or not. The links that @Silent Mercenary provided in answering my previous question were also great. Technical question: it seems uploading images to forum posts is a bit finicky. Sometimes it lets me upload more than others (and sometimes I go beyond the stated max total size). Anyone know what the deal with this is? I uploaded to imgur this time because I couldn't put more than 1 on here while in some other posts I've uploaded far more than this.
  18. As of now, I think Byleth without the ability to customize his appearance is bs. I check the Wikipedia of The Tellius (Ike) and the Engine for these game is Unreal Engine like three house. The Nintendo 3DS had Androgynous Cutscenes and WAS a Harder platform to develop so Byleth should have customizable In game Cutscenes right? I know there a stillborn but if Sothis gives them Emotions and tells them after Rhea revealing the Goddess’s name to quote ‘’ Promise me to make your own path’´ a empty husk in a story driven SRPG with Permadeath seams Like a Bad Move especially since one of the Problems with Corrin as an Avatar was that it was too IMPORTANT to the story and didn’t represent you. But I digress whats you’re opinion on this? Should they have made a playable Mark with the no voice from JP robin from Awakening or one Like Kris THAT DOESNT STEEL EVERYONE STUDENT? I personally would a made the avatar a random Free Student that can die WITHOUT consequences so the story is better tied together.
  19. Ever since we got news that Three Houses would have a timeskip, I was curious about how well the game would give the impression that five years passed in gameplay, story, and presentation. Doubly so since while timeskips are nothing new in Fire Emblem, the only other game that really gave it as much focus was Genealogy of the Holy War. Since I finally managed to reach the timeskip portion of Three Houses yesterday (I like the game, but good lord does it take its sweet time at points. Juggling several other games at the same time didn't help), I am curious about how others thought it was handled and whether or not they got the impression that five years truly passed inbetween parts 1 and 2.
  20. I have been working on a builds 'optimizer' type calculator that can systematically and automatically suggest the best class for each character. It started as I was planning my team for a NG Maddening run, found myself kind of enjoying the process until I ended up where I am, with this calculator lol. So I thought I'd share some of the results to get some feedback and thoughts on my calculator. I don't know if something like this already exists so if you know of one please do let me know! MINOR SPOILER ALERT: All non-dlc classes are listed, including unique story-related classes that only get revealed as the story progresses. Let me start by explaining what this calculator does (or at least tries to do) and how it works. First it looks at the growth stats of a character and adds them to the growth stat of each class. In the sample images below, these are the values in the main part of the table listed under the stats. For each level of classes (Beginner, Intermediate, etc.) it highlights in yellow which class results in the highest growth for each particular stat, just an interesting visual aid. So far, this is purely raw data: char growth (stat) + class growth (stat) Next, I assign a rating for each class for that character. Here I've come up with a rating made up of two parts: It evaluates how closely the growths for a class align with the character's natural growths. This part takes into consideration that some characters can be more flexible than others. A value is also given to the character's strengths / weaknesses in skills that are certification requirements for each class. The two parts are combined to gain the final Class Rating. Without getting into the specifics of how the metric is calculated, it can be thought of as: [class-char fit] + [skills value] = [Class Rating] Obviously this method will not be perfect. Firstly it is based almost entirely on stats. Meaning it ignores valuable non-stat considerations such as potential hero's relics, character unique abilities, crests, etc. It also does not take into consideration the base stats of a character. One nice thing about including a value for strength/weakness in skills however is that when a character is strong in a particular skill it usually means they will also unlock useful unique abilities down that skill line, or that there might be a useful relic they will be able to use. So I like to think that some 'wisdom' finds its way into the [skills value] part of the Class Rating. That's about it. Below are some sample results from each house. If this calculator does its job well, then the higher Class Rating value, the better that class should be (theoretically) for the character. The way to understand the class rating is not that it is finding the best class for that character. Rather it is trying to identify the class that best 'fits' the character's strong suits. This is done by considering the organically strong stat growths a character has as well as the skills they are strong in or have a budding talent in. It says nothing however about how good the class itself is, what benefits outside of growth stats it might bring, or how the class might fit in a builds progression for the character. Inevitably there will be a few eye-brow raising results. I don't think a calculator can ever supersede common sense and experience, but I think it does a not so terrible job as it stands. Oh I should also add that Class Rating values don't compare across characters. Meaning if one character has a higher rating for a specific class than another character, it doesn't necessarily mean they are better in that class. It could mean they are a better "fit" for the class, but not necessarily that they will perform better. Thoughts in general? Any suggestions? Feedback? Do you know of a similar calculator / optimizer out there already? Is there an interest towards getting an improved version of something like this? One thing I think can improve in the Class Rating is to include consideration for base stats as well, just haven't figured out yet how to best incorporate that. I think that alone would fix some of the oddities. Thank you for your time. Clarifications: 1. This calculator does not consider the progression path of the character. Masters classes won't consider what you chose for the Advanced or previous classes, etc. Another area where common sense is needed. 2. Comparisons of classes are done only within the same class level. So the rating of say, a Paladin, is not compared to say a Wyvern Lord. Each class level's ratings are ranked separately. This is another area where common sense has to intervene. If you want to CTRL+F jump to a character's results, here's the list in this sample: Byleth, Edelgard, Hubert, Caspar, Ferdinand, Petra, Bernadetta, Dimitri, Sylvain, Felix, Annette, Claude, Lorenz, Raphael, Ignatz, Lysithea, Marianne, Hilda, Leonie. Byleth: Edelgard: Hubert: Ferdinand: Caspar: Petra: Bernadetta: Dimitri: Sylvain: Felix: Annette: Claude: Lorenz: Raphael: Ignatz: Lysithea: Marianne: Hilda: Leonie:
  21. would you like a student avatar in three houses with new gameplay mechanics. It could work in real time with student seeking your avatar and interacting with Byleth seeing them fully voiced. You could be in the same house that Byleth chooses. It could also give intelligent systems more experience working on the switch Edit: Sorry for the written text I’m on smartphone
  22. I was wasting time indoors the other day and when listening to Yuri's supports something clicked for me. Dorothea's reasons for leaving the opera for the Monastery's Officer Academy always felt a little under explained by her. She wanted to find a husband she had actually bonded with, and follow Manuela after seeing she "made it" on the outside and didn't need the opera to thrive. But I also think Dorothea left because of the following: 1. Yuri is the boy from Bernadetta's past. The presumed cruel brutality visited on said boy made Bernadetta afraid of being friends with a commoner. 2. Dorothea reassures Bernadetta that she'll be fine. Having been targeted and survived kidnapping attempts (and worse) in the Opera. 3. Yuri, the same boy, in his support with Dorothea indicates that Dorothea was intensely desired by Nobles and since she refused to grant "access" to them would desperately seek out replacements 4. This would also explain why she was targeted. If she was willing to give the expected quid pro quo there would not be as strong a motive. And as time passed only more and more Nobles would likely be trying to take her for themselves or seek revenge for spurning them. While there's no confirmation of this connection it is an aspect of her past and decision-making that's often ignored, and the fact that the same character bridges these diffuse elements is at the very least a neat coincidence. I like it because it creates a strong reason for her to leave that she'd not want to trouble someone like Manuela with. Their support being a positive one about how Dorothea worked hard to reconnect with her surrogate mother. Makes it feel understated and subtle even if it otherwise would not be.
  23. I finally scraped together the money and the time to pick up the game everyone is raving about. I suppose I'll share my thoughts here. Update 1: Decided to join Golden Deer. I was always leaning towards Blur Lions of Black Eagles, so I decided to do the oposite in hopes that I'll get a more unique experience. Update 2: Grade A soundtrack. One of the better I've listened too. Update 3: The combat animations are great, although, I do miss the map sprites. Update 4: I like the monastery, its a nice new thing to break up the monotny between chapters. Update 5: I like the storytelling for every month with the Medieval style paintings. The armor is more historical too. Also, forgot to mention this, but in that prologue, Seiros was a bad*ss.
  24. I went with a variant human with the inspiring leader feat, and a skill proficiency in performance of due to political speeches and canonically being skilled at dancing.Made her of a fighter with the eldritch knight archetype to represent her talent for martial combat and magic, with the great weapon fighting style.Chaotic good alignment (mostly basing this on the crimson flower Edelgard, I think it is appropriate because she wants to tear down an established system for reasons she thinks will benefit the people). Deity: atheist (will not follow deity and dislike organised religion)Picked the noble background for proficiency in persuasion and history.Her ability scores focused mainly on strength, charisma and intelligence in that order, with a bad ability score in wisdom (or being bad in the faith skill and making some questionable decisions sometimes)As for class proficiencies, I went with athletics and intimidation. I also picked up great weapon master as a feat on level 4As for personality traits, ideals and bonds, I went with the following:Personality Trait: Idealistic: while born of nobility, Edelgard doesn't look down on commoners, she is often compassionate towards others unless they stand in the way of her ideals Or pose a threat to other people.Personality Trait: Dislike of Traditions: Edelgard feels that many traditions exist only to oppress and control the masses and stand in the way of true freedom and equality.Ideal: Meritocracy: positions of power should be earned, not inherited.Bond: Evil Uncle: Edelgard's father was ousted from power, she was kept imprisoned by her uncle for years until eventually escaping.Flaw: By any means necessary: while highly idealistic, Edelgard doesn't shy any means in overthrowing oppression. If a few people need to be sacrificed for the needs of the many, so be it. Edelgard often prioritise her ideology over even her own lifeI do plan to role-play Edelgard as a rabble-rouser seeking to rally the common people against the nobility in order to establish a new and in her eyes a more equal society. Using a disguise as the masked vigilante known as the Flame Emperor to punish corrupt nobility.So what do you people think? I have seen a lot of people argue that Edelgard should be a Conquest Paladin, but I don't think that any kind of holy magic really works with Edelgard, so I think her spells should be arcaneHave anyone else here ever created a character from three houses as a Dungeons & Dragons character? What class do you think that Claude, Dimitri and the rest would be? Edelgard DnD.pdf
  25. Hey guys, I’m creating ideas for a remastered version of FE Three Houses. I really want to improve on it’s mechanics more than anything. I would love it if we could incorporate new characters, classes and locations. Note: please do not include memes or replacing characters
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